The Sinking of Van Der Wijck (2013) - full transcript

A film adapted from a classic novel with the same title, tells a love story between Zainuddin, Hayati, and Aziz. With a background of social differences and life struggles, that leads Zainuddin and Hayati's true love to a tragedy on a sailing with Van der Wijck's ship.

Ram Soraya

Published by
Sunil Soraya

In old age ... the
memories of youth are still fresh in memory,

His imagination and sentiments are
still fresh in the soul.

That's when I started
to draw inspiration behind this story.

People might say,
"Just as you question your past."


whoever plays the main character in this story,
he has been plagued by misfortune since he was young.

An orphan who lives alone with his guardian.

An adaptation of
Buya Hamka's novel "The sinking of Van Der Wijck"

Assistant publisher
Rocky Soraya

Ram Soraya

Sunil Soraya

My world feels limited
if I stay in Makassar, Aunt.

Let us fulfill my mother's wishes.

Give me a chance to know where I was born.

The birthplace of my father.

Aunt, you ...

... your family in the field matrilineal
may not be able to accept you with an open heart.

That won't happen.
That's your only concern, Aunt.

Not to me the son of a lawn warrior?

The family next to my dad will definitely
welcome me with an open heart, Aunt.

I'm going to visit my mom and dad's grave before leaving.

Directed by
Sunil Soraya


Aunt, many people
praise the land of Padang.

Many also say that Islam
reached here via Padang.

They also say that there is now
a religious school there.

Before your father, Sutan, passed away,
he left 1,000 guilders ...

... to support our lives as well as your education.

You've used that money well
, Aunt.

I just need a little money for my travels, aunts,
and even for living expenses while I'm there.


who are you? Who are you looking for this late at night?
-Assalamualaikum. I would like to see Aunt Jamilah.

I'm a child, Jamilah. who are you?
-I'm Zainuddin. From Makassar.

Zainuddin? From Makassar?
-I'm the son of Swordsman Sutan.

Zainuddin? Wild child?
-Yes, Aunt.

Ah, come on in.


What is your purpose for coming here?

Is there anything about your father's spirit that you
need to deliver?

No, Aunt.
I just want to continue the bond of friendship

I wish to visit my father's relatives
in this village of Batipuh.

If so, will you stay here long?

It's best for you to talk to the customs chief here.

It is our custom to receive guests here.

Frankly ... I'm not ... - I
... might be of help, Aunt.

As long as I can stay here.

I want to see the beauty of my father's birthplace.
I also want to get into Islam.

Don't get me wrong, Zainuddin.

I didn't want to ask you for money ...
I was just worried that I wouldn't be able to receive guests.

Have a drink.
-Okay, Aunt.

Look at your father's birthplace.
-Subhanallah. It's pretty here.

If you want to learn and study Islam, you can visit
a religious school here after Isha prayers.

You can also hear the talk there.
-Okay, Uncle.

Just back from school, Ati?
-Yes, Uncle.

Who is that, Uncle?
- Her name is Hayati, 'natural beauty'.

The people here held her
'beauty of Mount Merapi, the pride of her family'.

This animal is an orphan.

Hayati and her younger brother, Ahmad, live with their aunt.
Their uncle is the village head here.

Hayati and Ahmad went to school in the Field.

She's beautiful.
- Be pretty. She symbolizes the beauty of the Battery.

But unfortunately, his uncle has declared that he is
forbidden to date young people in Batipuh.

In this village, the power of an adult
can determine the fate of his nephew.

Zainuddin, we go first.

Ati, go see who is coming.

He looks at you, Ati.
-... Shh.

What if it doesn't rain until morning, Ati?
We might be here all night.

We won't be able to go to school, and we won't finish school.
I'll be a fool.

Banun and Hayati, two poor Minang girls.

It's not that bad. Even though the heat only reaches the evening, the
rain will stop.

All right, go back.

Use my umbrella.

Get lost.

Sir, you will be angry if you turn back slowly.

Well, don't overdo the kindness of people.

it's not good.

But ... what about you?
-I'm a man. It's a small thing.

Staying here all night I don't mind.

Ah, it's raining at his mercy.
Inn God God has wisdom later.

You are welcome to spend the night here.

Coincidentally because there
are many dishes as high as Mount Merapi that need to be washed.

Thank you, Zainuddin.

Mari, Ti.

Go back, Be careful.
So that your family doesn't worry.

Thank you, Zainuddin. I go first.


How can I return this umbrella later?

I live with Aunt Jamilah, Alive.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Through my younger brother Ahmad,
I am here to return the umbrella I borrowed.

I thank you for your kindness.

I cannot express my gratitude
through this letter.

First of all, you can afford to rain ...

to help a girl you don't know.

Secondly, I'm very happy to
be able to get to know you and talk to you,

Someone who is famous for his kindness.

And the rain brought with him
not only rain water, but also grace.

Hopefully in the near future,
I can repay you for your kindness.


You are here, Zainuddin.

I am waiting for you.

'waiting for me ...' do you mean?

Please tell me so I can hurry home.
-I'm worried I'm bothering you.

I'm waiting for you to give this to you.

Shaking my hand when I started writing this letter to you.


My heart gives me the power to write.

My feelings were divided,
As soon as I held the pen, I couldn't think.

I don't know where to start.

It is not sweet in the eyes of others
for me to write this letter.

I know very little
about the strength of adat in this village.

In Makassar, I am considered a Padang person.
Here, I am considered a Makassarese.

How is she?
- Just like last year, it's still bullied.

We're sorry, Zainuddin. This worries us.
It's best to avoid this.

You are not a Minang person.

It is better if you leave us alone.

How about we tell people in this area?

No, let's have a seminar.
-I agree! Let's have a seminar!

I'm sorry for letting go of my sadness.

I sent this letter without expecting a reply.

I just want to tell my heart's content.

And I'm sure, those soft hands,
eyes filled with honesty ...

... will never hurt anyone.

Would you like to be my best friend, Hayati?

I realized I was poor and disliked by people.

But inn God, my heart is sincere.

Trust me. It may be a bit difficult for you
to find a pure-hearted person like me ...

... it's been like she's been washed away
with tears since I was born.

Assalamualaikum wbt.
That's right, Zainuddin.

Hayati, look ... That's Zainuddin.

Thank you, sir.

From where, Zainuddin?

I ... From where I used to write.
-What are you writing?

Manuscript and story, Obey.

Alright, I'll go first.
My mom was waiting for me to take her home.

All right, go home first. I'll come later.


Where did you disappear for 4 days?
-I'm embarrassed, Hayati. I fear.

You don't need to think very much about your letter.

Very beautiful verses that
can unlock the door to the human heart.

But honey, I don't have fluency
like you ...

... to reply to a beautiful letter.

Didn't I tell you that I didn't ask for the letter to be answered?

Just the one I asked for,

So that you do not break the hearts of
those who seek protection from you.

Well, you give me hope.

You gave me the strength
to tell the truth.

I'm sincere, Be careful.
I'm here to confess in front of you ...

... that I love you, Be careful.

I wish you would allow
me to be your life partner forever.

I've fallen for you.

may you allow
me to be my life partner in the world and the hereafter.

I am waiting for your answer with enthusiasm, Be careful.



Where did Zainuddin come from?
-From Anwar's house, my religious classmates.

And you, Hayati?
- I'll go get some water.

oo okay ...

Where's Anwar?
- He didn't come once.

By the way, is there anything I can do to help?
- It's okay, Zainuddin.

Then, I'll go back first.
-All right, bye.

We must act quickly.
That man has dared to violate the customs of our people!

The heat of my ears
hear the words of people out there.

They were alone in the hut.

If necessary, we will use violence.
We have to catch that rogue and take care of him!

Mr. Garang! That's not the way of
the Minang people. We do not use violence.

We have to talk the way they are.
I'll try to talk to her heart to heart.

Yes, sir.

- Goodbye.

- Goodbye.

Assalamualaikum -

Have you heard the news, alright?
-What are you doing, Uncle?


I have directed him to go from Batipuh.

If he really wants to continue his studies
as he did ...

... it was best for him
to go to Long Field or Bukittinggi.

He already knew about this.

Why did you send her away?

Too many false accusations
about you and him!

But our relationship is sincere, Uncle.
It does not violate Islamic law '.

Ati! Do not measure the value of your village's customs
by the books you have read.

Love is just a fantasy world, a fairy tale in a book.

You are the pride of this family.
Zainuddin is not of Minang descent!

You've brought shame on your family! Treating charcoal names,
fighting older people, disrupting the customs of this village ...

disappointed us and embarrassed the village.

Don't you know? Mount Merapi is still beautiful.

Our customs are still intact.
Not swallowed.

Zainuddin intends to follow the right path,
He wants to enter me.

No way, Ati!

People like him cannot be expected to
be dependent on life.

In this time and age,
a man should have a good posterity.

He needs to have a search eye.
He must be able to bear you.

If you marry Zainuddin and have children,
who will they look for next to their father's next of kin?

Until my uncle's heart killed Zainuddin?

Until your heart also kills me, your own brother's child?

That's not my intention, Hayati ...

One day, you will understand.

You will agree with my decision, the
person you hate today.

I have a lot of experience, Ati.

Therefore I am the leader of this village.
I've experienced the ups and downs of life.

Let your love for Zainuddin disappear.

You can cry now, but you'll understand someday.

Goodbye, Aunt.


Zainuddin ... Hurry and leave Batipuh.
Your name is often mentioned here.

I heard that some people want to hurt you.

Hurry to the Long Field.

Go find En. Labay He teaches religion.
He is kind and polite.

Study under his tutelage.

Zainuddin ...


Zainuddin |
-How do you know I'm here?

This is where you usually write.

Zainuddin ...

There is nothing I can do to prevent you from leaving.


I heard this morning you will leave Batipuh.

Even if you go, you will always be close to my heart.

Zainuddin, don't be sad. Never give up.

Love will not weaken your heart.
It won't cause tears to flow. It also does not destroy hope.

Instead, it will strengthen our hearts.
Giving life hope.

Go away, Zainuddin.

May God protect both of us.


Even if I was desperate or hoping in this uncertain world,

It doesn't depend on myself.
Nor does it depend on others.

All because of you, Be careful.

You're the one who can give me courage.

You, too, are the ones who have the power
to make me miserable all my life.

You can destroy my hope.
You, too, can kill me.

Zainuddin ...
My heart is full of love for you.

May Allah determine it is you, Zainuddin,
who will one day be my husband.

If not in this world, my husband in the hereafter.

I will not break my promise.
will not lie in the name of God.

With the enthusiasm of the descendants of my ancestors as witnesses.

I swear you can kill, Be careful.
-Not. It is the truth.

Whether you are far or near,

Even if you come home in a year, two years or ten years,

Even though this land of B Batuh has turned dark,
before you go home ...

I will still wait.

Go find our happiness.

Even where you are, I am still yours.

And if one day we meet again,
I will remain holy and untouched for you, my love.

For you.

If so, Be careful, I'll go with great hopes.

Hopes that were almost extinguished
before I saw you standing beside me.

Please write me a letter.

And if there is no cross section,
I will respond well.

I'll send you the letter as often as I can.
I will pour all my heart into that letter.

As you have said so far,

"Through letters, we are more free to
express our hearts and feelings."

Well ... no one knows when we can meet again.

Give me one sign. As a charm of my life.

And I hope it will be planted with me after I die.

Please ... Although it doesn't mean much to you,
But it does mean a lot to me.

Take this scarf as a charm.

My heart and soul are with this scarf.

Goodbye, Zainuddin.

Long Fields are the perfect place
to continue your lessons. A place to study Islam.

The religious school here is more progressive.

Where I studied,
they taught English and Dutch.

I already talked to Grandpa.

Grandpa will sit in the back room,
you will sit in the front room.

All right, Aunt.

Where did your son go, Ana?
- The market, where else?

He's such a jerk.
- It's embarrassing. He should have followed in his father's footsteps.

Abdul Bahri is a good man.
is very respected here. But his son ...

Ah, Zainuddin, let me take you to the room.
-Okay, Aunt.

-Thank you.

What do you want to become? Son of a bitch?
Speak to people with manners.

Hey, you're here. I didn't notice you earlier, Uncle Etek.

I should have told you better
if I saw you earlier, Uncle Etek.

This is Zainuddin. He will continue the lesson here.
She intends to study Islam with your aunt.

Assalamualaikum. I was told to look in your room.
-Oh, that's fine. I'm not home at all.

He'd rather go hang out at people's shops.
Only God knows what to do there.

When told to go to school, he refused.
What about prayer? ... is a lazy child.

Zainuddin, Muluk, look at this.

Mr. Darwis, my uncle's English teacher,
whose work was published in the newspapers.

Maybe I can submit my work too.
May I earn a little income.

Lucky him. He has the advantage of writing,
and at the same time earning money.

What's good about writing?

Just tiring hands.
-Didn't your hands get tired when you used to gamble?

Ana, you need to pray a lot for your child.

For him to be a good son.
Be mature and open to the mosque.

Ya Allah! See this?
No shame at all.

Throw this away!

You must not eat yet.

Let me take you to the shop.


I'll teach you to gamble.
-Ya Allah! Grandpa!


Zainuddin, my beloved ...
I can breathe in relief now.

We will see you soon, my love.
I was allowed to visit the Long Range.

For ten days I was there to see
horse dolphins and parties.

I'm going to stay at my best friend's house, Khadijah.

Mother, Sofyan! Hayati has arrived!

Zainuddin, lucky us.

We can have face to face
every day during horse races and parties.

Every day, Zainuddin. Every day.

To improve our hearts
and also to eliminate sadness.

... Finally you arrive too.

It's a long journey, right, Aunt?

-This is Sofyan, my fiance.

This is my good friend, Hayati.

-This is Aunt Tangah.


I heard she has such beauty in fairy tales.

Yes mom.

- Goodbye.


How are you?
-I'm fine, thank God.

Where's Aziz? He's not here yet, Khadijah?

Well, have you met Aziz, Khadijah's brother?

Each time he had a party and horse race,
he would go on vacation and return to the village.

Alright. Let's go inside.

Please, Be careful, Aunt.
- Come on.

Keep going.


Fast! Faster!

Aziz, are you crazy? Slow down!


If I had a haircut, I didn't have the money to eat it, Grandma.

I really want to see the look of Hayati, the love of your heart.

Ati, do you like being here? Do you enjoy the atmosphere here?

I love. It's been a while
since I last came to the Field.

Welcome to my house.
-Thank you, Aziz.

Mother, Ijah.

It's Aziz.

Let's introduce to your child. Let!

-Aziz, I miss you.

Stay a little longer here, Aziz.

I can't stay here long. I just came home for a horse race.

This is Hendrick and Maria.

They also came here for horse racing.

Maria, are you pregnant?
-Yes, five months.

-Thank you.

Aziz, invite Hendrick and Maria for lunch.

-Okay, mom.

This is my good friend, Hayati.

Let me introduce you.

My brother is captivated by your beauty, Ati.

This is Aziz, he works in the field.

Hayati had just arrived from Batipuh, Aziz.

Khadijah always tells you about you.
Sorry for the chance to meet you now.

Ijah, you are tricked.

Live more beautiful than you ever say.


Ouch, that hurts. Cut my hair, Grandma, not my ear.

Be patient, Zainuddin.

No need for extra cuts,
what matters is style.

You said you wanted to see Hayati.
-That's right. It's okay if it hurts a little.

Many women will fool you.

Look, Zainuddin.
-God. Is this the latest trend?

Handsome style. The pin is split in two.

Grandma, is it really a party
and horse racing tomorrow?

Do you see yourself tomorrow?

Tomorrow is an important day not only for you,
but also for the Long Course.

But this kind of dress doesn't suit me, Ijah.

People will see me. I am shy.

We do wear clothes for others
to see and for the attention of many.

That is the nature of women, right?

We're here to see horse racing, Ijah.
Not to be the focus of the public.

After all ... my intention was to meet Zainuddin.

She'll be amazed by your beauty, Ati.

And you?
-Very nice.

Busy but happy to be able to attend a horse racing party in no time.

Have you ever seen a horse dolphin before?
-Yes, I always go to the dolphin party.

Did you enjoy it?
-Yes, I like it.

Nice. I want to go. Maybe we can win some money.

What about Maria?
- He's good.

Five months pregnant and everything went well.

Aziz, we're ready.

Well, Ijah, you look pretty in that dress.

Thank you, Maria.
-Are equally.

You are very pretty.

The shirt suits you.


Thank you, Aziz.

Are you ready?

Are you all ready?
-Yes, I'm ready to leave.

All right, let's all leave.

You want to ride that, Khadijah?
- Let's get on that.

Hai ...

How are you?

Okay, give me a chance to talk to my friend first.





You ...



Hayati, who is this?


Ijah, come on.

You. Big.

We're sorry, Zainuddin.

Let's go.

Excuse me.



I want to bet a white horse.

I'm coming in.
-Are you sure?

-Ya, baiklah.

Bet all for white horses.

Here, who do we meet outside?
- His name is Zainuddin.

Is that the person you always tell me about, Ati?

Your friend is a pious person, right, is it?
She was dressed as if she wanted to go to a mosque to horse racing.

That's what many people think.

The collar is also a Bugis bracelet.
-He actually came from Makassar.

Oh? He is not here?

Which one do you like, Ijah?
-The black one.

I like white.
- The horse in black is too small.

Here, race to get started! Let's go!

Look at that white horse, Ati. He will definitely win.
- That's my horse, Ati.

Come on, Be careful. We came here to see horse racing.

I came here to see Zainuddin.

Why is your face red, Ati?
-I feel dizzy, okay.

I'm sorry, I'll be back. You stay until the race is over.

I'm going to ask for Aunti Tangah for my massage.

I can't let you go home by yourself. We came together,
we're going home together.


Big! Big!


Aziz, Ati is not feeling well.
- Are you sick?

Then, we're going home.

His health is paramount. Let's go.

It's okay, Aziz. I know the way home.


That's not a good friend.

When one is happy, the other is happy.
when one is unwell, others will feel it too. Let's go.


Aziz, I'm sure you wouldn't object
if you were paired with Hayati.

To be honest, Aziz, for the past week
I have been fascinated by her behavior.

She's beautiful, humble and polite.
She will be the best wife for you.

We are so lucky to be part of our family.

The village women will become
wood in the mud if they live in the city.

He has had a headache
since coming home from the horse dolphin.

What if he was taken to live in a town like Field?
-This is easy to manage.

If we give him gold, show him how life is in the city,

He will become a modern man.

After she marries you,
I'll make her more sophisticated than a city girl.

Maybe he's engaged.
- She's not engaged yet.

There's a love story
with a Makassar guy. Rumors say he is not well-liked.

The village head won't allow it.

Zai ... Zainuddin? A pious person wearing a silk cloth?
- That's it.

Have a great time
with your Dutch friend, Aziz.

You are still a Minang.

I'm going to ask our relatives
to come and ask for Hayati, okay?

My intention was to gather all the relatives
to gather at my house ...

... is to get approval, because the troops
will come down if we disagree and fight.

We've heard the rumors.

It's time for us to talk about the suffering
our brother suffered.

Someone came
to ask for Hayati.

His name is Aziz. Wild Child of the Beautiful,
very famous and powerful during his life.

And there came
a letter from Zainuddin.

The contents of the letter are the same.

We have considered the good and the bad, the
benefits and the disadvantages.

Our decision is final ...

... Aziz is the person we will accept.

Good choice.

Then, we all agree.

Call Hayati.

I'm sorry, Uncle ...
Hayati still loves Zainuddin.

You want to cheat charcoal on all of us?

How can a person who has no surname,
without a parent, be accepted as a daughter-in-law?

The world is about to collapse.

But what if Hayati's heart hurt?

What if he tried to commit suicide?

It's better to die
than shame her family!

To destroy the customs
of our land, the integrity of our traditions, our origins.

What's the use of living
if it's just to shame us all?

Zainuddin's biological mother is not from Minangkabau.

His father was a Swordsman Sutan, also Minang people.

Don't say too much, young man!

You have no idea where we came from.

Zainuddin will embarrass us all!

It's not good for us to insult someone
just because they are different from ethnic and ethnic,

because each land stands on its own tradition.

How dare you! I know better than you!


Do you know why your relatives are gathered?

Someone came to greet you,
Aziz from the Field.

And the letter from Zainuddin also arrived.

After we consider the good and the bad ...

we received Aziz as your husband.

Our decision is final,
you hope you accept it.

What is your answer?

Answer it, Hayati.
I want to go home, just like everyone else.

Hurry up and answer!
You don't have much time, the day is late.

If he is silent, then he is in agreement.

Answer Hayati!

So we can finish our meeting

Answer it, Hayati!

Whatever the outcome of all, it's best.

I obey.


We've received your letter
and understand the contents of the letter.

Because the way in Minangkabu
is to make the final decision from relatives,

the whole Hayati family
gathered to discuss and reach an agreement.

We've made the final decision,
we're rejecting your proposal.

Forgive us if there is anything less than us.

Grandpa, please find out who Aziz is.
Aziz from the Field.

Which gambler does not know him?

Her parents were highly respected
for working with the Dutch. So is Aziz.

He likes gambling. Destruction of households.

Hayati, my love.
What happened exactly?

Isn't our soul mate locked?

Is our relationship
now broken?

Did you forget that we swore
to live together and die?

What has caused me to get
rid of your heart?

Well, you've been tricked.

They have deceived you
with worldly wealth and pleasure.

Do not let your mind think that
there is more to life than love.

Alright, my love.

In you there is a purity
full of sincerity of love.

When others insult me
for not having riches, because of their origins,

You have held my weak hand,
you have received my hoarse voice.

I know you're engaged to Aziz now.
I can't deny it.

But I heard about Aziz's true nature,

so I'm writing this letter to remind you ...

... because I'm worried your
marriage won't be like any other wedding.

It's just a marriage between wealth
and beauty.

No. I can't believe
you'll be so cruel.

I still remember that evening by the lake ...

Soft hearts,
Tears flowing down your face ...

... fell to your lips and became
a sincere promise to live together with me.

Thank you, sir.


This is not a marriage between wealth and beauty.

I made the decision
to accept Aziz as my husband.

My enemy is my own heart,
so I have received a decision from my relatives.

We will cry for a while,

but someday, you'll realize ...

... that this is the way of life
that God has set for you.

Choose a wife who is more beautiful and rich than me.

You know that I have no treasure ...

... and you also live in trouble.
It's not enough to support a household.

So it's best to let go of our feelings ...

... and say goodbye.

Mr. Sampuno Kayo.

We want to ask for the truth.

Speak, sir.

Let the core of our tradition always be
unified in its desire for the good of all.

I came before you.

In the matter of congratulations and honors,
everyone must follow the guidelines of the council ...

... and justification in the one thing
that you have used.

That is, good behavior is between
the existing rules and the tradition.

Let us be best friends forever.

My wish is for you to forget what has passed.

Forgive me for my mistakes and omissions.

Let us accept that what has passed, never happened.

That's right, Be careful.

I want to go back, Aunt.

There is no place for me in my hometown.

Aunt, Makassar's land is calling me home.

Are you, right?

I really miss you.

I'm fine now.

Come close, my love.
I have been waiting for you for a long time.

I know you will never forget your promise.

Come sit, my love.
You wish to live with me forever.

The disease is not a common disease.
Her mind is frivolous.

The burden on his heart is very heavy.

On the basis of humanity, we have to ask if--
-More ...


... Hayati should come to visit Zainuddin.

Yes, even just once.


Eat up, Zainuddin.
You've only been drinking water for the past two days. Eat some.

Yes, Zainuddin. Eat some.

- Goodbye.

Zainuddin ... Zainuddin, wake up, kid.

Open your eyes. Look, Hayati is here.


It would be nice if Hayati was the one to surprise her.
Hope he'll wake up.


Zainuddin ...

Who's calling my name?

Are you, right?

His voice...

I am very familiar with that voice.

Help her.
-Be careful, Zainuddin.

Where's Hayati?

That is you...

Hayati ... you came at the right time.

I've provided a home for us to stay.

I've furnished the house with our necessities.

I will get my black clothes.

My wedding dress.

This is our kadi shop.
He has been waiting for you for a long time.

We are going to have a party soon.

After we get married, we will go to Makassar.
we will go to see the land of Makassar.

We're going to visit my parents' grave.
We'll plant flowers on their graves.

You're really pretty today, Be careful.
This traditional dress I like.

Just like our first meeting.

This scarf is a white silk scarf.
Here's your wedding dress.

Give your hand, Hayati.

We'll meet your aunt.

I will hold your hand for the rest of my life
until the day I leave this world.

My dear, why are you avoiding it?

Are you still embarrassed that today is our wedding day?

Give your hand


You already belong to someone else.

You have been released from my grip.

I am forbidden to touch your hand now.

Get out, all of you. Go away!
Leave me alone.

I have nothing to do with them.
They have nothing to do with me either.

Go away! Get out!

Don't be rude, Zainuddin!

What's the point of helping someone like that?

let's go back.

I'll talk to ZAinuddin for a moment.
- Say it, kid.

At a young age ...

... and I'm already carrying a lot of sadness.

Enough of this mess, Zainuddin.
The rice is already porridge.

Zainuddin, you've learned a lot as long as you are here.

you have learned about yourself,
your behavior and your open mind.

Don't be so weak of us
that don't know how to pray.

There's no point in your precious life being
wasted because of a woman.

The woman you really value
betrays you, has broken her promise!

Here you suffer,
even though he is alone?

She is enjoying life as a newlywed with her husband.

You are a learned man, Zainuddin.
Why does a woman need to be bullied?

Do you have to fight for the dignity of a man?

Don't let your life be stolen
and destroyed by a woman.

You have to get up and stand firm.

Take a look back at this vast world
and immerse yourself in it.

There is still much more joy and calm in it.

You can do this.

and taste this sweet sweetness.

Love does not teach us to be weak.
Instead, it gives you strength.

Love does not discourage,
but rather, it inspires.

Show the woman that you will not die
even if she leaves you.


Yes, fighting.

Many other men are lost in love.

And because of that loss, take another path.

Join the world of politics, write books,
write poetry, try in life.

so that you can reach the highest peak,

and the woman will see him from below.

I know you are talented in writing.

There are lots of books on your table.
Uncountable essays and stories.

What do you say trying in that direction?

If a person's mind is closed, how can he write?

People say when one is in pain because of a broken heart
like this, the inspiration for writing comes.

At this time, newspapers are printed everywhere,
raising awareness among the public.

Produce news, knowledge,
poetry and verses, as well as stories.

If you can apply that great idea
to your writing, you will surely succeed.

You're right about everything, Grandpa.

What happened is already happening.

The wound will definitely heal.

From today, I will change my mind, my life.

I will never again remember Hayati in my mind.
I'll forget about him.

But ...
-What else, Zainuddin?

If I want to go forward, to try in my life,

I can't stay here forever.

I don't want this city of Padang to remind me of ...

what I consider to be the past.

I'm moving to Java.

People say the place is a land of opportunity.

To Batavia, Zainuddin?

I know a man from the Field
who works in Batavia.

He works in a newspaper agency.
I'll write to him.

Literacy was accepted there.

I will come with you. I really admire you.

Take me as your envoy, helper, helper.

And a loyal best friend.

Do you really want to accompany me?
-Yes, Zainuddin.

I want to emulate your kindness.

I want to start a new life
and leave my sad life behind.

I want to repent and follow the right path.

No matter how far we've strayed, it's
good to be back on the right path.

I need you too.

This is my promise,
what I eat, you will eat too.

Good friends to death.
- Good friends to death.

Batavia, Muluk.
-Batavia, Zainuddin.

We have arrived in heaven.

Many beautiful women, it's easy for me to find a wife.

Hey, girl!

Ya Allah, Muluk!

Also here are some people
who will shine your shoes.

Can go ahead and lighten my shoes once.

Ya Allah! Must pay? Just forget it.

Muluk, look.

'Van der Wijck'.
The biggest Dutch ship, and also the most luxurious, Muluk.

Built by Feijenoord.
It began its journey from Java to Andalas.

I read about it in a newspaper that published my story.

Very large ship.

If I can make a lot of money,
I'll take my mom on Van der Wijck.

May your dreams be achieved. Let's go, Muluk.

Come on in.

What about? Pretty and comfortable, right?

The rooms are small but the prices are expensive.

I changed my mind to open a shop.
I'll manage the rental house in Batavia.

Must be a huge profit.
- You talk a lot, Grandpa.

The room is small, but it's all mine.
What about you? What do you have?

Just great hair.

Ah, Zainuddin, I have received your writing,

and also handed it over to Mr. En. Iskandar.

He is the owner of a newspaper company.
He's interested in meeting you.

the quality of the literature is excellent.

I can publish it as a series in my newspaper.

If you need a typewriter,
Rusli can handle it with a warehouse, ok?

Thank you, Mr. Iskandar.

I go first.
More work needs to be done in the Field.

Ya, Aziz.








Congratulations. Our books are all sold out.
-Thank you.

Is awesome.

Congratulations, Zainuddin.
-Thank you.

Congratulations, Grandpa.
-Thank you.

To be honest, it
felt like the story was real.


Have you ever been to Surabaya?

There are also some Minang people there.
There's also a club set up, if I'm not mistaken.

"North Sumatra Teen Club".

Eunuch Pilgrim is my father.

He owns a newspaper company in Surabaya,

but nobody cared,
so the company suffered a lot of losses.

My dad expects the newspaper company
to step back and succeed.

But I can't handle it because I'm busy
managing publishing here.

So he offers you this opportunity.

I'm sure that young people like you ...

... wise, honest and dependable.

If you agree, we will divide the profit to 50-50.
How is it?

I am Soesilo, a
confidant of Haji Kasim in Surabaya.

Mr. Zainuddin, welcome to Surabaya's business town.

Please revive our office
by writing your literature.


You are famous now.

Don't say that, Muluk.

You also play a big role in it.

Now that you're famous, buy new clothes.
why are you still wearing your torn clothes?

I'll sew it at home, Grandma.
- Just buy a new one, Zainuddin.

If you stitched it up often, your
hands might need to be punctured.

You can't write, you can't go to work,
and there won't be a book.

I'll go back to what I used to be.

Then, where can we buy it, grandma?
You know the place?

Ah, look. Look at this, Zainuddin.


Let's go inside.

Anything that I can help you?

Please prepare my friend.
Her clothes, pants, shoes. Everything must be up to date.

It's simple. Wait a while.

Next we will find the car.

... car?

Yes, yes. You're a successful person now.
Do you want to keep riding the horse train?

But I can't drive, Grandpa.

I'll teach you.

But can you drive, Grandpa?

Let's go in, Ras.

Yes, it is.
-I miss you.

Beautiful house, please.
-Thank you.

Take a seat.

I'm so glad you came to visit the Long Range.

Sometimes I get bored
when Aziz has to go to work in the field.

Why don't you go with him to the Field, alright?
She only comes home every Saturday, right?

After all, Aziz already has a house in Padang.

To get rid of your boredom,
read this book. A very beautiful story.

Heartbreaking. What an amazing story.
Well-known. The best sales anywhere.

Three times I read this book,
three times I also cry.

You've become like a salesperson in the store.

Jamal's character in this story is the
same as your Zainuddin, Hayati.

Don't you mind if I drink water? I'm thirsty.

A very long journey to get to your house.

Here is the catalog.

Good morning.

This is the newspaper I need to send to you.

-Here, sir.

Good morning sir.
-Good morning.

Zainuddin, the latest catalog has arrived.

Very nice. Thank you, Muluk.






What are you cooking?
-Forcemeat. Eat up.

Assalamualaikum, Aziz.

I'll pour some water.
-No need.

I'm sorry, Aziz. I--
-You need to know when your husband is home, Ati.

Leave it, mother. There's no point in telling people who ..
-What is it, Aziz?

Only this time I made a mistake.
Usually I'll wait for you on the terrace.

If you don't come back without any news,
I'm still waiting for you until late at night--


You punk.

Lately he reads a lot of books.
don't know what book.

Leave it alone. Why aren't you eating?

I'm sorry, Ati.

I'm tired.

Don't always hurt me, Aziz.

You have a sharp tongue, my heart hurts.

You want to provide my dinner, Ati?

I want to eat dinner calmly.

and celebrate my success.

I was given the opportunity.
Promote to manage the branch office.

We're leaving the Long Range ...

... and moved to Surabaya.

Before I bought a house, I had one question.

Why is this luxury house so cheap?

This house was confiscated by a bank.
The owner is a Dutchman, a royal escape ...

who committed fraud and other crimes.

Yes, sir. I'll buy it.
Grandpa will take care of everything.

OK. Thank you very much, En. Shabir
-You're welcome.

nameless poor hope to marry Flowers ..." Pssh, that's not possible.

"The land has a tradition."

Pssh ...

You read ...

... to the point of forgetting your husband.

Keep reading, why stop?

You didn't greet your husband but you slept.
Where's dinner?

I've been waiting since dusk.
-Psh ...

I'm tired, maybe that's why I fell asleep.
Don't mention that verse.

Let me prepare dinner. I myself have not eaten yet.


What's this smell, Aziz? Are you drunk?


Aziz, don't. Stop it, Aziz.

"Go, you poor man. Our land has a tradition!
You do not deserve to have the beauty of this village."

This story is entirely the story of Makassar's past.


That's a disgusting thing to say.

Why? Can't I read this book?
-... No one says you can't read this book.

I'm suspicious. Makassar's lieutenant
may be the author.

I feel that this book was published in Batavia.
Isn't he there?

His name is Zainuddin, Aziz.
There's no need to belittle him.

As far as I know, he never-- -That's right


Still miss him, right?

You don't like what I'm saying? Why?

Ah, you still love him to this day.

-Ya Allah.

Why are you still talking about him?

What am I waiting for you,
counting the days until you get home.

It's so painful to be a wife so ...




Assalamualaikum, En. Shabir.
- Goodbye.

Pak cik.
-En. Shabir.

Shawwal. Muluk

Here, Uncle.

The pickup card is ready.
-Thank you.

I will make sure all Sumatran people
in Surabaya come.

will attend your event.

After the ceremony, as a token of thanks,
I will invite them all to dine at my house.

Muluk, please prepare the supply.
-All right, Zainuddin.

- Goodbye.

It's going to be a great occasion, Uncle.
-In God.


"Mr. Shabir, known as the author
under the name 'Z'"

"'Separate Opera', directed by the author himself
and fully supported by the Sumatra Teen Club."

Bring me this time, my husband.

There is no point.
Opera people we have nothing that interests.

The performance is not good, unlike Dutch opera.

Then just take one of these items.

I hope to
meet other Minang girls who live here.

Please, my husband?

Get rid of her!
- Don't send him away!

Jamal, Jamal!
-Well him!




Maybe it doesn't mean anything to you,

but for me it has an infinite value.

Save this as an amulet.

My heart and soul are in it.

Goodbye, Jamal.

This is as bad as production for "Outcast".

Now I introduce to the author and publisher, En ...


Mr. Aziz ...

... and Mrs. Hayati.

You're here. how long have you been in Surabaya?
- It's only been 3 months.

Like not believe. After all this time in Surabaya,
we only meet now.


Nor do I think, at all,
that a well-known novelist, author ...

... into the mouths of the public
because of charity work ...

... was our close friend, Mr. Zainudd--

The old name no longer exists.
It doesn't suit me right now.

Shabir is better, right?
-What's a good name for someone like you.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce
my close friend, Aziz ...

... and his wife, Mrs. Hayati.

From the Long Field.

You must still remember Muluk.

Forgive me. I need to leave.
-Please, please.

No need to be surprised, Ati.

We need to acknowledge someone's kindness.

Shabir is a good person. Famous.

People will respect us if we are good friends with him.

I'll talk to him.

-He might be able to help me.

Aziz, you don't--

What's good about doing that?

How's your conversation with Zainuddin?

I told him I was cheated by a colleague
and lost money.

He lent me money.

My gambling debt will be settled soon.

I still have some savings.

Did you forget how we treated her?

Now he's good with us.

Don't you want to borrow money from him?

Why should I be embarrassed?

You're talking a lot.

What food is this?

I don't want to eat cheap food like this.

We have no money, Aziz.

You don't give me money anymore.



Pay up.
-...I have paid.

You only pay one-third.

Your debt is too much, the period is over.

What is all this, sir?

Be quiet, okay? No need to defend your husband!

All your belongings and jewelry are gone.

You are poor!

You are the victim of your husband's greed.


If not, I'll take all your stuff.

Please be patient so my husband can calm down.

Aziz ... what now? Borrow it from the office.

Which office?

It's been a week since your husband came to work!

He was fired!

Take everything.

No, no.

Everyone. Take it all!
-Aziz, what do we do?

Those as well. Take it, seize everything!
-Aziz... Aziz!

Take everything, don't leave any items!

Don't just sit back and be quiet, Aziz. Stop them!

We have no money
and now we have nothing left.

How do we live, Aziz?

Why are you so quiet? Please answer.

What should we do now?

Where should we go, Azi--

Don't be shy to make this house your own.

Thank you, sir. I can't imagine
where we should go without you.

We're close friends.
We have to help each other.

Grandpa will show you your room.

Everything in this house is yours too.

Just one thing.

I forbid you to enter my room.

Grandpa will show you your room.


Thank you, Zainuddin.

You're welcome.


Eat some.

When the stomach is full,
then we can think well.

Eat up.

-Aziz ... Aziz.

Zainuddin ...

Your goodness has no end.

I have been sick for a week.

You allowed me and my wife
to stay in your house for a month.

I am now at the lowest level.

I can't repay you.

I can only ask God ...

... will remember your kindness.

It's not good.

It's just a friend's responsibility to his friend.

Especially now that we're in someone's place.
We need to help each other.

I never gave you anything.

I usually just accept-- -But
it's not time yet.

At this time, I am helping you.

Maybe someday,
you will help me too.

You are too nice.

Only God can reciprocate.

Look here, Zainuddin.


... I'll be leaving today.

I'll be looking for a job in another city.

I am ashamed to live in your house.

I am ashamed to be in Surabaya.

If you don't tell ...

please allow Hayati ...

... to stay here until I get a job.

I'll let you know when I get to work later.

I'll follow you later.

I don't care if your wife lives here.

I'm actually worried
because you haven't fully recovered yet.

You want to leave just because you're embarrassed.

It's best to hold off until you recover.
- I'm better now.

What if you and Hayati go back to the field?

I think it's best if you go home.

I'll cover your expenses.

Go back and think about it, make a good decision.

Even if you decide to go later.

You can't do that.

Shame on me.

What do you think, Hayati?

I'm just following your decision.


If that's the decision
you made, Aziz ...

Get lost.

Wherever you go, send a letter.

Tell us something about yourself.

When you get a job,

you can come and get her
or I'll send her to your place.

I'm sorry, Aziz.

Just one piece of advice for you.

Change the way you live.

I promise, Zainuddin.


... I'll go to work now.

I need to go back a bit.



Zainuddin still hasn't returned.

Sorry, Hayati. No one is allowed in this room.

I have some tea. It's not good to
not provide anything for this host.

I remind Zainuddin inside.


Why has he kept quiet since I came here?

Does my presence burden him?

No, keep it. Do not misunderstand.

And why isn't anyone allowed to enter his room?


I've been sad for too long here, Muluk.

I need certainty.

Is he still joking with me?

Does he still not forgive me?

Well, Zainuddin is a poor man.


Doesn't he have all the fame, prominence and success now?

She is successful now,
but that's just the way it is.

In his heart, he was an unlucky man.
Her heart is hard.

What's the point of success, Be careful,
if it's empty?

He was born poor of a lineage.
Legacy received from her parents.

He was removed from the land of his ancestors.

But his heart was firmly fixed
on a woman who had given him hope ...

... and promised to wait for him.

But she chose another man.

more stylish men, rich people, good origins ...

... and also the blood of Minang descendants.

Never mind, Muluk.

Coffee, Zainuddin?

Zainuddin has turned into a good man.

Kind hearted. Compassion for others.

Many young people come to get help from her,
not having enough money to get married.

Zainuddin conveyed
what was needed for their marriage, he said,

"I've experienced
how it hurts when someone loses hope."

"Having an unrequited love.
Let the man not have a fate like me."

Never mind, Grandpa. I did.
I don't want to hear anymore.

Come with me to that room, Be careful.


This is where Zainuddin ponders his fate.

And this is where his fame
in this country was born.

If this is a beautiful room,
why am I not allowed to enter?

This is why.



He still remembers me, Grandpa.

He is still and will never forget you.

But his beloved Hayati is gone.

No, Muluk. He is still here.

He is here.

He is still here, Muluk.

The love he has for him is gone.

He is died.

He has brought Zainuddin's spirit to the grave of their love.

The current resident of his house
is his best friend. Wife to one of his best friends.

As an honorable person,
Zainuddin respects you as a wife of a person.

Even if that person did something wrong to her.


My jealousy towards you is limitless.

I destroy the seed of your hope
when it almost blooms.

I took the Beast from you.

I influence his family with money, with my descendants.

Our marriage is just a marriage between beauty and luxury.

And with this letter, I return the Hayati to your side.

I let go of Hayati. She is no longer tied to me.

I think this is all I can do for you and Be
a poor human being.

You are more worthy of having Hayati.

And Hayati will be happier to
have a husband she loves wholeheartedly.


I have broken your heart.

I have denounced you many times. Ignoring you.

Forgive me.

I have repented, Obey.

I will repay my debt for repentance.

Erase your sadness. Give back your charming smile.

And also when I legally marry you legally
and religiously,

So I also release you according to the law of

As soon as this letter is in your hands,
it will fall to you to mark our divorce.

When time permits you to remarry,
do not return to the Field.

But, stay with Zainuddin ...

... if he still hopes to make you his wife.

I've ruined someone's life.

Destroys a woman's hopes.

I will punish myself for my mistake.

Your ex-husband,



Please sit.

It's been a month since I've lived in your house ...

since Aziz passed away.

What else is there for me, Zainuddin?


What else do we have?

I won't tell lies.

I'll be honest with you.

I hope to call you
as I called you first, calling your name.


I'm willing to take
all the tests that have come my way.

As long as you are willing to
forgive all my mistakes.


You have destroyed all my hopes, broken down.

And you ask to be forgiven.

Why are you so cruel, Zainuddin?

Has the memory of us been erased from your heart?

Please do not judge me.

Pity this woman who has been
plagued one by one.


Girl like that.

He only remembered the cruelty
of others to himself,

and forgetting his cruelty towards others,
becomes as cruel as he is.

Have you forgotten who is cruel among us?

Didn't you promise me ...

... when I was hated by everyone
because of my uncertain origin, low dignity,

not a Minangkabau person!

you said goodbye to me on the road.

You promised to come see me, no matter how long.

But then you go to
the richer man, and the good origin!

You married her.

You told me that marriage was not
a matter of coercion, but it was your choice.

Love caused me pain and almost died,

For two months I was sick.

You visited me when I was sick,
showed me your hand that you already had,

that you already belong to someone else.

Who is cruel among us, Hayati?

I wrote letters, saddened, humbled,
begged for mercy.

You gladly reply to the letter,
saying that you now belong to someone else.

You said you were poor, and I had no money.
Life would not be perfect without luxury.

And you choose to live luxuriously.

Stylish, lots of money,
in the sea of ​​gold, wealth.

Zainuddin ...
-Which of us is cruel, Hayati?

Who once rejected a young man
with high hopes of seeking knowledge ...

... but who was the first to be driven far into this Java land,
losing his homeland ...

so that he can become an actor ...

shedding tears in front of everyone, but shedding tears behind him--

-No, it's okay.

I'm not cruel. I'm just fulfilling your request.

Isn't it in your letter that you are asking
for our love to be erased and forgotten?

Replaced by a lasting friendship.

That is the request I hold firmly to.

You are not my love, not my fiancée,
not my wife, but a widow to another man.

And as a close friend, as well as a brother,

I will keep our promise as a friend.

It was like one time I was holding on to my love.

That's why with all my heart,

I brought you to my house here
to wait for your husband's return.

But instead of returning to the village,
he sent her a divorce papers and news of death.

And as a good friend
I will send you home,

your birthplace,
rich land, Minangkabau customary land,

a place that stands strong all the time.

I will support your life and
whatever your needs.

And as long as I'm alive,
if you still haven't found another husband,

Inn God's God, I will support your village life.


Is this the punishment you gave me?

Aren't you now known as a kind man?

No. I'm not going home.

I'll stay here with you.

I don't care if you scoff at me,
or look at me as your pay guy.

I don't need money.

I want to be close to you, Zainuddin!

I need to be close to you ...


Bananas will not bear fruit twice.

Men will never touch other people.

You need to go back to the field.

Let me live like this.

It's no good if you live with me, a
man without a good origin.

The Minangkabau Land stands firm in its tradition.

Next week, a boat will sail
from Surabaya to Tanjung Priuk, and on to Padang.

Kapal Van der Wijck.

Get on that ship to go home to you.

Z-Zainuddin ...

For your shopping later.

-Let's take care of everything.

I cannot accompany you.

I have to go to Malang and stay there all night.
There are things that need to be resolved.

When you get to the village later ...

... say hello to the Chairman.




My heart is pounding.

I'm not happy to see this ship.
My legs felt like they were stuck on the ground.

Why me, Grandpa?

It feels like I'm going to drown in the sea ...

... and never returned.

Be patient, be patient. That's just your feeling.

Come on, Be careful.

Come on, Be careful.


If Zainuddin asks about this news, please tell him
I took it to be my life partner.

Why do you keep holding it
when you better keep it in your bag?

So it's easy for me to see it anytime.

Let Zainuddin accompany me throughout my journey.

Actually, I don't have the heart
to let you sail alone.

It's okay, Muluk.

Until Zainuddin's heart
sends me away, Grandpa?

Be strong, don't forget God.

Inn God, God will always keep us safe.

Inn God's God, Muluk.

Goodbye, Hayati. Take care.

Thank you, please send my letter to Zainuddin.

Also tell him that until the moment we want to part ways ...

... I still carry him in my memory.

All right, Hayati.

Muluk, I confess ...

... my heart has been at war
since I wanted to send Hayati away.

I regret sending it away.

My love for Hayati has not disappeared.

Zainuddin! I don't understand your attitude.

During the day you have been sad,
crying comforted Hayati.

Now God has given you the opportunity
for you and Hayati to meet,

You punished him with a sentence
that made me wonder ...

... how it can come out of the mouth of
a virtuous and kind man like you.

Don't be upset if I say that sometimes you act like a kid.

Yes, Grandpa. I did something wrong.
I put my heart first in love before the purity of love.

As he was about to leave, Hayati left a letter.

He said that when it came time for you to separate,
you were still in his memory.

The person who has my soul ... Zainuddin.

How high is my hope to be by your side,

So that the dream that you have created in me
all this time, is possible.

So that I can atone for all the wrong
I did to you.

But my hope will always be in hope
because you have closed the door to your heart for me.

You have forbidden me to enter.

You hope to release all the grudges, all the pain
that has been lingering in your heart.

And for that reason,
you made the most cruel decision.

You hold the rope to my expectations.

And on that rope is
your own hope bound.

So trust me, Zainuddin.

This punishment didn't just fall on me, it
didn't just give me pain,

but it fell on both of us.

Because I know you still love me.

Zainuddin, if I leave, your
life is still not happy.

Believe me, behind my soul there is a wealth
you desperately need.

I never gave it to anyone,
nor to Aziz.

It's a wealth of love.

If you choose to accept me again,
I won't ask you anything.

All I hope for in return for my true love
is from God.

That the Almighty God gives you happiness.

I can stay by your side forever.

Zainuddin ...

You will meet a woman with a pure heart and a good soul.

People who have never been touched by others.
His heart will never be stolen by others.

People who have no difference in the missing gems ...

... the Batipuh woman whom you loved so much
two, three years ago ...

... where the portrait hangs in your room.

But despite that,

I have already forgiven your mistakes.

The reason is because ...

... that I love you.

Because I know you did all this ...

... because of your love for me.

I'm going home.

There are only two things I will be waiting for in Batipuh.

First, to wait for you to return to my lap.

Second, wait for death if you do not return to my side.

Only one last request of mine.

Open your heart once more,
let's plant all the regrets from the past.

Forgive me.

Love me again.

Zainuddin ... you are the only person
mentioned in my prayer if we meet in the next life.

If I go before you, don't be sad.

Rather, perfect your request upon God.

Goodbye, Zainuddin.

Goodbye, the only person I love on this earth.

I love you. May our hearts always be in the grace of God.

Goodbye, Zainuddin. I love you.

And the moment I left,

That is my death ...

... in your memory.

Muluk! Muluk!

yes, Zainuddin.

We have to go to the train station
and get a ticket tonight, we have to get it.

Buy two tickets to go back to Surabaya immediately.
I will bring Hayati together.

Come on, Zainuddin. May life's sadness
and yours end ...

... and may God bless you and Life--

"Van der Wijck tenggelam"

Zainuddin ... Come on, Zainuddin.

Muluk ... Live.

Please find Hayati.


Nurses, where did
Van der Wijck's boat take him?

All the patients are upstairs
and the new patients are on the board.


Muluk Inside, Muluk!


Zainuddin, Zainuddin! Watch out!



Nurse, please over there.
-Doctor. How's it going, doctor?

His condition was severe, both of his lungs were filled
with water and many of his ribs were broken.

He also lost a lot of blood.

If you have to, use my blood to help him, doctor.

Unfortunately, we don't have enough equipment.
We asked for help from Surabaya.

There are a few more doctors on the way
to help.

Forgive me.



Za-Zainuddin ...

Are you ... Zainuddin, my sweetheart?

Obviously, God has not allowed us to separate again.

It's me, Zainuddin. Your girlfriend.

You'll recover. We're going home.
We're going back to our house in Surabaya.

Zainuddin ...

Grandiose ...

Su-letter ...

I have already conveyed.

Hayati ... Hayati.


Zainuddin ... my love.

I want to be close to you.

My time has arrived.

I know this.

No, keep it. You'll be well again. Don't talk too much.

We will go back to Surabaya.

We're getting married, we're going to live together.
Happiness awaits us.

Zainuddin, my lover.

Let me see ...

... your face for the last time.

No, keep it. No.

Be strong ...

Be strong, my love.

Death is almost with me.


...I have to go... heart...

... will be happy.

Because I know ...

... that you still love me.

My life is for you alone.

I'm going home ...

Read ...

Read the word confession in my ear, Zainuddin.

Don't go, my dear. I want to stay close to you.


Read the word confession in my ear.

I love you, Zainuddin.

Hopefully ... our hearts are ... blessed by God.

Read it.

One more time...

One more time...

"Perfect your request upon God."




I'm getting married to Ida.
She already accepted my proposal.

I am going to get married, Zainuddin.

Thank God. Congratulations, Grandpa.

I'll bring my mom here.

I didn't expect I had the strength to apply.

Thank you, Zainuddin.

Why are you thanking me about Ida?

Thank you, through you I can see, can feel, your
love story with Hayati.

How much you love her.

I finally realized ...

... there is no greater happiness in this world
than the happiness of love, Zainuddin.

I would like to say thank you.

I might have lost Hayati ...

but every time I feel lost ...

You are always my best friend.

Good friends until we die.
- Good friends until we die.

Let him be calm there, Zainuddin.


Hayati is still alive, Muluk.

He is still alive.

Zainuddin, already living in depression.
What passes, let it pass.

Stop sad and mourn your memory.

He calmed down there--
-I'm alive, Muluk.


He still lives on every page.


My latest book.

Through the story of me and Hayati in this book.

Have a great time reading it.

And achieve the glory of the people here.

And also unity in the homeland.

All hatred and differences are eliminated.

Awareness of truth and happiness.

This big house feels like a small house
if there are only two of us, Grandma.

I have so much more to achieve in this life.

Good morning sir.
-Good morning.

Good morning, Ida

Muluk, are you ready to go to the officials?


People say...

... that this is a great love story
between Zainuddin and Hayati.

But to me ...
this is a true birth story.

The story of a man who fell into his life
but chose to rise again.

Then he fell again,
But he still chose to get up.

No matter how many times he fell,
Zainuddin chose to continue living.

To wake up from his sadness.

Your downfall is not the beginning of your sadness,

But the beginning of your life.

Don't let the sadness get worse in you.

But ... always be by Zainuddin's side.

Towards the end of life