The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff (1973) - full transcript

How did you know I was awake?

I heard you scream.

It's always the same story.

A scream, a jump, you wake up,

Then you calm down once you realize
the wolf is not going to eat you.

and then you end up
missing breakfast.

I can't do anything to
avoid that nightmare,

I'm sorry.

The doctor comes today,
Uncle Henry called him.

He will give you a small
treatment to calm your nerves

and within a couple of days
your nightmares will disappear.

What doctor is going to come?

He seems to be a good doctor.

Not too long ago, he established
himself in the region.

His name is Dr. Orloff.

Dr. Orloff is a psychiatrist.

I don't know, I guess.

Martha, do you think
I'm going crazy?

Don't talk nonsense

What I think, what
Uncle Henry and Flora,

and even Matthews,
the butler, think,

It is that you are only 20 years old and
you have spent half of your lifetime

stuck in that bed without
seeing anyone but your family.

And you can't do that Melissa.

You can't always remain in
this state of lethargy.

Without knowing
one guy you like,

without any fun at all.

Without having a boyfriend,
to flirt or something.

Your nerves will
suffer, that's all.

It is true, but what can I do?

For now, drink that coffee.
Before it gets cold.

Were you listening, Matthews?
I'm sick of you spying.

One of these days I'll have my
uncle put you on the street.

No, ma'am, you will not do that.

Are you sure?

Yes, Miss. Martha.

Otherwise, I will be
forced to tell Sir. Henry

some things about you.

Your nightime escapades and
your ties with Lady Comfort.

to deceive and steal
from my Lord.

Get out of my sight.

I have something more to say,

I will continue spying,
as you say I do

especially to ensure the
safety of Miss. Melissa.

What do you mean?

It is clear, Miss. Martha.

If someone tries to harm her,

Poor Mathews, you have
forgotten your position.

and self control as a butler

and kill the person
that harms her.

You have you fallen in
love with my sister?

First, I know very well
that you are alone

the sister of Miss. Melissa,

whose mother died at her birth.

You are the daughter
of a former showgirl

and the late Lord Comfort.

A passing fling of my
Lord, fortunately.


if I am looking out for the
safety of Miss. Melissa,

It is because her father was
a gentleman and an example.

What's wrong?

Nothing serious,
that stupid Matthews

who makes things up everyday..

It's not worth you
getting upset over that.

How's your sister Melissa?

I have already called
the doctor's office,

And what was her reaction?

She's afraid she's going crazy.

Well, she would be
doing us a favor.

Are you feeling better?

The doctor will be
here in few minutes.

He's a good doctor
and an old friend.

He's an international
specialist in nervous diseases.

Matthews has brought your chair.

I want you to take a
walk in the garden

and get out of this room.

You can both talk out
there in private

Is the weather nice Mathews?

A wonderful day, Miss. Melissa.

Would you bring me
a dress please?

As you say.

If I could, I would
take care of the garden

I would too Miss Melissa

But my double duties as a
butler and driver

does not leave me much free time.

Matthews, isn't it right, if father had
lived he would have been a good gardener?

Of course, Miss,
a great gardener.

In addition, your father
helped him many afternoons.

Matthews, nobody has told
me how my father died?

He died suddenly Miss. Melissa.

That's what they
have always told me,

but no one has
explained to me how.

If no one has done, it's not
for me to betray the secret.

Why is it a secret? What
happened to my father?

- Tell me! Melissa.

Melissa, I would like to introduce Dr.
Orloff to you.

Good morning, it is a
pleasure to meet you, Miss.

Let's leave Matthews.

Dr. Orloff should
speak privately.

with our dear Melissa.

Your family has told
me that you're crazy.

Is that true?

My family has told you?

That I am crazy

Forgive my brusque
manner of speaking,

but I was interested to
see your first reaction.

I never realized they
thought I was crazy.

According to your relatives,
you suffer persecution mania,

hysterical crises
and frustration,

imaginary illnesses.

You have terrifying visions

that makes you scream in
the middle of the night.

obsessive dreams and
a few other things.

Do not cry anymore, please.

Come on, calm down.

Tell me about your nightmares.

Yes doctor.

I'm home alone, I
am ten years old.

That is, the age
when my father died.

I hear terrible cries.

and then I look out,

I tell myself I will
go down the stairs,

when I hear footsteps

and I see a man.

Your father?

Sometimes I think it's
him, but I'm not too sure.

That man is dying,

His blood falls on my legs.

I'm terrified, but I can't move.

I'm paralyzed.

I'm very glad I came to see you.

You are very lovely, miss,

and it would be a
shame to lock you up.

I knew your father very well.

He was a perfect gentleman.

More charming than
your uncle Henry,

although he's a charming man.

Do you know how he died?

Nobody wanted to tell me.
Do you know?

I certified his death.

We were in love with the
same woman, your mother.

She was called.


He married her.

They were in love.

I later married and
had a daughter.

Also named Melissa.

I never stopped
loving your mother.

When your father died, I
left very far from here..

I returned just a month ago.

And your daughter?


It was an accident.

You look a lot like her. That's why
I will not hide anything from you.

I'll help you.

I'll do everything
I can to help you.

Your family has
played a stupid game

hiding everthing from you.

I'm sorry to tell you, Melissa,
but your father was murdered..

10 years ago someone cut
his throat as he slept.

It can not be, you're
lying to me.

You want to get another
reaction out of me.

I wish that was true,

But I assure you t that what
I'm telling you is the truth.

who murdered him? The
murderer was never found..

Impossible, it was an
impossible crime.

He was home alone with you.

Doors and windows
were tightly closed,

no one could enter.

And it would have been absurd to
think that it was you who did it.

You were born
paralyzed, Melissa,

your paralysis is congenital.


"But I... know

I have walked before.

I know, I remember.

In that little head of yours,
dreams and reality blend.

I hope to put everything in
place, do not panic, relax.

At the moment I will
prescribe a new medication,

and I will return in a few days.

Well, at least I've given you
something to think about.

Good morning.

Melissa, what are you
doing here at this hour?

Melissa, you can walk.

Yes, I can walk.

You have always deceived me.

You always made me
believe I was paralysed

and it is not true.

But what are you saying?

I have nothing against you.

You're the daughter
of my brother.

I love you like a daughter.

Melissa, what's wrong?

Why you looking at me like that?

What's that you have there?

Melissa, is that the clock's
pendulum you are holding?

What are you doing with that?
Why are you holding it?

It must be very late.
What time is it Matthews?

It's almost seven o'clock, Miss.

It was a wonderful party.

The Duke of Windsor has always
had exquisite taste with receptions.

but this time they
have exceeded.

Again that stupid girl.

I'll take breakfast to her.

Leave her. Matthews
will take it.

No, I want to see how she is.

Hello Beautiful. As an alarm
clock no one equals you.

Martha, its terrible.

I had another terrible
bloody dream.

Do not bother telling me,

I know your nightmares by memory

This time was different,

and more horrible than ever.

It seems that the new
medication suits you.

Besides, I'm sleepy

We returned about seven o'clock.

Is it true that last night
you were at a party?

It was hilarious.

I had at least ten admires.

The poorest, more than a
million pounds in weight.

And the younger, more
than a million years old.

And don't think, Aunt
Flora didn't flirt also.

And Uncle Henry?

Uncle Henry did not
come to the party.

He doesn't like that
kind of reception.

He was at home,
didn't you see him?

I don't know I think I may
have but I'm not sure.

But perhaps it was in my dreams.

Where is Uncle Henry?

He left before we got home.

He was going hunting
with a group of friends.

Are you sure Uncle
Henry went hunting?

Sure, why not?

I don't know, but for a
moment I had the feeling,

that Uncle Henry had died.

Tell me, Matthews,

Do you see Sir Henry when you
came back with the ladies?

No, Miss.

Sir Henry went hunting
around five in the morning.

How are you so sure if
you did not see him?

First, because he told me.

Second, because when I
went to park the car,

I didn't see his sports car.

It is the car that he always
uses when he goes hunting.

But why this insistence, Miss.

I have this strange premonition.

As if Sir Henry had died.

Does this mean that something
may have happened?

I don't know, but I'd like
you to do me a favor.

I am at your service, Miss.

When Sir Henry goes hunting he
takes his weapons, I suppose.

That's right, he is a
maniac for weapons.

Miss knows very well, he has
more than ten shotguns.

He uses each one depending
on what he will hunt.

Please, will you check to see
which weapons are missing?

and accessories, as if he
had really gone hunting?

Yes, Miss immediately.

You won't move from here, right?

Of course not.

Davey, honey, come to the pool?

Later, o.k.

Come on, Davey, what
are you waiting for?

Hey, come on.

Guys, look at the fruit growing
on the trees over here..

Who is that?

Hey, girl! Come take
a swim with us!

If you don't come, we
will go to hunt you

Come on, we're not
going to eat you.

But hey, why are you hiding?

I bet you don't know my name.?

My name is Robert Prokop
Davey Eugene Hutchinson.

But my friends call me Davey so
we can talk about other things.

Well, now you're coming.

Jump the hedge and
come with us,.

Should I help you?

Oh, forgive me, I did not
know you were using that.

After all, it is not so bad.

I ride my bike a lot,
it's almost the same..

I like you very much you know?

You're very pretty I
can teach you to swim.

Would you like that? Go away.

Davey, Davey!

Forgive me?
- Go away!

Davey! Get out of here

Haven't you heard the lady?
Get out!

And if you interfere again,

in this private property, I
swear you'll never forget!

Sorry, excuse me, excuse me.

I'm the next door neighbor, I
just wanted to invite Miss.

I checked on the weapons. There's
just one shotgun missing.

and it's not Sir
Henry who took it.

What do you mean?
How do you know?

The Western is a
big game shotgun.

It could kill a bear
with a single shot.

Lord Comfort would
not have taken that.

to hunt wild ducks.

That means...

Someone who does not
understand hunting,

Has taken the shotgun
and a few cartridges,

to make us believe that
Sir Henry is hunting.

But that's horrible. You
have to call the police.

If Sir Henry has not
returned at midnight,

I myself will call
Inspector Crosby.

Did you say something to
my aunt or my sister?

They left a while ago, they said
they were going to the city.

It's horrible, Matthews.
What can we do?

I think all we can do
is go in and wait..

A bad cough you have,

So you're Paul, Paul Nothing.

Since I was baptized,

No, just call me
Inspector nothing else.

Look, I do not understand
much about titles

but I have a rule:

When in doubt it's better
to aim higher than lower

Well, well, what about this
Paul Nothing, what does it mean?

Just that, nothing.

I don't have a surname
because I have no name.

I'm what they call abandoned.


It is that, I always
forget that word..

So you've found the body.

Yes, I found it, Commissioner.

I saw the abandoned
car off the road,

and I went out of curiosity.

And suddenly, I discovered the
body, it was full of blood.

At first I thought it was a
woman because of the shirt.

Yes, the man wore a silk shirt

and high-heeled shoes.

He had his throat cut on his
neck across his jugular.

That's it, right?

Eh, I do not know.

I think I know that guy,
he is a Lord or something.

Hey look, he was out there
dressed as a woman.

Those people are all
the same, so then...

Uh, yeah, that's enough.

You can leave, but do
not leave the city.

Do you know my address
here in town?

You can give them to my assistant
who is also a commissioner.

Ah, public park, third bank.

from the statue of Wellington.

I don't think that
will help us too much,

I agree with you.


I'm Nicolas, what is it?

I'll tell the
inspector, thank you.

It all fits, according to
Scotland Yard.

Sir Henry Robert
Comfort, Duke of Delmon,

Lord of the Royal Crown,

it was an inverted like
the top of a pine.

He was condemned for
being a pedophile.

May he rest in peace.


It is curious how he
looked so normal.

This is complicated.

Now we must assume that
this is a crime of passion.

Anyway we will check what
the family was doing.

Inspector, Crosby.

Ah! Yes, yes, yes,
Matthews, yes.

Thanks but we have
already found him.

You have found him?


I will.

Good night.

The Lord has been murdered.

He was in the car with
a knife in his neck.


Miss. Melissa, Miss!

Miss. Melissa.


Inspector Crosby.

I'm Mrs. Vinegard.
My husband has gone.

You have to find him and bring
him home, do you hear me?

Please, ma'am, give me the personal
details about your husband?

A meter 85, thin, dark,

blue eyes, 32 years.

Tell me, how old are you, ma'am?

That's rude, why do you ask.

Excuse me. Has it been a while
since you last saw him?

Yes, he didn't come
last night to sleep.

Which is strange because I don't
allow him to get home late.

Look, lady. What surprises
me is that he left.

Good evening

'Or is it morning now?
Good evening, doctor.

Yes, yes, okay.

Yes, ma'am, I will
look for him. Goodbye.

I beg your pardon, doctor.

I did not mean to bother you, but Dr.
Warren County Coroner,

Is on vacation in Spain,

And the autopsy for Lord
Comfort is very urgent.

You do not have to apologize,
I am at your service.

Besides, it's some years,
Since I performed an autopsy.

It has been a pleasure.

Here is the report.

Except for one detail,
which is standard.

Sir Henry has been dead
more than 24 hours.

How? Was he not
killed tonight?

Or at least this afternoon?

No, no sir.

And today we can be precise
about these things.

with a minimum margin of error.

No doubt that Sir Henry

died between ten and
eleven o'clock last night.

Well, if you need something else,
do not hesitate to contact me.

I'm entirely at
your disposition.

Thank you Doctor.

It is your own blood,
which was my curse.

Only your blood...

Erase the shame

Henry, rest in peace.

I crudely usurped
the woman I wanted

to give to your brother.

That disgusting reptile that
called himself my friend.

But he already paid with
his life a long time ago.

in the same way you will do now.

And I still need to take
care of the others.

That group of monsters and
degenerate accomplices,

your descendants.

I will fulfill the oath,

the wrathful sword of justice
will fall upon all of us..

Do you think that one day You
will ever forget that woman?

Dear Inge,

the day my revenge is fulfilled,

I will be at peace and I
will begin my life again.


I have no feelings
other than hatred.

And I can not hold...

.Another desire, than
the day of death.

No one could guess the
capacity of violence

in such a weak person.

We all carry a germ of
dementia in the brain.

When something more
powerful than reason itself

releases the crazed monster, it
is almost impossible to stop.

I have seen three burly men

fight for many minutes

to prevent a young boy

from committing a crazy murder

Isn't it dangerous that having
overcome her disability

Melissa is free here?

She could not attack
us during the night?

She hates us, doctor,
she envies us.

Melissa will only
be infuenced by me

She will only kill
when I command her..


if you feel easier locking
her in her room, then do so

Although it will not help because she
will only act as I wish her to do.

You do no more than what I
command you, poor creature.


Why are you injecting me?

This injection will make
you relax for a few hours.

Now you're mine.

You are a true
reflection of my will.

Wonderful hours of
blood and death await.

But first, you have
to try to rest.



Now you belong to me.




Doctor, can we move Melissa?

She will sleep five or six hours.
Take her before she wakes up.

Where do you plan
on locking her up?

In the basement,
next to the stairs.

If she screams, no one can
hear her from outside.

I understand. You
will soon have news.


As soon as possible.

And I advise you not
to leave here tonight.

We will do whatever
you say, doctor.

Hey, Davey, let's go.

I have things to do

Leave them!

I can't! Besides, I
don't feel like it.

Felix Flanagan came to the
park just to see you!

Well, you look after
everything, I am not going.

Come on come on! Let's go.

Come on guys!


Let's take her now, the
new neighbors just left.

I want all of this to be over..

We'll go very far with the large
fortune that we will inherit.

The most luxurious
hotels around the world,

the most beautiful
places to visit.

I plan on having a thousand adventures
with the most handsome men in the world.

That is if I don't
take them first.

Miss. Miss, I have
come to rescue you.

They just want to hurt you.

Use you to do horrible things.

My car's out there.

We must escape before
it is too late.

Miss. Melissa!

But what are you doing?

Yes it's correct.

I understand.

Thank you.

Poor girl, what a pity.

It was the doctor who treated her, Dr.

He says she's an
incurable schizophrenic.

It is hopeless, poor thing.

And it is dangerous.

So they lock her in a room.

It seems they brought her
here without her knowledge.

Poor girl.

I know, Davey, it's terrible.

You do not know how sorry I am.

But we can't do anything.

Tomorrow begins our tour.
We will go to the mainland

You'll see, Brown will give
me permission, occasionally,

to make you forget that girl.

Well, okay, but let's get out
of here as soon as possible.

Our neighbors, are
definitely leaving.

Let's call Dr. Orloff.

You can come and get her.

- Yes. - Thank you.

It was Fiske Manor. Now you
can go pick up the child.

They believe that
the matter is over.

You bring Melissa here &
diagnose her with schizophrenia.

They inherit a huge fortune,

and you will have avenged all
those who tried to harm you..

I'll finish with
all degenerates.

Now begins the bloody feast.

- Good Morning. Come in, doctor.

Here, doctor.

They have found Matthews?

I'll do an autopsy. I will
report it was an accident..

You will have to testify, because
that's the usual procedure.

And wont' they question the coincidence
of two deaths so close together?

It should not matter if
they find it strange.

Life is full of things that
are stranger than that.

She is still sleeping?

I have come to take her.

Thus concludes our
pact that's all.

Within a few days she will be
diagnosed as crazy & incurable,

and you will be named as heirs
to the fortune of Lord Comfort.

Will we have to wait long?

I don't want to be in
this house any longer.

We'll wait as long
as is necessary.

Hey, excuse me, I'll
look for Melissa.

Doctor, I feel bad.

It's terrible, I think
I'm going to die.

I want you to come with me and
stay for a while in my clinic.

Your condition is critical

and I want to give you
intense treatment

Do what you want, doctor.

I no longer... I
can not anymore.

Not really... No

You drink too much, dear, and
you've barely touched your food..

I drink to forget.

I do not like being here.
even tonight

Does it bother you to spend
more hours in my company?

It's not that. I'm
nervous, very nervous.

I won't be calm Until I check in

a good modern hotel, in London.

I will live near Hyde
Park in the Western.

You really do not
want to come with me?

I would, you know very well.

But it's better I stay here until Dr.

Diagnoses the mental
incapacity of Melissa

Then I can collect the inheritance
and close the tax survey.

Besides, I like this house.

I definitely like it.

Until now I've been
borrowing the place

like a poor intruder
that the family accepts

because Sir Henry in a
drunken state married me

But nobody forgets that
the new Lady Comfort

is a cabaret dancer.

A woman with a murky past

Melissa is locked up
and lost forever.

I think when we divide the inheritance
I will keep the house.

I'll have 5 or 6 servants
and I will live here

like an established
lady of the house

You sound like they do
in television sitcoms

In the end, do what you want.

I'll finish my packing
and then sleep.

tomorrow we have
to get up early.

I hope you have not changed your mind
and you will take me to the station?

I never change my mind
when I decide something.

What do you want,
why close the door?

Did you really think I would
split everything with you?

With you.

You made a mistake by telling Dr.

and even the police
about your departure.

Nobody will be surprised
not to see you here.

What are you doing Flora

Good evening.

I came because I saw the
lights on and I dared to call.

What do you want?

I was in the bathroom.

You do not know how sorry I am.

I'm the next door neighbor.

Well, rather, the ex neighbor.

You see, I came to pick up some
things and the people said

You had new misfortunes.

They also told me that...

The young lady was
taken to a madhouse.

A madhouse!

People talk and don't
know what they say.

Melissa is in a private
clinic under observation.

Why are you so interested?

You are the aunt, right?


May I pass?

It will be just a moment,
I'd like to talk to you.

Sorry, I'm alone and
it is too late.

Come back another day and
we can talk. Listen!

Please, the clinic
where Melissa is,

is that Dr. Orloff's clinic?

Sorry, good night.

Good morning, Inspector Crosby.

Good morning, Michael.

Your Hindu tea? Yes, as always.

Anything else?

No thanks. I must
leave immediately.

Good morning sir.

Please, you're the
inspector Crosby, right?

Yes, indeed I am the inspector Crosby.
And who are you?

Donovan, Gilbert, Sulliver
or any of those musicians

Who go around
playing the guitar?

Please, I'm Davey, of
Davey, Sweet and Brown

Ah, Davey Sweet and Brown.

I remember watching
the television show.

Did you like it?

Honestly speaking, I
prefer Lawrence Welk.

I'm not surprised,
that's understandable.

I wanted to talk to you about
a place called Fiske Manor

Fiske Manor? How do
you know that place?

You see my colleagues
and I rented a house

to rehearse and prepare
our new album.

The house is next
to Fiske Manor.

There is a strange, sinister atmosphere.
I do not know what to think.

screams, cries and
groans are heard.

People die there and
it is unclear why.

How can you explain that now

also they have found
the butler murdered,

and they have taken the girl
for no apparent reason?

We need to do something.

I think they are there in
the house, perhaps dead.

Yes, dead. Yes Yes Yes.

It's a pretty ugly affair.

Last night I went to see them and
I spoke to the sinister woman.

She must be doing something
wrong, because her hair was wet

and her robe was also wet..

Don't you think it's strange?
Yes, yes, very strange.

Did it not occur to you that
she was washing her hair?

Oh. Look, inspector, this is
not my business, of course.

If I speak, it is because I fear
that girl is in danger.

All this is suspect. I
assure you, inspector.

It's late, I must leave now.

You do not believe me, right?

You boys are drug users correct?

You tend to be fond of drugs.

I assume it is marijuana?

I assure you I'm
in my right mind.

This cigarette is
nothing special.

The problem is you
don't believe me

With your permission,
good morning.

Hey, hey, wait!

Listen to me, please.

Only I ask you to make an inquiry
on your own about Fiske Manor.

Look, young man. I can not
start a survey against someone

for the simple fact that
she has wet hair and gown,

because at their house screams,
groans and wails are heard,

and because you find
this situation sinister.

and nobody but you,
finds it sinister.

Yes, if you put it that way,
you are quite right, Inspector.

You have too much imagination.

Believe me, you had to
be there to see it.

I am an artist, and I have
a special sensitivity.

I am sure that something terrible
is happening in that house.

I understand, young man.

But, look, although
I'm no artist,

I know exactly what you mean.

So what then?

These past few days many things have
happened to the people in that house.

You also realize

Of course, Lord Comfort
killed his butler,

but we can understand, he was
apparently found dead in an accident.

The girl is locked in a
clinic because she is crazy.

I do not know, but I also
find this very strange also.

Just as you already see

But the fact is we
have checked alibis

of Lady Comfort
and young Martha.

They are perfect alibis.

There is nothing we can do
we can not confront them.

And now they will
inherit a huge fortune.

Wait, there's more. What
about that Dr. Orloff?

Yes, Dr. Orloff.

I understand that the girl
is confined to his clinic.

Yes, he is a great
friend of the two women.

I saw him there several
times from my window.

talk to them in secret
before visiting Melissa.

Well, if they are
his good friends

That's nothing unusual to talk
to them about his patient

It was the way he did
it very sinister.

Look here Leave me
alone, you understand

All this sinister
talk, an atmosphere.

I don't know what secret...
wet hair.

How do you expected me to act against
anyone without any evidence, nor any proof?

I hope I am wrong inspector!

I am warning you, if you come back to
speak about evil atmospheres again..

I will incarcerate you.

These police inspectors
understand nothing of crimes.

This is Nicolas

It's Mrs. Vinegard, about
the missing husband..

Hey, wait a minute, I want you
to spy all around Fiske Manor.

What's the matter?

I don't know, Nicolas, but there
is something very strange

It's this crazy story, about
dead people and all that.

And who do I watch?

Everything, the atmosphere
is very strange there,

Strange things happen. Be aware.

And if you see anything unusual,
let me know right away.

Tell Robert to keep an eye on Dr.
Orloff's clinic.

The atmosphere too?

Yes, and tell Mrs.
Vinegard to come in..

May I come in inspector Crosby?

Are you Mrs. Vinegard?

Yes, it's me. Have you heard
anything about my husband?

Well, yes, now I know something.

If he doesn't return then
he's a complete fool.


A beautiful name.

You could have been my daughter.

You should have
been my daughter,

but you were born
in the Comfort home

That's why I hate you.

For this you are the
center of my revenge.

You have been my instrument.

I know in your brain,

dreams and reality blend
in a strange way.

But I will help you remember.

You were born paralyzed because
I traumatized your mother.

With my magnetic force

I manipulated her to
wish you were deformed

This desire influenced the
formation of your body.

It was as if I had participated
in your procreation.

And so it would have been if your
mother had not rejected my love.

Years later, I decided
to kill your father.

Do you remember your nightmare?

It was a crime without explanation,
doors and windows were all closed,

and he was killed when he was only
alone with his ten year old daughter.

But in your nightmare an
essential detail was left out.

Because your
subconscious rejects it.

You killed your father.

That night I made you move
your legs for the first time,

I made you grasp the
clock's pendulum.

You killed him in the
same way as Uncle Henry.

But in reality it wasn't you.,

But you acted under my will.

But it was your hand, your
infantile hand, that did it.

Blood splattered on your legs.

Until that night, your
physical disability

wasn't diagnosed as incurable.

Since then, you will
never be the same.

Your mind is destroyed.

Under my orders, under the
invincible power of my magnetism,

You can and do walk,

but always at the
command of my desire.

You have committed two
more ferocious crimes.

Your recent nightmares
were not nightmares.

Believe it or not,

You really committed
those horrible crimes.

You've lost your mind, Melissa.

As I told you you are the
instrument of my will.


No, no, no!

Anyone there?

Anyone there?

Who's there?

Inspector Crosby!

Guess what's happened?

What happen? Another
sinister atmosphere?

Please come with
me, we should go.

Calm down, calm down, you are
very nervous, young man.

You have to believe me,
you must trust me.

Look, young man, I'm not going
to look for strange atmospheres.

It's not about that.

I've seen a dead woman being
dragged across the grass.

With a towel on her head.

Lady Comfort was dragging her.

Well, that sounds better.

And now we have a reason
to go pay them a visit.

Do you have a car?

Yes, but it's not
at the house now..

You are not the one to
tell me what to do.

I know exactly where
we need to go.

to find what we are looking for.

'Well, I will come.

Get down, they will see you..

Be quiet! No!

Be quite!

Will it take a while?

She will be ready soon..

How about through there?
You can't.

Here you go!

Thank you.

Dear Melissa, wretched creature,

this injection will be a
farewell for all of us..

"No, no.

Its effect will be fast,
very fast and deadly.

"Oh, no!

You will lose your mind
completely, lost forever..

- Forever. -No no no.

And I will be named
executor of your estate.

Watch out.


Oh no! No no!