The Singing Ringing Tree (1957) - full transcript

A brave prince wants to win the heart of a stubborn princess by finding the singing, ringing tree for her. He finally locates it in the magical realm of an evil dwarf who offers him a deal: he can keep the tree if it starts singing before sundown - which it will only do if the princess truly loves him. Otherwise, he will be turned into a bear. Reminiscent of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.

Noble Prince,

the King sends us to
greet you at the border.

Welcome to be a suitor to
our beautiful princess.

Do you think the
princess will like it?

We'll see.

King, I travelled far to see
your beautiful daughter.

Allow me to ask
for her hand.

Certainly, certainly.
Your presence honours me very much.

But speak to the princess
yourself and marry her.

Most beautiful
princess, take this...

Any fool with money can
give pearls as a present.

I demand more.
- What do you wish for?

I will...

I want that singing,
ringing little tree.

Bring it to me and you
can set it free for me.

Where does it grow?
- Well...

I wonder where it grows?
- I'd like to know.

She wants the miracle tree.
- She wants the tree.

Now also the little tree.
- The little tree wants her.

No one knows where it is.
- Let it avert evil.

He'll never find it.
- I'm sorry about that.

Soon he goes, the poor prince.
- But not to search for a tree.

I'll look for the
tree and find it.

And if I go to the
ends of the earth.

Gardener. Where does the
little singing tree grow?

Not with me.
I only have these.

But go to the sea, the
farmer there knows.

Do you know that
singing, ringing tree?

- Do you know where it is?

No, I don't know about that.

But the herb woman in the
mountains may know...


Do you know where the
singing, ringing tree is?

No one knows.

Find where you want, you fool.
Let me be at rest.

Be brave. Don't be afraid.
I have to see what it is.

What are you doing here?

Who are you?
- The ruler of this empire,

into which you entered.
You are my prisoner.

I didn't mean any harm.
I'm looking for the miracle tree.

What do you want with it?
- Free the beautiful princess.

I can give you
the tree.


Here it is here.

But it doesn't sing.

It will sing when the
princess truly loves you.

I want to reward you with
gold and jewels richly.

Give it to me.
- I won't give it to you that easily.

Demand whatever you want.
- I want you,

when the tree won't
sing till sundown.

I'm not afraid of that.

If the princess receives the
tree, she will hear me.

She will love me, and
that little tree will sing.

I want to be a bear,
if I don't succeed.

Don't forget, till sundown.

Yes, otherwise I have to go back.
But I make my own luck.

How glad I am that you're still alive.
What do I see?

The wonder tree.
Where is the princess?

Look. He brought the singing,
ringing tree.

I don't hear anything.
- That's up to you.

With me?

With the little tree it is like this:
It sings when you truly love.

How can you offer me
this nasty thing?

And then you also dare to
impose conditions on me?

Father, he's a liar.

He wants to betray us.
Throw him into the tower, the crook.

But child, how can you
say such a thing?

What, you're defending him?
Then I'll throw him out myself.

Now you'll never
get the tree.

Nor such a
beautiful prince.

I don't want to hear about it.

He's gone halfway around the
world to find the tree.

He doesn't deserve
to be chased away like that.

He wouldn't let himself be chased away.
Highly proud he left.

That's why I think he
had the miracle tree.

If you believe that,
go and get it back.

My child, you insulted him.

I want the tree. Get it.
- He doesn't want to give it to you anymore.

I will have it. I will.

What am I supposed to do now?
Don't cry.

If you love me, follow him.
- I'll do anything you want.

I'll go.

Hurry up. Get some
riders to join you.

I want the tree.

Why are you threatening me?
I'm not to blame.

You know how odd
the princess is.

You miserable man.
You have outwitted me.

We had an agreement.

Wouldn't you want to be a bear
when she breaks her word?

Now you're free to be a
bear for her. Good luck.

Keep the tree. So you can hear
him sing when she loves you.

Don't mock.

What else should I do with the tree?
- It's a miracle tree.

If it sings here in the magic
realm, you can be redeemed.

It has more magic than I do.
- Enough of this unlucky tree.

The little tree...

King, what are you doing here?

You can speak?

Tell me what you're doing here.

I'm looking for...


I'm looking for... the...
singing, ringing tree.

For the princess?
- Yes. She desperately wants it.

Let me live.
Demand what you want.

My whole kingdom...
- No, I don't want that.

I just want to meet
at the castle first.

And you get the singing,
ringing tree.

- You have my word.

The first thing
you see is mine.

I'll get it at the
border by midnight.

Don't make me fall
asleep again.

I didn't climb the
tower for nothing.

From a distance I want to see
if father has the tree.

Throw them out, the beasts.

Are they gone?

Keep quiet.

Don't let the candle go out.
I'm afraid of the dark.

He's coming. The King is coming.

Shut up.

- The King is coming.

He's got the tree.

He has the tree.

Go away, you stupid animal.

Back, my child.
- Now I have the tree.

What an unfortunate thing
for you to meet me first.

Why is this a misfortune...
- Captain.

Strengthen the guards. Immediately.
- Strengthen the guards.

- Why?

Something terrible has happened.
You're in danger.

Because of fear and because I thought,

that the dog
welcomes me first,

I responded
to his terms.

And you haven't
seen the prince?

The prince?
No, neither far nor wide.

And a real bear
gave you the tree?

A big, mighty animal.

With pointed claws on the
paws and sharp teeth.

I don't know what to do.
- But I do.

Send the captain.

Captain? But...
- He's strong.

Tell him to kill the bear.
- Do you think?

Am I supposed to go?
- But no.

So, when does the
bear want its prize?


At midnight.
At the border of the realm.

What were you
doing here?

Speak. Would you kill me?

Answer me.
- The king has ordered it.

I'll show you.

Let me down.

Tell me who first
met the King.

Good morning, Princess.

Have you paid attention?
Has the little tree sung?

I haven't heard anything.
- If it doesn't sing, it will burn.

Maybe it needs sunshine.

I know that myself.
bath and dress me.

We're going to the garden.
- It's forbidden.

You can't leave the castle
because of the bear.

I'm still going
to my garden.

We put the tree in here.

And what about the fish?
- I don't want to see them anymore.

The water is drained.

Throw the fish in the rain hole.

Now sing. You have the most
beautiful place in the garden.

Sing, you nasty plant.

I want you to sing.
If you don't sing, I'll burn you.

The bear.
- Father.

Take care of my child.

Don't throw.
You may hit the princess.

Take me back at once.

You're an abominable,
evil animal.

Take me back to the castle.
I command you.

Good morning.

I want my bath ready.

For your morning linen

there is clear water here.
- Shall I climb in the pond?

What do you think of that?
I am a princess.

I want to order
my food.

Delicious berries grow
here for your lunch.

Collect berries?
What are you thinking of?

I'm a princess.

I want my four-poster bed.

For your bed

there's soft moss here.
- I'm supposed to sleep here?

What do you think?
I am a princess.

Fly down and eat.
But quickly.

Will you fly to me right away?

Why don't the
birds fly to me?

Why do all animals run away?

No. The animals
don't love you.

They don't care about
your beautiful face.

They feel how defiant
and arrogant you are.

Truly, you would see
the way you behave,

your nose would
look proud.

You'd have loveless
eyes, a defiant mouth,

and your hair would go mouldy.

If that's true, I want
to look like this.

Be careful not
to say that.

I am the prettiest in the country.

Look at me, you
stupid bear.

No, that's not me.

I'm not ugly.

No, that's not true.
I'm not ugly.

I am...

I am beautiful.

Good morning, Bear.

Don't look at me.
I'm so ugly.

You were right.
- Don't cry.

Help me build the cave.

For who?

For me.

If you help me with this,
you can live in it.

But you're not going to want that.

You're a princess.

If you take a thousand
times as many stones away,

the dwelling will be ready.

You did a fine job.

Can't you do something to
make the animals come to me?

No, I can't do that.

But you gain their affection
when you're kind to them.

But you don't love anyone.

I'm going to the berry
meadow for lunch.

It broke its wing.
- Come in quickly.

We'll put on
a bandage.

Soon the little animal
will be healthy again.

I know why you
always flew away.

Because of the pigeons
in the castle tower.

I'll never do it again.

Wait a little longer.
I come to your aid.

I know why you
always fled.

Because of my goldfish.

I'm sorry.
I will never do it again.

I liberated him.

You don't look
so ugly anymore.

Because you were
nice to the animal.

Listen to me carefully...

A good deed is always more
powerful than an evil spell.

Remember it well.

I'll get the bear to help.

Come with us to the Moss Valley.

Look at that.

I know why you
always ran away.

Because of the castle dog.

I'm sorry.
I will never do it again.

You see, you win the
hearts of animals,

when you're nice to them?

Yes, you're right, dear bear.

Did you...?

Did you say "dear bear"?

Go in the house, you're freezing.
I'll free him.

Don't cry, dear girl.

Who are you?

Where are you from?
- I am the ruler here.

Don't cry. I think I
know the bear is cruel.

The bear?
- Yes. He destroyed this house,

while you liberated
the poor animal.

- I saw it myself.

But he was always good to me.
- Good. Just in pretence.

He didn't allow you to
live in the castle.

- Come. I want to help you. Come.

If he finds us,
he'll kill us.

Come on. I'll show you out.

Why are you stopping?
- Is that true?

Didn't you see that he
destroyed the house?

I can't believe
he's evil.

He spoke like a human being.

And he ate like a human.

And he was good to the animals.
- What do you care about the bear?

Think how nice you can
be in the castle.


Don't you want your bed
back, your bath?

Your gold plates?

Then you will never have to starve again.
Never freeze again.

Never work again. I have a
message from your father.

Your poor father.
He is dying.

He's asking for you.

Is that really true?
- You will see that it is true.

Hurry up before it's too late.

Follow the sun and moon,
and you can't miss.

Who are you?

Don't you know me?

No. I don't know you.

What are you doing here?

I have a mission to
make known to everyone,

that the whole
country shall mourn.

This is the king's order.
- The king?

Yes. Because an evil
bear stole our princess.

Where's the king?
- He rode away,

to find the princess.
A whole year he's been gone.

Then the dwarf lied.

And what he said about
the bear is not true.

Then you are
the wonder tree.

But you're just singing...

if I truly love
the Prince.

And the bear?

Dear, dear, dear tree, please
tell me: Who is the bear?

Is he a real bear or...?

Or is he even the prince?

The beautiful prince.

Whether the evil dwarf...

Surely, he enchanted him.

I'll take you to the magic realm.
He must hear you.

The dear, poor bear.

Quick, take me
to our bear.

Run away, get
to safety.

Quick, dear fish, take me
to the enchanted realm.

You miserable liar.

I can see through
your false words.

The little tree told me.

Quick, fly faster.
I must help the bear.

You evil monster.

Away with the little tree.
I warn you. Away with it.

You lost your game.

I'm not afraid of you.

Get that tree out of here.

Get it out of the magic realm.

You thief.

You miserable, mean thief.

Shall we take the little
tree into the castle?

No, we'll leave it here.
If someone finds it,

it'll bring him luck.