The Singer (Quand j'étais chanteur) (2006) - full transcript

Alain Moreau sings for one of the few remaining dance-bands in Clermont-Ferrand. Though something of an idol amongst his female audience he has a melancholic awareness of the slow disappearance of that audience and of his advancing years. He is completely knocked off balance when he meets strikingly attractive and much younger businesswoman Marion. She seems distant and apparently otherwise involved but soon shows quiet signs of reciprocating his interest. A brief dalliance turns into something much more complicated and he starts to employ - indeed monopolise - her services as an estate agent by announcing he suddenly must move house.


Good evening.

WeIcome to Royat Casino

with the AIain Moreau Band.

The band...

And Iet me just say...

that there's a tomboIa,

organized by the town haII..

OK, enough taIk. Music!

You OK?

I'II teII you in 5 minutes.

For a fIirt with you

I'd do just anything

For a fIirt

with you

I'd be up for anything

Just for a date with you

For a fIirt

with you

For a IittIe ride

One singIe day

Between your arms

For a IittIe ride

One earIy morn

Between your sheets

I couId abandon everything

Even if it Iooks oId-fashioned

For a fIirt

with you

MicheIe, meet PhiIippe
from Vichy town haII.

He's organizing a dance,
so I thought of AIain.

- Yes, we spoke.
- OK, I'II Ieave you to it.

I'II give you a card

and a photo.

Thank you.

I'II caII you tomorrow
and you can meet AIain.

- What time does he sing untiI?
- 3.30.

He sounds good tonight.

AIIow me to say heIIo
to the best dance teacher in the region.

There he is.

More voIcanic than ever.
I give you...

Jean-Luc Lemoine!

It's the Ieast I can do.

Not dancing?

No, I hate dancing.

Get ready for the Madison.

Stand on the right, and we'II start.

Music, maestro!

Like a bad boy
My hair is Iong

Like a bad boy
I wear a jacket

A medaIIion, a big beIt
Like a bad boy

And yet

I'm just a girI

But when

I'm in your arms

I'm just

a IittIe girI

So Iost

when you're not around

Like a bad boy
I have my motorbike

Like a bad boy
I go joyriding

I'm a terror at 120 mph
Like a bad boy

Like a bad boy
I'm afraid of nothing

Like a bad boy
I've got my paIs

I'm the Ieader of the pack
Like a bad boy

And yet

I'm just a girI

Thank you very much.

The musicians need a short break.

Ladies and gentIemen,
you can see the AIain Moreau Band

next Friday at the Aquarius disco

and the Saturday after
at the Frog FestivaI in Surat.

I can't get them going.

CaIm down, they cIapped.

But try moving more.
You're Iike a mountain.

I'm the Massif CentraI!

You know that ''Popstars'' song?
I know it sucks,

but we shouId cover it.

Busy tonight, huh?

Yes, busier than Iast week.

- There are even some youngsters.
- They're dancing, too.

OK, the boss Iady's Ieaving.
Let's do it.

Look IiveIy, Iads.

SmiIe. Come on.

Heaven has a certain charm

But I prefer

the pIeasures, joys, and tears
down here on earth

Good wine,
pretty girIs' shining eyes

Life is more sparkIing than champagne

It's permitted

To Iove Iife and to Iove Iove

To Iove the night, to Iove the day

And to think it's too short,
Far too short

I want

to catch up with the racing of time

To Iive Iife to the fuII, to Iive

To Iove Iife, to Iove Iove

DeIightfuI, charming.

So, you come to dance haIIs now?

You here to make fun?

We were at the casino.

- You're back on that?
- No, it's OK.

StiII in reaI estate?

Meet the great AIain Moreau.

- Francis.
- 'Evening.




- And Marion.
- 'Evening.

The fighter!

So, Marion,
what exactIy did those guys want?

I just accepted a dance.

A dance isn't nothing.

And a fight's pretty fIattering.

I don't think so, no.

- What'II you drink?
- Water for me.

I've got 3 minutes.

If I Ieave 'em aIone,
they'II go cIubbing.

Thanks, Bruno.

FoIks, it's time for the tomboIa.

OK, number 836...

That's the 12 bottIes
of wine, I think.

Are you divorced?

I beg your pardon?

Are you divorced?


This kind of pIace tends to be...

for divorcees or singIes
to meet peopIe, you know.

Once they hit 40,
they're scared to go to cIubs.

I had no idea.

Next number... Maggie, go on.

- The number is...
- 819.

How many singIes
are there in France?

Take a guess.

- No idea.
- 14 miIIion!

14 miIIion potentiaI dancers!

That's quite something!

A big hand for Christian. Bravo!

- Are you with Bruno?
- We work together.

I'm an intern in his firm.

You're not IocaI?

No, I've been here for a month.

A month...

You'II see, it's pretty here.
The mysterious voIcanoes...

Do you know Bruno weII?

Oh, yeah. He heIped me
Iook for a house 2 years ago.

He's fuII of Iife.

Something sparkIes in him...

Did you find it?

- What?
- The house.

The hou... No, no.

No, he got me into cIubs,
I found him girIs.

Where are you from?

It is great there!
Do you come dancing here often?

Ever been onstage to sing or dance?

No, why?

WeII, you stand out, you shine...

You have a rare quaIity.

Lady kiIIer, huh?

- Want to come up onstage with me?
- No, it's not my thing.

I see coupIes forming
and breaking up.

I'm sure that by studying
the dancers' movements,

you'd understand a Iot more

about peopIe and the worId.

A phiIosopher, too?

I'm no phiIosopher,
but you're not heIping.

That's us!

- Come on, Let's sing.
- No!

- You're being a pain.
- You're not wrong there.

PeopIe seem to Iike you.

They adore me,
especiaIIy if I do the ''Birdy Song''!

Oh, thanks, Bruno.

You've Iost weight.

The stress of opening a new agency.

Suits you.

- How's it going?
- Not bad.

LuckiIy I'm not on my own.

More dancing now.

OK, are you dancing?

If you Iike.

No, I mean I'm going to work.

Try and have a dance.

Young peopIe are good for my image.

See you Iater.

I'II do it, sitting down.

Ready, guys? Music!

No Boeing for my transit

No boat for my transatIantic

I search in vain for the exact door

I search in vain for the exit

I'm singing for the transistors

The story of this strange story

Of your one-way Iove transitory

Of a SIeeping Beauty asIeep

I Iove you and I fear

I'II Iose myseIf

And sow seeds

of poppy on the paving
of one-way Iove

You know those photos of Asia

That I shot on 200 ASA

Now that you have gone away

Their bright coIors have turned paIe

I thought I heard the bIades

Of a seapIane but aIas

It's the fan bIades as they pass

In the poIice station skies

I Iove you and I fear

I'II Iose myseIf

And sow seeds of poppy

on the paving of one-way Iove

We're doing a new compiIation.

DanieI, can I have a Perrier?

Mr ChevaIier?

A coffee.

- MicheIe?
- A tea.

Is this your pIace?

Yes, we bought it
when I was married to MicheIe.

Now DanieI and MicheIe Iook after it.

It's kinda my office.

Our office.

We can have up to 8 musicians.

Above that, it's more expensive.

Much more?

AIain's band costs 8,000 francs a night.

- 1 ,300 euros.
- Yes.

Let's say 1 ,500.
We round it up for extras.

- OK, 1 ,500.
- If that's OK.

That's for the band, stage cIothes,
Iighting, and sound equipment

for 500 peopIe.

No more, because AIain
doesn't Iike big haIIs.

I'd strain my voice.

Who deaIs with hiring the haII?

You deaI with the haII and drinks.

We deaI with the rest.

The artistic side.

- Who picks the songs?
- We have a repertoire.

There are about 50 songs.
Take a Iook.

If you want any other songs,
just give us time

to rehearse them.

Good. I'II take this.

Thank you.

But the peopIe who come to see me
are there for the croonies.


Yes, you know,

the sIow dances, the Iove songs.

The meIIow croonies.

- We do rock and souI, too.
- Not as much, though...

There's aIso AIain
with just a PA and CDs, but it's Iess...

What we Iike is to defend
Iive music, with a band.

We aIso thought of a karaoke.

Oh, OK.

- Might be fun, don't you think?
- Sure!

I understand. No probIem.


Excuse me.


I've prepared everything.

A standard contract, technicaI info,

and I've got a cover for it aII.

Thank you.
I think I have aII I need.

What's the worId coming to?
They want karaoke now!

You know, I'm gonna do my saIe.

I've got Iots of stuff: VCRs, TVs,

bikes, vacuum cIeaners...

- I'II hire a warehouse.
- Good idea.

And if I can heIp you out...

- You couId announce it at your next gig.
- Sure.

It'd be even better
if you couId stop by.

That'II bring in Iots of peopIe.

Next time, I'II handIe it.
That guy'II go straight to our rivaIs.

Either we do it or we don't!

Karaoke! Come on!

I won't be treated Iike that
after 20 years!

With this tear on your face

I understood many things

After so many months

I know what I mean to you

A gIance and a smiIe

ReveaIed your secret to me

You were in Iove with me

And you stiII are

I never understood

I didn't know

That you Ioved me but

Like me, you never had

The courage to teII me and then...

- Is Marion here?
- Is she expecting you?

I'm Moreau. AIain Moreau.

Just one moment, pIease.

Did you say I was here?

No, you couIdn't know.

Good morning, AIain.

Hi, how are you doing?

I was having a Iook.

Nice houses.

Very nice.

I didn't expect...

to see you here.


I saw you.
Looking at the ads?

It's reaIIy changed around here.

- I've got a partner.
- You renovated it?

- Like it?
- Yes, very smart.

We'II find you a pIace this time.

Yes, coming.

- Are you Ieaving soon?
- Yes.

- Wait for me?
- Yes.

I need to taIk to you.

- I'II wait for you in the cafe.
- OK.

ShouId I go?

You had better.

I can't stay Iong.


HeIIo. A tea, pIease.

Most women sIeep with me
to make their husbands jeaIous,

to say: ''Do you see

''the singer on the poster,
AIain Moreau?

''I sIept with him,

''and everyone knows.''

I'd never heard of you.

- You never go dancing?
- Not there, no.

Because it's corny?

I'm not criticizing.
It's not my styIe.

What is your styIe?

Look, Let's not discuss music.

PeopIe become corny when they Iast.

When you don't Iast,
you don't become corny. LogicaI, eh?

Right now, you're thinking:

''Why did I sIeep with a guy Iike this?''

That's what you're thinking, right?

You're Iess shy at night.

I'm gonna go.

I Iike you,
so I wanted to try my Iuck.

It's onIy naturaI.

It didn't work out. Too bad.

That's Iife.

No reason to humiIiate me.

No one wants to do that.

You humiIiated me, taking off
next morning without saying goodbye,

Iooking at me Iike I'm the bogeyman.

I mean, c'mon.

I sense these things.

I'm not a...

Excuse me, Mr. Moreau.

Can I get a photo of us?

Sure. Sit down. What's your name?

- Monique.
- I knew a back up singer caIIed Monique.

She had a boa around her neck
and she sang...

She had these IittIe poodIes
with ribbons in their fur.

It was nice.

- Here. Do you mind?
- No, no.

- The fIash is there.
- Yeah, Iike that?

- Goodbye, Monique.
- Bye.


I sing a Iot of Iove songs,
so peopIe feeI safe with me.

Everyone needs reassuring.

That's the way it is now.

Can I have a cigarette?

Yeah, sure.

Listen, Marion,

I want you to heIp me find a house.

- Me?
- I'm serious.

I don't want to go back
to aII those reaI estate agents

who take you for a ride.

Forget what happened between us.
It's history.

And if it doesn't work,
we can just stop.

Is your hair dyed? Streaked?

Yes, bIond streaks.

I Iike it.
In this business, you gotta Iook good.

It's exhausting.

- Do you do your own hair?
- Yes.

The worst thing is... It's scary
when it goes straw-coIored.

- It Iooks a bit stringy.
- No, it's fine.

It Iooks good now.

- You OK?
- We went to the wrong fIoor.

- Long drive?
- An hour. Traffic was good.

He sIept in the car.

Want to get down?

I found your Iamp,
but not your skirt.

- And some maiI.
- I've aIready got the skirt.


Are you hungry?

I brought you something. Look.

You Iike this.

What's wrong?

Are you tired?

Be a good boy.

He's out aII day. He works a Iot.

You couId take what you Iike.

Did you teII him you see me?

No, but I think he knows.

Lamps vanish, cIosets are emptied.

He's not stupid.

- How is he?
- I don't know.

He's not taIkative.

Are you stiII Iiving in the hoteI?

- Don't worry.
- I'm not.

It's not hard for you to find a pIace.

I need to be paid. It's the 5th today.

It's not Martin's fauIt.

Won't he have an adventure
after saving his Iife?

Yeah, but he created him, too.



PIease stop crying Iike that

Tomorrow or next month

You won't think about it

PIease stop crying Iike that

Today it is for you

That we have come here

Say nothing if you Iike

But dry those eyes of yours
And pIease don't go thinking

That we don't care about you

You know,

It is no use to cry

Just Ieave

Your pain aIone

In a corner

PIease stop crying Iike that

Cry for who or for what?

For a few memories

Cast onto the fIoor
And which wiII fade to nought

Say nothing if you Iike
Just dry your eyes

And pIease don't go thinking

That we don't care about you

You know,

It is no use...

to cry

Just Ieave

Your pain...

You must heIp me
understand your needs.

That's just it, I don't know.

What do you usuaIIy do?

Some cIients don't reaIIy know
what they want.

Others prefer to taIk.

- And you Iisten?
- I try.

The taIkative types
never make their minds up,

and I'm paid on commission.

I promise to be carefuI.

I couIdn't do it.
I'd teII the truth about the houses.

I'm too honest.

I don't beIieve it.

WeII, we aII Iie.

EspeciaIIy men.

You're giving me a Iine.

- Here we go again.
- I've got a name for you.

''Ladies' man''.

That suits you.

Can't I say anything?

- Do you Iive aIone?
- Yes.

How many rooms do you need?
I couIdn't read your form.

I'm open, reaIIy.

Can we visit more seIect,
modern properties?


I'm not as rich as EIton John.

Yes, I reaIize that.

Do you sing fuII-time?

Why? Are you surprised?

I knew it existed
for weddings, BastiIIe Day...

Oh, weddings...

PeopIe your age prefer a DJ.

I do openings,
office parties, tea dances...

It must be fun.

PeopIe mainIy come to dance.

My job is getting them
to drink champagne.

They don't care about the songs.

Nobody cares.

I often sing for myseIf.

Where are you, Ladies' Man?

I'm not in the Ieast amused.

- I'II show you the boiIer.
- Great!

You never get Iucky first time.

I'm sorry,
but this house isn't for me.

It's physicaI.


Good, but a bit expensive.

Take this, anyway.

- TeII me if you need anything.
- That's OK, ma'am.

When I caIIed your office,
they said you'd gone to get your son.

That's possibIe.

I didn't know you had a chiId.

Didn't Bruno teII you?

I didn't teII him about us, you know.


You're separated?

Do we have to pour out
our Iife stories?

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

WeII, not reaIIy, but that's OK.

If you're singIe, that makes you
A reaI customer for me...

for the dances.

I'd spoiI the mood.

Right, this is aII weII and good.

C'mon, Iet's go.

Because I'm singing tonight.

Don't you want to know where?

See how she persuaded those guys?

She's the best.

She's put on weight, hasn't she?

I don't know.

She's Ietting herseIf go a bit.

It bothers me. For her sake.

I don't see her the way I used to.

She's scared you'II end up aIone.

- Even if she stiII Ioves you...
- Stop it.

I'm not jeaIous.

I'II give you the rest tomorrow.

Forget it.
Buy her a present instead.

I don't need charity
to buy her a present.

It's going reaIIy weII.

Some peopIe recognized you.
Go say heIIo.

I wiII.

Come heIp me.

- It's AIain. AIain Moreau.
- Yes, AIain?

- Am I disturbing you?
- No.

Thanks to you, I reaIized
I wanted a change of styIe.

Anew styIe of house.

I Iike the idea of Iiving
somewhere contemporary.

Contemporary, modern, I don't know...

That's good. I'II run a new search.

New search?

Yes, it'II take a bit Ionger.

I don't want to grow oId
in an oId pIace.

I see. I'II caII you, OK?


WeII... Can you hear the guitar?

I'm in my studio.

Big kiss... Sorry. Goodbye.

- Ready to go?
- Yes.


Take a Iook at this sometime.
It's a condo.

No, you can't handIe
two dozen fiIes at once.

Why? Has someone compIained?


No one's compIained.
I'm very pIeased with you.

You did me a favor.
I won't Iet you down.

I know you want to be aIone.
That's fine.

But if you need me, I'm here.

Turn the Iight out.

I'd Iike to Iive in a hoteI, too.

See you tomorrow.

See you.

- Fabrice.
- Thanks, Jean-PauI.

Thanks, Jean-PauI.

It's 5. We did an extra haIf-hour.
We deserve some extra cash.

You do quaIity stuff. Keep it up.

I'm here to meet AIain...
AIain Moreau.

- Are you Marion?
- Yes.

He's through there.

I'm here, Marion. Through here.

- Sorry.
- Keep stiII, you'II ruin it.

Just a rinse and it's finished.

- HeIIo. I'm MicheIe.
- I'm Marion.

We have to go before 1 1 .

I'II check the route.
It Iooks compIicated.

No, nothing's compIicated, Marion.

NearIy done. Then, he's aII yours.

- You go to Maringues.
- OK.

Maringues, D42, VizeIIes, see?

- Mark a cross here.
- Yeah, OK.

- More coffee?
- Yes, pIease.

It's good he's moving. It was about time.

- Think he reaIIy wants to?
- Yes, I do.

What's that?

We did it for a Iaugh.

It's a fake goId disk.

It impresses peopIe.

These bands are dying out.
He carries on - I respect that.

WeII? A new Iease of Iife, huh?

25 years oId!

- How's Bruno?
- OK.

- He's away on business aII week.
- You Iike him, eh?

Yes, I do. He's attractive, handsome.

- We'II go soon.
- No, now. We're aIready Iate.

My keys.

- In your jacket.
- Nope.

- Thanks, that's sweet.
- After you.

If we get Iost,
we can phone each other.

I started my band thanks to MicheIe.

She sang with me, back then.

She sang weII, she did.
She had a reaI voice.

She seems to have a Iot of energy.

Yes, she wasn't afraid on stage.

It took me Ionger to accept myseIf.

Why did she stop singing?

She didn't have the temperament
to make a career of it,

to take aII the hard knocks.

She became my manager.

Let's go on.

CIermont was a IiveIy pIace, then.

Later on, we bought a cafe.

I carried on working Iike crazy.

Then, of course,
she met someone eIse: DanieI.

She had a more normaI Iife with him.

They even wanted a baby,
but it was too Iate.

We never reaIIy Ieft each other.

The bedrooms are upstairs.

My parents came from ItaIy,

from FriuIi.

They were hired by the MicheIin pIant.

I worked there, too,
testing tire brakes.

I'II show you.

But I hated the routine,
so I started drumming and singing.

I worked with the IocaI bands:

Georges MicheI,
MaIbruno, Andre Verchuren.

This is aII voIcanic rock.
An artist designed it speciaIIy.

It's nice 'n' brown...

My big mistake was
not doing CIub Med in the 80s.

A Iot of artists made it
thanks to CIub Med.

Like my paI, EI Chato.
Heard of EI Chato?

Sure you have. Sebastien EI Chato.
He did ''La Chunga''.

I don't know him.

''La Chunga''!

Sorry, I don't know it.
Let's continue.

I can't be there by 3. No way.

It's never-ending.

TeII them to wait or set another date.

The garden goes down to the fieId.

Am I boring you?

I have other appointments.

You're expected.

Yes, I am. I've got a job to do.

- Do you understand?
- Yes.

I show you houses,
but you say nothing.

If this isn't what you're Iooking for,
teII me.

Bruno said you'd Iike this kind of pIace.

The night we met, I thought
you went with me to make Bruno jeaIous.

Yeah, that's dumb.

To be honest, I think he'd be amused.

That's mean.

That's not what I meant.

It's your fauIt, too.
Screw this!

OK, you've seen the house.
Like it or not?

So, Iet's go.

- We've been waiting for an hour.
- OK.


- What's your probIem?
- You're a pain in the ass.

So, I'm an hour Iate!

That's enough!

You finished?

Sure. Iet's go.

That one has too much echo.

- Oh, you were here?
- I toId you.

Yes, I heard the rehearsaI.
It was very good.

So, MicheIe and I agreed to Friday 22nd.


- As for the karaoke idea...
- AII forgotten, Mr ChevaIier.

Thanks. See you Friday.


See? You underestimate me.

MicheIe, remember my pay sIip.

- Yeah, tonight.
- OK, thanks.

How's the house hunting?

WeII, I'm very undecided.

We were gIad to find ours, remember?

I thought you were attached to it.

I thought so, too.

Are you just visiting?

Of course!

You haven't sIept with her!

I know you of f by heart.

Let's get it over with.
SIeep with her.

She won't give you a thing.

You don't know her.

She's young, she has a son.

She'II hurt you.

Maybe you want that.

To punish yourseIf
For ruining my Iife.

- A bit higher.
- StiII?

- A bit more.
- More?

A bit more... OK, stop.


How's that?


I don't care
as Iong as she doesn't stop you working.

I was good just now.

You haven't sung Iike that in years.

That's what scares me.

I don't know...

She's awakened me.

The temperature of a voIcano

can reach 3,600 degrees CeIsius.

VuIcania, the voIcanoes of Auvergne,

voIcanoes of the worId.

CaIm down.

Do you want to carry on or go home?

You want to go home?

I thought he'd enjoy it.

I do what I can.

I won't see him anymore.

Some kids aren't raised by their mother.

The mother's crazy
or a junkie or dead.

That happens.

I wiII not have the time

Not the time

Even if I run

More swiftIy than the wind

More swiftIy than time

Even if I fIy

I wiII not have the time

Not the time

To visit

AII the immensity

Of this great universe

Even in an age

I wiII not have the time

To do it aII

Do you sometimes want
to stop everything?

I'm more scared of Iosing my touch
or sounding oId

Is this pIace expensive?

Far too expensive.

I toId you not to charge your phone.

Why are you Iike this?


Look, stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it, pIease...

You can start a new Iife, Marion.

That's what Iife's for.

That's rich,
coming from Ladies' Man.

You can breathe here.

Makes a change
from your cubes, your apartments.

Come over here.

It's the office again.

WeII, just Iet 'em wait!

Look at this.

- BeautifuI, huh?
- Yeah.

Heard of RaeI?

- Yeah, RaeI.
- Oh, yeah.

The guru who started the RaeIian cuIt.

With the white robe.

The aIien worshippers.

WeII, right here on this voIcano,
he met the aIiens.

The fIying saucer Ianded here.

Right here in this crater.

You can see its imprint.

RaeI used to be a singer, too.
He had a record out in the 70s.

His reaI name was CIaude CeIIer.

His record was caIIed
''My Love Patricia''.

I remember it weII,
because on the back,

it said, ''If your name is Patricia, too

send me a photo and your vitaI stats

and you can come aIong
to a recording...''

He had a very deep voice.

At the end of the song,

he said in an inspired tone:

''Give yourseIf...

''Give yourseIf

''I sIide over your thighs Iike a rat''!


Lots of peopIe have come here

to try to meet the aIiens.

C'mon, you can reaIIy breathe up there.

FeeI the Iove.

''Give yourseIf''!

You swear you Iove me

Far more than I Iove you

And even so I say

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

You say that on this Earth

I'm the one you prefer

That no one can pIease you

girIs, turn around.
Boys, you're Ieaving them too static.

You aImost kiIIed the poor man.

Mind you, nice way to die!

Don't you dance?

Some cIaim to have seen it.

You've got your IittIe fan.

WeII, it's hot.

And heavy.

- couId I get an autograph?
- Sure.

- Want a photo?
- Yeah, that'd be even better!

- What's your name?
- Martine.

For Martine. AIain Moreau.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Women fIock to you.

They're not aIways beauties.

You have Iots of mistresses?

Don't worry about me.

- You possess them backstage.
- Yeah.

Doesn't coffee keep you awake?

Yeah, it does.

I've never met anyone Iike you.

It's hot in here.

Boys' turn now.
Don't forget. The New York step.

Swing those hips now.

A crueI worId has condemned me

Without compassion,
they have sentenced me

In return, I feeI no fear

To die of Iove

And whiIe my Iife is being judged

I see no other way out

Against my heart

To die of Iove

To die of Iove

Is to die aIone in the darkness

I'II get us a drink.

UnabIe to beg for cIemency or pity

You are the Iight in my dusk

Your Iove is budding
Mine is in bIoom

My Iife has no worth

To die of Iove

- Many peopIe?
- Yeah, it's starting to fiII up.

I feeI Iike fighting tonight.

We couId go to the Aquarius.

AIain's singing tonight.

Senorita, hurry up

Put your taffeta dress back on

Opera's greatest arias

Remind me of the rumba

Senorita, hurry up

I'm a IittIe oIder than you

I stopped going to the movies

They cIosed down the AIhambra

Senorita, hurry up

I forgot the cameIIias

I don't have the right Iooks for it

So, dance for me, dance

Why did they put you here?
Go over there.

Jeremy, put them overthere.

I didn't know you were back.
You didn't caII me.

- Do you mind us coming?
- Not at aII, not at aII.

Go over there.

If you want anything eIse...

I'd Iike you to do a sIow number.

I want to do a sIow dance with Marion.

- A reaI sIow?
- I'II Ieave that up to you.

OK, I'II see.


- A sIow dance?
- Yeah!


I've been asked for a sIow number.

- ''The Birdy Song''!
- Good idea, moron!

- ''Bibi''!
- I used to Iove that.

Ever so sIowIy...
Different feeIings

In your heart and in my head

Go and dance

AII the dances you Iike

In the arms of those

Who take you away

Go and smiIe

MarveIous smiIes

For the dancers

Who hoId your fair hand

But don't forget

That I wiII be there

To drive you home at the end

So, pIease save

The Iast dance for me

Go and dance

If you enjoy yourseIf

I'II wait for the day

When we wiII return

If someone

Wants to take you

AII the way home

Just say no to him

For don't forget

That I wiII be there

To drive you home at the end

So, pIease save

The Iast dance for me

What'II you bet?

How shouId I know?

You don't know. That's the point.

You reaIIy Iike gambIing, huh?

- 7?
- Sure, 7.

I've gambIed a Iot

and I've Iost a Iot.

Number 3.


Know your porn actress name?

Your porn actress name.

What's your second name?


What was your first pet?

A rabbit caIIed Bonsai.

Corinne Bonsai. That's not bad.

- Did she do soft-core?
- Oh, no.

ReaI hard-core. Never any feeIings.

Oh, no, never any feeIings.

What's yours?

Bernard Orange.

He was a dachshund caIIed Orange.

The man of 5,000 women.

WeII, peopIe aIways exaggerate.

The veterinarians gig is on Monday.

We couId go Friday
and come back Tuesday.

Yeah, maybe. Good idea.

- We couId go to the seaside.
- Yeah.

I haven't been since God knows when.

I'II show you the bedrooms.

You think you've seen this one?

Yeah, with Marion.

Isn't she here? Where is she?

She's out visiting.

When you see too many,
you get them mixed up.

This one's good.

ReaIIy good. Very rare.

Lots of Iand, 2 miIes away
from the main road. Quiet.

Yes, not bad.

ApparentIy, you say
''Not bad'' every time.

See much of her?

She seems better.

I think so.

How did you meet?

At university, in Lyon.

We were friends.
She was in Iove with some guy.

The guy died.

Then, she decided to get married,
and we Iost touch

untiI she came here to ask for work.

She's avoiding me.

She's not answering my messages.

WeII, she's very busy.

I'm not even sure
if she'II caII in today.

I couId punch you out.

Sure you couId!

AII you women

With your charm

Your sweet smiIes
attract us and disarm us

AII you angeIs

So adorabIe

And we men are
poor deviIs

With thousands of roses
we surround you

We Iove you aII
And siIentIy prove it to you

We think we're so strong
We think we know you weII

We say forever
You answer maybe

AII you women

You, my downfaII

You are the source
Of our Iaughs and tears

Poor oId deviIs
That we men are

VuInerabIe, miserabIe
Are aII us men

Thank you.

I'II be back in 10 minutes.

Enjoy your meaI.


I'm here to ceIebrate
cIosing a deaI.

I never came here before. Not bad.

A bit pretentious.

It's weII paid though.
Very weII paid.

And the food's good.

I'd even thought
of bringing you here for dinner.

I went away for a few days.

Yes, I noticed.

I visited a house
with one of your coIIeagues

that Bruno sent me.

- I had things to sort out.
- ReaIIy?

And are they sorted out?

They're much better.

Great. MeanwhiIe,
I waste my time with strangers

who show me a bunch of crap.

I warned you I might be busy, too.

Busy? No!

You were sick
of the sight of me, that's aII.

But that's not very professionaI.

You don't care about the houses.

Not in the sIightest.
And nor do I.

So, what're you doing?

Being a prick-tease?

What a shitty thing to say.

If you pity me, you've not understood
a thing about who or what I am.

After the time we've spent together,
that's what's most humiIiating.

You aIways feeI so fucking humiIiated,
Mr Corny Loser!

A bit faciIe, huh?

I've brought Iots of coupIes together.

Don't Iecture me.


Meaning I know fuII weII
that you're an easy Iay.

You're pathetic.

Not singing?

Not in the mood.

- You know what that means?
- Screw your dive!

Very weII.

Know what'II kiII us?



It'II pass.

AIain... Are you OK?

Yes. Is he sIeeping?

No, not yet. Be right with you.

Have a drink with us.

- Got any coId Perrier?
- Yes.

- What do you do?
- I'm a mechanic.

Sure you don't want any?

No, I prefer water.

So, the two of you
are going of f on your bike

with your bags and aII?

WeII, it's a bit risky.
We can rent 4x4s there,

so we can take more stuff.
It's an adventure!

An adventure... That's great.

I Ieft it in my bag.


You're in Iove with her?

It shows.


It's an infIammation
of the vocaI chords.

And smoking isn't...

The Iast time I quit,
I gained 30 pounds in 2 months.

In my Iine of work, it's not...

So, jump out of the window.

Yes, that sounds tempting.

You have to rest your vocaI chords.

For how Iong?

3 weeks minimum.

So, he can't work?

I don't know about that,
but singing's out.

We mustn't Iose the Aquarius.

She's seeing Bruno.

She's seeing him.

At Ieast something's happening.

I'd become a machine.

A singing machine...

Did this happen to me before?

No, not Iike this.

Not over a girI.

Better Iate than never!

You'II see her again.

You'II visit houses with her.

It's not over.

CindereIIa, twenty years oId

Is the fairest chiId of aII

Her fine suitor, her Prince Charming

Takes her on his white horse

She Ioses track of time

In her siIver paIace

So as not to see
Anew day is dawning

What a IoveIy story

She Ieaves

What a IoveIy story

CindereIIa, thirty years oId

Is the saddest mom of aII

Her Prince Charming
Has upped and Ieft her

With SIeeping Beauty

She has seen a hundred steeds

Take her chiIdren far, far away

- Hi, Moreau!
- WeII done, it's not easy here.

- It's hard to get 'em going.
- Yeah.

Your guitar soIo was great.


- You Iiked it?
- Yeah.

- How's your throat?
- It's stiII a bit...

WeII, take care.
It can drag on for ages.

I've been seeing a heaIer.

It takes time.

But it'II pass.

- Sing ''TeIephone''?
- Oh, no.

Jennifer, come here.

Meet the great AIain Moreau.

I reaIIy Iike what you do.


You started with your wife?

Did PhiIippe teII you that?

Everyone here knows you.

Yes. WeII...

It's aII very fragiIe...

- Know any TV peopIe?
- Yeah, a few.

Like who?

Oh, Iots of peopIe.
We shouId get together one evening.

- Yeah, right!
- What?

I mean it.

How Iong have you been with PhiIippe?

- Too Iong.
- Oh?

Why do you say that?

I'm not settIing for guys Iike you.


Let's go, guys.

Yes, heIIo, AIain. It's Marion.

We were supposed to meet at 4,
so what's up?

CaII me.


I was asIeep. I feIt good.

Have you taken anything?

Yes, I took that.

WeII, severaI.

I'II wait downstairs.

How about some coffee?

With 2 sIices of toast.
There's some in the...

- And can you Iet her out?
- OK.

She's a pain, bIeating Iike that.

Yes, my girI,
we're going to Iet you out!

- Coffee's ready.
- Thanks.

- Had your shave?
- Yes.

I kept Ieaving you messages aII week.

I went to the bar. MicheIe said
I shouId Ieave you aIone.

WeII, that's typicaI of MicheIe.

I turned of f your sun Iamp.


Why didn't you teII me?

- What about?
- Your throat.

I didn't want to bother you with that.
It's getting better now.

Have you been drinking?

No, Marion. I have no wish to.

That's aII in the past.
I don't want to croak.

Each time everyone thinks I'm done for,
I bounce back!


- Don't do any highIights.
- Can you feeI any?

What? You don't feeI 'em.
You see 'em.

No, it Iooks good.

How are things with Bruno?

Nothing happened with Bruno.
AImost nothing.

AImost nothing...

I agree...

Don't stop!

This is a standard contract.

I never saw one Iike that.

Did you bring a CD?

Sure. It's not the Iatest, but I Iike it.


At Ieast he hasn't given up.

I miss it. Come see.

You know that one.

Even AIain doesn't have that.
He pIayed drums, then.

That's me.

To think I now have a desk job...

How many songs must I sing?

As an opening act, 3 or 4.

- It's up to you.
- Up to me!

- I just don't know if I can.
- Yeah, you can.

Christophe's peopIe are good guys.

They aIways try to heIp IocaI taIent.

But I'm just a has-been!

You know, you were the reaI artist.

I don't know if this is aIIowed.

Don't Iet the smoke out.

- How oId is your son?
- 6.

- He was 6 in December.
- Is he at schooI?

- 1st grade.
- It's foreign to me.

Look, there's a Ioose connection.

- Did we pay a Iot for this?
- No, I did, son.

You caII me ''son'' now?

You stiII haven't signed your contract.

Do you reaIize your Iuck?

How many seats are there?

- 5,000.
- How many songs wiII you sing?

I dunno, 3 or 4...

Depends how the audience reacts,

how it goes.

If it goes weII, I think we're going
to MontpeIIier and Bordeaux.

- And where eIse?
- Lyon.

You've never done this...


You're not scared?

Let's teII him.

Maybe not now.

What's going on?

- We're getting married.
- What?

We're getting married.

She said yes.

But it doesn't change anything.

It changes everything.

What the heII do you mean?

Give her a kiss.
HeIp us out here, AIain. Do something!

We're cIosed!

I'm on AIain Moreau's guest Iist.

No, sorry.

He said to come here.
He's expecting me.

AIain, it's Marion again.

I don't know what to do.

I'm stuck at the gate.
I can't get in.

It'II be great.

I just know it wiII.

''Give yourseIf''!


I was at the other gate.

- How is he?
- OK. At Ieast I think so.

We changed 2 songs, so it's tense.

Won't I disturb him?

We do taIk, you know.


Hi, Marion.
Jean-CIaude's stuck.

I'II go check... See you.

Shut the door.
They're starting to get on my...

You know we're going
to the cafe after?

Yeah, don't worry.

Of course I'm worried.

So, it's the big night.

One fight too many.

ShaII we go?

That'd be great.
This is just a Ioad of hot air.

Let's both waIk out.

That'd be reaI styIish.

WiII this do?

Is it OK?

It'II do.

Oh, crap! They're the wrong boots!

I'm the onIy one who's amused.

You aII Iook
Iike I'm having an operation.


we're not waIking out?

AIain, some friends are here.

- We don't want to disturb you.
- Hi there.

- Hi, Moreau, you OK?
- Yeah, fine.

- Put on some weight?
- A bit.

MicheIe wiII find you a seat.

- I'II be standing!
- What?

I'II be standing.

I wanted to come with you.

I know.

What's he Iike?

BIack shirt, bIack trousers...
and his boots.

NearIy time, boys.

- What if there's an encore?
- Dream on!

- Did you see him come out?
- No.

Have you seen AIain go by?


- I think he's Ieft.
- I haven't seen him.

- He's vanished.
- Maybe he's up there.

We'II start earIier, Chris.
That singer's has run off.

I went to the wrong cafe.

A vodka, pIease.

They said
there'd been technicaI troubIe.

They can say what they Iike.

- Excuse me.
- Thanks.

I feeI Iike everything's possibIe again.

I can start over.

I feeI free.

So, you'II carry on singing?

Dance haIIs...

That's my Iife.

That's where I feeI good.

What are you going to do?

I know it'II be with my son,

but not here.

Do you understand?

I understand.

AIain Moreau understands...

In my pink siIk jacket

I wander moroseIy

The twiIight is grandiose

But maybe

One fine day, you wouId Iike

To come and find with me

The Iost paradises

A dandy

SIightIy cursed, sIightIy oIder

In Iuxury coIIapsing

Do you recaII

When I wouId sing
In those London ceIIars

SIightIy drowned
In the smoke

That sophisticated rock

Every night
You wouId stand there

But maybe

One fine day, you wouId Iike

To come and find with me

The Iost paradises

A dandy
SIightIy cursed, sIightIy oIder

My musicians are aII wrinkIed

The piano keys have turned yeIIow

I try to remember

Just one more time

The chords of this sophisticated rock

Which couId surprise

Even the Brits

But maybe

One fine day, you wouId Iike

To come and find with me

The Iost paradises

My oId rheumatism

Is becoming a pain

My poor CeciIe

I am seventy-three

I Iie in my chaise Iongue

I have a babysitter

I was in much better shape

When I was a singer

I had white ankIe boots

A big buckIed beIt

An open-necked shirt

A medaIIion

My smiIe

Was my biggest asset

I had a heII of a time

When I was a singer

One night in Saint Georges

I was singing at the hop

My wife was waiting

Hiding in the Mercedes

She got thrown in the river

By aII my fan cIub

I had a crazy Iife

When I was a singer

The officers of the Iaw

They recognized me

As for my speeding tickets

I wouId never pay them

Every probIem I had

Was sorted on the spot

AII my mistakes were forgiven

When I was a singer

My poor CeciIe

I am seventy-three

I heard that Mick Jagger

Died not Iong ago

I drank to the fareweII

Of SyIvie Vartan

It was over for me ages ago

I don't understand very much these days

But I stiII hear things that I do Iike

It keeps me entertained

It was over for me ages ago

I don't understand very much these days

But I stiII hear things that I do Iike

It keeps me entertained