The Singer (2020) - full transcript

After the Japanese
and Manchu Invasion,

Joseon's very foundation
began to crumble.

The worsening political
conflicts harmed the country,

and the corrupt governing
class exploited the people.

As the country descended in to chaos,

one thing that helped the
people carry on was

the songs of traveling
storytellers, the Gwangdae.

Although they belonged
to the lowest class

their songs about the
lives of the commoners,

gave rise to 'Pansori', a
genre of narrative songs.

♪ When the heavens opened ♪

♪ And the land was created ♪

♪ The country was peaceful ♪
♪ and the people were content ♪

♪ Times changed and a ♪
♪ new capital was found ♪

♪ Samgak Mountain rose ♪
♪ and the phoenix soared ♪

♪ In the place of the phoenix ♪
♪ The great palace was built ♪


Watch it!

You're quite petty for a Buddhist monk.

You talk a lot of rubbish
for an aristocrat.

Sounds good!

♪ Please grant us only fortune ♪
♪ and let us avoid disasters ♪


♪ I want for nothing but love ♪

- Mom.
- Yes?

I love it when dad sings.

That's why I married your father.

But singing is no good for money.

Dad says he married you
for your feminine charms.


But he was surprised
because you were so manly!


You little rascal!


My boss really enjoyed it.

Thank you. Hope you
can sing for us again.

Of course, sir.

- He prepared more than usual.
- Oh my.

Thank you. Thank you!

Take your share, guys.

Yes, sir.

Sir, it's too much.

Yeah, it's way more than mine.

You just keep the rhythm. You're
too wayward with the beats.

I gotta keep 'em entertained first.

Good job today. Hurry and get going.

Thank you, sir.

There once lived a singer named
Sim Hak-gyu of Dohwa Village

with his seamstress wife, Gan-nan

and a daughter named Cheong.

Lotus flowers!

You're right.

They're so pretty...



Look there.

That's a golden lotus.

Golden lotuses belong to the heavens.

That's a rare flower.

I want to take it home.

I'll get it for you.


The water's too deep.

But it sure is pretty, huh?

♪ Shining like the sun ♪

♪ Pretty like my daughter ♪

♪ Shining like Gan-nan ♪

♪ Let's pick flowers of heaven, ♪
♪ so rare and beautiful ♪

That's very good.

♪ I'll adorn my Cheong and darling ♪
♪ husband with their blossoms ♪

You should go to bed.

What are you doing
sewing so late at night?

I'm making a pouch for Cheong.

What about me?

Should I or shouldn't I?

What's the use in me working so hard?

No use at all.

Work hard?

You're always just having
fun singing like this.

When did I sing like
that? I sing like this!

You don't know how hard it is
to make people laugh and cry.

What's so hard about
that? I can do it too!

That's not how you
do it. Do it like me!

You'll wake up Cheong.

I think she's fast asleep.

What are you doing?
You're embarrassing me!

Stay still.

Some criminals colluded with
corrupt government officials

and formed 'Ja-mae Gang' to kidnap
and even kill innocent people.

Since you are a distinguished scholar,

I order you to save
the suffering people

and help stabilize the court.

Your Majesty's grace is immeasurable.

We're ready.

Good, well done.

Let's go.

So all I need to do is take
this to Scholar Kim?


Make sure you get three coins.

If you come back without
the money, I'll kill you.

Alright, I got it.

Make sure to come home right away.

- You want to see me so soon?
- I just had a bad dream last night.

You're worried I'll be
hunted by a tiger?

Never mind, just go!

Okay, I'll be back soon.



My little pumpkin.

- Daddy.
- Yes?

I want to have white rice cake.

White rice cake? Daddy
will bring it back.

- Really?
- Of course, baby.

Daddy's off. I'll be back!

You're not taking this?

I'm off now!

Come back soon.


- Mommy!
- Hm?

♪ You and I ♪

♪ Let us fool around ♪

♪ Day and day ♪
♪ Night and night ♪

♪ This is true love ♪

Mmm, so white.

My daughter's been at me, saying
how much she wants to eat this.



Hey, you!

My boss liked your singing so much.

With your skills, you should
be performing at the palace.

It's unfortunate that

you were born low.

Who can decide people's class, anyway?

Is it the king? The ministers?

You speak too recklessly.

There's no way to tell
the class by appearance!


Make money and buy that
damn noble family title.

I have a long way to go, sir.
Let me say goodbye here.

Just one last round.

Here, here.

♪ Ari Arirang, Seuri Seurirang ♪
♪ Arariga Nanne ♪

♪ Arirang, Arariga Nanne ♪

Great voice!

Come again!

See you again!

Yes sir. Goodbye!

Why isn't he coming?








Where are we going?

You're driving me crazy!


tighten the gag!

Catch her!

- Someone stop them!
- Hey, stop!

Catch her!


Listen to me.

Follow the stream, and
you'll see a village.

Go find your father. Okay?


I'll follow you soon. Okay?

Go! Go now!

I got you at last, bitch.

She's running away! Get her!



Gan-nan! Cheong!

Hey, they couldn't have gone far.

They're probably somewhere safe.

Don't worry.

Found her!

Here, here!

Cheong, my baby!

Cheong, my baby...

My daughter!

She isn't waking up.

What should I do, sir?

She will be up soon. Don't worry.

But since she hurt herself hard,

she may be suffering
from further damage.

What on earth happened to Gan-nan?

Stand there.

Move. Move.


Yes, sir.

Go there.

Why are you shaking? Stand still.

Hurry, hurry!

- What's your name?
- Hyang.

What's your talent?


What's that?


Come here.

She's just a kid.

What do you do well, then?

I made a living by sewing for nobles.

Why do you ask?

Just answer me.

I'm the one asking the questions here.

Didn't I!

Tell you!

Not to! Touch!

The goods?


Go back to work!


Pass me the contract.

Can you read?

Listen carefully. You're
from Pyeonghae.

Your father died in the great famine.

You needed to arrange his funeral,
but didn't have any money,

and promised that you'll
work for us until death.


What? Wanna see?

This is a lie!

A lie?

But what to do? That's what
the higher-ups told us to do.

We're just following orders.

Sir, sir!

We were kidnapped. Help us!

Let's go.

Please look at this closely.

Just once!

We were kidnapped!

Please help us!

I think it's them.

What do you mean?

Didn't you see the
notice at the market?

Those criminals who call
themselves 'Ja-mae Gang'.

They kidnap lowborn
people to sell as slaves.

- But where can we find them?
- Mom...

Mom... mom!


Are you all right, Cheong?


Mom... She...

You were with your mom.

Bad people took her.

But Dad...


I can't see your face well.

What's wrong with me?




Oh no...

Poor little thing.

We're ready. Sir.

Walk faster!

Walk faster!

The Royal Inspector has arrived!

Hey! You! Help me!

Arrest all of them.

Get up!

Get up!

We're not criminals.

We were all kidnapped.

Move quickly!

- Move quickly!
- We're not criminals!

We're not criminals!

Have you been well?


What are you doing?


I'll need to go look for your mom.

Bring me, too.

What are you saying?

Uncle Dae-bong will take care of you.

- You have to wait here.
- I don't want to.

Take me, too! Let's
look for mom together.


Now, let's go find her.

What are you doing here?

What's all that stuff?

My wife threw me out
because I'm no use.

I have nowhere to go.

Your wife passed away long ago.

Don't joke around like that.

No sense of humor.

The best singer needs the
best drummer by his side!

Right, Cheong?

Are you okay?

Let me carry her.

It's okay, man.

Dad, I'm fine now. Please put me down.

Your father's still fine.


Do you want to hear a story?

What story?

Once upon a time, there was
a pretty girl called Cheong.

She was so pretty

that all the townspeople
praised her beauty.

- Pretty Cheong?
- Yes. Pretty, just like you.

Cheong's mother was beautiful,
kind and loved to laugh.

She took good care of Cheong.

But her father had become blind
after an accident in his youth.

So Cheong and her mother always
led the way for him with a cane.

Like this.

Like this, like this.

But they were so poor.

Cheong's mother had to support
the family by sewing.

♪ Embroidering patterns ♪
♪ on silken clothes ♪

♪ Making vests, belts and ♪
♪ various kinds of hats ♪

♪ Embroidering geese ♪
♪ and cranes in five colors ♪

For arresting corrupt officials,

I hereby announce his promotion.

Your Majesty's grace is immeasurable.

Did you prepare the best products?

Of course.

It's a long way up.


What's that?

What's going on?


I can't see him. He must be dead.

He's still alive.


How do you know?

I can...

I can hear it.

Huh? Where?

Over there...

Is there a rock over there?

I keep hearing a noise from over there.

Be careful!

Be careful!

- He's alive.
- He's back to life.

Thank heavens!

Are you all right?

How did a Buddhist monk
fall into the stream?

He jumped in to catch fish...

A monk eats fish?

You saved my life.

It isn't me. It's my daughter
you should thank.

I don't know how to repay you...

Well, if you insist, you can buy us
some food at the inn down the road.


Eat slowly, you'll get indigestion.

Bring some more side
dishes and soup please.

You realize this is the third
time you've asked for a refill?

What kind of monk pigs out like him?

Make sure you pick up your tab.

How'd you two meet each other?

You look like a merchant.

You look like... a corrupt monk.

Don't even get me started.

There are bandits
all over the mountain.

I met this monk one day.

He knows the mountain paths very well.

Since I started traveling with him,
we haven't seen a single bandit.

Do you know anything
about the 'Ja-mae Gang'?

They're really notorious.

All the government
offices are after them.

They must have been caught, then.

Not even close.

They're very organized.

From what I hear,

they have friends in high
places supporting them.

Who would help them?

Probably corrupt government officials.

Ma'am! Bring me some
more side dishes here.

You're going to eat the whole kitchen!

Then give me just a spoonful of soup...

You're going to bankrupt me!

Hey, let's leave now. She's so scary.

This is all thanks to Your Lordship.

I've done nothing. It's
all your achievement.

What's troubling you, sir?

The King has ordered me
to take up a post in Jeonju.

I heard that, too.

Isn't that a good thing?

Not quite.

As soon as I leave the capital,

those hyenas will accuse
me of all the crimes.

When you go down to
Jeonju, submit an appeal.

What appeal?

Ask His Majesty to
appoint me as your deputy.

You should be strengthening
your base in the capital,

won't this put you at a disadvantage?

Not at all.

It's as you have always told me.

Politics is..

All about money.

Since we treated you well, have
you forgotten that you are slaves?

You are taking too long!

I'll be back in the evening,
have everything done by then.

Yes, Ma'am...

- Auntie...
- Hm?

My mom should be doing okay, right?

Of course.

What's this?

Lotus flower.

It looked too plain.

It's so pretty.

Hey, take her.

Let me go!

- Let me go!
- Stop it, bitch..

- Auntie! Auntie!
- Hyang! Hyang!

- Auntie!
- Hyang! Hyang!

We're going to have
to get rid of this bitch.

It's been a long time.

You should have done better.

What happened to Hyang?

The saying that clothes are
like wings must be true.

I couldn't even tell she was lowborn.

Bring Hyang back...

♪ I want to go, I want to go... ♪

♪ I want to follow my love ♪

♪ Even the winds stop to rest ♪

♪ Even the clouds take a ♪
♪ break before crossing ♪

♪ Even over this pass ♪

♪ I want to follow my love ♪

♪ The star maiden in heaven ♪

♪ Even when the heavenly ♪
♪ bridge is blocked ♪

♪ She can meet her earthly ♪
♪ husband once a year ♪

♪ But my love and I ♪

♪ What's keeping us apart? ♪

♪ Why can't we see each other? ♪

Alms for traveling singers?

Those who have everything
sure are stingy.

Here, have this.

- It's for us?
- Yes.

You must be a part of Buddha reborn.

- Thank you so much.
- Thanks!

Please look at this person.

Great song!

Thank you, sir.

You look troubled. Is there
anything I can do to help?

You've got enough trouble sorting
yourself out, Young Master.

Please take a look at this woman.

Very plain looking.

It'll be difficult to find
someone with this.


No, what I mean is, her face
has no distinguishing features.

Like a birthmark under one eye.

Shall I give you a new
birthmark on your eye?

Keep walking, man.

These guys sure look wicked.

Do you know them?

Their faces are all over the
place. How could we not?

But by the way, did you
take down a wanted poster?

The officials won't
be happy about that.

This country is going to the dogs.
Criminals are everywhere.

Worry about yourself first.

You'd be the first one to
run away if we met them.


Excuse me.

What's up?

I think we've met before.

I don't know a beggar like you.

What? I don't look like a beggar.

You both look like beggars.

Please, take a look.

Please take a look at this woman.

Please, take a close look.

Have you seen this woman?

Let's see.

Isn't she that slave at
the Minister's house?

That seamstress slave?

- Did you just say a seamstress?
- Yes.

- Where is that?
- It's the biggest house down that way.

Thank you so much.

Excuse me!

Excuse me!

Who is it?

Is this the Minister's house?

Yes, why?

I heard that there's a slave
here who looks like this.

Who's this crazy guy?

Wait! Please take a closer look.

You have no business here. Get lost!

- Gan-nan!
- Catch him!

- Come here!
- Gan-nan!


Come here!

Kick him!

What are you doing looking
for that dead bitch here?


Don't lie to me!

This one's still blabbering.
Beat him hard.

- Mom, look at this.
- It dried well.

Mom, I'm hungry.

Hungry? I'll make some food!


Mom should be okay, right?

Your mom's a strong woman. Don't worry.

Excuse me...


That song you sang at the marketplace,
could you sing it again please?

We're done for today.
Please come next time.

It's my mom's wish. Please?

We don't have the singer.

Leave now while I'm still being nice.

Whatever! Then I'll
just die right here.

Don't be like that. Just
one song, please!

You're being difficult here!

You've brought this mute,
deaf and senile grandma!

If you tell us where you live, I'll
let you know when he returns.

Don't be like that. Just one song!

Okay. Just one song. Listen carefully.

Leave now!

- Just one song.
- I gave you the song! That was it!

- Go now!
- I'm not going!

- Go!
- No way!

- Go!
- Nope!


You want to hear a song?

I'm blind and not very talented.

But I heard my father sing and

can imitate him a little.

Is that okay?

♪ Holding her husband's hand ♪

♪ She says her last words as she dies ♪

♪ My love, my husband ♪

♪ My life must be at its end ♪

♪ Our relationship also ♪

♪ This is where I die ♪

♪ Falling into a pit ♪

♪ Stumbling over a stone ♪

♪ Your suffering not being able ♪
♪ to see, my eyes see it clearly ♪

♪ "Please give me food" ♪

♪ Your sad voice rings in my ears ♪

♪ Thinking of how it will ♪
♪ be when I am gone ♪

♪ How will I walk ♪

♪ This long, sad path ♪
♪ to the underworld? ♪

You will find your mother.


My mom isn't quite right in the head.

Don't you dare set foot
near this house again!

Come sprinkle some salt.

He's brought bad luck to our door!

Excuse me!



Did you say Gan-nan?

Gan-nan is alive.

Those bastards said they'd keep
her alive because she's still useful.

Is that true?

Thank you.

Do you know where they went?

Those people always
talked about a mine.

Anyway, thank you.

I'm so glad to at least
know that she's alive.

- What are you doing outside?
- There he is!

Oh my!

What happened to you?

It's okay.



Your mother's alive.

- Really?
- Of course.

We just need to search the mines
around here and then we'll find her.

Oh, thank Buddha, Confucius
and Admiral Yi Sun-shin!

Thank you so much!

But where did the other two guys go?

Don't even get me started.

As if it wasn't bad enough with those two beggars
following us around, now we've got two more!

Drinks have never been this
sweet after I failed the civil exam.

Looking at how you eat,
you're a beggar for sure!

But why aren't you
heading straight home?

Since I'm on the road already, I decided
to do a tour of all the sights first.

When will I leave my hometown again?

You're just embarrassed
to see your father.

I have my own reason.

If that's the case,

I have my reason, too. Money!

What reason? You
guys just like traveling.

I just want to go home.

This is what I get for
serving a bad master.

Why do you keep following us?

Go your own ways!

Traveling monks do not follow anyone.

They simply walk where
the road leads them.

We follow the winds and the clouds.

That's a load of bullcrap.
You're just a beggar.

Just follow the winds! Not us!

Buddha said to repay
those who save your life.

I still have not repaid the girl.

A corrupt monk talking about Buddha.

Cheong, don't smile at him.
He'll think you like him.

Don't be too harsh. Cut him some slack.

And you, why are you following us?

Well, you see, travelling...

is best when with good company.

So you're just using any excuse to
wheedle your way into our company

and stay stuck to us like a leech, huh?


For monks like me

we sleep anywhere, and
meditate whenever we're up.

Even more rubbish out of that mouth.

You two are both very eloquent.

This makes me want to study.

Now you want to study?

We don't even have food for ourselves.

- This is frustrating.
- Don't be so harsh on them.

Cheong likes them.


Can you sing us a song?

♪ You and I ♪

♪ Let us fool around ♪

♪ Day and day ♪
♪ Night and night ♪

♪ This is true love ♪

They're singing along!

♪ The morning bird cries ♪

♪ Because it is hungry ♪

♪ The evening bird cries ♪

♪ Because it misses its lover ♪

♪ The weeping willow at ♪
♪ Cheonan Intersection ♪

Which one is better?

♪ Is bent under the weight ♪
♪ of its own splendor ♪

♪ Eruhwa deruhwa hm… ♪

♪ Its fame has spread far and wide ♪

♪ Eruhwa deruhwa hm… ♪

♪ Its fame has spread far and wide ♪

♪ Ari arirang, seuri seurirang, ♪
♪ arariga nanne ♪


♪ Arirang, hm, arariga nanne ♪

I apologize for what
he did to your hair.

♪ Winding up, winding ♪
♪ down, in tears I go ♪

Bees! Bees! Bees! Bees!

♪ Ari arirang, seuri ♪
♪ seurirang, arariga nanne ♪


♪ Arirang, hm, arariga nanne ♪

Don't come near! Have some!

♪ Look at me, look at me, look at me ♪

♪ Look at me as if I were a flower ♪
♪ blooming in the depths of winter ♪

♪ The one I love has come, ♪
♪ but I can't greet them… ♪

♪ From the hills of Jangsan Cape ♪
♪ you can hear the sound of drums ♪

♪ Today I'll be reunited with my love ♪

"That's when Blind Man Sim

was drowning in the stream

A Buddhist monk comes by

Having gone down to beg for food

The other monk is climbing
down but he is climbing up

Down to ask for food

The sun has set

He is heading up swaying
from side to side

What monks in the temple do

Reading prayers

What he does at home"


Why do the lyrics sound like my story?

It is your story.

How do you know?

I can see everything.

"Save us, merciful Buddha!

He reaches that place

In a hurry, the monk

Takes off his hat and his robe

When Blind Man Sim regains his senses,"

Thank you for saving my life.

Who are you that saved me?

I am a monk at Mongeun Temple.

I was on my way back when I saved you.

Then I was saved by a Buddhist master.

"The monk says to Sim,"

Look here, blind man.

Donate five hundred bags
of rice to our temple,

then within three years
your eyes will open

"Hearing this, Sim agrees to do so
without thinking of the consequences.

Sir, if what you say is true

I will donate

Five hundred bags of rice

Five hundreds?

If you lie to Buddha you
will never walk again."

What next?

You're too impatient.

Returning home, how could
Sim sleep peacefully?

He tosses and turns in bed
Cheong is worried and asks

"Father, why do you look so anxious?"

He tells her what happened


"Father, don't worry.
I will find a way"

"But where will we get so much rice?

Now I'll be not just blind,
but a cripple as well"

- You're good at this!
- Wow...

And then? What happened next?

There's got to be a bit
of give and take here.

Fine. I'll give you a riddle, if you can
answer it I'll keep telling the story.

If not, it's over.

Arirang has a mother.

What is her name?

- Sir.
- Sir!

Nothing? Going once, twice, gone!

It's Arari.

♪ Ari A-rirang, Arariga Nanne ♪
(Sounds like: Arari gave birth)

♪ It was Arari who gave birth ♪

The story is over!

I really want to know what happens.

Why don't you tell us?

Hak-gyu is still making up
the next bit. So I don't know.

Hey, isn't five hundred bags too much?

How about three hundred bags!

That's good, too.

- Dad.
- Hm?

What happened to Sim Cheong?

What do you think?

She would do anything

to make her father see again.

But I don't like that.

What kind of incompetent father

puts his daughter in danger.

Blind Man Sim has his own opinions,
and so does Sim Cheong!

Don't be so lazy! Keep moving.


♪ We are merchant ♪
♪ sailors from Nanjing ♪

♪ To safely cross the Indang Strait ♪

♪ We need a pure young maiden, ♪
♪ aged fifteen or sixteen ♪

♪ Who will sell herself? ♪

♪ Who will sell herself? ♪

♪ Who will sell herself? ♪

♪ Who will sell herself? ♪

Cheong will choose

what she thinks is right.

Of course.


Get out of the way!

Please take me.

Do you understand
what we are asking for?

You're looking for a human sacrifice.

Silly child.

Run back home to your chores.


In return, please donate
three hundred bags of rice

to Mongeun Temple by next month.


Please don't tell my father until then.

"Thinking about her blind father dying

Thinking about her
sixteen-year-old self dying

Cheong is at a loss what to do.

The father sound asleep,
knowing nothing

Sim Cheong is overcome by
sorrow but cannot cry out loud

In her heart, she is weeping"

♪ If I am gone ♪

♪ Father will become a beggar again ♪

♪ How can I leave him behind? ♪

♪ How can I leave him behind? ♪

♪ Rooster, please do not cry ♪

♪ When you cry, the day will break ♪

♪ When the day breaks, I will die ♪

♪ Rooster, please do not cry ♪

♪ How can I leave him behind? ♪

"Now they arrive at Indang Strait

In the middle of the big wide ocean

The winds are blowing
The waves are high

It's foggy and dark as night

The water hitting the ship

The waves rolling and shaking

The sailors urgently prepare a ritual

Commit rice and rare
delicacies to the waves

Bow before the alter

Look at the captain
He tightens his robe

With a drumstick in each hand

Play the drum!

♪ We are twenty-four sailors ♪
♪ Making a living through commerce ♪

♪ Year by year traveling ♪
♪ through rough places ♪

♪ Today we hold this ♪
♪ ritual at Indang Strait ♪

♪ The god of the East Sea ♪
♪ The god of the West Sea ♪

♪ The god of the South Sea ♪
♪ The god of the North Sea ♪

♪ The god of land ♪
♪ The god of heaven ♪

♪ Please protect us ♪

♪ The god of land ♪
♪ The god of heaven ♪

♪ Please protect us ♪

Sim Cheong, enter the water!

Dear Sirs

Which way lies Dohwa Village?

♪ Look towards the thick fog ♪

♪ Hence lies Dohwa Village ♪

♪ Oh, my father ♪

♪ Do not think of your daughter ♪

♪ Please open your eyes again ♪

♪ See the world once more ♪

♪ Please live in peace ♪


forget... me...


What's next?

What's next?

What happens next?

Go on to the next part.

Where will the next show be held?



What's this?

Get up.

I said, get up!

Get up!

You need five to six people?

The governor needs people
to be framed for treason.

He'll do anything to
return to the capital.

Who should I send?

I have a long history with that bitch.

I prepared it as you ordered.

Why do you look so weak?

You need to show a bit more spirit.

We're all just trying to survive.

You'll have to put some effort so that
you can see your family again, right?

Where are you taking us this time?

What are you looking at? Let's go!

Let's go!

Excuse me.

Cheong, look at all these people.

So many people are here.

Look here.

Everyone, get in line!

Sir, over there.

- Come up to the front.
- Come closer.

Keep in line so everyone can see.

It's the corrupt monk!

Corrupt monk, corrupt monk!

Please come forward.

Please gather around.

"Poor Cheong who fell into the water

how could the heavens let her perish?

If so, it wouldn't be so heavenly.

Cheong meets the Dragon King who
sends her back to the human world

And she is reborn.

Just at that time, an emperor
grieving his lost daughter

was taking a walk in his gardens

and found a golden lotus
blooming in front of him

Inside lay Sim Cheong

How can she look so
like the lost princess?

This is the will of the heavens.

Did we scare you?

Take some rest.

"Regaining health

Sim Cheong became Princess Sim

To find her blind father

She hosts a party for all blind
people of the kingdom

Today is the last day of the festival

The party was hosted

to find her father

But why has he not come?

Did he think that I was dead

Overcome with sorrow,
did he depart this world?

Today is the last day of the party

Why hasn't he come?"

The poor thing.

I want to help him.

I have a wife and children, too.

This is creepy.

Earlier I heard a rumour

that is spreading in the streets.

That 'Ja-mae Gang' were not caught

because some powerful
official has their back.

- What are you talking about?
- From what I heard...

Thanks. We'd just run out.

One of the three Ministers
and an official in this region

are colluding with each other!

Is that true?

Is that what people say?

It's just a rumor that I heard.

But these stories don't
come out of thin air...

Look at that monk drinking.

I just remembered something.

I heard that official is

the head governor of this town.

Does this fool have a death wish?

I heard it when I was
staying at a large temple.

Yes, Your Majesty.

The King won't be able to do anything.

King? Who?

I saw the governor and some noble lady

visiting the temple together.

This is too scary...

Come here and have a drink.

I'm going to go see an old friend.

A friend?

This late at night?

He's going to go mooch some
good food off them I guess.

Sir! Take me too!

The other day,

there was word from the Vice Minister.

What did he say?

This man and I are going
back to the capital.

What did the king say?

Since when did this
country have a king?

Your Excellency, please be careful.

Why so worried?


did you hear what I said just now?

Hear what?

We don't even have ears, sir.

Have you heard about
the street storytellers?

A singer and his group
sing some made-up stories.

They are very popular.

Hundreds of people
gather to hear the song.

They all laugh and cry together.

And at the end, the singer
looks for his kidnapped wife.

Is he that famous?
I'd like to hear him, too.

What were you doing while
such rumors were spreading?

- I'll go handle it right now.
- No. Bring them alive.

Criminals like them must
be punished by the law.

Be wary of Kim Tae-hyo.

I sent him away from the palace,

but still so many officials follow him,

making it difficult to keep him away.

My palace is already
full of his people.

I have come here because
the situation is that dire.

Do not think of me.

Think of the people, dying
of hunger and injustice.

Cheong, my daughter!


Let me go!

Let me go!


Cheong, run away!

Cheong... Cheong!

You performed some strange show
called 'pansori' or something,

spreading rumors, making
fun of the government,

tarnishing the authority of the king.

We never insulted His Majesty.

We only put together a play
to find a missing person.


You dare to call this "play"?

Do you know your crimes?

Confess now!




- Honey!
- Gan-nan...




I'm sorry I'm late.



Where's Cheong?

Step back!

Go away, you!

Du-sik, it's your uncle. Watch
your mouth to your family.

- Step back!
- That prick is so rude.

Where were we in the story?

It was just when Princess Sim
was longing for her father.

I need to hear the next part.
Come on, man, let us in!

Why are you being like
this to me? Just go away!

Dig in, please.

Congratulations, sir!

I heard that the king
called you himself!

Is that what they're saying?

Your Excellency,

people outside are demanding
the release of the singer.

That famous singer.

Let's hear what he has to sing.

How can you want to listen
to such a lowly thing's song?

If he's that popular, we
should hear it at least once.

These bastards have been
traveling around the country,

spreading rumors and
insulting His Majesty.

So we've arrested them on a charge of

spreading rumors,
conspiring against the king,

and planning treason.


I should really have
you beaten to death,

but I may spare you
for the dignitaries here.

Let's hear that famous pansori!

I'm a nobleman, too.

Hands off me!

Well, no means no.

I'm telling you to step aside.

What's all this ruckus?

I'm sorry, sir.

Some shabby-looking beggar is asking
to be let in, claiming he was invited.

You fool, do you even know who I am?

I am the fifth son of a former
government official, Park.

- Can you just go, please?
- I'm telling you to step aside.

Let that beggar aristocrat in.

He is a very fitting crowd.

Let him in.

Oi, watch it!

I thank you, Minister.

You said you were going
to see a former classmate,

and this is where you come?

All noblemen are the same.

But Sir!

My table is only piled high with vegetables,
without a single lump of meat.

What can be done about this?

You there! Give the meat and side
dishes on my table to that nobleman.

Thank you. May you live long.

Oh, and also...

What now?

Since you have such a talented singer,

why don't you let those people in

to enjoy the performance together?

Look at that face.

He is beaten up pretty badly.

Look at those bruises...


You have violated the law of the land.

But I will give you a chance.

If you can make everyone laugh,


If you can make everyone cry,

I will spare your life.

Even Hak-gyu can't make
everyone here cry!

I will do it.


let those people live, too.

You are in no position to bargain!

It's okay.

I can spare their lives too.

You have my word.

Get started.

"Blind Man Sim finally
made it to the party

He waits for his food to come out

Cheong asks the name of each blind man

A servant stands in front of Sim

- What is your name?
- My name isn't important

I'm so hungry. Bring me some food.

Let me know your name first

Then I'll give you rice,
meat or whatever

Even a wife if you have none

Just answer!

You are giving so many things

I'm Sim Hak-gyu from Dohwa Village

Blind Man Sim has arrived!

I have sinned by selling my daughter

This grand party

Is for all blind men

It must've been hosted

To find and kill me

Princess Sim ordered a retainer

Find out who he is and
whether he has children.

When Blind Man Sim
hears talk of children

From his blind eyes, the tears

drip, drip, drip down his face.

Yes, let this blind man tell you

Let this blind man tell you

This blind man was
born in Dohwa Village

My name is Sim Hak-gyu

I lost my wife in childbirth

My motherless daughter I
wrapped around in a blanket

I went from door to door

To ask nursing mothers to feed her

I barely managed to raise her,

and she became fifteen.

Her name was Cheong.

She was such a filial daughter.

She went from door to door,

Begging for food to feed us

One day, I met a Buddhist monk

He said I will see again

If I donate three hundred bags of rice

My darling daughter

She sold herself to some Nanjing merchants
for three hundred bags of rice

It has been three years since she
died in the waters of Indang Strait

I still cannot see

A sinner like me, who
sold his own daughter

Why should I still live?

A sinner like me, who sold his own
daughter, why should I still live?

Please kill me, kill me now.

Please kill me

Hearing this, Princess
Sim kicks her shoes away

Rushes down


Hugs her father and says


Blind Man Sim, in great surprise, says

Father? Who would call me Father?

I have no son nor daughter

I had one daughter drowned
to death three years ago

What is going on?

My father

How are you still blind?

Your daughter, drowned at Indang Strait

Is alive in front of you
Please open your eyes

Please look at me

Blind Man Sim hears this
Does not know what to do

My daughter Cheong

Did I die? Am I in the Dragon
King's Underwater Palace?

Am I dreaming?

Is this real?

My dead daughter came back
to life. What is going on?

Let me see my daughter

Let me see my daughter

I need eyes to see

This is killing me

Let me see my daughter

His eyes blink, blink, blink

Blink, blink and then

His two eyes open..."


Cheong, can you see...?

Mom! Mom!

That was a great show.

I was so moved that

I wrote a poem for you, Minister.

I hope you read it

I'm off now.

What is this?

You stirred up the people
with those senseless rumors.

Beat them to death.

Fine liquor poured in golden cups
is the blood of a thousand people.

Delicate dishes on jade plates are the
flesh of ten thousand common people.

As the wax drips from the candle, the
tears of the common people fall too.

The louder the songs, the
louder the cries of resentment.

What is the matter?

What's written there?

Minister, sir.

My old mother fell sick.

I think I need to go now.


My fifth wife is giving birth.

What's wrong?

Chop their heads off, now!

Who are you?

Open up! There's a
long queue behind me.

"An errand boy hurries
into the government office

Bearing a medallion, shining
bright like the moon and the sun

"It's the Royal Inspector's seal!" Raising
it high, the office descends into chaos"

No one move.

The Royal Inspector has arrived!

"All the attendants abandon the party

Preparing for the Royal
Inspector's arrival

Calling the craftsmen to prepare his quarters,
the errand boys sent out to surround the area

The head servant to check the carriage, fix
the sedan chair and spread out a tiger skin

The steward to prepare the Royal Inspector's
uniform, guards to put out the flags,

All staff getting into position,
the herald ready to transmit orders

The Royal Inspector has arrived!"


Protect the Minister!

Goddammit, let's get out of here!

"Those who fed off sweat and
tears, spilling innocent blood,

Those torturing the
people with unjust labour

Round them all up

As all this chaos is unfolding

Gokseong county governor
stands up and cries

"My aged mother suddenly
collapsed, I have to go"

"My fifth wife is giving
birth, I must hurry away"

The governor is surprised,
"What's wrong with you people?

Are you going to be like
this for some crappy poem?

I'm going to catch that bastard
and turn him into blood porridge!"

Behold the Royal Inspector, he
steps forward and gives the signal

His men gather like a swarm of bees

The inspector's seal raised high,
shining bright like the moon and sun,

They break through the gate, shouting

The Royal Inspector has arrived!"


Criminals Kim Tae-hyo and Kim Jun,
kneel before His Majesty's command.


A royal inspector?

How dare you threaten me?

Clear our path.

It's over!

What's over?

Don't make a mistake.

What crimes have we committed?

Do you have evidence?

This is a list of mines and rifles

you acquired illegally under
the guise of the 'Ja-mae Gang.'

This is all fake evidence!

Bring the evidence.

Your Lordship, please save me!

You have kidnapped people and
forced them to labor illegally.

You bought these weapons with their
blood in order to commit treason!

You've got a death wish!

You bastards! Don't you know who I am?

How dare you!

- Take him away.
- Let me go at once!

Your Lordship!

Your Lordship!

Raise your head.

I'm sorry for deceiving you.

Deep down, I always knew
you were a great nobleman.

Please forget everything I said before.

No way.

Your Lordship!

Buy me drinks and I'll let it slide.


Thank you.

Good girl.


Have your eyes opened once more?

That's why I kept giving her
all that herbal medicine.

I didn't even know and
kept cussing you out...

I'm sorry and thank you.

That's what family is for.

I'm so glad, Cheong.

That's how Hak-gyu and
Cheong found Gan-nan.

They were able to go back home.

They look like sisters.


But we should still take
Hyang back to her mother.

I'm happy just thinking about
them seeing each other.

This pouch finally found its owner.

All this time I was always
jealous of Cheong's pouch.

Your Lordship, are you coming with us?

Don't call me Lordship,
people might hear.

Who's here besides us?

There are eyes and ears everywh...

Ugh. Bugs.

Wow, this view is amazing!

- Did you just cut me off on purpose?
- Why are you still following us?

Go your own way!


If you can answer my
question, you can follow us.

If you can't, we say goodbye.

What's the name of Seurirang's mother?

It's Arari.

♪ Seuri Seurirang, Arariga Nanne ♪

How did you know?

♪ You and I, let us fool around ♪

♪ Day and day, night and night ♪
♪ This is true love ♪

♪ The morning bird cries ♪
♪ because it's hungry ♪

♪ The evening bird cries ♪
♪ because it misses its lover ♪

Is Cheong asleep?


If that blind man had so much rice,

wouldn't some greedy woman have
tried to get involved with him?

Should I make a new character?


Like our neighbor, Byeong-deok.

She likes meat, drinks liquor, stuff herself with
rice cake. She's bad-tempered and greedy.

Just like her name, Byeong-deok.

No, greedy grabby Ppaeng-deok!

♪ Eats well, drinks well ♪
♪ Greedy and mean ♪

♪ Tum-dee-dum, tum-dee-dum! ♪

♪ I remember the sound of the ♪
♪ rain scattering on dry earth ♪

♪ I recall the warmth of your calloused ♪
♪ hands holding mine all day ♪

♪ The time we laughed together ♪

♪ The moments we cried together ♪

♪ Back then and even now, I miss you ♪

♪ If I was born again ♪
♪ a hundred times, ♪

♪ even if the mountains are ♪
♪ swallowed by the sea, ♪

♪ my feeling towards ♪
♪ you will always be love ♪

♪ Only love ♪

♪ My words toward you will always be ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ I love you ♪