The Sin (1972) - full transcript

A nun falls in love with her patient, who happens to be a communist.


You were told not to come back here.

It won't take me long.
Then I won't come back again.

I'll give you ten minutes, that's all.

I'm sorry I'm so late.
Are you all right?

Better now, because you're here.

Again. That's it. Real hard.


Relax. Try it again now.

Push. Relax.

A boy.

I have one more favour to ask.

I won't be very long.

Dinner's ready. Come inside.

These trees will grow tall and strong.

A man's country
is wherever he raises his family.




My name is Sister Germana.

I'm here to replace Sister Marcella
who's been ill.

My ass. Everybody here knows
she went crazy.

- She's ill.
- You call it whatever you want.

Hey, you're good-looking for a nun.


- Shouldn't these be for afternoons?
- Annibale told me to take them now.

If that's what you were told.

- And what is that you are making?
- A sweater for Annibale.

- You knit well.
- Don't think I'm queer because I knit.

- I've got a wife and four kids.
- Bravo.

Plus one my wife doesn't know about.
That makes five.

- That was a present given to me by...
- Annibale.

He says for a man to get well,
he must have the will to live.

- Thinking about women is the only way.
- Who is this Annibale? A doctor?

A technician? A porter? A male nurse?

Annibale is Annibale.


Why aren't you in your bed?
What are you doing out here?

Who told you
you could leave the ward? Annibale?

- No.
- Surprise.

I'm Annibale.

- The famous Annibale.
- Nobody else but.

Annibale Pezzi.
Room number 12, bed number one.

- Listen, room 12, bed one...
- Call me Annibale.

- I just replaced Sister Marcella.
- I know. I suggested she needed help.

I've barely arrived and already...

If you need help,
don't be afraid to ask.

Someone more important than you
will help me.

I imagine you're referring to the man
upstairs. I'm an atheist, thank God.

- I want to see your medical chart.
- A pleasure. This way.

- You read that magazine?
- Yes, I have a subscription.

- Some build on those girls.
- If you like the type.

We have to go through this ward.

Armed robbery. Killed two men.

This is it.

I take it this is your library.
What a collection.

Second-hand mostly.

Three months for a stomach ache.

They discharged me.
I was back in three hours.

I think it's like
the pain in my leg, chronic.

I see. Cosy little corner,
all the comforts of home.


Picture of my father.

- Hey.
- What?

Something's wrong here.
One tit's smaller than the other.

- Sure it is. Feel.
- Cut that out.

- Still running around with Gaetano?
- Don't you get tired of asking that?

Why don't we move Gaetano out of the way
for a while so we can fool around?

I was very impressed
with your operating room, professore.

Bit by bit we're trying
to make improvements.

When there is so much to be done,
the biggest problem is where to begin.

There are a few things
that could do with improving.

I'll leave them to you, Sister Germana.
I know you'll do them well.

Grazie, professore.

There is one thing I'd like to ask.

The man Annibale Pezzi has occupied
a bed here for two years.

The records show his gastritis improved.

His leg's permanently damaged.
There'd be no point in operating.

- What's the good of his staying?
- Well, he's a good boy.

I'm sure he is,
but that's no reason to keep him here.

That's true, but he's a touchy case.

Certainly he does no harm
and in reality he's often very helpful.

- Moreover, of course...
- Moreover?

There are certain factors
that must be considered.

Pezzi was disabled
working for the cause.

He's protected
by his friends in the Party.

Which party is that?

Around here there's only one party.

Well, in any case, Sister, I'm sure
you'll like him after a while.

If it's for the Party,
we'll certainly do our best to try.

- Whore. You let everyone have a feel.
- I don't.

You're a two-faced slut. I saw you.

- Not here. Do you want to get me fired?
- We've done it here before.

- Besides, you've aroused me.
- Can't you wait until tonight?

You be here tonight at seven.

- Out, all of them. They're outdated.
- But no one uses them.

Then there's no point in keeping them.

This has been banned for three years.
Take an inventory.

Tell the custodian
I want him to paint this room.

This is a laboratory.
How can you work like this?

It needs air.
It needs to be cleaned and painted.

All right, Sister.

- What's this?
- Gorini's mummies.

His statue's in the piazza.

Annibale said
they're better than the Egyptians'.

- Please ask Dr Arrighi to step in here.
- Right away.

You wanted to see me, Sister?
What's the problem?

I don't understand
why these mummies of Dr Gaslini...

Gorini. Professore Paolo Gorini.

Free thinker, mason and atheist.
In a class by himself, a genius.

If the Pharaohs had had Gorini,
they really would have...

I wonder what the board of directors
will say about this museum.

You've made your point.
I'll have it all moved out.

That's a good idea about a museum.

The president of the board of directors
and I are like Siamese twins.

Then tell him to build you one.

Any idea how many people come here just
to learn about how Gorini embalmed...?

Gorini really knew how to preserve men.

- He preserved everything.
- What do you expect?

Let me go home.
I've got nine kids to take care of.

- Who's going to cook for them?
- Just relax.

Your children will be all right.
Getting sicker won't help them.

- I can't relax.
- I'll fix your pillow.

Who's going to take care of my babies?

Giacomino is afraid of the dark.
He can't sleep unless I...

- Who'll look after them?
- Your husband will be home.

- He'll be at the soccer match tomorrow.
- Stop it.

How the hell am I supposed to sleep
with all this noise?

- It's not a hospital, it's a bordello.
- Before you arrived, it was a hospital.

Get me whoever's in charge of this dump.

You expect me to stay
with my hand in the air all day?

And I want a telephone.
I've got calls to make.

- And I want a hairdresser right now.
- No telephones in here, or smoking.

- Get me out of here.
- I wish I could.

No one can leave without written
permission from the admitting doctor.

Give the young lady
something to calm her down.

An injection.

One to knock me out so I won't be able
to make any more trouble.

I should have known better
than to come here.

Get me somebody
with some authority around here.

Why couldn't he have wrecked the car in
Florence instead of this backwater dump?

- When I get hold of that turd.
- Stop breaking our balls.

Mother of God, the language!

The minestrone's passable.
Did you add the parmigiano?

Yes, it's in.
Don't I always cook it your way?


Hey, what's this? I said no meatballs.

I know.
I'm making something special for you.

Special, all right.

- Maybe I'd better taste this dish, too.
- Watch out, Annibale.

Buongiorno. Annibale, do you work here?

- In a way. I'm checking the rice.
- I'll do it, if it's all right.



Lentils and pork.

Cheese and minestrone? We're supposed
to be feeding sick people.

I want to see you later, Annibale.

Make sure
she gets a plate of that for dinner.

Buongiorno. Don't like pork?

Yes, but I always eat the same food
as the patients.

Listen, Pezzi, I like you, but we are
running a hospital, not a social club.

You've got to make up your mind.
Either be sick and stay, or go away.

I have nothing against you, either.
A great deal about you appeals to me.

But you've attacked me
and I've got to defend myself.

Get sick or go away, you say.
Where do I go?

- My home is right here.
- Then find a job here.

So you can stay as long as you want.
As a porter, whatever.

- As long as it frees your bed.
- I've already got a job here.

- Convalescent in residence.
- You'll work elsewhere from now on.

- Your whole attitude is wrong.
- That's too bad. Get out of here.

Good, huh?

You can't leave them alone for a moment.

They forget they're working
on one individual.

- Something went wrong?
- I saved another one.

Mark it down in the book
to the credit of Annibale Pezzi.


I agree.
They should explain it as well as you.

Give me a lift. Come on.

Careful now, and just a bit more speed.

Is that where you keep my mama?

That's right.
She's been waiting to see you all day.

I don't brag normally, but if I wanted
to, I could operate for appendicitis.

With only three stitches afterwards,
maybe even two.

Leaving a scar
you couldn't even tell was there.

Better than the one on Gina's belly,

like somebody opened it
with a dull pickaxe.

Anybody who'd butcher
a lovely belly like that should be shot.

Isn't that right, Emilio?
Husband's not talking.

- Gina, show us your scar.
- What do you think I am?

- It's just for medical research.
- The hell it is. It's for you.

Anybody in my hospital
has no secrets from me.

- What about the mother superior?
- She's pretty for a nun.

She is pretty.

Only she'd better
watch her step with me.

If she crosses me,
she'll find herself back in Africa.

I don't care if she's got
the whole damn Church on her side.

I've got the Party and right here
no one fights the Party and wins.

She's a lot of woman.
Wonder why she ever became a nun?

Who knows? Maybe to spite someone.

Buonasera. Don't tell me
you've started without me.

Sapigni, we were just talking
about the hospital.

Tell them what happened
when they finished with your operation.

Large grappa.

24 hours after they finish sewing him,
I stop in for a visit.

Do it for everyone. His face is twice as
green as a cabbage and he's moaning.

"What's wrong?" "My head's splitting. "

Only it wasn't his head.
He hadn't peed in 30 hours.

They had simply forgotten. In a few
hours he would have been an angel.

- No one's interested in that old story.
- They are. So I get a catheter.

A thin rubber tube. He's embarrassed.

I insert the tube in gently with
these very fingers. What a waterfall.

Beer for everyone.

A full round. Come and get your beers.

Don't push. You're gonna get yours.

Hey, this round should be
in honour of Sapigni.

Sapigni always has to run
whenever I tell that story.

He's really that bad?
Are you sure about the priest?

There'll be no priest coming in.

How does he expect to stop the priest?
Stand in the doorway?

He will find a way. Annibale will fight
anyone for the Party.

- He got his crippled leg for the Party.
- They say it was during the resistance.

During the resistance
he wasn't even born.

Excuse me, Sister.
Ottolini asked for a priest.

Look, Annibale, try to let the old man
at least die in peace.

Ottolini, I don't know
what they told you.

But you're fine.
You're going to be all right.

You're going to make it.

What is it you want?

Did you bring the horse with you?

Ottolini, listen. It's me, Annibale.

He chopped the horse.

Take it easy. You're all right.

Life is...

Life is terrible.

The important thing is to stick to
what you've always believed in,

right to the very end.

Ottolini, will you pray with me?

No. I won't pray.

You heard him. He said no.

Look, Pezzi, you cannot
make this decision for him.

He must.
He's the one who's about to die.

He's in no condition to decide,
and that's why I'm here.

To stop the Church
deciding things for him.

Don't worry, Libero.
I'll stay here with you.

Pray with me. Hail Mary, full of grace.

- Can you repeat that?
- Hail Mary, full of grace.

- He's responding.
- Of course he is.

You said repeat, so he's repeating.

Listen, my friend, don't play with her.

Don't put yourself into their hands.

- Mother Superior.
- Yes.

Look, Libero, I'm right here.
Together we're not afraid of anything.

Just hold my hand.

Squeeze real hard.

That's it.

I'm going to stay right here
and nobody else will bother you.

Can you hear me?

Nobody else will bother you.

He's at peace.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight,

nine, ten.

I think we'll give you a haircut
tomorrow morning, Giacomino.

Tell me that fairy tale
about the saint that flew.

That wasn't a fairy tale.
Joseph of Copertino really did fly.

- As fast as Superman did?
- Much faster.

- He could do magic, too?
- Yes. Miracles.

What's this kid doing here?
He's not a patient.

I don't see you telling him to leave.

Visit your mama.

Pezzi, do you want to compete
with a five-year-old child?

I want to know why you're so kind
to everyone, except me, that is.

You believe that?
Is that what you think?

Sure I do. You're out to get me.
Just 'cause I happen to be a Communist.

You're naive to be a Communist.

If men were more honest, Communism would
work. There are too few honest men.

I don't know care about your politics.
There's no reason for you to be here.

You're in very good health.
Yes, you are.

A man shouldn't live without dignity,
without liberty.

- Here I'm the symbol of liberty.
- You're a parasite.

No, I'm not a parasite.
The complete opposite.

I'm very useful and I...

I have a plan.

In 10 years, 12 maximum,
Annibale Pezzi will be a doctor.

You know those books I read?

I can tell you the way kidneys work,
the way the blood flows.

- If I can't, chop my head off.
- You'll need it for your studies.

- Which can be done almost anywhere.
- You live outside the world.

I am a nun and this is my work.
You are worse than a baby.

I believe you're afraid of life,
frightened of the world.

- Am I right?
- I'm not afraid of anyone.

It's hard to explain.

You've got me at a disadvantage.

Because you're pretty and because I...

I'm in love with you.

All right, you're in love with me.
Sit down.

I know you've got your head in heaven
and mine's down here.

- But we can meet in between.
- And where would that be?

It's always the eyes.

Has anybody ever explained to you
the role of a nun?

What's to explain?
They're like anybody else.

They put on different clothes to confuse
everyone but underneath it all...

Don't be an idiot.

Explain to me how it can be natural

for a woman like you
to live her life without a man.

I'd bet you never have
a peaceful night in bed.

Don't bet to much because you'd lose.
I sleep very well.

- I don't even dream.
- Well, I dream a lot.

And lately I've been dreaming of you
lying in your cell.

I usually see us together in your room
over there, and nature wins out.

Then you're the one
who doesn't sleep peacefully, not me.

If this is designed to shock me,
it hasn't.

I know. You're not shocked
by anybody or anything.

You never even lose your temper.
You're always ready to judge others.

But you live in your own world. How can
you know about life or men or love?

Be quiet. You didn't think
that I was born a nun, did you?

You mean to tell me that...?

I know about the world.
I chose to leave it.

And it wasn't hard. I simply had
the vocation to serve my faith.

You of all people should understand.
Would you give up the Party for a woman?

In a minute.
Because for me there are priorities.

Women first and the Party next.

- What's so funny?
- Everything. You're a fine Communist.

Hey, you're not going?

It's late. At six I take temperatures.

But I gave up going to the caf?
so I could win some points with you.

Go to the caf?. You've lost.

I've lost.

A hospital belongs to the people.

They're not going to stop getting sick
just because you're on strike.

- The Party might not support you.
- Doesn't the Party care about us?

- We haven't been paid for three months.
- We need better facilities.

Catania have got rats running around
in their hospital.

You're involved in politics.
You know what we mean.

The money's always there
to pay for highways.

They sell more cars, more tyres,
and it all goes into their own pockets.

- That's the truth.
- The Party agrees you've got a point.

The way a politician thinks,
a hospital doesn't make any money.

- So why put money into it?
- It's a mess.

In Rome, the Policlinic Hospital
has 3,000 beds unused.

- Here we can't get linens.
- We have to strike now.

- It will only get worse if we don't.
- I'm not waiting till rats come.

Maybe a strike's not the way.

Only I can't think of a better way,
not for the life of me.

We need an ambulance. Presto.

- Talk about your strike later.
- The strike's still set for tomorrow.

Attenzione. Everyone except the doctor
on duty leave the hospital immediately.

Tell the patients not to be concerned.

They'll be fed as usual and we're
expecting the army to help us out.

All right, Mother.

Can I have your attention?
The mother superior says not to worry.

You'll be fed as usual. And the army
will soon be here, so don't worry.


There are soldiers coming.
No need to worry.

How many times
are you gonna tell us that?

I wasn't worried
till she told me not to worry.

I don't think
I want to keep you in here.

- I'm paying for doctors, not soldiers.
- I'll be all right.

Patients who are not too sick
can help out.

Visitors must all leave the hospital.

They're kicking us out.
Try to be patient.

I'll come back this evening
with some candy for you.

- Arrivederci.
- See you tomorrow.

You leave right after you win?
Give me a chance.

Well, I guess I'd better go back
to the shop. Take it easy.

They're sending soldiers
from the medical corps?

- Infantry, I think.
- What are they going to do, shoot us?

You there, I'll want all this food.

- Are you from the movie company?
- The hospital. I'm the mother superior.

- It's sold already.
- I must have this food.

I can't give you this food.
It's paid for.

This time are they hard-boiled?
Better be. Let's go.

- Excuse me, signore.
- I gave.

I'm not asking for money
but I need this food for the hospital.

You do? What about my extras
in the Battle of Marengo?

- They have to eat something.
- My patients need it more.

- Children, women, old men.
- Are you trying to make me cry?

- Can you make 2,000 sandwiches?
- Sure, but it'll take an hour.

- All right.
- God bless you. Grab an end.

We'll come back for the rest.

I swear that the fish were fresh.

I went down to the market myself
this morning.

I told her it was unlucky
to have a wedding on Friday.

I was right. Poisoned at her wedding.

I swear the fish was fresh.
I fished it with my own hands.

I even tested some of it.
I think it was bass. With mayonnaise.

Send some men for the other ones.
What's happened?

- Food poisoning. I'm a newsman.
- Write whatever you want.

Here. No one's using this one.

- How bad is it?
- The bridegroom's the worst.

- Do what you can.
- Right. I'll get them to vomit.

- You want some?
- Out of the way.

- Am I already married?
- Yes, and you'll never forget it.

Stop eating so fast. You wanna get sick?

- That woman's a wonderful nun.
- She keeps busy every minute.

I'll be right there.

- Sister, where's the toilet?
- Corridor to your right.

I don't give a damn about the strike.
I want a nurse, and a phone, right now.

I pay good money.
Hear me? You get me a phone.

- How's your daughter?
- She says she didn't eat anything.

- Take this.
- I said not to get married on Friday.

Signora. Open your mouth, Father.

- I don't understand. It was fresh.
- You said that already.

- This will help you vomit.
- I couldn't swallow it.

I tried. Nothing works.

Suppose you try eating some more fish?

I want your opinion. What if a good
Communist fell in love with a nun?

- Is that betraying the Party?
- Go fall in love with Pope.

I've got such a pain.
I'm not interesting in your love life.

Take care of the phone.

- Don't worry.
- Your mother said you didn't eat.

I didn't. I'm three months pregnant.

Have your morning sickness
somewhere else.

Does that hurt?

No, this isn't the nightclub.
Wrong number.

Hello? No, I'm sorry, signora.

He can't come to the phone.
I didn't say he was dead. Stop crying.

Mother, can you help me, please?

- What's wrong?
- I couldn't help it.

Hold on to me.
Someone bring me some water.

- Oh, dear.
- Don't be embarrassed.

- If all our worries were this small.
- I was asleep.

I never thought this would happen to me.
I'm sorry.

I don't know what has happened.

And so, my friends, life goes on.

- How are things upstairs?
- That woman again.

Will you get me a nurse? Anybody.

- I can't stand this madhouse any more.
- You stop this yelling right now.

I've had just about enough of you.


- You've got a good right, Sister.
- Comes in handy.

- She needs a good talking to.
- I agree.

- You her husband?
- No, fortunately. I work for a friend.

Tell him to get out of here.

- See what she did?
- I brought these for you.

- He'll come to see you when he can.
- Tell him he's a bastard.

- You hungry?
- No, put it away.

Sister, can you give me a hand?
Number 16's through with the bedpan.

Before I leave,
is there anything I can do to help?

You can empty this
on your way out of the ward.

- May I get you anything?
- What about a new heart?

We'll do just fine with the old one.

You've been very brave
and I'm proud of you.

You call me if you want something.

- What's that?
- It's our drummer.

- What's happened?
- He can't get his breath.

Get the doctor.

His breathing's very erratic. Oxygen?

He needs more than that.
Get me stimulants.

- That bad, huh?
- That bad. Get out of my way.

Hurry. There's a little boy
in the emergency ward.

God dammit. Sorry, Sister.
Everything would happen today.

Do what you can. I'll be with you
as soon as I've finished this one.

- Delinquents.
- You don't understand music.

- Without a fix, man, he can't play.
- He's fixed now, maybe for good.

Get out before I call the police.

- He's O positive.
- Press down very hard.

The main artery's slashed.

O positive.

- Hurry, get Annibale.
- Yes, Sister.

- Oh, my God.
- No need to blaspheme.

I need you for a transfusion.
You've got the same blood type.

- I'm on strike.
- I don't give a damn.

- All right, no need to tear it.
- That's better. Lie down.

I don't know why you picked on me. I'm
not the only one with this blood type.

- Be quiet. Make a fist. Squeeze.
- I'm squeezing.

I don't see why it has to be me.

You sure you know how to do this?

This is the hospital. I want to call
Milan. Yeah, it's an emergency.

- Should it go that fast?
- Perfect. Bellissima.

But do you have to take that much?

Lie back. Almost through.

- How much are you taking?
- Be still.

It's all mine, huh? It hurts.
I think it's too tight.

You feel faint?

You'll live.

No thanks to you.
She took a half gallon.

Mamma, I'm in the hospital.
No, nothing's wrong with me.

They called in the army.
Did Papa get the car fixed?

Yes. I know it's long distance.
Don't worry. I'm not paying the bill.

I'm dizzy. My head's going round.

Everything looks red and yellow.

How come I only see red and yellow?

How's the boy doing?

Will he make...


The hospital strike's over.

Annibale, what have they done to you?

- She wanted my blood and she got it.
- Only a transfusion for an emergency.

Maybe. It looks to me
like they pumped him dry.

Maybe they took too much
to keep him quiet.

Comrade, want me to tell the Party?
They'll have someone's head.

Emergency, she said.
Told me she had to have it.

I said, "Take whatever you want.
All you want.

Take my leg if it'll help someone.

- Take my arm, too. "
- He's delirious.

"Would you like to take my eye,
or my lung?

Whatever you need. "

She said she had to have it.

By the gallon she took it,
until I was dry.

- Annibale, how do you feel?
- Wonderful.

He's no more out of his head than usual.

Just wonderful.

Put it out.

Most resorts provide more than enough
excitement for most families.

One of the boys at the pullover factory
got his arm caught in a machine.

- Pulled it off?
- Right up to here.

You see what the Party's talking about.

No factory owners
care about workers' safety.

Is it worse to lose an arm or a leg?

- I don't want to lose either one.
- If you had to.

I'd rather lose my left arm.
I do everything with my right.

- I'd also say the left.
- Take my leg, not my arm.

Not my leg.
You lose a leg, you can't walk or run.

And as far as screwing, try it without
a leg. You'd have one hell of a time.

How would a man go
to the bathroom with only one arm?

- I've been doing it for years with one.
- It's true. Try it yourself one day.

And so, my friends, life goes on.

- What have you got?
- Our buddy's arm.

- We went to the wrong hospital.
- The operating room. Down the hall.

- Any new ones today?
- Why can't you wait till they call you?

Nobody? There will be.

- See you in the morning?
- I'll be in the operating room early.

And we've got that Asian flu epidemic,
so I'm busy.

- Maybe I'll see you tomorrow night.
- Maybe. Ciao.

Ciao, Gorini. Don't worry.
You'll get your museum.



- What's this guy doing in my bed?
- It's the fellow who lost the arm.

Sister says it's only for tonight.
They're moving him to Milan tomorrow.

Tomorrow, huh?
Well, he needs it more than me.

I can manage.

They sewed it on already. Quick work.

- Do you think he'll ever use it again?
- I think so.

- The boy can't sleep like that.
- I think we've got a folding cot.

Thank you for letting him stay.
He would have been afraid at home.

- I think we'll put you in a real bed.
- What if there's a devil?

I'm sure there aren't. Sleep well.

- What are you doing in there?
- Sleeping. What else do you do in bed?

Especially a respectable bed like yours.

- Explain how you got in my room.
- A hairpin.

- Out of there.
- But you gave away my bed.

That's too bad. Get out of my bed.

- But what'll I use for a bed?
- Get out of there.

- All I've got on are my shorts.
- I'll throw you out the window.

You have the most beautiful hair.

- Sorry.
- Here.

What'll they think
if they see me leaving?

I don't care what anybody thinks.

Get out of here. Right now.

Don't run into anyone.

Maybe I'm in the way.

- Is it midnight already?
- I'm sleeping here tonight. Move over.

It's you.

Not tonight. I've got a headache.

- Buongiorno, professore.
- Buongiorno, Mother.

I want to talk to you
about Annibale Pezzi.

I think we are doing him a grave
disservice by allowing him to stay.

Is this a sudden revelation, Mother?
Has he upset you?

No, but I'm...

Your reasons aren't important, Mother.

This morning he asked me
if I would mind if he were to leave us.

I have already signed the papers.

- There is something else?
- That was all. Buongiorno.


That was a brave decision you made.
It took a great deal of courage.

No, not really. If things had gotten
any more complicated,

between us, I mean,
you might have asked for a transfer

and you wouldn't tell me where you went,
but this way I know where you are.

There's one thing I want to tell you
before I go.

I want you to know how I hurt my leg.

I already know. You fell down
running a sack race at a picnic.

- Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.
- It was a Party anniversary.

What are you going to do,
or haven't you decided?

I've decided all right.
In a few years I'll be back here.

As a qualified doctor.
I promise you that.

Well, I'll be going.

I might as well say goodbye.


Yes, I'll be there, in a few minutes.

What do you mean?
Sure I'm qualified. What else?

Silly woman. Ciao, Emilio.

Annibale Pezzi - Injections
Enemas - Medical advice

- Did you feel anything?
- Not a thing.

- That wasn't very clear.
- Not a thing.

- Half a pound of beef.
- You said a half a pound, right?

Here's a nice prime cut.

- Maybe he's hurt.
- Butcher.


- The Gighertos' house?
- Straight ahead.

On your right.

This is called a flu shot.
I can do them all in two minutes.

- Isolina.
- Ciao.

Breathe through your nose.

Tell your mama to phone me this week.
We'll take out your adenoids.

If we don't do it now, you might not
have any breasts when you grow up.

It won't hurt a bit. Ciao.

Ciao, Emilio.


How's it been in there? A mess?


- Caff? corretto.
- In a minute.


Ciao, Annibale.

Third degree.

Come on. You know damn well
who set the car on fire.

- I told you, it was an accident.
- I see. It just started suddenly?

You're aware that somebody tried
to murder your boyfriend, aren't you?

I'm here to help. Did you consider
that next they'll try to murder you?

I guarantee they'll try. Understand?

- Sister.
- Is she with the emergency patient?

She won't say what happened.
She's afraid.

See if you can get anything out of her.

- He's bad, isn't he?
- Right now they can't be sure.

We're from Calabria, me and Antonio.

We came up North together.

We both found work right away.

And we were going to get married,
almost like in a dream.

Everything was fine,
till we lost our jobs.

The economy was bad, they said.
So they started firing people.

The southerners first, naturally.

He took it hard.
He just sat all day at home.

Then one day a friend...

...came and offered him a way
to make easy money.

I knew how he'd end up.

So I told him
that I'd make money for him.

- He let you?
- Not right away.

He nearly killed me
when I first mentioned it.

But before long he lost his scruples.

- What's your name?
- Lucia.

- Why won't you talk to the police?
- It was an accident.

- If that's what you want to believe.
- The police can't help me.

They don't care about us.
Nobody cares about us.

We're just trash that moved up from
the South. That's all we are to them.

Do you love him?

Yes. More than my life.

I don't think you'd understand, Sister.

You're wrong. You...

We have more in common than you think.

I was born and raised in Libya. That
makes me more of a southerner than you.

And I've been in love.
I was there when he died.

You've still got your man. You've got
to keep him alive with your love.

When two people have each other,
what else matters?

You mustn't give up, Lucia.
Don't you see that?

No, I don't see. Being a nun,
you can't possibly know what it's like

for anyone to be cut off
from a normal way of life.

I do, Lucia.
It's going to turn out all right.

If you believe it will.

- Do you?
- No.

Being a nun,
you can't possibly know what it's like

for anyone to be cut off
from a normal way of life.

You live outside the world.
Ever thought about that?

A man's country is wherever
he raises his family. Remember that.

Why do they call you Mother
if you haven't got any babies?

Hey. Ciao.


Lord, don't abandon me.

Something tells me
it'll be a long strike.

Yes, just another of many.

Seen one strike,
you've seen them all.

They end up the same way every time.

- You and your goddamn strikes.
- Go back where you came from.

- Up yours.
- We don't want people like you anyway.

Hey, Emilio. Get up front.
What's wrong with you?

We all know why the factory
has to close during the slow season.

Their planning
and their operation is haphazard.

A new plan of operation is imperative,

a plan that covers 12 months,
not just five or six.

The factory doesn't pay anyone
for months,

but the owners
can vacation in Switzerland.

We demand that the factories stay open.
And why are there no safety devices?

- That voice sounds like Annibale.
- Yes, I think you're right.

The Communist Party
supports your courageous stand

and thanks your brave efforts.

I myself, Annibale Pezzi, wish the best
for your efforts and your demands.

I also want to thank
those with us in spirit,

all the sick and the infirm
in the hospital,

and the generous men and women
who care for their needs.

Bravo, Annibale!

- Your attention, please...
- I have an urgent appointment.

The road will be closed for only
one hour. You'll soon be on your way.

- Your cooperation is needed.
- Relax. Stop honking.

Show the capitalists that you support
the factory workers' demands.

- Just one hour, that's all we ask.
- My good man, I'm expected in one hour.

How am I going to explain that... I'll
have this straightened out in a minute.

I'm due to begin rehearsals.
Make an exception.

You'll just have to wait
like everybody else.

- How much longer?
- Try to be patient.

- I've been patient.
- We've got the strike.

You're going to have to wait
till it's all over.

- I've got to get to the bank.
- I can't help it. They said no.

- Why are you honking?
- I got a busload of people.

- The road's blocked for a strike.
- How do I meet my schedule?

Everyone try to be patient.

I don't know how you expect people
to have sympathy for you.

- You're ruining Italy.
- You won't get anywhere with violence.

Where do you see violence? This is
a peaceful and civilised demonstration.

- What's it got to do with us?
- Are we the cause of it?

We want you aware of our problem.

When I go to a hotel, I find the maids
on strike 'cause they have the problem.

When I take a train,
they've got the problem.

Now you block traffic on a public road.
You're destroying law and order.

We had your law and order here once.

We also had four wars that produced
a million widows and cripples.

- I don't want that kind of law.
- Some of us weren't afraid to fight.

- Good for you.
- He has an appointment that won't keep.

- Where to?
- The funeral is in one hour.

Very well. That's an exception.
Go ahead.

Don't let anyone else pass through here.

All right.

Try to understand. It's a funeral.

Don't let anybody sneak in.
Watch out for the eggs.

It'll only be a little while. I'm sorry.

Please move back from the road.

- Watch out.
- Move back.

Hold it. All right, go. Get out of here.

- How come you let him go?
- Please, go back to your cars.

- We break a few eggs. So what?
- That's right.

All right.

Get out of the way. Annibale.

Don't be a fool. Get away.

It's nothing. I'm all right, I think.

I can't breathe.

Hey, look at this. I bet those are the
guys who robbed the bank this morning.

Arrivederci. Grazie. Come on, kids.

All right, children. Come along.

- Signora Marchi is leaving us today.
- Thank you for everything, Sister.

- God bless you.
- All right, let's go.


Be good, Giacomino.

- Mother.
- What is it?

Can I stay in the hospital?
My mama wouldn't care if I did.

She might. Besides, a hospital's
for sick people. You're not sick.

I could pretend that I'm sick,
like Annibale.

- See?
- That's very good.

- You're going to break your neck.
- It's Annibale. He's hurt.

No. We can't have anyone in here.
Everyone back in the ward.

Martina, you know better than this.
Go on.

Bad. Very bad.

How is he?

Internal bleeding
and three spinal fractures.

I just gave him
another shot of morphine.

Might as well make it easy for him.

If you want to go, Doctor,
I'll stay with him.

Forgive me.

Forgive you? For what?

Had you stayed at the hospital,
this wouldn't have happened.

It was bound...

It was bound to work out
just the same.

The corridor is full of people asking
for Annibale. Including the mayor.

See? Haven't I always said
that people love me?

Bring me the crucifix.

When I get there, I'm going to tell him

what the world is like,
what the people are like.

Thieves, politicians,
men who make a name for themselves.

Why the hell did he pick on me?
Poor choice.

Christ doesn't choose us.

It's we who choose Christ.

I'm gonna tell him, man to man.

About how nobody gives a damn about him
and all that stuff he preached.

Don't blaspheme now.

He preached all about love.

He should have saved his breath.

You know what he really is?


Always be a nun.
Swear you'll always be a nun.

I thought I'd relieve you, Mother.

You'll be all right.
You'll make it, you'll see.

Annibale. Hold my hand.