The Same Circles (2017) - full transcript

On a romantic weekend away, Rory and Saff become victims of an unthinkable tragedy and their lives will never be the same. Rory's manic obsession fuels his desperate search for those responsible as he spirals deeper and deeper into madness.

What the...?

What are you doing?

I don't know something
doesn't feel quite right

Why what's wrong?

Its getting worse - got
to pull over I think


That's just great isn't it? We finally get to have a nice
romantic weekend away and we break down it's typical.

Yeah, what do you do now?

Let's take a look

Rory looks okay to me just
just looks like a flat tire

Okay, so what do you do now? Call someone?

If this tire's okay, we
can just change it over

Here we'll need this

Take it

Saff how do you know all this?

How do you not know all this?

I don't have to - I've got you.

What would you do without me?

It looked a lot better on the website.

Yeah, things always look
a bit better online, but

It's alright, though. It's nice, isn't it?

Saff, you're so predictable

What? Why?

Because every time we go away

First thing you do is look in the bathroom and I can guarantee
the last thing you're gonna do before we leave you'll steal all

those little toiletries

They're complimentary!

It's not stealing if they're free.
Anyway, you're the one who's predictable

What? How's that?

What do you predict I'm
gonna do tonight, then?

I'll tell you exactly what
you're gonna do tonight -

We're gonna go out you're gonna get really drunk get lost
you'll refuse to look up the directions on your phone

We'll eventually find our way back here and then
you'll fall immediately asleep and snore loudly

Okay. Well that is pretty much what
I've done every time we've been away

You never know I might
just surprise you yet.

See - I know you too well

Anyway, like to get changed to
anything or shall we just head out?

Let's go and have some fun.


You're the boss

Oi oi, crack on mate - get stuck in! yes!


Give it one. Give it one. Go on son. You
lucky lady. Ha ha - you're a good lady yeah?

You lucky man

Is there room for another in this equation -
another person joining in? Room for a small one?

Come on mate - let's get going shall we?

Have fun!

Oi oi! Get a fucking room.

Alright! Give her one.
That's a shit porno init?

- Mwah mwah mwah!

- I think we need to be going

- Go on! Take her fucking coat off!

- I think we should -

- Don't fucking touch me Pete

I'm getting married in the morning

Ding dong the bells are gonna chime

I picked a winner, chicken fuckin
dinner get me to the church on time

On time on time on time!


God, I feel sorry for the bride!

Poor thing. Come on - to the sea!


Do you believe those guys?

Talk about broken Britain. Danny
Dyer's ot a lot to answer for.

Come on, they were all right.

All right? they were absolute idiots

Just drunk they didn't mean any harm

Beginning to see why this is the
cheapest weekend away we could find

Smell that sea air

All I can smell is rotten kebab and chips

Oh, it's lovely down here.
Very romantic isn't it?

Can see what you're trying to do just so you know, we're
not going to have sex with you on this dirty beach

Well worth a try

Let's watch the stars

Saff, Saff?!


Oh Saff, where have they gone?
What happened?


I'm sorry. Come on. Come
on, gotta go to the police

Come on come on. We'll go to the police

We have to! Look, come on!
We need to come on without

Them one of them was called
Pete - they'll be able to help


No one can help me too late for that now

Just take me home


Don't forget these - not
stealing if they're free

Look Saff, we have to go to the police.

No! I can't see them again

Smiling laughing like - I can't do it.
No one else is to know

If nobody else knows they're gonna get away
with this. We have to go to the police.

I've made up my mind

No one else is to know

Look, we call them get away with this

We have to go to the police!

Listen to what I'm saying: no one else is to know -
I can't I can't listen to this. I can't listen this

I don't even want to look at you

Are you blaming me? Is this my fault?

No, it's not your fault

They did this. Not you

I'll be in the car

Shall I put some music on?


Do you want a stop of the services get
coffee or breakfast or something?

No, I just I just want to go home

We really have to talk about it?

I don't want to talk about it.

We can't pretend last
night just didn't happen

Look we have to tell somebody they're gonna get away
with this otherwise. This could happen to other people

I said I want to talk about it. Just
leave it just just drop it. Okay?

Can you get out please?

I'm just -

Look - I need to be on my own

I'm sorry


Saff! How did you sleep?

I didn't. you?

Not at all

How you feeling?

I'll tell you after I've had a coffee.
You want one?

Yeah, I'll get that...

No - I can make the coffee

Let me do that you sit down

I can make the fucking coffee, Rory!

I'm only trying to help!

Help? You want to help me? Want make
it better? Make it all go away?

Get on my fucking face. That would be nice.
That would help.

Look if you want me to
go out for a while...

give you your space. That's what I'll do

I just need to be on my own for a bit

To think things through and
try get my head straight

It's alright

I'll give you your space

I'm sorry




Hello, hello, I stayed there at your hotel
this weekend I left my wallet somewhere -

I don't suppose you found that at all?

Yeah, four of us. Dressed as pirates.

I left my left my phone there

I was down at your casino this weekend

Pick up! Pick up. I stayed your
hotel this weekend - yes stag do

The names Pete we're dressed as pirates.
No. Okay, fine. Yep, cheers

Bollocks! Pickup! Come on!

Come on. Yeah, we stayed at your hotel
this weekend group of four of us.

We were dressed as pirates

No, nothing handed in okay, fine. Shit!

We went down to your casino this weekend.

We were down at your club. Shit!

Yeah, four of us on the stag do

Yeah, dressed as pirates,
exactly - yeah from Essex

Exactly! Essex!

Yeah, the Essex boys! Exactly!


Essex exactly. Exactly. That was us.
Yeah. Yeah Pete

No, no fantastic. They exactly could
be so helpful. Thank you. Yes!

Hey, hey hey, hey. Hey, hold on wait a sec

You alright? You broken down?

No, no, I'm looking for a mate of
mine - used to live round here?

Pete - Pete

Pete? Pete who?

Pete... I thought of
course it was so long ago

Well, I know a Pete and
I know a Peter but...

They're not your age.

Oh, okay. He was at a stag do this weekend. Blackpool
stag do this weekend. Do you know anyone who's a stag do?

I'm sorry, is there any way you can tell me what weddings you
got booked this weekend? I've completely lost my organizer

I don't know what the venue is.
He's absolutely gonna kill me

But you know, it's just like could you tell me if it is
the at your venue? Sorry. I must have the wrong place


I'm a photographer doing a wedding at your venue this weekend -
sort of special card I don't suppose you could give me that?

Oh, yeah, my name is Pete. I'm the best
man of wedding coming up this weekend.

I'm such a fool - lost my organizer

I'm setting up the PA for the
wedding this weekend. Thanks mate.

Fuck's sake




Rory what the fuck you doing?

How are you ever actually gonna find them and even if
you do find them what the fuck you gonna do about it?

What are you going to do?

Don't know

I guess we're gonna find out

You alright mate?

Where are you?

Hey, are you alright
there son, are you okay?


You must be you must be freezing here
come on I'll get you a coffee - come on

Here you go


You didn't have to do this, you know

I know but I wanted to.
Tell me what's your name?


And you?

It's Ernest. But but people call me Ernie.

Pleased to meet you

Tell me Rory, what is it brings
you to my neck of the woods?

I'm just -

visiting, passing through...

I mean, who is it that brings you here?

A girl...

I could have guessed it but then again
what better possible reason for anything

I'm sure you'll find her

What do you mean find her?

Well -

Where are you?


You heard that did you?

I think the whole of Essex
heard it to be honest

Rory it's a

It's a small world nowadays what
with the internet and friend face

all the social media stuff everywhere


Out the way!

Double eight nine three R - G - K

Double eight nine three R - G - K

Fuck off Y619!

Fuck is he?

Yes! Come on!

I've been waiting for this Pete... Pete!


I know who you are

Know where you live

Know where you work

You're fucked

Hello hello, is anyone there

Wake up wake up wake up

I said wake up!

You tried to stop them?

Yes! I tried!

They're fucking animals

I tried, I wish I could have stopped them.

What do you want, what
are you gonna do to me?

I've thought about what
I'd do when I found you

If I found you

For a long time

But now

I don't know...

I get it

You want revenge

Eye for an eye

What goes around comes around

I fucking deserve it, I deserve it, I know

Do what you have to do

Part of me would would like to

But its not in me. I hate violence.

It took a lot for me to hit you back there
- I mean

I've never even been in a fight
before never thrown a punch

To be honest with you, I don't know...

I don't know what I'm doing here

I'm truly. Sorry. I wanna put this right

Thank you, I mean you seem
like an alright guy...


What do we do now

Call the police... we'll do it together...

We can't - she didn't want...

Saff didn't want anyone to know

That's why I'm here that's
why I've gotta do this

I'm sorry. I know this is wrong...

Don't wanna do this, but I have to

I don't have any choice

I don't have any choice

Hi mate!

Wonder if you can help me I'm lost

Where are you trying to get to?

My car parked in the carpark
of a farm somewhere but

There's plenty of farms around here. It's
probably up there. That's the closest

Over there over

There where that bird-watching thing
is there's a road it'll be there

Okay, thanks I'll check up there

Hold on - you're that bloke from -

What you doing what the fuck you doing

I'm doing what needs to be done

You're that bloke from
Blackpool, aren't you?

Yeah, do you remember me? Do you
remember her? Do you remember Saffy?

That was Glenn and Becca? That wasn't me?

That wasn't me.

Let me guess. You tried to stop them?

No, I didn't, no.

What did you do then?

I just stood I just froze
just stood and watched

You watched! You fucking watched?!

I know I wish I'd done something

I wish I'd done something to
stop it and that was wrong

But I just wanted make it better so I can sleep again.
We could talk about it. Let's talk wait wait you want?

It it's not about what I want anymore.
We're way past what I want!

Right now, right now, it's
about what I have to do

Look at me

I'm sorry

Its too late for sorry

Fucking come on! Yeah!

Come in

Merry fucking Christmas

And Happy New Year fucking cunt now, who
are you? Where the fuck do you wan?

You try anything I'll make
you even fucking uglier.

Now keep your fucking voice down.
You know who I am. You remember me.

Ohh... I remember now I get it.
Remember your stupid shitty little face

Good no need for introductions

You won't get away with this you pussy

Actually, it's you and get away what you've
done. You do know what we've done, right?

Yeah, yeah, I know

That girl

This girl here... on your phone

You think that's funny

Yeah, mate I thought its well funny

You think that video's funny

We're gonna have a right laugh

This is going to be fucking hilarious

Bring it on I've not had a cock in me for
ages. Let's see what you're made of you

Know what, I don't think
I'd get it up for you


How the fuck could you let this happen

What cuz I'm a woman too
girl power and all that

Now mate dem boys in that video. They're
my family and dem boys will be here soon

By family by "dem boys" I assume you
mean Pete Kinney and Dave Finch

Both of whom aren't on their way because
both of whom are very much dead


As you will also be

Very soon.

Whoa whoa whoa...

Hold on. No, no, no, no

Where can I find Glenn Richards?

I understand he's at a hotel.

Alright alright... He's
getting married tomorrow

Richard the bridesmaids
are staying at the house

Glenn's staying at he hotel
with his best man, his dad

The invitations on the fridge
you can see it for yourself

Thank you very much

Look mate

I swear we've never done anything like this before
we were boozed up, on the coke, on the pills

It just, it all got out
of hand, but that girl -

Her name was Sapphire

No please!

Sapphire said please in that video
didn't she but you didn't stop

So why should I?

If you do this, then
you're just as bad as us

No, wait, you're worse than us -we were off our
heads. We didn't know what we were doing I swear!

Please just think about it -
two wrongs don't make a right

Think about it

Think about her

Glenn Richards... yes

Fuckin L plates. Where are you?
Fucking monkeys out here man

Where are you?

Dopey bitch. Come on are you?

Glenn Richards?

What the fuck is going on here?

You've got the wrong guy

No, I haven't

I'm getting married in a few hours!

No you're not

I'm sorry, whatever this is -

Get on your fucking knees now!

Fuck is this about?

I'll tell you what this is about

This is about Sapphire Ford

She was soon to be Sapphire Campbell

But she fucking died as Sapphire Ford!

She's dead

She's dead, yes and so are others


I'm so sorry. I truly am I don't know what was
going on that night. I was off my fucking head

But doing me in, man

It's not gonna bring her back

It's not gonna make you feel any better.
I can tell you that much.

It's gonna get you banged up

I'm getting married

I'm getting married in a few hours

To my Bridget - I fucking I love
my Bridget, please. Let me go!

I don't deserve to die -
she didn't deserve to die


Let me go

You're right

You don't deserve to die.

Thank you

Thank you so much

Go home go home to Bridget.

Thank you.

Go see your wife-to-be