The Saddle Club: Adventures at Pine Hollow (2002) - full transcript

Amid the excitement and thrill of the horse world, growing up seems harder than ever. Join Stevie, Carole and Lisa on their adventures at Pine Hollow Stabels as they juggle their time between riding, school and boys.

(gentle music)

(horse neighing)

(horses galloping and neighing)

(horses galloping and neighing)

- I don't know, Carole, he's definitely

not himself today.

- Who are you and what have
you done with Comanche?

- A gallop will calm him down.

- Stevie, the lesson starts in 20 minutes.

- Not far, just to the driveway.

Come on.

Come on, Comanche.

- [Carole] Hey, wait up!

Faster, come on!

- That's an ugly habit.

(car engine roaring)

- I won't know anyone.

- You'll make a wonderful
first impression.

- I don't even know how to ride.

- Yes, you do, your camp
counselor said you were

a natural, remember?

- Wow!

- You want to meet the right
kind of people, don't you?

- Mom, look out!

- Stevie, watch out!

(horse neighing)
(car brakes squealing)

- Easy boy.

It's okay.
(horse neighing)

- Carole, are you okay?

- Whoa.

- What do you think you're doing?

- You almost killed us!

- You came out of nowhere.

- Are you okay?

- You could have killed Starlight.

Look at Comanche, he's about
to have a heart attack.

- [Mother] You shouldn't
be riding in the driveway.

- Mom!
- [Stevie] You should learn

how to drive!

- Come on, Stevie, we
have to calm them down.

- Come on, boy, come on.

- Great first impression.

Now they hate me.

You could have said you were sorry.

- I beg your pardon?

- Nothing.

- Keep away from those two, Lisa.

- Lisa Atwood.

- The new student.

Have you talked to her mother?

- [Max] Why?

- She's worse than a
man with a first filly.

- I can handle it, mum.

- Mr. Regnery?

- Max.

- Eleanor Atwood.

- And this is my mother.

- Hello, we spoke on the phone.

- Yes, as I said to your
mother, Lisa does have

riding experience, she
just wants to brush up

on her skills.

- Sounds good to me, Lisa.

- Now, I don't want her
in any beginner's class.

I want her riding with her own age group.

- Thanks, Eleanor, we'll,
uh, we'll take it from here.

- Well, I was planning
to stay for the lesson.

- [Mrs. Reg] Mrs. Atwood,
we like to encourage

independence in our riders,
right from the start.

Builds confidence.

- Yes, but I like to supervise.

- And a greater sense of responsibility.

- Mum, it's okay.

- Well, I'm not sure--
- [Max] Oh, she'll be fine.

Let's go, Lisa.

(gentle music)

- [Max] Carole, Stevie, this is Lisa.

She's going to be in the lesson today.

- We've met.

- [Max] Those are my
two best students there,

probably just busy right now.

- Oh, really?

Call me when you're done.

- Sure.

(horse neighing)
(car engine starting)

- We're going to ride Patch today.

He's a push button pony.

- Push button?

- A bomb could go off and
Patch wouldn't even blink.

(horses neighing)

- Maybe they haven't spent
much time with horses.

- You don't have to
spend time around horses

to know they don't like
being hit by a car.

It's okay, it's me.

Are you gonna jump the wall today?

- We're gonna try.

- Don't sound so nervous,
you've jumped that high before.

- Yeah, but that was a fence.

This is a solid wall.

I don't know, she thinks
it's too wide or something.

We've tried three times and never made it.

- Today is different, I can feel it.

- I think you're going to like Patch.

And this is my horse, Delilah.

- You're putting her on Patch?

- Yes.

Lisa, this is Veronica di Angelo.

- Hi.
- [Veronica] Hello.

I'll help her tack up.

- You will?

- Thanks!

- I'll show you how to
tack up my horse first,

it'll be easier.

This is Cobalt.

- He's beautiful.

- [Veronica] I know, he's
the most expensive horse

in Willow Creek.

There's his tack, go ahead.

(gentle music)

Wait, that's too far back.

Move it up towards his shoulders.

And watch out for the stirrups.

Not bad, see you there.

- What about Patch?

- Better hurry up.

- (gasps) Sorry.

- You're Lisa, right?

- Yes.

- Patch is ready for you.

- Uh, Veronica was just
showing me how to, um--

- Yeah, (laughs) she
has a way of doing that.

- Thanks!

What's he doing?

- I'd say he's flirting with you.

- Hey, Kristi, do you want to sleep over

at my house tonight?

- Red! I was looking for you everywhere.

You were absolutely
right, there was a problem

with my stirrups.

- Good, Kristi, glad to be of help.

- I still feel a little
uncomfortable on the trot, though.

Do you think I need a new saddle?

- [Veronica] Get real!

That saddle couldn't be any
more than six months old.

- [Kristi] What do you think, Red?

- It's a pretty good saddle.

- Do you think you could
change my life, Red?

- [Max] Okay, everyone, how many days

'til the Mountain Trail Overnight?

- [All] 21!

- That's right.

So we're going to work hard today.

Let's go!

(upbeat music)

- That wall looks huge.

- [Veronica] That's nothing.

Cobalt jumped way higher
than that last summer.

- She looks nervous.

- [Veronica] 'Cause her
horse is scared of the wall.

She never makes it.

(intense music)

(horse neighs)



- That's okay, Carole, take
your time, set it up right.

- You can do it, Carole!

(horse neighing)

- Come on, Carole.

- Yes!

- [Kristi] Well done, Carole!

- Excellent, Carole!

- [Lisa] That was so cool.

I wish I could jump like that some day.

- Thanks, but Starlight did all the work.

- I told you, that was so perfect.

- Anyone else want to have a go?

- I'm in if you are.

- Stevie, maybe you shouldn't.

- Don't worry, he's okay now.

- Has she done this before?

- Yeah, but that was
when Comanche was calm.

(ominous music)

(cell phone ringing)

(horse neighing)

- [Max] Comanche, it's okay.

Turn that off!

- [Stevie] Turn it off!

- I'm trying!

- [Carole] Are you okay, Stevie?

- Yeah, I'm all right.

- I'm sorry.

- Cell phones have no place in the ring.


(sad music)

- [Lisa] Thanks, Red.

Stevie, I'm so sorry, I
thought I'd turned it off.

- Don't talk to me.

- Don't worry about her, Lisa,

some people just don't know
how to control their horses.

- She could have been hurt.

- [Veronica] Waa, waa!
Learn to hold on next time.

Come on, let's go to the lounge.

It's where everyone goes after riding.

- I can't.

My mum's coming to pick me up.

- So call her on your cell.

- Around horses? But Max said--

- That was in the lesson. Just call.

(cell phone beeping)

- Are you nuts?

Didn't you hear Max?

- [Eleanor] Hello, hello?

- Um, mum, hi.

Could I stay here a bit longer?

With a friend?

- [Eleanor] Of course, darling.

I told you you'd meet someone.

Call me later.

(horses neighing)

- Mum, can you pick me up later?

We're gonna hang out here for a while.

- Why didn't you call me, Veronica?

I left a very important lunch meeting

so I could be here on time.

- I didn't call because I
don't have a cell phone.

- Don't start that again, darling.

We talked about this.

You have your own phone and fax lines

and what about the pager
that daddy gave you?

- I want a cell phone.

Everyone has a cell except me.

Even her.

- Well, all right, I'll call daddy,

and I'll ask him to pick
one up for you, okay?

Call me when you're done.

- You have a pager?

- Yeah, listen to this.

(loud beeping)

Isn't that great?

Come on, let's get changed.

- She's totally like Veronica.

- [Carole] Did you see the way
Veronica glommed on to her?

There was no escape.

- Lisa doesn't seem to mind.

- She's new, she doesn't know anyone.

Veronica's using her because
Kristi dumped her for Red.

- [Stevie] Well, one
Veronica's bad enough,

Lisa doesn't belong here.

(sad music)

- [Carole] You told me
you had the money to go.

- I did but then I saw this
really cool shirt and--

- Stevie!

- Don't worry, I have a plan.

All I have to do is make
600 chocolate chip cookies.

- Freaks.

They're so immature.

"Ooh, Max, Lisa scared my horsey."

- [Lisa] I'd be upset
if it happened to me.

- Please.

Like Stevie knows anything.

She doesn't even have her own horse.

- I could sell a box for like,
$5 and say it's for charity.

- That's not a plan.

That's jail time.

- [Veronica] You should come.

(snaps) Hello? I was talking.

- What? Sorry.

- [Veronica] I was saying, you should come

on the Mountain Trail Overnight.

Kristi will be drooling over Red

and I don't want to be
stuck with the horse geeks

for two whole days.

- I'd love to.

So Carole and Stevie are coming for sure?


- Unfortunately.

I could get Max to let you come.

He doesn't usually let beginners go.

- That would be so amazing.

- You owe me.

I'll be right back.

Grab me a drink from the fridge, okay?

- [Stevie] My cookies are good.

- Yeah, as hockey pucks.

- My brother's team won the
championship, didn't they?

- You have every right to hate me.

I screwed up, but I'd never hurt you

or Comanche on purpose.

I can't believe my mum
called right in the middle

of a lesson.

It's like she has to check
on me every five minutes.

Mums are so lame.

- Yeah.

- Her mom died.

- Carole, I didn't mean to--

- Here comes your new best friend.

Maybe she wants to hear
all about your lame mother.

- Lisa, did you get my drink?

- Let's just go.

- They're never gonna be friends with you.

You can suck up all you want
but they'll still hate you.

(upbeat music)

- [Red] Come on, boys, get up, come on.

(horses neighing)

- Have you seen my curry comb?

- Why did you have a curry comb?

You never actually groom Cobalt yourself.

- Have you seen it or not?

- No.

- Thank you.

- [Carole] You ready to go?

- I am, but Comanche's still jumpy.

I'll take him for a ride,
see if it calms him down.

- Okay, see you on the trail.

- I'm coming, I'm coming.

(horse neighing)

- Max is taking the advanced
riders on a trail ride

instead of a lesson.

Oh look.

Cool huh? It's the
smallest cell in the world.

- Better not let Max see that.

- [Veronica] Don't worry about him,

I only have to make one call

to my pager.

- What?

- If Comanche freaked
when your phone rang,

imagine what he'll do
when my pager goes off

right under his saddle?

Let's see how good a rider Stevie is

when her horse goes mental.

- [Lisa] You can't!

That's really dangerous.

- You tell anyone about this

and I'll make sure you don't go on the

Mountain Trail Overnight.

(horse trotting)

- Carole!

Where's Stevie?

- Out on Comanche, why?

- We've got to find her fast.

Veronica's done something really bad.

- What?

- [Lisa] I'll tell you on the way.

Please, Carole, you've got to trust me.

- Okay, climb on.

Hold on.

(horse galloping)

- [Stevie] Easy, steady.

- [Max] Try taking him out ahead, Stevie.

(dramatic music)

- Hold on!

- [Lisa] Ahh!

(horse neighs)

(loud beeping)

(horse neighing)

- Stevie!

- [Stevie] Calm down, please, it's okay.

Whoa, boy.

(loud beeping)

What is that?

Whoa, boy, it's okay.

It's okay.

What is that?

(horse neighing)

- [Carole] Yes.

- [Stevie] Thanks, Lisa.


That was so close, Lisa.

You were so great, thanks.

(uplifting music)

- What was that?

- You saw what happened in the lesson.

You knew Comanche was already hyper.

Were you trying to kill her?

- You are so finished at this stable.

I'm talking to Max.

- I'm sure he'd love to
hear all about your plan

to hurt me.

- And his school horse.

- I found this on the hill.

I'd hate for you to
miss an important call.

- Problem?

- [Stevie] We've got it covered, Max.

- Why doesn't that ease my mind?

These two told me I
should let you go on the

Mountain Trail Overnight.

What do you think?

- Really? I'd love to.

- One condition.

You ride your own horse.

No more circus stunts.


- Deal.


(horses galloping)

- Where's Carole?

She's supposed to groom Cobalt.

- [Stevie] Ever heard of
grooming your own horse?

- Can I help it if she
likes working for me?

- Carole doesn't work for you.

She only does it because she loves Cobalt.

- I'll look after Cobalt for you.

- What?

- Of course, it'll cost you.

- How much.

- 10 bucks a job.

- Five.

- Deal.

(horse galloping)

- Where have you been?

Cobalt's stall is a mess.

- Veronica, I don't have time.


♫ She believes the greedy

♫ Make the needy feel the way they do

♫ And everyone can make a difference

♫ Even me and you

♫ He believes that destiny

♫ Is following your dreams

♫ He says you've gotta say

♫ The things you feel

♫ And always feel the things you mean

♫ And they buy each other coffees

♫ In a Bronte cafe

♫ And they talk about the music

♫ They heard last night on Rage

♫ Ain't nothin' more to life

♫ Ain't nothin' more to life

♫ Ain't nothin' more to life

♫ There ain't nothin', nothin'

♫ Nothin' more, no, no, no ♫

- You're just leaving now, Veronica?

- Yeah.

- You must be exhausted,
you've been here all day.

- I'm so tired.

- I guess so.

Imagine how Stevie must feel?

- What do you mean?

- [Mrs. Reg] Well, I saw
Stevie working for you today.

I've never seen Cobalt's
stall look so clean.

- Oh, that.

Stevie needed the money and
I wanted to help her out.

- Mmm-hmm.

You know, Veronica, it's one
thing to ride your horse,

but the real bonding happens
with the daily routine

of looking after him.

Now, just imagine how
wonderful Cobalt would be

if you got to know him just a bit better.

- Actually, Cobalt and I
are doing fine, Mrs. Reg.

And my parents pay a lot of
money for me to ride here,

so I don't think they
want me to waste my time

doing barn chores.

But thanks anyway, good night.

("Ode to Joy" by Beethoven)

- Lisa, it's late.

Will you stop playing and go to bed?

- I can't got to my lesson on Saturday

if I haven't practiced.

- I know what you're trying to do.

- She's trying to get out
of her clarinet lessons

so she can go to the
Mountain Trail Overnight.

- [Eleanor] Melanie, go to bed.

(clarinet music)

All right, you've made your point!

- It sounds like you're killing a duck.

- [Eleanor] Off to bed, both of you.

- [Lisa] Yes, mum.

(birds chirping)

Can you believe it?

My mother is out shopping
for camping gear.

She says she never wants
to hear "Ode to Joy" again.

- [Carole] I guess playing
the same three bars

over and over again will do that.

- Stevie, what are you doing?

You have to wrap Cobalt's legs.

- No, you know what? I don't.

- I guess you're not
going on the trip then?

- Actually, I am.

My parents coughed up the money.



(upbeat music)
(horses neighing)

- [Mrs. Reg] Hurry up!

The van is leaving for the
Mountain Trail Overnight

in half an hour whether
you're ready or not.

- [Stevie] You sure you've
got everything, Lisa?

- How'd you fit everything
in that little bag?

- My dad's a Colonel, we
had inspection at 0600.

- [Eleanor] Lisa, honey,
you forgot something.

- I knew it, the kitchen sink.

- An emergency whistle?

But, mum.

- You've got to be prepared, Lisa.

- [Eleanor] See?

Have fun.

- A whistle?

Congratulations, you're now officially

queen of the geeks.

- Ignore her.

Come on, let's go load up horses.

(girls murmuring)
(horses neighing)

(horse neighing)

- [Veronica] Move!

Come on, move!

- You know Cobalt doesn't like being

brought into it.

You should be careful, he might--

(horse neighs)


- Get my horse!

(upbeat music)

(girls shouting)

(horses galloping)

- [Carole] Go Stevie (claps)!

- [Boy] Stevie, you can do it!

(horses neigh)

- [Max] Well done, Stevie!


- That was great!

- [Veronica] Anyone could
have rounded up Cobalt.

- But anyone didn't.

Stevie did.

Don't you have something to say to her?

- Thank you.

- [Max] There you go.

- She totally showed you up.

You're not gonna let her
get away with that, are you?

- Don't worry.

I won't.

- [Max] You can't reach me on the trail

but Mrs. Reg will be here

and the vet's on speed dial.

And, uh, oh,

in case of fire--

- Use water?

(laughs) I know, would you relax, Max?

I've got it all under control.

Oh, sorry, Kristi.

- That's okay, Red.

Are you ready to go?

I saved you a seat next to me in the van.

- Oh, thanks, but I'm not going.

- What? Why?

- Someone has to help Mrs. Reg look after

Pine Hollow.

- Come on, let's go.

- I'm not going.
- [Veronica] What?

- I've changed my mind.

I've, I've got a cold (coughs).

- Yeah, right, what's going on?

- Red's not going.

And if he stays, I stay.

- All set?

Come on, Veronica, let's go!

All right, everyone in.

- Can't wait, let's go!

- [Boy] What took you so long?

- [Max] Get your belts on.

♫ 99 pieces of tack left to clean

♫ 99 pieces of tack

♫ You take one down

♫ You pass it around

♫ 98 pieces of tack left to clean

♫ 98 pieces of tack

♫ You take one down

♫ You pass it around ♫

- [Veronica] Great,

Kristi's at Pine Hollow and I'm stuck

with the Moron Tabernacle Choir

for the whole weekend.

♫ Take one down

♫ You pass it around

♫ 96 pieces of tack left to clean ♫

(horses neighing)

- [Melanie] Have you seen my sister, Lisa?

She forgot her hair dryer.

- They already left for the
Mountain Trail Overnight.

- Oh, okay.

Why didn't you go?

- My mum's making me go to my sister's

birthday party.

Like I care, she's not
even double digits yet.

- Wait 'til she is.

Lisa thinks she's knows everything.

- I'm Ashley, what's your name?

- I'm Melanie.

I like your horse.

- His name's Dime,

he's a pony.

Want to help me rig him?

- Cool, I'll go tell my mom I'm staying.

(gentle music)

- [Carole] Want to get
some water for the horses?

- Right behind you.

- Where's Lisa?

- Oh, she's pitching her tent.

It's another first for Lisa.

- Well, doesn't she want any help?

- Nope, she wants to do it all herself.

- I wish everyone felt that way.

- [Stevie] Veronica's such a spoiled brat.

She doesn't deserve a
horse as good as Cobalt.

- [Carole] Cobalt doesn't
deserve someone like her.

I'll be right back.

- That tent's not going to set up itself.

- I thought we were sleeping in cabins.

This is inhumane.

- What's inhumane is the
way you treat Cobalt.

Everyone has to help out, Veronica

and since Carole's
tacking up Cobalt for you,

why don't you find something useful to do?

- Okay everyone, gather 'round.


- (laughs) Oops, I'm so sorry.

- [Kristi] You're so strong.

Do you work out?

- No, I work, plus playing
guitar keeps my arms in shape.

- You must love the Mountain
Trail Overnights, Red,

less stalls to muck out tomorrow morning.

- Yeah, too bad it's only once a year.

- Mmm, I trust Max left his
usual brief instructions?

- Yeah, ah, six pages

front and back.

- How's your cold, dear?

- (coughs) Much better, thanks.

- You should go home and get some rest.

Now, I give my horses
six drops of eucalyptus

in a nosebag filled with straw.

- I'll remember that.

- In your case, one drop on a tissue.

- Looks like it's just the two of us.


- More like the four of us.


- [Max] Okay, listen up,
Wendy will ride up ahead

with the younger riders,

so I'm trusting the rest
of you to follow the rules.

The Marsten family has kindly
consented to let us use

the back 50 acres of their property.

Please keep to the marked trail.

And I want all of you
to pick riding buddies

and stick together.

- Aren't you coming, Max?

- No, he can't he has
to stay back and make

Max's Magnificent, Marvelous, Meaty,

Mouthwatering, Mountain Trail Chili.

- Chili?

- Couldn't think of anything
to cook that started

with "M."


- What are you standing around here for?

Let's go.

(upbeat music)

(horses snorting)

- Watch where you're going.

- I'm sorry, Patch is acting weird.

- If you don't know how
to control your horse

you shouldn't be here.

- What's gotten into Patch?

He's never done this at Pine Hollow.

- He's happy to be on a trail ride.

- [Carole] That's right,
horses get just as

excited as we do when he go someplace new.

- Oh, Lisa, are you all right?

- [Voiceover] Is she okay? What happened?

- I think so.

I don't know what happened.

All of a sudden I started slipping.

- Your girth is loose.

- But I'm sure I tightened it.

- Patch puffs out when
you put is saddle on.

- [Lisa] I know that, but it's
hard to get it tight enough.

- Don't worry, all beginners
have trouble tacking up.

(sad music)


- Hey, what are you still doing here?

You should go home with that cough.

- What? Oh no, it's fine.

Really, I'm feeling so much better now.

So, I could help if you want.

I mean, since I'm here.

- No, that's okay, I can handle it.

- I don't mind, really, it'll be fun.

- You sure?


- So where should we start?

- Uh, you can start here,

we'll meet in the middle,

do it in half the time.

Thanks, Kristi.

- [Lisa] This place is amazing.

- [Carole] What a perfect day.

(birds chirping)

- [Veronica] Could you
guys sit behind the bushes?

You're ruining the view.

- So much for a perfect day.

- Don't worry, I don't think
she'll be staying long.

(whimsical music)

- What are staring at?

- Nothing much.

- [Veronica] Is that the best
you can come up with, Stevie?

How childish.


Get it off me, get it off me!


- Oh, there's my rubber spider.

It didn't scare you, did it?


- [Phil] Nice throw, try putting a spin

on it next time.

Are you guys on the
Mountain Trail Overnight?

- Yeah, how'd you know?

- My parents told me
I'd find you out here.

You should stick to the trails.

There've been wild animal
sightings around here.

You never know what you might run into.

- Wild animals? Like what?

- Panthers, wild dogs, poisonous snakes,

your average blood-thirsty man-eaters.

- Yeah, I thought I saw some killer deer.

- I'm Phil Marsten, I live here.

- I'm Stevie--
- [Veronica] Hi, I'm Veronica

di Angelo.
(loud splash)

- Veronica!


- Are you okay?

You're so clumsy.

- [Phil] Here, grab my hand.

(water splashing)

I'm really sorry.



- Phil seems nice.

- [Carole] And cute.

- Yeah, he looked gorgeous laughing at me

while I nearly drowned.

- The water only came up to your waste.

- That's not the point.

He just stood there with
Veronica laughing at me.

I bet he let go of my hand on purpose.

(horses neighing)


I told you, Phil's a creep.

- Our parents belong to
the same country club.

Isn't that funny?

- Huh? Oh yeah, hilarious.

So does Stevie have a boyfriend?

- Are you kidding?

Who would be interested in her?

(sad music)

- [Lisa] Ow.



- [Veronica] If you
want to, I could ask Max

if you could stay for dinner.

- Yeah, that'd be great.

- Really? Good.

And maybe after dinner
we could go for hack,

just the two of us?

- Can you just wait a minute?

There's something that I've got to do.

- Sure.

- Don't look now, but
there's one cute creep

heading your way.

- I'll go find Lisa.

She's probably pretty sore from the ride.

- Get back here, don't
leave me alone with--

- Hi.
- [Stevie] Him.

- I thought I'd find you here.

- Great detective work, I'm camping here,

where else would I be?

- Look, I'm sorry you fell in the water.

I was only trying to help, honest.

- By laughing at me? Big help.

- I didn't mean to but

you have to admit, you
looked kind of funny,

flailing around in the water like that.

- I was not flailing!

- Well, maybe it was more like waving.

Stevie, wait!

- [Stevie] Oh brother.

(sad music)

(horse neighs)

(horse trotting)

- Great! Thanks!

- No problem, it was easy.

I just wish I could help you more.

- [Red] Really?

'Cause that one still needs to be cleaned,

if you're up to it.

(loud beeping)
- Oh.

I'll do it in a second.

I just have to answer this.

(phone buttons beeping)

This better be important.

Red was just about to ask me out.

- Of course it's important.

I met a guy, Phil Marsten, he's so hot.

- How hot?

- [Veronica] Picture Red,
only our age and rich.

- Okay, tell me everything.

- For some reason he's
chasing after Stevie.

- He probably feels sorry for her.

- So what do I do?

- Easy, you make him feel sorry for you.

- How?
- [Kristi] Just get thrown

off Cobalt.

- You want me to get
bucked off my own horse?

- No, you don't really get thrown,

you make it look like you did.

Then when Phil figures out your'e hurt--

- He'll come riding to
my rescue! It's perfect.

- I know.

- But how will Phil know where to find me?

- Figure it out, I have to go make sure

Red doesn't leave.

- I thought he was just
about to ask you out?

- He will, eventually.

(birds chirping)

- [Carole] Knock, knock.

- Who is it?

- Me, are you okay?

- I'm fine, just unpacking.

- Yeah, that could take forever.

- I'll be out soon.



- Megan, I'm just going to
take Cobalt for a quick ride

down that trail, over there.

I was going with Phil
Marsten but he's busy

so if I'm not back in half an hour,

cold you tell him?

I don't want him to worry.

- Veronica, he's right over there.

Why don't you tell him?

- Thanks, Megan.


- [Carole] So you live way out here?

It's so far away from everything.

- It's only half an hour from Hollow Creek

and out here I get to
ride Teddy every day.

- [Stevie] Great, guess
you better be heading home.

- [Carole] Stevie, don't be so rude.

- What? I was just thinking about Phil,

'cause, uh, Max doesn't allow
strangers at the camp site.

If he told us once, he
told us 1,000 times.

- I never heard Max say that.

- He says it all the time.

- Hey.

- Go, Max gets ugly when he's mad.

- Hi, Max!
- [Max] Hey, Phil.

how are your folks?

- [Stevie] You know each other?

- Sure do, I met Phil when
I talked to his parents

about using their land.

Has anyone invited you for dinner, Phil?

We're having my world famous chili.

- I told you, he's just like her.

- [Phil] Veronica said
she'd ask if I could stay.

- Hmm, must have slipped her mind.

But your're more than welcome.

- I'd love to.

(whimsical music)

(horse neighs)

- Help! Somebody help me!

(horse neighs)

- Veronica, are you all right?

- No, it's my leg.

- Don't worry, I'll take care of you.

- What about Stevie?

- Stevie who?

- Turn around, you silly horse.

(horse neighs)

(dramatic music)

- I finished the stalls.

- Oh great, thanks a lot.

- No problem, I mean it was
great hanging out with you.

Maybe we could grab something to eat?

- Uh, thanks, but I've
still got a lot to do.

- That's okay, I meant
after, when you're done

and I could help you more too.

- No, you've done enough today.

They pay me to be here.

- (giggles) Then you could buy me a soda.

- Actually, thanks to
you, Kristi, I'm probably

going to get out of here early.

That means I can make
it to my band rehearsal.

- Band rehearsal? But I thought--

- Thanks again, Kristi.

If it weren't for you, I would
have been stuck here all day.

(upbeat music)

- Hey, Walsh, I think I can make it

to band practice after all.

I'll be out of here as soon as possible.

Hey, what are you still doing here?

- Nothing, well, not nothing, it's just,

so you're in a band?

- Yeah, I just told you that.

And actually, I'm running late, so--

- I love music, maybe I could come

and hear you play sometime? Now?

- Sorry, but we never let
anyone sit in on rehearsals.

It's kind of a band rule.

Look, I've gotta run.

If you need anything,
just ask one of the other

stable hands or Mrs. Reg.

- Wait! You can't go, it's Bark!

- What about him?

- He's limping a lot.

I think he might be hurt.

- Really? Okay, I'll check him out.

- [Max] Here you go.

- [Stevie] Is Lisa every
coming out of her tent?

- She's feeling a bit embarrassed.

- What's a sore bum between friends?

- It's so peaceful.

- Hey, you're right.

Okay, where's Veronica?

- I rode into camp with her.

- That's weird, Cobalt's not tied up.

- [Phil] Maybe she took him out again.

- Max said we weren't allowed to.

- Like that would stop Veronica.

- [Carole] Maybe we should go find her.

She could be lost.

- With my luck, she'll be back in camp

bugging me any minute now.

(dramatic music)

(horse neighs)

- [Carole] Where is Veronica?

- You're worried about Veronica?

- No, I'm worried about Cobalt.

- I bet you she's faking her disappearance

to get back at me for the spider gag

I pulled on her.

- Phil, Veronica told me to tell you

she went for a ride without you.

- You better go, Phil, wouldn't want to

keep you away from Veronica.

- What? I don't know
what she's talking about.

- She said, if she wasn't
back in half an hour,

then I was supposed to tell you.

She thinks you'll worry
about her or something.

- What?

I don't even know her.

We were never supposed to go on a ride.

Veronica's making it up.

- Sounds like her.

- What's she up to?

- We should tell Max she's gone.

- Who's gone?

- [Stevie] It's no big deal,

Veronica's just looking for attention,

as usual.

- [Carole] She's pretending
to be lost so Phil

will go looking for her.

- Veronica's out in the woods alone?

How long has she been gone?

- Not long.
- [Megan] Half an hour.

- She's fine, she's
probably sitting on a rock

doing her nails or something.

(Cobalt neighs)

- [Carole] Cobalt!

- [Voiceover] Isn't that Veronica's horse?

- [Voiceover] Yeah.

(Cobalt neighs)

- [Phil] Careful, Max.

- Easy, boy, easy.

Good boy, good boy.

- [Carole] Is he okay?

- Exhausted, clearly spooked,

but other than that he's fine.

- But where's Veronica?

(sad music)

- Oh!

- Wendy's in charge while
I look for Veronica.

I'll be back soon.

- Let's go tack up.

- You guys are going?

But Max will freak if he
comes back and you're gone.

- [Stevie] Not if we find Veronica.

- [Carole] There's tons of trails,

Max can't look on all of them.

- Exactly, we'll find
her faster if we've got

more riders out looking.

- Okay, let's go!

- Thanks, but we're fine on our own.

- Look, I'm not saying
Veronica's in any danger,

but remember when I
told you that there are

wild animals around here?

- I thought you were joking.

- I was, kind of.

There aren't any blood-sucking man-eaters,

but there are wild dogs.

- [Stevie] Really?

- A couple of farms have seen packs

of wild dogs on their land.

- That's weird, they usually
stay away from people.

- They attacked a mob of sheep

and they're still around.

They must be starving or their puppies

are around or something.

- [Stevie] Then we'd
better find Veronica fast.

- I'm coming with you.

- Why? If something attacked us,

what could you do that we couldn't?

- I didn't say I would protect you,

I grew up around here, I know the trails.

But if you really don't
want me to come, I--

- We don't have any
time to argue about it,

let's just go find Veronica.

- What's happening?

- Veronica's lost. We're
going to look for her.

- Okay, I'll get my things.


- Lisa, it's more riding.

- I'm coming!

- Okey-doke.

(chain rattling)

(sad music)

(birds chirping)

- Ow!


Oh no! I just got these!


I'm here!


Somebody help me right now!

Probably all sitting around the fire.

Stuffing themselves on
Max's disgusting chili,

while I'm lying out here,
practically near death!

(sighs) Wait 'til I tell
my parents about this.

I want a full refund.

- [Carole] Come on, faster!

(horses galloping)

- Hey, you cut me off!

- [Phil] Teddy needed more room.

- [Stevie] He did not, you
just wanted to be in the lead,

and since I've got a faster horse,

you had to push me off the
trail to stay in front.

- Just quit it!

- We're supposed to be
looking for Veronica.

- I was, before I got cut off.

- I haven't seen any sign of her.

- [Lisa] Which way do we go?

- I don't know, what do you guys think?

- [Phil and Stevie] That way!

- Real helpful.

- [Stevie] That's totally the wrong way.

- [Phil] If we turn right,
we stay on the main trail.

It's the safest way to go.

- That's why we should go left.

If Veronica was on one of the main trails,

we would have seen her by now.

And besides, the best way to find someone

who's lost, is to be lost too.

Who's with me?

- We shouldn't go off the main trail.

- Okay, let's try the main trail

and if we don't find Veronica,

we can go back this way.

- Sounds good to me.

- Come on, Comanche,

looks like it's just you and me.

- Stevie, come back here!

- [Carole] She can't go off on her own.

What if something happens to her?

- I'll catch up with her.

(gentle music)

- Veronica!

- [Carole] Veronica, can you hear me!

This is crazy, where is she?

- Come on, Patch, let's go!

- Lisa, you're not supposed
to let a horse snack.

- I know, but he won't listen to me.

Come on, Patch. Stop eating and move!

Whoa! Stop, stop!

- Lisa!

- Oh no!


- Are you all right?

- No, I can't do anything right.

- That's not true.

- You guys are so much better than me

at everything.

- Stevie and I have been
riding since we were kids.

You've just started and you're already on

an overnight trail ride.

That's pretty good.

- I guess so.

- I'm sorry if I've been
giving you too much advice.

It's just I know what it's like
when you first start riding.

- I bet you were a natural.

- Huh, you should have seen me after my

first overnight trail ride.

I couldn't sit down for three whole days.

- Come on.

- It's true!

I even had to bring a pillow to school.

It was totally humiliating.

- (laughs) I'm sorry, Carole, but bringing

a pillow to school, even I'm
a better rider than that.

- Hello!

Can anybody hear me?



Ow! Ow!

- [Stevie] Veronica! Veronica!

- [Phil] Stevie, would you wait up?

- What are you doing here?

- [Phil] Looking for you.

Taking off like that was
a really dumb thing to do.

- For your information, I didn't take off.

I was just looking in a
different part of the woods.

And who said you had to come
running after me anyway?

- It's dangerous out there.

Come on, let's get back
to Lisa and Carole.

- No, I'm looking for Veronica.

If you think it's so
dangerous, why don't you

go back home.

- Fine, I will!

- Fine!

What are you waiting for?

I said, go home.

- I can't go home and neither can you.

- What are you talking about?

- We're lost.

- Wait, you can't go,

I mean, it's too late.

- No, Walsh said they were late starting

so I can make rehearsal after all.

- Maybe I should come with you

and help carry your guitar.

- Thanks, but I've got it.

- Oh, I almost forgot why I needed you.

I can't find Bark's bridle.

- Isn't it in the tack room?

- That's what I thought,

but I can't find it.

Can you help me, please?

- Can't it wait?

- I really need it now.

Please? It'll only take a minute.

- Okay, but then I'm going.

- It's kind of like
helping with the horses.

- What are you little freaks doing?

That's Bark's.

- Mrs. Reg said we could.

- Well, stop it, that's
Red's job, let him do it.

- Ah, you found Bark's bridle.

Wow! Did you two clean all these bridles?

Thanks! You girls are the best.

Thanks to you, I'm outta here.

I owe you guys.

- Maybe you could take us out, you know,

to thank us for all the work we did.

- Great idea, why don't the three of you

go for pizza?

It's on me.

- [Melanie and Ashley] Yes!

(sad music)

- [Stevie] How can we be lost?

You said you knew your way around.

- [Phil] I did know until you decided

to take a short cut.

- [Stevie] I was fine until you showed up.

- [Phil] Well excuse
me for trying to help!

- I told you I don't need your help.

- [Phil] Oh yeah? So which way do we go?

- [Stevie] That way.

- I don't remember coming from there.

- If you remembered, we wouldn't be lost.

Come on, it's worth a shot.

(Veronica moaning)

Great, just great.

I'm stuck out in the middle of nowhere,

cold, and broken

and nobody even cares
enough to try and find me.

I hate everyone

and I hate camping.


Could my life get any worse?

(loud growling)

- Maybe Max has found Veronica by now.

- I hope so, it's getting late

and I'm tired and hungry.

- So's Starlight.

- Do you think we should
head back to camp?

- [Carole] Yeah, but first we
have to find Stevie and Phil.

- [Veronica] Help!

Help! Help!

Will somebody help me?

(loud growling)

(dog barking)

- So, does anything look familiar?

- Yeah, I think that's the third time

we passed that tree.

- Do I have something on my face?

- No!

- Well, then why are you
looking at me like that?

- I wasn't looking at you like anything.

- Can't you figure out
how to get us out of here?

- [Veronica] Help!

Help! Help me!

(dog growling and barking)

Get away from me!


Help! Help!

- [Phil] Veronica!

- [Veronica] I can't
move, my ankle's broken!

(dog barking and growling)

(horse neighs)

- Go away! Get out of here! Get out!

- Phil, thank you!

- You might want to thank Stevie,

she's the one who found you.

- It's okay, Comanche.

- Phil, look at my ankle,
I think it's broken.

- What happened?

(dogs growling)
(horses neighing)

- Go away!

- Get back!

Here, Stevie, use this.

- Go away!

- Get out of here!

- They don't give up, do they?

- Not unless their pups are around.

If they're protecting their den,

they won't leave until we're dead.

- Any other happy thoughts
you'd like to share?

Nice doggies.

Good, blood-thirsty, man-eaters.


(dogs barking in distance)

- Did you hear something?

- [Veronica] Help!

- [Carole] Veronica, we're coming!

We're on our way!

(horse galloping)

- [Veronica] Help!

(dogs growling and barking)

(whistle shrieks loudly)

- Way to go, Lisa.

- Talk about perfect timing.

- What happened?

- Oh, nothing much.

Lisa just saved your butt.

- Yeah, using the emergency
whistle that her mum

gave her.

Remember, the one you made fun of?

- Well, I, uh, I was just joking.

Can't you guys take a joke?

- I think what Veronica's
trying to say is,

"Thank you."

- Yeah, you totally saved us, Lisa.

- Now aren't you glad you over packed?


- Hello? Hello?

Can somebody give me a hand?

- [Max] Veronica?

- [Carole] We're over here, Max.

- Is everyone okay?

- I'm hurt and they won't help me.

Well, will my head be okay?

- Like it ever was.

- You have a small braise,
but it doesn't look serious.

- I think my ankle is broken.

Phil will have to help me back to camp.

- Can you move it?

- No.

- It's probably just a bad sprain.

- What do you know?

- I'm sending you home

to get checked out by a
doctor, just to be safe.

I'm sure you'll be fine.

- Great.

- You should consider yourself lucky.

Don't you have something to say to them?

- Thank you.

(gentle music)

(horses galloping)

- [Red] Ahh, I heard you guys

were heroes yesterday.

- Stevie was, she fought the wild dogs.

- Lisa helped too.

- We all did.

- Wow! Life at Pine Hollow

must be pretty boring after that.

- [Lisa] No way, we're so glad to be home.

- We just wish we had a chance to say

goodbye to Phil.

- Phil who?

- Stevie's new boyfriend.

- He is not.

- (clears throat) Is he around this tall?

Blonde hair and blue eyes?

- How did you know?

- He's standing right behind you.

- What are you doing here?

- [Phil] I signed up for Saturday lessons.

I really like you, you're instructor, Max.

- He's the best.

- So, see you Saturday, Phil.


- Phil, wait, look.

I'm sorry, you were right.

I shouldn't have gone off the trail.

- [Phil] I'm sorry too, you were right,

if we'd stayed on the trail,

we wouldn't have heard Veronica at all.

- [Carole] She's actually smiling at him.

- Do you think they like each other?

- And you don't have
to thank me for helping

you out with Veronica.

- Thank you? Why would I thank you?

I was handling the wild
dogs fine by myself.

- [Phil] In your dreams, they
were coming right for you.

- Sounds like love to me (giggles).

- [Stevie] It was all part of my plan.

- [Phil] What plan?

- [Stevie] You know the
plan to protect everybody.

- [Lisa] I'm sorry about your mum.

- That's okay, you didn't know.

(horse neighs)

- That means he's having fun.

- Red changed his food.

That's why he's been so spooked lately.

- I bet almost being hit
by a car didn't help.

- He's over it and so am I.

Thanks for saving my butt out there.

- It was the least I could do

after what happened in the lesson.

- [Stevie] It wasn't your fault

and I guess I sort of have a bad temper.

- Oh yeah, and I only sort of like horses.

- Veronica pretty much hates me now.

- Join the club.

- There's only a couple of rules.

You have to be totally horse crazy--

- And you have to look out for each other.

- [Carole] It's the perfect club,

now all we need is a name.

- What about the Saddle Club?

- I like it.

Very horsey.

- [Stevie] Saddle Club,

I can work with that.


- [Carole] Yeah!

♫ Hello world

♫ This is me

♫ Life should be

♫ Fun for everyone

♫ Life is easy if you wear a smile

♫ Just be yourself don't
ever change your style

♫ You are you

♫ I am me

♫ We'll be free

♫ Hello world

♫ This is me

♫ Life should be

♫ Ooh yeah, fun for everyone

♫ Hello world

♫ Come and see

♫ This is me

♫ Come on baby

♫ Don't be afraid

♫ Come on baby

♫ It's not too late

♫ Say you do

♫ Won't you open up
the door and help me in

♫ Hello world

♫ This is me

♫ Life should be

♫ Ooh yeah, fun for everyone

♫ Hello world

♫ Come and see

♫ This is me

♫ Come on baby, don't be afraid

♫ Come on baby

♫ It's not too late

♫ Say you do

♫ Won't you open up
the door and help me in

♫ Hello world

♫ This is me

♫ Life should be

♫ Ooh yeah, fun for everyone

♫ Hello world

♫ Come and see

♫ This is me

♫ Come on baby

♫ Don't be afraid

♫ Come on baby

♫ It's not too late

♫ Say you do

♫ Won't you open up
the door and help me in

♫ Hello world

♫ This is me

♫ Life should be

♫ Ooh yeah, fun for everyone

♫ Hello world

♫ Come and see

♫ This is me

♫ Fun for everyone

♫ Hello world

♫ Life should be

♫ Ooh yeah, fun for everyone ♫