The Promised Land (1973) - full transcript


It was a big festival and the
people came from all over.

There were flags in the roads and
the carts were full of people...

...some of them talking and others
eating, and a little bit farther off...

...they were dancing.

And they were all walking together
to the votive temple of Maip?.

I name you queen of Chile...

...lady general of the army, and
patron saint of war and peace.

The only solution is
implacable dictatorship... order to take the required
measures to...

...preserve the system.

Pacification. Pacification!

Order. Equilibrium. Equilibrium!

Feed the hungry lest they devour ye.

The nitrate price crash will only
affect the capital momentarily.

"Dreaming dreams no mortal
ever dared to dream before..."

"For he's a jolly good fellow,
for he's a jolly good fellow..."

"...for he's a jolly good fellow, and
nobody can deny. And nobody can deny..."

These are not lies, because
everything I tell... what the children heard.

And I tell it because you ask me to.
Otherwise I wouldn't say a word.

That was a day, Sunday...

...November the 13th...

...of Year Six.

St. Emeterius's Day.

As you can see, I remember everything.

That's the way my country was.

Can't you see?


You're wandering just like gypsies.

Goin' around?

- Can we follow you to the other side?
- [No.]

Well, then, we'll continue.

We'll keep going.



Hey, Nacho. There are people talking.
It seems there are some people.

- Let's go and see if there's water.
- OK, let's head over there.

- That's what I'm telling
you, buddy. - OK, fine.


- But nobody owns them. Meanwhile,
we ain't got nothing. - Sure.

- Good morning. - Good morning.

- They have a duty to
provide for us. - Sure.

It's unjust, so many people
living as nomads in this country.

And with ever more reason.

But we have to band together in a union.

Because if we are not together,
we are less than nothing.

- Harinita [cornmeal porridge], partner?
- No.

- Harinita? - Sure.

We really were wandering
around just like gypsies.

Of course, nobody there
remembered either...

...where we had come from, or
when we had met.

But I can assure you that
we were a great...

...number of families.

We went begging here and there...

...and we were thrown out of everywhere.

There were no jobs, and
even tenant farmers...

...released the dogs against us.

They thought we were going
to steal their jobs away.

Go away, you bum!

- Viva Catholic Chile! - Viva!

Bring that here for the old lady.

They say properties must be seized.

And the land shouldn't have owners.

- We could take it and... - Work it?

Work it ourselves.

- Go away, go away! - Come on, hurry up!

One gulp, partner?


Where do you come from?

I was with Recabarren in the
north, just as you see me here.


And I've heard this from his own lips.

Just as the workers from
the north organized to face...

...the companies (thanks, partner)... I was saying, the
nitrate companies...

...foreign companies... the peasants from the south
must be organized the same way.

To face down the rich.

The landowners.

Across the deserts of the north,
to the flowery seashore...

Recabarren keeps on walking upright,
preaching the great equality...

Recabarren keeps on walking upright,
preaching the great equality!

Comrade, comrade, come here,
come here, come with me...

Comrade, comrade, the
time has come for dignity!

This Ib??ez, the president,
wasn't born in Chile.

No, but to me, this
gentleman, Alessandri...

No, comrade, that was before.

This one Ib??ez staged
a coup. He's a general.

And what about the workers'
dictatorship, comrade?

And the October Revolution?

Is it not true that in socialist
Russia, the poor are the rulers?

They hold the power.

What do you say, comrade?

Hey, I don't know. You're
the one telling me all this.

And what do you say about
the wars in Germany?

'Cause if they come, they come.

I saw Her. I saw Her appearing
between two hills with two...

...shining cloaks full
of stars and a rosary.

Hey, old lady, there are some
ghosts over there! [Laughter.]

Come with us, friends.

We're gonna find some
good tracts of land.

They are the Treasury's lands.

So they are required to hand them away.

And if we work them together...

...we'll have enough to eat
and put clothes on our backs.

That way we won't have to feel ashamed.

- Should we go? - Yeah, let's go.

God also has His Hell!

Love for all mankind, but each man...

...has sinned greatly on Earth.

Hunger and great plagues
will strike mankind.

And lightning will come, and voices...

...and a great earthquake.

And I didn't understand anything.
I thought these were Germans.

That's what I told Lucio.

Have you seen the Virgin?

And I thought I did see Her.
She was upon a platform.

Come with us, friends.

We're gonna find good lands.

We'll have enough to eat
and put clothes on our backs.

Here it is.

So much good land.

To think that so much fertile land
should be owned by only a few.

Owned just by one family.

No, but this should happen...

- many other places.
- What should, comrade?


That we, the poor, should be in charge.

The revolution is happening
in all places, comrade.

What about the Mexican Revolution?

The peasants against
the owners of the land.

"Agraria y Popular"? What about that?

And Sandino in Nicaragua. Fighting to
throw the Yankees out of his country.

Also here, in the north of Chile...

...the workers all organized.
What about that?

The people united, partner.

The people armed.

Poor and ruling.

And how could that come to be?

Just take a look at this, for now.

And we met many people and
many different things happened...

...while we were on the road.

I am a worried hunter.

I am a worried hunter.

I swore to hunt in the forest.
That's my destiny as a hunter.

The doves fly, fly away from their nest.

Heartbreak, despair, my shot has missed.

Oh, what distress. Oh, what pain.

For a woman I became a hunter.

Early in the morning
when the sun is rising...

Early in the morning
when the sun is rising...

I get my shotgun and
put it on my shoulder.

I walk the roads in the name of God.

The doves fly, fly away from their nest.

Heartbreak, despair, my shot has missed.

Oh, what distress. Oh, what pain.

For a woman I became a hunter.

I start crying at dawn.

I start crying at dawn.

Because I see there's
no dove for me to hunt.

The doves fly, fly away from their nest.

Heartbreak, despair, my shot has missed.

Oh, what distress. Oh, what pain.

For a woman I became a hunter.

Another day we saw that
the train was stopped.

And the people were aboard.
They were living there.

Don't you throw your shells at me!

How dare you throw your shells at me?!


Can't you see the rich
are humiliating us?

Let's go!
Come on!

Thank you, friends.

Hey, what happened?

This is the end of the line.
This is as far as we go.

Take this, Merche.

Move away.

If there are no railroad tracks,
the train doesn't roll.

And if it doesn't roll, what's
the use of an engine driver?

That's what I was telling Lucio.

We just kept walking
after this matter...

...with the train.

Then I began to realize Jos?
Dur?n was lagging behind...

...with Merche. Just as if he
was helping an old lady... Jos? Dur?n was helping her,
but he must have struck Merche...

...with his good looks,
because after that...

...they started inviting each other over
and the "old lady" made him her "son."

- So come with us, friends.
- It would be a pleasure.

We're going to find some good lands.
You'll have to till them, of course...

How about it? What do
you say, comrade Dur?n?

These are the lands.
These are the lands, comrade!


Let the lands be split up
into sections and irrigated.

Let the well-watered ground
be divided into terraces.

Let the houses be built
close to one another.

So we can help each other.

So we can help each other.

Let's have a board of directors.

A president, and a secretary,
a scribe, a treasurer.

In this way we founded Palmilla.

And in honor of a great-grandfather...

We gave it that name
on the 10th of February.

We gave it that name
on the 10th of February.

As soon as more people arrived...

...we built our houses
and divided up the land.

No farther away from each other
than necessary, so we could...

...cooperate with each other.

One who was used to these things said
we should elect a board of directors.

Then he said we should vote
to elect this board of directors.

So him and some other
old men were elected and...

...we did what they said, 'cause
they were the board of directors.

So together we planted wheat,
and corn, and potatoes there.

One thing I must say,
with all due respect:

Pin-Stripe sure did know how to drink.

If he was talking, he was drinking.

The people of Palmilla
knew him very well.

When he was going 'round to their
houses to teach them to read...

...everybody invited him
to drink. One brandy here...

...taste this liquor there...

...taste this red wine...

...that we have brought
from the vineyard.

And so (holy God, I would
never do this again)... time I went with him.

I got so tipsy that suddenly...

...I started singing.

In this way we founded Palmilla.

And in honor of a great-grandfather....

We gave it that name.

On the 10th of February.

And the winters we spent.

Under a ceiling and sheltered.

We harvested the corn cobs.

Also onions and wheat.

And all the women...

...had a lot of children.

This way we spent our lives... that blessed valley.

Everybody owned the land
and we were very happy.

And day after day we did everything
in agreement with each other.

I had a headache and I almost
vomited my stomach out.

Next time you'll go alone,
that's what I told Pin-Stripe.

If you don't mind, I won't
accompany you any longer.

Well, we grew happier and happier...

...tending to the crops
and watering them.

Where did you find so many cows?

I met some friends and
they had some animals.

Just what we needed.

But the real story was never
totally made clear, because...

...this man was one of those...

...who used to steal a little.

So we were distrustful but...

...we didn't ask too many questions,
because we needed livestock.

I must say, besides the fact
that stealing is wrong... can also bring a lot of trouble.

It depends who you steal from.

I don't know. I won't say anything more.

- Hey, don't take away the carafe.
- Everybody wants a drink, not just you.

We had also had a little bit to drink.

And we were unable
to restrain ourselves.

Let's rape her, said Lucio.

So we fucked her, and
I think she enjoyed it...

...because she hardly screamed,
and she put up with all 8 of us.

And Juan de Dios (that was the
name of the engine driver)...

...was taking down the women's
orders in his notebook.

All of them asked for something.
Maria asked for a pair of shoes.

Miluca asked for a can of lard.

"A hat for my man."

But Jos? Dur?n and the board
of directors didn't like it.

Because they thought Juan de
Dios was making his own rules.

Hey, Juan de Dios, it isn't fair that
you take personalized orders...

...when you know very well that what
one asks for is also desired by others.

The board of directors already made a
list, and that is what you're gonna use.

I brought the animals here,
and I also got us the seeds.

So leave me alone.
I know what I've got to buy.

Very good, Juan de Dios!

And like the sissies we were,
we didn't say another word.

We just pushed the cart
along as he left for the city.

He set off for El Huique.

And from there the cart returned.

With yerba mate, sugar,
flour and clothes.

He brought whole reams of fabric.
And different families took it...

...piece by piece. Thus, some folks
ended up wearing matching colors.

Their clothes had been made
from the same bolts of fabric.

Then they began to be referred
to by the color of their clothes.

There were the Reds, the Blue
Biddies, the Purple Geezer,

...and also Lucio the Greenie.

There were green and blue families,
and also red and yellow ones.

An old lady died...

An old lady died. She
was dead at dawn...

...that's what Mrs. Rosa
told us one morning.

I got down on my shins for a long while.

The way I see everything,

...we still ain't got the power.

We rule the land, we're the owners
of the harvests in the valley.

But when we want to sell the potatoes,
the wheat and the corn...

...we're paid a pittance.

But then, when we buy the tea,
the yerba mate, the clothes...

...they're much more expensive.

We're moving backwards.

So, as I see everything...

...we're only reinforcing the rich.

We're giving them more power.

...misfortune for the peasants,
for the workers, for the soldiers.

Just to show them they had to
fight the established power.

The power of the rich,
do you understand?

If they wanted to escape from
poverty and exploitation...

...they had to fight against them.

So, when October came...

...the soldiers, the peasants,
the students, the workers...

...all of them had to take up
arms to fight against them.

Because the rich won't hand
everything over, just like that.

Listen, Juan de Dios,
this is a total mess.

Handing out goods without respecting...

...the list made by the
board of directors.

- What's the matter, Jos??
- He only bought trifles.

With the entire harvest.

Where are the seeds and the tools?

Don't get angry.

Screw that son of a bitch!

What should he have bought?
Tools for working.

Take it easy.

But of course, you need
clothes. I also need them.

Everybody needs them.

You're right.

Juan de Dios is cutting deals
with the city traders... order to exploit all of us.

No, that's not true. He's
not acting in bad faith.

Who brought the first animals here?

Who bought the first tools?

The first pieces of wood. Who was it?

Well, then let's be all
Juan de Dios' employees.

So we've got a new landlord, have we?

You sure are stubborn today.

Where the hell did you put my book?

There, under the eggs and the meat.

Why did you misplace everything?

Here. Go and fool other people
into believing the poor can rule.

And you're gonna pay for
those things. Do you hear me?

Listen, Yellow-Bird. Two cows are
loose and you're here having fun.

You gave me a scare!
Come on, it's cold outside.

Duty comes first.

Alright, man, alright.

Comrade Dur?n. May
I talk a little with you?

With all due respect, comrade.

- Don't fall down, comrade.
- No, no, I'm alright, I'm alright.

No, no, thank you. Don't wanna drink.

With all due respect.

What I said the other
day, it wasn't true.

What wasn't?

A frankness...

A man's frankness:

I've never really been with
Recabarren in the north.


Wish I could read all these
papers, Lucio said to me.

And I said, Pin-Stripe can read them.

Get Jos? Dur?n to read
them, Lucio said to me.

And I said, oh, right,
Jos? Dur?n can read.

Revolution has broken out, comrades.
We are now a socialist state!

Comrade Marmaduque is the
one who rules the country now.

Chile is a socialist state, comrades.

We've overthrown a nefarious,
reactionary, oligarchical government.

It was only serving the insatiable
interests of capitalism.

They spent two days in conference:
the one from the plane, Jos?...

...Pin-Stripe, and
the board of directors.

And we stayed there.

And we gathered on the summit...

...and spent two days there
talking about all the news...

...and the revolution.

The nation's economic liberation,
the triumph of social justice...

...and the establishment of the
socialist republic in Chile.

The hunger, nakedness and
helplessness that today...

...plunge a great number of
workers into despair...

...will be immediately remedied.

Appealing against the
huge hoarded fortunes...

...against the ambitions of
foreign capitalism... is our imperative duty
to assert control...

...over our own sources of prosperity.


I want to tell you...

...there mustn't be one single
man without a piece of land.

Nor a piece of land
without a man to tend it.

Hunger... an animal that corners the poor.

It is an animal that...

...we will all have to
band together to kill.

All the poor together.

As long as there are...

As long as some are poor, while
others ride around in sedan chairs.

As long as...

Although we have many things... long as people are poor...

...we won't be free.


...each one has a duty
to all the others.

And also a duty to himself.

There won't be free men in Palmilla... long as there are poor,
exploited people in Huique.

Some day, in all the valleys...

...things will be just
like they are here.

No poor and no rich.

As long as any people are poor
and exploited in Huique...

...and some wear suits and ties...

...while others must live like animals.

These bad habits stick with us.

We can't keep trading our wheat...

...for their mate, tea and sugar...

...nor for factory-made clothing.

They increase the prices
whenever they feel like it.

The one who works the land
isn't free if he isn't also...

...the owner of the factories.

Goods belong to the people who
produce them with their hands.

The poor in the factories are
also exploited and subjugated.

And when we are the owners
of all the factories...

...of all the plantations, when
the workers are the overseers...

...of justice and law, that's socialism.

No rich man will hand over
his wealth the easy way.

Joining together is the
strength of the poor.

Without union, we ain't got nothing.

There will be no selfish
man on the earth.

No poor and no rich
in the land of Chile.

Just men with the same rights, and free.

We will own all of the factories
in all of the valleys.

And everybody will have his
fair share of what we produce.

All of the estates will belong
to all of the peasants.

And everybody will
have his fair share...

...of what we produce.

To El Huique!

To El Huique, to El Huique, Chileans!

To El Huique, to El Huique, Chileans!

?Revolutionary proclamation!

Let's go for it! To El Huique!

Jos? galloping in the wind
on a Thursday morning.

Jos? with his banner
flying through the sky.

Driven by horses with
blood-engorged faces.

Jos? Dur?n riding for
El Huique with his men.

With the kiss of the virgin
on their foreheads.

And Arturo brandishing
his beautiful sword.

Jos? riding the wind with his words.

Red blanket, black blanket,
with a rifle in his hands.

Jos? riding the wind
through green waters.

Here we are.

Tell the men to camp here.

Here we stay.

Bad luck, isn't it? We were so close...

- We ought to at least get something
out of this. - You mean steal stuff.

Didn't you hear we're at war?
That's what wars are for.

For plunder.

Didn't you hear what Jos? said?
No plundering in this war.

Are we all going crazy?

We've endured so much cold
waiting for the snow to melt.

Why don't we just go back?

Whoever wants to live with his shame...

...can walk back along
the road we came from.

Whoever wants to live like
a man, come follow me.

Why don't you leave us alone?
That's where our homes are...

...and also our animals, that
have cost us so much labor.

That's a bunch of bullshit!

As long as there are
wealthy communities...

...that exploit and threaten
the poor ones...

...let there be no snow
that can stop us!

Why are you so sad, Jos? Dur?n?

Take a look, my holy mother.

Snow has stopped me
on my way to El Huique.

Why are you so sad, Jos? Dur?n?

Take a look, my holy mother.

Snow has stopped me
on my way to El Huique.

That's why you were born a man
and a Chilean, Jos? Dur?n.

And you'll reach
El Huique in two nights.

If I make it there, my holy queen...

...on this spot where I
now fall to my knees...

...I shall build a grand temple.

Why are you so sad, Jos? Dur?n?

Take a look, my holy mother.

Snow has stopped me
on my way to El Huique.

That's why you were born a man
and a Chilean, Jos? Dur?n.

And you'll reach
El Huique in two nights.

If I make it there, my holy queen...

...on this spot where I
now fall to my knees...

...I shall build a grand temple.

May your will be done
on Earth, Jos? Dur?n.

Hunger is an animal
that corners the poor.

Let's go to El Huique. There
we'll establish socialism.

Let there be neither poor nor
rich in the free Chilean land.

Let there be neither poor nor
rich in the free Chilean land.

The roads will be lined with
flags waved by the poor.

Jos? Dur?n was the man
germinating within all men.

Jos? riding the wind
through green waters.

Red blanket, black blanket,
grasping a rifle in his hand.

Let there be neither poor nor
rich in the free Chilean land.

We would like to know what
you think you're doing here.

We're the government now.

Now it's for the people!



Let's reduce prices!
Let's distribute the land!

There's no need to be afraid.
We've come from Palmilla... do justice.

And walking behind Jos?
we entered a big hall...

...and he sat down behind a
writing desk and said...

...nothing more, but just
stared straight ahead.


We had not expropriated
the land yet, out of fear...

...that's what Pin-Stripe said.

So, Jos? Dur?n ordered us to go...

...and get the people together.

- This land is yours.
- You've worked it.

We're here because of our
president Marmaduque's orders.

And because of comrade Matte.
They have ordered socialism.

What can we do? The landlord
has always been the same.

If we take the land, they'll
come and kill all of us.

Don't get into trouble. If Don
Fernando finds out you're...

...going to meetings, he'll
throw us out on the street.

No, you shouldn't be afraid, madam.

They are now required
to form trade unions.

Don't you know that's what the
people are doing in the north?

Don't you know that the poor rule now?

You'll also want to
come get your cards...

...because we have to
create a political party.

The revolution is all around us, madam.

If what you're talking about
is good for the poor...

...then we want those cards.

Right this way, little
comrades, right this way.

We'll take care of you over here.

- Name? - Eulalia D?az.

Eulalia D?az.

So, the women are more
committed than you men?

This land is yours. You've worked it.

We would like to take it.

But then the owners and the men
in uniforms will put us in jail.

Don't be afraid, comrade. We've
got shotguns, we've got hands...

...and stones and sticks
to defend ourselves.

If you want, we can have an
assembly here and now...

and together decide
how to split the land.

I like San Pedro's smallholding.

No, by law it ought to be mine.

Hey, that's the one he wanted.
Those are the best lands.

Wait, little comrades, wait.

That's no way to do it, comrade. Wait.

That's no way to do it.

If each one is gonna have his
own smallholding to sow...

...whatever he likes, that's
called private property.

Sure, that's what you
came here to tell us...

...that each one of us should
have his own smallholding.

No, what we say is that the land
belongs to every man on Earth...

...and we must all sow it together.

And all together we're gonna
be the owners of the land.

We have to take out of our
minds the idea of working...

...for our own benefit.

We should take care of
the general welfare.

When the poor man starts
thinking only for himself...

...he quickly becomes rich.

And once he's rich, he must
exploit other poor people.

And that's no socialism.

Socialism doesn't want for some
people to be richer than others.

Socialism wants all
of us to be the same.

And for us to have the same rights.

That's what we have been fighting for
here in the streets of Huique.

To get that understood.

Well, if you want, we can
keep talking in our house.

Whatever you want, Miss.

Let's continue the
assembly there, alright?

Alright. Hand me the book, comrade.


Are the powers-that-be going to
side against Jos? Dur?n?

That's what they're talking
about all over the village.

Some prominent families have joined
together to go talk to the President.

What have you been told, Jos? Dur?n?

That's not yet certain.

But we're accomplishing
the President's orders!

And President Marmaduque's
forces are going to come!

Didn't you hear that this is
now a socialist country?

We should move more swiftly to
distribute the land, Jos? Dur?n.

What a man owns, he will defend.

We should expropriate the factories
and the stores to give them... the poor. They will
defend them all together.

That's what this is for!

Sign this decree, Jos? Dur?n.

We should have returned home.
Few of the people have rallied to us.

The poor seem to be scared.

Let's take advantage of the mild
weather. The horses are rested.

Let's return to Palmilla.

Even the processions are against us.

Those rich folk out there
assume we're not able... handle their kind of power.

As if that were the point.

We're not talking about changing
or remodeling the system.

We're talking about destroying it.

And the power that we'll
create, any working man...

...will be able to wield.

Any peasant.

Good evening, Mr. Jos? Dur?n.

I've come to speak on behalf
of the private sector.

Good evening.

Businesses may be
forced to close up shop...

...due to these low prices
that are ruining us.

As democrats and businessmen
we claim our rights.

As democratic citizens,
businessmen and farmers.

The land belongs to us. We
inherited it from our grandfathers.

It was stolen from the poor and
to the poor it must be returned.

And if commerce closes its
doors, lands and stores...

...will be given to the poor.

Give me that decree, I want
to sign it in front of him.

If you'll excuse us, we'll retire.

Tomorrow, first thing in the morning...

...pass out merchandise and
work equipment to the people.

[A nonstop, indecipherable cacophony of
bourgeois indignation and complaints.]

Tell me, what do you want?

Well, you now represent the
law and the constitution.

I'm here for that reason. To help
you preserve constitutionality.

So, here I am.

At your service, for
whatever you command.

Mr. Dur?n...I think that's your name?

We have gathered a delegation
of women to talk to you and...

...clear up some of the
worries that plague us.

With so many armed men in the village.. could create a series of events...

...we wouldn't like to see take place.

We're afraid of pillaging, sacking.

Lady, we have to pillage! But
don't worry, it'll just be a little.

Frankly, I don't know why we didn't
just pillage and then go away.

But here we were, Jos? pacing
up and down the room.

He comes and he goes.
Taking big strides.

And Pin-Stripe was smoking a cigarette.

And we stood there alone.

...responsibility for what your
men do in these circumstances.

That's fair.


Now, the issue is...'s time for the rich
to get used to the poor.

History does not forgive
those revolutionaries...

...who vacillate at just the moment
when it is possible to seize power.

God save Chile...
You can see it's Your country...

So I went outside for a while.

The street was full of groups of people.

Some of them were going around
in the procession with a Virgin...

...who regarded us with
a very severe expression.

She wasn't the same
one I had seen before.

I said to Lucio, she looks different.

There seem to be two of her.

One for these old faggots
and another for the poor.

We are the owners of Chile.

We have the money and the land.

What is called the people
is just a pliable multitude.

Steered or purchased by us.

What are these thieves thinking?

No son of a bitch is going to
come and take my land.

No one has taken it as of today.

And we respect the law.

Then what did you come for,
with rifles and shotguns?

We came to make the
socialist revolution.

Don't you know it's what
the president has ordered?

Colonel Marmaduque and
that gentleman Matte.

Listen to me.

Marmaduque was thrown out
of the government ages ago!

Now Alessandri is in charge again.

Hear that, numb-nuts? I told
you Jos? had gone crazy.

He's crazy.

Are you the Sergeant?
Fulfill your duty...

...and restore order.

Throw out these bandits.

Oh, sure...

Uphold the constitution.

You think I want to get
myself killed for no reason?

We must have peace. Order and peace.

Order and peace.

Freedom, gentlemen, is
the right of the best...

...and the strongest.

Great forces are coming
to fight against us, Jos?.

They say thousands.

We've got to hold out!

Tell the people to join us!

It's useless, Jos?. It seems
we're standing alone.

We'd better go back to
Palmilla and hold out there.

We've come to talk with you.

If you want to save your life
you'd better retreat now.

You still have time.

We come on behalf of the major
to suggest that you leave El Huique.

Avoid bloodshed at all costs,
Jos?. You've been duped.

Marmaduque is no longer
in charge of this country.

The president is now
Mr. Arturo Alessandri.

Marmaduque was overthrown by D?vila,
but then D?vila got the boot as well.

Alessandrini is now the
constitutional president.

It would be a mistake, man...

The mistake was not
finishing all of you off.

The mistake was not having
shot you for being robbers...

...and exploiters.

What did you call us,
you rotten scoundrel?

That's enough. It's all over.

Now, get the fuck out of here.

We have to resist at all costs!

I am Mr. Fernando Razo y Sabal.

Son, grandson and great-grandson
of Chilean presidents.

We carved up the land, from the
mountain range to the ocean.

We carved up trees, and bodies.

We, the gentry, with our coat of arms:

A whip and an espadrille.

Sweet fascists, accept the vows
that Chile swears at the altar.

Yours will be the graves of the free,
the ones born against oppression.


It felt as though we had been
placed under a curse.

Quietly, without a word.

Jos? was ahead and he didn't
turn back to look at El Huique.

Good evening, gentlemen.

The major came and told
us, get out of the valley.

The major said he was
going to put us out.

Because these lands didn't belong to us.

They belonged to a gentleman in Paris
who bequeathed them to his relatives.

One old man said: we'll go
to see the president...

...he has given us these lands.

I come in the name of President
Alessandri, said the major.

He also said we were troublemakers
because we went to...

...El Huique and made
a mess of everything.

You've got 24 hours... leave peacefully,
that's what he told us.

And he turned around and
rode back into the hills.

I've came here in the name
of the president, gentlemen.

You've got 24 hours to leave peacefully.

And just what did you expect
would happen, Jos? Dur?n?

This is what you get for
arrogance, Jos? Dur?n.

This is what happens when
a man challenges authority.

This is what comes of
being proud, Jos? Dur?n!

Of putting on airs, Jos? Dur?n.

This is what you get for
arrogance, Jos? Dur?n!

How many rifles have
we got in the valley?

And how many men know how to shoot?

Stop talking and thinking!

The rich man always wins when it
comes to discourse and reason.

That's why he invented them.
To outwit the poor man.

Aren't there any real men here?

We shall be free or dead in this valley!

That's why we have come here
from all over. To finally have...

...a place to live.

We've gotta fight for it.
I won't go back, comrades.

And for any one of you who's scared...

...take a look at us women,
whose hands do not tremble.

We must fight with rifles,
stones and sticks.

Get your rifles!

This war is starting now
and it will never end!

With the eyes emptied and
the chest broken...

With the hands cut off and
the land bloodstained...

They made him fall down in the dirt.

He was dragged through
rivers and over mountains.

And the man, with his eyes wide open...

...was placed on the
highest peak of the hill.

So that Jos? could see the
whole valley from there.

And all the dead people, as well
as the last few who were living.

We play on a thread that's golden,
And we play on a silver thread...

...a lady came and said to me,
"What lovely daughters you've bred."

I sure bred them, I sure bred them,
and somehow I feed them too...

...with the bread that God provides
me, and a jug of water too!

With the eyes emptied and
the chest broken...

With the hands cut off and
the flag bloodstained...

With the eyes emptied and
the chest broken...

With the hands cut off and
the flag bloodstained...


With thousands of men
the land will be filled.

The land will be full of colors.

And the land will be
filled with children.

And new living people
will cover the land.

With new songs and new sounds.

With new songs and new sounds.

Of those who didn't
understand well enough...

Of those who fell without
seeing the dawn...

Of blind sacrifices with
no retribution...

...the revolution was also made.

Of those who didn't
understand well enough...

...the revolution was also made.

Of those who fell without
seeing the dawn...

...the revolution was also made.

Of blind sacrifices with no retribution...

...the revolution was also made.

"Of those who didn't understand enough,
Of those who fell without seeing dawn...

Of blind sacrifices with no retribution,
Of those who were left in the road...

...the revolution was also made."