The Perfect Host: A Southern Gothic Tale (2018) - full transcript

When a lonely, young woman returns to Lake Village to bury her grandmother, she resorts to staying with an old man and woman who claim to be friends of the family. There is something strange about the elderly people but even stranger about their home, the historic and infamous Allen House. At night, strange sounds, cold whispers, and an overall sense of dread emanate from the walls. As the young woman's time there draws on, she slowly unearths the depths of horror that befall the house and its dwellers.

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Oh, good evening, dear.

I'm sorry. I...

...I just wanted to stop by and have
a more private moment with her.

Well, forgive me, dear.

I'll go.
I'll just go now.

Where'd you get that?


Your necklace, where did you get that?

It was my mothers and
her mother's before that.

Mamaw had one just like it.

Yes, I gave it to her.

It's to protect you.

Women in my family seem to
believe that sort of thing.

Alma believed most of it...too.

Alma was like my blood.

Well, if there's anything now that I
can help you with...

...if you need a place to stay or to rest,
here. Don't hesitate.


I wish you the best.

Did you get Mamaw's power turned back on?


Come on, Julie.

Get over there,
and go through her things...

...or leave.

I want you out of my house, now.

A few more nights is all I need,
and you will never see me again - ever.


I'm your fucking blood.

It's never mattered before.
Ain't gonna start now.

You can have Mamaw's house, Kristy.

I don't want the house, Julie.

I don't need the house.



I am so, so sorry.
I think we've come to the wrong place...

I want you out of my house, right now.


Mrs. Frances...

...I'm sorry I stepped in...

You know her?

This is Alma's granddaughter, Julie,
and her daughter...



They're going to be our guests for a few days.

I guess it slipped my mind to tell you.

Can I have a word with you?

...I'm very glad you're here,
both of you.

This way.

I really feel like I'm intruding on you.

If your husband doesn't want us to stay,
you know...

Listen, Julie.
I'm in charge in this house.

What he thinks or wants
is of no matter.

I want you here, both of you.
And that's that.

It's such a big house.

Too big.

It's really easy to get lonely inside those walls.

Too many things...

...lots of history inside there.

Go ahead.

In the hall, we have some extra rooms, but...

...this one, this one is the nicest one.

I don't know how to thank you enough
for helping us out - letting us intrude.


...get down from there.

Here's the key.

We don't lock these rooms up here,
but we want to respect your privacy... please lock yourselves in.

Now, ugh, the bathroom is down the way
on this side of the hall.

Let me take your jacket downstairs...

...and I'll hang it up down there.

I forgot.

Yeah, there.

What's that?

It's for protection.

Do we need protection?

Oh, everybody needs protection, dear...

...whether it's Saint Christopher or...

...The Devil's Shoestring.



Mrs. Frances is weird.


I think...I think there might
be a window open in there.

Ellie, are you asleep?

Ellie, are you asleep?


♪ Rock-a-bye baby in the tree top
when the wind blows the cradle will rock. ♪

♪ When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall. ♪

♪ And down will come baby, cradle and all. ♪


What are you two doing?

Oh, just playing.

Look what Mrs. Frances let me have.

That's nice, Ellie.

Sit, please.

Did you rest well last night?


Oh, good.

Do you want juice, coffee, or milk?

Coffee, please.

You stay away from that old man, okay.


Because I told you to.


What about you, darling?
Did you rest well?

Answer her, Ellie.



Why are you being weird?

Be nice to her, okay?
She's being nice to us.

Mrs. Frances?


The room upstairs...

...the one at the end of the hall...

Was there a problem?


...there was a draft coming from the inside....

...maybe a cracked window or something.

We lost the key to that room years ago.

We seldom use the second floor.

Bad knees and what not...

I just thought it might
help with the heating.

I'm sorry.
I'm being nosy.

It was in the summer, mostly.

Her mother would come by to clean,
and she'd bring Alma.

We always had such a big time.

You wouldn't believe
the things we've been through.

Ellie looks so much like her.


Stay in there, okay? Don't touch anything.





Don't shush me.

I don't want you running around this house.


Since you're going to Alma's,
would you like me to watch over Ellie?

It's really no problem.

You go do what you need to.

I've watched over children all my life...

...and Harold's going to town soon,
so it'll just be her and me.

Would you rather stay and play?

I don't care.

I have some dolls.

We'll have a BIG time!

Remember what I told you earlier, okay?


She'll be in safe hands.

Come on, little one!


Hey Jonathan?



This ain't me,
but you can leave me a message.

Hey Jonathan, it's Julie.

I'm in town for Mamaw's funeral,
and I'll be around for a few days.

And I was wondering if...

If you're...

...if you're around, and... would be nice to see you, considering...




Ronnie, get your stuff.

What's wrong?
What's the matter?

Ain't nothing the matter.

I got things to do, and your car is blocking me in.


...take that.

I'm not your fucking hooker.

Okay, fine.

I'll move your fucking car.

But you'd better get your shit,
and not be here when I get back.


Pretty close.

How are you?

I'm fine.

I didn't know I'd see you.

You been okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

You look good.

Look, I'm sorry I couldn't
make it to her funeral yesterday.

I just...
I didn't want to...

You want to go somewhere?

Like out...

...away from here.

I thought I wanted to do this now, but...

Sure, yeah.

Think I know a good place.

What is this dump?

You think this is a dump?

What, do you work here?

And to think, my Momma said I'd never
make anything of myself.

You own this place?

Welcome to my legacy, Julie.

Ladies first.

I can't believe you don't think
I could own my own place.

Do you blame me?


So, what do you think?

It's fine.

Kinda all the shitty, trashy things from here...

...balled up into one hole in the wall.


You want another one?

It's kinda weird seeing you here...

...Twilight Zone...



...doing all the things you used to hate me for.

Hard times.


Since you got your mamaw's house,
you thinking about staying around a little bit?

You thinking about leaving?

Kinda waiting to see what this girl does.

What about your kid?

How's he?

He's a she.
And I didn't think you knew about her.

Is she mine?

Would it make a difference?

She's not.

I'd still love to meet her.

I'm not bringing her around you.

Hey boy... open?

Go home, Charlie. You know it's Sunday.

I thought you might feel like
selling a thirsty man a drink.

I ain't going to jail, Charlie.

Hell, boy.

I got cash.

Well, you can come back tomorrow.

You an asshole.

Your drinking buddy?

Look, we better get out of here before he comes back
begging for another drink.

But you just told him not to come...

He'll forget.


Watch your step.

What are those?

Those are snares, darling...

...a trap of sorts.

It catches things.

When I was a little girl,
your grandma and I used to play with those dollies there.

And then... little girl did too.

Let's let this be our little secret...

...yoru secret hideout.

Hi, Frances.

Why don't you play here...

...while I show the father around.

How does that sound?



One of Mamaw's friends invited us to
stay with them.

You make it a point to shack up with strangers?

Do you?


So where does this friend live?

Why, you keeping tabs on me?

Maybe I am.

It's this huge, fucking house... the middle of town.

You oughta see it.

You're staying in The Allen House?


Jesus Christ, Julie.


That place is haunted.

You're just trying to get me to
come over to your place.

I'm not.

I swear I ain't lying.

People have died there.
That's a fact.


Don't believe me.

At least it's better than you staying at some dump.

Like your place?

Yes, like my place.

Thanks for the booze and the talk.


And seriously...

...I want to meet your daughter.

So just...


...alright, I'll bring her by before we leave.



Welcome back.

Glad you made it before the storm began.

Yeah, it looks...

...bad out there.

Did you find anything?

Just some old photographs...

...things of that nature.

Nothing worth much, you know...

...where's Ellie?

Ellie and I just made supper.

Wow, you made supper?

Harold and I would like you to join us, if you'd like.

Did you have a good day today?
Did you have a good time?

I got to, um, play with some dolls
in Mrs. Frances'...

It's okay.



...take this.

What about you?

I know this house inside and out, I...

Mom, I don't want to be
down here anymore.

Oh darling, don't be afraid.

It's just a storm.

Tell you what... two go on,
and I'll bring the food up to you instead.

Julie... are very lucky
to have such a lovely daughter.


...I'm sorry.
I didn't know she was asleep.

Goodnight, dears.



I heard this house was a sort of
legend in Lake Village.

I've heard these stories too, dear.

I figured.

There's nothing here I don't know about...

...I assure you.

Good night, dear.

And if you have trouble seeing the ghouls,
you know where the lamps are.


Is that you?

Yes, yes mam.
I just broke your lamp.

Are you hurt?

I'll be fine.

Do you need something?


...uh, yes, oil.
I needed oil.

And um...

...I didn't know you were in here.

I thought you were in bed, so...

...and now I'm intruding.

So I apologise,
and I'll get a broom.

That's okay. I'll sweep it up when I'm done.

Then you can use my lamp.

And I'll leave you to it.

And I apologise again.



You're forgetting your oil.

So I am.

I'll just go to bed instead.




Go back to sleep, baby.




Oh, I'm sorry, dear.

It's okay.

Where's your little one?


I've been looking for both of you...

Oh my god...

...where is she?

I have no idea.

Mrs. Frances!

Ellie, where have you been?
Your mother is worried sick.

Elllie. Where have you been?

Jesus Christ.

Where did you find that, dear?

Answer her.

Where did you get this?

You're stilling things too, now, huh?

Give it back.

Now go in there and get your clothes on.
You're coming with me.

But I want to stay and play with my dolls.

Well, you can just forget about that now.


I hope she hasn't hurt anything.

It's fine.

You needn't be so hard on her.

It's nothing, really.

You forgot this in the bathroom.

Momma, do you believe in ghosts?

No, I don't.

Why not?

Why should I?

Ellie, why do you ask me that?

You told Jonathan that you saw somebody.

Listen...'ve been snooping around.
Ellie's been exploring.

I'm sure they expected that.

It's easier to say the door's locked
and they don't have a key... they don't have to worry about you two.

Everybody's got something to hide, Julie.

Just let it go.

Or you can come stay with me.

I bet my place is looking
a little more attractive to you now, isn't it?

'Cause there's no ghosts in my house,
and that's a fact.

Momma doesn't believe in ghosts.

Well, that's good, Ellie.

Ellie, why don't you go play.


I can't stay with you.

Yes... can.

Look, nothing's going to happen.
I'll even sleep in another room - I swear.

I'm not gonna go through this with you again.

We are not stupid kids anymore, Julie.

Well, you're not the one that had to leave.

Let's not start this.

You're trying way too hard to be mad at me,
and you shouldn't.

I'm a charming mother fucker.

Hey... need another round?


Bartender, two more!

Ellie, let's go to Mamaw's.

More for me.


Sure was nice to meet you.




Come inside.

It stinks inside.


It's cold.

Well, it's cold out here.


Fine, but don't go roaming around, okay?

This is from Mamaw.



Did you find what you were looking for?

I suppose.

I'll go back tomorrow morning,
but that's pretty much it.

Was it harder than you thought it would be?

I don't remember what I thought it would be.

It's just lonlier.

You never get used to it...

...that feeling.

You just...

...learn how to deal with it.

What the hell?

I'm losing my mind.


...Ellie, get up.

I'm sleepy, Momma.

C'mon, Ellie.
Ellie, we're going to Jonathan's.

Get up!


Ellie, get up,
and put your shoes on.


My shoes...

I don't care.

Get over here now.

I'm really scared.


...this is what we're gonna do.

We're gonna go back in there,
and we're gonna get all our things...

...and we're gonna go.


We're about to leave,
and we're never coming back.

Going somewhere?

I hope we didn't wake you.

Oh, you didn't wake me.

Are you leaving?


Oh, yes.

Just for the night.



...told a friend I'd come by...

Will I see you again?



Bye, sweetheart.

Good night.

Is that her?

You piece of shit...



Get the hell out of here.


I'm done with you, asshole.

I'm done with all y'all.

Ain't nothing to see here, folks.


See that nice lady over there?
That's my sister, Rhonda, okay?

She knows all about you.

Why don't you go see if
she's got some peanuts for you, okay?

It's okay, Ellie.


Hey, what the hell is going on with you?



Here, here, here, here.

Calm down for a second, okay?

Can we stay with you tonight?

Yeah, we can go there now if you want.

What's the matter?
You're really starting to freak me out here.

I don't want to talk about it.
I just want to know if we can stay with you.

Yeah, of course.

Of course.



Can I buy you a drink or something?



...we can go now if you want.
Rhonda can close up the bar.

It's fine.
It's fine.

It's just...

...I'll be alright.



...let's go on in, alright?

It's gonna be okay.

Thank you.



Welcome, uh... my place.

This place is really nice...

Come in?

Come in?
...much nicer than where we used to live.

...much nicer than where we used to live.

No, not really.


I guess you'll see when you come in.

What sounds good?

I got beer, whiskey, scotch...



Yeah, you're gonna need water.

Stop messing with my wallet.

What do you want to do?

I'm a responsible adult...

...with a child...

...and responsibilities.

What the hell you talking about?

Are you asking to sleep with me?


I'm tired.

What's wrong with you now?


Did you sleep okay?

I like Jonathan.

Coming in?


It'll probably be the last time
you get to see Mamaw's house.

If you get cold, you come inside, okay?


What you doing in there, Ellie?


What you colouring?

A picture of my mom, and me, and the car.

What kind of car is that?

Herbie car.

Ah, well that's cool.

That's a pretty picture.

Thank you.

You ran away.

I just came by to...

...say goodbye before you head out.


I just...

...I just want to go...


You're welcome to join us.

That'd be real nice, huh?

Maybe some other time.

You be good to your momma, Ellie.

Bye, Jonathan.

My offer with always stand
if you ever make your way back here again, okay?

Momma, why can't we stay?

Because, baby.

I want to go with Jonathan.

I didn't ask you what you wanted to do.

Let's go inside, now.


Well, you can stay out here...

...but I got the keys.


Today, I spoke with Fran
and expressed my sorrow.

Words can not express the sorrow I feel.

How could a loving God
take someone so young.



Fran has gone silent.

I cannot blame her.

I cannot blame her.

I pray the last words she says to me aren't...

...I just want to die. I just want to die.

Where are you?

It's time to go.


And so it is that we are, all of us,
possessed of both love and hate...

...and we'd do well to remember that.

Let us pray.

That little dolly belonged to my daughter.

And she wants you to have it.

You have a daughter?


And she's just about your age.

Would you like to meet her?

Dear Heavenly Father,
it is through your grace alone that we are saved.

In the name of The Father and The Son...

One last time...

♪ What a peace is mine,
leaning on the everlasting arms. ♪




Oh dear...

...what has your mother done?



What have you done to her?

No, uh, I...
... I did nothing.

It was Frances.




I know it's you.


Ellie isn't here.

Listen here, Frances.

Get that thing away from me,
and give me my daughter.

She's not your daughter.

Not anymore...

You're fucking crazy.


Oh, do not listen to her, LaDell baby.

She's not your mother.

Careful, dear.

The spirits are on my side...

...and you wouldn't want to get them angry.

There are no spirits.

You're fucking crazy.


Shh, shh, shh.

Don't cry, baby.



...yes, she is.

Julie, do you know why?

Because you are a terrible mother...

...ungrateful for what God has given you.

So now, He's taken her...

...He's taken yours...

...and given

...and given my

...and given my baby

...and given my baby back.

Come here, baby.

Let's go home.

No, do not leave with my baby.


No, dont!

Please, don't take her away from me...

Please, don't take her away from me...


Subtitles by explosiveskull