The Oil Prince (1965) - full transcript

'The Oilprince' is an unscrupulous businessman. He looks forward to a lucrative deal with the "Western Arizona Bank'. He sells the bank oil wells at Shelly Lake that do actually not exist. The Oilprince learns that the colonists would like to settle at Shelly Lake. So The Oilprince exchanges the scout of the settlers by one of his minions to give them another route. But soon The Oilprince has to recognize that he has not counted on Winnetou, the righteous leader of the Apaches, and his blood brother Old Surehand.

I'll meet you in front of Jenkins' house.
Go now!

And if I chase you around the world,
Oil Prince, I'll kill you.


Did you see him, Mathews?
- Come on, Mr Jenkins.

You can't stay here.
- He ruined me,

because I didn't want to sell.

Now Jenkins has to sell.

We don't want to waste any time.
In Chinla they are already waiting for us.

Mr. Kowacz, please understand my situation! I'm ruined

if you don't help me!
- The president of our bank scores first tomorrow one.

I can't decide.
- Just a short-term loan.

I have to rebuild everything again.
- I can not help you.

The suitcase above too.
- Oil Prince!

Now you get what you wanted.
I'm selling. But the price is high!

Pay, Oil Prince! Pay!

Father! They killed a man!
They stabbed him with a knife!

Oh my God! I don't understand
why we're still sitting around in Chinla.

What happened again?
- Someone got killed there.

Why don't we continue? Now!
- Surehand will send us a scout,

that's how long we have to endure.
So now don't stand here any longer.

Surehand won't let us down.



Excuse me, but aren't you on guard?

Don't need to be afraid.
The brook trickles peacefully.

I don't know.

Surehand! You can sleep on,
Winnetou must have been late.

Ah yeah.

I have to remember that,
do you always do it like this?
- Yes.


Winnetou knows nothing can scare his friend Old Wabble.

I knew you weren't late.
- Greetings, my white brother.

Does Winnetou stamp like a herd of buffalo?
Can you hear his footsteps while you sleep?

Who could hear you?
When Wabble is on guard, I know no sleep.

This is Bill Forner.
He is to lead the trek of settlers to Lake Chinla.

If the Utahs and the Navahos are sensible,
they'll let the settlers take over the land...

around Chinla Lake.
- It won't be easy

negotiate a good price with them.
- Why price? They don't have a penny.

Are they that poor?

But then my white brother will have to find wise words.

We continue north.
- Look out.

This is the letter for my old friend Campbell.
Bring the trek safely...

to Chinla Lake. And take care, boy.
- I'll do it. Good bye.

- Whoa!

The oil well is here.
- So right on Chinla Lake.

The settlers will never reach the lake.

And what about the title deed?
- Ah!

Mr. Duncan won't pay until the Indians cede the land to them.

Leave that to me.
- And if the settlers arrive at the sea?

They don't. The scout takes them to Lake Prescott.

It is said that the scout is already arriving today.
What will they do then?

Nonsense. The one you mean never arrives.

Brrr! - The shot came from the ridge.

You idiot! Why weren't you faster?
What if Surehand heard the shot?

So here is the letter.
Your name is Bill Forner, do you understand?

Remember: Bill Forner. Go now!

Wait! Here are his tracks.
The shot must have come from this direction.

The tracks continue upwards.
- I'll take a look around here.

Oh, I saw them a long time ago,
very old traces.

For the mayfly, 100 heartbeats are
as much as a part of their childhood.


We heard a shot, but the boy was stabbed.

Who benefits from his death?
- No idea. But I'll find out.

They took the letter from him.
So someone has a use for it.

I must warn the settlers in Chinla.
- Winnetou rides to the Navajos.

Nitsas-Ini accompanies me to the Utahs.
There we wait for Old Surehand,

for negotiating with Mokashi.
- Is good. Here.

Ah, my pleasure!
- Finally I meet the man

who could steal $50,000 from a Duncan without even...

see a thimble full of oil.
- And you are a man, Mr Duncan,

who boldly wants to start a business.
But others are also interested in it.

But that was just for fun.
I make an offer You know the price.

You sell to me.
- Your price is good, but I want more.

I'm not the Bank of America!
What do you think I am?

50,000 is a proud price.
- $75,000, my last word.

Don't forget how soon you can double
your money with this. - All right.

But this is blackmail! Agreed.
Once the oil starts bubbling,

see how generous Duncan is. Right, Kowacz?
- Mr. Duncan is a very generous man.

After viewing, payment will be made by check.
- The check is actually covered.

We ride tomorrow morning.

My God, is that a whiskey!
The purest rat poison!

Perfume is not for drinking,
but for smelling. put it back down.

I am nervous. The gorilla looks so
glassy again. What would he say to us?

When does it start?
When do we finish the settlers?

What are you talking about "finish them"?
We spoil the area for them

so that they finally evaporate.
- What are you looking for up here?

Are you crazy to come to my room?
Get off the bed!

And that we understand correctly: one dead body is enough!

What then? It was a kind of self-defence.
- Shut up! you only make sure

that the settlers cannot reach Lake Chinla.
No bloodshed, okay?

We're not Sunday school.
And if the settlers give us trouble

then it is nothing more than self-defence.
- I'll pay you, butler!

You do what I tell you! Now get out.

Do you know where I can find Mr. Campbell?
- Yes I am. I'm Campbell.

Is this for me?
- Yes, by Old Surehand. I'm the scout

My name is Bill Forner.

Hello Darling!

Do you really want to hang up laundry?
It won't dry any more.

The scout is coming today.
The last knight of Chinla throws himself at your feet.

Don't overdo it. This is women's work.
- But once we're married...

Alright. I warn you,
this will be worse than prison for life.

Last month I drove over 1,000 cattle
to California. No fear,

A handful of settlers is a trifle.
- We are not cattle!

We need a scout, not a drover.
- May I introduce you to our scout?

Thanks, he's already done that himself.
- What do you think Old Surehand sent me for?

As for your friend Mr. Surehand,
I am no longer curious,

to get to know him.
- Lizzy, this is...

Come on, my darling, this is not the company for you.

She is very strict and values ​​good manners.
She is German.

But she doesn't mean it as seriously as it sounds.
It is only...

Her father was a pastor,
and her brother must be some kind of...

You know, he can play the organ.
A very honorable family.

Where are you going, Aurelius?
- Oh, just a little peek.

Another little one? You already know.
- A little morning pint.

But not on an empty stomach!
- Then I'm not sober anymore.

Ah, Professor Hampel! May I introduce?
Our new scout, Bill Forner.

Look at that. Nature is full of wonders.

So everything is clear between us now.
They lead us to Chinla Lake.

Hey you three, come here!

These are my three boys: John, Jim and Jack.


Your paws are probably so dirty
that you hide them in your pockets.

So, gentlemen, the first thing you will hear
is the overture from my latest opera.

Professor Hampel!
- Aurelius!

Do you want to strum for hours now?
- Yes, I'm coming!

Please excuse me, gentlemen.
Is what?

You're going to play us something now,
maybe we'll even sing along.

But please, gentlemen, I have to see Anna!
- Come on, play!

I didn't know you were such an opera lover.

Shut up and play!
- But my opera is not finished yet.

I can only play the overture,
but it's long. Very long.

He must have fallen off his horse.
- Nah, that can't happen to me.

I am not a rider.
- Come on, start tickling the keys,

- How about a lullaby?

Play or Anna will be a widow!
- Feel free to shoot, she's already a widow.

I'm just the brother. So a lullaby.

He's got paws like a piano player.
- Why do you always have the aces,

Diaper poo? Why?
- How do you like?

We don't like that you always
get the aces and we always...

look into the tube, Rastelli!
- I'm embarrassed too.

Old Surehand is coming.
Old Surehand comes to Chinla.

He brings a dead man with him.
- Where is he now?

I passed him at Cross Ranch.

Go over to the settlers.
If they already know Surehand is coming,

Paddy has to leave soon.
Disappear! Then come back again.

We'll give Surehand a little reception
outside by the water tower.

How long do we need to Chinla Lake?
- You have to get up twice more.

And twice you have to go to sleep.
- Then we'll soon be behind us.

Don't worry, I promise you'll get over it soon enough.

What is it, Lizzy? What are you looking for?
- Nothing. I'm just putting something in, father.

I do not want that.
I take care of my own things.

The long waiting here.
He doesn't mean it, he's kind of crazy.

Thank god Surehand sent you in time.

Is everything alright, ma'am?
- Thanks. Your boys helped me a lot.

Oh, that is no problem at all.
By the way, I can well imagine

that our families become neighbors
at Chinla Lake. I mean my youngest

"Jacky" admires you so much.
Of course I also admire you very much

just as much as I admire your brother.
He's a great artist!

And once we're neighbors,
the four of us, we could for you...

I need a fence for the admirers.
- That's exactly what I wanted to say!

We're building a very, very small fence.

Look who's coming.
- I was hoping a gentle breeze

was swinging him on a branch already.
- Yes.

What a surprise: Old Surehand!

What do you want here? Trouble?
- Exactly.

Who got it?
- A friend of mine was killed

but you sure have nothing to do with that?
- These are bad times for good people.

Yes. Life is particularly kind to you.

Old prankster Surehand.
- What kind of business brings you here?

You can guess three times.
- I know you're selling oil rights again.

If the oil wells you sell aren't flowing,
it's not the oil.

Rather, because you are a scoundrel.

You're making yourself unpopular, Surehand.
- Go ahead, pull.

Why not?
That'll save us a lot of trouble.

Don't mind my business,
it'll save you trouble, Surehand.

That boy's killer is in trouble.


Paddy has to go.
Then come to the hotel.

Hello, that's what I call a surprise.

But what's the matter?

Where is your scout?
- Bill Forner?


Bill Baker!

That's the real Bill Forner.

There's this... this rascal!
- Hey you! stop!

Come here!

So, friend, now take a look at this one.

His name is Bill Forner.

And who are you?
Or is your name Bill Forner too?

So, what's on? Speak up!

I didn't kill him, Surehand.
- Then who was it? Who was it?

It was... it was...

Tell me, which room does the Oil Prince have?

It's none of your business!

Get out of here! - Well then, okay.

We don't want any trouble here.

Who wants trouble?

Or do you want to mess with me, gentlemen?
- No.

It's better that way, believe me.

Oh, I didn't want to bother you.

Don't you believe in knocking?
- Not here.

Or am I disturbing you?
- You'll never bother me, Surehand.

What a beautiful view you have from here.

Surely you didn't come to see the landscape?

No. Just the place to give someone a sign.

I don't know what you're talking about.
- You know, I could swear

that someone signaled the man on the roof from here.

What man?
- Don't you know?

Just as the redhead was about to
tell me who killed Bill Forner

at that moment they shot him.
But as I know you

It wasn't you, huh?
- No. But now start to disturb me.

You're really getting on my nerves.
You talk too much.

Get out.


As you want.

I disappear.

Who is this?
Why was he standing behind the door?

Bill Forner was killed with something like that.

Maybe with this knife.
- Prove it.

You're such a smartass.
- Someday I will, my friend.

It will not be long.

You shouldn't have done that, Surehand.

To experience good, one must do good.

We should give the land to the settlers.
You know a lot that is still foreign to us.

The settlers know how to make arable land
out of the steppe. They give us back

what we're going to give them,
so we have to give trust and love.

What if they betray our trust?
- All around the campfires...

they praise the friendship between
Winnetou and Old Surehand.

As long as you trust me, trust him.
And we vouch for the settlers.

Nitsas-Ini will accompany Winnetou to
Mokaschi, the chief of the Utahs.

We consult with him.

Winnetou and I will negotiate with
the chiefs of the two tribes.

Maybe they'll give you the area for free.
- Surehand, if you can't handle it,

I can do that.
- I'll take matters into my own hands

it's better this way. You tell around all over town,

I will be back in 3 days and lead you to Lake Chinla,

but in reality you are packing and leaving secretly tonight

so nobody notices. - It's useless, they'll find us.

You're out of here, that's worth a lot.
- Are they that dangerous?

Dangerous enough, Madam.
The rats come at night and burn your wagons.

Chinla is firmly in her hands.
You can't even defend yourself here.

The Finders are worse than redskins.
- What do you actually know...

about the Finders bandits, huh?
- When they robbed a stagecoach,

was I a witness All were shot.
I was the only survivor.

And what is your experience with redskins?
- If I...

No. I'm sorry, Mr Surehand.

The Indians may give you part of their land.

That's why they want your friendship.
- You can't think of a more sincere...

find friends than us.
- And because of the Finders bandits:

Don't worry, you've got me!

Well, I'll be back in three days.
- He's riding away alone.

Take care!

Send your best people after him
and make sure he doesn't cross my path.

You stay here! I have other plans for you.

All I know is that Old Surehand
isn't a bungler like Bill Forner.

I'm thinking of some kind of hazard pay.
- I want your worries.

I will post a bounty.
- Take Harry, Deadeye and the Mexican.

And not a word about the premium!
- Keep chattering about it outside.

Leave me alone, I have to think.

You stay here!

So now tell me more.
Are you sure it's gold?

How much do you think? 10?

About 10,000?

In an Arizona Commercial Bank money bag?

No, that would be too early.
We can still get that anytime.

They have no idea in the trek that the fellow is so rich.

The sack of gold brings us a lot of interest.

What is that?

You damn cheater!

Stop! I said stop!

Bring the man up, butler.


Hey, what's this about? Behave yourself, my friend.

Don't take any chances.
When i shot

you fire your guns with all you've got.

He doesn't touch a gun anymore.
'Greetings to the Oil Prince,

he shouldn't send such bunglers next time!

Whenever I need you, you are there.
Glad I can rely on it.

Winnetou relies on you too.
There comes Nitsas-Ini.

He accompanies us to the Utahs.
He wants to go with Mokashi...

If they have punctured my boots,
then they can experience something!

See may!


I... had the pleasure of this morning.

I owe you my overture.
- Leave it! We play!

four hands?
- We play poker.

Nah, I can only do "Black Peter".
I only have three dollars

my sister keeps me short.
- Money alone does not make you happy.

And the fools always win, huh?
- Come on, sit down!

So, just a dollar first.
- A dollar.

Well, where's your dollar?
- Oh I see. Please.

That's good. You can look at it.
- No, I already know him.

The cards!
- Oh I see.

So? How much?
- I'm sorry, what?

How many tickets you want to buy.
- No, no, five is enough for me.

Yes and you?

- Pass too.

I bet two dollars.
- What about you?

- But...

Are you marching with me?
- Where please?

Would one of the gentlemen like to march along?

Pants down!

I'm ready for any joke, but...

Four Kings!

Don't worry, old boy.

Is that perhaps "Black Peter"?

Are you the old man from the cardsharp up there?

So you know what to do? Don't forget,
otherwise you will be hung.

We find you everywhere.
- So young and already so naughty.

The settlers must feel sorry for you.
They'll pimp you up again.

You lousy cheater!

Please more reverence for art,
I would like to ask! This is my win!

My clock! My money!
- Aurelius!

Hello Anna.
- Aren't you ashamed, you player?

But Anna, let me explain.

Who won this?
My brother, is it not, gentlemen?

I will help you! To gamble for money!
- Wait a moment.

But that's not how it works.
- Paws off!

He can't just lie here like this.
- Come on, touch it, Aurelius!

Yes, yes, I pull myself together.

Yes, what is that?

Ha! Five aces.

Such a rogue.

If we take the south course,
we'll save at least 10 miles.

But Old Surehand wanted...
- Old Surehand! He shoots a fly...

my eyelashes off, but I'm still the Boy Scout: Old Wabble!

Ah! My head! My head!

I have to put him in the water again.

We're just missing a cheater.

Well, professor, satisfied?
We soon forgot about Chinla.

I thought about the fence.
I find such a fence superfluous.

Do you knock when you visit me?
- I give you my word.

If I visit you, then certainly only if
you have invited me beforehand.

You've already been invited with your boys.
I'm starting a men's choir.

Wherever I sing, I am no longer invited.

I never got out of St. Louis.
But my father was already in Tuscon.

Isn't it very lonely for such a
pretty girl out at Chinla Lake?

I've never been bored.
I plant a garden.

With beautiful flowers and rare plants.
- If you need a gardener...

Someone who trades cards usually
also knows something about flowers.

It's good that you're coming,
I can sing my overture to you right away.

Later, now I'm on duty.
- Just one question: is Winnetou a tenor?

No, Indians. Do you want to insult him?

Rivers of blood have been shed,
so the Utahs are reporting...

the place of evil.
- And Navajo blood was spilled too.

They colored Lake Chinla red.
- Would Mokashi and Nitsas-Ini...

trust my friend Old Surehand,
then the fertile valley could all

bring benefits, you and the settlers.
- Mokashi knows well, Old Surehand...

does not speak with forked tongue.
But who knows if he shakes hands

which determines the flight of his bullet,
puts in the fire for his friends?

I promise. I vouch for their peaceful intentions.

They will gratefully return your
friendship and reward your generosity,

giving you corn, meat and milk.
Because you must know:

They are poor and have no money.
But I vouch for their honesty.

The settlers are welcome.
They shall raise cattle and till the land.

The Utahs will protect them.
- Even the Navajos grant them protection.

I thank my red brothers.

Winnetou and I will bring the good news to the settlers.

Do you know how in the forest bottom I catch the bear?

Smear honey around his mouth,
then he won't hold back for long.

Do you know how I fish fresh fish at midnight?
- Mr Hampel!

Then the moon casts its silver net
and brings it to me at table.

Just be quiet! Don't you know we're
expecting the Finders bandits?

For tea? - No.

Don't you remember the bandits
that hung around the hotel?

Ah, the men from the hotel in Chinla.
And they come here?

Now you've got it.
- I owe them my overture.

Yes. do you have what

wobble! Wabble, I need you to help me.
What am I going to do with the professor?

He fixes me up.
- Except for a little freak, he's...

quite alright. By the way, I'm singing
Buffalo in his new opera.

Buffo, my dear Wabble, Buffo! Come.

Mr Hampel, where are you going?
- Gather impressions!

Artists can't work here.

Do you know how I can make it fly like the birds?

I'll build a boat out of wind...
- They'll make me too!

What is it now?
- We'd rather not go to the log cabin.

The cardsharp only comes when it gets dark,
that's how long we'll wait here.


Oh Wabble! wobble!
The old house of New Orleans!

That backdrop! What an idea of ​​nature.

The muse does not abandon hers.

From the right the chorus of outlaws stagger
onto the stage, and from the left comes...

I, of course! I come at a full gallop,
hoppla-hopp and call: Hey!

No, dear Wabble.
They sing an aria in C major!

What, only at 10 o'clock?


Ah, a guitar!


I think you can play?

A double post is set up behind every second wagon.

The posts are replaced every 2 hours.

Did you understand? - Yes.

Everyone knows what matters.
The guards can...

hang in there for a moment.

Is my brother on guard right now?
- No, I thought he was in the car.

But no. When I last saw him
he was walking away with Old Wabble.

If Old Wabble is with him,
you don't have to worry.

He's also only on the last watch.
So don't worry...

and go to sleep.
- Yes. Maybe everything will stay calm.

Well, Lizzy? We want to deliver
your boarder to you. But watch out,

that he always has his teat,
otherwise he snores in his sleep.

I'm sorry, Lizzy.

How can one be insulted by such louts?
I am insulted...

but with that too!
- Lizzy, I promise you,

that they will never do it again.

Winnetou appears first.
Here Winnetou.

He appears on the rock and sings a grandiose hymn.

Then it gets quiet.
You can hear it getting quiet.

And soft steps. And then comes...
- Riders come.

Who comes? They're coming,
Mr Wabble! - Hush!

The Finders Bandits.

We can't get out of here.
Up on a floor.

I have to get back to the camp quickly,
they've put me on guard duty.

They'll hang me if they find out I'm betraying them.

Is Surehand back yet, that rat?
- No, he's negotiating with the Utahs.

The settlers have no money to buy the land and...

Come on, come out!

You first.

It just pulls a little.
- The purest ghost shed.

Turn on the light.
- When is the oil prince coming?

At midnight, with the banker from Chinla.
How many guards are in camp?

Two. They think you won't attack until dawn, if at all.

How are they armed?
- Just a few guns.

Do they have a campfire? - They let that out.

We need can light.
Set some cars on fire when we get there.

For what sign?
- A screech owl call three times in a row.

In an hour. That nothing happens to the
Klimperheini, he should still play poker.

What's his name anyway?
- Aurelius Ham...

What was that?

Cheaters, look!

Go up.

It's crawling with rats here.

Damn dirt!
- Watch your little fingers, acrobat,

you still need them to mark the
cards for our next little game.

it's time for me Otherwise
nothing will come of our game.

So, three screech hoots in an hour.

We must warn the settlers immediately.
- But how?

Look, visit!

What do you want here?
- I have something important to tell you.

Come on, come with me.

Puff! But that was a dirty game with the cartridges!
- Wait! Winnetou.

The Winnetou cartridge.
Here. - Fast!

Doesn't fit. Ouch!

Ah, from behind.

So run back!

Get the ammo boxes to safety!
Come on, the women help erase!

Watch out for the horses! Away there!
You also go to the extinguishing!

Get new ammo! I have another surprise for the boys.

Return! We gather in the ravine!


Stop the horses!
- They steal our horses!


Brrr! - Winnetou!

We have rest for tonight.
They've lost their memo.

Hello Surehand!
Don't worry, we put the bandits to flight...

I like that.
Write an opera and fill your pants with the overture.

Now that half is dead, you're getting double the cut.

It's your card cheat's fault!
- The idea was good, I owe the guy

a valuable piece of information.
- You mean that the land on Chinla Lake

not even heard of the settlers?
- Yes. Surehand must give it to the Indians...

first beg because they are so "poor".
- I've never seen such a pathetic...

Seen pack of settlers.
And they, of all people, are killing us.

The President of Arizona Commercial Bank
wants to meet you. Behave yourself.

And no matter how bubbling the oil,
I can't get 10 horses on one horse today.

No pain no gain! He's our hero.
Mr. Butler is the leader of the men

which I ordered for your protection.
He cleaned up among the Finders bandits.

They have about 20 dead, but unfortunately I also have casualties.

Mr. Duncan will reciprocate.
- I owe you a great deal.

Meanwhile, you're in good hands with
Mr. Butler and his security force.

Do you want to leave?
- Yes, I have to go to Mokashi,

sign the deed of ownership of the oil well.
- Are you sure you can get along with him?

He is my blood brother.

All campfires will speak of Mokashi's generosity.

But it will also be said that Mokashi
responded to the kind words of a swindler...

fell in. Because the settlers are rich.

You gave me your word. And that's why I believe them.

Is a sack of gold they hide from you proof of their honesty?

Old Surehand vouched for the settlers,
that's enough for me.

So you're saying that people who
have a big sack of gold are poor?

We ride to the settlers!

Now you have to prove what you claimed.

Have you recovered from the excitement?
- Always this shooting.

I can't stand the banging.
- Mr. Wabble offended my brother greatly.

Yes, one can do the other, the other can do one.
I can do something too!

But they won't let me.
I offer myself like sour beer to give you my opera...

to play, but no one has time to listen.
Being able to shoot is what counts.

You're right.
A man isn't always a man just because he has a gun.

By the way, what Old Wabble said about...

over the full pants... He apologizes to you.

Do you also need courage to play a song?
You must have courage.

i'm listening.

Good day, professor.
If you want, I'll turn the pages for you.

That's fine. It's okay.

You know, Richard, I'm awfully proud of you.

You have no reason for that.
I really just wanted to save my skin.

You've been nice to me,
and I wanted to betray you to the bandits.

But that wasn't your idea.
- But I wanted to tell you guys.

But you don't have it.
- I would very much like to stay with you.

Then do it.
- I'm opening a hotel!

Everyone needs a whiskey or some other sip at some point.

And then dance too. On Saturday.
- We'll hang a sign over the entrance

and write on it:
- "Poker players are not welcome here."

Indians are coming! Through the gorge!
- It's all right, my boy.

Don't worry, these are our friends.

mokashi! It is a pleasure for us
that the great chief visits us.

Winnetou is happy about the visit
of the great chief Mokaschi.

Hey people! This is the great chief Mokaschi.
He leaves the country to you.

All of us here thank you, Chief.
We become good neighbors and friends.

The sun is shining, but I see clouds on Mokashi's face.

The truth can drive away the clouds.
- Then force them,

to tell the truth.

There's our oil prince again.
I can't say that Mokashi...

is in good company.
- You don't do that yourself, Surehand.

So go ahead and unpack.
- The Oil Prince says Surehand is lying.

He cheats us out of our country.
The settlers are not poor, they are rich.

Old Surehand never lies. When he gives his word,
he doesn't break it. Never!

I just don't think so.
You don't want to persuade me

do you believe this nonsense?
- The Oil Prince says the settlers have...

much gold in their chariots.
- Gold?

None of us here can scrape together $500.

Mr. Surehand, we really don't have any money, tell him!

This woman is lying, Mokashi!
Have your son search the wagons.

Come on, send your son.

The gold is mine alone!

Old Surehand's forked tongue brought death to my son.

Are there any more poor white men like this creature?

I didn't know. Mokashi, I give you my word

that I knew nothing about it.
- Say your bids: an eye for an eye!

Mokashi says: 50 lives for my son's!

Winnetou's heart is filled with sorrow
for the death of your son.

Winnetou mocks my pain.

The blood of my son waters the earth today.

But tomorrow the earth will be red
with the blood of the settlers.

Mokashi has spoken.

50 lives for one life! Agga tachi tunga.

If I were you, I'd disappear, Surehand.
Then you have the chance

to live a few more days.

You greedy, pathetic dog!
Do you know what you did, miner?

I should kill you!
You know they're coming tomorrow and killing us?

Hey stop!
He can't have done it.


Have a look. And here.

Someone was in big hurry.
These branches were not snapped by an animal.

Wabble, get our horses. I know who did it.

I recognized the knife. Bergmann?
That you didn't kill the chief's son...

I know now. But where does the gold come from?

You must have stolen that! - I was in the stagecoach,

which was then attacked by the Finders bandits. Then they rode away.

A bag of gold had fallen from the packhorse.
I was the only one

who escaped with his life. I took the gold.

It just came over me.
- Now something will come over you again.

The gold may cost you your life.
And the lives of all the innocents here

if I don't find the killer soon.
- The sun moves fast.

My white brother will also have to fight against time.

Wherever the Oil Prince rides,
there I will also find the murderer.

He thinks he doesn't need her protection or he wouldn't have...

separated from them.
- We await Old Surehand's return.

We know you will find the killer.
- Yes. Good bye. - Much luck.

It would be good to take the women and
children to the other side of the river.


The, Wabble. - Hua!


Winnetou knows how dangerous the current is.
We need brave men

to cross the river.
- There is probably no other way

to bring the women and children to safety.

We'll bring the luggage over later.

Don't mess around, boys, lend a hand!
Richard! I'll take the front oar.

John, get that long sell out of the wagon.

Only three women and three children.
- Come on, give me the baby.

Come on, Jack, don't stand there, help!

Richard, the rudder!

The raft!

Get the ropes! Run along the shore!
In the bend we catch them!

Get to the rocks, otherwise we won't make it! hold back!

If we don't stop it, it'll head for the falls!

I can't do it!
- Hey, Wabble! The raft!

Get off!

Hold onto!

So now Tobby and you!
- Lizzy, come on! Tobby, jump up!

Here! Lizzy!


Lizzie! Toby!


They're drifting toward the falls!
- We take the shortcut over the pass.

You go on the first route, I'll try the second!

Hold onto!

Richard! Lizzy! - Winnetou!

Los, Richard!


Just a little poor.
You said that's Arizona's largest oil well!

Would I sell if I could afford to build a bigger derrick?

Wherever you go is oil, only oil! It spills out almost everywhere!

Do you see the entrance to the cave? If you are tired of life

you just have to throw in a match.
The explosion is fabulous! only oil! Well!

You should pump and not sleep!

How that bubbles and bubbles.
- What about the title deed?

What about the check?
- First the deed, then the check.

Oh wait. Can I see?
- Just a formality, for the record.

Really interesting, with all that entails.
Even with a signature.

It's real. - As real as the oil well?

Is something wrong?
- No, no, I'm fine, Mr Duncan.

Then I guess I have no choice.


I would like to recommend gentlemen to take a look inside the cave.

You will be in for a surprise. Oil!
- The fountain down there was poor.


A check can also be blocked.
- That's called a partner.

Come on, Kowacz!
- The Oil Prince comes with the fat paunch.

What, over here? Let lightning strike him!

How about if we honestly share?
- I have a better idea

that will inspire you. Pay attention.

I don't think that was a good idea.
I don't want anything to do with murder!

Really not? The fewer partners,
the more profit. Isn't that a good idea?

Share this prize with me!
- No, you fool!

I no longer have a partner.

Now off to Texas! You never know what Surehand...

Come on, up to the bridge!

You guys are going the wrong way.

I... I'll give you cover fire.
Don't be afraid, old boy. Forward.

Ah yes. He can go.

So, forward.

Hurry up! We have an appointment with Mokaschi!

I wouldn't overdo it!
I don't think the bridge can hold out for long.

Here we come, Surehand!
Do not shoot! We come! Do not shoot!

I knew you would come to your senses!

So, Wabble, the coast is clear.

You scoundrels wouldn't have believed
that I'd catch you so quickly!

Hey Wabble. Catch their horses.
- Can you handle the ones without me?

Don't worry, if they get cheeky, I'll call you.


Everything can be talked about.
I have money

We'll find a way then.
- Of course we'll find a way.

To Mokashi.
He has such a longing for you.

May I ask, gentlemen? Forward!

Beyond the hills Mokashi waits with his warriors.

Can't we do something?

We'll wait another long night.
What if Surehand doesn't make it?

Lizzy, I'd like to speak to your father alone.

Mr. Bergmann, have you given any thought
to the women and children here?

Their gold isn't enough to make up for a single life.

What can I do? It's all pointless.
- Maybe it's not pointless,

when you face the Indians.
- My white friend!

All we can do is wait.

Hey, Wabble!


Bravo. Bravo.

There's no point, the horses
can't last much longer without a break.

We'll give them an hour's rest.
- I need a little sleep too.

I see something for us over there.

Can you do it alone, Wabble?
- Yes. I tie a double knot.

The knife poke doesn't trick me.
- Better tie a quadruple knot.

quadruple? will you pick a fight with me
- I would never dare.

I'll find some twigs and make a fire.
And watch out for those two, okay?


Come over here. Come here.

So, what's on?

I want to do business with you, Wabble.
I have a lot of money

you are a prankster
- Untie me,

then I'll give you $10,000.
- Save your breath!

You'll need it if you're hanged!
- Nonsense! Do you want all your life...

cleaning Surehand's boots?
- Bullshit I don't even clean mine.

Knives! Come back! What about me? Come back Knife!


What happened? - It's gone!

Yes, I see that too.
- I do not understand how he came out the knot.

The boys are working with very mean tricks today!

That wasn't your fault.
I should have known he had a knife.

Do you think you'll see him again?
Let me go, I'll bring it to you.

We'll have your gorilla soon.
He will hang next to you.

Now what if Surehand doesn't make it?

If we had... four guest rooms... yes,
that should actually be enough.

Can you cook well?
- I'm the best cook in the world.

But I want to know now:
What do we do if the Indians attack?

I have an idea!
I know the best Chinese chef from Tucson.

Richard, I want to talk about something else.
- One day you will own...

the most beautiful hotel on the whole Chinla Lake.

Have no fear. I keep an eye on you.

All this waiting! I should talk to damn Bergmann again.

Tomorrow you'll be ashamed that you even thought of it.

Ah, tomorrow. If there's another tomorrow.
- Old Surehand brings the killer.

Yes, Old Surehand will bring him.
It often takes a lot of courage

to have trust.

Yes, I write it behind my ears.

What is that?

That's a coyote.

Just a coyote, nothing more.

Another coyote?

Many animals cry at night.

Coyotes also scream at night.
The warriors of the Utahs are screaming tonight.

Ah. And.

He must be stuck here somewhere.
He can't get out of this gorge.

What if he climbed up there?
- Then he comes back,

the rocks fall off. I know the area here. Come on.

Father! where are you going

Talk to Winnetou.

He got us into the whole thing.
- We should force him

to face the Indians.
- Or we give him a revolver,

that he shoots himself.
- Yes, then they cannot torture him.

Winnetou, I want to speak to you.
- Do you speak.

Is there anything I can do that would help us?

Are you ready to surrender to the Utahs?

It is a path from which there is no return.

It means your death.

Are you ready?

If it saves the others... then I'll do it.

It takes a lot of courage to walk
this path because it is full of pain.

But it wouldn't help anyone,
because Mokashi wants a bigger sacrifice.

Let's trust Old Surehand.

Time is running out.
The settlers wait and Mokashi attacks at dawn.

I'll get him out alive. Stay here.
- No, I'll give you cover fire.

Stop! You obey, old man.

Come on!

So, what's on?

boy! You will no longer wreak havoc with this!


I give up.

Some fire protection, huh?
You were bored, so alone.

you know i was scared Because of you,
of course. Surehand, watch out!

I admire your brother.
When he is engrossed in his work,

nothing can upset him.
- Luther once said:

"And if I knew that tomorrow the world would end,

I would still plant an apple tree today."

And I just planted this little tree.

Will Mokaschi, chief of the Utahs,
listen to Winnetou?

Mokashi will hear what Winnetou,
chief of the Apaches, has to say!

Winnetou offers you his own life
as atonement for your son's death!

take my life But give my friends,
the settlers, freedom!

The Apache people must be proud of their chief!

But Mokashi's word applies!
That's why the pale faces will die now!

My place is with my white friends!
So you have to kill Winnetou too!

So we're going to fight then?
- There won't be a fight.

If Surehand doesn't bring the killer now,
he won't find any of us alive.

Come on, take cover! - Down to the river!


Huh! Huh!


The men up, to the guns!

Ammunition out of the wagons!

Mokaschi! Hey!


Does Mokaschi, chief of the Utahs,
want to see his son's killer?

The Utahs can have it!

That was at the last second, wasn't it?
- Winnetou just couldn't believe

that Old Surehand is late. - Whoa!

Surehand salutes the great chief Mokaschi.

I couldn't come earlier.

watch out now You will also be interested.


Mokashi has the knife that killed his son.

That's the knife he tried to kill me with.
Look out.

You see: this one is the murderer.

Will Winnetou forgive Mokashi?
- We'll be friends again now.

Mokashi thanks Surehand.
I was blinded by hate and in my pain I wanted...

kill many innocent people.
- Will Mokashi keep his word...

and give the land at Chinla Lake
to the white settlers?

Mokashi will welcome the white settlers
as neighbors and friends.

I brought your son's killer.

There he lies, dead.
But the man who instigated him

he lives.

You have also done me a great service.
Yes, really.

How could I know that the man was a murderer?
He was my bodyguard

that's true.
But I had no idea he was a murderer.

You know how it is in my business,
you need protection there.

Thank you for freeing me from him.
I want to be good friends with everyone.

i am a businessman

Mokashi, let's be glad Surehand rid us of that fox.

From this murder boy!

Why are you looking at me like that?
I didn't kill anyone.

That one did it!
I didn't know anything about any of this.

Mokaschi, you know very well that I've always been your friend.

Why else do you think I came to you yesterday?
I did not want to,

that you are being cheated on.
- You lie! you were never our friend

I said: 50 lives for 1 life! Now I say:

You will die 50 times for my son! Agga tachi!

Surehand! Winnetou!
You know what they do to me when...

You can't hand me over to them!


What are we waiting for?
We have a long way to go to Chinla Lake!

Frau Ebersbach!

A nice place, isn't it? - Yes.

Could you imagine that this is a good idea

if we only had one house instead of two?
Then we could save ourselves the fence.

You mean... - Yes.

Aurelius! Mr. Campbell wants to tell you something!
Something terribly exciting!

What are you two so amused about?
- I think we'll tell him.


How would you feel if we chose you as groomsman?

Really? I've never done it, but I'm learning.

Congratulations, Madam.
- Mr. Surehand, do you have a minute?

What is it?
- Richard and I want to get married soon!


I have to say goodbye to you now.
I know you have experienced terrible things.

You fought bravely.
But much more matters is that you are here.

You forget the other.
Here are your neighbors, your friends.

And now live in peace.
- We still have something to say to them.

What then? - Good bye!

Good bye! - Good bye!

Farewell, my white brother.
May the moon not change too often,

before we meet again May Manitou protect you.

Hey! Hey! - Good bye! - Good bye!

Good bye!