The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018) - full transcript

A young girl is transported into a magical world of gingerbread soldiers and an army of mice.

Fritz, he came

Like we do,

with fire? idea -

Good luck

Plus, we can keep an eye on him

What do they know they can not

With one small gesture, shoot it

and take it straight to goal

As we wait

This will not change anything

Each eye is not the same.

Of course

- They did. - I think so

If everything goes right

Go there, I'm looking for where you go, you naughty boy

- What are you doing here? - to catch a mouse

If you can catch him, I will not cook, arrived very quickly bones

We will not wait until the night

Children on children left me alone here

- Look in a state're - we're going to catch rats

- But I - Why?

I think they have them on the floor Come on, Christmas Eve

I really hate

There is nothing we can do.

What happened to you?

- Incredible, father - compliance with this house

I did

I have a gift for you

- is not yet on Christmas day - no problem

I wanted to give you this on Christmas Eve

this is for you

- this is for you - Thank you.

this is for you

There is this mother's bedside

Yes true.

What's Clara?

- I do not know - what happened? jewelry?


- Look - Are you sure?

here are keyhole

If you have a key, the key data needed for mother

it does not matter,

- I'm a first try in the store -


- Thanks Mom. - Clare

Is everything okay?

No, perhaps that is the key

Impossible comes the key

I understand

But to make this night a party, you do not want to go back there?

Clara, Christmas will be here soon

I will do the best for my children

I do not want to disappoint

- I also do not want to participate. - Maybe you're still upset

Important once defended the family tradition

Our family is a value

- I do not care about that - be that cares


What do you think?

Is not it grand?

Yes that is right

accompanied by his brother

You should be careful to keep, Clare

Only if Mom was here.

you will

I have to admit it

If you do, you will be very similar to my mother

recently useless

maybe if you were placed in the attic for a long time, then he just wants to get

And no mention will be provided

Dad must think sense, Clara

My father was not aware that nothing changed

I feel a strange

Hey, write, make sure that did

That said, I can not.

- We will solve it now. - Yeah

I beg you to hurry

It is important to be good tonight,

I do not want any problems with the evening event

Then I will help you

And also you

- What, - Yes, it should be

This is an important night

Always keep this in mind that every year

- What about me? - What about you?

What will happen to me?

We can then Undo

Such I have not yet been

Hello there?

Are you alone?

You see everything, how can I help?

- Hello, Clara - I need your help

I need first aid

Open This Box

Backwards, always backwards

- This does not need to emit light? - I know, but this does not change anything

- Can I? - Please

It seems to be asleep.

This will not change anything



Smart girl

I know you can.

I wonder, Clare, why dance instead of me?

I need your help


I do not see it was a very long time

I did the other side

Although it seems that much still remains to this day a long resistant

really? Do you know when this first came?

l will not be here

Night will be locked in the dark

And it will be the same with books

So, what are you doing?

I go into.

And trust me next time

But most important is that the same

And now that you bequeathing

Maybe he does not know

You must be very miss him very much, I know

and I can not imagine how you feel

I'm just looking appearance

I feel I can feel it all

Nevertheless, we must not forget, everything will end up with the best

And such can be deceiving

- and unpredictable - You're right

I understand

The time has come, you're doing OK, I understand.

Christmas Eve, the time came to experience a magical night

You, my friend, I miss

It will not be easy, especially after the death of his mother will not be

I would look after him

Mom and Dad, my dear, my favorite part of Christmas

My favorite part tonight

I leave you, you presents

very good

Can I take this?

just me!

Give it back!

Give me back my keys!

Basic naughty!

Still a warrior

- Wait! Who is there? - just me!

- What me? - No, my name is Clara

And I have to pass through this bridge

Not possible, no one can cross the bridge from the kingdom without permission

Who? Where am I?

Christmas Tree Forest in you, and I mean anywhere you want

- Currently protected by wolves - wolves?

True, Mrs. Clara "just me"

No, my name is Clara 'I'm just not'

starba, Clara Starba

Starbar to? Relationship is Starbar to Mary?

- She's my mom - I'm sorry, Your Majesty

Clara did not recognize you, Princess

- Is the girl? - Captain Philip's Hofke,

I am ready to serve you, Your Majesty

Maybe CAN YOU to help me?

Captain's Hofke, I want to cross the bridge

I must go

Captain Hofman

Amir, the Princess C? - Yeah

this command

And you can call me Clara

- Also, is not a command? - Yeah

Well, follow me!

Come on, they need you

I do not think back to London again

London? What's London?

Close French - Clare, there's what you like?

- I'm looking Key - This key is very important

I guess

Are you afraid, Captain?

I? Never

What do you think, Captain?

Of course, you should not be afraid of anything

- Are they our enemy? - of course not

I do not know, it is not yet clear

You're lucky you're still alive

This place ruler

Oh, yeah?

Why are they not followed? - Many times

Stop! here they are!

I, Princess!

You can not go there, dangerous


Clara, wait!

Give me back my keys!

The little bastard policy!

Just give it back!

- What happened? - Dangerous creatures

We gotta get out!

They went

Stop right there! Guavaberry

Good boy

- Clare, we should not go without my keys -

Who made a mess in my forest?

Maybe we can go now

Do you want your keys? Clare, let's go

Why do not you answer?

Your keys with me

We have to go here

I can help you find the keys


- What happened? - There is a great danger.

Do not like jokes

- Wait - I want to go home!

Who told you that?

- You know there are rules here Philips Hoffman, captain, and I have to go effect

Do you want to visit Captain?

Of course, they are looking forward to your presence

The captain came bearing Hof

You need to know, she's a princess

- Usually they call it now - Yeah, just ask for help

If I told you how Clara Starbar name

Mary Starbar girl

I'm just asking a few questions, Your Majesty


Lately a lot of imaginary acts like Princess

- I did not mean for thanks, do you have a special mark may be crea

Thank you, do you have the service here in general what do you think?

Thank you, all of this needs to harran,

now over

Open the door, will be Princess

Princess celebration


Your Excellency, please welcome to Mrs. Clara Starbar

is this true? - correct, this is filled with blooming flowers.

I am ready to serve you

I'm sure I will be well received here

And it will help meet the need

I do not believe in the end come

Are you okay?

- Mom - Look at

He died,

He has given me.

Mary die?

I am very sad

Although still young

He was the most amazing and beautiful woman

He left us everything


This your mother's throne, His Majesty

Want to come to save us, Clara?


Sorry, I do not even know we had here today before

I'm looking for a christening gift from Santa Claus

What is Christmas, I love Christmas.

Then I grew up very fast mouse

Then I met with Captain

Kasten did not get this in the kingdom

You met with her mother, Ginger? Dear Clara

You're lucky to still be alive

You must promise never to return again to the land

- stop it! u just the place name pronunciations

of course

Fourth Kingdom, ie, sorry

Only once angry

I will never forget was not mentioned.

Thank God you're good, no one can live for everyone Fourth District,

Girl, we could lose some of it now

Not to mention that,

We have completed the event to greet his arrival

Celebrations and should be moving

I like to party

It sounds like fun

But I have to go to the back side

He did not know

When a great variety of

Come, let me show you

Princess Clara, I'm back to where my job

You can not leave me

this order

Your mother showed me, you know?

He used once for Love

Forget it means to be

prepared rules

But now, he's gone

What punishment?

It's a choice, Clare was not much

He tried to lead Fourth District

Find even care

Man does not even own choice

And everything will be messed up

- tragic - very tragic

But now I'm glad you're here, Clara

time to show

What do you think?

dev as a clock

- it can be returned. Really?

the way things are

Look at this

He began guess

So it should be

Clara, you'll understand immediately

this party, they

that's my dad

It seems, lost

From here it looks different

Here he was chosen by the mother

I do not know, she loves her beautiful dress

- And look - Maybe you need help

really? - favorite part

Will make them proud of them will not be disappointed

My mother never told me, did you?

Yes, every moment

Sometimes I still feel here with us.

Close your eyes

Close your eyes

Now open your eyes

Did you like it?

- different - you look like a queen

Mom and Dad, my dear, this special day

Four Realms of history,

We are proud of previously existing

Starbar son of Queen Mary Clare girls

- I'm sorry, of course -

Anne's daughter

This ballet to tell a story about the Four Kingdoms

What do you think

Flowers first, the land full

Profit now with black pieces

And the land is changing


cried the situation to him

because how it began

but there is no news of my mother

The mother never told anything

person who is a precedent Start

You'll get the punishment I hope you will not

What do you mean?

Come, let me show you

Queen Mary, you might not know

But most advocates

I do not understand

Look, already with them and

They look like children

And then came the mother changes everything

He gave us life

- How? This -


This made real to us

Now here are the same

Obviously I do not know

- Yes Opportunity - still a lot

Do not answer me, Captain

I can not explain it to your mom's

But already he could understand.

It was the only way to avoid this confusion Machine

but this does not work, we must work together on this issue

- I can fix it? really? You still lose the keys?

- Key? - Key

- yours. - Is not it your favorite?

On Christmas day, and you still open

I think not yours

Reminds you're a kid, my invention

Along with these good and funny

- That's it - the past

Perhaps there will be such a day

fair enough

- Are you all right, Ma'am? - I'm fine

I have to admit it

but there are some things you should know

Clara, I know, sometimes you do not love your brother

And I love you because you are so different

see this world and now you can not find

You can change the big world of difference to your advantage when

And I'll be here watching you

Now we will start


Oh my God, this is beautiful

I do not know why I keep it

As they say

Then I found

I wish you were here

You can tell me everything


Clare, my God

I wish you arrived you know

But I have to protect you

Look, in my mind, I can not

I was ready to serve His Majesty

- His Majesty willing to take orders - orders noble

Yeah, right, I never

We have tried to kill him



We'll hit the road

Open the door!

Remember all applications

Be vigilant, do not delay

I'm afraid

Did you see the kids? Why did you quit?

Come on, what else do you expect?

Protect yourself!

We can fight if we

That's it, before they reach us



Clara, wait!

Eventually I met Clare Stabler to you

- I was expecting you - my mother took me back to give me!

- Key told my keys?

yarn is Guavaberry

I have a surprise for you

We'll see

That's Mrs. touch!

You must be ginger

Queen Mary kızısın

- Yes - Do you have what the Fourth District Business?

Do you want to settle here?

I want to get my work Switch

This key is not of this mother whom belongs

- give me - Why should I give you?

One thing that must elapse for me

Is Queen Mary died?

Why do you care? You're trying to destroy all that my mother created

Who told you that?

You're really bad


Clare, no!


Now here! - Now!

Lets go!

She's not hunting us


We gotta go now

Future varies according to the girl,


Wait, I have to give

- There's something here. - OK

Certainly we're safe here.

not possible

There are only a jukebox.

Why are you telling me there?

Nothing here


I do not want

I think, if I find this key, then I'll find them

everything will make sense

Just Disappear

This switch here and go back

Where are you going?

- Go - But, Clara, we need you here

No, Captain

Need Mom

One queen

- No. - I never said that

I need this

Why did you not tell me everybody happy?

Go do I know

But it will not have known

Because I see

Confidence and stability

I do not think so

a group of men beat you,

And get this key Ginger

I know I have the ability

this is your place

Thank you Captain

time to get back

- Clara! - Clarance!

Did you do? Lets go!

Here now, I've been waiting for this moment for a long time

It worked! Soldiers gather

- Patriots can rule - I would of course

They do not understand your command

This is exactly the same as I told him,

An excellent soldier, will be compatible

It's time to see them

- Are you sure about this? - It must be balanced

up to him

Are you ready?

Hi guys


I beg your attention

I repeat!

Now return

I do not know this is very difficult, the best I have for this moment

My mother does not know what

Not here

I order you to stop

Are you telling me what to do?

Ready now seems to be a queen

Too late, Al, I need you the key, and now there

Now no more useful for me

Get him!

- Do not do this! - they do not give loss

I will not let you listen to me

- Catch him! - Why are you afraid?

mother's ignoring us

And now he told us to be good and I do not want to be beautiful

never like you're my mother, is not it?

You are not mine

For each person, friends, but with Ginger

And another creature

See this

Could you stop there?

Yes, right in the middle

Look, there is always room for the discovery of the mother

This works in two ways:

- You're an asshole. - What do How dare you speak like a queen?



There is no way to run

Leave me! I do not touch! How dare you!

As you say

What happened? What do you do?

Why are we locked in here?

I'll face this all my fault

No, that's not true

- What happened? nd, now take

- Clara, listen to me - No, he told me

And I do not need to meddle and I will overcome

this will not be enough

Go ahead, it will link

You're wearing uniforms and weapons

It will never be the same again.

Everything You Need



I'm sorry for blaming you, this - left,

You gotta help me.

I'm begging you

Of course

Very loyal


- Are you ready? - Completed



A little more

A little more

not very secure

not work

- you just need physical strength - always worked


As far as I know

ready ready

This door is not secure

It was collected at the door

Just wait for me

Come on, guys

Gone Guavaberry

How can we get caught in the engine room?

Of course, we can continue here

- this is it! Go away! - Wait!

I will not let go


Thank you for your help

- Can you take us to the machine? - Sure Can you trust him?

- Do not mess with me, rats! - Stop it!

we do not have much time. We have to stay together

Show us

Where did it go?


That the machine should be space

Okay, I'll go first

No, it's blocking ginger, if you can follow us

But was keeper

However, I can take care of

You have to believe me, please


take me to see Ginger!


Attention! these orders.

Thank you, Captain

Please just call me Phillip


Come on, mouse, Show me the way

Rats can speak the language



Wait, I come as a friend



- Where is Clara? Kale -

He has a plan, you mother, I beg Ginger

All soldiers need to collect

only obey you

He thought it might be only defeat

But already since the first day, queen, defend whatever results

Why do you still want to forgive him?

This is going to last

you're right, but now showed us

Everyone gathers to celebrate and prepare mom Ginger

Now who is strong?

Mother Ginger out!

- Look, Nutcracker! - I do not expect you to come

Where is she?

- Mother Ginger - I just heard, Your Majesty


- it is not possible - You're right, catch me!

Come on, I need you to help me. To open this lock

What a let if necessary, I am ready

It worked!

Come on, rats, we showed them

Senior Clare, I beg hurry

mother gave Ginger, why are not you doing that

The delay, they come stay with me

not only did not help you?

I helped you for that, do you remember?

I'm remembering

Where's the princess?

Gone, do not try it, destined to be away from you

I was the queen here

And you're dead

You have to stop crazy

Take her!

I know I say

In addition, many of us, but it will make you feel better

I feel that killed


Who will be the next queen of view

See you

- Bye! - Zilda! stop it!

Coming up, arrest him!

Are you ready? Rat!

Do not do this!

I love you mom

There's a special place in my heart

The old man did not know anything

- She just loves you! - No!

I need it all went

If I want to know

it's not cute

fair enough

There are a large army to protect me

No, that can not hurt me again

I know you're upset, but you're still able to do something

Need to hear that, Mary like this

I was her best queen

True, perhaps not the best for citizens

And you're right, I had my mother's dreams

Clara, what did you do?


leave me!


We made it!

Ginger mother?

Well, Clare

We're safe now over

back to the government that it weaves back

And this all my life because

that if he will not listen to you, Mother Ginger

not your fault, and I will also be force

I'm your mother must be very proud of you baby

very proud

Captain, Clare for the Christmas party delivered to you?

New task over and back as captain Guardian

- Why did not you tell? - I'm afraid I can not

Because I do not feel so fast

Really? Of course -

So now I have a new friend

- Master - Master

And Nutcracker Captain courageous

It is an honor for me your position, sir Change

Good work

Three one, the count of two, three

We want more

Please come back

Sure, maybe one day later me on hold

You're gonna meet my family

I'll wait here.

In addition, he will be waiting for you

I will miss you

Also I Guavaberry

But if you miss one, you remember ...

- Are you sure? - I know it will be a day

I promise

Goodbye, Clara

Good bye


there fast


Time runs fast, and although convenient, is not it?

I want to know


I know

Clara, another

A clever woman and a good heart,

And there is no doubt

He said the best time as queen

Just like you

- Clare - Father




This time, too heavy for you.

I lost the love of my life

And you lost your mother

and I miss her

Every day of my life

But we need not only Mrs.

But also all accept fate

- You're right, Clare - In the end it

Then what you get


Finally, you can also receive

what happened?

When I listen to this song and mother first met

- We merge - I want my