The Midnight Hour (1985) - full transcript

Phil, Mitch, Vinnie, Mary and Melissa are friends unwittingly wake Melissa's great, great, great, great grandmother Lucinda, who is a witch, and has brought the dead back to get revenge. Sandy is a cheerleader from the 50's who is back to help the kids.

'Look out! It's "The Midnight Hour", baby!' [Wolf howl]

Halloween... my favorite day of the year.

Don't eat so fast,
it's bad for your digestion.

(distant scream)

Right, mom, digestion.

- (distant scream)
- Oh... gross!

Who's dad got strapped in the chair?

Your father doesn't strap
people in the chair...

It's Misses Hadjis.

And she's only in for a cleaning!

I gotta go,
I got a report at school.

Who you gonna take to
Melissa's big party tonight?


We're all going in a group.

Uh huh...
We know. She shot ya down, right?

She didn't shoot me down,
I didn't even ask her.


Tammy!.. It's OK to be shy,
don't worry about it.

I'm not worried.

You know your father was just like that.

Now I'm worried.


I'm just joking.

Listen, its no good for boys your age
to wear your heart

on your sleeve. Girls pick up on that.
Don't be so eager. Everything in its time.

Words to live by, mom.

Oh, your father wants
to talk to you!

"Don't wear your heart on your sleeve?"
That's what she said?

Just like my Janet, she doesn't
understand boys your age, Phil.

Wanna spit?

But you gotta go for it.

Get involved. Fall in love.

Get hurt once in a while,
if that's what it takes.

So what if it causes a little pain.

No pain, no gain,
that's my motto.

Can you open a little wider, please?
That's good, very good.

Dad, I gotta get to school.

Alright, but you listen
to your father.

Don't hold back. Go for it!
Take chances!

Live like there's no tomorrow.

We're not getting any younger.
Right, Misses Hadjis?

Words to live by, pop.
See ya!

See ya!

Oh... yes...

Phil, Misses Hadjis' niece
is coming in for the weekend.

She's an honor student around your age.
What do you say?

Dad, I gotta go!

Oh, alright, bye-bye now.
Happy Halloween!

I want Novocaine!

I want...

Novocaine!? No, no, no, no, its overrated.

Umm... G! G!
No! Yeah, yeah.


Come on, Mary, guess!

Are you sure it's a song title?

It's a song...

- It's not that hard.
- I don't know! Umm...

It's so easy!

You always give me the hard ones!

Come on, Mary...

10 minutes. I'm telling you,
the man ain't showing.

Probably had some kind
of breakdown.

Yeah, probably a mental breakdown.

I wouldn't be surprised. I don't
think Mr. Fenster's all there, anyway.

I notice that about a lot people
around here.

You know folks who lived here
their whole lives.

Maybe it's something in the air.

Oh, like Oxygen?

Not like New York?
Huh, Vinnie?

That was my last quarter.

You're just learning, Cuz,
you'll get it.

But they got a look these people,
I mean you can see it in their eyes.

The classic New Englander,

whittling by the stove at the country store,
taking gramps for a walk in the old town square,

getting ready for a... for a quilting contest.

And he's staring blankly off into space, man...

The lights are on...

but nobody's home.








Ghouls just want to have fun!?

It's Halloween.

That's no fair!

Man, I know that you got a little something.

She is so gorgeous!

Tell me about it.


- Oh, hi, Phil
- Hi.

Listen, about tonight's party...

Oh, it's going to be great!

Ya I know, I was just kinda wondering
if maybe you and I could uh...

Oh, okay, I'll get back to you.

I'm in love.
I'm dying here, Vinnie.

I'm definitely dying.

Good Morning.

Good Morning!

My name is Miss Jensen...

and I'll be your substitute teacher
for History 101.

Mr. Fenster will be out for a week
with the flu,

and I'll be taking over until he returns.


I do have his study plans, so work
will continue as usual,

including detention for anybody

who dances in his seat again.

Now, are there any questions before we
get to umm...

Mr. Grenville's report on Halloween,

with reference to local history?

Mr. Grenville.

Alright, Phil!

I've got some slides,

so, could you get the lights for me?


Can someone get the...the windows,
the shades?


Will you hold that? I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Thank you.


The holiday we now call "Halloween",

used to be called, "All Hallow's Eve".

And it was a Pagan festival of fire to honor

the powers of darkness.

Okay, guys, that's enough.

Food left for wandering dead souls

was how the idea of Trick or Treat
got started.

And costumes were worn...
costumes were worn...

to scare away the evil spirits

on the night they had their most power.

In the early years of the town,
Nathaniel Grenville...

My great, great... great, great grandfather,

was Minister and Constable General.

Anyhow, these guys back then believed
in all of this stuff about witches,

and as it so happened, one of the most
powerful witches who ever lived

came from right here,

in Pitchford Cove.

Or "Pitchfork" Cove as it got to be known
because of what happened.

And this witch was Lucinda.
Grenville's slave.

And the great, great, great...
great grandmother of Melissa Cavender.

Great, great, I know, I know,
we all know.

It was that old black magic, thank you.

Lucinda brought a terrible curse on the town.

Halloween was the best time to do it
when witchcraft is at its most powerful.

All of the legendary demons of Hell
were loosed,

and the dead with unfinished business

on Earth came back from the grave.

Though no one knows how he did it,
Nathaniel Grenville,

"the witch hunter general", as
he was later called,

put an end to the curse at midnight
on Halloween.

And all the demons were laid to rest.

All except Lucinda.

Who was hung in the town square in the early

morning hours following Halloween.

These wax figures of Lucinda
and Nathaniel Grenville,

the witch and the witch hunter,

are dressed in authentic period outfits.

Passed down to the archives of
the old church

which now houses the Witchcraft Museum
in town square.

- Hey.
- What?
- Got an idea.

Yeah, I got a really hot idea.

Oh... no...

Stealing these costumes is pretty crazy.

It's not stealing, it's borrowing.
We're gonna bring 'em back in the morning.

Not if we get caught.

Oh come on Phil, don't be a pooper.

I'm not a pooper.

Nobody's gonna catch us. Worse
come to worse, my dad will get us off.

Ooh, Judge Crandall, "the hanging judge",
sentences son to death, ehhhh!

No way, look its Halloween.
Everybody goofs on Halloween.

Hey, she's going.

So, what do you think?

Having those costumes for the party
would be hot.

300 years, the crowning touch!

Oh, gross! What's old Lester doing here?

Cops probably hired him to patrol,
you know,

those Halloween pranks.


He's nothing to worry about.
He's a little man.

With big dogs...

Come on, let's go!

[European Accent] Welcome to my Laboratory!

- Grandma?
- Hey, what took you guys so long? I've been hiding out in that bathroom for the longest time!

Lester's outside with dogs!

His big dogs!

- Come on!
- Too freaky!

- Classic!
- [European Accent] You rang, master?

Oh, Melissa, say hello to your grandma.

[Grandma Accent] Hello, Melissa, it's so nice of you to visit!

Cute, Mitch.

So, Phil, this stuff looks a little too big
for you anyway.

Let's say I take it then, eh? I know
he's your great, great grandfather, but..

Sure man, go ahead, I've got
my own anyway.

Hey, Grenville, Grenville!

What's in here?

I don't know, its uh.. the archives,
just more old stuff.

Anything good?

I don't know!

Sorry, Grandma.

It's stuck...

This is so cool! It looks like nobody's
been down here in years.

Oh great, so let's be the first.
This is not a good idea.

- We shouldn't be here.
- Just consider it an adventure.

- Oooh, I hate rats!
(Vinny laughing)

Come on, I've seen bigger!

We call 'em cats in New York.

Ooh, solid! This looks like
my bedroom at home.

I wonder if there's anything valuable down here, man.

Hey, Vinnie.

Oh, thanks.

- This place is great, baby!
- Oh!

Ooh! Hey, we can use some of this stuff
to decorate the party!

- No, that's not a good idea, no.
- Yes!

- What should we put it in?
- Check it out!

How about this trunk? Right here.

That's the Grenville Code of Arms.

Or maybe it was his summer camp trunk?

Here, open it up.

- Yeah, let's put the stuff in here.
- Yeah!

Hey, I still don't have a costume for the party.
Maybe there's a 38 regular in here some place.


Oh come on, we've got plenty, let's
get out of here!

Put the stuff in!

Come on, come on, come on!

Let's go!

Put it in the back!

Come on, get the door open!

- Hurry, hurry.
- Hurry up!

Alright, alright... there ya go.

Absolutely unbelievable, man!
A clean getaway!

You think Lester saw us?

No, we're okay.

-'It's the Wolfman!' [Wolf howl]

Hey alright, its on. I love this song!

- He's the best! Yeah!
- The pick! Yeah!

Guys, this thing is all busted up, we're
gonna get nailed for this.

Oh lighten up, Phil.

We're gonna bring it back tomorrow,
nobody's gonna care.

- Yeah, nobody's gonna care.
- Nobody's gonna care.

Hey, when we gonna try this stuff on,

I wanna get my costume on.

Uh, not my place, man, my folks are like cops.

Hey, my dad is a cop, forget my place.

Hey, how about... the cemetary?

Not the cemetary!

Cemetary! Cemetary! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Dude, a cemetary! Halloween night, man, its classic!
[Wolf howl]

We're here!

It's spooky!

Come on, Mary, its Halloween!

Yeah, it's classic, this is such a cool place.

Come on, let's go down the hill.

- Muawahaha!
- You guys really did a number on this trunk.

What do you mean "you guys"? You dropped it!

Hey, boys, boys, boys, come, come.

Hey, isn't Vernon Nestor
buried in here somewhere?

Yeah, I think so.

Who's Vernon Nestor?

Coming from New York, you wouldn't
know about

psychotic, mass murderers.

Come on. We got a few of those where I come from.

18 bodies buried in his backyard!

- Eww!
- Yeah, your old man sure nailed
him good, huh?

Just sentenced him. He didn't throw the switch.

18 bodies, how could somebody do
something like that!?

Mary, he was a psychotic killer
and at 6 foot 8,

a very big, psychotic killer.

Sounds like my kind of guy!

Oh, oh, wait a minute.

This is the spot.

Look at this thing, its ruined.

Vinnie, have you figured out what
you're gonna wear to the party yet, tonight?

No, baby, see, I think best under pressure.

So, I'm waiting until the very last moment
for inspiration.

Wait a second...

Look at this.

It's the Grenville Code of Arms again.

Oh, a ring!

And a scroll.

Look! The seal matches Grenville's ring.

Yeah, and it'll go great with my costume.

Wait a minute... maybe we oughta tell somebody.
This could be important.

Tell 'em what!?

Look, this scroll is out of a stolen trunk!

Look, it doesn't matter anyway, we're
gonna bring it back tomorrow.

But tonight's the night.

What do you think this is, anyway?

(laughing) Maybe its a Grenville little black book.

You know, telephone numbers for local demons.

So he can come back and visit his old haunts, huh?

- Vinnie, why don't you put it down before you break it.
- Ooops!

Too late, guy! (laughing)


What's it say?

Wow, look at this thing!

Ooh, it looks like its written in blood!

On human skin!

Astrious, mundabar, desmagon!

Moe, Larry, Curly-gone!

Mitch, maybe you shouldn't be doing this, huh?

No, Phil's right, you shouldn't be doing this.

- I should, its in my blood.
- Well.

Astratious, muúndabar, desmagon.

I invoke your powers,

come heed my bidding
on this night of nights,

The eve of Samhain.

All Hallow's Eve.

Spirits of darkness, I command you

to rise from your graves.

Et lavavis sagamé,
all manner of demons,

I implore your release from
eternal torment.

Pastigas sagamé,
all manner of dead,

renewed by sleep,
thirsting for blood,

this night and forever,
he who is touched by evil,

shall become evil.

Sadames sagamé...

he who is died,
shall rise again.

Vestimes sagamé...

Life to the dead,
death to the living.

Demons, arise.



Is she okay?

Just kidding.

- Oh!
- Melissa!

You shouldn't do that to people!

Oh, come on, guys, this is just a joke!

Well, it wasn't funny.

It's just a bunch of words!

Wait a minute, I don't think it is.

Didn't anyone listen to my report today?


Well this sounds just like the curse
Lucinda let loose

on this town exactly 300 years ago tonight.

To set free the demons of hell.

And to bring back the dead from the grave.

Uh, let's get out of here.

Help me! Help me!

Why would anybody want to come back
'here' anyway?

I'd definitely come back in Time Square, in the village.

Pitchford Cove?

Come on!

Trick or Treat!

Alright! Trick or Treat! Here you are.

And I have some for you.
And you too.

Here, take as much as you want.
Have a good time.

Alright, you want a little more, huh?
Alright, Happy Halloween, now!

Have fun, kids!

Have fun! Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween.

You know, if those kids would
eat candy like that all year round,

I'd be a millionaire!

Phil, are you ready, yet?

- You look cute!
- Thank you.

- Here you go.
- Hurry up!

Just a second!

Come on, son, we have
to get to the Larsons'.

- Yeah, no, oh, god, you look beautiful!
- Thank you.

Close your eyes!
Close your eyes!

They are closed!

Okay, open 'em!



Hey guys!

Oh, gosh, I'm sorry I didn't even...

Are you alright? I didn't even see you back there!

You okay?

Happy Halloween.

- You're a liar!
- I'm not a liar!

What's so pitiful about it?
Is you're such a bad liar!

- Dad, I'm not lying!
- Shut up when you're talking to me!

Now, listen. You listen to me now.
You think you can fool your old man?

- Don't ya!?
- I'm not trying...

Well you won't! You won't! You think
I've been on the bench for 30 years in this town.

I recognize liars when I see 'em.
Top notch Professional Grade-A liars!

- That's right, dad.
- And I get 'em!

- I get 'em!
- You get 'em good. Judge Crandall always gets his man, right?
- Now wait a minute! Wait a minute here!

You've got a reputation to uphold in this town.

You're the judge's son!
So why don't admit it?

You stole that costume from the museum.
Don't tell me you didn't!

Everyone in this town recognizes
this Witch Hunter's getup!

- Admit it, dammit!
- Fine, I admit it, yeah.

I took the costume. I'm going
to bring it back tomorrow. Nobody's going to see it!

I'm just gonna go to the party, then I'll
gonna bring it back.
Let go of me!

And if you get caught!
- And you figure if you get caught I'm gonna let you off!?

There's nothing to let us off from, we didn't do nothing!

Breaking and entering, boy!

Oh, come on!

Dad! It's not Watergate! We just borrowed a couple of clothes.
I'm gonna bring 'em back!

Well I've got news for you, son!
If you do get caught, I'm not gonna let you off!

I'm gonna get you good!
I'm gonna get you!

I'm gonna get you good!

Trick or Treat!


'Yeah, this is the Wolf Man and its Halloween, so we gonna be rocking'

'til the Midnight Hour with the weird tunes!'

'It's straight down, baby,'

'for all you young lovers! So guys, grab
your favorite ghoul',

'hold her real tight, give her a love bite',

'cause tonight just might be the night!'

Is this Maple Avenue?

It doesn't look like the Maple Avenue I know.

That's a great costume.

Ginchy car!
Is it yours or your dads'?

It's mine.


Do you always dress like that to cruise?

Cruise? I..

This isn't for cruising. You know, it's Halloween.


That would explain a lot of things.

- What do you mean?
- Oh, nothing.

You're not from around here, are ya?
I mean, I would know if you were from around here.

Did you just transfer?

Transfer? Yeah... sort of.

Are you lost? Do you need a ride somewhere?

No, I was just gonna go home first.


You know, there's a... if you're not doing anything later,

there's a big party up at the old Cavender house, it's up on uh...

The Cavender House!

I know where it is.
It's spooky!

Well if you're not doing anything later, come on by.

What's your name?


My name's Sandy. Maybe I'll see ya later, Phil.

I hope so.

You New Englanders sure get into Halloween, man.

So? What do you think of my costume?

Vinnie, you look like a Delicatessen.

Well you look good too.
Hey, what's the matter with you?

My old man.

Yeah? So what else is new?

Noise! Noise!

I want some quiet!

Damn kids and their loud music.

You'd think he'd have the decency to turn it off
before he goes out.

Damn kid.

They don't have any respect for anyone.

That son of yours... don't do anything
around here except eat and make garbage.

Then he goes out and forgets the garbage!
Who's it up to?



I'll be right back, dear.



Who's there!?

Who the hell's there!?

Who is that!?

You kids stay away from me with your stupid Halloween pranks!

Ya hear me!?

Stupid punks.

G U I L T Y !

Nice match on Saturday!

A big ball!

Hey, I saw you on Saturday.

Jimmy! Say, 'I believe!'

Hey Clark! Hey Mike!
You look good!

You look better. Those
legs don't stop.

Oh, and you are so healthy!

Melissa, you're looking mighty fine in your new clothes!


Come on in!

Oh! Cuz, this is a serious costume!

I mean I just kinda like threw this together but this is like...too....

Oh, the voice! Oh man, that's great.

That's wild.
I'll check you out.

That's great, guys!
Is that great?

Well, I thought so.

Weird! Very weird.

'Tonight, every hour, on the hour, it's The Midnight Hour! Yeah!'

Who is that guy!?

I don't know, must be from another high school.

Yeah, Junior High.

Lookin' good!

Yeah, thanks, man, except this thing is driving me crazy, it's itching me!

- Hey, Phil.
- Hey, What's happenin', Mitch?

Is Mary here yet?

No, can you believe it, she got stuck

babysitting her little brother.

Tonight!? You're kidding me!

Na, her sister's having a baby or something,

on Halloween night.

I don't believe it.

But I talked to her on the phone, she
says she's coming.

She's not missing this for the world.

Melissa, there you are, come
on baby, let's dance.

Whoa! What's that smell, Vinnie?

What? Come on, I tried to get into this.

Go wash it off, it's terrible.

Alright, cool, but I'll meet you on the dance floor, alright?

- Hey, Phil, what's happenin'?
- Stinky, Vinnie.

- (laughing) See ya later. Get some food.
- Ok.

Hey, you made it! Alright, listen I'm sorry about that. I didn't even see you. You ran off so quickly.

I wasn't sure if you're okay. You're alright though, huh?

P O P C O R N !


Oh, this is going to be a weird night.

No, Vinnie.

Hey, Melissa.

- Hi
- Everything under control?


- Nice jacket.
- Oh, thanks. David Bowie.

- Interesting dress.
- Thanks, Miss Jensen.

Call me Vicky.

Melissa, this is my friend, Death.

- Death, this is Melissa and...
- Vinnie.

Vinnie, yes.

Melissa, is there any wine? For chaperones only, of course.

Of Course.

There's a bottle in the fridge, but it's not very good.

There's some down in the cellar, though. I'll check.

Okay, thanks.

Death's a weird man...

No, Vinnie.


Cut it out!
Come back here!

What the devil is going on here?

Vinnie, no!

Oh, come on Melissa! This is supposed to be our night!


Great, you made it.
What'd you do with your little brother?

I spent every penny I own getting someone else to sit with him.

I'm broke, but it's okay.

Looks like you stole every collar from every dog in Massachusetts.

I did. (laughs) Where is he?

- Mary, I'm right here.
- Oh, hi, Phil.


You told me on the phone he was alone!

He is, don't worry about her.

Mary! You want to dance?

Oh, no thanks, not right now, Phil.

I rushed out so quick, I didn't have time to put this together. My hair...

What is it you want to be?

- The Bride of Frankenstein.
- Right.

Let's go put it together.

This is not my night.

Yeah, easy for you to say.

Vinnie is such a pain sometimes,
he's only got one thing on his mind,

and it's not Algebra.

- But Vinnie and you are...
- Shh!

Oh, yeah, right.

There. What do you think?

Ooh! Heavy metal.

- Frankenstein Rick, watch out!
- Exactly! You look dynamite.

So that's this about you and Vinnie?
Are you two breaking up?

You two are practically married.

Married!? God no, please.

Well, it's like you were married, you do everything.

- We do not do everything!
- Well, almost everything!

So, what's going on? Are you two breaking up?

I don't know, it's so... it's so...

I don't know!

I just love it when you take a stand, it's so, it's so...

- I don't know.
- Right!

Hmm, got any safety pins?

Uh, in the medicine chest back there, why?

I'm gonna go Total Punk!

And do what? Stick a safety pin in your cheek?

Well maybe not Total Punk.
Do you have any glue?

Uh, my mother's eyelash glue in the
left hand

drawer beneath the medicine chest.

Eyelash glue... thanks, yuck!

Excuse me.


That's such a lovely dress.

Where did you get it?

Oh, it's been in my family for years.

I once had a dress very much like that.

A long time ago.

What do you think?

- A little much?
- Yes.

Yeah, you're right.

Let's go.

- Bye!
- Bye.

Oh, Melissa! There seems to be a bit of a problem down here.

What? Is there a fight?


The chaperones are out of wine!

(laughing) I'll get some more from the cellar.


That is one fantastic chaperone!

Really? (laughing)

You scared me.

I.. just thought you might need some help.

Picking something out.


I don't know wine real well.

My dad will probably kill me if I take anything too... old,

or too valueable.

Or, whatever.
I don't know what to take.

Just something to quench the thirst.

But what? There's so many kinds.

There's only one thing that quench the thirst.

The unbearable thirst that...

thirst of the centuries to be passed on...


What do you think? Red or white?


Definitely red.

'So, I hope everybody's having a good time out'

'there, your Wolfman sure is!'

'And even if your momma told you not to come,'

'I hope you didn't miss it!'

- Did you see that!?
- See what?

The way Miss Jensen, I mean...

Vicky, looked at me.

- The substitute teacher? Get out of here!
- Yeah!

No, no, listen. I know women. She wants me!

There's not too many more slow songs. I'm gonna cut in now!

Death is not gonna like this.

I'm not afraid of Death. I'm going for it.


- Hi!
- Hi.

- This looks terrific!
- Thanks, Phil.

Listen um... do you uhh

Do you...

Do you wanna dance, Mary?
No, Phil, I don't think I want to

right now. Oh, that's fine! I wasn't into it.
No problem.

A dance?

- Hey, Phil.
- Hey, Vinnie.

Hey, you see Melissa anywhere around here, man?

I think she went down to the wine cellar for something.

She is giving me such a hard

time tonight, it's like I'm getting nowhere with her.

- You know what I mean?
- Yeah, I know what you mean.

Listen, check this out for me back here, it's itching like crazy.

Is there a bobby pin missing, or something?

Phil, you got a serious rash going on back here, man.

Guess who?

- Melissa, there you are!
- No... guess again.

Someone who looks like Melissa... but isn't.

Lucinda! Alright!

- This is it, man! This is it!
- Let's dance.


- Later bro.
- Yeah.

Hey, hey, what's happening?

That's it! The wig comes off! The makeup's gone,

and I'm going home!

Mom, they gave us apples!

Well don't eat them! Now, remember, we talked about that.


And you guys promise to keep an eye on the kids for me.

- Will you do that for me?
- Excuse me, is this Elm and Maple?

Just... yeah, one second. Now, listen,

Don't let the kids eat anything that's not wrapped!

That's right! Okay.

I'm sorry, what?

- This is Elm and Maple, isn't it?
- Yes, it is.

But... my house... this house is not supposed to be here.

My house has one story and, and we have a little

picket fence that went all the way around and,

and my doggy's house it supposed to right here.

Well, this Elm and Maple.
I'm sorry, I've got to go.

Would you kids wait for me right at the corner, please?

- Trick or Treat!
- Trick or Treat!

- Ooh, what have we here?

- What do you see in Death, anyway?
- Whoa, what!?

Death, the guy you were with.

- Oh, you mean Marvin.
- Marvin?

Death has a name, and his name is Marvin!

Love it!

Hi, again.
Sandy, right?

Yeah, hi.

What's wrong?

Everything. Nothing's the same.

Like what?

What happened to your getup?
I thought it was cute.

It got all itchy, I ditched it.

Is that a remake of 'Sea of Love'?


The original was a lot more hip!

Why'd they bother? Listen, they took out all the good stuff.

Look, are you uh... are you waiting for someone, or something?


I was just sitting.

You remember that party I told you about?

Well, I just came from there. Maybe, we could go back?

No, I don't really want to be with a bunch of people I don't know.

Especially since I won't be around for long.

What do you mean you won't be around for long?
You're not thinking

of doing something crazy, are ya?

No, I'm not thinking about killing myself, if that's what you mean.

- What a waste of time that would be!
- (scoffs) Yeah.


Hey, what are you doing with your top up on a night like this, huh?

- It's cold outside!
- Not for me.

Why don't you put it down and give me a ride, huh?


Much better!

Look at that car!
Hey! Let's drag him!

Drag him!?

Oh, come on, Phil! Let's have some fun tonight! Blow him off!

- Sandy! Blow him off!? I can't...
- Oh!

- Hey buddy, wanna drag?
- For you babe... anything!

- Sandy...
- Phil, live a little!

Sandy, I... this boat is never gonna beat...
- Phil!

You can do it!

(laughing) Alright!

Oh, my!

I told you, you could do it!

Phil! I've got a really hip idea!


Well, I was little down in the dumps, like before I run into you...

- Yeah
- And I'm just coming out of it and nothing,

I mean nothing, would bring me of it quicker than a big chocolate ice cream soda. So, let's go!

- Where?
- (laughing) To the Malt Shop! Of course, silly!

The Malt Shop?

Maybe I should call home

and see if my brother's alright.

What do you think?

Yeah, you're right, he's probably sleeping.

I don't wanna wake him up, anyways.

Men are animals!

What's the matter? Did old Frankenstein Rick drop you or what?

- Yeah...
- Eh, that's too bad.

Oh, thanks a lot! I knew you'd understand.

Where's Phil? I could talk to him, he's my friend.

- He went home.
- Why?

- You wouldn't talk to him.
- Oh, great.

Who'd a believed it?

5 movie theaters crammed into what used to be The Malt Shop?

How do you keep from hearing 1 movie through the walls of the 1 next door?

You don't.

- And the Drive-In's closed?
- Yeah, except for swap meets.

How long ago did you say you lived here

before you moved back?

I don't remember there ever being a Malt Shop here.

Well, it was... a long time ago.

I don't remember any of those things

from when I was a kid, you know,

like the crazy things your parents tell you ya did.

Like running down the street naked during a hurricane.

- Did you do that?
- They tell me I did.

I remember lots of things!

We've got the team!
On the beam!

No doubt about it!
We're gonna shout it!

Who's gonna win!?

Come on, Phil, who's gonna win!?


You can do better than that!



- Go Team! Go! Woo!

This is such a dreamy song.

Dance with me.

Hey, I've got a really cool idea.


Let's take those hot wheels of yours out to Lookout Point Dragstrip. What is it?

Friday night?

Things should be hopping!


Oh, go man, go. I've got some living to do tonight.

Maybe, but uh...

Things aren't really gonna be hopping at Lookout Point...

- Oh, come on? Lookout Point!
- No, really...

Well let's go anyway.

You never know what might happen...


Tutti Frutti.

See? I told you, it's dead.

You're right.

I'm a little chilly.

Maybe now it's time to put the top up.



So the trip won't be a total loss...

Let's go in the backseat...

The backseat?

Come on, don't be shy.

What was that?

It's alright. There's nothing to be afraid of.

He's coming through the roof!

Let's get the hell out of here!

Do you know what raw eggs do to a... a paint job like that, huh!?

- Sure do, yes sir... I
- A werewolf!

Prize huge! And.. it had, it got up on two legs and had paws, like...

like hands. Big paws and fangs.

You sure it wasn't a dog?

Captain Jensen, I know the difference between a wolf and a dog!

There are no wolves around here.

I know! That's... that's why we're here!

Look, I know it sounds cr...

How do you think I got this!?

It was a werewolf!

I'll tell ya how to handle this!

- Get their names and addresses!
- I'll discuss it with the captain.

We'll contact their parents! Well, I'll discuss it with him too!

Yes, sir!

Burglary on 4th and Mason. Pack of kids dressed up as zombies.

Misses Phillips on Jackson swears she saw her husband turn into a bat...

and fly out of the window.

He was heading north on Main Street and she wants us to keep an eye out.

Halloween, my favorite time of year.

We've got nothing on the museum break-in. There are some costumes missing, though.

Uh... reports are still being filed on the vandalism at the graveyard.

Whoever did it, outstripped last year by a mile!

We've got broken crypts. Missing bodies. Cracked open about a dozen

coffins, and oh yes, Vernon Nestor is gone.

Probably find him propped up in my lawn in the morning,

with a sign around his neck.

Any leads on the kids

that broke the Barbershop window?

No, but we're still working on it.

- Uh.. What have we got here?
- More werewolves.

There's more!?

You know that's the third report, tonight?

That and about a... a dozen vampire tales.

You know what it is? It's a full moon on top of Halloween that really brings out the crazies!

And the werewolves!
Captain Jensen,

3 reports, you don't think that adds up to something?

Yeah, it does. Werewolves, vampires, zombies, goblins,

and little green men add up to,

"Let's all have fun with the cops!"

Come on, Phil. I told you the Fuzz wouldn't believe us.


It's been a long time since we've heard that.

Captain Jensen!

This really did happen!

Sure it did. I got your report.

Happy Halloween.

There's something very strange going on around here tonight.

It's more than just werewolves. That whole cemetary thing,

I was just down there a couple hours ago. Nothing was wrong then.

- What were you doing at the cemetary?
- Well, these friends of mine, we did something stupid.

What? Tell me.

We stole the costumes those cops were talking about.

Well, what did you do with them?

We took them to the cemetary.

Mitch and Melissa kept 'em, that's when we found this old parchment inside

Nathaniel Grenville's trunk, we goofed around with this ritual, but that's it!

Phil... Phil, what kind of ritual?

It was something about raising the dead, setting free all of the demons of hell,

but nothing happened.

What? What is it?

I think I know what's going on here.

That ritual... it worked.

It was just some old piece of parchment, wrapped up with a seal.

What kind of a seal?

Wax. With the imprint of Nathaniel Grenville's ring.

- Phil, listen, I know you're gonna think I'm crazy.
- Yeah, go on...

Okay... the dead are coming back to life in Pitchford Cove,

I know, believe me, I know.

And some of the dead, not all of them, are out to kill.

What do you mean "not all of them"?

Well some of them are just out to do things,

they never got to do while they're still alive, I guess.

Like what!?

Like fall in love.

- Sandy, you're right.
- You believe me!?

No, I think you're crazy. Come on, let's go.

Phil, I'm serious!

Okay, even so, how does all of this back from the dead

stuff explain werewolves!

- All the demons of hell!
- And vampires!

You said it yourself. It's part of the ritual!

Phil, listen to me.

What we've got to now it's get ahold of that parchment

and reseal it, using Grenville's ring.

We need to make a wax seal from the bones

of Grenville himself from his crypt at the cemetary.

We'll need his power.

His power? How do you know all of this stuff?

We need to do this all by midnight.

Midnight. Right.

Phil, you're starting to sound like those cops back there.

Okay, sorry, why midnight?

Because if we don't do it while it's still Halloween,

on the night the evil was created,

everyone who dies this night will walk again...

and all who are touched this night by evil

will become evil, forever.

Those are the exact words...

You've heard this ritual before?

- Once...
- When?

Does it matter? I heard it, that's all.

I know what it is.

Phil, look out!

- Are you okay!?
- Ow... I... I'm, I'm okay.

That's Judge Crandall's wheels!
He better have insurance!


Judge Crandall!
Judge Crandall!

Judge Crandall!

He's one of them!

You're right... the undead.

- Okay, I'm buying it, what do we need?
- The parchment.

The parchment's at my house.
Mitch has Grenville's ring.

And we need wax from the witch hunter's bones, and what else?

- We have to do everything by midnight.
- Midnight. Midnight.

Wait here!

We might as well add on one more crime in the interest of justice.

- We're gonna need this too.
- Why?

In case we run into some more of those werewolves!


And I got just the thing in my dad's office to stop them.


Silver! For silver bullets.

'It's a dance song to get down with, about 6 feet under!'

'"Get Dead!"'

Ooh, I love this song.

♪ I'm hung up in a grave situation ♪

♪ The only thing I dig has got a bad reputation ♪

♪ Roll my eyes back inside my head ♪

♪ Spend my days asleep in a pine box bed ♪

♪ Tonight's the night that you're forever mine ♪

♪ A little death will do you right ♪

♪ Until the end of time ♪

♪ I'm dead ♪
♪ You're dying ♪

♪ Everybody should try to get dead ♪

♪ Get up ♪
♪ Don't fight it ♪

♪ Everybody's gonna bite it ♪
♪ Get Dead ♪

♪ Sooner or later, everybody's gotta do it ♪

♪ So get the hang now and I'll walk you through it ♪

♪ Move real slow like you're on the moon ♪

♪ Just watch me close, you'll get it soon ♪

♪ Cross on over to the other side ♪
♪ All your troubles will be over ♪

♪ So, believe me when I say now ♪

♪ I'm dead ♪
♪ You're dying ♪

♪ Everybody should try to get dead ♪

♪ Get up ♪
♪ Don't fight it ♪

♪ Everybody's gonna bite it ♪
♪ Get Dead ♪

♪ I'm dead ♪
♪ You're dying ♪

♪ Everybody should try to get dead ♪

♪ Get up ♪
♪ Don't fight it ♪

♪ Everybody's gonna bite it ♪
♪ Get Dead ♪

♪ I'm dead ♪
♪ You're dying ♪

♪ Everybody should try to get dead ♪

♪ I'm dead ♪
♪ You're dying ♪

♪ Everybody should try to GET DEAD ♪

My dad would be proud, soft of.

Phil, please hurry.

I'm almost there.

Listen, uh, there's a flashlight on the top of the refrigerator. Get it, we're gonna need it.

I'll be out in the car in a couple seconds.


- Where we going?
- Up to the roof.

Where's Vinnie?

Don't worry about him.
He won't mind.


Come on, Melissa, Vinnie's my best friend.


What's the matter, 'Nathaniel'?

It's just that... its Vinnie...

Are you afraid of dying?

Cut it out, Melissa!


Alright, Lucinda.

Come on, get down.

I'm not afraid of dying, 'Nathaniel'.

Are you afraid of dying?

Get down!

Because if you're afraid of dying, 'Nathaniel', you shouldn't be up here with me.

You might just die in my arms.


If you catch me... you can have me.

All of me.

Wait, wait, wait...

What about Vinnie?

Forget Vinnie.

That's my dad's car!

Oh, he's probably drunk, I gotta go drive him out before the...

Mitch! Your dad is bogged out! I saw him run over a bush!
-I know...

I know!

I brought your cape.

Thought you might need it.

Thanks, Mary.




Nothing to say to your sweet old dad!?

All manner of demons...

All manner of dead...

Maybe if we just go real slow, they won't notice us.

Be real quiet.

Your friend, Mary, she's dressed so strangely.

Some girls dress like that all the time.

Not just on Halloween.

In my day, if a girl looked like that,

people would say she was possessed.

She'd be burned at the stake.

Time's have changed.

Some things never change.

- I don't like the sound of this.
- Of what?

The party, I don't hear anyone.

Come on.

Oh no...

Oh no, it's happened here, too.

Oh no...



What are we gonna do?

- Here! We can use this candle, Phil?
- What?

Let's go. Let's get out of here now.

Wait a minute, we gotta get Mitch...

We gotta get Grenville's ring, Mitch has Grenville's ring..

Looking for us, Phil?

We are right here!

We have to end this.

Don't come another step closer!

You can't beat us, Phil!

Get it blocked!

- No!
- The ring! Get the ring!
- I'm trying!

It's stuck!


Got it! Let's go!

Come on, come on!

Come on, come on, come on!

- Phil, hurry!
- I am!

- Thank god, it's you!
- Thank god, it's you!

Phil, would you please hurry up!

I am!

Got it!

- You okay!?
- Yes!
- Okay!

- Come on out!
- There it is! Right there!

Good thing you know your way around this place.

You're cold! Wear this!

- What are we gonna do?
- Thanks.

We're gonna break into that mausoleum and get Grenville's bones.

We need to mix wax with his bones!

And then seal the parchment with the ring!

It's the only way to end the curse!

And we gotta do it all by midnight!

- No kidding?
- Darn, its locked. Okay, back up!

Phil, look out!

It must've got her back at the house!

Come on!

What's that!?

Let's go!

Give me this shovel!

I hope old Nate doesn't have any unfinished business

around town tonight.

Quick! Take the candle. Now, melt the wax. Get your ring ready!

Okay, I've got the ring.

Okay, light it!

I don't have the matches! You have the matches!

I don't have any matches!

They're back in the car!

- We can't go back to the car!
- We gotta go back to the car, come on!

Get the rifle!

Come on, come on! Get the matches!

Come on!

I'm trying...

- Okay, okay.
- Good!

Get the parchment!

Come on!

It's not working!

It will! It has to!

Well, maybe we're supposed to say some words, or something!?

Huh!? What words!?

I Love You!


Goodbye, Phil.

Love you too, Sandy.

'Hey, the first caller after midnight,'

'on the Wolfman's dedication line,'

'is a young lady, who really wanted to make sure'

'we got this right out, right away.'

'It's from Sandy, to Phil!'