The Man in the Wall (2015) - full transcript

One night. One apartment. One missing person. Rami takes his dog on a walk and does not return. He disappeared. His wife, Shir, is clueless as to his whereabouts. Different people come in and out of the apartment during that night - each for their own reasons. Could one of them hold the key to the mystery?


Someone's knocking!

One moment!

One moment!

One second, hold on one second.

Why do you let him walk around alone?

He shit at the entrance to the building.

Right at the entrance. A huge pile!

What do you mean?
My husband took him for a walk.

Your husband wasn't with him.

The dog was alone
at the entrance to the building.

What do you mean alone?

Alone, meaning alone.

The door was locked, so I let him in.

Thank God it was locked.

Otherwise he'd shit in the lobby.

Are you sure?

Sure of what?

That my husband wasn't around?

Yes, I'm sure.

Clean it up, please. Now!

Of course, I'll clean it now.

Tell your husband this won't happen again.


It's Friday night.

People are coming home from the synagogue
and see this pile of shit at the entrance.

That's not right.

You're right.

I'll tell him. I'll clean it up now.
I apologize.

Shabbat shalom.

Shabbat shalom.

What is it?


Where's Dad?

-What's up?
-Hi, Dudi.

Hi, it's Shir.

-Shir, hey.
-Say, do you know where's Rami?


I saw that you spoke with him
in the morning.


Did he say something about today?
If he had any plans for the evening?

No, I don't think so.

No? So what did he say?

Nothing special. We just talked.

What do you mean, "just talked"?
He must've called to say something.

Well, you know, work stuff.
Why, what happened?

I don't know. I don't know where he is.

-What do you mean?
-I was asleep and he...

He probably went for a walk with Bruno,
but Bruno suddenly came back

and Rami didn't. I don't know where he is.
All of his stuff is here.

His cellphone... I don't know.
He disappeared.

-I don't know where he is.

I don't know.
Maybe we should call the police.

How did he sound to you when you talked?

How did he sound?

Yes, when you talked,
how did he sound to you?

Sad? Happy?

Okay? Not okay? How?

He sounded as always, I don't know.

Why don't you ever know anything?
You're his best friend!

-Don't you know anything?
-What do you want from me?

I don't know where he is.
If I knew, I'd tell you.

We talked, he sounded fine, that's it.
How did he sound to you?

-I don't know?
-Did you speak today?


We didn't really speak.

He was really busy, he was in his room
all the time, working and stuff.

For how long did he go out?

I don't know, I was asleep.

How long were you asleep?

Two, three hours, something like that.

Did you check outside?

No, I just woke up.

Did you talk to people?

-What people?
-I don't know.

Fuck, I'm stuck up north now.

What about Shuster?

Okay, I'll call him.

I'll call him now. Stay available.

Okay? Shir?










Hi, are we early?

No, no, you're not early.

-Come in.
-This is Nadav.

-Hi, I'm Shir.

-Hello? Yes, I'm listening.

You forgot we scheduled for today.

-There was no one here...
-One second. Come in, sit.


There was no one here
matching your description.

-Are you sure?

Can you please check again?

Ma'am, I just checked.

How can you be 100% sure?

Ma'am, there was no one here
in the last couple of hours.

-Okay, I understand.
-Shabbat shalom.

What? Everything okay?

Sit. Why are you standing? Sit.

Sit down. One moment, I...

I'll be right there, alright?
I'll fix myself up.

I'll open the wine.

You know where the glasses are, right?



Look, just like ours.

I had so much fun at the inn.

Shall we go?

Of course.

-Here's to yesterday.
-Here's to us.

Good, right?



Where's Rami?

Rami disappeared.


Yes. I'm so sorry that I didn't...

that I didn't call. I should've called
and canceled. I just...

I forgot you were coming.



I don't know where he disappeared to,
because he just...

didn't come home.

He went for a walk with Bruno,
but I was asleep.

Then Bruno came back
with one of the neighbors

because he was at the entrance
to the building.

Rami didn't come back.
I have no idea where he might be.

All his stuff is here. Cellphone, wallet.
I don't know how to reach him.

Did you have a fight?

No, no, on the contrary.

It's been really good lately.

He was really busy with this project,
busy recording and editing all the time.

I have no idea.
I think something happened to him.

There's nothing that can...

He always calls me.

Maybe he went somewhere.

It's Friday night, it's raining!
Everything's closed. Where could he go?

It's so not like him
to just leave Bruno on the street,

not tell me anything and disappear?

What is that?

I called hospitals.

There was no one matching his description.

I don't know.

Did you call the police?

Yes, I called the police!

They said they can't help
because only after 24 hours

is a person considered missing,
unless there's immediate danger.

What is immediate danger?

What does it mean, "immediate danger"?

I don't know what else I can do.

I called his friends.

I called his dad.

-What can happen...
-Did you explain to the police?

Yes, but they said they get 50 complaints
like this every day

and it turns out to be nothing.

And it's Friday night,
so no one will do anything

unless they're sure
something happened to him.

What assholes!

Maybe it's really nothing?

You know,

sometimes things happen and there
seems to be no logical explanation,

no positive explanation.

But then you find out what really happened

and you realize that you just
didn't think about it.

I mean... whatever it is,
you just didn't think about it.

And everything's fine in the end.

Nadavi, I want to have a moment
alone with Shir.


No, stay.

We'll go to the room.
Come here for a second.

One moment, sweetie.

So, what did you fight about?

We didn't fight.

I thought you didn't want to say
because of Nadav.

No. I told you, we didn't fight.

On the contrary, everything was fine.

He was busy all the time.
Nothing happened lately.

I have no idea what it can be.

Maybe he's upset with something
that didn't happen lately?


Why do you think it's relevant?

Because he's like that.

-What do you mean, "like that"?
-You know...

Holds grudges, vengeful...

This is his revenge?

That he leaves and doesn't come back?

He's fucked up.

He can do that just to make you suffer.

No way.

-Yes way.

You don't even know him.

I know him pretty well.

Not as well as I do.

Besides, he changed since then.
You said so yourself.

Yes, he changed a bit,
but some things don't change.

-Shir, he's fucked up, I told you.

-Don't say I didn't tell you.
-This has nothing to do with you.

What's this got to do with anything now?

Something happened to him.
Do you understand that

something happened to him,
and you're telling me this?

Go fuck yourself, Adi!
Just go fuck yourself.

You're such a bitch sometimes.
I'm shocked that you said that.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said it.

-No, you really shouldn't have.
-You're right. Sorry.

Sorry, it's not relevant, sorry.

Really not relevant!

Sorry, I was being a bitch.

Sorry. Come on, I'm sorry.

Sorry, sorry!

-I'm sorry.

Cute. Nadav.


It's funny what he said.


I mean, not what he said, but...

Rami would've probably reacted
exactly the same, you know.

What did he say?

He didn't say anything.
Just said that it'll be okay.

You know...

tried to...

So what do we do now?

-I have no idea.
-Forget about it. Let's go.

Let's drink some wine.

Come on.

We'll figure out what to do
in the living room.

-Let's go.

Say, he knows about you and Rami?

Why would he know about Rami and me?

-I don't know, I thought...
-If it gets serious, I'll tell him.

-Go to the living room, I have to pee.

Adi told me that

you own a restaurant or something.

Yes, me and another partner.


Someone else is planning
to open another branch.

-Abed's closing in Rishon Letzion.

-Cool. In Tel Aviv?


Do you know that

that they went out, Adi and Rami?

That's how I met him.

After a while he

dumped her.

Maybe she dumped him, I don't know.

A year later we met somewhere
and he hit on me. Really...


I liked him when they were still together.

I asked her if it's okay, if I go out
with him and she said...

She thinks he's fucked up, but it's okay.
She's not mad or anything.

I know.

-She told me.

So, what are we going to do?

-I think you better go.
-Are you serious?

No way! We're staying, right?

Yes, yes. You shouldn't be alone now.

No, no. Go. I...

You being here doesn't help me.
I'm sorry I'm like this, but...

I need to be alone, figure out what to do.
You being here doesn't help me.

Maybe I should go and Adi should stay?

No, no. Both of you leave.


-Shir Ripin?
-Yes, come in, please.

Your husband's home?


-Do you know where he is?

Okay. Tell us what happened.

Do you want something to drink?


What happened is my husband's missing.


I called the police and they said a person
is considered missing only after 24 hours,

unless there's immediate danger.

I know something happened to him.
They said you get many calls like this.

-Excuse me.
-So, I didn't...

You called the police to complain
that your husband hit you.

Yes. I needed to get you here.

When I said he's missing,
no one took me seriously.

So, did your husband hit you, or not?

No, he didn't hit me.

-I don't understand. Do you understand?

What happened is...

I was asleep.

He took the dog for a walk.
The dog came back, my husband didn't.

I don't know where he is.

All his stuff is here.
His cellphone, his wallet, his moped.

Everything's here. He disappeared.

Something must have happened
when he was walking the dog.

Do you understand?

So why did you call and said he hit you?

Well... I wanted you to come here.

-When I said missing, no one took me...
-This won't help you.

You think we'll go out to the street
to look for him, since we're here?

I thought you might do something.

It was useless calling on the phone.

The secretary...
The police woman I spoke to on the phone.

She didn't listen to me.
She didn't believe it was serious.

So, you decided to lie a bit?
To press false charges?

-It's not false charges.
-Yes, it is.

Complaining about something that didn't
happen is the definition of false charges.

You called the police
and said your husband hit you.

For no reason. Just because
that's what you felt like saying.

Do you understand that the things
you say have consequences?

Significance? Do you understand
the meaning of a false complaint?

Do you understand how much harm
it can cause to a person's life? Career?

Do you understand or don't you?

While your husband is supposedly missing,
you're sitting here drinking wine.

The wine is... My friends poured it

before I even told them. Forget the wine.

42. Copy.

This is 42.

-So, you told them and they left?
-We're a bit delayed.

Everything alright?

-I'll get back to you soon.
-Because I asked them to leave.

I felt uncomfortable with them being here.

I understand. Why did you say he hit you?

I told you already.

I'm asking why you chose
to say that of all things.

You could've made up a different lie.

I thought it would get you here faster.

If you'd said a rapist is trying to break
in, we'd get here even faster, right?

I guess so.

-But you didn't think of that?
-No, I didn't think of that.

What you thought to say
is that your husband hit you.

-So why?

I don't know why. No reason. I don't know.

Maybe because the reason I needed you is

my husband, so I made up something about
my husband. I don't know.

-What difference does it make?
-He didn't hit you?

No, no, he didn't hit me.
I don't understand what you want.

He never hit you?

No, no! He never hit me!

Are you sure?

I don't understand what you want from me.

Your husband has a history of violence
towards women.

I don't understand.

He hit a woman once
and she filed a complaint.



A few years ago.

I think you're wrong. It...

It sounds to me like you have the
wrong name or something. It's not...

Adi Khalfi.

Do you know her?

Do you?

Yes, she's his ex. I know her.

She filed a complaint against him.

He got mad with her once.
Punched her in the face.

He didn't tell you that?

Now you also complain he hit you.

So, we get here and it turns out
he's not here.

And you're claiming he didn't hit you
and that he's actually missing.

You had friends here,
you sat here drinking wine

while your husband's missing
at night, in the rain.

This doesn't seem odd to you?
Do you find it odd?

I've heard stranger things.

Alright. When did he leave?

I don't know exactly.
I was asleep at the time, but...

I went to sleep at around 04:00-04:30 pm.

What was he wearing?

One moment, I'll check.

Maybe I'll know from the jacket.

Probably a leather jacket.
A black leather jacket.

How old is he?


Height? Weight?

He's 5'8".

I don't know. Maybe 155 pounds.
Maybe a bit less.

Let me check something.

Thank you.

43. This is 42.


Yes, copy 42.

-Do you want to drink something?
-No, thank you.

I'll make myself a drink.

Why did you say he hit you?

-I already told you why.
-I don't believe you.

People don't just say things like that.

Other things, maybe. Things like this, no.

People say all kinds of things.

All kinds of things,
but not things like this.

I... I don't understand

-why it matters to you so much.
-I ask the questions, you answer.

This is how it works.


-Who decided?
-I decided. I'm the police officer, right?

I don't understand what's with you.

What's with you?

You call to say someone hit you
when in fact no one hit you.

What's your problem? Do you want
someone to hit you, is that it?

I don't understand what
you're talking about.


Are you afraid of me?

Are you afraid I'll hit you?

You're... You're sick.

He hit me once.
That's what you wanted to hear?

He hit me once.

He didn't really hit me.
It was a small punch.


We had a fight, he tried to leave.
I stood in his way, so he tried to move me

and he sort of punched me,
pushed me into the wall.

Do you fight a lot?

Like everyone else.

What do you mean, "like everyone else"?


Maybe he's not missing?

Maybe he ran away?

Maybe he was miserable here?

Was there someone else?
Was he having an affair?

You thought he was fucking
someone else on the side?

Ma'am, I'm just doing my job.

Your husband is missing and I need to ask
the questions that must be asked.

-I don't understand what's your problem.
-I don't have a problem.

You have a problem.

That's why you called the police, right?
Now let the police do its job.

Do you think there's a possibility
he simply ran away?

Left everything and disappeared
of his own will?



There wasn't anything out of the ordinary
in the area in the last few hours.

No one matching his description
was brought to the hospital.

If he doesn't show up before morning,
we'll open a case and begin searching.


Hi, Doron.

I thought that I should stop by.

Pass through.

-Come in, come in.
-Thank you.

What a surprise.

Have a sit.

-Something to drink?
-Nothing, thank you.

Are you sure you don't want
anything to drink?

-Thank you. Really, nothing.


-Yes, yes, sure.

Maybe a beer?

I don't think we have beer,
but we have wine.

Red wine gives me headaches.

-There's also whiskey or something.
-No, no.

I thought a beer would go well
with the cigarette.

-I'm driving and they're strict nowadays.

How are you?

Say, did you speak recently or something?

No, we're not in touch. Not at all.

Birthdays, we call to say congratulations.
Sometimes on holidays, but that's it.


When did you last meet?

A few years ago. He came to my show.

You were there too.

Yes, I was. It was a great show.

-Thanks. Thanks.

Those were good times.

How are things now?

We see you sometimes on TV

and on the radio.

Thank you. It's not what it used to be.

But I'm getting by. It's okay.

-How... You... You do...


It's going really well.

I started working at this
great clinic in Herzliya.


-Good, great.
-It's really good there.

-Very good.

He did stuff like this when he was a kid?

What stuff?

Go somewhere and disappear.

No. No, not that I remember. He...

He spent more time with his mom.
I was busy recording, performing.

When we separated

he was really little, 4 or 5 years old.


-I apologize, I'm sorry.
-Hold on, I'll get...

No, it's okay, I'll just get an ashtray.

Really, he was a good kid. He was quiet
and serious. I remember

that one time he even,

I think it was a birthday,

I gave him a guitar as a present
and he was so serious, played so well.

So small that the guitar was bigger
than him. He could barely hold it.

You think he...

that something happened to him?

I really hope not, but you know...

I have no explanation.

I don't even have a lead. I don't know.

It's really weird, you know.

You've been doing okay lately?

Totally. Yes.

And he wasn't stressed about work
or money or anything?

No, everything was normal. I don't know.

Listen, Shir, I have to go.
I'm expected somewhere.


Thanks for coming.

It's really nice.

-It'll be okay. Everything will work out.
-Yes. Thank you.

Shir, I thought I should
tell you something.

Did you read something that...

I don't know how to tell you...

Look, he came to me

one day a few weeks ago. He showed up at
my house and asked for money, a loan.

And said he'll pay it back
in a few months.

How much money?

20,000 shekels.

But the most important part is
he made me swear

that if I happen to run into you,
I won't tell you anything about it.

Did he says why he needed the money?

He said that things are tight,
that he's not making enough money

and you don't have enough work

-and he didn't want to go to the bank.
-It's so weird. He has a ton of work.

I've been making really good money lately.

I don't know. That's what he said.

Did you give him the money?

He's my only son, Shir.

He said he'll pay it back in a few months.

Why does he need the money?
What can you do with 20,000 shekels?

I guess a lot of things. What can you do
with 20,000 shekels? Things.

-Look, he came to me.

He just showed up, asked for money.
I assumed you were tight for money.

I gave him the money,
I didn't ask too many questions.

Plus, he said he'll pay me back
in a few months.

-Wait, I'll write you a check.
-No, no, no.

-No, I don't...
-I don't know. We don't need the money.

-I have no idea why he asked...
-I'm asking you, don't. No.

-Wait a second.
-Forget it.

It's not why I told you.

-I came to tell you...
-Here it is.

...the story. I don't... No. Forget it.
I'm shocked. I will not accept any money.

Did he say he'll pay it back
with interest?

You're acting crazy. Shir, I'm asking you.
I don't want any money.

-It's okay. Wait a second.
-I'm asking you.

This is really stupid.
This isn't what I meant.

I'm not... Forget it.
I'm asking you, Shir.

I just came

-to tell you because I thought it might...
-I'm putting today's date.

...somehow help.

No, I'm asking you.

No, I don't want it.

No, I refuse. No, no.

It's okay. Doron, take it. Doron!

I'm asking you, Shir. I don't want this...

-You're putting me in a tough spot.
-It's okay, take it.

Everything's fine.

Call me.

-It's me.

Hi. Where are you?

I'm here.

Where "here"?

Look out the window.


Come on up.

C'mon, Shir.

-Are you serious?

-You don't want to come up?

So why did you come?

Because you asked me to.

I asked you to come because I need you.
I need you near me right now.

Come be with me here.

C'mon, we're going to stand together
on the street?

Let's go to my place.

I'm not going to your place!

So, let's go eat.
I haven't eaten since lunch.

I can't leave now. If there's some new
development, I need to be here.

You mean, if he shows up.

I'm not leaving this house,
do you understand?

Come on up! I'm losing my mind!

What if he shows up while I'm there?
What will you say, if he asks who I am?

Maybe he's waiting for me to come up.
Maybe he's hiding behind a tree.

Peeking out, waiting for me to come up
to catch us together.

Stop talking nonsense.

I'm serious.

Come on up!

I don't want him to know, I told you that.
I don't want to get mixed up in this.

Oh, c'mon. Will you please come up?

All I'm fucking asking you is to come up
and be with me.

Look, Shir, I'm not coming up.
If you want, you can come down here.


Fine, you can think I'm a coward.

That's what you are, a coward.

No, you're a coward.

You live with a husband you don't love.
You're cheating on him,

afraid he'll find out the truth.

I don't want to get mixed up in this shit.
I told you from the start.

Why do you think I don't love him?

You do?

It's none of your business.


How do you know something happened to him?

-Because I know.

Because I know! I know him!

That's what you think. He probably thinks
he knows you too.

Quit the crap and come up already!

Don't you understand it's a horrible idea?

If I come up there and he shows up,
who knows what he'll do.

What are you afraid he's going to
beat you up?

Why should I get mixed up in this?
You have a fucked up marriage.

I told you from the start,
I don't need this shit.

You don't need this shit, but you need me?


Great! Nice arrangement
you've got going here.

You weren't exactly against it either.

Tommy, listen.

If you care about me, even a little,

you'll come up.

-You hear me?

Don't leave me here alone.

-Do you care about me?
-You know I do.

So why don't you come up?

Because it's fucked up!
Your husband's missing

and I should sit with you
until he comes back?

Feel sorry for you? Pretend I care what
happened to him? It's fucked up!

You don't have to pretend. You can
rejoice, if that's what you feel.

I don't feel that. Why would I feel that?

You wouldn't want him to disappear?

What do I have to do with this?

Maybe you're happy, it's your right.
I have nothing to do with this.



did something to Rami?


Did you do something to him?

Why would I do anything to him?

To be with me?

You think I did something to your husband,
so that you and I can be together?

I don't think anything. I'm asking.

Listen. Darling.

If I wanted us to be together,
it would've happened already.

Your idiot husband has nothing
to do with this.

Got it?

Yes, I got it.

Inside a wall stands a man

All alone he stands in there

Who knows the man in the wall

The man's been standing
inside the wall since long ago

He can't get out of here

Who knows the man in the wall

The man is small, the wall is huge

The man is weak, the wall is strong

Who knows the man in the wall

Anybody here?

-Hey, sweetie.

Wow, mom!

-You were at the door?
-No, no.

It was the neighbors, asking to turn down
the music. Said it's very late.

-You saw me dancing?
-You danced beautifully!

You always danced beautifully.

And you sang beautifully too.

Sing something.

No, c'mon.

-Why not?
-I'm embarrassed to sing.

You're probably wondering
what I'm doing here.


I know what you're doing here.

I thought how nice it would be,
if you were here.

But, sweetie, I can't stay for long.


I have things to do.

What things, Mom? You're dead.

Please, don't say that!

Mom! Mom, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry! Forgive me!

I'm sorry. I apologize.

-Do you want to eat something?

Do you want to eat something?
You haven't eaten all night.

No, no. I'm not hungry.

It's not good. You have to eat something.

Let's see what you have
and I'll make you something good.

Mom. Mom, I'm not hungry!

Why is Rami not here?

He needs to be here, take care of you,
make sure that you're eating.

Leaves his drugs and walks away.

-Enough, mom.
-It's not right.

It's really not right.

You have nothing in the fridge!
How can I make anything...

Enough, Mother! I told you I'm not hungry!



Bruno. My beautiful boy.

Bruno, maybe you can tell me.

Where's Rami?


Where is he?

Where is he?

Where is he? Answer me.
Where is he? Where is he?


Anybody here?

Anybody here?

Who is it?

Who is it?

Who's there?

It's for you. Thought you might be hungry.

Can I come in?

These helped you?


The pills helped? You've calmed down?

-A bit.
-How many did you take?

-Oh, c'mon.
-Shir, how many did you take?



I smoked a joint.
I had crazy hallucinations.

You smoked a joint, took two of these
and you had wine?

Please, let me eat in peace, okay?

Is it good anyway?

You're going to keep standing?

Or maybe you'll take a seat?

Why didn't you bring me a Pepsi?

They didn't have any.

So, get me some water.


So, this is where you live?


Rami's study is there, past the bedroom.
You can take a tour, if you want.

Nice apartment.

You really think so?

Yes. Nice apartment.

I had a similar apartment when I was
your age. Not far from here actually.

Come here maybe?

Hug me.

Thank you. Thank you, thanks.

I knew you'd come.

-You didn't know.
-I knew.

It's so scary being alone.
You have no idea.


Hey, Shir. C'mon, what are you doing?

Caress me.


-Open it.

Open it!

Get up! Get up!

Go to the bedroom. Under the bed.

Faster, faster!

One moment.


I called like a hundred times.
You didn't answer.


The battery probably died.

Well, I'll check.

-Weren't you up north?
-I was. He didn't return?


Can I come in?


Do you want to drink something?

Yes. Tea maybe. I...

I have a bit of a cold.

There's no tea. We ran out.

Okay, water then.



Nothing. No news.

What about the police?

I talked to them.
There were no incidents in the area.

No one was brought to the hospital.

Nothing new.
They'll start searching tomorrow.

-So what do we do now?
-Nothing. There's nothing we can do now.

Nothing. We have to wait 'till morning.

We can't wait 'till morning.

-What do you want to do?
-Go look for him.

-Here in the area.

The cops looked in the area.
Didn't find anything.

You said they'll begin searching tomorrow.

No. There were patrol officers here.
The extended search will begin tomorrow.

You trust these patrol officers?

Yes. I don't know.

Okay, well, I don't trust them.
It's Friday night,

-it's raining. They couldn't care less.
-I looked too, in the whole neighborhood.

What do you think?

So what do you want?

That we'll just sit here
hoping for the best?

There's nothing to do now, Dudi.

I'll talk to you in the morning.

-What's up?

You're talking like it's...

-Dudi, I did everything.
-Okay, forget it.

-Where are you going?
-I'll do it by myself.

Where... What will you do by yourself?
What are you doing?

-If you don't care, you can sit and wait.

-I can't do that.
-I don't care?

-You have some nerve!

-I don't care? You decided I don't care?

-Go fuck yourself!

Listen, Dudi, you can't come here
and talk like this in my house.

-Okay, Shir.
-Get out.

Shir, he might be lying
somewhere out there!

Bleeding or dying or whatever!
And you want to sit here,

-drink wine, eat noodles and wait for him?
-I told you, I already did everything!

Okay, fine, Shir! I would've never
thought you're like this!

-Like what?
-Okay, fine.

Like what? You would've never
thought that I'm like what?

What difference does it make now?
That's what's important now?

-Yes, yes! Like what?
-Okay, fine.



Tell me, Dudi.

Is Rami seeing someone?

-Is he having an affair?

One-night stands?

Are you serious?

Damn serious.

No, Shir. He's not seeing anyone. Okay?

No one-night stands. No nothing.

-As far as I know anyway.
-Who's Ella S.?

Ella S. Look how many outgoing calls.

-I don't know. Let's call.
-I called. Twice. No answer.

Call again.

Dudi, what did he tell you about me?

-In general. You talk about me, right?

The call is forwarded to voicemail.

What did he say?

Nothing special.

And still...

-Nothing. He said nothing.

Did he say he wants to leave me?


Tell me the truth.

-He didn't say he wants to leave you.
-So what did he say?

Dudi. Talk!


Nothing. He said that...

He said you lost your sense of humor.

What does it mean?

Nothing. That when you met
you had a great sense of humor

and lately it vanished.


He told you a joke and you didn't laugh.

-What joke?
-It doesn't matter, Shir.

What joke?

About mice and football.

I don't remember.

-It doesn't matter now.
-Tell me.


-Tell me the joke!
-It's inappropriate now, Shir.

I want you to tell me that joke.

-Now? What for?
-Dudi, can you tell me the joke already?

A man goes to the doctor, says,

"Doctor, I've been having the same
weird dream for a month.

White mice playing football."

Okay? No big deal. The doctor says:
"Take these pills. Tomorrow it'll stop."

So, the man says: "Thanks, doctor, but
I'll start taking the pills the day after.

It's just that... tomorrow is the finals."


-You find it funny?

This is what you talk about?
These sort of things?

That I don't laugh at his stupid jokes!

-About that too.
-Only about that, it seems.

Cracking up, talking crap.

Your best friend disappears and you have
no idea where he can be.

-Oh, and you do?

Come, come. Get out.

I'll call you in the morning.

-No, no. I'm staying here.


You have no business here.

It doesn't help me.

I didn't come to help you. It's my friend
and I'm worried about him.

-Do you have to worry about him here?
-You're afraid I'll know someone was here?

He hates umbrellas.

He never had an umbrella.

It's Nadav's umbrella.
Adi's new boyfriend.

They were here. I forgot they were coming
with everything that happened.

So, you drank wine
and ate noodles with them?

Yes, I was with them, eating and
drinking food and everything.

-What do you want? That I'll stop eating?

-I got it. I'm going to go look for him.

-You're coming with me?

-Why not?

What if he comes back?

If he comes back, Shir, he has a key.

He'll come in, see that you're not here
and he'll call you.

And I want to meet him here.

Tell me something. This Nadav...


-What about him?
-He forgot his shoes too?

Those are Rami's shoes.

47? These are not Rami's.

-I'm here. Come down.

-Who is this?

It's Shir. Rami's wife.

Where's Rami?

Who's asking?

Tell him it's Ella.

Ella, he can't talk now.

Can you come up here, please?

No. Where's Rami?

He... He's not home.

He called me.

No, it was me who called you.

What? Why?

I wanted to ask you some stuff.

Do you know who I am?



-Rami didn't tell you about me?

Okay, so what can I do for you?

Maybe you know where he is?

I have no idea. Something happened to him?

I think so. He disappeared.
Do you work together?


What's your connection to him?

What did you say your name was?


Shir, sorry, I can't help you.
I have no idea where your husband is.

Ella, you said you're here.
Why did you come here?

I was in the neighborhood.

Listen, Ella, I don't believe you,
so I want you to tell me who you are.

It's none of your business. Bye.

-I'm calling the police!

I'm calling the police and I'm giving them
your number and your name.

-I'll say you know something about Rami.
-Why would you do that?

Because you won't tell me who you are.
You're hiding something

and that something might help find Rami.

Hello? Ella?

Is there anyone else in the apartment?



-Open the door, I'm coming up. What floor?

What did you say your name was?

-Shir. I don't know

where Rami is or what happened to him.
I'm not his friend, not his lover.

I have no idea where he is, so there's
no need to call the police, okay?

Really? You get a call from him
in the middle of the night.

You get here in 30 minutes
and tell him to come down.

You're telling me
you don't know who he is?

I didn't say I don't know who he is.
I said I have no personal ties to him.

Okay? I sell him drugs.

Look, I'm not a drug dealer.
I just have a few regulars.

They call during my work hours.

If everything's cool, I don't answer
and stop by within an hour.

They come down, say "Hi", get the stuff,
we say goodbye. That's how it works.

Rami is a regular. He called, I came.
Okay? Good.

How do you know him?

My brother's a musician.
Rami did some mix for him

-or a cover. We smoked a bit, he liked it.
-He bought from you recently?

Yes, about a week ago.

-Is it pot?
-Pot? No.

I don't do the small stuff.
Only the real thing.

Which is what?

You want to buy?

-So, why do you care?

I want to know what it is.

I smoked something today that...

Probably something Rami bought from you.

I experienced weird things.

Naturally! It's supposed to do
weird things. It's the real deal.

So what is it?

-You want know what it's called?
-For instance...

It doesn't matter. Only I have it.
Trust me.

-How do you know only you have it?
-I make it.

What do you make it from?

-Horse shit! What's with the third degree?
-Did he buy a lot from you?

-Define "a lot".
-I don't know. In a week.

What does it matter how many times a week?
The quantity is what matters...


Is it measured in grams or what?
I don't know how this thing's measured.

He didn't buy a lot. Average.
Said it helps him with work.

Opens his hearing.

So, it causes hallucinations?

Only in the beginning. Then it works out.


opens all kinds of stuff, you know?

All kinds of stuff.

You sure you don't want to buy?
I'm here anyway.


You want to smoke together?

-Well, can I smoke?

-Good, great.


basically hate apartments.

Fucking hate them!

It drives you crazy!

Know what I'm saying?

-Where do you live?
-In an apartment, where else?

On the street?

What's that?

It smells like pot.


Of course, I add a little.

It's for the smell. Otherwise it stinks.

Horse shit, I'm telling you.

Is it expensive, this stuff?

Define "expensive".

Say, 20,000. How much can you buy?

20,000 is serious.

But... Rami didn't spend
that kind of money.

-Are you sure?
-Totally, girl.

You said you're his wife?



He didn't tell me about you.


-Never mind.

Okay, fine. So what did he tell you?

Forget it.

Nothing, really.

Don't worry, he didn't spill
his heart out to me.

He only said it helps him.

Opens his hearing.

He didn't try to hit on me either.

He's cool, Rami.

So, what, he just disappeared?


Took the dog out for a walk and...

Didn't come back. Disappeared.

So weird.

It's so weird that people disappear.

So weird! I saw this American TV show once

about a unit trying to
locate missing persons.

And there was this

-sort of...
-Was it?


Could this stuff

do something like...

For someone like Rami, who smoked.

Could it have fucked up his brain?

That's the point.

What? Fuck up your brain?


-What "why"?

Why do you sell something
that fucks up the brain?

Because it's going to get fucked up
eventually, one way or the other.

So you should at least enjoy the process.

Something might've happened to Rami
because he smoked this stuff!

How the hell do I know.

Depends, you know.
It's not like he'll vanish.

Okay, but what can happen to him?
What can happen to him from this stuff?

How the hell do I know.
It depends on the person.

Get it? It has a different effect
on different people.

It does nothing for me now.
I just get a little buzz.

Long ago, when I smoked,
I'd go to the park.

I'd smoke and

-look towards the sun...
-Tell me!

Close my eyes and it was
fucking Christmas!

-Hold on!
-For an hour!

You don't care?

-You really don't care?

Something bad happened to a person because
of this shit you sold him

and you don't care?

C'mon, girl. Where you born yesterday?

It's pot. It's just pot.

Fucking awesome pot. Medical.

My uncle's terminally ill.
He gets tons of it, but it's just pot.

Lighten up. I fooled you.

It was a joke. Laugh.

Smile. Anything!

You look like you're in mourning. I can't
see people like this. It's depressing.

It'll be okay.

Rami will come back. Don't worry.

Okay, listen.

Fuck off from my house. Now! Get out!

Come on, get up!

Stupid girl!

You stupid little girl! Get out!

Okay, now I'm really depressed.


Okay then.


Say "Hi" to Rami. If he comes back.

Ambiance. Traffic's flowing.

Ambiance. Highway. Traffic jam.

Empty alley. Ambiance.

Man walking down an alley.

Man running down an alley.

Woman walking down an alley.

Woman running down an alley.

Man and woman walking down an alley.

Man and woman running down an alley.

Ambiance. Empty apartment. Day.

Ambiance. Woman. Night.

Apartment. Night.


-How are you?
-Good. What's up?

-It's all good.

No, I ate.

What did you make?

Nothing. I thought we'd order in.

You didn't eat anything?

I made a pastrami sandwich.

So, order in something.

It's okay, I'm not really hungry.

Maybe I'll make another sandwich.

Suit yourself.

-There's hot water?

I asked you not to touch my computer!

Did I or did I not ask you?

My sweet boy.

What is it? What is it? What is it?

I missed you.

I missed you, my pretty boy.

I missed you.

You mind telling me where you were?

In the neighborhood.

-In the neighborhood?

Rami, I want to know where you were.

I told you. In the neighborhood.

Where here in the neighborhood?

In the neighborhood! What does it matter?

What do you mean, "what does it matter"?

What were you doing?

Nothing special.

-Nothing special?

Okay, keep sleeping.

Rami, where were you?


Where were you?

Where were you? Where were you? Where?

Do you know what you did to me?

Maybe you don't know what you did to me!

I called hospitals!
The police is looking for you!

No one's looking for me.
No one's looking for me.

Cops were here, they're were looking
for you. They're still are.

I know. I know they were here.
I called the police.

I told them everything's fine.

I came back home and they shouldn't worry.

You know?

-How do you know?
-I listened.

-What did you listen to?
-Everything that happened here.

I put wireless microphones
all over the house.

I was outside listening all this time.


-You're lying.

-Shir, he's fucked up, I told you.
-He hit me once.

You live with a husband you don't love.
You cheat...


Where were you? You're lying!

-Tell me where you were.
-I'm not lying.

I was curious, that's all.

What do you, "curious"?

I was curious to know what goes on here
when I'm not around.

I mean...

When I'm here, it's no longer interesting.

Know what I'm saying?

-Now can I go to sleep?
-No, you can't go to sleep! Are you lying?

The 20,000 too?

No. I didn't need Doron's money.

So why did you ask him for it?

To make sure he'll be here tonight.

You're sick!

You're sick! Crazy! You must be

a pervert to do something like this.

Would've been better if you died,
if something ever happened to you!

-This is funny to you?
-No. It's just that

You know, your Tommy has a nice voice.

If you're going to listen to your wife
fucking someone else,

he might as well have a nice voice.

Watch it!

Watch it! I'll kill you!

-Shir, calm down!
-Leave me alone!

-Leave me alone, I said! Leave me alone!
-Calm down! Calm down!

-Calm down!
-Leave me alone!

-Calm! Down!
-Rami, leave me alone.

Calm down!

-Calm down. Calm down!
-Rami, leave...

-Calm down!

Enough, Rami!

Calm down!

Calm down.


Enough! I can't...


I'm going to enter the house,

take all my things and get out.

You will go to your room.

If you try to come near me, I'll kill you.

I swear I will kill you.

Got it?

-Go to your room!

-Take Bruno with you.
-Go to the room!

-Shir, please take Bruno!
-Go to your room!

It's your dog!

I'm not going to take care of your dog!


Who is it?

Did you take pills?

You swallowed all the pills in the bottle?

How long ago?

How long ago?

15 minutes. Maybe a bit more.

-911. Hello.

-I need an ambulance, please.
-What happened?

My husband tried to commit suicide. He
swallowed pills. Tranquilizers. A bottle.

-How long ago?

15 minutes ago.

I don't know. He doesn't answer.

He doesn't look good.

Okay, okay.

Yes, I'll tell him. Okay.

20 Hagefen street.

Second floor. Apartment 3.

Thank you.

Yes, yes. Thank you.

You need tot throw up now.

-Why did you do that for?
-Get up, you need to throw up.

Why did you do that for?

Go stick a finger down your throat!
You need to throw up now!

-Why did you do that for?

-Answer me.
-Because I don't want you to die now.

Die tomorrow when I leave.

Now you don't die. Get up.

Go stick a finger.

-It's not working.
-Sweetie, stick a finger.

-It's not working. When will they be here?
-Just stick a finger!


Let me.

Open wider!


Good, Rami. Way to go.

That's it?


Here, wipe yourself up.

Careful. I'll get you some water, wait.

Rami, here. Drink.

Drink all of it.

C'mon, Rami!

Get up, get up.

Get up, get up, get up!

Enough. Get up. Go to the room.

Good. Way to go.

Thank you.

Go lie down a bit.

-Give me the blanket. I'm cold.
-I'll get it, hold on.

Hold on, I'll get you some more water.

Enough, Bruno! Bruno, enough!

Enough. Enough, Bruno. Enough.

Okay, I'm coming.

I'm coming, I'm coming.

Come on.

Come, my boy. Come.