The Little Mermaid (2018) - full transcript

A young reporter and his niece discover a beautiful and enchanting creature they believe to be the real little mermaid.

Subtitles by explosiveskull


long ago, in the
deep blue below,

there was a kingdom, a king,
a queen, and six sisters,

princesses of the sea.

The ocean realm was
theirs, and the princesses

were free to go
wherever they wished,

except for one place.

The Surface.

Each princess on
her 15th birthday

was allowed to venture to the
above, but only for one day.

Finally, the time came.

The littlest mermaid's
15th birthday.

And what she saw above would
alter her existence forever.

A prince.

A true love.

When the prince fell the
little mermaid found herself

so drawn to him.

Despite stories she
had heard of the dangers

above she had to save him.

She lingered over the
prince, gazing at him.

She wondered what
this feeling was.

What would it be like
to be with him?

To actually have legs?

She had never
felt this way before.

As another human approached,

she gave the prince
one last look

before descending back
into the sea.

She watched from behind a
rock as the prince awoke.

He opened his eyes, thinking
that the one

who stood before him
had saved his life.

The little mermaid was so sad.

She had left her heart above,

and wondered if a mermaid
could ever be with a human.

She swam into the
darkest depths of the sea

where there lived a wizard.

And she told the wizard
of her love and her

desperation for legs like
those who lived above.

The cunning wizard made
her an offer.

He said he would grant her a
wish in exchange for one thing,

her soul.

But if she were to go above
and not be able to find love,

her soul would be his
until true love came.

The little mermaid agreed.

The promise was forged,
the bond made.

But upon finding her
prince she found his heart

still belonged to the
woman on the shore.

The little mermaid was
visited by the wizard

who had come to collect
on their agreement.

She pleaded with the
wizard, but it was too late.

Above the sea the wizard
would keep her locked away

ensuring she would never
find true love,

and her power would
be his forever.

If I told you a secret,
would you be able to keep it?

Really, truly you would keep it?

Yes, yes, I would keep
my secret.

Well, I don't remember
the story exactly like that.

Don't be silly, Grandmother,

everybody knows there's
no such thing as mermaids.

You wouldn't say that
if you had met one.

You've met a mermaid?


But you don't believe, so,

so why should I tell
you the story?

You wanna hear it?

Yes, yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

This begins with a little,
little girl.

And she believed in
mermaids and in fairies,

and in leprechauns, and
all magical creatures.


her name was Elle.

♪ My fair lady

Dear Dr. Malcolm.

Thank you for your
preliminary diagnosis

of my niece, Elle.

Life has been difficult following
the loss of her parents

Yet, somehow her
spirits remain high,

mostly due to her imaginative
belief that she is somehow

a mermaid, and that being
the reason for her condition.

But no doctor anywhere seems
to know what truly ails her,

and now that her
breathing patterns worsen,

I fear her life may
be in danger.

I will continue to search
in hopes that one day

the mystery behind her
condition is revealed,

and a cure is found.

Breathe, breathe!

Hopefully yours, Cam.

Cam, hurry, it's Elle!

It's OK, just breathe.

Elle, it's OK, it's OK,
I've got you.

It's OK, it's OK,

It's OK, you OK?

You can't push yourself
that hard, I've told you.

I know.

It's just that everybody
else was...


We're gonna find a cure,
I promise.

But until then you have
to be more careful.

Did you see that?

What is it?

Good morning,
Mr. Harrison.

Good morning, Margaret,
any calls for me?

They're on your desk.

Good morning, young man!

Good morning, sir.

How's the story going?



Well, I want it to stop,
look, this just came in.

I want it to take priority.

It's a cure all sweeping
the region.

Water from Mississippi said
to have healing powers.

Really, healing water?

We've followed stories
like this before,

wood witches, awoken mummies,
they never lead anywhere.

No, not like this, hundreds
of people are testifying.

But, I...

But nothing!

Alright, maybe it's true,
maybe it's not,

but there's definitely
a story here.

And possibly a cure for her.

Look, Cam, I know it
can't be easy

coming from, how do you
say, across the pond.

It's already settled,
travel and accommodations.

Don't just sit there, get
going, pack your bags.

Thank you, sir.

Oh, don't thank me,
thank, Jimmy.

Dr. Locke's Miracle
Mermaid Elixir.


They're here, Elle!

What's taking so long?

We'll only be gone
for a few weeks.

I know you'll miss her,
but it won't be for long.

Do you promise?

I promise.

A long journey from home.

Elle seems to have turned
her intrepidness

for our little adventure
into joyful excitement.

Seeing a smile on her face
only makes me want to believe.

My logical skepticism runs
high on this Dr. Locke

and his magic mermaid water.

If only life were as simple
as a made up fairy tale.

88 Wood Street.

This must be it.

Welcome to Mississippi!

Oh, let me help you with that.

Oh, let me take this,
take this from ya.

Cameron it is, right?

Journalistically speaking,
yes, but you can call me Cam.

And who's this
little darling?

I'm Elle.

Oh, aren't you
just a precious little thing!

Thank you!

And polite too, come on
now, let me show y'all inside.

You have a beautiful
home, Lorene.

My family's owned
this home for years.

Let me show you around.

Over here is the living area.

And straight through
here, this is the kitchen.

I already baked these
for ya, help yourself.

Thank you!

Thank you so much,
thank you, thank you.

Now come on let me show
you the rest of the house.

This is the sleeping quarters.

Now it ain't much, but
it's a bed and a roof.

It's perfect, Lorene,
thank you.

You're welcome, be kinda
nice to have some company.

Why, I think we're going
to like it here, Elle.

Oh, I forgot, I haven't
shown you guys the garden.

Even has a treehouse.



Elle, be careful!


Isn't this kingdom beautiful?

A princess should
be more careful.

C'mon here.

Peggy Gene!

Cam, I want you to meet
Peggy Gene.


Peggy Gene's one of
my closest friends!

It's very nice to meet you,
Peggy Gene.

And it's very, very
nice to meet you too.

Oh, and who's
this little nugget?

I'm Elle.

Elle, aren't you the sweetest
little apricot in the land!

Look at you, those little
cheeks and you're so cute.

You're like a bug in a rug!

You have to excuse Peggy Gene

Oh, I'm sorry, I haven't
been around many people lately.

But ever since that
healing water fixed my leg,

I'm just flittin' around like
a little social butterfly.

- Healing water?
- Mm-hmm.

I'd love to talk to
you about that.

Why sure, Lorene knows
where to find me,

but I will be at the church all
day long

and I will talk, talk,
talk to you boo

all about that healing water,

and if you like I can
invite some other people

'cause I understand you're
making a story.

Hey, Peggy Gene, Peggy Gene.

I'll see you tomorrow
at the church.

Yes, yes, I'll see you
tomorrow at the church, OK.

See folks, I'll see
you tomorrow.

OK, now you take care now,

Come on let's get some of this
nice fruit I told you about.

Well, howdy Eugene!

Howdy, Lorene!

Ha, alright!

Ms. Elle, you say you
like them oranges.

So you really do
know everyone in town, huh?

Pretty much.

Well outside of those
that are come here

about that healing water.

I understand that's why
you did too.

You ready?

Let's go.

Come on!



What's your name?

I'm Elle.


Can you read mine?

Of course, child.

You are special in
all the world.

There's a powerful
magic in you.

A spirit of the ocean.

You should keep these.

Thank you.

And what about you,
you don't believe

in all this magic, do you?

I'm skeptical.

Come, see!

There is some magic
that is real.

And some that is illusion.


Beware of the one who
will try and take

your most precious treasure.

You must not let him.

Well, the show is
about to start.

You don't want to miss this.

Thank you.

You're welcome.


This place is very strange.

Step right up, step right up!

Come and witness the
magic, witness the wonder!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
come one, come all,

to the shop of art!

Feast your eyes on that
which you have never seen.

It is said that they are
pure myth, pure legend.

But, my dear friends, let me
introduce you to your dreams.


Breathing and swimming!

The Little Mermaid
of the Mississippi!

Elle, Elle.


She was real.

Just cheap tricks, Elle.

There are no cheap
parlor tricks here.

Fairy Floss!

One please.

Thank you.

The fairies worked
really hard to make this!

I'm sure they did.


Sorry to bother you.

I was just wondering if I
could buy some...

Can you read, sold out!


It's just, sold out 'til when?

'Til further notice!

Well, he was polite.

Can I ride, please?

I don't think you're
big enough.

Am so!

Man, I'm 10 times stronger
than the Strong Man!

I mean, have you seen these?

Bam, bam!

Whoo, well!

look at this!

I've never seen a
freak so pretty!

Oh, she
isn't a freak, she's a fake!

Whatever she is,
she sure is sweet.

Hey, leave her alone!

What ya gonna do about it?

Better take a
step back!

scared, boy!

We'll take it
from here.

Did you see me,
how high I got?

Your such a big girl now.

Come on, let's go.

So, Elle believed the
mermaid was real?

She knew it was real.

I know too.

And what about Cam?

Cam, like most grown-ups,
needed more proof

of the impossible.

And that's the thing
about what you believe.

There's a whole other
world out there to see.

And Cam just had to
figure that out.

I still can't believe
I saw an actual mermaid.

She was so beautiful,
and I know she was real.

Can I see her again tomorrow?

Can I meet her?

Elle, we talked about that.

What you saw was just a trick.

You believe what you want,
and I'll believe what I want.

And I believe she was real,

Alright, good night.

Sleep well.



I wish Mom and Dad
could have seen her.

Me too.

But wait!

How can the mermaid live
if she's not in the sea?

Have you ever heard
of a Sea Lamprey?

Well, it's a fish that can
live in both river and sea.

Let's you know that
nothing's impossible.

Especially here in Erie,

It has that certain
magic about it.

That's a good one.

You both are gonna
enjoy that one.

So, what happened after
you drank the water?

Well, I'm not crazy anymore.

I was as deaf as can be
before I drank the water.

Have you been experiencing
any side effects?

I can do this.

What happened
after you drank the water?

Well, I was having migraines,

but now I just get headaches.

It's real magic, I think.




Magic, huh?

Believe it or not I was
done near bald

before I took the water.

I never thought I'd
find love again.

Now I seem to love everyone.

What do you think
about the magician?

Oh, I think he's wonderful.

So dark and mysterious,
and handsome too.

I prefer the mermaid.

Sorry, what, what
was the question?

Probability, hoax.


Cam Harrison.

Thank you for seeing me
on such short notice.

Please, have a seat.

Thank you.

So, Mr. Locke, is it?

Firstly, I want to ask you
about the healing water.

Can you tell me what it
does for people?

By now you must have
asked my customers.

What did they tell you?

They have some unusual
stories, yes, but...

You do not believe.

That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.

Where is it from, how
do you make it?

The first rule of
magic is to never reveal

the How or the Why.

But it's not magic is it?

Surely if it works, there
must be some medical formula.

You do not believe,
then why are you here?

Apologies if I have
offended you.

I'm just writing for my readers.

Let's try some other questions.

Can you tell me about

the mermaid?

It appears your time is
up, Cam Harrison, please.

The blue fairy makes
the blue flower.

The pink fairy makes
the pink flower.

The white fairy makes
the white flower.

- And the Yellow Fairy
- And the Yellow Fairy

- makes the yellow flower.
- Makes the yellow flower.

Yes, I know, I know.

We really shouldn't be out
here much longer, Elle.

I don't think it's a good idea.

Lorene's gonna be looking for us

and I, and I don't want
to get stuck out

in the middle of the woods.

Wait, Elle!

Hey, hey you!


you, you're

the mermaid!

I am.

But how do have legs?

Well, mermaids get
their legs every low tide.

But, ssh, it's a secret.

I won't tell.

You know where I come
from we have a fairy tale

about a little girl born on land

blessed with the heart
of a mermaid.

Right, uh,

what were you doing
in the woods?

Am I not allowed to go
for a walk in the woods?

- So, how...
- What's your name?


I'm Elle.

This is Cam, he's my uncle.

Sorry, I have to go.

See, I told you she was real.

I told you, you do what I say!


Stay outta this!

Strike me then.

As you wish, darling.


That is enough for today.

But I cannot promise
what tomorrow may bring.

As for you, do not meddle
in my affairs.

It's OK, girl.

Why're you so afraid?

It's OK.

I don't know what she
is, but she is special.

What'd ya see?

Something I
haven't seen

in a very long time.

She may be the one
we are searching for.

What are we gonna do?

We wait, now leave me.

♪ It's so enchanting

♪ I'm trapped and drowning

♪ Here for everyone to see

♪ They don't notice

♪ How far away I am

♪ From everyone and everything

♪ Silly to have gambled with
my heart out on the line ♪

♪ I guess that's just the
way it goes ♪

♪ But I'm holding on

♪ I know a day will come
when I can be myself again ♪

♪ And I hope someone
will love me ♪

♪ When this story ends

♪ Round in circles


♪ Pointless wandering

♪ And the crowd lines up again

♪ Give a smile girl

♪ You make them happy

♪ Bring your parents
bring a friend ♪

♪ Silly that a main attraction

♪ Would long so much for love

♪ I guess that's just the
way it goes ♪

♪ But I'm holding on

♪ I know a day will come

♪ When I can be myself again

♪ And I hope someone
will love me ♪

♪ When this story ends

♪ If someone could

♪ Someone right for me

♪ Finds a way to take
me home again ♪

♪ I believe it

♪ One day I'll be home

♪ Still I'm searching

♪ Round in circles

♪ While the crowd lines up

♪ Again

Who's there?


What are you doing here?

I'm sorry.

The place was closed,
and I, um...

You shouldn't be here,
he knows everything.

Who knows, what
are you talking about?

Cam Harrison.

I just have some further
questions about the show.

About the healing water.

I wish I could help you,
truly I do, but we are closed.

Now, if you do not mind.

I really hope not to find
you trespassing again.

Stay away from her!

Who is he, and who is she?

It doesn't matter,
you shouldn't be here.

I know something
strange is happening

and whatever secret...

Just go.


All aboard!

Now, this here is the
Pride of the Mississippi.

Well, you heard what the
man said, all aboard.

I wonder if we'll see
a mermaid in the river?

Keep your eyes posted!

You've got it, Captain!

Well, while you two
are mermaid watching,

I'll be in the study
doing some actual work.

Whatever you say, First Mate.



do not


What are you working on?

Nothing, uh,

it's just, just some story I...

I like stories.

I'm not sure that's such a
good idea.

Says you don't
believe in mermaids.

It's a work in progress.

I wasn't really expecting
someone to be,

to be rummaging through
my things.

Well, you're the one
who's always following me.

You know,

I'm surprised you're
on this boat at all.

But, then again, you must
get tired of the water.

Being an actual mermaid and all.

Well, water is a part of
me I guess,

a part of us all.

You know when I was little

my mother would swim with me,

deep into the ocean,
further than most would go.

I remember looking
through the water

and wondering what it must
be like on the other side.


When I was born,
my family would go

to the beach every summer.

I remember wishing we'd
get caught in a whirlpool

stuck in a time warp,
and summer would just,

just last forever.

It's my favorite memory of us.

Before Elle got sick,

and the accident happened.

Now I,

I just want to keep her safe.

My father was the same.

She's special.

She's strong.

I'll try and remember that.

She's all I have left.

The reason I'm here,

the healing water is,

is it real?

I believe in magic
and a lot of things.

Water being one of them.

But not his.

Not Locke's.

The dance is starting!


Come, dance with me!


All together.

Peggy Gene, are you OK?

Yeah, I simply got hurt.

It fades.

What does?

The magic, it doesn't last.

You be careful of that
man, do you understand me?

Don't you let him
near the Apricot.

She will rot!

Don't you let that Apricot
rot, do you understand me?


Come here!

Here, let Cam show you.

I'm afraid I'm not a
very good dancer.

Sorry, I'm sorry!

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

The moon, come.

Why are you always
staring at me like that?

'Cause I want to see you.

Don't you want me to see you?

It's not that,
it's just a little,

you know, intense.

Well if you don't look
then how do you see?

How do you really see a person?

We should be free to
open our eyes and look.

He can't take that away from us.

Who can't, Locke, you mean?

I'm, I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to.

You know you don't have
to apologize all the time.

You're right, I'm I'm sorry,
I mean.

Look, isn't it...


Looks like the wheel is stuck.

We'll have to wait for
high tide.

High tide?


I'm sorry, I have to go.

Wait, Elizabeth.


You're afraid.

They always are.


How can this be?

You won't understand.


I want to.

It happened a long time ago.

I was free.

I lived with my family in
the sea, I was tricked.

He took a part of me
and he has it still.

So wherever he goes I must.

We're bonded.


For years he's taken
me from town to town.

Selling the water I swim
in as healing water.

So that's where he gets it,

Yes, but you shouldn't
get involved.

I think it's too
late for that.

Why can't you just run away,
escape him?

Because we're connected.

As long as he has part of me
with him there's no escape.

There has to be
something, a way somehow.

There is.

What's wrong?

It's Locke, he knows I'm
here, he's summoning me.

No, no, you can't go
back to him.

You don't understand,
I have to, I'm his.

No, no, Elizabeth!

I'm sorry, Cam!

So Cam believed now,

He did, he had to
believe what his eyes saw.

Despite every logical bone in
his body,

he couldn't deny the truth.


that kiss was still in his mind.

But, there was much that
he did not understand

especially when it
came to Locke.

Oh, thank God, I've had
half the town looking for you!

Why, what happened?

Well, I, I was wondering
what, what happened to you

and I left Elle in, in,
in the room playing.

What happened?

- And then, and then when I...
- Lorene, what happened?

And then, when I went back...

What happened, Lorene,
what happened?

She was gone and the window
was opened!

Where is she?

I don't know.

Why does he have you
trapped in here?

Did you do something wrong?


He said I had the
heart of a mermaid.

And that was a powerful
kind of magic.

You do, I see it too.

But be careful.

He's not like you and I,
he's a bad man.

Do you understand?

When I was young I
was just like you.

And when I'm older I
want to be just like you.

Oh, he's coming!

It'll be ok, just remember
what I said!


Let her go!

I cannot.

You see she is the one
I've been searching for.

You don't need her,
you have me!


I plan to rid you from this
earth, and take your powers.

Once and for all.

Go, go, go, go, go,
go find Elle!

Elizabeth tells me
you wish to be like her.

Is this true?

What if I could make it so?

What if I could grant you
any wish you so desire?

In exchange for a simple thing.


Anything you can dream of.

You won't trick me.

You're not like us.

You just want to
control everyone.

In time you will find that
I can be most persuasive.

I know where she is.

It's alright, come with me.

I said you would come for me.

We're gonna get you
out of here.

Where do they put the keys?

The guard has them.

Over there.

It's alright, I'm gonna
get you out of here, OK?

It's sold out.

OK, let's go.

Locke knows Elizabeth
told you.

He won't stop coming,
not now!

We have to save her, we
have to save Elizabeth.

We will, Elle.

She can't leave without her
soul, if she does, she dies.

Locke keeps it hidden
somewhere safe.

I don't know where it is.

I think I know
where that might be.

Come on.

That's it.


He's with us.

It's time.

We can trust him.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
let me introduce you

to your dreams.

We have to hurry, I can't
hold it for very long.


We have to hurry.

I can't.

How is it possible?

It won't last long,
it'll be high tide soon.


We must go.


There's something we have to do.

She's free, let's go.

You OK?

So what now?

We have to get you
to the ocean.

How long do we have
before time begins again?

With Locke it's uncertain.

Then we need to move.

The train, should be a
straight shot from the station.

All our trains run
towards the ocean, hurry!

Cam, wait!


I'm too old to be
jumping on trains.

I'd just hold you back.

You're one of a kind,
Lorene, thank you.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Good luck, Cam,
take good care of her.

I will.

The train is picking up
pace, we have to hurry!

We can make it!

It's OK, here.


I think this belongs to you.

Thank you.

Thank you all.

We had to do something.

17 years.

He found me when I was young.

Promised he could help me,

help me not be so different.

He promised me the same.

Found me trying to block
out all the world's

thoughts and said that
he could fix it.

I just listened to him.

There is nothing wrong with
who you are.

You must really
miss your families.

I'm glad you have this one.

Come one, come all, let me
introduce you to your dreams.

Alive, breathing, swimming.

The Little Mermaid
of the Mississippi!



They have it, the soul!

They're on a train
headed for the ocean.

Boys are going after 'em
right now.

Stop them!

This time once and for all!

You got it, Boss!

They're here.

Stay back!

Elizabeth, look out.

It's OK!

We have to go!


There's a truck close by.

There are no keys.

We don't need keys.

Stay with Elizabeth!

Elle, Elle, it's OK, it's OK.

It's OK, I've got the
medication here.

It's not here, stop, we left
the medicine on the train!

Come on, let's go.

Elle, we're going, let's go!

No, I'm staying, I'm staying!

Come on, Elle, come
on, let's go, come on!

I'm staying, Elizabeth,
she's my friend.

Stop treating me like
a little girl.

I can make it further.

Just trust me.

This once.

Alright, Elle.

I trust you.

We have to go.

He's close.

Keep moving, I'll take
care of him!

No, you can't!

You don't have a choice,
now go.


I've been waiting a
long time for this.

Man against monster.

Who's which?

There's nobody here to
save you now.

You neither!

It's starting.

We have to hurry,
she's changing!


We have to get her to the ocean.

How much further?

Just past the trees.

We have to hurry!

We're stuck.

Can you carry her?


You need to get to the ocean.

What about you?

I can take care of our old
friend here, buy you some time.

I had such great
hopes for you.

Such a disappointment!

You hoped that I would
be cruel, like you.

You know better than anyone
that no two souls are the same.

Indeed they aren't,
one is always darker.

You won't win this time.

Let it be light versus night.

There is no power
greater than love.

She's free, she doesn't
belong to you!

Nothing in this world
is free, Cam Harrison.

It's alright, it's alright,
I won't let them take you.

She's good, she's not like you!

I won't let you have her!

Take it.

No, no.

Locke's powers grow
with it, so can yours.

No, no, you're too weak.

It's the only way.

Her soul is mine!

Pity they must now die!

My powers are forever!

Not you or anyone else on
this planet can defeat me!

I believe.

What have they done to me?


Now, he is a prisoner.


She needs water!

It's alright, it's alright.

The vial.

Elizabeth, please.

Come on!

Elle, Elle?

Elle, it's OK, your OK,
take a breath, breathe!

Ssh, ssh.

You OK?

Let me take her,
water can heal her.

You're OK.

Ssh, ssh.

You're OK.

Thank you.

Deep water is magic,
just like her love.

Whenever she can't breathe,
all she need do is swim.

I'll miss you.

I see you found your story.

Think anyone will
believe it?

All that matters is
that you do.

Come outside and play!

All the fairies are out
today, and they love mermaids.

Then we mustn't
keep them waiting.


Come on!

All that matters is that
you do.

And she gave him
the biggest gift

a person could ever give
another, love.

Now from that time on,
no matter where he went

she was with him, mm-hmm.

Ah, that's another story, OK.

What happened to Elle?

Are you OK, Grandmother?

Just time for a swim.

How'd the story end?

Let's go, I don't know.

Come on, let's go see.

Let's go, come on.

- Grandmother?
- Grandmother?

Subtitles by explosiveskull