The Lingering (2018) - full transcript



What's that?


Quite heavy, huh?

Pretty big!

What are these for?

My gifts for Daddy!


Let's make some lucky couplets.

Press here.

Stroke. Here. Here.

Wormwood repels mosquitoes and evil.

I grow them myself.

Thanks for taking the trouble to bring it to us.

You are welcome.

By the way, so many people
came back to town today.

Has Shizi returned yet?

Not yet.

Wait. The character "fortune"
is not displayed this way.

You gotta turn it around. Such a clever boy.

Qingyi, don't worry.

It's New Year's Eve.

Everyone comes home for family reunion dinner.

Shizi will come home very soon.

Auntie Er, would you like to join us
for family reunion dinner?

Nah, I'm good. I gotta hurry home

to steam the rice cake.

I gotta go now. Bye!

Take care!


"I Love Mama"

Mama! I'm hungry.

I'm making your favorite braised pork.

Can you help Mama to serve it on the table?


Be careful.

We are gonna wait for Daddy.

Don't sneak a bite.

You remember Daddy brought this toy home
for you last year?


Let's play in the house.

Don't go out, okay?


Daddy is coming home very soon.

Shizi !

Why did you come outside?

Didn't I tell you not to play outside?

I just saw a stranger uncle out here.

Stranger? All the more reason you
shouldn't come out.

Dawa, what's with that pout?

Daddy is a liar.

Everyone has come home, except for him .

If we behave well,

Daddy will definitely come see us.

Don't worry.

Who's there?

Dawa, did you really see an uncle out there?


If you see that uncle again,

you gotta tell me immediately. Okay?

How come there are drawings on the rocks?

Who are they?

Daddy and Mama.

And also Dawa?

Dawa will become bigger,

bigger than Daddy and Mama.

Alright, time to sleep.

Good night.

Close your eyes.

It's 11 pm , still no sign of you.

I really start to feel worried now.

You have never been irresponsible.

Shouldn't I at least get a call from you?

"Xinzhuang Wood Factory.
Phone number: 631 88"

Dawa! Stop playing, you have to sleep now.

Uncle, I won.

It's your turn.


What are you doing?

I was playing marbles with Uncle.


Qingyi, I brought some rice cake over.

Try some.

Where's Shizi?

He hasn't returned yet.

Hasn't returned yet?

He's probably delayed by this heavy rain.

Auntie Er.

Dawa seems to be seeing things.

And there are these creepy noises in the house.

There seems to be an eye staring at me.

But when I opened the door, there was no one.

Ah, there can be weird noises in a rainy night.

Things will be fine when Shizi comes home,
don't worry.

Auntie Er.

I wanna make a call to the factory for Shizi .

Can you take care of Dawa for me?

Go, I'll be here with Dawa.

Village Chief, I wanna use the phone.


"Shrine of Wang's Ancestors"

Dawa, stop playing. It's bed time.

Hello! Xinzhuang Wood Factory?

"Yes. Who is this?"

Sir, I'm Dashi Wang's wife.

He's supposed to come home but he's still missing.

Can you check if he's in the factory?

Dawa, go back to your room now.

"We have an accident in the factory.
It's a mess over here."


"Don't you know that there was a landslide
in the rainstorm a week ago?"

"More than ten people were drowned ."

"I gotta go now."


Dawa, come here now.

Auntie Er, let's play together.

"Stop bothering me, I'm busy."

Sir, it can't be.

There must be a mistake.


Qingyi, are you okay?

Qingyi! Your house is really haunted.

Auntie Er.

A week ago. . .

there was an accident at Shizi's factory.

Many were drowned.

I don't know what happened to Shizi.

A week ago? Drowned?

Oh! I see!

Shizi has returned!

Don't blame us for our ignorance!

What are you talking about?

Shizi's spirit has come home for you and Dawa.


Where's Dawa?

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You scared me!

What are you doing?

Playing hide-and-seek.

Who are you playing hide-and-seek with?

ls it Daddy?


That stranger Uncle.

Mama will look for Uncle with you, okay?

Hush .

Mama, I'm scared.

It's okay.


Are you home?

Uncle is coming.

Go away!

Mama, I'm scared of the dark.

Don't leave me alone.

Mama won't leave you .


Sit. . .


Dawa, don't be scared.

Go to sleep.

Mama will be here with you .

Everything will be fine when the sun rises.


Mama, help me!

Dawa, don't be scared!

Mama will pull you out.


Mama, why are you crying?

Mama thought Dawa was gone.

Dawa will never leave Mama.

Dawa is a good boy.



Auntie Er.

Qingyi .

You didn't lock the door?

We were chased last night.

Looks like there's evil in your house.

Don't worry.

I'll ask Jiugu to come expel
the evil spirit for you.

Mama! Look!

I need to find Shizi .

I'm tired of waiting.

We've waited for a year.

I want to know what happened.

Whatever that is.

I know you won't give up.
I'll take care of Dawa for you .

No! I have to be with Mama.

Dawa is a very good boy.


Anybody here?


We are coming in.

Where are you going?

My husband works here.

He's a worker.

He hasn't come home for the New Year.

I want to see if he's here.

Are you ready to see this?

Because of the rainstorm.

Many of them are drowned

I had no choice, I have to kept the bodies here.

If you are brave enough,
you can find out for yourself.

"Wang, Dashi"

So you are the wife of Dashi Wang.

At the night of the landslide,

your husband made the wrong decision .

Everyone here died because of him .

Uncle! It's that Uncle!

"30 years later"

Nightmare again?

I dreamt that you. . .

What happened to me?

You gained 30 pounds.

It's alright. Go back to sleep.

I'm up anyway.

I'll go plan the menu.



These are looking pretty attractive.

These are my latest creations.

I look forward to your feedback
after you try them.

Didn't I tell you, Mr. Qi?

Xinzhong's food art is one of a kind.

This fusion dish is pretty creative.

It tastes fantastic.

Take a sip of the South African red wine.

They work magic together.

Yes, indeed.

I'm seriously impressed by your restaurant.

Do you have a branch in Beijing?
I'd like to try it.

Sorry. We don't have a branch in Beijing
at this moment.

This braised pork pairs well with the red wine.

Nice classic touch.

ls your family in the dining business as well?

I inherit the skills.

But I am the founder of this restaurant.

Nice. What does your parent do for a living?

My parents had passed away.

They weren't in this business
when they were around .

I have been on my own.

Xinzhong really impressed us

to have his own business in this young age

I salute to him.

Thank you Dabao!


Honey. You have so many businesses,

except for a restaurant.

Why don't you invest in Xinzhong,

and open a branch in Beijing?

How nice if we have our own joint to dine in.

No way!

Go big or go home.

Let's build a chain, then make a public offering.

That's the way to do business.

If you are interested,
you can prepare a proposal.

We can talk about it.

For sure!

I'm glad you like this wine.
I'll bring you a box of them.




"Xinzhong, This is the Village Chief."

"We haven't seen your mother for a while."

"Have you heard from her?"


"We looked everywhere
in the village and the mountain."

"Come back and join the search."

"Hello? Are you there?"

Keep looking until you find her. Bye.

- How do you like the food?
- Good.

Thank you for coming.


You shouldn't drink that much.

Those rich brats

are all dumb.

You have to be rich,
or you have to be good at drinking.

Otherwise, why would they be friends with you?


You are lucky.

You are born rich, and you can drink.

Give me a massage here.

You want them to respect you. I get that.

But you didn't have to say your mother is dead .

She's just fine back in the village.

Their parents are all rich and famous.

Did you want me to tell them

my mother is a peasant who sells vegetables?

What would they think of me?

My mom won't die just because I said it.

They will never meet my mom anyway.



They don't have to meet your mom.

But I gotta meet her one day, right?

You've never brought me to meet your mother.

A rich girl like you

won't get used to a peasant's home.

More to drink?

Bottoms up. You go first.

My mom is a nagger.

I don't want to be caught in between
if you two start to fight.

How could you say that? That's your mom.

You never thought of visiting her?

She must miss you.

Yeah right.

She misses me for the money.

It's fine as long as I send money home on time.

It's a small sum.

No big deal.

Thank you Mr. Qi . So we'll get to work now.

No way.

You have to learn my principles first.


When it comes to cooperation,

ratio precision is the key.

Too much, it gets bitter;

too less, it lacks the kick.

Do you know what is the optimal base
spirit ratio for a punch?

1 :99?

It's 20%.

We will open 5 branches.

80% from me and 20% from you.

That's it.



No problem. Deal.

I mean the punch.


Excuse me.


"Xinzhong? This is the Village Chief."

What now?

"The police found a drowned woman by the lake."

"She's gone before she got to the hospital."

"She may be your mother."


Excuse me.

Are you sure?

"That's why you need to come back to
identify the corpse."

"Xinzhong? Are you there?"

I'll make arrangements.

Something happened?

Nothing major, our cat is missing.

What? Missing your cat?

My wife loves her cat like it's her son.

Go find your cat now.

Nothing to worry about.

We can start when your money is ready.

Yes. Right.

Pleasure to work with you.


She never picks up the phone.

Relax. We don't know if it's her.

She probably just went somewhere.

I hope so.

No one answers at home.

Mom doesn't swim .

She'd never go to the lake.

It must be a mistake.

We will find out soon enough.

She makes this kind of trouble
when things get the busiest.

What are you calculating?

It seems that we don't have enough cash.

With all the assets together,
we are still a few million short.

We will have to take the money
from the restaurant.

Nah. The restaurant still has to run.

It'd be silly to suspend the original shop
to open new shops.

What if I borrow from my dad?

Definitely not.

How can I take his daughter, and his money?

It's hard to identify.
Due to the body has become bloated .

Take a look and see if it's your mother.

It's my mother.

These are her personal items.

I'm sorry for your loss.

You can complete the paperwork at 2/F.

Get prepared for the burial.

Mom .


"Liang Chen. Real Estate Agent."

Xinzhong, this is Liang.

He's really competent.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

How do you do?

I'm a friend of Mrs. Wang.

We've talked many times.

About what?

A developer plans to purchase the land
of your home mansion.

They'd like to discuss with you
about the terms of sale.

But your mom refused to sell it.

Actually, I meant. . .

Your Mon wanted to wait until you're back.

Now that you are back,

we can discuss the details.

I never said I'd sell it.

In fact 90% of the land has been acquired
by the developer.

Village Chief has become filthy rich, right?

You are not here often.

Isn't it wise to better utilize
your family assets?

How much is that rundown house worth?

The developer is making a great offer to you:

5 million!

What's going on?

My mom just passed away.

I'm really not in the mood to hear this.

The offer expires in two days.

Just bring the papers, and the money is yours!

Do I look like a greedy person?

Being greedy is not a sin.

Two days only! Two days only!

I await good news from you!

My home is at the end of the village lane.

This place looks abandoned.

Who would want to live in a place like this?

Why didn't your mom move?

Who knows?

A fire burned down the village.

Many people were killed.

Burned zombies come out at night.

That's why I said the offer is really generous.

Make up your mind.

Sell it when the offer lasts.

I warn you. Stop following us.

Deal. Thank you.

Ignore him.

He can't hear you from there.

I get it!


Why doesn't he say we have aliens here?
I grew up in this place.

When was your last visit though?

No power.

Your family mansion is impressive.

My family used to own a theatrical troupe.

How come you have never told me any of this?

Old tales are boring.

The juicy part was what happened later.

So what happened later?

Our family lost its fortune.

But I built a wealthy family,

and met a beautiful girl.

Brother Cow has great connections.

I must leave this time.

Don't come back if you leave this house.

What if I don't leave?

Sit here in this broken house with you forever?

I want to get rich and famous.

Why won't you let me try?

You won't make it in the city.

You have nothing out there.

I will have nothing if I'm stuck here.

Look around the village.

All young people have left the village.

You want me to stay here forever?

Why don't we sell the house and leave together.

I'm your mother.

I say no because I said so.

Stay here!

I will never sell this house.

Your dad left this house to us.


"Mr Wang! This is Liang."

"The real estate agent."

Where did you get my number?

"I got it from the Village Chief."

You are in this together?

"Of course we are in this together,"

" like loyal brothers."

"6 million! Record-high offer for you."

Not selling!

Wow. One million more in less than an hour.

You have so many memories here.

You really decide to sell?

I'm selling.

Mom's gone.

What's the point of keeping this house?

But I need to get the will
and the land certificate.

I will search the room.

Are these yours?

So lame.

Lucky for me there is no picture evidence.

I must see it if there is! Too cute!

So you were a young rock collector.

What does it say?

"Flowers are loved with emotions.
Lives are taken with decisions."

Did you make this?

It's beautiful. What does it mean?

Lyrics maybe.

I'm keeping it.

You must have been a sensitive kid .

Sexy, you mean .

Take these home too?
I'll wear these for you tonight.


Mama promised you a game console. Remember?

Yes! You promised to buy me one,
if I came first in class.


I kept my promise.

Everyone plays the Nintendo now.
That's so childish.

What happened?

Gosh! Raw meat! So disgusting.

It's getting dark.

Let's go and come back tomorrow.

Oh! I left my bag!

Let's go back.

No. I can get it myself.

The car is arriving. If we miss it,

it will be hard to get another one.

I'll go. You go to the car.

No. You are scared of the dark.
I'll be back in a sec.

Why is it taking so long?

My phone is broken.

I can't see. Help me check.

Right here.

Let's go. The driver wouldn't wait.

A smart hotel in this shabby town.

What a surprise.

Your house is fascinating.

Are we going back tomorrow ?

Of course. We haven't found
the land certificate yet.

But I found this.

That's mine.

No. It's mine now.

We are short a few million.

We sell the house once
we find the land certificates.

Perhaps I can ask for an additional 800,000.

No wait. Perhaps an additional million.

Are they really willing to pay that much?

Only two days left.

They must be really eager.

After all. . .

it's my family property.

If I under-sell it,

I can't face my ancestors.

You can't face your ancestors if you sell it.


Not scared yet?

Looks like it will take additional terror
to scare you off.


She has a deep cut around the wrist,

so try not to move too much.

She is staying overnight for observation.

She can be discharged if the wound heals better.

Thank you, Doctor.

You are welcome.

Don't you feel what happened today
was quite creepy?

Perhaps your mom doesn't want us
to sell the house?

Nothing creepy.

In this shabby town,

even a smart hotel is retarded.

What about this?

Let's take a selfie to celebrate
that I survived the choke.


I've got this.


1 2 3 . . .

Out of memory storage.

Let me delete some photos.

When are these taken?

They should've been taken in the mansion.

The phone is broken.

We will get the papers and sell the house.

Never go back again.

Everything's fine.

Don't worry.

Take more rest.

Liang? This is Xinzhong,

come to my house immediately.

What do you mean No"?"

Come now.

I'll raise 20% of your commission.


What the heck?

Your house is really haunted.

I saw your mom .

Cut the bullshit.

I said I'm selling the house.

No. I saw her with my own eyes.

She was dressed in red,

and stared at me in the face.

Enough. You offered 6 million .

I'll take it now.

But I haven't found the papers.

If you want to make a deal,

you have to help me find them.

Where is the lock?

You did this?


No papers no deal.

I have searched this area.

Yet to cover the store room upstairs
and the woodshed .

Let's go.

Take this, and this.

Your mom is fierce.

God bless you. I gotta leave now.

I will take only half of my commission .

Call me when you find the papers.

Nuts. Terrified of ghosts?

What's more terrifying than being poor?

Mom .

You used to say no to everything
that I wanted to do.

I don't want to be poor.

I'm gonna sell this house.

Just let me.

Mom .

I am sorry.

I really need the money.

Leave my son alone!

"Land Certificate"

February 1 986.

Shizi passed away.

He left us forever.

What the hell?

You keep breaking things!

Your salary isn't enough to compensate me.

What a worker from hell.

Mama, why are you teaching me this?

When Mama is old,

you can cook this for me. Right?

This is my favorite. Cook for me again .

Dawa is growing up.

His dad used to say that

we have to provide him with a better life.

Everyone plays the Nintendo now.

This is so childish.

The store owner says this one is fun too.

I need to study.


I will leave you alone,
so you can do your homework.

I'm really scared.

I fear that he would be like his dad ,

left home and never come back.

Dawa once said that

he would never leave me.

November 2003.

My biggest fear finally came true.

Brother Cow has great connections.

I must leave this time.

Don't come back if you leave this house.


What if I don't leave?

Now what?

Sit here in this broken house with you forever?

I'm your mother. I say no because I said so.

Stay here!


Don't worry.

I'm gonna make a lot of money for you.

April 201 3.

Doctor says I've become ill.

I need to take medicine,

or I won't remember things.

The new medicine costs so much!

Of course I won't pay for it.

Dawa works very hard to make money.

I have to save it up for him,

in case he needs it one day.

My illness makes me forgetful.

But I can simply write everything down.

There's no need to pay for medicine.

I write down everything.

I can read them to Dawa one day.


Mama knows that you aim for great achievements.

You can't find time to visit me.

That tells me you are busy and competent.

Mama. . .

is proud of you .

You bring honors to our family.

When you send money home,

Mama knows that you are doing well.

I have nothing to worry about.

But Mama is getting old,

getting useless.

I might need your help in the future.

One day,

if I forget how to take care of myself,

Would you help me?

Would you take a towel,

when you have time,

help me clean my hands, feet,

and my face?

You know how Mama loves being clean.

One day, if Mama forgets how to write,

please teach me.

Just like when you were a kid,

Mama held your hand and showed you how to write.

I want to write down everything about Dawa.

"I love Mama"


What's wrong?

Dawa will never leave Mama.

Good Boy.

Come with me.

There's still a chance to fix things.

Your mom is not dead .


I'm sorry!

I'm sorry, Mom!

I had no idea how hard it has been for you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Mom!

I really miss you .

Who are you?

I'm Xinzhong.

I met your mom in the hospital.

Turns out she is suffering from dementia

and can't remember anything.

She lost all her belongings
including the bracelet and her ID.

She only cares about
cooking braised pork for Dawa.

She's waiting for Dawa to come home.

It's late.

Let's eat first.

Dawa hasn't returned yet.

Braised pork.

This is Dawa's favorite.


Go ahead .


It's so late. Dawa hasn't returned yet.

When you go out,

can you get him to come home for dinner?

Don't worry.

Dawa will definitely come home,

and will never leave again .