The Lady Refuses (1931) - full transcript

A wealthy London nobleman hires a pretty but poor young girl to distract his playboy son from marrying a golddigger. Complications ensue when the girl and the father begin to fall for each other, and things get even more complicated when the son declares his love for her, too.

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New one, isn't she, Albert?

Must be, or she wouldn't be out
on a night like this.

No weather for a dog.

Nor for no cat, neither.


Too gloomy, Dobbs.
Too gloomy.

Mumuchoo sevever

sorry, sir.

One dodoesne'best.
Oh, quite.

Ju take away the ship thing, wi you?

More, uh, more,
uh, vivacity is needed.

Chaste, yes, certainly, Dobbs,
but... but not funereal.


Here we are.

The, uh, the deft
feminine touch, Dobbs.

You've taken the wine
from my pet bin, haven't you?

The very best.

Yes, well, the best is none
too good for the occasion.

Now, just... just see
to the aperitifs, will you?



You're... you're downright victorian.

We must have cocktails, Dobbs.

N-n-not cocktails, sir.


Now, don't tell me
that it isn't British.

You're deplorably behind the times.

I drink 'em myself.

And what's more, I can mix 'em.

"Mix" is the word.

They tell me they even put ice
in them in America.

Yes, well, uh, I don't think
we'll go quite that far.

Waltz to it, darling.

I don't fancy freezing
my dainty shape

while you ask papa permission
to come out and play.

Back in a tick, Berthine.

Mind, Dobbs.

Not a word that we haven't seen
him for a fortnight.

Well, Russell, my boy.

Welcome to the family hearth.

Hello, father.

Nasty y nit t ou eh?

What a fog!

Thicker than mutton broth.

Hello, d dob!

How's the e olacacheand twinges
this weather?

Thank you, sir.

Awfully nice of you,
my boy, to dare the fog,

just for an evening
with your aged male parent.

There is nothing I'd like better.

Meanwhile, what price a cocktail?

Yes. Dobbs was shocked
at that... Dobbs.

Where is the old training?

Take Mr. Russell's coat
and hat.

You're surprised, aren't you,
that I know about cocktails?

You know, I learned
from a barman at the savoy.

He used to live in Chicago.

Allow me, sir.

Thanks, Dobbs, but don't bother.

I've got to be popping off directly.

You're not stopping for dinner, then?

I-I'm terribly sorry, father,

but, uh, when I promised you to come,

I overlooked another r engegeme.

Well, it's, uh,
it's quite all right, of course.

Only I'd hoped, uh...

Well, it can't be helped, can it?

I mean to say, one does have
other engagements, of course.

I know it seems fairly awful.

Let's have luncheonn

We'll have a gogood
old-fashshiod reunion.

And you can scd me in
the good old-fashioned way.

Meanwhile, as you suggest,

what price the merry old cocktail?

Gentlemen, I give you
sir Gerald Courtney,

my father,
and a jolly good sportsman.

Thank you.

Mmm! I say!

You do know something
about cocktails.

Was that chap from Chicago,
did you say?

One of the survivors.

One of the survivors.

You know, that's a fruity joke.

Is your engagement tonight with...

Ah, ah.
Save the scolding for tomorrow.

Like a good fella.
Won't you?

I wish we could talk things out
together, my boy.


At lununchn.N.

We'llll bh h ma
after-dinner speeches.


Morrow, ththen

1:00. Pronto.

Uh, and I'll be toddling along, sir,

if you don't mind.

Good night, father.

Good night, my boy.

Mind the fog.

Right you are.

It was more like a tick and a half.

Did papa let his little boy
come out to play

with bad little girl?

Chuck it, Berthine.

To the pigeon pie, old chum,
and don't spare the carburetor.

Oh, please!
They're after me.

I'll explain later.

My dear girl!
We were worried about you.

Tramping about in this fog?

Why on earth didn't you take a taxi?

Yes, well, officers, what is it?

Come, come, now.
What's all this about?

You see, sir, uh,
we thought she was a...

we thought, milord, that she...

that is, we thought t...

I an, uh, we thohoug
ththathe got lost in the fog.

Uh, didn't we, Albert?

Ohoh, s, s, s.
Lost I in e fog.

That's what we thought.

My niece?
Lost in the mist?

Not this young lady.

However, my dear,
you should have taken a taxi.

If you had telephoned,

we would have sent the car for you.

Hurry, now.
Get out of this wet coat.

Dobbs has kept dinner waiting,
and you know Dobbs.

Good old Dobbs.

Uh, yes. Quite so.
Good old Dobbs.

Anks so much.

Wouldn't have troubled you
for the world.

Good night, officers.

You've been, uh,
commendably vigilant.

Good night.
Thank you, sir.

His niece.
Sir Gerald Courtney's niece.

And us thinking
her was nothing but a...


Stow that, Albert.
Stow it, mate.

Better rest a moment.

I'd rather, if you don't mind.

Just until Albert
and his pal clear off.

Sit down here.

I knew my purse leaked,

but rain is the only thing
that ever leaked into it.

Try one of these.

Probably give me the gout

after these gaspers I'm used to.

Oh, blimey.
A short life and a merry one.


No use trying to thank you.

It was wonderfully sporting of you

to take a chance on me,
a stranger off the streets.

Oh, I say, that's rather
an ugly way of putting it...

"off the streets."

Why did you do it?

Well, you looked lonely
and a bit frightened,

and it just happens
that, uh, I am, too.

You, lonely and scared.


That's about as true
as that I'm your niece.

Rather neat, wasn't it,
that thought about the niece?

And good old Dobbs.

Dobbs is a fact.

Oh, quite a fact.

Ah. Dobbs himself.

I simply can't believe it.

Word of honor.

Is, uh, dinner served, Dobbs?

Yes, sir.

Oh, but you're not going?

Have you forgotten

that we waited dinner for you?

Albert and his friend
will be gone by now.

Oh, but I... I mean it.

I want you to stay.

In a way, you know,
you rather owe it to me.

Will youou?

Why not?

"Why not?" Indeed.

You, uh, hear what
the young lady says, Dobbs.

"Why not?" Sir.

Uh, quite.

And you might just give us
a hand here.

Let me help you
with that coat, niece.

Thank you, uncle.

You've been disappointed,
haven't you?

Oh, not a bit of it.

You fit perfectly.


I don't mean me.

Fish and chips is more my style.

I mean the lady
you were expecting to dinner.

But I wasn't expecting a lady.

No. Really.

As a matter of fact,
I was expecting a man.

A young man that I am rather fond of.

Freddy! Freddy!

Oh! Wait!

Oh, Russell!

Time for your drops, old girl.


Still fretting
'ususe s papa was cross?

Don't be ridic.

Never gave the old governor
a second thought.

Get your hands off me, you ape!

Nikolai wants a drink, darling.

Like a shot!
No sooner said than done.

Good old Nikolai rabinovich,
chum of my childhood days.

No, thank you, my good friend.

Come, come, Nicky.

If he won't, I will, and with
a certain amount of dash!


There we are!

You know, it would do
your governor good

to get out himself for a binge
now and then.

You don't know my father.

He's a man, isn't he?

The trouble is he forgets
how it was when he was a lad.

He still thinks I'm a schoolboy.

He'll let me have it tomorrow
at luncheon.

But, darling!

You're having luncheon with me
at my flat.

Little boy,

rather have a scolding from his papa

than a cozy, little,
chummy, little...

Pardon me, Nikolai, won't you?

I gotta go...

Nikolai, you're a fool.

You can't act this way.

You will tell me what I can do?

You're just jealous!

Certainly I am jealous.

Quit it, will ya?
I'm not in love with him.

Of course not.

How could you be when you have me?

But don't forget you have me.

He's got money, Nikolai.

That is, his old man's got money.

Bags of it.

Lot of good it will do you if I...

you'll be looking
for your share, won't you?

And I will get it.

Always have, haven't you?

Always, my dear.

I have been talking.

Telling the story of my life,
you might say.

Excuse me, sir Gerald.

I, uh, that is,
he just telephoned, sir.

Oh, yes, yes.
I'll speak to him.

He didn't wait, sir.

He, uh...
He gave me a message.

He said that, uh,
he couldn't have luncheon

with you tomorrow.

I see.

Uh, thank you, Dobbs.

Disappointed again?

Eh? Oh.

By the boy?

The one you were telling me
about at dinner?

Oh, I hate to see him do it.

It's not the drink or all the women.

A few wild oats are indicated
for a young man,

but this woman... ugh!

Well, you know, he could become
a really great architect.

There's a touch of genius
in his drawings.

Why, do you know, even when
he was a little chap, he...

I'm sorry.

You are fond of him, aren't you?

We've been the best
of comrades, always.

And now there seems to be
a-a barrier between us.

We can't even talk things out.

There are two times when no one
can advise a man.

The first is when
he's drinking too much.

The other is when he loves
the wrong woman.

Does that bar even a father?

Especially a father.

You know, you make me feel
very inexperienced.

As if you knew a lot more
about life and things than I.

Oh, I do.

A great deal more.

About life and men and women.

Particularly men.

You might, uh, advise me?


Oh, I expect I am hopelessly
of another generation.

Maybe I'm too old.

You? Old?

We, I'm still young enough to

at that.

Well, well, here I am,
going on about my troubles.

And usually it's the other way
around, isn't it?

I mean, uh, usually
it's the young lady

who tells the story of her life.

I'm not sure.

I've never had any such experience.


You see, this is my first night at...

at that sort of thing.

It does sound like
the usual story, doesn't it?

Fact, though.

I've been broke.

And I decided
it was either that or...

or the bridge.


I never could feel sorry
enough for myself

to have a go at the bridge.

You know, that's interesting.


And just tonight,
you decided to put yourself,

uh, let us say, on the market?

I'm afraid I have.


Not by a long yard.


Because I want to make a bid
for your, uh,

your services.

Well, after all, I did put myself

on the, let us say, market.

Then... then you'd be
willing to, uh...

Oh, I-I say, I didn't mean that.

Really, I... I mean,
it's not me, you see.

At least, not exactly.

look here.

What would you do for ?1,000?



Do you mean it?

What would I do?
Just try me.

Uh, very interesting.

Uh, very.

This is our best number.


Uh, awfully... I mean to say...

uh, yes, quite.

Oh, thank you.

The young lady is waiting,
sir Gerald.

Oh, why, thanks so much.

I mean to say, thanks so much.

Oh! I beg your pardon!

I really do!

This way, sir Gerald.

Oh, uh, oh, I'm so sorry.

I had no idea that...

oh, come in, Gerry.

I didn't think they made
bashful men anymore.

But, uh...

And you haven't said a word
about this.

Well, it's...
it's fairly breathtaking.

I mean to say... stunning!

And do you think it might catch
our young man's eye?

Look here, my dear.

Let's give this thing up.

I've been thinking it over and...

mm, sorry, old man.

A bargain's a bargain.


but, you know,

I don't want to put you
in such a position.

Now, don't you fret about me, Gerry.

I'm having the time of my life,

and I want that ?1,000.

Oh, look here, I'll give you ?1,000

and we'll forget all about
our little plot.

I've got to earn that money.

I promised to get your son away
from that woman,

and I'm going to do it.

Well, I must tell you that, uh...

are you pleased, sir Gerald,
with the neglige and the...

oh, uh, yes.
We'll take these and, uh, these.

And these?

And this, too, if you don't mind.

No, by all means,
if you will have it.

They're rather expensive,
aren't they?

Well, that's rather
in their favor, isn't it?

Shall I have these sent
to your apartment, madam?

And, uh, madam's address?

Oh, yes.
The address.

It is, uh, 7 cumsterbree street.

And, uh, might I see
the manager, please?

Oh, certainly, sir Gerald.

Thank you.

Fancy, madam not knowing
her own address.

It's not so strange.

My agent only took the place
this afternoon.

Is it the one we wanted?

Oh, quite.
But I still feel, uh...

Come on, boys and girls.

We're all for a jolly old pub crawl!

Crawling in a pub above?

Come on, Russell, my lad.

Oh, I don't
care to crawl this evening.

Come along!

Let's go without.

I'll see you to the door.

Don't go to all the parties.

Oh, oh, beg your pardon, Nikolai.

Mustn't be jealous, old thing.

Russell did get swacked
in a hurry, didn't he?

You know, I can't understand
the younger generation.

9:00 and the blighter
can't even crawl!

How are we going down, then?

In my car.

In your car?
Look out.

Oh, I beg your pardon.

We're sorry.

Now, look here, Freddy.
Come along. Come along.

Will you, Berthine?
Tonight in my flat?

Darling, I'd love it,
but you're tight.

Not too tight.

Just a little tight, maybe.

Another drink and you'll go to sleep.

I know you.

I won't take another drink.

Solemn oath.
Will you Berthine?

How can I, darling?

I've got to go with the party.

Oh, give them the slip.

Pretend you're going home, see?

Then come back.
I'll wait.

But Nikolai... he'll be suspicious.

Oh, Nikolai!
Who cares for Nikolai?

Will you, Berthine?

I'll be back inside an hour.

But remember, now.
No more drinks.

No more drinks.

The royal coach!
A couple of royal coaches.

Good night, sweet prince!

Well, hello.

Fancy meeting you here.

Who are you, anyway?

Oh, how you frightened me.

Beg your pardon.

What's the matter?

An awfully stupid thing.

I'm afraid I've lost my key.

It's nothing.
Absolutely nothing.

Lady in distress never appealed
to a Courtney in vain.

I'm afraid you can't.
You see...

oh, no such word
as "can't."

Just leave it to me.

Good old rock of gib...
gib... rock of...

anyway, good ol' rock.


Coming, sir, in half a tick!

A personal favor, Milly.

Charming lady's lost her key.

All right, all right.

Everything will be as right
as rain in half a mo.

Here we are.

There we are.

Thank you, Milly.

Thank you, Milly.

And thank you, too, so much.

That's all right.

Just trust me in hour of peril.

Regular old rock of gib... rock of g...

anyway, I tried that once before.

I'd like to ask you in, but, uh...

Oh, oh.

"Would you step into my parlor?"
Says the spider to the fly.

Nice little spider, though.

Cute spider.

Uh, sorry.
Some other time.

Other engagement.

One does have other engagements.

Engagement with a lady, too.

But maybe I could give you a drink.

Drink? Me?

No. Don't drink.
Gave my solemn promise.

Word of honor.

Then perhaps a cup of coffee.

Oh, I can't sleep a wink
when I drink coffee at night.

Say, who wants coffee, anyway?

Oh. How about a dash
of whiskey?

Nature's own remedy.

The very thing.

Strange I didn't think
of that myself.

This can't be a respectable place.

No, ma'am.

Much too cozy to be respectable.

Clever little spider.

Uh, but I must be toddling along.

An engagement.

Beautiful lady.


Just what I needed.

What you really need, old man,

is a tuck-in and a little bye-bye.

Naughty little spider.


I say.

Really, I-I got to be getting along.

Come on.
Just a little rest, old man.

Now I know it isn't respectable.

Beds aren't respectable.

No, ma'am.

Especially this bed
isn't re-respectable.

Wicked little spider.

Come on.
Just a little rest.

Go bye-bye.

Go bye-bye.





Was I fairly awful?

The important thing is,
how are you this morning?

Fairly awful.

You'll feel better after some tea

and a bit of breakfast.

Don't you think a mild Brandy

and soda would be more to the point?


I seem to remember nothing

except vaguely a lost key

and something
about the rock of Gibraltar.

Don't you remember anything else?

You don't mean to tell me...

well, that is,

maybe it's not quite courteous,
but, uh...

Ohh, dear.

Not even calling me a cute,
naughty little spider?

Did I do that?!

Baby talk.

And what else?

What else?

Look here!

I mean, did I...

that is, uh, did we...

oh, you mean did you...
that is... did we...

where am I, anyway?

Isn't it the girl
that's supposed to ask that?

"Oh! Where am I?"

You're in my flat.

I found you wandering
about in the hallway

and thought you'd be safer
here with me.

Was I?

Was you what?

Was I safer?

Better get into these, hadn't you?

But, I mean, didn't we... that is...

well, how did I get out of these
and into these?

Don't blush.

It's all right.

I once studied to be a trained nurse.

Look here, you're
an awfully good sort.

I'm afraid I misjudged.
I'm sorry.

Good heavens.

I just remembered.

I had an engagement.

With a lady?

A very important lady?

Well, she seemed important
last night... awfully.

And she'll want apologizing to
this morning.

Don't overdo the apology.

After all,

you didn't do anything
but break an engagement.

Then I... then I didn't...
that is... we...

I simply can't understand
why you've done such a thing

for me, a... a perfect stranger.

Well, I didn't do it
for you, precisely,

and you're not a perfect stranger.

Far from perfect, I should say.

Well, then, we've met
before somewhere.


Mutual friends?

It's too much of a riddle
in my present feeble condition.

You'll feel better after a tub
and a bit of breakfast.

But look here!

I'd like to, uh, that is...

I'd like to talk with you.

The tub first.

Up in your own flat,
then back here for breakfast.

We'll have a cozy chat.

You care for that?

Care for it?
Oh, I'd say I'd love it.

What do you mean
you can't put me through?

Pull up your socks, sister,
and let's hear that tinkle!

Ring him.

What's that?

Well, ring him again!

Oh, never mind, then!

Maybe there is another woman.

When I hook 'em, they stay hooked.

But you haven't seen him,
so you tell me,

for more than a month.

If anything drove Russell off,
it's your jealousy.

It spoiled everything.
It's business!

Business? Of course!
Monkey business.

You are still in love with him,
my precious.

But remember, you still have me.

How could I forget it?

If you do,
it will be just deplorable.

The woman who tries to make
the fool out of me...

do you know what I would do?

Now, darling...

How I could I love anyone
but my Nicky?

Don't tell me you've lost your key.

I'll always bless the one
you did lose.

I hope you always will.

Good heavens! 11:00.

You've got to run along.

Remember, you're a hardworking man.

Don't you imagine one can overdo
this early rising?

Run along now like a good little boy.

See you again tomorrow?

Good night, then, June.

These have been great days for me.

They've been great for me, too.

Really, June?

Good night, dear boy.

How dare you, sir!

At this hour!

How did I know?

Now, really, Gerry,

who else would think of calling
me at such a time?

It is rather late,
but I do so want to see you.

Look here...
suppose I bring the car around.

Well, I could...
I could wait down the street.

A little air might do you good.


Besides, I've got something
to tell you.

Feeling better?


I knew a drive would do you good.

I was tired, but I'm not now.

You know, I feel rather guilty
dragging you out like this.

You needn't.
I wanted to come.

What did you have to tell me?

Oh, lots of things.

You're too sleepy now to listen.

No. No, I'm not.

Have a light, sir.


This is a surprise.

Sit down, won't you?

Or, better still,
let's have tea together.

No, no.
Awfully sorry, my boy, but...

but you don't have to tea seriously.

Just because I'm not drinking

is no reason why you shouldn't
have a spot of the best.

Well, to tell you the truth,
my boy, I have an engagement.

Can't be helped, can it?

One does have other engagements,
of course.

No, but, really...

oh, some wench, I presume.

Now, now.
Now, now, my boy.

Save the scolding
for luncheon tomorrow.

What are our fathers
coming to, anyway?

Well, you see,
I was just toddling by,

and I thought I'd pop in and...

by the way, cartin says
you're doing rather well.

Rather well?!

Modest old cartin.
Look here.

If he gives me the proper chance,

I'll put this musty old firm
on its feet.

Good boy.

My job's about done.

And I think I deserve a pat
on the head, really.

It's only a month,
and the other woman's out of it,

and the boy is hard at work.

Oh, it's all beyond thanks.

I've got my boy back and I owe you...

you owe me exactly ?1,000.

You've earned it, too.
Every penny.

It wasn't really such a hard job.

Russell's a decent boy,

and, after all,
a few wild oats are indicated.

You know, the amazing thing to me

is that, uh, he hasn't
fallen in love with you.

I've been careful of that.

Russell and I are just good pals.

As if I were a sister
or another chap.

Suppose he were in love with you.

It couldn't be.

You see, there's another man.



You shouldn't be.

You see, I...
I never imagined that...

oh, perhaps you should be.

Because the other man is... is you.

Oh, my dear, my dear.

I've been waiting
and wanting to tell you.

And I've been wanting to hear it.

But not now.
No, don't.

It's no-go, Gerry.

I hate to remind you,

but I'm only a woman that came
to you through the street.

Oh, my dear,
you're not really that sort.

You see, you'd never
be able to trust me.

You'd always wonder about the past.

All men do.

Oh, don't say things like that.

I tell you, I-I wouldn't care.

I'd trust you in spite of anything...

That happened.

It's too good to be true.

Much too good to be true.

Oh, have faith, my dear.
Have faith. I have.


It might be.

But I must go away first,
if only for a little while,

and when I come back...
if I come back...

I won't let you go.

Oh, but I must go
and think things out,

away from you.

In the meantime,
my job's not quite done.

We always agreed we should
tell Russell the truth.

And now is the time.

We must be fair with the boy.

You know, I almost wish we...

oh, don't you bother.
I'll tell him.


he'll take it with a smile.

You see, we're pals.

These quiet little teas

have been the sweetest things
in my life.

You've been a great pal, June.

We are pals, aren't we, Russell?

The best.
And nothing but.

Look here.

You're not growing serious
on me, are you?

Sometimes it's hard even
for pals to talk about things.

After the lectures I've listened to?

Fire away, old chum.

Swing the blooming ax.

Remember that first morning,

when you found yourself in my bed?

Spare my blushes.

And I told you you weren't
precisely a stranger.

"Perfect stranger" was the exact
and somewhat vicious phrase.

You see, I knew about you,
Russell, all about you.

You did say you trained for nursing.

I'm sorry. Please go on.

I knew about you
because I was hired...

hired to find out, to get you
away from that other girl.

You're joking.

But, June, who would?

Your father.

Good old governor.

Now, wouldn't he, though, just?

You're not angry?

Angry because the two
dearest people in the world

saved me from making
a fool of myself?

I knew you'd take it this way.

I told him you would.

What other way is there?

How could I be anything but grateful

when it brought me you?

You dear, dear June.

And I'll play the little joke
off on father.

Rare old father,
when I tell him about us.

You know already, don't you, June?

No, no.
Oh, Russell!

Oh, no, you didn't know?

You know how I love you,
how I want you.

Don't say it! Don't!

But I have said it.


You mean you don't care for me?

That way, I mean?


Is there...

is there someone else?

Forget it, then, June.

I'm sorry.

Awfully sorry.

Just forget what I've said.

We're still pals.

June, it's not...

not him!

Not my father!

Good afternoon, sir.

Good afternoon, Dobbs.

Half a mo, Dobbs.

Never remove the rare old liquors.

Drinking, Russell?


I'd scarcely call it drinking,
sir Gerald.

Let us say, uh, a preparation.

Laying a foundation
for some real drinking.

Surely you don't grudge me
a mild spot of whiskey.

You share everything else
with your only son.

Gentlemen, I give you
sir Gerald Courtney,

my father.

And when I say "I give him,"

gentlemen, I mean I give him.

You can have him.

I don't want him.

What's got into you, my boy?

Unusual, huh?

Prodigal son disowning proud father?

Oh, you're talking nonsense!

Oh, quit it!
Quit your lies!

You've been bleating

that you and I couldn't
talk things out.

Well, we're going to talk now,

only I'm going to do the talking!

She's told me...

told me of your sneaky,
underhand tricks!

Steady on, my boy.
She's told me!

Told me how you sent her to me,
to make me love her,

to make me want her more
than I've ever wanted anything!


Love her? Oh.

I'm sorry.
I didn't know.

Yes, you're sorry.
You didn't know!

Russell, I only meant...

oh, don't whine!

Talk up like a man.
Don't mealymouth me!

Please, please, please believe me!

Believe you?!
Why should I believe you?

You're a liar!

Listen to me!
You've got to listen to me.

You listen!

I am sick of lies and sick of liars,

sick of everything.

Reform me, eh?

You reform me?

You and that one, you hypocrite!

Sending her to me...
my own father sending his...

you don't say that!

Ugly word, isn't it?

But it fits her...

the woman you picked up
from the streets!

Nothing but a common... stop!

Go ahead. Hit me.

You've done everything else to me.

If you were anyone else
but my own son, I'd...

well, I haven't the same compunction.

My father...


Oh, Russell!

What's happened?

Tell me, Gerry.

He's been here,

and he's gone.


Oh, no! No!

I'll bring him back to you.

he wanted to strike me.

My own son.

Oh, no, no! He didn't!

He didn't mean to.

He's only a boy.

And he was hurt, like a boy.

He wanted to hurt someone else.

Try to understand.

You wouldn't mind if a child
in a nursery struck you.

That's what it was.

I've lost my son.


No, no!

It can't be!

I won't let it happen.

It has happened.

And I'm to blame.

It's all my fault.

Oh, I might have known
it would be like this.

I think I did know in my heart,
but I wouldn't listen.

You see...

I love you, Gerry.

And I wanted to help you.

Great help I've been.

I... I do love you.

I'll always love you.

And I love you too much to hurt you.


Hurt me?

Do you think I could go on?

And have you remember that
because of me you lost him?

It's the boy, isn't it, Gerry?

You want him.

It's not too late.

I'll find him
and send him back to you.

That's what you hired me for,
wasn't it?

To save your boy, for ?1,000.

You just watch me earn that money.




Why, darling!

Am I surprised?


You sound familiar, though.

Just a bit tight, aren't you?

I thought you'd given up
whiskey and me.

What's that?
A party?

I'm just ripe for a binge.

Where? your flat?

Don't know about that.

The last time you asked me
to meet you there,

you didn't show up.

All right, darling.
Your flat, 11:00.


Yes, I will.


Russell, darling?

Surely you're not napping.

Here's Berthine.

Shut your mouth!

Where is he?

Please don't, Nikolai!

Come, my angel.
Don't be so excited.

Oh, don't! Don't!

Be calm and sweet

and try to entertain me

with some of your delightful lies.

Don't, Nikolai. Don't.

We shall sit here together,
you and I,

and wait for him.

Oh, Russell!

Get away!
Take your dirty hands off!

All right, Russell.

It's not all right!

I won't touch you.

Still trying to earn
your dirty wages, huh?

No, you don't.

You won't trick me
into your place again,

you lying, sneaking...

I won't listen to such insults!

You won't, huh?

You'll listen to me, all right,
you filthy gutter whelp.

I won't! You hear!
Go away!

Bar me out, will you?

I'll show you!

Don't try to put on airs
with me, you little tramp.

Pretending you're particular
who comes in here,

'cause you'll hear the kind
of talk you deserve,

you smirking, rotten cheat!


Oh, laughing at me, ain't you?

You both laughed at me...

you and that sweet, sainted
father of mine.

Go ahead and laugh!

I'm not laughing, Russell.

We never laughed.
You're a liar.

Why shouldn't you laugh?

Me thinking all the time
you were everything sweet

and clean and decent.

Afraid almost to touch ya!

Go ahead. Laugh.
It's a joke!

Me thinking poetic thoughts
about you... about you.

A woman for hire,

a woman with a price Mark on her,

and not much of a price, at that!

A mangy, she-alley cat!
Anybody's cat!

Anybody's woman!

You're right, Russell.
That's all I am.

You're even worse.

Oh, right again!
But I've learned my lesson.

I'm going away.

With him, naturally.

It's not that way
between your father and me.

Don't you see?

I care too much for you
to stand between you.

You're going with him!
That's where you're going!

Well, I'll show you!
And I'll show him, too!


So, you think I'm going
to your old gent, eh?

What a priceless pair of fatheads

you and your papa are.

Me? In love with
sir Gerald blinkin' Courtney?

Him, pretending he was better
than the rest.

The only difference was that
he tried to get with pounds

what others try to get
with shillings.

Little juney's
the one that got this time.

I got this flat
and clothes and money,

all for a sweet smile
and a "thank you, sir."

Nothing but a...

nothing but!

What did you expect?
Lilies of the blooming valley?

I did your old man in the eye
and he never even blinked!

The dotty old boy didn't even
get so much as a kiss.

You're lying!

You're his, and he can have you.

I'll thank you
to be slinging your hook.

Think I'm drunk, don't you?

Maybe I am.

But not drunk enough
to let you trick me again.

And not as drunk as I'm gonna get.

Do you know what
I'm gonna do tonight?

Of course I do!
Like father, like son.

You're gonna meet that prize package,

Berthine Waller, up in your flat.

You don't like that, do you?

Why not?
Us girls got to live.

Give me a drink.

Give you a drink?

Milk's more your style.

Why, you're not man enough.

Oh, I ain't?

Still reforming me, aren't you?

Give me that drink!
No, I won't!

Do you hear?

Stop it!
Who do you think you...


Leave me alolone

don't try your dirty tricks on me.


Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

# It's the same
the whole world around #

# it's the poor
what gets the blame #

# it's the rich
what gets the pleasure #

# isn't it a blooming shame? #

# It's the same
the whole world over #

# it's the poor what... #

Hello, Mr. Courtney.

What's that?

I said it's a ripping morning, sir.

Oh, yes.




He's murdered her!

Plain enough.

Happened sometime during the night.

She came to his flat
and he done her in.

All we got to do is find the lad.

That won't be hard.
We'll have him by night.

You say you saw him coming out
of his flat?

Yes, sir.
He was coming down the steps.

And he looked like
he'd been drinking?

He looked worse than that.

He was in a daze, like.

That's him, right enough.

Tell headquarters to arrest
Russell Courtney.

Serious, arresting the son
of sir Gerald Courtney.

That's serious, too,
doing a young lady in.

It's a clear case.


Evening paper!

Very well, Burton.

Tell the officers

we'll surrender their prisoner
in five minutes.

Now, you better tell us,
Russell, my boy.

We can hardly expect further
lenience from the police.

They've been more than fair
in bringing you here.

Now, won't you tell us,

your father and your lawyer,
where you were?

And telling where I was is
the only way to clear myself?

No matter who else it hurts?

It's your only chance.

If I told the truth, the real truth,

it would be too hard to believe.

Tell me, my boy, can't you?

I'll understand.

I'm afraid, father,

you'd be the last to understand
the entire truth.

Oh, I don't mean to be unkind.

Oh, my boy.
Tell me.

It's our last...


I've treated you
shabbily enough, already,

haven't I, father?


Begging pardon, monsieur James,

but there's a young lady
asking to see you,

says it's very important.

A young lady?

Well, sir, that is... at this hour?

Tell her to return in the morning.

But, uh... oh, nonsense, I say.

Dismiss her!

Good evening, gentlemen.

Oh, my dear,
it's good of you to come.

I've been looking for you...
wait, Gerry.

Wait until you've heard
what I have to say.

You haven't told them, have you?

I was certain you wouldn't.

Trying to save my reputation?

It's past saving, my dear boy.

Do you know where Russell
was last night?

Rather. He was in a lady's
apartment all night.

How do you know?

I happen to be the lady.

You mean... it can't be true.

Not you and...

let me tell him!

But of course it's true.

It was to be expected, wasn't it?


I was afraid you'd take it this way.

But I'm not sorry.

I'm glad.
Glad to know the truth.

The wedding's off, eh, sir Gerald?

Can't quite stick it now, can you?

Remember when I told you you'd
never be able to trust me?

Oh, you said yourself that you
and he were together.

What of it?

Where's the faith
you swore you'd have

in spite of anything that's happened?

Well, something's happened,
hasn't it?

And worse than anything else,
it's happened with me!

Me being what I am.

It was to be expected, wasn't it?

I loved you.

Don't you see?

That's what makes it so...

"inconvenient" is the word.

Jealous of your own son.

Let me tell him!

Oh, I've heard enough.

You'll hear just a bit more,
sir Gerald, and you'll listen.

Oh, yes, you will.
Russell knew how you'd take it.

That's why he wouldn't
tell where he was.

This righteous code
that gentlemen have.

Marry you?

Don't fret, sir Gerald.

I'm not having any.

I'm just a woman that came
to you from the street,

out of the fog, a woman for hire,

someone you could buy and did buy,

but not someone, so help me,
you can marry!

You've done this for me?

I've done it for me and ?1,000.

You haven't forgotten
the 1,000 quid, have you?

You hired me to save your boy.

Me, a stray she-alley cat,
and, blimey, I saved him.

I'll take the check, if you please.

Begging pardon, sir James,

but it wasn't Mr. Courtney
who did it at all.

They nipped a chap,
a sort of foreigner.

Steady does it, Burton.

Scotland yard just reports

that they've caught a man
named Nikolai Rabinoff.

Caught him in miss Waller's flat!

And he's confessed, sir.

Confessed that he killed miss Waller.

Tell the Scotland yard men
I'll see them in a few moments.

Well, you're twice lucky, young man.

This, of course,
clears you absolutely.

Too bad, my dear, this couldn't
have come a bit sooner.

It would have saved
this ugly explanation.

The gentlemen's code again.

Covering up the unpleasant things.

I'd have told him anyway.

I'm convinced you would.

Thanks so much.

I'm sorry.

Really sorry.

I believe you are.

But still sorry for the wrong person.

Goodbye, sir Gerald.

Goodbye, Gerry, old man.

There's just one other thing,
sir Gerald.

Russell was in my apartment
last night... all night.

But I wasn't with him.

As you were, sir Gerald.

That doesn't change things
in the least with you and me.

As for this?

You know, I have a sort of code, too.

I'll probably be sorry for this
in the morning.

However, right now...



Don't you think you've caused
her trouble enough?


She loves you.
Go after her.

Wherever she goes, my boy,
I'll follow.