The Island (2018) - full transcript

A cataclysmic event causes a man, who dreams of winning the lottery, to become stranded on an island with his co-workers.

Breaking news

NASA had discovered an impact event

that derailed a meteorite

it is flying at high speed to the earth

most experts believe that

it has a high probability
of hitting our planet

the government is trying our best

to make sure our people can be safe

the scientists are running
physical simulation

to calculate the meteorite's mass

NASA had confirmed that it is detoured

if a meteorite crushes on the earth

scientists from all over the world
have different opinions

now let's welcome our
institution professor shi

to talk about this meteorite incident

I shall say

if this meteorite crushes into the ocean

it might cause over 100 meters high Tsunami

it might cause over 100 meters high Tsunami

most coastal zone will be drown

but this possibility is very low

I heard people say

maybe it is a takeaway from alien

but don't worry

the complex gravity shall detour it

- end of the world
- and make us safe

and make us safe

we have nothing to lose

even the meteorite really falls

we poor ones lose the least

brother clutch please

you bought the lottery?

Sure I did

same old number


you really like her

tell her in the teambuilding trip

like anything will change if I do

fixed it?

No one could fix this car

but me

this car is too old

leave it. We need to go

we are late for the team building trip

rich ones are forever rich

we are forever poor

take a break brother

you just paid back a bit yesterday

- you are bringing so much
- mr yu

- you are bringing so much
- mr yu

- morning mr yu
- morning

I said 0900

where is everyone?

Hurry up you guys

team building is not a roadtrip

who else is not here?

- The boss
- boss

- hi boss
- call daddy


Good girl

daddy will be home in a few days


professor shi

thank you for having me

having someone like you

- the pleasure is ours
- yes yes totally

- are we all here?
- Almost

then let's go

- wait wait!
- Wait!

Stop there

- stop there!
- Morning exercise?



Laters. Even my shit doesn't want to wait


Am I your shit?

Sorry. Sorry

you don't know about punctuality

was getting us some drink

zhao tianlong. Why in your uniform?

Didn't know what's teambuilding

- shan shan
- no thanks

hot drink


Go find a seat. Too much to talk

what a lovely boat

sailing on the beautiful ocean

I am

your driver and your guide

for your trip

my name is dicky wang

just call me dick

what a dick

let me show you some great tours

that our company has

- see this
- go drive your boat

you want to do sales

we are all your masters

I'm talking about real good tours

I'm sure you want to see

wish you all a pleasant trip and

alright alright

welcome everyone

to our annual teambuilding


on our way here

I heard you talk about the meteorite

whether it falls

forget it.

- She won't talk to you
- why do we choose to teambuild now

why do we choose to teambuild now

if the meteorite really falls

you are so not paying me back right?

I can pay you back in hell

you owe us not we owe you

why you so confident?

I can borrow I can pay

he just paid back to others yesterday

you guys quiet down

boss has good news for us

let's welcome our
boss with applause

great great

I know what is in your mind

our submission for ipo
is about to be verified

I am now announcing

everyone's salary raises in 10 percent

yay! Great!

- Work harder
- great. Thank you boss

our company won't be here without you

teamwork brings us all together

we also have a great boss

let's work hard together
and make our future brighter!

Yes. Brighter future!

Sixty million

what's wrong with you!

You freaked me out!


hurry up and sit down there!

Just a raise of ten?

What is going on?

Totally understandable

he has been in the company for long

so he shall be proud

what are you doing?

What? Why can't I be happy?

Yes yes sure you can

on this day of my reborn

let me sing you a song

mermaid is pretty

mermaid in the wave

mermaid goes into my dream

mermaid brings you harvest

mermaid meets me in the breeze

all in the wave

wave! Wave! Wave!

The wave

what is it?

Turn around!

We have to go through!

Don't move! All buckle up!

Find your own seat! Quick!


Ma Jin!

Call everyone up!

The boss. Find the boss

those ones went up there

shan shan

where is everyone?

Where is shan shan?

All dead

dead dead

all doomed

shan shan


on three

let's go!

Thirteen on our side!

How many with you?

- Fifteen!
- The driver?

Is the driver with you?

"Day 2"

- who is back?
- The driver is back

up there

where the hell were you last night

he is breathing. Why cover him?

Feed him some fruit

here is water and some medication

where were you last night?

- Dude. Where did you go?
- Where are we?

There is nothing around here.

All ocean

there are dead trees in the Southern end

it doesn't look like an island

I found fruit. Mushroom and water

we can survive for few days

- don't worry
- what fruit and water?!

Call your company and get us back home!

Make phone calls!

What are you waiting for!

- Contact for rescue!
- Hurry up!

You call. You make a phone call

do you see any reception here?!

Then you figure something out!

Let's all calm down

listen to me

hearing what dick said and look at the sky

everything is showing

it might be the meteorite

it had really fallen

professor. It is not how you said on TV!

You said we would be safe!

Listen listen

I just re-analyzed everything

I thought about it all night

then what

I think those who said
the meteorite would fall

they might be right

no way!

Why didn't you say earlier?

Shi. You are the professor!

What professor

don't you put all the blame on me

there is nothing I could do

alright alright shut up

shouting has no use. Let's sort things out

we have the problem

we solve it. Now think
about how to get back

ma Jin. Are you deaf?

Don't you hear he said? We are doomed

we are all stuck here!

Right. Right

he said what?

You say it is the end of world?

No. I meant probably

you are an adult. Watch your words

don't be afraid. Xing

find something colorful and shiny

let's make a rescue sign

driver said he found fruit and water

let's feed ourself

we have been a strong company

what company. All gone in the wave

what are you saying

what is gone. Who

what should we do boss?

- Say something
- company should be responsible for this

teambuilding is during working hour

company is responsible

- what should we do?
- How do we go back?

Is it because the sea level went up

maybe it wasn't an island before

how long can we survive

I miss my mother

all gone. Everything is gone


what are you doing

I don't want to die

my son is waiting for me to go home

shut up. See the rain had stopped

when the sun comes out we will find our way

I don't think this is easy

I'm so hungry

I'm starving

just go to sleep and you won't be hungry

I have experience. Follow me

there is a stream there

take this

go get some water

see the tree is full of fruit

go get them

what? This tree?

How do you climb this tall
you are kidding me

hard for you but not for me

look at your dead faces

no matter what happens

we are all alive

go get water and food

"day 6"

who did this

so smart

what is it?

It is rescue sign

I'm hearing sound

be quiet. I can't hear it

move up higher

what are you doing

come here. This way

- getting there?
- Slow down

you slow down

don't talk

what are you doing these days

upper hill shall have better reception

I make the food all day long

am I your babysitter

who let you touch my bus


what did you do

this bus is a little bit different

from other buses

you come here!

No no no not my fault

what were you thinking

what if we can't go back

are you part of the company?

As the boss

I am now working on the way back home

I asked him to fix the bus

but he screwed it up

then what

we can find other way to go

he doesn't know what he is doing

I... I am not afraid

I have money
there must be a ship

so what. No big deal

maybe we should set the forest on fire

make some smoke

what if nobody sees

you used to be in the army

what did you learn for surviving in wild?

I'm asking you

what I learnt

firstly. To save energy

nothing else matters

time for food

don't push

stop sqeezing

one by one. Line up

- nothing left
- what do you think you are doing

we have a professor here


What the hell. This is gross

where is water

get me some water

I am talking to you

what else do you want?!

Took him ages and this is all he got

tastes so bad

piss off you lazy ones!

What are you doing?


right now. You must apologize

you want apology? Mr yu?

And you are the boss?

I don't care what mr you are

boss means nothing

you want food you work for it

what a mommy's boy

isn't this shameful for you?

Guard. Come


I have a name!

I am zhao tianlong

the driver is right

in here

nobody babysits you

damn guard

so what?

Calm down and listen to me

- so spoiled
- boss

look at your arms and legs

can't they move?

Come on everyone...

Now we should team up


we shall work for ourselves

I found a cave when I was fruit hunting

if you want to die here with your boss

stay in the rain

it is raining again

- let's move
- wait for me

- boss, we are moving up
- take my stuff

got here

getting in

- you ok?
- Yes

follow up

dicky had solved the biggest problem

this is such a big cave

you have brought so much joy to us

longwei. Harder

go faster!

Harder. Faster and harder

great the fire is on!

What were you doing

now we have the cave

how about later?

I don't know if there are other survivors

but it is hopeless to wait for rescue

- you don't look concerned
- we have to plan for long term

I'm sure I will take you all back

- belive me?
- We have to be together

we have to find someone
strong to be our leader

we have to find someone
strong to be our leader

- who
- who

I think dick the driver is good

yes wang. You should do it

you have the capability
you take the responsibility

yes he can climb the tree like monkey

but we need someone who knows management

managemeng? I have done management

what did you manage?


Having facial here. Don't make me laugh

what is funny?
I'm telling you the animals I trained

are way much harder than you guys!

You are not much different

give you some rain you flood

you liked training animals right?

Two years for monkeys.
Three years for bears

that was fun time working in circus
after I left army

come on cut it out

we need a leader. One with brain

who are you saying without brain

stop it

or what. Be his monkeys?

Whatever he trained before

he can feed us now. He should be the leader

I agree. He could feed monkeys.
He could feed us

he could climb the tree and get us fruit

let's vote

I think he can do it

yes I agree. His skill is
the most important now

I think so

ok if you trust me

I will do it

but we need to have rules

all of you. Listen to me only

you know if you feel bad

let's move out to work

come on follow up. Follow wang

hurry up

what we need to do now

three things on top

one. To survive

two. To survive

three. Is also to survive

every team has a target

have the confidence?


Come on

let's do our slogan

you. Together

I can! I can! I can!


Got it got it

we have fish tonight. Fish for dinner

aren't you vegeterian?

Cut the useless stuff


come on!

Zhang jigiang! No smoking!

Not smoking

I don't care!

I can! I can! I can!


about Lucy

she is not feeling well

but she is sweet. You know

anything you need. Just tell her

just tell her

not feeling well?

What happened?

How do you feel now

someone shall be ashamed

come back with nothing. You eat nothing

one more empty hand

brother. Where have you been these days?

I have looked around

- nothing but ocean
- where is the rule?

Seems like we are on an island

I think we should trace back the way here

look at this just look at all this!

If you are all like this.
How do I do my job?

I'm telling you. What we
need now are three things

you are not hearing me are you?

- Food, water and faith
- I'm talking to you!

With all these three

what is wrong with you dicky?
I'm talking about serious stuff here


I think we should set up the rules

it is the mr wang here

calm down. Eat first

who allows you

what are you doing?

You point at her again?


How can you do this?

Get lost

go to hell...

Who do you think you are. Dumbass

mess with me

keep going!

Don't. Don't hurt him!

We are kicking out the ones like him!

Chill out

what's that sound?

Brother. What shall we do

wang said this wouldn't be the end

let me down!

My neck is breaking


maybe you should just apologize to wang

I apologize

no way


I have reinforced the raft

if the wave goes smooth

we should be ok


maybe think twice

you go alone. I'm worried

you are letting me go by myself

I mean. Why do you want to leave

people say the world might be gone!

That is

that is a probablity

how do you know it's true

what are you doing?

We're going home

shan shan. My brother is

is is is what?

Go get the raft done

you're going to die

otherwise what

stay here to die

can't you be realistic?


I am now realistic

how realistic is sixty million rmb?

My lottery won

I won sixty million rmb!

Cool right?

Are you out of your mind?

Money is more important than life?



ain't I always ridiculous to you?

Anyway I'm leaving. I tell you the truth

on your wedding day

the joss money your husband got was from me

his car scratch? Broken by me

the firework for you divorce. Again me

so what?


I saw lucky paper cranes in my drawer

yes me

I have good hands. Any problem

why didn't you tell me that you liked me

I like you

I don't like you

I knew it

just because I'm a loser

who do you think you are


take good care of yourself

if I die. I die

if I succeed

I come back for you on a three-floor-ferry


how come you had a fight with shan shan

get lost



do you know why I take you with me?

Because nobody else is coming


ever since we were young

every time I saw you
your dad was beating you almost dead

everytime I thought it was a farewell

then I figured out

you have nine lives

so you're using me as your shield?

Damn! My shoe!


what's that?

Look at that

brother. Let's head back

Southern pole is doomed. Let's go back



Row the raft!

You are a man?

Man up!

Come on! Keep rowing!

Look. Land

2000 miles to go!

Almost there. Go

keep rowing

row it up!

What are you laughing at?


I thought you guys were
looking for the way out

but you went for a hunt!

What a hero!

Don't stop!


Not a drama to win a lottery

but such a drama to know it here

where is it

let's see how does sixty million look like

hands off!

Give me back

let's have a look

give it back

pissed off

- look at him
- you were jeopardize yourself for fun

what if you die out there

better than to die

now you are a millionaire

how about a diamond for shan shan?

- Right
- I'm getting her two

one for each slipper

I like

how generous

brother we won the lottery?

Brother talk to me

- tell me
- leave me alone

did we win the lottery

you lied to me

what did I lie about. I didn't lie

I gave my life to you for this

just shut up!

Let me see

you need to understand

this is so important to me

I should have let you know

but I did nothing wrong

this world is like this

ma Jin

give me half your money

I go with you again

what are you talking about

ma Jin's money

his money is for shan shan

- for shan shan
- can you guys just shut up!

All shut up!


why does this happen?

The polar lands are crashed

our world is gone

this is really the end of the world

- huge wave and we survived
= "day 25"

thirty of us had landed on this island

wang is talented

- wang is talented
- wang, all the tools are broken

- we all work together
- can I get some parts from your bus?

Leave my bus alone will you


so tired! My waist

who let you two rest

move to work!

I know how you feel

it's not over yet

you two. What are you doing here

not enough punishment last time

here is your task today

get me 10 fish



why the others don't have to do 10

others are working

you are being punished. Now you know why


Not enough?



Sixty million

all in a sudden

in your pocket

not even laughed out yet

just giggled a bit

all gone

this feeling

nobody else would know

but I do

of course you do

you were getting 600 million

I'm just losing a fortune

you are losing your life


I want to leave more than you




find the best partner






timing is significant

let's go

you have found the way out?

I said Patience

we have to create our best timing

let's go fishing

and. Tonight you do as I say

black cat or white cat

catch the fish is a good cat

he should be proud

- tastes so good
- yes yes totally right

sometimes people just need a little push:

See the fish. All pushed out

this is totally right

I used to have a naughty monkey
I starved it for a few days

then he did excellent flips

who? You all starve if you don't work

why can you eat without working


A stupid handcuff

makes you think you're a real cop?

What does it have to do with you

we now listen to wang

beat him?

No no no

they're generous enough to let you live

don't be such a trouble. Right?

Did I let you talk?

Let him speak

I mean

now we can feed ourselves

who cares about dignity

come on



go on


Do I have something on my face?

Back at the company

were we like this?

We were helping each other

warming each other up

weren't we?


Why are we like this today:

I have been thinking these few days

what is this disaster

is it the Tsunami?

I don't think so

it's the post-Tsunami. Now

the world is gone

we are the only survivors

but meanwhile

we could also be the start
of the new humankind

how do we live

back on trees?


I can't do it

I believe most of you here

can't do it either

because we are human beings

after thousand years of evolution

we have culture and dignity

we can not just throw all that away


hunger doesn't make you weak

poverty doesn't make you bow. Boss


all makes sense

great sense

so well educated. With a good brain

however I'm thinking

under such conditions

what is more important. To eat or to think

who can tell me

professor shi. What do you think?

Then cut your dignity

let me ask you.
Are you eating tomorrow or not


zhang. If you want to die

you can go now. Nobody's in your way

I just want to say. If anyone here

doesn't want this way of living


you are all welcome to go die with zhang

right. Right. Go

- you are a bunch of cold-blooded snake
- wait and see

seriously. Are we really leaving

go. Let's go

I'm not going

you're going too?

No I am not

ok. If you go. I come with you!

Go! Get the hell out!

But I didn't

go go go. Move!

Piss off!

Where are we going?

Chill out

keep going


look. Look

what is that

what's that sound

- that sound is on again
- move move

I have heard it a few times

hurry up

what is this!

Come and see

I mean

this. This is so great

this is a ship

oh really

but upside down

thank you all for your trust

me! Zhang jigiang would never let you down

what is your plan. Let us know

we searched the whole ship
we have everything

there's even a gasoline storage up there

so? Trust me now?

Of course I do. I so do


we have a net

we can do fishing with a net

and I have shoes

so huge

now we have hope


can we go back when we get enough fish

boss has plan

not upset with me anymore

why upset

this is my brother

I have thought about it

60 millon

who could let it go!

You are so correct

xing. You have my word

if I ever have a fortune

you share the coins

I don't want the coin. I want the fortune

what a fast learner

you and I share the
lottery 30 and 70 percent

oh brother I don't need that much

just give me 60

you little bastard

you want 60

why don't you ask for 80

you. You are now

does not learn good stuff

just learn bad stuff so quickly

there's nothing down there

nothing on my side either
just three mushroom

let's go back

shan shan. Don't forget the basket

no fish

wow. You have so much fish

all sea fish

it's your birthday today

happy birthday

not even a thank you?

Wow so much fish!

So much fish

from ma Jin to you

I say thank you for qi

how can I take all these

- thank you so much
- wait wait wait

wait a minute

it took me ages to get those

look at you

wait a minute. It is not what you think

no need to talk here. Get back first

not here

- wow so much fish!
- And all sea fish!

Don't you understand

it is the mating season

they have to swim around

is it that funny

where did you get the fish from

I have more if you want

we found a great place

we have everything there

got soap

about the lottery

I'm sorry

no worries

I'm used to the way you hurt me

watch your steps

you are walking on the roof of this ship

much more fun up there

up here

this is the real precious



we all can be Michael Jackson



suite with great view and a balcony

I shout this time

food. Clothing

all kinds of supplies

we have everything

see this


light on

all this time. I'm wondering

why did you divorce

he had too many questions

I mean really

I just couldn't trust him

simple as so

specific enough

and. The rich man

how is your lottery dream

don't make fun of me

I have to keep faith in it

it is my hope

I'm not giving it up


I am so taking you home

do you trust me

take me with you would you. Captain

that's why you are so excited

shan shan is here

shan shan

you are a smart girl. Come over when ready

it's late I should go

you don't know woman. She will come soon

trust me

boss. Wang brought his team here

see all those fish there

such a great place

don't touch

hands off

put it down

canned food?

- Put it back
- I'm talking to you

got beer

- show me
- hands off

hands off

- put down
- who cares

this is where you are

tour finished

they have fish


from Bordeaux

90s it shall be

yeah. Expired

you want to come now. Too late

not late at all

how do you feel about my place.

Great! Brilliant!

We have everything here. If you want any

you can bring whatever

your extra fruit and vegetable.
All can swap

swap for what you want


anytime you want

- swap
- what is swap

what is the rule then?

On this island

we have two sets of poker cards

let's use them for a record

for example. This is a three

fish. Fruit. Or vegetable

all can swap with this card


this card can buy anything

boss how much fish can a three buy

I don't decide

value does


let's see. Three

thirty fish at least

- wow thirty fish
- thirty fish

we could eat for a week

you are running a system

this is a big step

so you rip your pants

the more you work the more cards

earlier the better

ma Jin and xing for exemple

you came early. You worked more

you get paid more. You see. Come on

- two tens
- one three for thirty fish


don't cry when it turns late

but there's nothing left

put it back

never seen any of that

what the hell is all this. Poker cards

talk to hell. Let's go

let's all go. Move

boss. If I come now

do I get a three or a ten?

Even thirty won't make me come

move. Let's all go

quickly. Move move

I am with you in my mind

- welcome
- come on

yu. Settle them down

thanks boss

wait wait

when are we leaving

- slow down
- no more slow down

boss. You have to tell me

what exactly is going on here

you said we were going back? When?

Now you have to tell me the plan

come. Come with me

go. Push. Give me a hand. Push

com on. On three. Push

- one two three
- what are you doing

turn the ship over and go home

come on

this is non sense
you are not making any sense

you know this is non sense

cut the bullshit and get back to work

so what you told me before

are all lies

you think I was going out with you to die

then you were bullying us

you just made us your slaves

were you not before

ma Jin. This is not cool of you

look at your shoe

you know how much it is

is this enough


you really let them go


where to

"day 60"


I've cleaned up

it feels much better

"valid betting tickets must be presented for payment
within 90 days of the date after the relevant draw"

look at your faces

like you are dead already

too hungry to move

so hungry

we must go back

we must

we will go back

we will



you're getting fat

this way is better

take this

the plum smells good today

get going

- I want this
- cool

all packed. There you go

you want it

call a food delivery


we want to borrow the fish net


you want fish

what else you want

give it to me

piss off

go as far as possible

give it to me

boss gave us the fish

you walk off from it

piss off

you want a fight

yes. So

what do you think

you stop it

son of a bitch. Come on

give me the fish


give me the fish

- go
- go

you want fish don't you


here is more fish

if you want more fish come find me

when I succeed

I come to pick you up with
the three-floor-ferry

brother. Are you ok

don't don't don't. Don't touch me

two against all of them

are you two out of your mind

you ok there

all good

have been bored for a while

feels good to fight

take it back

this fish is too smelly for me

what do you mean

you can handle the smell. I can't

I swapped this with the
fast noodle you gave me


fast noodle

women can get things done fast

go to hell

brother. That's fish

what are you doing

why don't you throw me instead

"day a0"

brother. I'm so hungry

look brother. Isn't it pretty

it looks like Christmas tree

I even want to make a wish

this is our lottery

god claimed our ticket

sounds right huh


do you think the world is still there

you want me to be honest

let me be honest


since all past is gone

life can now restart

I believe we won't be losers any longer

I'm winning this one.
For the sake of revenge

revenge. Who



to god

- can I swap with this
- yes of course

- of course yes
- this for two or three


- can I swap a broken phone
- give me a big one

- of course
- ma Jin, can you have a look at this

no problem.

Anything you don't want
bring it here for a swap

now we have three things to do

first: Gather


anything that can not
regenerate on this island

are all valuable


all of it

all of it

second: Consume

let them consume each other

stop right there. This place is mine

is the ocean yours too

wang. Aren't you just too hungry

- boss
- he hit me

like dogs on a bone

third: Desire

we need to know what they want

yes. When we have what they desire for

they will listen to us

that's right! Timing is also important

don't forget your skill. Use it

one more thing. Brother


we need to be more cold-blooded than them

xing. You're starting to get it

the sun shall come out now

shan shan


me me me

don't worry

the weather is nice today huh

l... 1 didn't mean anything

I'm just... I

I just want to apologize to you

il... 1 huh

I... I'll just go get some water for you

too cold

actually... I

I'll just blurt it out

you know at the company. All this time

I was looking at your back

alhough you just gave me your back

that made me feel warm

including now

when I see you. I see the world

I feel there's still hope

you are such a

I was so

I knew you were a pervert
back in the company

didn't know you were such a big one

can't you do this another time

in the shower. Come on

freaked me out

there's not much fish left

just a couple

wait your turn

go. Eat. Feed yourselves

now you see. Ma Jin is a real friend

why don't you ask the boss
to lend you some stuff

ask him

no. No use

- too late - the thing is. Does
he want to lend us anything

if so

go beg him with heart


I beg him

I beg him

I don't take this

li dong

zhao tianlong come with me

- we
- li dong left the day before

well. Maybe forget it

I am the wang. And I should be one.
Let's go

we are going after boss zhang over there

those who want to starve just stay

come on. Let's go with wang

yes we are going. We want fish

- we should go much earlier
- right

shan shan

my brother is looking for you
it's urgent


the fact that you ask me

means we are family

sure. I am lending

listen to that
boss is alway the boss

that's why nobody else can be boss

hang on. Lending has rules

let me clarify here with you

one for two in return


you. This is usury

if you can't take the interest

you could come over and work for me

to pay off your debit

alright. You are such a business man

you are turning us into
your slaves after all

rules are rules

just like you said before

think about the animals you trained.
The monkeys

isn't it how you made them listen?

Wang. Look
you might think this is complicated

actually. It is necessarily going to happen

this is why we are human being
and are different from other animals


still borrowing the fish

take the fish

where is your manner

ma Jin

ma Jin

Yang Hong

the groin! The groin!


boss help me

hurry up!

Leave it. I handle it

you open the door

open the bloody door

I kill you

let's go

what the...

Who is it


what are you doing. Stop it

give me


what's going on


go on

keep on fighting


I'm lighting up the arena
so you can see who you're fighting

you bunch of bandits


we need to live!

We've got to live

right. Then keep on fighting

killing each other. Good idea
more fish to share

go fight

why stop. Keep fighting

we all know what we have on this island

if we keep wasting time like this

what waits for us is very clear


empty the stock

empty your life


most of the land might be under water

but I don't believe

that the 4500 meters high Tibetan plateau

is also drowned

so our hope is not here

where is it

it is on a real land

where we can live forever

and what have to do is to find it

what real land

cut it out

you think a light bulb makes
you king of the world

I can't hear you

are you trying to make all of us

sail out for death on your stupid raft

what are you talking about

it hurts

it hurts

it sure hurts

you think it'll heal by
the power of your hand

I don't understand
if we stay here for like 50 years

what is the point for life

to live

live and there is hope

what is real living

what is real hope

- no no no don't turn it off
- where is the light gone

like this darkness

where you will never know

what is waiting for you tomorrow

then what is hope


is something you never new existed

the lights will be on. The speakers
will sing. The engine will run

we just made it happen


because we worked hard

if we don't even try

how do you know we won't find the real land

do you want to stay in the darkness forever

do you want to see the light


do you


then let's all work together

to find what belongs to us

the real land

if we dont find it in one try
we try ten times

if we don't find it in a year
we try for ten years

let's go find the real land

go for the real land

the real land

go for our new homeland

go for the new homeland

go for the real land

the real land!

Go for the real land!

Go for the real land!

Go for the new homeland

go for the real land!

Go for the real land!



since we are all family. Then

shall we let everyone move into the ship?


be careful with my chords!

Take care of the chords


do we move everything from the cave?

Let's listen to my brother

now we have to observe the weather

the sea level wind

we should make records

- we keep a daily log
- write it down


I have something to discuss with you

no no no need. Just do what you want

haven't been so relaxed for so long!

What are you looking at

- you want some fist
- yu

check this out


That's my mom and dad!

I give you my fish. Let me have a look

- I want to see mine!
- Do you have my phone too?

Be quiet

shan shan
remember to come home on weekend

see. Your mother made you this

all your favourites

and. You need to have breakfast
don't always do diet

hear that

we are cooking down there
how could you shower now

you guessed it right!

Come. Come over here

don't cover it up

what were you guys doing?

Hurry up!

Hurry up

pan pan


I'm so sorry

pivot. Find the pivot

have to make the pivot right


he who laughs last. Laughs best

thirty one thirty two thirty three

let's dance!

Brother. You are too good

I might even kneel before you

it is like a dream!

We had no existence in the world before

but now

we make the world!


this is crazy

we were like two pieces of shit before

now we just have to freeze

be cold to the teeth

and we will become ice cream

ok. So let's keep ourselves frozen

to the end

thanks to everyone's effort

we just overcame

the first challenge on this island


next. We'll have to face

the second challenge


if we continue to live like a bunch
of horny gorillas

in three generations

we're all be related

this is a scary pyramidal development

this means

every woman must sleep with
as many man as possible

to create as many DNA mix as possible

that's the only way

to make our population grow

and never stop growing

are women sex machines?


This is so unfair!

- Professor didn't mean it
- who should I pair up with


what's wrong with my age

professor shi had made an interesting point

though I think

he is missing out the most important part

that is


since when you fell for me

first time I went to the hr department

and saw your resume photo

resume photo? Ugly!

That is the prettiest photo
I have seen in my life

and I even stole it


do you think we will still be together
if we get back?

What ©

here is that sound again

don't be scared

I've heard this sound many times

we are hunting it down!

Whatever it is

get it!

This is so weird

what is it?

Every 12 days

- 12 days?
- Yes

how did you know

I was counting down the lottery due date

wang. Come over

- what!
- This is wrong

this must be an animal

not animal

- yes
- no

- yes
- what exactly is it?

Definitely not animal

I know animal sounds better than anyone

how could I not recognise it

let's go


let's go back




there is a ship!

What? What ship?

There! Are you blind?

It is a ship!

It is rescuing us!


We are here!

Come for us!

The world is ok

it's still here!

We are saved!

Shout to the ship. Come on

we are going home!


Hurry! Hurry!


save us!

We are here!

How long do you want to fuck my life for?

I have worked so hard to achieve today!

I can go back to that world

give me back my lottery

pack up

let's go home


are we really going home?

The ice cream can not
reform if we unfreeze it

and shan shan

what options do we have?

Wang already saw it

what if he is gone mental?


He was lying on the ground


then suddenly jumped up. Shouting

this is a ship! This is a ship!

This is a ship! This is a ship!

There are lights on it!

And fireworks!

And he kept laughing

very scary

why he turned into this

- what's up with that rock?
- Yeah!

I think

ever since he's not the wang anymore

he acts weird

what you say. Brother?

Right. He has been talking non-sense



has nothing to do with me

where is he now?

He ran off

he ran and shout

ship! The ship!

Big ship!

And he ran off


There's a ship!


There is a ship!

I saw a ship!

The ship is taking us back!

We are going home!

Right over there!

Giant! That big!

Massive ship!

There are lights on it! Colourful!

Sparkling around!

And the firework! Goes on and on!

So pretty! So beautiful!

They are rescueing us!

We can get out of here!

We can go home!


let's move

- don't move
- move! Go!

Move move move!

We're gonna miss it!


Yeah. He's gone mental

- talking non-sense
- gone mad

lost his mind

what are you waiting for!

Don't trust me?

I don't even believe it

really the ship is this huge!

I can't believe it is true!

- Hurry!
- Don't move

we are going back home!

Don't you want to go home?

Why don't you trust me?

These guys saw it too!

Xing. Tell them

tell them about the big ship!

Yes. Yes. We saw

big ship

the lights. The firework

the firework. So beautiful!

Isn't it true?

Yes yes yes

see. I didn't lie

I really saw!

Really we have seen

let's go home!

Hurry up

- go home
- le'ts go

- I believe you
- let's go

what are you doing?

- Are you crazy?
- He's lost!


He has really lost his mind

why don't you believe in me!


There really is a ship!

Shut the door

shut the door! Shut it!

Clear the way!




Great! Great!

- This is done
- great!

Let's make a rule

nobody is going up to the mountain at night


I understand wang

he is so desperate to go home

ma Jin

I know you have your faith

you want to bring hope to them

but honestly

if we get back to that world

how are we going to be?

We will be strangers. Right?

To tell you the truth

here. I can feel something

that I never felt before

real happiness. And purity

then we're staying

we stay here forever. Ok?

Ma Jin

will you hold my hand forever?

I will

you're really not letting go

come down! Come down!

You come down here!

Kill me! Kill me!

- A life for a life!
- Come on!

"Day 132"

we can't do this anymore

how long can we hold this for?

Of course we're going back

we are going back. And keep taking control



I was looking for you

my brother wants to buy your room

but I am confused with the cards

we used to have two sets of cards

but I have four two-of-hearts?

Because I have read more books than you

what do you mean. Explain


let me ask you

earlier on

a card of two

can buy how much fish?


one fish

can swap how many two?

So there is the problem

I don't have many cards

but I have a lot of fish


what is more valuable?

Cards or fish?

With this amount of fish

how could I manage

without more cards

how could you do it like this

you are making non-sense

what sense

rules are made by me

you want to be on top of me?

Grow the hell up

calling my name? And buy my room?

I should just call you daddy!

Let me sing you a song! Listen


I have a great dad

he works hard

all day long he is working

daddy sit down

- what a lovely girl!
- Daddy sit down

aw she is crying

your daughter?


- do you miss daddy
- yes

just to let you see

talk to dad please

before I delete it for storage

- give it to me!
- Hands off!


Yang Hong

get him

- how dare you
- I'm gonna kick your ass

come and I press delete!

- You think I can't beat you
- don't don't


don't delete it
sorry sorry. I'm sorry

sorry sorry


I own this

I make the rules. Right?

Yes. Totally right

my brother wants your room. Yes?

Yes. All his

I want to be the boss. Yes?


You are my boss

the boss

I want your company

your real estate

no problem

but they don't even exist anymore

I don't care

just say yes or no

all yours



don't just talk

write it down

ok ok ok

what are you doing xing?

Don't talk


Are you out of your mind?

Yang Hong

- get him out of here!
- I'm leaving

xing xing

what exactly do you want?

What are you doing


are you listening to me or not?

I am. Brother

I've always listened like a dumbass

xing. Come on

are you writing it down?

Yes yes

I want your fingerprint on it

you are over the top

I have always played safe before!

Because I was stupid!

So that they can bully me?

I have had enough

at your will

yes at my will

I jigiang zhang

here to give all my real estate

47th floor of the cherry mansion

unconditionally to ma xing

and ma Jin

jigiang zhang

you heard that?

Yes yes

I withess

come on xing

let me sing you a song


I have a great dad

he works hard

comes home after work

dad dad come sit down

brother. Now we have the real jackpot

are you out of your mind!

You want to throw our lives in jail?

We threw our lives in hell. And we survived

if we don't give it a push

once we are back

everything goes back as before! Brother!

The engine

will die

in a few days

fishing nets will be gone


what are you doing?

They are all going to be dead

if they don't die. We die!

Can't be poor forever

you taught me that brother!

There's only one chance

I have done everything I should


no. Xing


sorry. Xing

I was all wrong


we can't afford this mistake!


when you had the lottery

I gave my life to you

now. I have the lottery

what will you do?

The ship will be here in a few days


just the two of us are leaving


Let's go

follow the plan

hurry. Don't move

I used to give up on love

but I thank this disaster

it shows me how responsible a man can be

I found back how to trust

and to love

like a little girl

a girl who dreams for a hero

to take my hand

I decide

to go for him

I. Shan shan wu

vow to the ocean

rich or poor

wave or the meteorite

we have each other

no lie

no betrayal

just trust


and love

beautiful... beautiful

- ma Jin wake up!
- Say something!

- Ma Jin is lost
- ma Jin. Say something

you see him

say something

- quick. Answer
- what is wrong

ma Jin. Say yes. Hurry

it's all fake!

Fake fake fake





- what's happening!
- Ma Jin!

What is wrong

this is phoney. Pseudo. All fake!

- What fake?
- Ma Jin

everything I said is fake!

This is all fake!

The ship is real!

What ship? Ma Jin!

Calm down! Stop it!

Ma Jin

what on earth you are talking about!

This is all fake here

what is fake?

I just want to keep the ice cream frozen

what ice cream?

What ice cream

ma Jin

what are you saying!


what happened to my brother?

No no

he is over excited. He lost himself a bit


tell everyone the world is still there

what world?

Tell them about the ship!

- What ship?
- Tell

tell them the ship

there is a ship. A huge ship!

- Tell them!
- Ma Jin calm down!

- Ma Jin. Calm down!
- Calm down!


- ma Jin
- what is wrong

come over here

tell them

didn't we see a ship the other day?

Tell them!

He is not like this before


what ship?

The ship

with lights and fireworks!

No no no. Are you daydreaming?


Trust me!

Catch him

really mental

gone mental. One more gone mental

what is going on here

this mental illness is infectious?

So scary

mad mad mad

- mad mad
- yes

- don't hide
- what are you doing?

This is life!

No blame on yourself or others!

Didn't we tell you to stay away?

You have no idea

- stop him
- you want more of this?

Listen to me!

- Shock him!
- Listen to what

shock him!

Mental dude

the ship is coming in two days

it passes the other side

can you help me take everyone over?

Sure sure sure sure

I'm taking everyone here tonight

not tonight

the ship is coming in two days

whenever you want

no. Not whenever

what is it?

Take more. This is soothing and calming

helps you feel better in mind

mental illness is all about how you feel



What a poor man

can you be honest with me?

Are you really gone mental?

Now I know

you just don't want me

I didn't

can you tell me why?

Do you trust me?

So you have been lying to me all the time

what else do you want?
Leave my brother alone

I get it


it's ok

we can make it through

I'm with you

I now know what to do

I listen to you




once we are back

everything is ours!

You two are cold-blooded

are you dumping everyone here?

That's why I went "mental"?

Do you want to go or not


With your body and my brain

you have a brain?

"Day 144"

did you eat shit!

Did you fart in there?

That's your therapy!

What? You want more?

The ship is here tonight

don't make extra drama

if we don't get them drunk tonight

how do we leave?

Drink! Drink as much as you want!

On him!

- Mental show!
- Freak show!

Here we go

you say I'm mad

I go mad

let me see

I really am mad

now. Who thinks I'm mad?


put your hands down


I was mentally ill before we came here

and then

we got here. It didn't go better

it infected others!

Yeah right?

No you are not

you are just a liar

everything here is a lie

is truth that important?

Aren't we having fun?

Yes. Important

I don't understand

we are already like this now

I just want

something real

why so hard?

Because the fake is much prettier

because I want to make this all real!

What are you talking about brother?

Xing. Is this real?

Is this real? Xing?

What real. What happened to you brother?

Is this all real?

Is this all real! Tell everyone!

What do you want me to tell!

Tell everyone!

Tell everyone this is all real

nothing fake

all real


Tell them!

Tell everyone

the world is all doomed!

You mad!

Are you there!


Not yet!

About real or fake

I didn't understand before

nowadays. I'm figuring out

see this fire

is it real or fake?

Does it even exist?

It does

because you can see its light

because it burns


because it can light this place up!

So itis real

what exactly do you want to say?

What I want to say is

the ship is here tonight!

We have to light up this place!

So they can see us!

Let go!


Gasoline is leaking!

Watch the fire!

Put the fire down!

How are you not dead yet!

How are you not dead yet!

Give me that!

- Give me that!
- Stop him!

Give me that!



Why are you doing this to me!

Because I'm your brother

sorry xing

it's not too late

we still have time

light up the ship

we are going home tonight!

Shan shan!

Light it up!

Trust me!

Shan shan. Put the fire out!

Shan shan! Light it up

- trust me! Light it up!
- No put it out!

Put the fire out!

- Put it ou!
- Trust me!

Trust in me!

What are you waiting for!

Put the fire out!

Liar! I'm trusting you one more time!


what the hell are you guys doing?

This is late!

I am trying to sleep here!

Fire fire

gasoline boss

- fire!
- Boss!

What about the fire!

I am totally on fire. So what!

What are you doing?

He light it up!

Give me that!

Give it back to me!

Really its not me

go! Go!

- Kill him!
- Kill the bastard!

Trust me! The ship is coming!

Trust me

come on

- get him!
- Don't run!

Stand there


- Don't let me catch you!
- Here!

Come over! Here!

Where is everyone?

The ship couldn't wait. They went back

and you?

I stayed

and then?


if we really win the lottery

what do you want to do

get a maerati first

for shan shan

for shan shan. Can't be just this

it has to be

it shall be lamborghini

that's even more expensive

what do you want. Tell me

grab the opportunity

on three

- three
- wait wait

- two
- wait

- one
- I want private jet

I want private jet

you never know how to save money

we should buy at least 700 shops

at the cbd area

then gradually build our empire

you can never learn


bring me the 500 brothers

no need for gun. Just knives

see the two idiots bragging yesterday

cut off their lips