The Initiated (2023) - full transcript

Inspired by acclaimed Colombian author Mario Mendoza's literary universe comes this edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller. In a near future plagued by water shortages Frank Molina a gruff journalist must face his demons to get to th...


Frank Molina.

Even the rain won't stop
the vultures from coming.

Can I take a look?

It's easy, Almagro.

You either let me in,
and I write about it or I'll go home

and write about you
and your awful police department.

Two minutes.

Young couple.

In their 30s.

Call an ambulance! Almagro!

All three of us were going to die.


You can leave now.

You know they overdosed.

It's not even worth an article
on that shitty magazine.

They died from drinking toxic rainwater.

No one's stupid enough to drink that shit.

They died from too much faith.

The girl was alive.

Had you done your job well,
you could have saved her.

Come on! Hit hard!

Come on!

Ladies and gentlemen,

everyone's favorite!

Lady Massacre!




Introducing this season's
undefeated champion!

The lady of the night,

The Queen of Chaos!

Okay, ladies. Let's put on a great show.

No low blows. No scratching.

Hey, hey, hey!

Break it up or you're out!

Break it up!

Both back to your corners. On my count.


Come on!

Get up! Fight.

This is Lady Massacre?

What are you doing? You were told to lose!



It's no secret that the past ten years
were the most challenging for all of us.

The city saw
all of its potable water sources dry up.

Killing us, one after another.

Not only from thirst,

but also from diseases
that we hadn't suffered for centuries.

This relentless acid rain
floods our streets, poisoning our bodies,

like a castaway dying of thirst
in an ocean full of water

from which he cannot drink a single drop.

Water scarcity is real,
we can't deny that.

But it must not cloud our judgment.

That's why today,
it's my pleasure to introduce to you

the Kasbah Development Plan.

A project intended
to revolutionize this space

towards a future
never seen before in this city.

Mayor, do you have your father's approval
to promote such a change?

Since the start of my candidacy,
I've been an independent leader.

His political machine isn't independent.

Thank you.

The fight was two hours ago.
If you came to cheer me on, you're late.

You don't need a cheerleader.

What you need is a responsible adult
to help remove your makeup.

-How have you survived so long without me?
-I don't know.

What's wrong?

The family from the shop disappeared too.

-The house is empty.
-You have to publish it.

-I need to talk to Frank Molina first.
-The drunk journalist?

-This is too big for me.
-Don't ever say that again.

You're the best at what you do.

Let's go home, I'll tell you all about it.

-I don't know if I'll sleep at home.
-I forgot tonight's your date.

-I can see him tomorrow.
-No, you waited a long time to see him.

I know you, Moni.
You came here because you need me.

-Let's go home.
-Girl, I'm fine.

-Listen, if anyone can fix this, it's you.

-I love you.
-Love you too.



You're welcome.



I won this one.



What's up, Molina?

You even owe your soul.


What are you doing?

What do you mean, Molina?

Do you think I'm stupid?

-Be a good sport.
-Or learn to play.

What are you going to do?

Mr. Frank Molina.

Mónica Perea.

I've been looking for you for hours.

Next time, follow the rats
and you'll find me.

-How are you, Moni?
-I bought an apartment.

-How's freelance journalism going?
-See for yourself.


I like the title.

You're always fighting.

The only thing I know
in this life is to fight.

Sorry about
what happened to you at the paper.

That paper wasn't for me.
I write for The Evening Chronicle now.

You deserve a better place.

What did you need me for?

When I was in your class,

you told me there are cases
you're scared to face.

And those were the ones we needed to face,
and never turn our backs on.

-That teacher no longer exists.
-People from the Kasbah are disappearing.

I have data, witnesses...

Like I said, then why do you need me?

I need a journalist to help me
figure out what's going on.

Publish it yourself. You've got
what it takes to make some noise.

Frank, I just need a few hours.


Let's talk tomorrow.
You know where to find me.

-I never thought I'd end up in a ring.

Because of my dad.

He'd come home with a broken nose
and a swollen face after each fight.

He was like this house, you know?

He had so much potential,

but his soul was full of secrets
and spiderwebs.

It belonged to my family.

It's been empty for years.

My brother and I used to come hide here.

Looks like you're still doing it.

I'm not hiding, Gaby.

This is who I am.
I don't hide anything from you.


I'm staring into your soul.

And, what do you see?


But not of you.

Everything but me.


I have a gift for you.

Do you know how a woman feels
when she gets a gift after sex?

It's not like that.
I've spent months planning this.

If I only allow you to give me
one present in this life,

will it be this one?

Do you like it?

It's beautiful. I love it.

Put it on.


Let's save it for my next fight.





-What happened?
-A girl jumped from the third floor.

How ironic that in a place
where it never stops raining,

you can't drink the water
because it's toxic.

This family knew, and they said,
"Enough is enough."

We're like a plummeting plane,
and every passenger refuses to believe it.

The moment we realize it...

It'll be so late that we'll see our bodies
crash violently against the pavement.

"The only power we have left,
our last rebellious act,

will be to choose to either die of thirst,
or die by drinking toxic rainwater."

What the hell is this, Molina?

Five pages of nonsense?
Not even one picture.

You've been working here for months,
and no graphic work yet.

No big scoops. I gave you a camera.

Once again, you know
I'm not a photographer.

Then why are you sitting there?
I don't get it.

Look, this is what I need.

not the bullshit you gave me.

People have a morbid curiosity.

What's this?

A trans girl who jumped out of a window.
I don't know.

Molina, I'm going to tell you something
so that we are clear.

See what I'm asking for?



Frank. Frank!

Calm down. It's me, Carmen.


What are you doing here?

I was worried.
You wouldn't answer your phone.

We haven't talked in a year.

Siblings can feel each other here.

This time, your sixth sense failed.

I'm fine.

-I'll make you soup for your hangover.
-I'm not hungry.

-Why won't you let me help?
-I don't need anyone's help.

Especially you.

When did you last take your pills?

I took them.
I'm taking my pills regularly.

You need help, Frank. Professional help.

No, forget it.

You're bipolar, Frank.

I won't go back to the mental hospital.

What's this?

No, that's...

A friend who committed suicide.

Why are you looking at that?

Something doesn't add up.

-So, you're investigating?
-I'm not investigating.

-Why don't you investigate that?
-I'm not a detective.

I'm just a fucking loser
floating in a shithole.

You want to feel sorry for yourself?
That's on you.

-I won't play along.
-You don't need to.

Did I ask you to come? Did I call you?

I'll tell you one thing,
and I won't say it again.

Okay, what is it?

You're the best journalist
in this shithole.

Wash your face.
Take your pills. Go to work.

Your friend died and you'll just sit here?

You're not like this, Frank.
You care about people.

I'll make you soup,
whether you like it or not.

The police won't do anything.
The government won't do a thing.

No one cares what happens in the Kasbah.

This is bullshit.
Are we supposed to stay silent?

Not do anything?

How can we change that?

By resisting.

Like Moni did.

-Like Moni did.
-Like Moni did.

Like Moni did.

-To Moni.
-To Moni.




What are you doing here?

I talked to Moni the night she died.

-I told her not to talk to you.
-I'm on your side.

-We're nowhere near on the same side.
-We both know Moni didn't kill herself.

No! Moni would have never done that.

That's why I have some questions.

You spoke to her the night she died.

Moni must have told you
what you need to know.

No, that night I couldn't...

I couldn't do anything for her.

If you couldn't while she was alive,
what can you do for her now?

-Let me help.
-Want to help?

Start by finding her.

I don't get it. Finding her?

The body's missing.
It's not at the fucking morgue.

The police don't know anything.

No one knows where she is.

Do you know
how many bodies are here, Molina?

We have a tuberculosis
and leprosy outbreak.

The water shortage
is taking us back to the Middle Ages.

It won't take much time.

I know you take the unclaimed bodies

and run all sorts of experiments
with them.

I just want to know
if my friend ended up that way.

-When was she brought in supposedly?

-What was her name?
-Mónica Perea.

Your friend wasn't brought here.

I don't get it.

We're not the only ones
who make bodies disappear.

Give me a hand.

This girl was important to me.

If you want to know
what happened to her...

go ask the police.

Aren't you going to pay for that?


Hey, I waited for your article

about the alleged poisoned families.

What happened?

I didn't know you were a loyal reader.

See? I respect your job.

You're always fucked up and miserable,
and still go to work every morning.

I admire that.

Here. On the house.

Go crawl back
into that hole you came from.

If you didn't come to beg,
why are you here?

What happened to Mónica Perea's body?

What do you mean?

It disappeared after the crime scene.
What happened to the body?

A lot of things are disappearing.

Maybe it was a clerical mistake.
Nothing to investigate.

-Who gave the order?
-What order?

The order to make
Mónica Perea's body disappear.

What are you trying to hide?

Why don't you stop making stuff up?

-You think someone's hiding something?
-Why don't you do your job properly?

Fuck you.

Why did you get rid
of Mónica Perea's body?

If you have something to accuse us of,

why don't you publish it
in that paper you work at?

Leave me the fuck alone.

Someone wants to make a murder
look like a suicide, and you know who.


That sounds dangerous, right?

Maybe she was sticking her head
where she shouldn't and that was her end.

You're smart, Molina.

What's the lesson here?

Good luck.

What's that?

What are you doing here? Let me see.

-Let me see.

"Deadly Wrestler."

-Do you like it?
-That's the worst name I've ever heard.

Guess what.

-I have something you'll love.

-Show me.

-Come on.

What do you have there? Show me.

"Lady Massacre."

Do you like it?

I love it.

I love you.

What would I do without you?

I don't get the media obsession
with my dad.

-It's normal. He left an important legacy.
-But they should move on.

Don't worry about that.

You must focus on getting the votes
you need for the Kasbah renovation.

That'll keep you in the spotlight.

How's my approval rating?

Well, it's very high in the Kasbah.

Because we're doing things right.

Yes, but the councilmen's approval
has really dropped off.

I'll talk to them individually.
Let's organize an event.

We need those votes, whatever it takes.

No one cares about a button.

It's important.

Especially to the people
you need on your side.

The closer you're to the Kasbah,
the farther you are from your own people.

Yes, you must know I work
for the councilmen and the Kasbah.

You're either on their side,
or on this side.

It's simple.

See? It's never about just a button.

On our wedding night...

Will you unbutton me?

We'll see on our wedding night.


Tell Verónica I've to make a call.

I talked to the police chief,
but nobody knows what happened.

Really? The police are useless.

I don't know what else to do.
I've asked around.

-If you can't, then who will?
-We must change the system.

I can't wait for a damn change.

What they did to her is horrible.

Were you able to sleep?

We'll talk later.

Leviathan Lopez was a legend.

-You knew my dad?
-Of course, like everyone.

You know how it all ended.

-They took his mask during a fight.
-The worst humiliation for a wrestler.

I read somewhere that

he had Morgellons from drinking rainwater,
and that's why he had trouble wrestling.

He had an alcohol problem.

How did you meet Moni?

She never told me.

She was my student.

At the university.

I remember she refuted everything
in our first class.

Then, we became good friends.

In fact, she gave me this tape recorder.

I still use it.

How did you meet her?

Moni wrote an article about me.

When I read it,
I felt I didn't really know myself.

She had that effect.

She had...

an extraordinary talent.

Frank, what do you think happened?

Gaby, like I said earlier,
I don't buy the suicide thing.

Look under the table.

Moni was defending herself from someone.

The night she tried to talk to me,

she said she was investigating
some disappearances.

-Do you know about that?
-It's all in this box.

There are files, phone numbers.

Let's see.

This is Moni's notebook.

Let me see if there's something here.

There must be information
about who killed her.

She never took that medallion off.

-When did she become religious?
-Moni was an atheist.

Since she started
investigating disappearances,

she started going to church,
and talking to Father Lázaro.

Where did you get all that water, Father?

Help me. Put all the water up here.

Come in.



I'm busy.

It's just a minute, Father.
It's important.

It was a tragedy.
She used to welcome migrants.

She was our contact
with the drought zones.

She was investigating some disappearances.

Do you know about that?
Did she tell you anything?

Well, I don't know if this is useful,

but she asked about some people
who didn't come back to church.

Do you remember their names?
Do you know who they were?

Wait for me here.

I dreamt about you.


I dreamt about you.

What's your name?

Her name is Alicia. She's dying.

These are the names.

Leonidas Chamorro, Yara's brother?

Do you know where these people lived?





I thought you were dead, Frank.

I need your help, Yara.

It's about your brother.

What about Leo?

I want to know what happened to him.

Leo had a foundry at the Kasbah.

They threatened him to sell it.

He kept saying no
until one day he just disappeared.

People said he left, but...

He would have never left
without telling me.

When someone disappears like that,
it's like they have stolen your life.

I'm very sorry, Yara.

I apologize for insisting, but...

What happened to the foundry?

It's completely abandoned.

Where is it located?

Keep investigating, watch what happens.

The meaning of the artifact is ambiguous.

That's just how things are.

Ambiguity is the daughter of ignorance.

Are you sure
this is the artifact I asked for?

Absolutely. The museum
has been tracking it for a decade.

Besides its historical value,
I don't think it has any meaning.

That's not possible.

It's a map for the Snake's Nest.

We've been looking for it for years.

I was right.

The Snake's Nest does exist.


He's dead!


The police investigated the crime scene,
but they didn't find anything.

They said there weren't any ashes.

The paper will need actual facts.

They're killing and cremating people.

-They threw Moni in there.

Because a suicide
was more convenient than a murder.

What was their plan?
To kill her and take her.

She defended herself with a box cutter.

They fought,
and she fell through the window.

They weren't prepared for that.
The body couldn't end up at the morgue.

-Evidence, brother. Evidence.
-I don't need evidence.

Are you taking your pills?

Did you bring what I asked?

This can't be right.

It can't be right. It says here that
the foundry is owned by Evelio Torres.

This can't be right.

The foundry's owner is Leonidas Chamorro.

Leonidas Chamorro owns the foundry.

-And he's also missing?

What do you know about Torres?

No one knows anything.

A DA was working on his case, but...

Can't you see, Palestina?

Something big is happening.
Everything's connected.

What can Mónica, Chamorro,
Evelio and the rest of your map

have in common? I don't get it.

That's what I mean, they're all missing.

We don't know where they are.
It's not the same.

Okay. I know.

-Which DA had Torres's case?

DA Gamboa.

Get me in touch.
I bet she knows something.

Do you know what the paper will do to me
if they know I helped you?

They've never noticed before.

I need to talk to that DA.

What are you doing here?

Everything will be fine.


Everything will be fine.


Welcome, Mr. Mayor.

It's been so long.


The usual?

She is schooling us.

-I'm glad we're not playing for money.
-Watch and learn. Okay.

Tonight's winner.

This is the only place
where he can just be Ignacio.

Being here is like therapy for him.

He told me you took him to the fights.
You're the reason we met.

Here's to Cupid.

Cupid needs to pee.

You're holding the cue the wrong way.

Pay attention. You have to grab-- Here.

I remember that case perfectly.

Torres had worked for years
to buy that land.

He and his wife grew cassava and potatoes.



Then a man told them someone
was interested in buying their land.

-Torres refused.

Do you know how many years
a peasant must work

in this country
to be able to own something?

Torres didn't want to lose what he had.

They threatened him in every way.

Until one day,
Torres went to town to buy diapers,

and never came back.

Imagine how hard that was.

She had to declare her husband dead

to be able to sell the land to the people
who most probably killed him.

They paid whatever they wanted.
Next to nothing.

The poor woman was practically left
on the streets with her girls.

What happened to her?
Where did she end up?

-I'll talk to her.
-Leave her alone.

That woman has gone through a lot
to survive with her girls.

She doesn't even know I took that case.

-Who did she sell the land to?
-I couldn't track them.


Whoever killed Torres,
uses his name to buy more properties.

Do you think this is a systematic plan?

The foundry owner is Leonidas Chamorro.
Like Torres, he disappeared.

Torres appears as the owner now.

Lots of people
from the Kasbah disappeared.

I bet they're doing
the same thing to them.

How can I find out what other properties
our late Torres has been buying?

Want some advice, Molina?

Leave this alone
and stop asking questions.

You could have told me on the phone.
You came because you want to help.

-Fuck you.
-You and I owe her.

How will we repay her? By buying her soup?

Or by helping her?

Wait here. I'll make a call.


Promise me you won't stop
until you publish this,

so those fuckers pay for what they did.

I promise.

You have no idea how many properties
are under Torres's name.


-What are you doing here?
-What are you doing here?

What's this place? What's going on?

It's the last source of water in the city.

Drinking water?

Like it's never even been touched by men.

The natives called it "The Snake's Nest."

They also believed
it had healing properties.

People should know about it.

-No one can know. Promise me.
-Listen to me.

Someone very dangerous
already knows about this place.

That's impossible.

They're taking over
all the properties near your church.

That's why they killed Moni.
They wanted her apartment.

The same
with the people from her building.

The same happened to Leonidas Chamorro.

Leonidas... left.

He was murdered and cremated.
They're cremating people.

And I'm sure you're next.

Look, Father.

This medallion was inside
a furnace at the foundry.

Look at it. Look carefully.


They're coming for the water.
They want the water.

No, the water is for everyone.

What's underground belongs to the people.

It's useless owning
all the properties around it.

Nothing belongs to the people.

Whoever is behind this,

has enough power
and knows exactly what he's doing.

-How bad is it?
-The illness is getting worse.

You need clean water soon.

What's this?

A little addition to the bill.

We can't do this.

You're the mayor.
You can do whatever you want.

The whole bill might not pass
if I add this now.

People will vote for you
if they believe in your leadership.

They won't accept
the privatization of the subsoil.

Why not?
You'll work to renovate the surface.

And we'll take what's below.

The water.

I work for the people,
not for some property.

It's not just some property.

-There's nothing underground.
-Everything's underground.

Look at all this.

It's all part of your imagination.
How many more people will die for this?

The lack of water rots the body,

and poisons the soul.

I'm building a future for this town,
not you and your crazy ideas.

I am.

This is the most important thing for me.

I'm changing history.

Our world...

is like a beast

that has been growing and getting fatter

for many years, and has a clear fate.

You're not changing anything.

You're only making the beast stronger.

-The beast is dying.
-The beast is immortal.

Are you hearing the nonsense
and the insane things you're saying?

Is that how you want people
to remember you? As a crazy king?

I won't add it to the law.

Lady Massacre.

Does it ring a bell?

Look at the last page.

There's a local journalist
that wants money for those pictures.

Can you imagine how people will
remember you if those get published?

If your father, this crazy king,
wasn't here to protect you,

what would happen?

Who else knows about it?

I can make it disappear right now,

as long as you commit to pass that bill.

And also,
end the relationship with that wrestler.




Palestina, call your editor and demand
he publish this thing about the mayor.

There's no evidence.

The mayor wanting a meeting
to add a section to a bill

to privatize the underground
is not enough.

Palestina, evidence of what?

Isn't it a coincidence that the mayor
added this after this massacre?

It's obvious that the mayor's
responsible for these murders.

The mayor's responsible for Moni's death.
Do you think it's not enough?


I know.

One thing is to say they want the water,

and another one is to ask the paper

to publish with no evidence
that they cremated people in a furnace.

Do you want to die in prison
for slander or libel?

I don't.

Look, let's do this.

Give me the editor's number.
I'll call, show him my investigation--

I believe you.

I believe you.

I need you to understand something.

-Your mind isn't working right.
-Why won't you listen to me?

This is not a manic episode,
I'm seeing things clearly.

-Do you know what I see?

I see the Frank from six months ago.

I see the Frank who fucked up his career.

We've been through this, brother.

We know how it ends.

You're working for the mayor.

-Fuck you.
-How much is he paying you?

He sent you here to talk to me.

How much is he paying?
Or are you fucking him? Tell me.

-Tell me what your deal is?
-I can't do this anymore.

No... Are you fucking
the son or the father?

Tell him I already know everything.
Tell him I know everything.

And tell him I'll send him to jail.

I'll make sure he pays
for what he did to Moni.

Tell him I said so.

If I'm the only one willing
to defy the monster,

to face him head on,
to look him in the eyes,

I'm going to do it,
because I can't stop now.

Because I can finally see
everything clearly.

I am getting to the other side,
emerging from this putrefaction,

I'll stand up for Moni,
and justice will be done.

Because, no, I can't be afraid.

I can't be afraid. Moni knew very well
we were initiated into the horror.

She knew we were being pushed
into a bottomless pit,

an infinite abyss.

Hitting against the walls,
bouncing off of them.

Getting smashed.

Me, my voice, the dead,
the water, the rain, the blood,

everyone under the same fucking fear.

We have to stop this fall,

this abomination taking our lives,
our water.

We've gotten to this point
without knowing, planning, understanding.

If I have to bury myself
in the walls of the abyss

and tear myself open to stop it, so be it.

We're overlapping demons,
one on top of the other.

We see everything from outside, from afar,
from the sewer...

From the place where the rats live,
pretending to be gods.


Frank, hello.


No, not you. Anyone but you.

-Everyone has their secrets.

-Shame on you.
-What are you talking about?

What's in it for you?

I have a fight in half an hour.

What did he offer you?
To introduce you to everyone? To his dad?

-I don't have to explain myself.
-You'll never keep up with them.

-What's your problem?
-I looked behind your mask.

I know exactly who you are.

You're a crazy drunk
who has no idea where he's standing.

If you think you can judge me,
you're very wrong.

-I don't believe you.
-I don't care if you don't.

The mayor had Moni killed.

And you helped him.


What are you talking about?

Get up!






Come on, get up!


-Let's go.

Mr. Mayor, Miss Verónica. Welcome.

-Ma'am. Mr. Mayor.
-Well done.

Congratulations. The project is amazing.

-Antonio, my pleasure.

I'm sure that with your support,
this project will change the city.

All the best, Mr. Mayor.


You have all their votes.

Are you sure?

Good evening, Mayor.

-Thank you.

The last vote you needed.

This has never happened before.

Not even to the old man.

The city has the leader it needs.

Not even Augusto has this much power.

Mayor, nice to meet you. Congratulations.

Thank you very much.

-We hadn't seen each other since...
-Your campaign, Mr. Mayor.

Stay with the mayor.

What is it?

A journalist.

Let me pat you down.

Come in.

May I? Thank you.

Why in here?

Mr. Augusto wants to see you.



Okay. I'm fine.

-Did you search him?
-Yes, sir.

-Frank Molina.
-I need to talk to the mayor.

Since when is The Evening Chronicle
interested in politics?

Since I had to investigate
systematic displacements and killings.

No one killed anyone here.

I have enough evidence that your son

has been having people killed
to get their properties.

You've got nothing.

All you have on your wall
are the speculations of a madman.

How do you know that?

Why do you have
that church marked in the map?

What were you looking for?
Tell me. Did you discover something?

Did you find water, Molina?

-It wasn't the mayor.
-Is the water under the church?

You got all those people killed...

Did you get all those people killed
just to bottle the water?

Do you really need more money?
What else do you need to buy?

That water isn't going to be bottled.

That water is for healing.

You're dying.

How long did they say you had left?

You'll rot before seeing
even a drop of that fucking water.

And I promise I'll ruin you.

That water...

will be mine.

And there's nothing you can do to stop me.

If a million people have to die

for me to live one more day,

so be it.

Now, bow your head,
and leave through the back door,

like the measly dog you are,

unless you want your sister Carmen
to die in a furnace

like your friend Mónica Perea.

You look beautiful.

This is a farce!

That criminal is systematically killing
dozens of people in the Kasbah!

Just to own the last water source!

He had the journalist Mónica Perea killed
and made it look like suicide.

Mónica Perea didn't commit suicide!

She was murdered!


Gaby knows everything you did!

She already knows everything!
Gaby knows everything!

Murderers! I'll bring you down!

Dear friends, please ignore him.

He's just an alcoholic journalist
with mental issues,

but let's continue with the party.
Right, son?

Conductor, play some music!
And a round of applause!

Thank you.

...unless you want your sister Carmen
to die in a furnace

like your friend Mónica Perea.

People are clamoring
for their great mayor.

You'd better go and show your face.

Did you see the scandal you just caused?

-No one will believe--
-Public opinion will fuck me up.

That journalist will die tonight.

But we have a loose end.

Your lover knows what we're doing.

I know what you're thinking.

If you blame me, you'll be off the hook.

If I go down, you go down with me.

We have to get rid of your lover.

I can persuade her not to talk.

Do you think I became Augusto Pombo
by persuading people?

I am not Augusto Pombo.

No? You think you rule the city
just because you passed a bill?

Do you know how many bills I have passed?

None of them were unanimously voted.

So, why would you destroy it all?

For a fucking affair?

I didn't build this empire
to hand it down to a coward.

Think like a Pombo...



It's not the mayor.



Open up, please.

-Go away, I know what you did.
-Augusto killed Moni behind my back.

-You knew.
-I just found out.

Am I to believe you?

It's the only thing that matters to me.
Please, open up.

There's your research.

You can't burn this.

You can't burn this.

You can't burn this.

Look, you said
you could stare into my soul.

Open, so you know I'm not lying.
Open the door.

Open up, please.

What do you want from me?

Please, for now...

Don't tell anyone what you know.

How can you ask me that?

-Your father killed Moni.
-I know, and he'll pay for it.

-Just give me time.

Please. Look...

They'll vote the bill next week. If it
doesn't pass, everything will fall apart.

Fall apart?
Your father killed lots of people!

I know, and he'll pay.
Just give me a week.


I want to do things right.
Let's go to the police.


Here's his confession.

I promise you once this ends,
I'll go to the police and show it to them.

Please, give me time.

-How did you get it?
-Never mind.

-Give me time, and promise not to tell.
-It's Frank's.

Give me time. Don't tell anyone.
Promise me that.

-I need to hear it.
-Not now. It doesn't matter.

-I must hear it.
-No. Focus on what I'm saying.

Not now!



You still don't get it, do you?

I'll burn this place down.

I'll throw you in the furnace.

And then, I'll watch you burn.

You can't do this to me.

-You're not doing this to me.
-Get out of my house.

You can't do this to me.

Did you come here to kill me?

Just give me time, okay?

Look me in the eye.

-You're not doing this to me.
-Look me in the eye.

Did you come here to kill me?

You're not doing this to me.

Not you.


How did you get that?

By dying a little.

Will you be able to live with that?

Do I have a choice?

Where will you go?

I'll resist.


Moni would be proud of you.

Do you have evidence for this?

Look, I have
Augusto Pombo's confession here.

They'll want you back
in the paper after this.


I don't want to go back.

What will you do now?

I don't know. I don't know yet.

I'm asking because you're making
one of the worst enemies you could have.

We're looking for the wrestler
who killed your son.

I'll take care of it.

"That's how Augusto Pombo's attempts
to own the last source of water

"revealed something
they've been doing for years,

"killing the Kasbah residents,
and the dreams of a city

"that seldom has a chance
to look forward to the future.

"The water under our feet

"is an artery that rises from the darkness
to bring life to this city.

"It's the symbol of a rebellious act

"against the forces that drag us
mercilessly towards hell.

"Against that infection
that is a gangrene inside us,

"rotting us, and that we keep ignoring.

"That last source of water is the fuel

"that gives us strength
to look at the monster in the eye

"and let him see our rage,

"and to never turn our back on him again."

Come in.

"But there's a mine field ahead of us,

"a seemingly endless
and continuous mutation.

"Hard times are ahead.

"Maybe the worst times.

"We'll walk the ledge
looking down into the abyss

"that calls us by our names.

"That knows us better than ourselves.

"But no. We can't keep denying this truth
because we're afraid it will destroy us,

"because now, more than ever,

"if there's something worth
being fucked over,

"going down to hell and resisting,
it's for the truth.

"By Mónica Perea

"and Frank Molina."