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Kane did find it.

The stories are true.

It killed him.

Doesn't matter.

Just wanna get the
hell off this island.

It's going to work

quite well.

Hey, well done, boys.

Ah, it's good to be home.

Some outdoorsman you are.

You can't get premium
scotch outdoors.

So what's next?

What about The Congo?

There's a place with a
Zaire River raft.

Too fuckin' hot.

Besides, we did that last month.

We could go to Jersey.

What's in Jersey?

My ex-wife.


Hello, Ryan.

So good to see you.


I need to talk to you.

Everything okay?

I have to talk to you.

Of course.

What's going on?

It's Dylan.

He's missing.

How long's he been gone for?

Three weeks now.

You don't think he's
still on vacation?

He always sends me letters
when he's on his hunts.

They've stopped.

Have you tried
contacting the police?

They could get out a
search party or something.

No, I can't do that.

Dylan's reputation is
too important to him.

He'd kill me if I
called the police.

Francine, we don't have a
whole lot of options here.


Ryan, you're my only option.

You and the other hunters and
trackers that Dylan taught,

you could find him
and bring him back.


We all know that a search
party will take days.

You can find him in no time.

What does Gail
think about this?

Well, she's upset.

You know how she is.

She stormed out of my
house when I told her.

She's in town?

didn't tell you?

She's been back a week now.

Where'd he go?

He said an island
northeast of here.

The Island of Hobbes?

You know it?


He's been wanting to go there
to disprove the monster.

Ryan, he's been
acting strange lately.

He said he wanted a challenge.

I'm afraid he might've
taken something too far.


I'll talk to the guys tonight.

Oh thank you, Ryan.

This means a lot,

and please,

don't let Gail go.

Don't worry, I'll
take care of it.

How long's he been gone for?

I've hardly noticed.

He's been on plenty
of these long trips before.

How do we know he's
not just taking his time?

Been writing letters.

A few weeks ago they stopped.

Maybe he doesn't
wanna be found.

So wait, if he's missing why
not just sent a search party?

Unfortunately we can't-

do that.

A man who spends the
majority of his life outdoors.

Is lost.

Yeah, not to mention the
reputation of the lodge.

And that's where we come in?


With your help we can find him.

When are we planning on going?

First light tomorrow.

His last known location.

And where is that exactly?

Island of Hobbes.

It's a hell of a place.

It's where he went.

Look, let's not forget
who Kane is to this lodge

and to every one of us.

This guy taught us
everything we know.

So I'll say again,

who's with me?


All right.

I'm in.

All right.

Meet at Wayne County Airport
at eight a.m. tomorrow.

See ya then.

You know as well as I do
Kane doesn't just go missing.

I know.

See ya in the morning.

Take care of him, all right?

What are you doin' here?

It's been awhile.

I just wanted to see the lodge.

It's good to see
you again, Ryan.

Yeah, we, uh...

You wanna get a drink?

Catch up?

I'm actually
heading downstairs.


Mind if I come down with you?

Just like old times.

The others, what about them?

Cold'll preserve their
bodies 'til we get back.

And Peter?

He's still out there.

He's been dead.

And we will be, too, if we don't

get off this God
forsaken island.

How do expect to leave?

We don't have
any other options.

Get some rest.

I'll take first watch.

Nice to see you kept
this place mostly intact.

How long has it been now?

Two years?



What've you been up to?


Just got back from Greece.


You're lookin' at it.

Oh my God, is that
the trip to The Congo?

Gosh, remember that
gamble you had with Dad?

Three years, I'm still
payin' that debt off.


Guess that's what
happens when you challenge

the world's greatest
hunter, huh?

He always
liked his challenges.

He does.

Especially when trying to
prove to superstitious locals

that a stupid legend
doesn't exist.

That is a challenge.

Yeah, on his adventures.

So what was it this time?

Some Indian legend about an
island haunted by a monster,

thirst for man flesh.

Ah, the Beast of Hobbes.

He would tell me
that one as a girl.

When I'd misbehave he'd tell me

that the beast would
come and scalp me.

You believed that?

I was six.

You've been to every vacation

and every family trip,

did he ever mention me at all?

All the time.

Mostly about us getting hitched.


The look on his face
when we called it off.

Well, you were
always his favorite.

Come on, don't say that.

We both know he
wanted a son and you fit

- the description perfectly.
- Come on.

He took you with us, didn't he?

He loves you.

Bagged him in
Yosemite last month.

Quite the specimen.

Didn't go down
without a fight either.

Kind of reminded
me of you actually.

Ryan, take me with you.



He's my father, I need to know.

And he'll kill me for
having you come to his rescue.

I'm not a little girl anymore.

I do not have to
submit to his pride.

It's about all he has left.

Is this the only
reason you came?


When he tears me a new one,
you better take the blame.

Just like old times.



Mornin', sweetheart.


Wanted to wake you,

but I figured you needed
some beauty sleep.

Get back here now.

Look, I got a flight to catch.

Don't worry, cleaning
lady'll be downstairs soon.


She knows where the key is.


Yeah, this isn't the first
time this has happened.


Sorry, that's my flight.

Gotta go, see ya in a week.


Mornin', gentlemen.


How can I help?

Didn't happen to rent
a boat couple weeks back,

older gentleman?

Dylan Kane?

Tall, older?

Oh, I remember he
come through here.

I didn't have any boats for
him so I pointed him to Joe.

Who's Joe?

He's a local fisherman,
kind of a strange type

if ya ask me.

You know
where we can find him?

I don't know.

I ain't seen him since.

Well, like to rent a couple
of your boats for the day.

Doin' some fishin'?


We're headin' to The Isle.

Now why in the world
do you wanna go there?

Lookin' for our friend.

Well, if he went there
he ain't comin' back.

Why is that?

It's a dark place.

Why do you think no
one lives on there?

No one even fishes
near The Isle.


You never heard of
the Beast of Hobbes?


You believe in stories?

It's real.

Fishermen see him all the time.

How can they see him if
no one goes near the island?

Look, just don't go out there.

Beast or not, I'd like to
rent a couple of your boats.

You gonna help us out?

Well I'm afraid
I can't help you.

I can't let you go out there

knowin' I won't
get my boats back.

How much is this gonna take?

How many'd you say you need?

Just two.

So that's the
Island of Hobbes, huh?

Why the hell'd the old
bastard come out here?

He was after the
Beast of Hobbes.


The old man after
a ghost story?

Why hasn't he come back yet?

you get some sleep?


Cheerful spot, isn't it?

Now what?

We'll head north
on the eastern shore,

then head south on
the western side.

It's 96 square miles.

Still 12 hours of daylight left.

Lot of ground to cover.

Had better get to it, then.

It's so bloody thick

I can barely see 20
feet in front of me.

Reminds me of the Flatheads.

At least it wasn't
as cold down there.

Hey, you all right?

Don't tell me
you're gettin' jumpy.

Better to be on your toes.

Wolves hunt all up
and down this island.

Moose out here, too.


Once saw this man get
near trampled to death

by a moose up near Fairbanks.

Guy has to drink his meals
through a rubber hose.


Well this keeps gettin'
better and better.

You hear that?



It's quiet.


Been like that
since we got here.

Maybe the Beast
of Hobbes is nearby.

How much ground
have we covered?

About eight miles.

Eight miles?

I thought it'd at least be 10.

What's that?

What do you think they are?

Who cares, just keep movin'.

Who do you think did this?

Probably some kids
tryin' to keep the legend alive.

And these are
part of the legend?

Crafts the woods to
trap the souls of men

that he has killed.

for that, Leonard.

Hold up, I gotta stop.


I gotta go.

Find a tree.

Not that kind of go.

Take a break.

Hurry it up.





Is that you?

Where the hell is he?

He had to go.

15 minutes?

Howard, go find him.

Why me?

Oh fuck it, I'll go.

Why would he
leave his backpack?

Dumb fuck must've got
turned around in here.





I'm sorry for earlier.

I was just...

You were right.

I should've come here sooner.

You didn't know.

None of this is your fault.



This is ridiculous.

Where the hell is he?

It's been over
a bloody hour now

and still no sign of him.

I was right.

We gotta get the
hell out of here.

And just leave him out here?

He's fine.

When he lost us, he probably
went back to the fucking boats.

He's right.

He's got his survival
skills like the rest of us.

He'll be fine.

Hey, fellas!

They're tracks.



Can't be, these tracks
are at least a day old.

Is it Kane's?

Hard to tell.

They're goin' north.

Let's move.

What the hell is that?

too hard to tell.

The tracks are too old.


What the
hell happened here?

Who could've done this?

Looks like some
sort of last stand.

Against what?

What, is it Kane?


It's Joe the fisherman.

Then where's Kane?


Oh God, look at him.

What could've done that?



Then what?

I don't know.

What would just
rip him up like that?

Cover him for Christ's sake.

It was stupid of him to
come out here without us.

What could've
done that to him?

You get that feelin', too?

Yeah, since we got to shore.

I need a bloody breather.

Take five.

So what's next?

When we get back we'll
give him a proper burial.

He shouldn't have come
out here in the first place.


What is it?

It's Peter.


What the hell happened?

Is he breathing?

I can't see.

Do something.

Do something!


What happened?


He stepped and it
came outta nowhere.

What the hell is that?

It's a trip wire.

He used
Peter's hat as bait.

There's no one else out
here that coulda done that.

What the hell was that?

Come on, pick him up.

Let's get outta here.

We only brought
the one stretcher.

Well what do we do?

We can't carry them both.

Well we can't just
leave him out here.

We won't.

We take Kane.

We'll leave his body by the
boats, come back for Howard.

You're kidding, right?

What if the same thing
that found Kane finds him?

We don't have a choice.

We're not too far off.

We'll make it quick.

Tom, make a mark.

We have about three
hours of daylight left

and it's only gonna get colder.

All of this is my fault.

It wasn't your fault.

Yeah, I know.

That was an Apache design.

I know.

Not a whole lot of
people know how to do that.

Was it an old trap of Kane's?

Couldn't have been.

Used Peter's hat to lure us in.

Not to mention it was
set for a man's height.

Why would Kane be
setting a trap for a man?

Maybe he was
using it against us?

You son of a bitch.

How dare you!

- Gail.
- First you chain me

to your bed half naked.


And then you make me fly
out here all by myself.

Can it wait?


Hold her.

We have to wait.

Wait for his voice.


Leave me alone.

Just fuck off.



How could this happen?

Oh shit.

Don't know.

You don't know?

Just fix it, just
fucking fix it.

We gotta get
back to the others.



We need to go.

Peter's missing.

Howard's dead.

We need to get back to shore.

This is all your fault.

We're losin' daylight.

Tom, give me a hand with this.

Let's get going.


It scalped him.

What do we do?

Cut him down.


Aw geez.

What was it?


I don't know.

I don't know what I saw.

How the hell did he get
to Dick and Tom so fast?

Let's get out of here.

We can't leave the bodies.

Screw them!

We can't just leave 'em here.

Who the hell cares?

They're dead.

Leave the bodies!

We aren't leaving my father.

Everyone calm down.


You want me to
fucking calm down?

We'll be killed
one by fucking one!

It shouldn't be a discussion!

- Al!
- No you can't!

Get off me.

This is not about
you, Al, right now.


I suppose it's
about you, then.

It's not about me either.

It's about all of us.

Your father and your
whole damn family.

Don't bring
my father into this.

Ever since I...

Same thing that made
the tracks with Kane.

What is this?


It has feet.

It's a man.

Stride's too long.

It's too fast to be a man.

What the
hell are you doing?

Let's get back to the fucking
boats like normal people

- and get off this island!
- Just stop.

Shut the fuck up.


Do you know what you saw?

Couldn't see its face.

It was standing on two legs.

It had fur,


That's it.

That's it.

Let's at least
grab Kane's body.

Let's grab the
stretcher and head back.

What about the others?

We'll come back.

Let's get going.

I'll come.

Just go.

I'll come, just fucking go.

It's a man doing this.

It's not a man.

Animals don't set
traps or scalp people.

It's not a man.

This thing's big.

It's got thick black hair,
bones coverin' its face.

We're not dealing with
anything human here.

What the hell is that?

Is that smoke?


Your father,



Ryan, you should
really get some sleep.

I'm not letting
anyone else go, Gail.

yourself of sleep

isn't gonna help anything.

You need to be alert tomorrow.

Like I was today?

Tomorrow will be different.

It burned the boats.

What do we do now?

We just fucking swim for it.

It's near freezing out here.

You wouldn't even
last five minutes.

We aren't going
back into that forest.

Gail, where's your boat?

I don't have one.

I got a local fisherman
to drop me off.

Great, that's just great.

We'll camp here.

Wait until morning so we can...

Brilliant plan, Ryan.

Why don't we ring the
goddamn dinner bell

while we're at it?

You have a better plan, Al?

We should move back
into the treeline.

We're too open out here.

- What?
- Leonard's right.

This thing is hunting us.

We have to start
thinking preventive.


Then we move back into
the woods, set up camp,

wait out the night.

Kane did find it.

The stories are true.

It killed him.

Doesn't matter.

Just gotta get the
hell off this island.

The others, what about them?

Cold'll preserve their
bodies 'til we get back.

And Peter?

He's still out there.

He's been dead.

And we will be, too, if we don't

get off this God
forsaken island.

And how do you
expect to leave?

I don't have
any other options.

Get some rest.

I'm gonna take first watch.

You should get some sleep.


I'm sorry for earlier.

I was just...

You were right.

I should've come here sooner.

You didn't know.

None of this is your fault.

All of this is my fault.

Your father,



Ryan, you should
really get some sleep.

I'm not letting
anyone else go, Gail.

yourself of sleep

isn't gonna help anything.

You need to be alert tomorrow.

Like I was today?

Tomorrow'll be different.

I need you.

Your shift's over.

You should get some sleep.

I'll take it 'til morning.

Go on.

How'd it beat you?

What would Kane do?

He'd hunt back.

Wake George up, would you?

Like now.

We gotta get movin'.


Get up.

Get up.


Oh God, oh shit.


He had to come in
here and kill George.

There's no way it came
in without me knowin'.

It had its chances
with all of us.

Why just him?

Must've wanted him after Tom.

Then why not kill us?

Wouldn't be smart.

Kill us all at once?

That's not what it wants.

Fuck this.

I'm done.

Where are you going?

What does it
look like I'm doing?

You'll die of
hypothermia before 20 feet.

I'll take my chances.

Just stop!

What the hell's
wrong with you?

We stick together.

I'm done.

I'm not going back in
those woods to be hunted.

We're not.

You happen to have a plan?

We're going to hunt back.

What if his plan doesn't work?

We've got to get out of here.

We wait here until
Ryan comes back.

Did you hear that?

Get ready.

We have to run.


Oh shit.


What happened?

I was right in front of it.

Where's Leonard?

Al ran off.

Leonard went off after him.

Damn it.

Get up.

I'm so sorry.


I'll be okay.


Oh gosh.




For God sakes, you're
better than this, Ryan.


You still like rabbit stew?

What are you doing?


All that
time it was you.

I saw you at the camp.

I saw you torn to pieces.

a clever one, then.

Hard to believe you
didn't catch on.

You killed them.

I did.

They were your friends.

Yes they were.


Because they were my friends.

You're insane.

No, you have a
right to hate me.

You have a right.

You have a right
not to believe this.

And you have a right
not to understand.

You have a right to kill me,

but you haven't earned
the right to judge me.

You shot Gail.

You killed her.

Yes, I did.

How could you do that?

I had to, Ryan.

Now I can kill anyone.

Then why am I still alive?

Why didn't you kill me?

Because I think
you understand.

You left her.

You didn't even stop
to see if she was okay.

You had a chance to
save her but you chose

to save yourself, to survive.

You're not Ryan the coward,

you're Ryan the living.

Welcome to bein' alive.

How's it feel?

Are you proud of that instinct?


I didn't kill her.

I didn't kill anyone.

I would've left her.

Why do we hunt a bear
instead of a rabbit?

Why do we build skyscrapers
instead of huts?

I'm capable of the great

and terrible.

I'm not burdened
with complacency

and acceptance of satisfaction.

You're just a
madman in the woods.

Both of us are, Ryan.

Both of us are alive.

And you can still win.

Leonard outweighed
me by 35 pounds.

He was the best
tracker I'd ever seen.

But animals don't set
traps and he hunted me

like I was an animal.

You all did.

That was your mistake.

Well this is the last
conversation we'll ever have.

Tomorrow there will
be no conversation.

Tomorrow we will hunt

and you will win
or you will die.

And if you choose to
hunt me like an animal,

you'll lose.


You told
me it was a setup.

Sit down.

The wife is here.

She wants to talk to you
if you feel up to it.

Oh Ryan, oh Ryan.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Oh my God, look at you.

Come here, sit down.

This whole thing is so terrible.

I can't believe...

How are you doing?

I'm fine.

I just,

I need some time.

To come back from
something like that

must have been horrible.

At least you're safe now.

Shouldn't even be here.

Should've been
Gail who came back.

Did she,

did she say anything before?


It happened too fast.

I couldn't...

She didn't feel anything.

It was painless.

And Dylan?

Did he say

why he did this?

I can't.


I need this.

He just snapped.

He was confused.

I had to put him out of it.

I had to make him stop.

It's okay, Ryan.

You didn't have
any other choice.

I have
your suit ready, sir.

Subtitles by explosiveskull