The Hottest Summer (2023) - full transcript

During a record-breaking hot summer, Lucia volunteers at a church camp in Sicily, but the arrival of a handsome, soon-to-be-priest deacon disrupts her plans forever.


And now for the weather.

Temperatures are steadily rising
across the island.

In the coming weeks,
a dry wind from the north

could increase the risk of wildfires

and put an already
struggling region in crisis.

Because of the low probability
of rainfall,

record temperatures are forecasted
for the summer, which is expected

to be the hottest of the last 150 years.


In the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Where the fuck are you?

The last Mass!

But it's not Sunday.

Where is Don Gabriele going?

To another parish.

- How will Don Carlo manage?
- Ask him yourself later.

- Come on!
- I'll be leaving in a little while, too.

Come on, move.


Is this how you study, guys?

Open that window,
it smells like a stable in here.


Come with me to Mrs. Brancatelli.
I'll take her blood pressure.

Then we go to the outlet.

There is Mass.

But it's not Sunday.

Can you mind your own business?

Hurry up, let's go.

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Always be praised.

Tempus fugit.

It means: "Time flies."

And our Gabriele, when he came here,

he immediately became part
of our community.

And today our community
says goodbye to him with pride.

I would like to do
as the disciples in Emmaus did.

You guys did it.

I can smell it from your skin.

…the will of our Lord and of the Church.

Gabriele, come.

Come, come.

Young man, we love you so much.

So much. Here he is.

You see, he came and he's leaving.

But he left his mark
and you'll always remember him.

Will they do a service for you
when you leave?

- Do you want to say something?
- Yes.

Speak, come.

I would like to thank the whole community
and especially Don Carlo,

who welcomed me like a son.

That's enough.
Don Gabriele will go elsewhere,

but he will be replaced
by an equally good person.

Soon a new deacon will join us...

What is a deacon?

Someone who is about to become a priest.

Shut up, idiots.

- Talk to him.
- Of course.

It's not so much my father,
but his family.

He doesn't even know I drink.

Tell him drunk,
so you kill two birds with one stone.


Come on, I'm joking.
You have all summer to do it, anyway.

Yes, we'll see.

Omar, are you stupid?
What are you talking about?

Tell them.
You used to be afraid even of your mom.

It's different with her. She lives here.

- In October, we're moving to Rome.
- We'll live together with other roommates.

- We've been together for a long time.
- As everyone does.

We are not "everyone."


I'll talk to him, I promise.

How can I go two months without you?

Tell your father you have a girlfriend

- and that next year we're going to Egypt.
- Okay.

Shall we go?

Luci, come on. They are waiting for us.

Come in.

Why are you always late?

I'll be ready in two minutes.

Can I put some makeup on you?

How should I help you, then?

I don't like those
who are going to be there tonight.

Look, it's important
to make a good impression.

You'll never make it, will you? You won't
find me a boyfriend before you leave.

It's not a competition.
You'll see, you'll find the one.

- I introduced you to Omar.
- So what?

Now it's your turn. And it's easier.

I don't want a boyfriend.

I don't want to stay behind.
I'm the oldest virgin in town.

It's actually a virtue.

How handsome.

- Hi.
- Hi.

She thinks you're cute.

- I'm Valentina, nice to meet you.
- Hi. I'm Don Nicola.

- And you are?
- Lucia.


- Shall we go get changed?
- Yes, let's go.

Fuck, that was embarrassing.

Wait, wait, let's go in order.

I'm 26 years old, I was born in Apulia
and my father is from there.

When I was five, we moved to Rome.

I have a sister. My mom was from here,
but we don't have any relatives anymore.

How long are you staying?

Until October.
Then I will be ordained a priest.

And then?

And then… I'm thinking about staying here.

- If it's okay with you all.
- Of course!

- Rome is full of priests.
- Arturo has decided, it's set.

- Call me "Turu."
- Okay.

- Lucia is going to study in Rome.
- What does that matter?

What will you study?

- Economics.
- Then you all tell me about yourselves.

- How come in Rome?
- Master in Environmental Management.

Because she's too refined.

She doesn't want to stay here.

Even Catania is too small for her.

That's not true. You know that very well.

Good thing you're here now.
What we would do without her?

That's not true!

Lucia is a pillar here,
and we'll miss her very much.

- All of us.
- You for sure.

Not Omar?

- Who's Omar?
- He's my boyfriend. He's going with me.

Listen, Don.
Have you ever had a girlfriend?

- A few.
- A few?

- In high school.
- And then what?

- And then I felt the vocation.
- And what happened?

It happened that…

I was going through a bit of a phase,

and a friend cleared things up for me.


Don't you want a family of your own?

Look what a beautiful family you will be.

- Here's to summer in the villa.
- Here's to summer in the villa.


Matteo, we are here. Come.

Let's go. Do you want to be the last one
to arrive even this year?


We're on page 45. Come on.

Here I am. Sorry, I'm late.

See here?
You have to complete the sentences.

Vale, check on Ruth. She's done, already.


You always say
I don't take care of myself.

But it's 80 degrees!

- What did you put on?
- Nothing, I'm dying in this heat.

- Will you do it for me?
- What do you want?

- You said you'd help me.
- Doing what?


But didn't you put Ignazio
in the friend zone?

Come on, fix it for me.
You always say I have nice hair.

I want to… do it with Nicola.

Don Nicola is a priest.

Excuse me, what did you say?

Well, he's not a priest yet.

You promised me.

Not with him.
He's going to be a priest. Cut it off!

Okay… Turu?

- What do you want?
- Will you help me do my hair?

Good morning. What's going on?

Hi, Lucia.

It hasn't worked for years.
It has to be filled manually.

I know, it's all encrusted.

I want to try something, though.

Here it is. Do you ever check these pipes?

It's not encrusted.
There's no water coming in.

We're going to get it there.
Give me a moment.

Watch out!

- Sorry!
- It's a miracle!

Have you seen how good Don Nicola is?

- So… Hold on tight.
- Yes.

- Do you need this?
- No, let's use this. Hold on tight.

He has the sweetest smile.

You're looking at his smile?

- Turu, you are a pig.
- Pig, pig!

Shut up and keep playing!

What a waste.
I've never seen such a handsome priest.

- He is not a priest yet, in fact.
- What?

Nothing! It's a movie.

That you made up in your mind, Valentina.

I never in my life would have imagined
finding alpacas in Sicily.

- And this one?
- Its name is Al Pachino.

- Like the town?
- No, like the actor.

Sister Enza has a thing about Scarface.

Don Carlo told me the story
of the Marquis.

Did he tell you that he brought
the alpacas here for his Peruvian lover?

- He told me she was the housekeeper.
- That, too.

It was in the storage.

When she died,
she donated everything to the parish.

The confessors of the past weren't dumb.

It's all falling apart now,

but there are photos from the mid-fifties
that are a sight to behold.

It still looks beautiful to me.
Sure, except for a few small details.

Nobody cares about this place?

There are only two nuns now,
and they have no money left.

So they thought
about the children sleeping in the villa.

- Do they sleep here?
- Some of them, in the summertime.

The parents give the nuns some money.

Don Carlo told me that
when he talks about selling everything,

you get pissed off.

Sell everything
to turn it into a luxury resort?

That would bring in money.

But that's not the point.

The villa and the park
were left to the parish.

And to the parish they must remain,
for everyone.

I come here every day to help Sister Enza.

I grew up here. I care about it.

And when you go to Rome?

It'll be a miracle if we make it
to the end of the summer in this heat.

When a player is in the opponent's field,

he can be stopped if a defender
of the opposing team touches him.

And he has to stay still, motionless.

- What did you talk about?
- Quiet. Let me listen to the rules.

You have to hide the flag.

You know the rules. So? Is he gay?

Has Turu already won?

That'll teach you
never to come and help me.

I don't have as much time as you do.

Those animals are full of ticks.

- That's not true.
- It is!

If he's touched, he has to wait
for a teammate to release him.

Let's pick the teams.

I part the waters, like Moses.

So… Come over here.

If you join our team with us,
we'll even out.


Sister Agata, feel like it?

They got Arturo and Barbara.
Now they are coming here.

All right. I'll go, okay?

Good job.

- Maybe it's better if I go alone.
- Yes.


We can fit. We can fit.

What are you doing?

- Nicola, nothing to say?
- We're playing a game.

- A game?
- Yes.

They're here! They were huddled up.

I swear, he was all over me.

Don't be stupid.

Do you think we could be a couple?

- It's a waste to just have sex with him.
- Shout it louder, you animal.

Was he aroused?

- You tried, now cut it out!
- But we have to set the mood.

It has to be just me and him.

Come on, you have to help me.

Will you help me water the plants tonight?

There are mosquitoes!

Do, a deer, a female deer

Re, a drop of golden sun

- Mi, a name I call myself
- Lucia.

I want to be that guitar.

Fa, a long, long way to run

So, a needle pulling thread

La, a note to follow So

Ti, a drink with jam and bread

That will bring us back to Do

- Do, a deer, a female deer

- Re, a drop of golden sun

- Mi, a name I call myself

- Fa, a long, long way to run

So, a needle pulling thread

La, a note to follow So

Don Carlo wants you
to give your keys to Nicola.

- Sure, I'll make him a copy.
- Okay.

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do So Do

Well done. That was a good one.

I was young, too.

I was a handsome guy.
Not as handsome as you, but still.

Be right back.

It is normal
to have moments of temptation.

Like liking women. After all,
you are here to give to the world.

Don Carlo, it's not like that.

I'm not interested in women.

You're not?

- Then you're…
- No.

I want to be a priest.

My path is that of Christ,
his rules are my rules.

What did He say?


- What did Christ say?
- Right, Christ.

- Right.
- "Come and follow me."

He said so, yes.

"And forget about the rest."

Yes, right.

I completely understand, Nicola.

And you'll see that over time…
How does the saying go?

Time... I don't remember.

- You got it.
- I got it, I got it.

- Bring the wine.
- Okay.

He's a really good guy.
Serious and determined.

And he likes to be around other people.

Right, honey?

He hasn't even been here a month,
and he's already done a lot of things.

- He'll take your place.
- I'm just glad if someone helps out.

Also because October is approaching.

I heard he wants
to get the villa fixed up,

and he's recruiting a lot of people.

I've been saying this,
but nobody ever comes.

He's different from the one before him.

Don Gabriele was so shy,
with a little voice…

That's not true.

Sure! Now your mother will be coming
to Mass, too.


Do you remember The Thorn Birds?

Yes... The Thorn Birds.

What do you know about that? Eat.

He thinks he's so cool.

Like how?

He's so cocky.

Everyone is gagging for him,
even Valentina.

- Valentina?
- Yes, she's crazy.

- Her hormones kicked in.
- Really?

Even with the pipes, he knows it all.

They wanted to give him my keys.

Well, that's better, isn't it?
So you pass the baton.

Maybe I really have to see
if he falls for Valentina.

Whatever. Have you talked to your dad?

No, not yet.

Tomorrow, after you come back
from your cousin's birthday,

it may be the right time.

Isn't his fiancée a Christian?

What are you doing?

You're so beautiful, I can't help it.

Will you show me your boobs?

This one?

Sister Agata won't even let you in.

Even "Amen" is too much for her.

I don't like polo shirts.

Polo shirts have buttons, you animal.

So what?

You can unbutton them.

Didn't you make a fuss
because he's a priest?

Not yet.

Meanwhile, Salvo
and Ignazio have begun noticing you.

Yeah, whatever.


I've been doing things with those two
since middle school.

Even while I had braces.

So, we all remember the rules, yes?

- No!
- What do you mean, no? It's the same game,

only we're on the beach.
Come on, give me a hand.

Salvatore, red team leader.
Maria Chiara, blue team leader.

Let's pick the teams, come on.

Quick, quick.


You come with us.

- I want to be with Pasquale.
- No. You come with us.

Then we are…

I'll be with you guys,
and we'll also pick…

Take Valentina.

Lucia, come with us. Come on.


You can't catch me, you can't catch me.

Matte, don't go into the street.

Matteo, stop. They've already got you.

- Matteo!
- Matteo, no!



Hi, guys.

Here we are. How are you doing?

They gave us code green.
So there's a bit of a wait.

I put some ice on it.
Worse case, it'll leave a bruise.

Thank goodness.

What were you thinking?

They'll visit him.

Just to be safe.

Sure. Thank you, Don.

Thank you, really.

How can we repay you?

Go get yourselves a beer.

There's no need.

Give him some more.

No need! Thank you.

An donation for the Summer Camp.


Don't act crazy.

- Goodbye, thank you.
- Bye.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

Shall we get that beer or not?

Tonight we can finally breathe.

Yes, it's nice.
What time do you need to be back?

Don Carlo isn't my father.

But you have to do what he says, right?

- How is it going with him?
- Well.

Well, he's fine.

He is an institution in town.

He used to be a little more active.

Over the years, he has become kind of...

Kind of?

Senile, isn't he? We can say it. Senile.

Is he obsessed with medicine?
He's always at the pharmacy.

He's got a box with all the pills in it,
which he fills every morning,

- and he sets the alarms.
- No!

- Otherwise he forgets.
- What a character.

Do you get it?

Aren't you afraid of becoming like him?

These are the hazards of the job.

Why did you choose this
as your profession?

To avoid paying property taxes.

VALENTINA Where are you guys?

Are you talking to him about me?

Don't tell him I'm a virgin! Help me!

I think your friend Valentina has a crush.

You shouldn't even be noticing
stuff like that.

She's the only one who likes you.


Didn't you see the way
Matteo's mom was looking at you?

No. How was she looking at me?

As one who longs for something
she will never have.

Well, anyway, it must not be easy.

It's not.

Even because in life I've tried

love, I've tried sex. Before the seminary.

I just think that sometimes
it's worth giving up precious things

in the name of the greater good.

Have you never done that?

Well, let me explain this to you...

It's the others who confess to you, okay?

Shall we go back?

I have to stop by the villa first.

To do what?

- Don't waste the water!
- I'm sorry.


Don't fight back.

He was spraying her,

and you should have heard
how she enjoyed it.

Please, Carmen!

"Please, Carmen," "Please, Carmen!"

Apparently, I'm a blabbermouth.

Don't go around talking to people
as if you were in a schoolyard.

I worry about you.

Thank you, that's very kind.

But I assure you, Nicola is a serious guy.

We've already talked about this.

So, there have been precedents?

What precedents?

I don't understand this distrust of yours.

You, of all people?
Did you forget when you came here?

Everything they were saying,
what they were doing.

Don't you expect me
to take care of my community?

I've been living here for 40 years.

- Those are serious allegations.
- I wasn't trying to be a prosecutor.

I really hate communists.

I urge you to keep an eye
on the situation, closely.

So we'll end it once and for all.
Right, Sister Agata?

You never answer, do you?

All right, Don, I'll let you have him.
He's bound to score.

Thank you, Salvo. It's a really good deal.

- Trust me, take him.
- I don't want him.

Ignazio scored us points last year.

I don't want him.

Does he get it or not?

There are so many things he doesn't get.

Like what?


Anyway, if...

Carmen, can you help me?

Nice, good job.

But I haven't written anything yet.

Good, well done.

I've already picked the team.

Sweetie, he doesn't want to give it to me.

Otherwise, I'd have taken it long ago.

- You are really...
- What are you doing?

- But really, though...
- Guys, please!

- Sorry, Carmen.
- Sorry.

Can you tell me why you're mad at me?

Because it's your fault
that she's on our asses.

What did you do?

I told you, nothing!

Will you help with my homework, please?

You gotta help me.

Time goes by
and I'm more and more a virgin.

Come up with something and do it fast.

More than 7,000 fires have ravaged
thousands of hectares of forest in Sicily,

with an average of 135 fires per day.

And now the weather.

Cyclone Circe is expected
to arrive from Africa

and affect the southern coast as early
as Sunday, bringing heavy rainfall.

Guys, why don't we visit Spaccuzza

- Tomorrow?
- All right.

- Ever been there?
- No.

I can't tomorrow.

Who do you have to hook up with this time?

Are you jealous?

I can't because tomorrow
it's my mom's birthday.

Let's make it Sunday.

On Sunday there's Circe.

Hopefully it'll rain.

Come on, let's go tomorrow.
Salvo, do you have the van?

- Yes.
- All right. Don, are you coming?

No, guys, count me out.


Why not? You've never seen Spaccuzza.

These days I'm kind of
under special surveillance.

It's nothing bad,
just spending time together.

- Indeed.
- She's not going to come, with this heat.

I hate August.

Lucia, isn't it going to rain tomorrow?

I'm not the weather reporter.

Shall I take off my sarong now?

Guys, let's get going!

I paid 30 Euros for this bikini.
He has to see it.

Can you go and gather some branches
to burn, please?

Yes. Guys, let's go.

Well, no, you walk around.

Go see the fortress, maybe.

We're going all together after lunch.

Go now, it'll rain later.

Vale, will you take him there?

Sure. Shall we go?

- Shall we go?
- Yes.

- Come on.
- I'm coming!

Carmen, will you teach me
how to make the cipollate?


You'll see, you'll like the fortress.
It's on the highest point of Spaccuzza.

As far away from Carmen as possible.
Isn't she unnerving?


We'll look around and we'll go back down.





Let's go.

The ancient Greeks built it.

The Greeks? Are you sure?



My God!

- What happened?
- What is it?

What happened?

I must have gotten stuck...
Wait, I think I'm okay...

Gone all day long.

We looked and nothing, no traces.

We even went to the park to ask.

And we split up the children who were
with us and gave them to the others.

Then we went looking with Sister Agata.

Well, Sister Agata wasn't looking.

All day like that.

We were ready to call the parents
and say they were gone.

What happened next?

What are you doing?

How did it go at the fortress?

Very good.

Guys, let's get everything. It might rain.

Priest, my ass.
They disappeared together for an hour.

You should have seen them
when they came back.

So, did they do it?

I don't know, I wasn't with them.

Look, did you talk to your dad?

I got it. No.

I haven't had time. It's a mess here.

No, Omar, you didn't want to.
Fuck, is it so hard to be consistent?

Yes, it's hard. It's very hard.

Good, eat it up.

The long-awaited Cyclone Circe
turned out to be a real bluff.

Many hoped it would bring some relief
from these very high temperatures.

We will still have to wait a few more days
for the first rainfall, though.

You are the bread that gives us life

Strength and humanity
Purity and faith

- The body of Christ.
- Amen.

In the wine, you give us

- The body of Christ.
- Amen.

A new source that can

The body of Christ.

Save us from untruth

The body of Christ.

Never again will I yield
To the one who deceives my heart

His temptation I will know

In lies I will not walk

I will not surrender

The body of Christ.

If within me there is the hope

Of a love stronger than everything

That consoles those
Who have their hearts destroyed

You are the bread that gives us

Life, strength and humanity

Purity and faith

- The body of Christ.
- Amen.

In the wine, you give us

A new source that can

Save us from untruth

The body of Christ.

Have you seen the collection plate?

It's overflowing with five-euro notes.

Today, despite the hot weather,
the church was full.

All thanks to Nicola.

I'm off. See you later.

Always be praised.

We'll count them later.

And we'll buy that golden crucifix
on Amazon.

This is 170, 180. I'm never wrong.

What happened yesterday?

Nothing. Why?

I don't know, he says he's going
to Rome tomorrow to see his father.

He seems worried.

Maybe he called him.


- Did you take the pills?
- Yes... No.

Or did I? I don't remember.

I have to check.

Hi, Lucia.

- Hi, Lucia.
- Hi.

Did you see how nice it is?

- He wanted to surprise you.
- Where do I put this?

Hold on, I'll help you.

- Guys, I'm sorry, but I have to leave.
- No!

Thank you all. Thank you, really.

- Thank you.
- Bye.

Bye, Don.

Nicola. Nicola, wait a minute!

I have some things to do. Sorry.

You don't need to run away.
I'll leave if I bother you.

- You'd bother me less if you didn't…
- Tell me.

Valentina won't tell anybody. Neither
will I, if that's what you're afraid of.

You don't get it, do you?

Tell me, then.

Nothing happened with Valentina.

I'm sorry. And I even confided in you.

Did you have fun?

Yes or no?

Was it fun to test the priest?

- But if Valen...
- I don't give a damn about Valentina!

Carla, good morning.

Nicola, you're back!

- Good.
- Thank you.

I'm coming, Brigadier.

Nicola, what are you doing here?

Hi, dad.

Come in.

Couldn't you tell me you were coming?
This is a nice surprise.

A phone call, though…


Is Damiana here, too?

Damiana, come and have a look!

She's staying here a while… Hopefully.

Well, how are you?


How are you doing?


Your sister can't hear well.



Look at the prodigal son!

- Surprise.
- Boy! Is it Christmas?

- Did you know he was coming?
- No.

- He wanted to surprise us.
- You're so tanned.

- Is it true that you are a priest?
- Damiana...

I never believed he would, honestly.

- Are you the other son?
- Yes.

He is the priest.

You don't look like a priest.

- He looks like your mother.
- I took after the baker.

- She's identical.
- Dad, enough with the long face!

Goodness gracious, I'm just kidding!

He's the man of the house.

Nicola. Hi.

Nice to meet you. Michele.
Should I address you by Father?

- No! Are you kidding?
- Darling! What's up in Sicily?

Are you staying for dinner with us?

I was actually planning
to stay a few days.

- What do you have to do?
- How do we manage?

Damiana and Michele
are staying in your room.

If you told us beforehand…

We'd like to tell you this small detail.
Do you like this little gem?

Spring-summer collection.

How long do you still have to wear it?

"How long do you have to wear it?"
"When will you have kids?"

"When are you getting married?"
"Did you rob alone or with someone else?"

That's my fucking business. All right?

Stop it!

I'm just kidding!

Is it possible that no jokes are allowed
inside this house?

- Coffee?
- Yes.

Sorry, I should have told you earlier.

No worries, Dad.

If your mother were here, darn it...

You did your best, come on.

We have very little in the house.

Look, why don't you go shopping
and make us some dinner yourself?

All right.

Do you want to tell us something
about Spadola or not?

Is it as hot as here?

I don't believe you'd choose to go there.

- But where exactly is it, in Sicily?
- Just south of Ragusa.

Did you get into something bad?
Did they exile you there?

What the fuck are you saying?

It's close to where mom was from.

Anyway. What do you want me to say?

I made my own bed…

Now lie in it.

It's a small town.
They're a little wary of strangers.

Are they assholes?

In my opinion, it takes a while.

But with some people
it's really impossible.

Maybe it's better that way.


Whatever. Coffee? Liquor?


- I'm just kidding.
- It's not funny.

Do you see who I have to live with?

Where is Don Nico today?

He's not here today.
But he'll be back soon.

Lu. He's coming back soon, right?

Before you leave, we have to get
this stuff inside. It's raining tonight.

You're out of your mind.
I wish it would rain.

Let's leave these things out here,
so maybe they'll dry up.

Right, Sister Agata?




- Dad.
- What is it?

"I belong to Bari Vecchia"?


We're from Cerignola.

Apulia is all beautiful.

Tell me. Are you happy, at least?

I feel guilty for not being enough.

I always feel like I'm running away
from something.

Don't worry.

As long as they don't put
a tracking anklet on you, you can make it.

I heard you, you know?

She can hear when she wants to.

- What time is your train?
- Easy, boy.

Can I ask you a favor?


Would you all like to pray together?


I would like to ask you to pray… for me.

I'm going to drop by the villa,
otherwise we'll find alpacas in town.

What are you guys doing?

Sweetheart, I'm sorry.

Sweetie, it's the full moon.

You'll remain our only child,
there's no risk involved anymore.



We had the same idea.

How was Rome?


And here?

We got by, yes.

Will you give me a hand
bringing the children's crafts inside?

Sure, yes.

No! Damn.

Leoluca, help me. Damn.

Help me!

Maybe it's not even going to rain tonight
and tomorrow will be even hotter.

What's up?


Get out! Out!

- Come on!
- Come on, behave! Let's go.

Behave! Come on, guys.

Be quick. Kids, you have to go downstairs.

Come on. Come with me.

Come with me.


We have to go play a game.

What game?

A game, darling.

Good job.

Come on. That way.

Come on. Let's go, guys.

Good job. This way.

Don, shall we sing the watermelon song?


Do you remember it?

How does the watermelon song go?


Matteo! Where are you going? Come back!


Al Pachino!

- Matteo!
- Matteo, let's go!

Al Pachino!




Al Pachino!

What a night.

Good night.

Dear, someone is waiting for you.

Good morning, Lucia. Would you like
to tell us about last night?

So, the three ladies come to the front.
The shirts of the gentlemen are horrible.

The facade of this church
needs to be covered up.

- Are you ready?
- Go for it.

- Do you think I'm fat?
- I said, "Go for it."

Dear friends of Biddizza Channel,
I'm Romano Vasta.

We're here with Don Carlo Scalisi,
the town parish priest,

and with the man of the day, Don Nicola,

who yesterday saved from certain death

eight children, a dozen alpacas,
and even two nuns.

Don Nicola, is it true?
Did you work a miracle?

No, I'm not the one who works miracles.

I saved the children and the villa,
and the credit is not only mine,

but also of Lucia and the nuns.

Who is the culprit?
Do you have any suspicions?

Have you received any threats? Anyone
trying to get their hands on the villa?

For years we've been trying to...

Let me speak.

Was it an arsonist or just carelessness?

In my opinion...

In any case, an imbecile.

And as mayor of this town,

on Sunday,
after the Immaculate Conception Mass...


Whose assumption?

Our Lady's. It's the Assumption.

- And when is the Immaculate Conception?
- December 8th!

Gentlemen, we are still shooting.

On Sunday, after the Immaculate Conception
Mass, there will be a big party

to celebrate our Nicola
and his heroic deed.

Reach out on my Facebook.

Enough. Take it and go home.

Guys, shall we take a picture?

Sister Agata, come. Come!

He is so handsome, today.
I love him, he is my life.

- One, two...
- Come!

Good job.

Don Nicola.

Yes, you're right.


I strike, you strike, he strikes.


We strikes.

We strike.

- We strike.
- We strike, good job.

Write. Write it here, "We strike."

Hello, Don Nicola.

Good morning, Carmen.

Good morning, guys. Everything all right?

- Good morning.
- Grammar exercises…

- Do you like it here with us? All good?
- Yes.

I want you to apologize to me.

- Nicola…
- Do you understand what you did yesterday?

Do you understand why I can't do that?

Do you know why?

I don't know if I can go back anymore.

Martì… You strike, they strike.

Come on, stop it.

To run away from the furry monster.

But who is the furry monster?

Who is the furry monster?

What is it, dear?

Where's Lucia? I can't do it without her.

We have to learn to fend for ourselves.

I'll check them for you, come on.

I would like to know
where your friend went.

Maybe they're with Vasta,
doing interviews.

Where have those dickheads gone?



You're well-prepared!



Carmen, give me the cigarette.

Lucia, where are you?

Lucia, Lucia.



Matteo… Hi.

What are you doing here?

And your homework?

I want Lucia.

Now we'll look for her.

You always misbehave!

- Have you seen Lucia?
- No.

- Wasn't she with you?
- No.

Who is there to help with the homework?

Shall we eat something together tonight?


Guys, shall we have a beer
tonight after dinner?

- I'm in.
- Us too.

I think I'm not.

Another interview?

What the fuck do you have to do?

Valentina, are you mad?

He'll soon be a priest
and we still haven't done anything.

No? Not even at the fortress?

You weren't being honest, were you?

You promised that you would help me.

If he wanted to do something,
he would have done it.

Now, you're too much.
He's a priest, I told you.

You even made me buy grass!

Keep it down.

Yes, I know.
My father's cousin is a prosecutor.

Lucia, you can't abandon me like this.

What are you doing?

I'll see you tomorrow,
and you can tell me how it went.


Hi, big guy. Take a nice shower.

- Hi, Lucì.
- See you tomorrow.

I'm leaving.

Tiziana, come see this.

They came to pick me up. So what?

I'm not coming to see.
I'm frying. What's up?


Bye, Mom!

If you sleep out, text me.

I won't sleep out. I do have my phone.

I guess tonight, that cuck Omar
won't have anything left to pluck.


- Hi.
- Good evening.

Shall we go?

Like this.

But… Nicola?

He texted me earlier.

He can't make it tonight.


Don't know. Something came up.

But what happens to priests if they fuck?

Turu, I'll say this for you.
You'd better let it go. He's not gay.

I didn't say that he would fuck me.

Come on, Vale. You look demented.

Those two always disappear.

Asshole. Lucia doesn't do those things.


Please, look…

- What's going on?
- Hold on.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.


Do you happen to have a table for two?

You're lucky, there's only one left.

Have a seat.
I'll be right over with the appetizer.

Thank you.

Aren't you going to sit down?

You're crazy.

No, things don't add up here.
You're clearly hiding something.

What the hell, Leoluca.
This is your fault.

Are you serious?

Before I married you, I didn't even smoke.

Help me understand why.

And now I almost killed everyone.

What you did is against the rules.

They were right.

Maybe it would 've been better
if I went back to Italy.

Like everyone around here wanted.

No, what videos?
No, I don't want to watch anything.

- I trust Paolo.
- It's a mistake.

Got it. I'm coming!

My mother was like that. Sunday lunch
at the Ostiense station with the homeless.

There was no other way.

- Did she take you with her?
- Yes.

For as long as I can remember, always.

My dad was at the stadium
with my sister, and I was with her.

There's all kind of bad people there.
Not exactly a place for children.

I can imagine.

It's just that for her,
doing good to others was a duty.

And for you?

What do you mean?

Do you do it because you feel it
or because your mom told you to?

Don't turn around. I think he's listening.

Think so?

Anyway, you kind of remind me of her.

Of who?

My mother.

Was she paranoid, too?

No! I mean the way of being.

How you take care of the villa,

of Valentina, of everybody.



Look, they're lucky to have you.

I don't think Valentina would agree
right now.

What do you mean?

You decided to go to hell yourself
to save her.

Just kidding.

You think she suspects something?

No way! No, but this situation
has created a bit of a distance between us

and the timing isn't the best.

Don't you like it?

No, come on, it's delicious.

Thank you, you're so kind.

I can't take it, you're too cute.

There, exactly. Shall we drink?

What now?

Now, we wait.

That is, if they haven't already returned.
It took you two hours to get ready.

It's important
to make a good impression, right?

Turn off the lights.

Today has been a beautiful day.

If I go to confess to Don Carlo, tomorrow,
the whole church will come down.

You wouldn't really...

Kidding. Kidding!


I have a month left to do everything.

That's not how it works, you know.

You want to oppose the will of the Church?

Answer me.

- Don't joke about these things.
- I can.

- Yeah?
- Yes.

Also, because… If we're committed…

I should tell you
that I'm thinking of giving up.

Give up what?


To do what?

- Careful!
- Sorry, sorry.

How do we get home?

We're not going back.

Let's run away.

With Don Carlo's car?

We'll go to Rome.

I'm already going there.

I'll start teaching.

You'll take your time
finishing university.

Sure. The two of us will live just fine
on a teacher's salary.

I'm going to talk to Don Carlo tomorrow.

Do you want to spoil his party?

No. I don't want to spoil my life.

We should film with two cell phones.

I'll take the video from here,
you can get out and go near them, instead.

Like on those TV shows.

Maybe you can just shut up.

What are you doing?

Actually, you know what?

That if it comes out well,
we really send it to the TV station.

Out of shame, his whole family will have
to leave the country.

Leoluca, tonight you'll be proud of me.

You'll see.

- I'm going to the vending machine.
- No, stay here.

Stay here.

Do you have some?

Are you crazy?

Nobody will find out, anyway.
This way you can relax.

Look, I know what this is.

- Good night.
- Good night.

What is this stink?

You took the words out of my mouth.

You're a liar! Asshole and bitch!


Vale, my fucking ass!

How long has this been going on?
You're ridiculous!

- You might wake her up!
- You can't help it.

Even when you're not involved in it,
you just pop up.

Wait, please.

You've been the voice of justice
all these months,

and in the end, you fucked the priest!

"But you weren't really honest."
Damn, you're so fake!

I was going to tell you.
There was no time.

That's not a good excuse for lying.

Stop it, already!

You've been obsessing
about having sex with him for months.

You live by obsessions!

Do you know
why I was so obsessed with this?

Because it was the last thing
we could do together!

I'm an idiot for feeling bad about it.
You're going away and leaving me behind.

Will you tell everyone?

Sweetie, look who's here.

- What the…
- My love!

I came back earlier.

Well, I'm leaving.

Hey, what's going on?

Well, I saw the videos on YouTube,
and the news reports. You've been great.

And anyway… You're right, I was a jerk.

About what?

I told my father everything.


Yes. They said that, that it's okay,
even if you're Italian and Catholic.

They're all so proud of you.

God, I missed you so much.

Fuck, is she dead?

Who is that? Carmen?

After we finish with this Mass,
we'll go get…

Carmen! Carmen!

Carmen, open up!


Are you all right?

Are you… Are you real?

How long was that?
Praised be Jesus Christ.

Always be praised.

Blessed are the peacemakers,

says our Lord Jesus.

Making peace also means
taking care of one's community.

That's why today is a day of great joy,
of great... A great day.

All right…

Nicola, come here for a moment.
Come, come.

Come, you too.

Come, come.

By taking care of the park,
the villa, the animals, the children,

you two reminded us how to be a community.

You reminded us
that we should value things

that we take for granted. No, no.
They are not to be taken for granted.

You have taught us to be Christians.

There is no need. No need, no need.

Nicola, when you came from Rome…

I… Sorry, don't be offended,
I was skeptical.

You won everyone over.
Everybody loves you.

And even when you'll become a priest,

I hope you will stay with us
as long as possible.

We need priests like you.

- Did you like my speech?
- Yes.

Let's go. They're waiting for us.

I saw who is waiting for you.

Why didn't you tell me he was coming back?

I didn't know.

To each his own.

I'll talk to him, definitely not today.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

- And to you, too.
- Thank you.

Wait, I want to do the story.

Would you like to say something?

Do you prefer TikTok?

- I would like to say something.
- And say it!

Actually, it would be more of a request.

We have escaped the fire,
but the villa is still in danger.

This girl is so nice.

Beautiful and good.

I'd like to ask something
on behalf of everyone.

Our Mr. Mayor, who has always been
very attentive to environmental issues,

should commit to having
the villa and the park protected,

by the National Trust.

To make sure
they will remain with us forever.

- Do you agree, yes, or no?
- Yes.

So, Mr. Mayor.

Do we want to make a commitment
to these young people?

I made a bad impression.

Everyone noticed that I fell asleep.
I must have taken the wrong pills.

Do you know that sometimes
sleeping helps a lot?

It really regenerates.

In fact, if I may say so...

Last night, I tasted these cigarettes

that taste like rosemary.


Sometimes worrying doesn't do any good.

In fact, it only leads to trouble. Right?

Hey. Did you manage to fuck him?

He's a hunk!


Mind your own fucking business!

Plus, maybe Lucia
should tell you other things.

Wait, Valentina. I was kidding.

I've been raving about that priest, too.

What's up?



Thanks to these delightful animals,
even though they spit…

The large park and the villa are now
under the protection of a National Trust.

The chairman of the board stated that
a superintendent will be appointed soon.

OMAR Answer

And that's why Paula asked for
a confrontation at the beach with Valeria.

Is there something wrong?


That's good.
It's good you're doing sports.

I used to play sports when I was your age.

Not that much, just enough.

I understand everything…

How come you're still awake?

I was watching this thing.

Carmen watches it.

Why don't you turn it off and sleep?

How? My blood pressure rises,
falls, falls, rises…

Too many pills, Don.

You are absolutely right.

It's just that I'm anxious.

You shouldn't be anxious!

It's not a bad thing.

Our Lord made us a certain way

and we would be too haughty
to want to change.

So I will remain confused forever?

I am engaged. That's my situation.

Nicola, can I tell you something?
Sit down.

Sit down.

We are imperfect instruments.

And we should not be thinking
about our own salvation.

You pray for your sins and think what
you can do for others thanks to the Cross.

Don't throw it all away.


What should I be,
a priest with a mistress?

Well, I don't know.
I wouldn't have the energy.

Besides, you're the brave one.

Look at this.

I was inspired by you.

What are you laughing at?

I'm not dumbfounded. I made this decision.

I made this decision,
but I don't know if our Lord would agree.

With schools reopening next week,
this summer has also come to an end.

For many students and non-students alike,
we should really say,

"It's time to sum it up
and get back to reality."

Since when do you smoke?

I'm trying to start, but…

it's too gross.

All the vices?

Do I have to pick and choose?

You want to be with me and say Mass?

I wouldn't be the first.

The first because of me.

Why because of you, Lucia?
We both wanted it.

- What kind of life is this?
- I'll deal with my conscience.

Let's try.

Let's see how it goes.

- Let's take more time.
- In the meantime, you become a priest?

Nico, do you hear yourself?

Do you want us to go
to a real restaurant for dinner?

I can do it.

Go on holidays together? I can go.

No, you can't.


Because I'm with Omar.

I want to be with him.

Let's go back, come on.

You know, there's also…


Stay here.

Do you have some?

Turu was right, then.

You can't be straight.

I'm not used to it anymore.
I really forgot.

About what?

When you have so much hope,
and then it gets shattered.

I guess that's the way it goes
90 percent of the time.

At least give me a smile.

I'll see you when you're back, right?

No. I'll delete your number, I'll block
you everywhere. That's how it works.


Then let's do this. I will say hi
to you live, during my first Angelus.

So you know I'm thinking of you.

Better a gesture that no one
can understand, Your Holiness.

Like what?

The middle finger.

Can you imagine the middle finger
in front of the crowd at Saint Peter's?

I can't wait.





- Hi.
- Hi.

Hi. How are you?

What's this white beard?

Wait, let me look at you.

How long has it been?

A lifetime.

- How are you?
- How are you?

Always in a hurry. I'm on my way
to the demonstration in Montecitorio.

Which, as usual,
will be of little or no use, but whatever.

- Do you live here?
- You're different. The beard, everything.

Yes, a lot of things have… changed.

Do you think I don't know?

Carmen mortified Don Carlo.

Poor thing.

How are they doing?

- Sorry, I'm Lucia.
- Hi. I'm Ginevra.

What a beauty. Hi.
Your eyes are so beautiful.

What do you say, honey? Thank you.

Her name is Livia. Lucia was in the town
where I did my last year of diaconate.

I think I forgot a bag inside,
please excuse me for a second.

Are you happy?

Yes, I think so.

Are you still with Omar?

Maybe we could meet up sometime.

Right, I'll see you without the rush.


- We'll catch up. Bye.
- Bye.


You wouldn't believe who I met.

Hey! Where the fuck are you?

Not Tommaso again, please.

Not Tommaso, for goodness sake!
Go back further.

Who was there before Tommaso?

Go further back.

Further back than Tommaso?


No… Don Nicola?

He's just Nicola, now.

Oh my God.

He was with his pregnant wife.
And his daughter, Livia.

Did you say you have a well-hung stud?


What'd you tell him,
that you live with me?

You're mental.

How many times did I tell you?
You gotta be savvy with exes.

What did you make for dinner?

- There's the caponata in the fridge.
- Let's cook it.

Let's go.

Listen… Does he look like shit,
at least, now?

He's not as handsome.

Good. If you think
I almost got together with him...

Do you remember how hot it was that year?

It's always hot here in Sicily.

No, but that year it rained only once,
when we were at Spaccuzza.

It didn't rain at all.

Shut up. I had almost made it.

Because you're a slut.

My strap got stuck.

What strap?


Subtitle translation by Lara Bisdomini