The Hitman Agency (2018) - full transcript

"Krautploitation" Shootingstar Everett Ray Aponte (Atomic Eden) explodes in this international spy thriller as Lucas Kane, a professional hitman who uncovers the corruption of his own ...

Stop it!

Hudson, I don't want them today.

Take them out.

What the hell?


Intruder on the south side.

You stay here.
Go now!

Where is DeMarco?


Hey, man,

whatever they pay you.
I double.

Non negotiable.

Done. But there was
some collateral damage.


Just some security staff.


A third party intervened. I had to engage
sooner than anticipated.

An overlap?

Probably a freelancer.

His status?

Still active.

Regrettable yet acceptable.

I'm forwarding your next
job to your account.

It's the one you have been waiting for.


Gotta love Europe.

Everyone has a basement.

Makes it easy to do things like this.


Who are you?

Honestly though;

you oughta clean yours.

It's filthy.

What do you want from me?
I'm just an old hippie.

I'm here to retrieve something.


Why do you tie me up?

Precautionary measure.

I don't know what you want

but I think it's time for you to go now.

Soon enough.

And set me free.

Oh, I'm afraid I'm going to kill you.


But you knew that when
I knocked you down.

No. Why?

Do we really need to play this game?

It's the job, old man.

Now would you be so kind
to tell me where it is?

Even if I knew what you want why should I give
it to you when you're going to kill me anyway?


it will minimize the time
between now and your appending death.

So I implore you

please don't let me die.

I don't have much money in the house now
but you can take all I have.

And I promise you no one
will learn of what has happened here today.

You really oughta stop this charade,

Now tell me where the file is.

What file? I don't know
what you're talking about.

You know exactly what I'm talking about.

The evidence you took.

I need everything from the agency;

contracts, names,

board of directors,

Ronald Smith...


Did you really think you
could escape your past?


now it's time to pay for trying.

You're making a terrible mistake.

I am not the man you take me for.

It would be best if you were.

What is this week's progress
report, Mr.Anderson?

Currently we have seven operations
running in Canada, Japan and Russia.

We expect their completion
by the end of the week.

Very well.
Mr. Reeves?

Have we received
the money for the DeMarco order?

It has been credited this morning.

The operative was from your
resort, wasn't he?

A Lucas Kane?

If I remember correctly our operatives and
managers remain deliberately concealed.

Yes. He's my operative.


According to Kane's report the operation
was intervened by a freelancer.

Which, as you know, jeopardizes the job,
the man on the field and most importantly this agency.

I was just curious why it was
left out of your report, Sir.

If I left it out

I must have my reasons.

Sir, according to chapter four, section one
regulations state that if an operative...

This mission was a success
and I assure you, Jane...

Misses Adler!

...that my operative
was never in danger.

Without a doubt.

Mr. Kane has proven himself very reliable.

Yet, one of the most important tasks of the board is to see to it that jobs like
that do not enter the free market and to prevent overlap.


Last month

this agency lost a man on a
mission again under your supervision.

Is there something you'd
like to say, Jane?

I just want to point out
to the people present

that you're only the temporary
director 'til the election

which I will candidate for myself.

How pleasant.

Competition is good for business.

Even if this business is a deadly one.

Very well. Let us get back
to our running operations.

Something strange is going on.


It's not only his ambition.

He's hiding something.

Something that would
bring him to his knees.

Then Kane would be our best lead.

He left the country immediately
after the DeMarco job.

So you have to find out where he went.

Give him a new shadow. He's seen your face.

Well done by the way. You
spoiled Smith's day for sure.

Permission to speak freely?

You're the one with the dick in your hand.

Are you sure about all this?

This agency has been
corrupted for too long now

and Smith is just going
to make it even worse.

I want bring it back to
the way it used to be.

So you are free to question me.

But I don't have to explain
myself, Sweetheart.

Our lives are on line here. Just wanna
make sure I'm on the right side.

You're safe with me.

It sure feels that way.

Sometimes you gotta trust your instincts.
Just like I trust your talents.

Once again, Joseph, tell me
where you hid the files.

Once more time; my name is
not Josef; I'm called Karl.

Of course. I understand.

At your age memory can get lost.

But don't worry.

I'll help you find it.

Joseph Kyler, born October 4th, 1953.

Mother died giving birth,

father disappeared soon after.

Grew up in different foster homes,

ran away at age 12.

Travelled all throughout Europe, various casual jobs-
not all of them completely legal.

Recruited in 1981.

The following entries are
counting an impressive profile.

Rapid promotion within our agency,
professional assassinations in various countries.

Never been captured.

According to supervisor Ronald Smith:

He was most likely the greatest capital of our agency
with a line of success that goes back twenty years.

Nice photo.

This person doesn't
look anything like me.

Yeah, right.

At least seven documented plastic
surgeries in two decades.

We've kept record.

You have an answer
for everything.

Paper never lies.

Writers do.

Don't get smart with me, Joseph.

Tell me; what does your clever document
say about the whereabouts of this man?

He was liquidated ten years ago.

Am I understanding you correctly?

You break into my house,

you tie my up,

you ask me silly questions, you beat me-

and all this because you think I
am a man who died ten years ago?

A man with a different
face and a different name?

Tell me; you dream this up all by yourself?

I'm looking for a man who
successfully escaped death.

A man who spent his entire life changing his identity, his
appearance, even altering his voice and yet

he decided not to change one small feature.

A scar on his abdomen.

Hello, Joseph.

Friends call me Joe.

It is an honor.

I must say your file paints
you as a, surprisingly, living legend.

Don't be deluded into
thinking you know who I am.

A dossier doesn't tell you
anything about a man.

It tells me everything
I need to know.

A scar betrays a man.

Scars are history.

And this one,

this one always reminds me

of how it all began.

The woman.

The Woman.

That one woman.

Hey. Do you have a job?


Hey, Baby.

Let me go.

Hey, Baby.


- Let me go.

Leave her alone.

Leave her alone.
- Piss off.

I said; leave her alone.

I said; piss off!

You piss off!

I have to thank you.


Don't worry about it.


You were just wondering
what my name was.


But right now I'm wondering
where I can buy a drink in this town.

Is that so?

Sadly, yes.

Well, then the least I can do is invite
my knight in shining armor to drink.

Really, that is not...


Do I make you nervous?

Hum? Oh, no. I just feel
a bit underdressed.

Okay. Yes, you make
me a bit nervous.


So, Joe. What is it that you do if
you're not saving damsels in distress?

Right now, I'm
looking for a job.

Aren't we all?

Dunno. I sometimes think that everyone's found
theirs and I'm the only one still searching.

In bars like this?

Even in bars like this.

Maybe it's your search for destiny
that brought you here today?

To the bar?

To me.

Do you sometimes think
about the future?

Not right now.

6 past 1. Not the right
time for the future.

Beautiful watch.

It suits the owner.

Would certainly make my granddad happy
to hear that, if he were still alive.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Don't be. He led a long, satisfied life.

He once told me that his hard life
was fulfilled when he finally arrived?.

I've never asked him what that was supposed
to mean, but he left me the watch.

So? Do you sometimes
think about the future?

Not really. I try to avoid that.


It just doesn't seem important.

I can't promise you anything.

And I don't expect anything.

No, that's not right, I guess. But...

I don't really know what to expect.

I feel exactly the same way, but
one thing I know for sure.

Which is?

That the future, whatever
it's gonna be like,

now looks far more
promising than yesterday.

You're such a hippie.

Wouldn't it be nice?

To be without prior burdens,

planning your future with
no respect to the past?

Maybe that's possible.


You hardly know me.

I know everything I
need to know about you.

I've a past too, you know.

Maybe you won't like it.


how about this idea:

Since we both like the present, we're gonna
savor every single moment of it for tonight.

We forget about the past.

And tomorrow -

we talk about the future.

I'd like that.

I wouldn't do that. Next
time, it's gonna hurt.

Who are you?

A friend.


Have you called the cops?

I'm Nina.

Consider me a concerned citizen.

I wanna help you.

She's dead.

Emily's dead.

I know.

I can't help her anymore.

But I can help you.

We're gonna take care
of the mess out there.

No one's gonna find her. You're not guilty.

It's just that no one but
me is gonna believe you.

That poor little girl. She lived and
died without leaving any trace.

She did. She did in me.


What if I gave you the
chance to prove that.

What if I told you who killed Emily

and where to find him?

Come in!

Is that him?


Come on,

I really need something.

John sent me!

Hello, my friend.

You got money?

I'm an exceptionally progressive business man
and support women in all kinds of positions.

So, what's your thing?





One more move and he's dead.

Tell your boy to put the gun on the ground
and push it away.


What are you waiting for? You need a
special invitation? You heard the man.

I have no idea what your
problem is, buddy,...

I'm not your buddy. I
was Emily's friend.


The woman you killed last night.

I didn't kill anyone...

last night.

I've never heard of that...

whatever her name is.

She only owed you a bit of money.

It was her mistake that she accept
it from you.

But it was yours that you
have killed her for it.

Honestly man, I have no fucking
clue who that bitch is.

Last night I was busy. I was
busy doing other things.

I swear I've no idea who
you're talking about.

But I promise you all of this can be forgiven and
forgotten if you just put the weapon down now,

turn your heel and never
show your face again.

That's it. That's it.

You see, we're becoming friends after all.

I guess someone's been
trying to screw me here.

We'll see about that.

But nobody needs to lose their life
just 'cause of some cheap slut.

One man has.

Excellent job.

Emily would be so proud.

Just a few little flaws.

Oh, don't worry, we took care
of the blonde slut outside.

You came here looking for work.
Congratulations. I just found you a job.

Your first payment.
A promising start.

It's a reminder never to show mercy.

You won't be thanked for it.

I appreciate the advice.

And the history lesson. But
that's not why I'm here.

Give me the files, Joseph.

You don't wanna hear
the end of the story?

The files for a quick death.

I got all the time in the world.


Tell me;

how did you find
me after all this time?

Crystal ball.

What's your name, kid?


- Kane.


- Lucas.

Well, do me a favor, Lucas.

Start with the left.

As you wish.

We're at your disposal any time.

Have you finally decided on
a date for the election?

You haven't got the memo, yet?

No games.

Your skills don't do
your ambitions justice.

Make way for someone else.
It's going to be better for everyone.

Some friendly advice, Jane:

if you pull off another stunt
like that act in the meeting,

you're gonna wish you were waterboarded
compared to what I'm gonna do to you.

That story with the freelancer.

I would bet my mother's pension

that guy was sent by you.

Your mother's dead.

But between you and me...

Your loss of foresight is as good a proof of
your being unsuitable for the director's post.

A jammer?

Who's playing now?

Drop it,

you're gonna come off worse, darling.

I know you sent Kane for an unauthorized
op. Want to comment on that?

You're not bluffing half as
well as you think.

I'm gonna find out, and then
we don't need that election anymore.

Empty threats by a hissing kitty
to a man with a clean slate.

In my playground your stripes
don't turn you into a tiger.

You have no idea
how hard I've worked for that position

and how many people I've killed.

Ah, Darling, you have no idea
how many I've killed

nor how many more I'm prepared to kill.

It's me.

He still won't talk. And
I have made myself very clear.

Evidently not clear enough.

As far as I'm concerned, you can carve him like a roast,
so long as you get me whatever it is he's put aside.

Break his will, whatever it takes.

Is that understood?

Yes, sir.

So, Germany then.


If it makes you feel any better,

it took me a while to notice you.

Who sent you?

The office of tax evasion -

you're behind on your payments.

Guess the IRS is getting
serious these days.

You have a choice.

We can see who's faster.

I see you read my profile.


That doesn't change anything.

Their worst nightmare is about
to come true.

All the lies,

the murders,

it all ends. Now. Tonight.

I don't need to threaten you.

You know that I know...

I don't need to threaten you.
You know that I know where your children work,

where your grandchildren go to school.


What? Who is this?

Miss Adler, look, I don't know w...


You're not from room service.

And I'm not looking
for an autograph.

What are you doing here?

That ain't a real gun, right?

You want to find out?

You're just a fucking actor.

I'm not just an actor.

Everything alright, sir?
I found your bodyguard.

He's dead.

Your security sucks.

Hey wait a minute. Three days stay, changing room
every single night and even a private bodyguard.

Obviously it wasn't enough.

Well, you're right; you
can protect yourself.

No, that's not what this means. It
means we need to beef up security.

Alright. Will be arranged, sir.
Any idea who he is?

No. Yakuza maybe?

I got a phone call.
I was warned by the agency?

Which agency?

It's gonna be your
job to find out.

Good morning, Sunshine.

I thought you've
forgotten all about me.

I've brought you breakfast.

Torture with room service.

It doesn't give me any pleasure
torturing you.

It's the job.


I'm not your enemy, Joseph.

You are.

You know, when I first got this assignment
I was disappointed.

But I have to say;
you've exceeded all my expectations.

That's why I'd like to offer you an exit.

Just give me the files
that the agency needs.

That's all they want.

They don't have to know
what happens here today.

The case will be closed
and you'll be dead once again.

And you'll live your life
in some far away country.

I don't know. I don't think so.

Live or death - it's
as simple as that.

Good work, Lucas,

really good work, I gotta say.

Fraternization with the enemy,

gain his trust, become his friend

and then offer him a way out.

Except you're forgetting one thing, Lucas.

I've been using this Stockholm Syndrome
tricks since before you were born.

You're so fucking clever.


I have as long as it takes to break you.

I wasn't lying about one thing, old man.

I do respect you.

So tell me,
how the hell did you get in this mess?

You were one of the best
killers of your time, if not the best.

You knew exactly what would happen
if you try to get out.

For what?

Some freedom
you knew wouldn't be granted to you?

Once you're in, you can't get out.
That is the way.

Oh, that's something
to be proud of.

Oh, don't give me some morality lesson.

We're not killing innocent
people here, we're killing criminals.

And we're assassins, not murders.

Oh, that's a good line.

The guy that cleans the pool doesn't ask why it's dirty.
He's just glad it is. Gives him purpose.

And that makes it easier for you
to look at yourself in the mirror?

This isn't about me.
- Oh, really, this isn't about you?

I'm nothing like you!

I'm nothing like you!
- Oh no?

Why don't you just give up, old man?

What are you holding onto?
Who the hell are you protecting?

Nobody. And nothing.
Because they are all dead.

You truly exceeded
all our expectation.

I had a good teacher.

And good dispositions.

You can't force talent.
But I knew you had it in you.

So why do you sound like
you're at my funeral?

Today's a big day. Today
we both have to let go.

What? Why?

I've taught you everything I know.

You know the rules.

Yes. A job is a job.

You can't buy life,
but you can buy death. Once in, always in.

If two killers meet, one of
them has to go either way.

In a job like ours,

you might have to fight a duel.

And in a relationship
like the one we're in...

We won't see each other again?


So that's...

...your final test.

One of our own is on the hit list.

The death of one killer
through another one.

It's our way to keep the business efficient.
So if you survive a supervisor is gonna contact you.

And you'll get all your future
jobs through him or her.

I understand.

And I'm ready.

I know.



Thanks for everything.


I don't know where I'd be without you.

You're very welcome.

Take care.

You too.

I should have known.

Don't worry. It
will be over soon.


I'm so proud of you.

The damned are doomed
to live alone.

You wanna wash away your sins?

Clear yourself from the responsibility?
Go ahead.

But we are who we are.
We made our decision.

Decisions are based on personal experience.

If everything you experience is a lie
your decisions are gonna be a mistake.

Cut the bullshit.

You're just a paranoid old man.

The agency is not a charity,
I don't delude myself into thinking that.

But we do not kill for personal reasons.

Why then?

Why then?
- Because we can.

Yes. And they thrust a weapon into our hands, because
they know we'll use it. And that's how they use us.

No. We're professionals.

No. We're professionals.
- C'mon, kid.

How did they ever get owe
to you in the first place?

They didn't put out a want ad, did they?

They offer you revenge? Immunity?

And haven't you learnt to like what you do?

Or have you just gone void inside?

Shut up!

I'm not listening to a traitor.

A traitor? And
whom did I betray?

You know who.

Refresh my memory.

You broke every rule you swore to live by when teamed up
with Charles Russell to take out the director himself.


- It's written down.

But you missed your target,

and signed your own death warrant.

Did you know the eliminated
Russell the very next day?

He just couldn't cover his tracks.

Smith discovered the link right
after they took you out.

The interrogation was... brief.

Why am I not surprised?

And Smith went from assistant
to manager.

And what position does he occupy now?

I don't know what you're saying.

You know exactly
what I'm saying.

You lost, old man. Now you're just
trying to talk your way out of it.

Why couldn't you just stay dead?

You knew Smith would send somebody
when you tried to blackmail him.

And you know you're not
the first one he sent?

Finally. It's done?

It sure is. You know
how reliable I am.


Who did you expect?

I expected for you to
finally fulfill your file status.

There was no body back then and
I hate unanswered questions.

Then I got the DNA-analysis.
Like a ghost from the past.

Couldn't you just have dropped it?
After all these years.

It's a new age.

The old king is dead.

What you couldn't accomplish back
then has now come true.

Guess who's going to ascend
to the throne next.

Who cares?
I'm retired.

That doesn't matter.

You're a risk I cannot take.

Then I just have to screw up your day
even more than I already have.

Ten years ago, I didn't leave empty-handed.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that you and the whole agency are
gonna be done for if this material gets published.

You can consider this my insurance policy,
which I am now cashing in.

You're bluffing. You'd be
incriminating yourself with that.

Don't dare me.

You have a lot more to lose than I do.

You know, Smith,
I might still be an old lion,

but it's kinda foolish to send
a young cub into my cage.

Drop it, or I promise I will tear apart every single
one who's dumb enough to come here on your order.

And after that, I'll come after for you.

See? That was your second mistake.

Smith is gonna be the
new director, you know?

How did you think he'd react?

I thought he'd be wise enough to let
the matter drop. My message was clear.

Why was that my second mistake?

You donated blood two month ago.


Smith simply matched your
DNA with the local database.

Welcome to the digital age, old man.

By the way: you just admitted to
possessing the material I need.

Doesn't it feel liberating
to finally tell the truth?

You wouldn't know the truth
if it bit you in the face.

Wrong. The truth is my friend.

It's gonna be your friend, too.

A truth serum?

Just a little prick.

Talk to me.

The signal has been gone. Our
man has been blown for sure.


It doesn't matter what Kane is doing there.

Whatever it is, it's definitely
doing harm to Smith,

otherwise Kane wouldn't be there
below the radar.

Put together a Cleaner Unit.

Discretely but as fast as possible.

Kane shall not return home.

Kill everyone who's with him.



The serum looks like it's taken effect.

Now for the last time, Joseph:
where are the files?

There aren't any files.

So disappointing. We're
going in fucking circles.

No. We're going backwards.

Stop it, old man, now
tell me the truth!

The truth is that
Smith is a scourge.

This is not about him.

Yes it is. It's not about you,
it's not about me. It's about him.

Speak of the devil...

Your last update is overdue.

There's nothing new to report.
He won't succumb.

Don't get yourself ensnared.
He's playing with you.

Funny. He says the
same thing about you.

Don't let him into your head.
Never forget whom you're facing.

How could I?

Then prove your talent
for improvisation.


If he won't cooperate, eliminate him.

Erase him from the surface of this planet.
Once and for all.


Ready for some more truth?

This is your last chance.

The drug should make it easier on you.
Come on.

It's a truth serum,
not show and tell.

Joe, I admire your perseverance.
But we're at the end of the line.


Fine. Then it's time
for you to die.

But I'm already dead.
Don't you remember?

Right. Killed in action.
It's all in the report.

Don't you wanna hear the rest of the story?

I think you deserve to know how it ends.

Why not?


Sorry to weak you.
But they wanted a natural death.

You know, dies in his sleep. Classic.

Are you nuts? What are
you talking about?

Shhht. I'm here to kill you.

Now, you can still die a peaceful
death in your sleep.

The toxin doesn't leave any traces.

It works immediately and
it won't hurt at all. I promise.

My security staff are everywhere.
You won't get out of here alive.

We'll see about them. You
can inject it yourself.

Not a chance.

Well then you force me to choose
a rather messy alternative.

You have no idea whom you're facing?

I, however, know exactly who you are,

Joseph Kyler.

That's pretty good. But it doesn't change
anything. Now take the fucking syringe.

You unthankful bastard!

I created you! You were
nobody when we found you.

Aimlessly wandering about without
making any use of your potential.

The agency
gave you a purpose.

A goal.
And a huge load of money!

And now you're standing here threatening me
in my own bedroom with a fucking gun?

You're one of us?

I breed guys like you.

You work for a supervisor who
works for a manager

- and that man works for me.

The director of the agency.

Oh no. No. I am the agency.

I told you to be quiet.

Who sent you?

It seems someone wants
to make his way to the top.

Clever, I admit, to send
one of my own men to kill me.

But who? Russell?
Or the new guy, Smith?

Does it matter?

That depends.

Someone will have to pay for this mess.

Doesn't have to be you.

So give me a name.

Who manipulated this job?

Who made me the target?

Who used you?

Nobody used me!

Nobody used me!
- Oh come on, Joseph.

Of course we did. From the first day.

Or do you believe in love
at the first sight?

You know what you should believe in?

A good staging.

I wanna offer you a
deal, sweetheart.

Well, who am I to turn
down a good deal?

Not that kind of deal...
At least not for me.

What do you mean?

I got an eye on a young man.

You should be just his type.

I'd like to provide him
with the love of his life.

For a good fee.

Consider it a kinda role play.

And a lucrative one, too.

You won't have to do this job
ever again afterwards.


You piss off!

Good job.

Well done. The sleeping
medication has taken affect.

What're you planning
to do with him?

Oh, you needn't rack your cute little
brains 'bout that.

Your job is almost done.

I... I don't want anything to do with
this anymore. He was nice to me and...

Was the sex that good?

You needn't worry about him.

We got big plans for him

and we're gonna do the best we
can to revenge your murder.

My murder?


Haven't I mentioned that?

Joe, wake up! Wake up! Joe!
Come on, wake up!


Oh, yes, Joe. Face it.

You killed her.


Guilty as charged.

And that Baron guy...

...was your first job, but didn't have anything
to do with the death of your little girlfriend.

But if it makes you feel better,

he got what he deserved.

We took care of your girlfriend.

Gave her a nice, anonymous funeral.

She deserved it.

We're not complete monsters after all.

So, what's next?

It's over.

Here and now.

Finished. We're through.

You can't quit just like that.

Oh, I can. And I did.

Who do you think you are?

You have no free will, you son of a bitch.

You're a puppet.
And I'm the puppet master-

and I pull all the strings.

Now dance!

Took you long enough.

Well played.
But now the game is over.

And don't expect mercy
because you didn't shoot.

I didn't know you knew the
meaning of that word.

Oh, what a pitty.

I almost granted you the injection,

but you tried being funny.

One last chance.

Who sent you?

No matter.
I'll find him.

Tie him carefully
and throw him into the river.

You'll find your resignation at the bottom.

File closed.

I get it. You were fucked.

Well put.

I'm sorry, old man.

Don't be. You're in no better shape than
I am. You just don't realize it yet.

Don't compare yourself to me.

It's over.

I have to tell you this is not
gonna be a joyful experience for me.

I do have to ask you one thing though:

who saved you from the river?

Nobody did.

Nobody did.
- Ah, come on.

Remember the truth serum?

You couldn't have survived by yourself.

Well, in our business, it's often in the little
talents that decide between life and death.

Now I happen to have spent several
months with a very apt...

escape artist.

Your cell phone.

And get rid
of that knife in your sock.

The cell phone is in my jacket.

Don't worry, kid, you didn't
stand a chance anyway.

You had this all planned out?


What the hell for?

Well see this little bird whispered in my ear
that Clemens is gonna vacate his chair.

So I donated blood and Smith took the bait.

And after they sent this
flunky they had to send someone like you.

I mean you're good.

You're really good. You do everything by the book,
even interrogated me in my own house.

Oh god, that's what
you're aiming at.

So I bugged everything.

The house, the shed,

even got one in my shoe.

I was telling the truth.

I was telling the truth the whole time.

There's never been any evidence.

Not until you got here and
we recorded it together.

Straight to an external memory.

Even if you had killed me,
it would have gone public.

Welcome to the digital age, kid.

Fuck you.

It has begun.

Come on, Lucas.

What the fuck?

It's over.

Knocking really isn't part
of your manners, is it?

Don't wait for your protégé.
I just sent a team to clean up his mess in Germany.

I'll finish your whole cover-up.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Drop it. You were sloppy.

As far as I'm concerned, you were nothing else but lucky
that nobody's ever found out the truth 'till now.

Hands off.


you've tried to do away with your
boss and used one of our boys.


There are many reasons to kill a man.

Money is the most honest among them.

And we have the resources.

And then you screwed it up,

and then wait ten years
until he dies without help?

As I said: you were sloppy.

I might be many things -

but not sloppy.

My second try was a bit more...


Administered over many months.

If anyone was ever to detect it...

Well, let's just say, since everybody is aware
of your overambition by now,

you will serve as the perfect scapegoat.

As Russell did.


Well, then, I have no choice than to
finish off this ill-fated chapter myself.

See, that's exactly what
makes you sloppy, Jane.

You should have considered
more carefully who to screw.

You're serious?

I'm just trusting my instincts.

Loyalty is something wonderful
- if you know whom it's dedicated to.

Okay. Please. Shoot me,

so I don't have to
bear listening to this farce any longer.

Don't worry. That was
the plan all along.

Sorry for the mess.

Please. I wanna go home.

My wife and I are expecting a child.

Oh, it must be nice to
go home to somebody.

What are you gonna do if your
plan fails and Smith gets away?

Someone's gonna pay the price.

Smith' days are numbered.

If I don't get him the competition will.

As for you, my friend...

Fuck! Fine! You want your revenge?

Then shoot me! I'm right here,
kill me now!

Don't you remember, I don't kill anymore.

I renounced my job.

Why should I go back in my work for somebody
who I've actually grown fond of?

Big words, old man.

You know they're gonna send a purging team.

So I've no chance of
getting out of here alive.

They're killing me anyway.

No, it doesn't look good, kid.

But you think of something. Improvise.

Use what the agency told you.

And think of your wife and
your little family.

Bye, Lucas.

Joe! Joe!




I was getting worried, Lucas.

Still not dead.


Must be some kind of deja-vu for you.

That reminds me, congratulations
on your promotion.

After all,

you've had a hard long job
killing people to get there.

But in the end, we've both
got what we wanted.

What happened to Lucas?

As if you've ever cared
about a life but your own.

Maybe your cleaners can tell you that.
I'm sure you've called them already.

I doesn't matter how long
it takes or where you hide;

no bounty will be too high,

no pit which you crawl into
will be deep and dark enough.

And if you die before I find you,
I will chase you into hell.

If there is still hell,
we both deserve it.

Save me a seat when you get there.

Oh, you won't have to bury me
any time soon, my old friend.

No. Your highly esteemed colleagues take care
of that as soon as they've seen the material.

The... what?

You heard what I said.

Lucas said there was none.

Whatever it is, you will not be able
to broadcast it fast enough to...

You're wrong again.

These are fast-moving times,
my friend.

Surely it's gone viral by now.

No way to stop it.

You bloody bastard.

What makes you
think you were any better than me?

I am what you made me, Smith.

Doesn't the creature always end up
turning on its creator?

But I have to thank you.

I thought that laying down the gun would bring me peace
but I was a fool.

Apart from death, what else could
grant the creature redemption?

You are dead.

Can you hear me,
you son of a bitch?

You are...


Can I get you anything else?

No thanks. I'm good.

Keep it.

Mr. Wilson, take a look at this.

So it's true. The hitman
agency actually exists.

Indeed. This material can be found
everywhere on the internet now.

How can that be?

How can that be?
- I have no clue.

With this information being public the authorities
will take them out in a blink of an eye.

Well, make sure the police get
this as soon as possible.