The Heiresses (2018) - full transcript

Chela and Chiquita are both descended from wealthy families in Asunción and have been together for over 30 years. But recently, their financial situation has worsened and they begin selling...

And the knives?

They're here, on the table.

The glasses are rock crystal.

It's a 48-piece set.

They're intact.

- Is it complete?
- Yes.

And this clock, is it still working?

Yes... Well... No...

- Yes or no?
- Not now, it needs some maintenance.

Up till recently,
it was working perfectly.

And the chandeliers,
are they for sale?


- Is there only one of these chairs?
- Two.

Louis XV or XVI.

I like the big clock.

What's the price?

975 Cabo Martinez Street,
next to the army camp.


Have you got 2mg Cloner?

Send me two boxes.

How much is each box?

Yes, in cash.

And 5mg Melatonin?

Two bottles.

How much?

Just send me one bottle.
OK? Thank you.

There's your blouse.

Are you going to wear it?

I don't want to go out.

Are you still going to go?

It's been over a month
since Carmela invited us.

How can we not go?


Carmela is turning 50!

She really wants us to go.

Do you remember your
50th birthday party?

She helped us all afternoon,

with the decorations...

That was when I turned 40.


What did we do when you turned 50?

Come on Chela.

You haven't been out for ages.
There'll be karaoke.

Marta and Silvita will be there,

back from their trip.


I'll go.

On my own.


- Hi!
- Happy birthday!

- Thank you. How are you?
- Fine.

Thanks for coming.

- Are you going to sing?
- No.

Carmela, come here a minute!

- And Chiqui?
- I don't know. She's around...

Come on! Let's go.

I'll be back.

What's up?

Bravo! Bravo!


I'll drive.

I didn't drink that much!

Go faster, Chela!

What are you scared of?

Nora and that girl...

the one in the striped shirt...

- The one that looked like a boy?
- Yes, that one.

I'm sure they were talking about us.

Nora was looking at me with...

with pity in her eyes.

Maybe it was just your impression.

Does she know?

Carmela is the only one that knows,

because she's helping me.

She sold the glasses
and the lawnmower as well.

Carry on, Chela. There's nobody there.


Carmela told everyone.

You used my toothbrush again.


Mirta was with
the same Argentine girl...

You were really looking at her.

Or was it just my impression?

Mirta knows, doesn't she?

You were talking about
the price of the car.

I only told Mirta that
we'll be changing our car.



you smell too much of
cigarettes and alcohol.

Hey! Don't be so dramatic!

Yes. Yes, it arrived.

Here it is.

Shall I read it?

I hereby notify you
of case 11233.2017,

Bank of Asunción vs.
Martina María Nuñez Campos,

a.k.a. Chiquita,

in regards to fraud.

But it's a debt.

Here it says fraud.

Yes, but the judge says
I have to go to prison.

I have to be there
next Thursday at 7am.

The "diet" soda, with plenty of ice...

and the water, without ice.

Always keep the jug
in the fridge, keep it cool.

And the soda always "diet",
never buy "zero".

Always a small bottle,
so it doesn't lose its fizz.

Sometimes the lady doesn't feel well.

So go to her

to talk

or put music on,

or watch TV.

From here you take the tablets.

Today is Monday. You can read?

Doesn't matter. Use this as a guide:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday till Sunday.
One for each day.

...this abduction has shaken the country...

You must get some deodorant for that girl.

Don't talk that way, Chela!

We're asking the public

to pass on any relevant
information to the police.

Is there any sign that she's alive?

I wasn't convinced about
the idea of a "karaoke",

when Gordi suggested it.

But in the end, they were all singing.

Chela! Hello!

Weren't you going to
paint all afternoon?


Look. Carmela's brought some cake.

Do you want some? Yes?

Try some, with home-made caramel.

That's... I'll explain it later.

It's from the girls. OK?

It's just a little help.

No way!

Let Carmela explain.

Your closest girl friends
had a whip-round.

It isn't a lot.

Each gave what they can afford.

- We'll be charity cases?
- Let her finish talking!

You've always helped us a lot, Chela.

Gordi for example,

don't forget everything
you gave her daughter.

And Nora,

you helped her when
her house was broken into.

- Also Julia, when she lost her job.
- Julia?

And you also helped me,
when my mother was ill.

Then why...?

Why did we sell
my grandfather's paintings?

Why did we sell the silverware?

Why did we sell my lamps?

Even the car
my dad gave me is for sale.


Thanks, anyway,

but we have to solve this ourselves.

Why are you staring at me?

Let's see, just tell me
one single thing of yours

or your family's that we've sold?

- Water or soda?
- Water.

- More water?
- Leave me alone!


Don't sleep here.

That painting of boats we sold

was from my grandmother's house.

Carmela's cousin went through
the same thing.

She only had a debt.

They made her sign promissory notes.

She was accused of fraud,

just like me.

And she was sent to prison.

Come here.

Lean over.

When did you last dye your hair?

At the Korean shop, they'll put
everything the maid buys on tick.

Except the meat: she'll buy it
at the butcher's and pay for it.

The money is in the drawer.

For how long?

Martina Nuñez Campos?

- Yes. that's me.
- A.k.a. Chiquita?


- The lady is your lawyer?
- No, she's just with me.

My lawyer's coming later.

- OK, she's family?
- Yes.

- Is this your first time here?
- First time.

OK, please go ahead, through that door.

Madam, you can sit down there and wait.

Go ahead.

Madam, you're only allowed to this point.

- You can visit on Wednesdays and weekends.
- Case number?


Ends 085.

Bank of Asunción vs.
Martina María Nuñez Campos,

a.k.a. Chiquita.

Registered. You can take her now.

It's all right. Bye.

- Are you definitely staying?
- Yes.

You calm down and drive carefully. OK?

We'll see each other on Saturday.

Don't worry.

Chela, calm down.

Calm down.

Come on...

calm down.

Be calm, OK?


Yes, miss.

- Did you hear a noise?
- No.

Don't be scared.

Could you come down
and sleep on the sofa?

Bring your pillow and sheets.

Madam, come with me.

You have your I.D.?

Have it ready.

Can you let her through, mate?

Your I.D., madam?

Can you tell me her name?

Who should we call?

- Chiquita.
- Chiquita you have a visitor!

Chiquita! Visitor!



Can you see the
elegant woman over there,

in dark glasses?

That's Mrs Gómez.

She murdered her husband,

- it was in all the papers. Remember?
- Yes.

And that one dancing,
wearing a cowboy hat,

she's from my wing.

Clint Eastwood's her nickname.

You ate very fast!

Chiqui, a cigarette?

- Hide the box!
- Pig!

Every time she sees me smoking,
she asks for one.

I asked Carmela
how long her cousin Gladys was here.

She said three months.

But afterwards,
she was sent back inside.

You seem tired.

Did you sleep OK last night?

Always place the cup on this side.

This makes it easier
for me to drink coffee.


Bring the pink tablets,
these aren't for the morning.


your neighbour is here:
an old, short lady.

- Who? Pituca?
- I don't know her name.

She's here to ask for a small favour.

She needs you to
give her a ride somewhere.


Tell me,

where did you get that new maid?

She's a disaster.

When I asked her about Chiquita,

she didn't answer.

She doesn't even speak Spanish.

And to be honest,

she's nothing like Ñeca.

How long is it since Ñeca left?

About a year.

This one isn't like Ñeca.

Well, you taught Ñeca everything.

She was so uncivilised
when she arrived.

Not like my maid Ramona,

she was spectacular from the start.

But since she got a mobile phone,

she doesn't clean the house anymore,

it's become a total disaster.

I'm going to ask her to leave.

Chiquita went to Punta del Este.

Punta del Este
at this time of year! Fantastic!

When is she back?

In about a month.

Chiquita in a month? Please!

With Chiquita, you never know.

The truth is,

she may not return for a year.

- It was nothing.
- I'm sorry.

No, it's absolutely nothing.
Everything's fine.

You've no idea how grateful I am.

I'll be waiting at 7 or 7.30.


- Here you go.
- Please, no.

But I was the one who asked.

Next time.

No way.

This will be useful,
at least for some petrol.

Thanks a lot.

Why don't you come closer?

Don't worry. I'm fine here.

- Let's see if the luck continues.
- Who begins?


We're all still in.



Ow! My bones are hurting so much!

Come on Pituca!
Don't be such a moaner.

It might be because
it's going to rain.

There. The white house on the corner.

This is a nice area,
but I could never live here.

Here you go!

10, 20, 30, 35, 40.

See you girls.

It's fine.
Just like a taxi service.

- Bye, thanks!
- See you girls.

- Just like a taxi.
- Thank you!

That's fine because
she's an opportunist,

always trying to take advantage.

Did you study massage?

- Or where did you learn?
- Yes, at church.

You have good hands.

You like it?

I was taught by a nun
and an old lady.

There were...

lessons in dressmaking,


manicure, pedicure...

and I chose massage.

- God bless you all!
- Amen!

- God bless you all!
- Amen!

They've asked me to drive them,
whenever I'm free.

Why don't they take a taxi?

Who'd want to kidnap those old farts?

Did you bring more cigarettes?

- Have you smoked them all?
- Not yet, but here...

I think Pituca doesn't
want to take taxis anymore.

Don't listen to her.

Do you think she suspects I'm here?

You shouldn't be driving...

without a licence.

Imagine if you had a crash.

Imagine if you killed someone.

I get out of here and you come in.

- Hi.
- Hello!

- Hello!
- Hi!

- Who's winning?
- Me.


Me, me, me. I'm winning.

- Pituca. Is she the driver?
- Yes.

Can she give me a ride close by?

You'd better ask her.


Sorry. Could you
give me a ride nearby?

Yes. Of course.

Let's go!

There's nothing there...

- Show me your mobile.
- What have you seen?

There's nothing there.
No message, nothing!

Do you need help?

- Why don't we talk calmly?
- Don't talk to me.

You're making such a fuss because of that?

Go to hell!

Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Let's go.

The smoke bothers you?

It bothers you.

Don't worry.


I don't know how I
put up with him for two years.

Is this your car?


And you do this as a job?

Well, now I do.

It must be something to drive Pituca.

Could you tell me what you would charge

for a trip, once a week, to Itauguá?

To Itauguá?

I don't drive on motorways.


You drive very well.

I've never driven on a motorway.

Do you know anyone
who could take me there?

For my mum's treatment on Thursdays?



I'll leave my number here.

- Let me know.
- OK.

I'll take that
as well as the other papers.

Thanks a lot. Bye!

Well. The lawyer expects us at 11

and we have to take a copy of Chiquita's ID.

Let's do that.

Can't you go on your own?


I have a client this afternoon

and I want to try
and find her house first.

25 forks here.

25. OK.

Could you check
how many knives there are?

Ever driven to Itauguá?


On the M2?

No! I'm not crazy.

- Are you going to drive on motorways now?
- No, no.

I was just asking...

Pati, remember
that we've sold the champagne bucket.

Pour me some.

Have you seen Carmela?

She said she spoke to the lawyer.

In two weeks

we might have good news.

Come on!

Let me know if you're planning to leave!

- Has Don Angel been to put up the bars?
- No.


He should've been!

Anyone could push
the front door and break in.

Have you paid Pati her wages?

Yes, I have.

Well done.

Hurry up, girl,

the service begins shortly.


I should be going then.


What will you do?

Keep playing at "Taxi Driver"?

Don't worry. Just go. See you on Saturday.

- Ana Rosa? More "tereré"?
- Yes, give me some.

FOR SALE. Tel. 225619

Is this furniture also for sale?

That one is sold.

For how much?

I wouldn't know.


this dining table
looks just like Susie's.

Only in better condition.

There's an Edith Jiménez painting.

How much is it?

That one is US$3,000.

- And that TV has a remote control?
- No.

And it's not for sale.

The polish is original?


These glasses are crystal.

I wonder why they're selling them.

I wouldn't sell them.

When do you think this set was made?

I'm not sure this is
as antique as it looks.

Good morning!

- Good morning!
- Good morning!

We were asking about this dining set.

It's a neo-classical English set.

With polished double-pedestal legs.

It's been restored and is US$6,500.

The price is negotiable?

- Paying in cash.
- No.

Are you selling the orchids
individually as well?

The plants aren't for sale...

- but I can give you one.
- No, no thanks.

I was just asking.


She seems deaf, doesn't hear a thing.

Come on, Pitita!

We're all waiting!

Hi! Are you taking them home?

- Yes.
- Can I come, too?

Yes, of course.

Hi. Angy?

It's Chela.

Yes, the one that...

How are you?

No, no.

I couldn't find anyone.

But I could.


Don't worry about that.

Your mother's health is more important.

No, no.

Don't worry about the money.



For the hospital,
we have to turn off at km 27.

- But straight ahead for now?
- Yes, yes.

It's still quite a way off.

- Wear these.
- No, thanks.

- Sure?
- Yes.

She'll be...

- around 45 mins. OK?
- No problem.

- Try them on, they really suit you. Here.
- No.

- They're beautiful.
- Let's see.

Try them on.


- Keep them.
- No!

- No way.
- Why not?

No, no, no!

- You're doing me such a huge favour.
- Really, no, no.

Who's this?


He texts me every now and then.

I met him recently,
after I broke up with César.

40 years old,

big eyes, tall.

Hold it, please.


That's better.

That's the problem with long hair.

Smoking would suit you.

- Have you never smoked?
- Never.

Try it. Put it like this.

- I don't know how to smoke.
- Come on.

Give it to me. I'll hold it.

I'll show you how I first tried it.

Come on, close your eyes.

Don't open them.

Open your mouth a bit.

Just a bit!

Close it a bit. Don't inhale.

- Are you OK?
- Sorry.

You'll get used to it. You just try it slowly.

You shouldn't inhale at first.

That's all.

We'll wait a while.


I like the countryside.


You slept a long time, miss.

They came for the dining set
and you didn't hear them.

Have you seen a black case
with my sunglasses?


Play girls, but look,

you need to play faster,
because you're too slow.

- What are you doing here on your own?
- Hello.

I was just checking on the car.

How's everything?


Do you want a drink? Come on.

You must be tired.

I'll introduce you to my friends.

Vero and Cata are like sisters to me.

We share everything.

Including our men.

- That's a lie, Vero!
- Yes, It's true.

- Are you married?
- No.

- Divorced?
- No.

She's the one
giving rides to the "girls".

And now she's taking mum and me to Itauguá.
Mum's having treatment there.

- You've got lots of work?
- Yes... some.

I'm really only starting.

Always women?

And it's as cheap as a taxi. It's great!

I'll give your number to my auntie.

She'll definitely call you.

Why don't we tell Ilse to do the same?
She doesn't know how to do anything

- and she loves driving.
- Of course!

- And she's broke...
- No girls!

Girls, not Ilse!

Ilse has no patience.

Chela's lovely.

I feel so sorry for Ilse.

She's our childhood friend.

Poor woman!
Everything she does goes wrong!

First, she tried selling clothes, then
she tried jewellery and it didn't work either.

I think this could be right for her.

No. She'll never accept being a driver.

- She'd never go that low.
- I disagree.

Listen to me! Please!

She doesn't want to understand.

Ilse... I don't know...

She has everything served on a platter.

I said to her...

"Wasn't his cock enough?"

"Isn't his cock enough?"

And that's all I remember.


the lawyer told me...

you'd have been better off killing her,
because when...

the victim is alive,
she keeps suing all the time.

You know, when they showed me the photos...

it was really awful.

Eight here,

eight cuts in her arm, five in her neck,
three in her face.

Anyway, now I feel...

calmer, because we could take
my girls away from there.

They're no longer with him or her.

They're with my mother now.

I know that they're not with them.

Stop going on about it.

My poor mother is upset at me.

So she hardly ever visits me.

And she never brings the girls.


Let's put it there.

Mrs Carmela called you
yesterday and again today.

- Who?
- Mrs Carmela.

This table is quite ugly, madam.

The other one was nicer.

Pull it there.

Sometimes they respond.

When I was a child I studied painting.

And my girlfriends drew princes,

princesses, palaces.

And I painted cows.


They made fun of me.

And my dad used to say:

"Don't worry! Those girls
still believe in Prince Charming

while you're waiting for a rancher."

I miss my dad.


He used to call me "my Chiqui".

Do you have a nickname?


My dad used to call me "Poupée".

- What?
- "Poupée", doll.


I paint as well.


You should show me
your paintings one day.

I haven't painted in ages.

Now I'm into poetry.

Romantic poetry.

For example, I like:

"Oh crazy lady!


"You sing, you cry,
you smile and you pray.

"Dare to...

"Dare to...

"This is a great challenge that few take on."

Hold on.

Could you? Ah... César...

My mum will come out of that door in 20 minutes.
Would you mind waiting and driving her back?

Yes, don't worry.

Sure? Thank you!


Thank you.

Are you OK?


Something's happened.


What's happened?

1, 2, 3...

Turn around... Slowly, slowly...

Keep going.

Careful there!


It's so heavy.

Let's go.

Come on!

That way. On the truck, please.

Is the house for sale?


Pitita's husband is dying.

- Pití Florentín?
- Yes.

How come nobody told me?

I've just received a call about it now.

Poor woman.

- Shame.
- What a shock!

Every time one of our husbands dies

I remember what I
went through with Chichito.

Pituca, why are you making faces?

I think if you'd ever married,

you'd understand.

52 years of marriage
and we got along so well.

There, the white one is my house.

How much is it?


How much?

35,000! Are you deaf?

Maybe a bit. No need to make such a fuss over it.

Thanks a lot!

I'll see you tomorrow.

- See you.
- Bye.

I'll leave it here.

That woman! 52 years of marriage.

Come on!

Her husband was never at home.

He was always on the farm.

I even heard he has two children...

in the countryside.

It's really embarrassing.

She put up with it all
just for the money.

Take the little alley, over there,

turn right, go to the end:
there's her cell.

- You can use this.
- Thank you.

Yesterday, Carmela came with the lawyer.

She said every time she pops around
you're not there.

You don't even return her calls.

I forgot.

Carmela's spoken to the judge.

Things are finally being solved.

Aren't they mine?


- Are you sure?
- Yours are black.

Anyway, they suit me quite well.

- Doesn't she live here?
- No.

I'll go and shower. Just wait here.

- But what if she comes back?
- She won't be back just yet.

Can you open the door, Chiquita? Come on!

- Chiquita, please.
- I'm not Chiquita.

I'm begging you! Who do you think you are?
Come on! Do something!

Open the door! They're following me!

I need to get in! Don't you realise?

Come on! Shit! Do something! Open the door!

Fucking open it!

You bitch, I love you!

I love you.

They want to take me away!

Can't you see?

Hello. How are you?

- How are you?
- Fine. How about you?

- I think it will be a good funeral.
- Yes?

They'll probably end up fighting.

I've already told you!
The son is an opportunist.

He's taken the farm,
the factory, everything.

- No, no.
- No, no, no. You don't know.

You shouldn't say that
if you aren't sure!

I'm done.

But the girls want to stay till 12:30.



Is there a bar nearby where we can wait?

There's a bar a block away.

But it's closed on Mondays.

How come you know bars?

It's my neighbourhood, I live nearby.

Why don't we go to your house?

To wait.


Let's go.

We could buy a bottle of wine?


Have you had your nails done?

No. I've painted them.

Come in.


- Make yourself comfortable.
- Thanks.

Could you open this wine, please?

- And put it on the table, with two glasses.
- OK.

Then you can go to bed.

- Have you always lived here?
- Yes, I was born here.

It's beautiful.

Rafa was his name.

Not so much! I still have to drive.

Poupée, I hate drinking on my own.

He had a wooden boat.

He would take off his shirt

and row to the middle of the creek.

We spent many hours there.

It was so hot!

Then he bought a motor.

So we could get to the river.

I learned how to prepare
a "tanza" which is...

the thread for tying the fishhook.

I learnt how to prepare the hooks

with the "morenita",
a tiny fish, like a slug

that slips through your hands.

I learned to fish.

He was around 18 and I was...

about 14.

We would spend five hours on the river...

And we'd make love for an hour.

Or two.

When the summer came, Rafa disappeared.

I looked everywhere,

on the beach, near his house.

I called him, asked his friends...

But nothing.

And even though I wanted to cry...

I couldn't.

He had a girlfriend.

She was older than him.
But not just older, she was more vivacious.

Tall, blonde, elegant,

with light eyes.

Are your eyes blue?


Claudia was her name.

I remember the first time
I saw them at the river.

I first recognised Rafa
and then I saw her.

"Angy!", she called.

She knew my name.

I went into the river to reach the boat.
She helped me get in.

That was our first threesome.

They taught me all I know about my body.

That's why, seeing Rafa today,



in a suit,

with children...

That's not him.

Are you OK, Poupée?


I'll be right back.


That's what you wanted...

isn't it?

- Hello.
- Hi.

Good evening, madam.

What have you got to eat?

Hot dog, jumbo hot dog,

hamburger, steak sandwich.

I want a hotdog with mustard.

- OK.
- And to drink?

There are soft drinks, water, beer...

- A small beer.
- A small beer. OK.

I'll prepare it, madam.

- Please take a seat.
- OK.

I'll bring it.



Madam, can I help you?

I'm here to see Chiquita.

But visiting day was yesterday.


May I... May I...

sit there?

Yes, go ahead, madam.


Sorry about the time...

I really need to talk to you.

It's Poupée.

Pati, the doorbell!

I think it's for me.

Let her in!

Are you OK?

She's fine.

Of course, she's fine!

- Was everything OK?
- Yes, it was fine.

Bring these bags, please.

You look very beautiful!

We should be grateful
for Chiqui's return.

Can you stay?

I'm expected at home. I can't.

Has Chiqui told you about the car yet?


What is it?

The engine's fine.

I like the bodywork.

There's a dent here.

A tiny scratch, easy to fix.

On Friday then?

I'll wait for your call,
before 10am, please.


I'd like to have the car by this weekend.

- Perfect, thanks.
- Bye, thank you.

Be careful, don't touch anything.

What's the matter, miss?

- Have you seen the car keys?
- No.