The Great Arms Robbery (2022) - full transcript

Agent Wen is assigned to work undercover for a Southeast Asian military arms dealer to find and destroy some munitions. When he finally finds the munitions though, he is attacked by unknown gangsters and has to team up with his pa...

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The terrorist attack took place
3 days ago is still brewing.

Citizens are questioning
the anti-terrorism team.

The city government says
there will be new actions

to eliminate terrorism

and make the city safe again.

Sorry, the number
you dialed is busy.

Please call again...

Mr. Li.

Are you all right?

I'm good.

As soon as we send
these arms to the destination,

you'll be retired.

When your daughter finds out,

she will be so happy.

The target vehicle is locked.

Ready to intercept.

Terrorists are rampant.

The city government decides to
disband the anti-terrorism team

and form a new team.


The city government
has a strong will.



You think us, the anti-terrorism
team is merely a display?

General Qing Sheng.

Anti-terrorism is
none of your business, right?

Anti-terrorism team can obey.


Shouldn't the city government...

It's the city's decision.

All you need to do is obey.

Initiate the bomb.

Everyone, don't stop.

Don't slow down.

Keep driving.

The signal is disturbed.

Vehicle engine stalls.

Brother Wen,
the car is under control.

Mr. Li, the body armor.

Their firepower is too strong,
get back to the car, now!

Mr. Li, watch out!

Drop your weapon!

Drop the weapon! Now!

- The warhead is in our hand.
- Good.

Don't leave a loose end.


Qing Sheng.

This batch of goods
is quite important to me.

You have to help me this time.

Sorry, general.

I'm afraid I can't
help you this time.

I'm just a small arm dealer...

Do this.

I won't treat you badly.

It doesn't matter to me anymore.

I'm too old.

It's time to take a break.

All right.

If that's the case,
I won't force it.

"Munitions Hijacking Case"


This is the crime scene.

We've got control.

The army van was robbed. 14 deaths.

To all police officers in all units.

Get back to work.

Block all exits of the urban area.

- Go!
- Copy.

Be prepared.

Your father might be in trouble.

Come over.

And here. Take a look.

Check out nearby cameras.

See if there are any witnesses.


What's going on at the scene.

14 dead bodies
were found at the scene.

On-site survey.

Both sides have melee weapons.

The identity of the deceased
has been confirmed.

Li Yin-xiong himself
and his bodyguards.

Why are you hiding from your dad?

I am a policewoman.

Our standing points are different.

Even if you were the sheriff,

you are still my daughter.

If you are no longer
in the arms business,

I can go home
and have dinner with you every day.

But if you continue to do this,

I will never see you again.

Don't be upset.

Everyone! Polish your guns
and destroy the clothes.

Yes, sir.


Monitoring and interception
equipment are all set.

The communication networks
of 26 police stations

and the alarming system are
all under our surveillance.

Our technology

can delay the police's
communication channel

for more than 3 seconds.

Come on, get ready.


Here is a briefing.

Based on clues from our informants,

our preliminary judgment.

In last night's arms robbery.

4 cluster ballistic missiles
went missing.

The 4 warheads

are tactical weapons designed for

large-scale indiscriminate attacks.

Once there were a few warheads left
in the war-torn area.

After the war,

some of the warheads

were sold to international
terrorism organizations

and one of them
was used and released

in a terrorist attack,

causing a devastating disaster.

If the criminal organization
that robbed the warhead

use it against our country,

such as launching
a terrorist attack,

it will be a disaster.

Stand up.


"45.8 kg"


A total of 4 high-explosive
cluster missiles were intercepted.

Every missile

contains 4 independently
guided cluster warheads.

The explosive power

is equivalent to 5000 kg of TNT.

So far, in the whole world,

these warheads have the most
advanced technical standard.

We couldn't find the lockbox.


One of Li Yin-xiong's men

ran away with the lockbox

during the act.


Clean up your own mess!

Yes, sir!

Wen Lai is still alive.

If you can't pull
the trigger on him.

I'll find someone else to handle it.

Find him, and his suitcase.


Don't you disappoint me again.

1.2 kilometers
away from the crime scene.

A 24-hour convenience store's

probe facing the street took this.

It was 1:37 in the morning.

Facial recognition comparison
showed that

his name is Wen Lai.

Close ties to victim Li Yin-xiong.

Before the incident,

the two were in the same car.

He is the only known
survivor of the case.

We cannot rule out

the possibility of him
cooperating with the robbers.

Wen Lai.

Professional agent.

Served in special forces.

Rich practical experience.

Strong sense of investigation
and anti-investigation.

Post a wanted for him.

Citywide manhunt!

If the target is found
with a lockbox.

Kill him instantly.

Act now!

Yes, sir!

- Ready for action!
- Copy, sir!


Given the peculiarities
of this case,

it'd be better
if you don't participate.

Let me get you out of here.

My foot is stuck.

Let me help you.

You go first, leave me alone.

- We must leave together.
- No.

The box is important! You go first.

Don't bother to save me.

Hurry up.

Be sure to protect the box.

too many civilians will die.

- Go!
- Take care.


You are injured, don't move.

We have a situation.

Hand it over.

Sir, don't worry.

Please say it again.

I was downstairs of my house.

That's when I saw
the wanted gun robber on TV.


Military has anti-terrorism
operations in a block.

Okay. Notify the police
not to intervene.

- Be vigilant.
- Copy!

Li Nian.


It's too dangerous here.

You have to go.




I'll shoot if you don't stop.

Put your hands up,

where I can see it.

Turn around slowly.


I'm sorry I failed
to protect Mr. Li well.

I'll explain.

Handcuffs on.

- Nian.
- Get on the car.

All right...


Nian, I don't know anything.

I will investigate the truth

and give Mr. Li...

and you an explanation.

We the police will find out.



Li Yin-xiong has a few
mass destruction warheads.

Someone asked the EO to locate.

I'm aware you and Li Yin-xiong
are close friends.

If you take this mission,
you'll be handsomely rewarded.

I promise you.

After it's done,

she'll leave the EO.

Are you okay?

- Call the ambulance.
- Okay.

What's the problem with you?

Don't you know
how dangerous it is to work alone?

Starting today,

you can't take part
in all field actions.

When you are back
to the police station...

Join the logistics
to sort out the information.

Did you hear that?


Is this the only way to see you?

How did you get attacked?

The ambush location

was carefully designed.

Car first,

men next.


submachine gun,

light machine gun.

Reasonable combo of firepower,

neat teamwork.

Such meticulous action

is not what average robbers can do.

In my opinion,

this is likely to be related to
the anti-terrorism special forces.

Let's get out of here first.

You are wanted.

So, am I popular?

Take that suitcase

and get it over with.


Give the suitcase to the EO.

You and I can
get out of the mission.

Do you know...

I've always been thinking.

You are better than me
in so many ways.

Just can't lie.

What do you mean?

The route and timing of the Arms,

only the EO knows.

You'd better stay out of it.


You must help me.

Fight terrorism is imperative,
it's what the people hope.

Any individual or any organization

will not stop our country

in our approach to peace.

Sacrifice sometimes

is inevitable.

But if I lose the queen,

it is possible
to lose the whole game.


Find the lockbox.

Yes, General!


He has served overseas

for 10 years in special forces.

Many medals,

many secret missions.

After retiring,

all his information is gone.

It is now crucial to find Wen Lai.

Find more clues.

Did you hear me?


- Yi-bo.
- Here, sir.

- You're in charge of the first block
- Copy.

Allen, you're in charge
of the second block.


Let's go.

Let's go.


My God.

Are you messing with me?

Well, I'd say it's good
to see you escaped.

Who robbed the arms?

You know that I
cannot tell you that.

Li Yin-xiong has 4
high-energy warheads in his hands.

I need your help to find
the location of the them.

We will absolutely accomplish
the mission from General Qing Sheng.


Li Yin-xiong handed

a file to the police on July 21.

According to our man,

the file number is 34789.

It's an accusation
about you planning on a coup.

I am done.

- Get to work.
- Okay.

- I am going.
- Go.

Be there in a while.

I'll be there in a while.

Boss, the dinner is paid.

I'm taking off.



Hello, captain.

I need to check a file.

It was submitted

on July 21.

No. 34789.


We are under attack!

Attention! All units!

Police officer attacked
in backstreet.

Police uniform missing.

Criminals might have infiltrated
the police station.

All officers, take out
your ID for investigation.

All officers, take out
your ID for investigation.

Captain, I found it.


Come over...





You, come here.

Okay, go.

Next, hurry up.




What's wrong?



Step aside!


Wen Lai!

Li Nian.

Please trust me.

Why should I believe you?

Li Nian!

Li Nian, where are you?


July 21.

Mr. Li handed over
a document to the police.

Those this document will threaten

killed Mr. Li.

I am sorry.

Li Nian.

What are you doing here?


What are you doing?

What are you doing here?

What are you looking for?

Look at this rough sea.

The bottom is even more turbulent.

I'm deeply stuck in it.

and terrorism coexist.

They won't let me live.

I'll let them die.

Believe it or not, me, Qing Sheng,
can blow up a city to show them.

It is said that.

Mr. Li has a high-energy warhead?

Sell them to me.

I'm getting older.

Not the same as before.

It's time to give up.

How did you find me?

It's not hard to find you.

Don't move.

Bear with it.

You know...

It would be nice if the time
can stop at this moment.

I hope that one day,

this will happen again.

Just like now.


I feel so lucky to have met you.

You know why I can't come with you.

My family is in their hands.




3:15 PM

We found Wen Lai
in the Eastern District.

Report. Found Wen Lai
in the East End parking lot.

Wen Lai appears
in Eastside supermarket.

Act now!


Wen Lai is on the move.


We've found his location.

- Go get ready.
- Yes, sir.


Tonight, 12 am.

East Harbor Wharf.

You have to go.

The whole world is looking for you.

You can die in anyone's hands.

Handing over the suitcase
for your safe departure.

I won't go.

Wen, don't force me.

You can't do it, can you?

Let me help you.

My job is to kill you

to get back the suitcase.

Now you are happy?

Come on.

You think I don't know that

you unloaded the bullet
in the middle of the night?

It's ok.

I'll give you one more chance.

This time,

let's be serious.

It's no longer safe here.

Let's go.

I know you can't bear to kill me.

Why is the military here?

Don't know.

Kill them all.

- No one left.
- Copy.

- No entry here!
- Step aside.


- They are here!
- Copy.

Hold them down.

Excuse me, the police are...

Wen Lai!

Open the door, it's Li Nian.

It was Qing Sheng
who robbed the arms!

They're coming up!

Come in.


They'll launch a terrorist attack

with these high-energy bombs.

There will be a lot of casualties.

The suitcase must not fall
into the hands of Qing Sheng.

Come here.

Get down.



The safety exit is over there.

- You, take them away.
- Okay.

I'll distract them, you guys go!

Retreat! Now!

Go, quickly!

Go. Hurry up!



Seban, stay with me!

Seban, wake up!

You can't die.



Protect the lockbox!


Take care of yourself.

I will cover you.


Good work.

General Qing Sheng.

This is my gift for you.


Nice doing business with you.


We're taking back what we deserve!

Our voices must be heard!

To blood and honor...

"Count every vote"

"The peace agreement
is about to be signed"

Look at these politicians.

Such ugly faces.

General Kim is very dissatisfied
with the situation now.


I will give you a hand!

Our nation

have been trough

a bumpy road.


this is the chance.

What do you mean?

This is

a latest

High-energy cluster missile.


can level

a stadium.

I see, you are crazy!

What do you want?


The anti-terrorism action,

was without our participation.



General Kim.

Please, press.


The most sacred moment has come.

And we'll do this together.

Countdown starts.



- Eight, seven.
- I said, press.







"Peace Day"

"Peace Day"

The ceremony begins.

"The peace agreement
is about to be signed"

What happened?

What the...

She is still in the building.

Find her!

Yes, sir!



The only place in this building
that can get on live stream

is the communication room
on the third floor.

A unit, blocked the stairs.
B unit, control the elevators.

C unit, looking out the window.
Don't let her slip away.

- Get her alive.
- Clear.

Put the gun down!

What's going on?

The fire is too strong!

All soldiers! Hold on!


Cover me!


"Road closed"

Come with me!

"Peace Day"

Report. The general will board
the plane any time.

Be sure to protect the general.

She's no longer useful.


Get down!

Qing Sheng, you are under arrest.

For all my life,

I've given to my business.

How dare you all...


My dear daughter,

I know I'm not a good dad

for a daughter
who is a police officer.

Dad is a bad guy.

But now,

I'm going to do something good
to save the country.

When this is done,

I will retire.

You've said once.

You will have dinner
with me every day.

My daughter,

dad is proud of you.

That incident,
you really helped a lot.

The government
no longer pursues your past

and gives you permanent residency.

Many thanks.

Enjoy your freedom.

Thank you!

Good news for you.

The EO's Joseph was caught.

Your family is safe too.

You can finally
get out of this quagmire.


I've decided to quit the business.

Would you like to come with me?

Let's start a new life together.

Miss. It's time for you to board.


"Boarding pass, first class"

Won't you wait for me?