The Glory Brigade (1953) - full transcript

During the Korean War Lt. Sam Pryor volunteers his platoon to escort Greek troops to perform a reconnaissance mission behind Communist lines. Due to his Greek heritage Pryor is initially proud to accompany the Greek contingent but his feelings change to scorn and mistrust when what he believes is cowardice shown by the Greek soldiers and their leaders results in the near annihiliation of his own platoon. An uneasy alliance is maintained between the US and Greek troops as the enemy's true objective is learned.


- Stop, call the Command.
- Indeed, "boss".

- 1st Lodge, invites Praiar.
- Nurse!

The North Koreans do not mark
so good today.

They still do not succeed
this bridge.

Lieutenant Prairie is calling.

Al, here Sam.

The 5th Squadron, just retreated,
passing the river according to the plan.

Was it easy?

And suspicious. The Reds have everything
in front of the bridge.

I have the feeling they want
to use it yourself.

- What do you say we blow it up?
- Have you installed the explosives?

No, but I'll do it until you get it
the approval of the Division.

- Well, I'll call you again.
- Okay.

One day they want it,
you blow up the next one.

Do you know what steel is that?
It's American steel.

The way the Army
wasting money ...

You think we taxpayers
we have to spend.

Stepney, tell Booman to take a while
dynamite and meet me on the bridge.

- Have you called the Destroyer?
The disaster specialist, Bowman.

Hudson! ...
Sam and Bounten are out there.

- John, where's the lie?
- I had other projectiles.

Okay, we brought back work again.

Yes Sir.
Perfect synchronization, "boss".

The Division says okay.

- Ready for firing!
- Ready for firing!

Ready for firing!

- Ready for firing!
- Ready for firing!

Ready for firing!


The estimate is expressed in the Ministry of Defense
in the GER and the Engineer,

... for their cooperation
in the production of this film.

Chuck, men eat
and rest.

-I'll get the information from Davis.
- All right, "boss".

Indeed, Lieutenant.

Yes, sir, I understand.

Exactly, sir.
I have it ... I have it.

Indeed, sir, this minefield
was cleaned at 16:00.

You can use
the area whenever you want.

Yes, sir, absolutely.

Major Colonel ...
Yes Sir.

Yes sir.
I understand you, Major Peterson.

Yes, sir, we can rebuild
the bridge in 6 hours, if necessary.

Do you want more information?
I will use 1st Logos.

Head of Lord Davis,
that's right, sir.

Yes Sir.
I realize its importance.

Right, sir.
I do not see why he wants to ...

Fres, he kept all the phone calls.

This your bridge,
has created many issues, Lieutenant.

The first is that it brought
the 2nd Office here.

- Captain, the Lieutenant Prairie.
- Hello.

No one saw what you understood, but the ones
your information has complicated issues.

We are planning a major attack
in the area where the bridge was located.

The Reds are trying to make us
to think that they want it for them.

Sounds so simple.

But if they really mean it any way
patrol we send from here ...

... they encounter no resistance
until they arrive here ...

... and fall into a fire wall?

Communists conceal something.

And our Recognition
he can not find it.

Our attack will begin in 72 hours
and we need to know what it is.

Small patrols can not
to do so, so ...

... the Division sends a Greek Lodge
infantry for aggressive identification.

And of course the Engineer
will pass them across.

Keep going, Hal.

The second squad will depart at 19:00 and
makes contact with the 1st Greek Brigade,

- ... which just moved here.
- You said, the 2nd squad?

Yes why;

Nothing, just ...

I think my men will not be much
if they learn that they will be with the Greeks.

No one's waiting
to highlight, J├Ârgensen.

All you have to do is
to cross the Greeks across,

... to wait for them and
to bring them back.

Leaders think it's just
in front of their limb.

They are trained in the guerrilla.
You may learn something from them.

I do not have anything against them, sir.
Just, let's ...

I can stay with you, Hal.
Glad to change with J├Ârgensen.

- I'm not asking anyone to change.
- Calm down, calm down, I ask.

Some of my best friends,
they are Greeks, like my father.

- You know that.
- Of course I know, Sam, but ...

... we imagined we would be resting
after all that you have passed today.

We'll relax when we get back.
Who knows;

Maybe I'm with my cousins.

Okay, Sam.
Your mission is.

- Something else, Major?
- No.

We're done.

Oh, Prayor!
Stay a little, please.

Serve a cup of coffee
and put me one.

Someone scented it with a piece
tire but it is awful.

Sit down, Prayor.

Where is sugar?

Every time I rejoin it
the hut, I can not find the sugar.

I have come in and out so many times
which I feel like yo-yo.


I asked you to stay, Poirot, because the attitude
Jorgenson is worrying me.

I'm afraid that many men
they share it.

Perhaps not so many,
who you think, sir.

Or more.

Have you ever met soldiers,
I do not care what nationality,

...that they like
to co-operate with strangers?

Especially under a foreign administration?

If you talk about my men, sir,
we are together too long.

I know each one separately.
And they know me.

They still know that
my name was Privolvo.

All right, Pr.

Giving personal advice to the Army
it is the same ugly when you are a volunteer.

We are both crazy.
Good luck.


- How did it go;
- Get the kids, please.

1st Squadron ... come here.


You cheated that he
is a UN war.

Where are our allies?

Well, tonight you'll have the chance
to see some.

Sending a pass
with the 1st Greek Brigade.

Being in a posting, we will be
under Greek administration.

Some difference from the governor
what do we have now, sir?

Try to scare us,

Something else.

I volunteered to you, guys.

I thought you would like to know
some genuine Greeks ...

... instead of a blaster like me.

Too bad we'll get through them.
I wanted to see them in action.

Does anyone want to stay behind?

I get your vote of confidence
with the spirit you gave it.

Will there be trouble, boss?
I will show them the horror of Texas.

I think you will find them
very tough.

They have been guerrilla since then
that Socrates was a baby.

In fact,
they are very awesome.

All right, finish your food.
We depart at 19:00.

Terrible warriors!

Never born a soldier
and be smart?

Smile for the bird, Sam.
The reception committee is coming.

- Lieutenant Lecturer, Engineer.
- Captain Haros.

- Captain.
- Lieutenant Lieutenant.

- Lieutenant.
- Lieutenant ... Dean Marakis.

-To translate when necessary.
- Decaune.

Graduate of the American
School in Athens.

I welcome the Americans.
They are my friends.

Hold on, boss.

I mean, Privolo.

The Captain wants us to know
that he and his men ...

... are eager to do
night missions.

Luz is lucky. We are looking forward
just come back from a mission.

And I never saw dancing
ours before the action.

The Greek poet Palamas says the people
walks through history through dance.

It is also said that sometimes
he likes to fight.

Mr. Cox believes that little cognac
before the fight makes the blood boil.

She's waiting to welcome you
and your officers.

- Cognac?
- You said they were wonderful people.

As he used to do
my grandfather.

And now...
Good luck, gentlemen.

Thank you, sir.

I know we came here
for crossing the river.

When will they get to the point
these "fruits"?

Now, Sergeant, we'll see what they have to say
the "fruit" for crossing the river.

Sorry, sir.
I forgot that you speak our language.

In the present time, the whole world
speaks your language.

I've worked out the details.

You will be in charge
of the business in the river.

When we get to a point
somewhere on this bay ...

... you will choose the most likely
shore for disembarkation ... clear?

- I know the area very well, Captain.
- Welcome.

We spent a life there,
Few days ago.

As soon as we disembark,
I will take over.

We will keep absolute
radio silence.

Except to pass on any information
we learn behind their fire dam.

- It's clear;
- Clear.

I do not expect any difficulty.

You will stay on the opposite,
in close proximity.

I will move towards my goal.
I'll open a pass ...

... I will see with my eyes what it is hiding
the enemy and I will return.

- Then you'll be back to dawn.
- Maybe earlier.

Suppose they will meet
problem opening the passage?

What will happen to us?

Captain said if he did not come back
in the river at a reasonable time ...

... let some boats
and leave.

We will be ready in the river,
Captain, in 45 minutes.

Now, with your permission.

You have to understand them.
That's all.

They have never been defeated.
At least from a country of their size.

The ancient Greek warriors
were very great.

Yes, and do not hesitate
to remind you, is not it?

My father is like that.
Makes 2 continuous streaks ...

... and you think he invented
the game.

Hey, Taylor, take a look.

My wife would fool me with it.
How much do you want;

Well, American money.

He said he would give you.
But it is bad luck if you do not give something.

He only wants a pen.

Thank you, "jerk".

Shrapnel holes.
When the truck touched that mine.

- How many boats were in that truck?
- Four.

We mixed them with the others
when we switched the dump truck.

If they all have such holes they will not
we have trouble picking them up.

Hey, boss!
One more.

Recheck each boat.
Leave them idle here ...

... and we will "get" it off with what we have.
Make it fast.

Translate subtitles to listening
Nikodimos Sentinel

Unhappiness, boss.
All four boats are pieces.

This leaves us with 14 boats to
we pass almost 200 men across.


Finish, please!

Let us pray to the Lord!
To fight at our side.

He smothered our enemies
with the power of justice.

Show mercy, my God!

Let us pray to the Lord
for the fertility of fruitful land.

And for the time
of the forthcoming peace.

Show mercy, my God!


Look, Sam ... We're already
almost complete, without soldiers.

OK then.
Remove the machine guns and the mounds.

We will get what we can
to carry with our hands.

Then we will
almost unprotected.

Take a light machine gun.
Hide the rest.

You do not have to worry, my friend.
You are under Greek protection.

You heard him say. At 1-2
guards for them ... let's get started.

Take out the baskets,
hammers and machine guns.

- Where are you going with this?
- Sam said what you can carry.

- You heard him too.
- He did not mean explosives, get rid of them.

As Aunt Suzy says, it is a condoms
to make sure something is wrong.

If we do not have other formalities,
boss, we're ready to leave.


We will be fortified here. Put them on
your men make trenches.

Regional defense.

Good luck.
I wish we were with you.

You will be behind us.
It is not better.

- Decaune, find a hole to get in.
- Yes Sir.

A nice way to fight.

The Greeks armed up to the teeth
between us and the Communists.

You know, Smith ...

I bet that these Greeks
they know how to fight.

I bet he's up there,
making the lives of the Communists difficult.

Chopto, Bowman.

- You know, I used to work ...
- Cut it!

- Somebody's over there.
- Get ready!

Tell everyone.

- How bad;
- 1-2 injured, but it will be ok.

- A dead man.
- Who?



Take somebody with you and
Detect the forest.

I want to know what's going on.
A moment.

You better get Marraki with you.
Do you need an interpreter?

Whatever you say, boss.

- Crawl around.
- Welcome.

Marakis, detector patrol.

I do not understand.
Something is wrong.

- Maybe we have to come back.
- You read my mind.

Taylor, you and he are returning.
I'll see if I can find out what happened.

- Yes but...
- Go, you and Marrakesh, go.

I am, Taylor.

- What's up;
- Looks like we're trapped.

The only Greeks we saw
they had their hands high.

- Where's Smith?
- He stayed there.

Reinforced as teeth?
It was from the beginning.

These Greeks are awful.

Okay then, we have allies.
I will tell you what I will do.

No one will die,
absolutely no one.

The Greeks took the war.

All we have to do is
to take them and bring them.

Not bad at all.
Everyone happy?

Taylor, Marais, come here.

- Where's Smith?
- Still looking around.

- How many Greeks did you see?
- About a dozen.

They had their hands high.

- No corpses, no traces of battle?
- Maybe there was someone in front of us.

That's why Smithy stayed.
But I do not think so.

- The shootings were few.
- Let 's get out of here.

Captain Haros said we can
to do at will.

What do you think;

I wish we had our heavy weapons here.
But so, the only logic tells us to leave.

You will definitely leave.
But it will be a round trip.

Johnson, you will pass across and
you will carry heavy weapons quickly.

If they have a problem, we will go
and we will support them.

Jack, you, Stanny and Bowman
you will stay here with me.

The rest of the squad and the wounded
they will come with you.

Just cross over, the wounded
they can walk by walking.

Get started!

Maraki, stay here.
Maybe I need you.

Yes Sir.

Okay, Sam.
Once you want it, it will be.

Stand up, we leave.

Boomman, you and Stepney
you will stay here.

It will dawn soon.

Our platoon must where
to come back.

They should have already returned.

Go back to the river.

The whole squad, Sam.

The whole platoon!

Captain Haros is with them?

Only 23 in this group, sir.
They were cut off and attacked by the enemy.

They have not seen their Captain.

It was bad, Lieutenant ... He had to
fight hard to get through.

We came here hoping
to find them all.

I am very sorry about this.


This weapon has not thrown.

What did you fight, Lieutenant?
With slings?

But she has no blood on her,
my dear compatriots.

Like this, for example.

This is not the scarf
of Johnson?

He's the guy who gave it
initially to Johnson.

I do not think he knew from the outset that Johnny
would be killed, to get it back.

We arranged everything.

This is the last one.
The Communists took the rest.

Ours did not know
what hit them.

They knew.

And they fought.

And I got involved in it.

If we crossed the Americans into the river
Sam and encountered problems.

We wish our men
to support them, is not it?

Is not that so, Sam?

If they were our men
they would not have made a mistake.

It should not
to be here from the beginning.

It's something now
that will accompany you.

Rather to make sure
that no one survived us.

Boss, I and Chuck can
to arrange this chariot if you want.

It would give me the biggest
pleasure to accompany them.

Right, we can easily
arrange it for us.

Why alone?
Nobody saw me surrender.

Of course, he is partly Greek.

You do not have to see us
if we are left unseen.

If you fail to destroy it,
Leader Leader ...

... will not fail to find
the rest of us.

All right, guys.
Let's start.

You can help
remaining unseemly.

Let's close them in.

You certainly did not
in the easy way.

I rose from their blind spot.

We could achieve them
when they were going out of the window.

And to waste so much ammunition?

Where did you say?
your men?

- On boats, of course.
- Call them back.

We will not need the boats, not yet.
We're going inside.

Bring those ammunition
that we left behind.

They sent us here Lieutenant, to
we find what the Communists are hiding.

- And that's what we're gonna do.
- That's the job of Captain Haru.

Think, Lieutenant.
From what I saw is 20: 1 ...

... how you see the dead
or prisoners.

You suggest a handful of us
to do what a Lodge did not do.

All right, Lieutenant.
Row or swim.

I hope you do not meet
Communists as you return.

What if?

Read it.
What does the band say?

- Made in the Wilmington plant.

We will do it your way
or we will not get enough ammunition.

This is;

As you would say, you have the ball
and the bat.

And the game, that's why
never forget this.

The men here in Korea are working
10 times more than the others.

I congratulate you on how easy it is
you have solved the problem of administration.

Share things and go!

Wait here.

Let's go see
because they were so upset.

Do you know?

It is not the "hangout"
of the 2nd Lodge.

Of course, this is the bulldozer
of Pete Olson.

You see the Flag
of the Confederation?

The 2nd Lodge had a long time
to trap them.

Chuck ...
Go get the platoon.

Get the Greeks here and tell them
to make peace.

You do not have to worry anymore
for ammunition, Lieutenant.

These boxes are full.
We go back to work.

Machine gun.

I think it's very risky.

I thought you would.

You're the head.
I will make an effort.

I can send 1-2 of my men
to strike it from within.

I will handle it.
You and your men, stay here.

When you hear a grenade explosion,
come quickly, we will surprise them.

They are New Zealanders,
part of our lost patrols.

Chuck ...

Bring Stony and Bowman and collect
and others ... I want to talk to them.

When you assemble them all
Sam wants to talk to us.

Repeat children, clean them
always so fast?

Always, it is a national feature.

- Especially out there, Sergeant.
- And you use them equally well.

Words can not say
how happy we are.

But you think that
we are unworthy.

Excellent translator
Marrakis, right?

He may still explain
and what has not been said.

It's even harder to explain
because 2 of my men are dead.

And they were badly injured.

These boxes are full
with ammunition.

And we need them.
But watch out for traps.

If you have any doubt about something,
call one of the Engineer.

He translated that too.
Chuck, watch them.

Boomman, come with me
to check the hut.

- We'll leave in 2 hours.
- And my wounded?

We will hide them
in the woods with the doctor.

When we find what we are looking for
we will get them.

Lieutenant ...

Lieutenant, it does not seem
to understand that ...

... we are in the middle
the communist sector.

And you demand to move away
even farther from security.

In my book, Lieutenant, that's it
a good explanation of our work.

Heroism like yours
is very inspiring.

Eventually, maybe I have a lot to learn
under your command.


- Did you find anything;
- Nothing here.

Be careful!

You thought he could
to be trapped?

- Of course.
- Okay.

I will not leave something trapped to
stop smoking, go back.

- Let me do it, boss.
- It does not matter, I can do it.

I'm not addicted, my friend. If it is
trapped, I can and without it.

I can without many things.

Better get back.

You see;
It was not a trap eventually.

Deacon, leave us alone.

You had to neutralize it,
is not that right;

- What did you say;
- You had to act in front of Decaune.

- As you generally act so far.
- Yeah?

Gripping a grenade
in the chariot window.

By neutralizing the machine gun yourself
and then here.

- Very risky risk, Pr.
- But much needed risk, Lieutenant.

You can not accept it
what happened to your platoon.

A tragic but inevitable one
crash of war.

What does it have to do
my platoon with that?

As a Greek-American accused us
for her loss and your self ...

... because you believed in us.
Now because of your Greek blood,

you have to prove to everyone that you are
the brightest man in the world.

You might expect me to be excited
with the Greek national anthem.

I do not expect anything. The bottom line is that,
in fact you did not believe in us.

And if you do not trust men
you do not have to manage.

That's why, Lieutenant ...

... based on that you are
4 Americans vs 21 Greeks,

... I will take over the administration.

Do not bet
for that, Lieutenant.

- All good;
- Okay...

Except I discovered something
I have to tell you.

The reason they are
the bayonets were clean.

These guys always
they clean up after the battle.

Immediately after the battle.
We misunderstood them.

Hey, boss.

This guy
it took us a bass, boss.

After trapping his patrol,
he and his friend got far enough

... to take a good look
behind their fire dam.

- They did not think they would.
- Collar and infantry gathering, sir.

Incredible concealment.

Over there, about 4.5 km

They are waiting to lure our attack
and break our right edge.

Maybe I'll take this place
sometime finally, Lieutenant.

But not what you intended.

You understand the importance
this information ...

... to reach the Headquarters
before the attack?

- Actually, Lieutenant.
- Well ... take a man.

Choose yours.

I do not want to see each other again
your face, if you fail.

Yes, Lieutenant.

We'll go to the boats.
Sergeant ...

You can build bogies
for the injured?

Of course, but carrying bogies
we will not succeed.

What about the bulldozer?
It works.

We will link the trailer back and we will
put the wounded in the carriage.

How about that, boss?

It makes noise, but with so many vehicles in
they may think they are theirs.

A kind of Trojan Horse, right?

Why not;
Get a job right away.

This is an order.

I said, it's an order, Sergeant!

You heard him.

Lieutenant Lieutenant
he's ready, sir.

"Lieutenant Lieutenant
is ready, sir. "

- How did he suddenly take it?
- Are you making a bunch, Stummer Stone?

Listen, Sam knows what he's doing.

Why do you care?
about UN-law?

Someone gave him
this office?

Yes, but who has named Nick?
The Grace from the prison camp?


Nobody has appointed anyone or something.
We're the same.

Either you approve it or not.

The regulations do not write who
he must run such a unit.

I approve the withdrawal
by the Lieutenant.

At least until it appears
our Captain.

- Are you ready, Sergeant?
- Whenever you are, sir.

- What it says;
- He's sorry for us.

He said he should not
to be of concern to Nikia.

Niki comes from a mountainous area
where people are strong drinkers.

He also says we do not care
how does the rest of us feel about us?

He knows the Americans
they are wonderful men.

Tell him to cut the plate.

Sergeant ...

- We have to go back up again.
- We can not, Lie Lieutenant.

The road is too narrow for
to reverse this thing.

We can set up a roadblock. Will not
we have time to get the injured.

They will alert soldiers
from other regions, Lochia.

The war will fall on us.

Niki will tell us rather
to throw stones at him.

- Boomman.
- Yes Boss.

Do you see what I see?

Around that turn.

Perhaps, boss, maybe.

- How many dynamite balls did you have?
- Only 2 but worth trying.

I have to borrow
your "pillow".

- What happens;
- Fougas (paranaloma).

Better than
to cast stones.

Bowman ...
Tell the Lieutenant.

All right, boss.

- Wonderful idea, I would not think about it.
- What do you say now.

I never doubted that your Lieutenant
is a military genius.

Sergeant ... how did he call it?

Yes, crazy-gasoline, Lieutenant.

We used to turn the perimeter on.
We saw it from the French.

It's a terrible bay,
when it catches.

It reaches the last turn.
It will be here in less than 1 minute.

Okay, enough.
Are you ready, buddy?

We will fire with a low impulse.

Go ahead, go!

They will see the smoke, Sergeant.

Go for the bulldozer down there.

We will not be secret
for much more.

Trying to get to it
bulldozer in the river would be suicide.

And I can not let go

I'm afraid we've arrived
at the end of the trip.

Soon it will be dark.
Then I will ask Nikos ...

... to transport us
on that slope.

- We'll fight from there.
- For how long;

Until the morning this hill
will be filled with communists.

And how they will go back
the information;

I decided to send you
and your men.

Why us? ... Why do not you send?
some of your own men?

I find it prohibitive
to deny them the privilege ...

... to stay with their comrades.

I do not ask you to save yourself.
It will not be easy to pass.

First you have to escape the enemy.
Then you have to cross the river.

All this until 08:00,
which starts our attack.

But perhaps, you Engineer,
you can do this ...

... that ordinary Greeks
soldiers can not.

Are you asking me to act, Lieutenant?

How you will succeed,
It depends on you.


Tell Nick to be careful
the second speed, skits.

What are they doing;
Do they make a dam?

- Undersea bridge.
- They will have done enough at night.

That's why the identifiers
they have not found anything.

Sam, the chariots that
we were told by the New Zealanders.

They will carry the chariots
from the hill.

They will carry them through the bridge
right at Jango Hill.

Someone has to
notify them quickly.

Maybe you brought a postal
pigeon with bulletproof vest.

We were boats.

It looks like someone
it should be wet.

Of course, what you need
someone to do is to ...

... swim in the river with them
Communists throwing bullets.

And if he does, he should
to run before breakfast.

Do you have a better idea, Sergeant?

If you swim 4 ...

One might overtake
to arrive on time.

Whatever you say, boss.

Who says they can not send
4 medals at home?

I'll take mine now.

It's part of the team

They say Captain Haros has asked
volunteers to surrender.

As long as the Communists
they were employing them ...

... Captain Haros passed through
with the main force.

They had orders to show up here
in case they escaped.

That's what they say.

Let's go swimming.

With the wireless of course, certainly
we will contact the Division.

- It may appear in 1-2 weeks.
- Okay, we went through the bulldozer, right?

No one can go so late.
Charm will reach wherever he is.

It will dawn soon and we will not
no luck ... we leave, go ahead.

All right, let's get lost.

We will wait.

Hey, boss!

Kids, looks like they are
do not expect to see me again.

- Not only you.
- Where's the rest of the squad?

Everyone is dead.

- I said, where is the rest of the squad?
- They're dead.

- Captain Hare.
- Chuck, Lieutenant.

I wish I could do something.
I'm so sorry.

The Communists have torn our boats.
I need to use your wireless.

- Can you call the Division?
- No, our frequency ...

- ... is set for the Brigade.
- This is enough.

Until now, we were away
even for them.

Maybe from here.
We've seen a lot, Lieutenant.

Infantry, infantry, material,
moving upward.

I know how it is going to be
to use it.

Contact the Murray patrolman.

Coordinates of this bridge.

- Exactly there, sir.
- Wonderful, Major.

They will pass across and
they will hit us right here.

With our armor on the wrong side,
they will catch us like the mice in the phaco.

Only they forgot the bridge
has two directions.

Tell the General that he should
to see him directly, is urgent.

Call Airspace.
Communicate with them, Major and ...

... tell them to find a tall one
point and stay there.

He called Sawyer.
Tell him we're going to untie them.

Welcome, sir.

Now, better to leave.
With what's left of us.

I see we brought the enemy with us.
But help is on the way.

- The lieutenant arranged it.
- But I thought you were going ...

We were lucky on the bank.
Captain Haros arrived with the radio.

No, it did not
to "actions", right?

It depends how you mean it
this, Lieutenant.

The Regulation has not been written
for such Kind of Unit.

Sometimes, men like me,
they must see everything printed.

In great print.

Hey, Sam!
Sam, come!

- Helicopters!
- Helicopters!

We brought almost all helicopters
in Korea, for you.

Last Departure!

- How many men do you have?
- Ten!

My capacity is eight.
I'll get you all.