The Elephant and the Butterfly (2017) - full transcript



Come back up!
You haven't eaten a thing!

Hello, you've reached Olga.

Come on, Elsa, hurry up!

Hello, you've reached Olga.
Leave me a message.

You've got to be kidding me.

Elsa, please, come on, hurry up.

Olga is here.

I came by to see
how you're doing.

Can I come in?

We need to talk.



Who was that at the door?

No one, honey.

Give me that.

You lied to me.

I didn't lie to you, Elsa.
Olga is coming, okay?

Go and get dressed, please.


Hi, Matisse.

Hi, sweetheart.
- How are you?

Can you come in for a second?

- Hey!

How are you?

Olga isn't here yet.

What do you mean,
she isn't here?

Well, she's not here.
I don't know. I can't reach her.

Okay, but if we don't leave now,
we're going to miss the flight.

Yeah, I know.

Hello, hello?
Is anyone there?

Hello, hello, who is it?

Hello, hello, hello?
- It's late, we have to leave.

Stop it, Elsa.
Please stop it!

Listen, I'll call them
to let them know.

No, hold on a second.
- No, you're stuck here.

It's just to tell you
that Camille won't be able

It's just to tell you that Camille
won't be able to join you at the meeting today.

to join you
at the meeting today.

to join you at the meeting today.

No, she's at home. She has
family business to take care of.

Yeah, I know.
That's a reminder.

But I'll be there on time,
and, uh, I'm looking--


Antoine! Antoine!

So what now?
- Can you take the bags, please?

I'll wait for you in the taxi.
- Okay.

This is the babysitter's
number, Olga.

She'll be here in 5 minutes.

Come on, honey.
Look, this is Antoine.

Elsa, come here.
This is Antoine.

Come on, darling!
Look, he's a friend of Mommy's.

He's going to take care of you
until Olga gets here.


He's not going to stay long,
just until Olga arrives.

Okay, honey?

Camille, we really
have to go now.

I'm coming, I'm coming.

Right, I love you, I love you,
I love you very, very much.

You lied to me.
- Elsa, I didn't lie to you.


Hello, you've reached Olga.

Do you have games
on your telephone?

- You have games on your phone?


Don't you have toys
in your room?

Yes, I do.

Where's your room?


- You exhausted me.
- Did I?

You didn't let me sleep.

What are you doing?

You can't do that.

Hello, you've reached Olga.

Leave me a message.

What's your favorite meal?

My favorite meal?
- Yes.

Aren't you hungry?


What do you like to eat?
Ice cream?

I'm sure you only eat candy
and stuff like that.

- No? Do you like vegetables?

I eat ice cream when...


when it's really sunny,
and when it's really hot.

Otherwise you eat vegetables?

I eat vegetables.
I eat...


- Well, yeah.

Show me the other side.

You got it all over me.

I got it all over you.

Mind the motorbike!

Well, Elsa?
Don't you want to go back home?

It's this one.

Go on.

What a heavy door.

Hey, the keys.



No, but I can't come
right now. Um...

Have you tried calling
my brother or my sister?

Okay, all right, I'm coming.

Okay, thanks.

Elsa, come here.

Come on, Elsa.

We're going...

We need to go somewhere, okay?
- Yes.

Are these your mother's
car keys?


Okay, you're coming with me.

- No, wait, I forgot something.

Hurry up then.

Hello, you've reached Olga.
Leave me a message.

Hi, Olga. Camille gave me your
number, but I can't reach you.

I don't know
where you are, but...

I'm with Elsa,
and we have to go.

We'll be back in about an hour,
so call me back.

It's the blue one there!
- Over there?

Yes, next to the tree.

Stay right here, okay?

Mom, you have to stop
doing this.

It's so good to see you.

Hello, Michelle.
- Hello, Antoine.

I don't want to
stay here anymore.

I know.
- I want to go home.

I'm sorry, Antoine,
I tried to explain to your mom

that she has to stay here
a little longer, but...

Don't worry.
I'll take her back to her room.

Let me do it.

Here, put this over there.

I have to go, Mom.

You're leaving already?
- Yes. Get some rest, okay?

Elsa! What are you doing?
Come on!

How did you get out?

Well, the door wasn't locked.

Come on, we're leaving.

Fuck, I don't have the keys!
- You said a bad word.


Where are they?

I think they're
in the kitchen at home.

Hello, you've reached Olga.

Leave me a message.

You're a bit loopy.
- What?

You're a bit loopy.

So, what are we going to do now?

Take the car
to buy some new keys?

Okay, come on.

Let's go buy some groceries.

When is Mommy coming back?

I don't know. Soon, I guess.

We'll call her
when we get home. Come on.

But I don't want to go
in your house.

I want to see my mommy.
- No, you're coming with me.

Come in.
- No.

Come in.
- No. Sorry.


Come on.
- No.

You're not going
to stay here all by yourself.

Are you? You're not going
to stay outside all by yourself.

You think I can't see you?

What's the problem, huh?

Look at all the stuff
I've bought.

Look at this.

Listen, I'm going
to leave you here.

Too bad.

You'll be all by yourself.

Come on, let's go.
Get a move on!

Come with me.

Antoine, are you okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm all right.
My bag slipped.






Put that knife down now!


What were you thinking?

Why are you shouting?

You'd want me to shout at you
if you "was" little?

You close your hand
like this, see?

You press your fingers
against the knife,

but watch out for your nails.

Got it?
- Yes.

And it works like a pendulum.

Tuck your fingers away, okay?

That's too much!

You think it's too much?


The meal's ready.

Do you like it?
- Mm-hmm.

Here, wait.

The fish is tasty.
- Tasty, huh?

And you can eat the flower too.

The flower?

Okay, I'll try it.

It tastes like hazelnut.

Go on, try it.


Do you know the story
of the frog?

The frog with the big mouth.

What is it?
- The frog...

meets an antelope and says,
"What's your name?"

And the antelope says,

And then the frog says,
"What do you eat?"

And then the antelope says,
"I eat grass."

And then the frog
meets a giraffe.

So, "What's your name?"

"My name is Giraffe."
"What do you eat?"

"I eat leaves."

And then the frog meets the lion
and says, "What's your name?"

The lion answers,
"My name is Lion."

And then the frog says,
"What do you eat?"

"Frogs with big mouths.

Are there a lot of them
around here?"

Because the frog
with the big mouth

doesn't want to be eaten
by the lion.

I understand.

Can you write already?
Can you read?

Read? No.

You haven't learned to read yet?
- I can almost whistle.

Go on.

You have to close your mouth.

Not like your frog.

And you have to blow harder.

What does it say here, below?


It's the Latin name.

The name of the plant.

Who glued the flowers?
- My dad.

Your daddy likes plants?



You see, he used
to collect plants,

and then he studied them
in his office.


That's what we call
a "botanist."

What does it say here, below?




Is your daddy dead?

- Now?

No, it's been quite a while.

That's sad.

Isn't it time for bed?

I think it's time for bed.

Can you tell me a story?

Okay, but I don't know
any stories.

Wait. "The Elephant
and the Butterfly."

What's that?
- Stay here. I'll go and get it.

There. Hold on, I can't see
which one it is.

Come on.

This one?

"The Elephant and
the Butterfly." What's that?


You know the story?
- No.

Yes, this is it.
- That one.

"The Elephant
and the Butterfly."


You want me to read it?
- Yes.

But first, the elephant.

Once upon a time,
there was an elephant

who said nothing all day.

Like me!
- You say nothing all day?

That would surprise me.

He lived by himself
in a little house

at the very top
of a curling road.

From the elephant's house,

this curling road went twisting
down to a green valley,

where there was the little house
in which a butterfly lived.

One day the elephant
was sitting in his little house

and looking out of the window,

when along this curling road,

he saw somebody coming up and up
toward his little house,

and he opened his eyes wide
and felt very much surprised.

And pretty soon
he saw that it was a butterfly

who was fluttering along the
curling road ever so happily.

As the butterfly
came nearer and nearer,

the elephant felt more and more
excited inside of himself.

Up the steps of the little house
came the butterfly,

and he knocked very gently
on the door with his wings.

"Is anyone inside?" he asked.

The elephant was ever
so pleased, but he waited.

"Excuse me,
does anyone live here, please?"

Still, the elephant
never said anything

because he was too happy
to speak.

A third time
the butterfly knocked,

this time quite loudly,
and asked, "Is anyone at home?"

And this time, the elephant said
in a trembling voice, "I do."

The butterfly peeped in
at the door and said,

"Who are you that lives
in this little house?"

And the elephant
peeped out at him and answered,

"I'm the elephant
who does nothing all day."

"Oh," said the butterfly.
"And may I come in?"

"Please do," the elephant said
with a smile,

because he was very happy.

So the butterfly just pushed the
little door open with his wing

and came in.


where were you?

I've been trying to reach you
at home all this time.

Where are you right now?

Sorry. We went out for a walk,
and I forgot the keys.

What? You forgot my keys?

Yes, I forgot your keys.
- My house keys?

Yes, I was in a hurry.
I went to buy some groceries.

Okay, okay. Great.

And where are you now?
- We're at my place.

At your place? That's crazy.
Put Elsa on.

- She's sleeping.
- So wake her.

I'm not going to wake her.
She's sleeping.

I don't want her
to sleep at your place.

I'm going to call a friend
who'll come and pick her up.

That's ridiculous!
- I don't care.

I don't want her to sleep
at your place. Wake her up.

I don't get it. This morning
you asked me to look after her,

and now you want me to take her
I don't know where.

It's got nothing to do
with that!

I asked you to wait for the
babysitter for five minutes.

You think I'd have
left her with you?

Put your feet
back on the ground!

You think you can come back,
and I'll leave Elsa with you?

Have you lost it?
You need to wake up!

So what do we do?

What do you want, Antoine?

What did you want
to tell me this morning?


It wasn't the right time.

It's never the right time
with you.

Listen, how about I take her
to your friend tomorrow morning?

My mother will be at her place
at 1 p.m.

You can drop her off.

Great, your mother.

Yeah, my mother.
What's the problem?

No, no, no, there is no problem.
You decide, you decide.

Yes, I decide, thanks.

What are you doing here?

Can you stay a little?

I'll stay until you fall asleep,
all right?

Listen, hurry up
because I'm really late.

You're not that far anyway,
are you?

You'll see, she's nice.

I'm waiting for you.

Elsa, it's ready!


Want a pancake?

You want this or some milk?


Do you want sugar
on your pancake?

What, you don't like pancakes?

What's wrong?
Say something.

You don't want it?


My brother Xavier is coming
to look after you, okay?

I have an appointment.

Elsa, don't eat that.
It's gross.

Who's Xavier?

I just told you.
He's my brother.

And you, who are you?

I'm Antoine.

I know a lot of Antoines.

I'm Elsa, and you?

I told you. I'm Antoine.
What are you doing?

I'm Elsa.
And you, who are you?

Right, that's enough.
Let's get you dressed.

I'm Elsa, and you are?

Come on, stop that now.

Is it open?

Wow, you were quick!

With all your bullshit,
I beat my time record.

This is Elsa.

This is Elsa.
This is Xavier.

Hi, Elsa.

I told Julie to meet me here.

We have an appointment
at the hospital

before going to pick up Mom.

I'll be back before that.
Okay, see you later.

See you later! Antoine?
- Yes?

Aren't you saying anything?

What do you want me to tell her?

I don't know, that you'll be
back soon, for example?

Elsa, I'll be back soon.

See? She doesn't give a damn.

I don't give a damn.

You have three new messages.

To listen to your messages,
press 1.

Antoine, hurry up.
We're all waiting for you.

What the hell are you doing?
Hurry up.

The message will be deleted.

What are you looking for?
- Look.

Oh, what's that?

It's a hairband.
You want me to tie your hair?

Yeah, you can tie my hair up.

Okay, I'll do it.

This is the first time
I tie somebody's hair up.


First time for me too,
I'm telling you.

You must be kidding me.

Mr. Neuman, good morning.

Mr. Cuvelliez.
- Sorry for being late.

Indeed, you are extremely late.
- Have you read my file?

Your colleague has already
told me about your experience.

I wanted to assure you I've read
the list of specifications

for the restaurant

and that I'm ready
to respect them.

Yes, I already know.

We are very interested,
my pastry chef and I,

in the place,
the spirit of the cooking

and we'd like to preserve it.

The sale won't be made
if all conditions are not met.

Are you well aware of that?

I forgot to mention the owner
has added an extra clause.

She'd like Mrs. Rosenvalt

to continue taking care
of the garden.

You'll have to hire her
at your own expense.

That wasn't
part of the agreement.

I know, but it's important
for the owner,

It means a lot to her.

Sorry, how old is she?

Fifty or so.

It's okay for us.
- But...

It's mandatory.
She won't go back on it.

That wasn't included
in the contract.

I know. She just added it.

To preserve the spirit of
the garden, of the place,

it's a little obvious.
- Indeed.

So, ready? I'm going to try
the "swish-swish".

No, after, it's pink.

Oh, God, I'm getting it

I'm not good at this.

You really have to teach me.


Yes, I know.

I'm terrible at this.

But on my nails,
it's much easier.

Look, you didn't put any there,
and you put too much here!

I thought your nail stretched
up until here, really.

Yes, I know, it's difficult
for everyone.


We're all doing our best.

But it's a dog. I don't see
how I can explain that to it.

That's it.

How was it with the kid?
- Hold on a second.

Great. She drew some pictures,
I made her an omelet. Great.


Ah, yes.

I'm being polite,
so you should stay polite, okay?

And I don't wish
your death,

but you shouldn't say that
about the dog.

Hi, Antoine.
- Hey, Julie.

I was just behind you,
you didn't see me?

No, sorry. Come in.

We have to find
another solution.

Our mother is in hospital,
everybody works here.

Ah, yes, exactly.


Would you like some water?
- Yes, please.

I think you could understand.
You've got a dog too.

I know, but Kurtis is
alone and anxious.

Hi. What's your name?


When's the baby coming out?

There's still
quite some time left.

A month or so.

Is it a boy or a girl?
- It's a girl.

What are we going to call her?
- We're going to call her Nola.

She's moving.

Feel it here.

Can I draw something
on your belly?

Okay, go ahead.

Oh! That tickles.

I think she's feeling it.

Can I be there
when the baby comes out?

I'll be in hospital
when that happens.

Fine, you have a good day too.

You know,
I've never seen my daddy.

Well, we'll be going.
- Okay.

Yes, we're off too.

Bye, Elsa.
- Bye.

Get your stuff. We're going
to see your grandmother.

She's waiting for us.

No, I don't want to go
to my grandmother's!

Get a move on. We're going
to go see your grandma.

No, I don't want to!

Elsa! Elsa!


Elsa, come back now!

Stop it now!
Come here immediately!

Come on! No? Come on,
we're going to your grandma's.

Come on, we're going
to your grandma's.

No, I don't want to!

Come on.

No! Elsa, that's enough.

Listen to me.

Come on.

To call back
the sender of the message,

press 5.

To delete, press 1.
To save, press 2.

Message saved. Next message.

Hi, Antoine, it's Alice.

Don't forget the cake
for Mom's birthday.

Call me back.

To call back the sender...

Antoine! What a surprise!

No, no.

Hello, Elsa.

Come on! Come and see!
Come on, give me a kiss. Elsa?

Go on, Elsa.
- What's wrong?

Come here! You know what?

I've prepared everything
to make some ice cream.

The ice cream you love.
You know? The pink one.

It's better if you leave us now.
Come on! Come, honey, come!

Shall we do a race?

You're going to win!

You're going to win!
I know it!

- Hello.



I'm sorry I left you here.

You forgot this.

It doesn't matter.

Fancy going to the sea?
- Yes!

Come on.

She mustn't see us.
- No, I know.

It's really high.
- And beautiful, by and by.

It rhymes.
- Yes, it rhymes.

It's really steep!
- Yes, it's really steep.

You doing all right up there?
- Yes.

Look at the sea.
- Oh, the sea!

Wait, it's better if you walk.

Ouch, it prickles!
- No, it doesn't prickle.

Go on.


Be careful, huh?

Could I borrow some sunscreen?

Yes, of course.
- Thank you.

Come, Elsa,
I'll put some sunscreen on.

She's called Elsa.

Look at me.

Wait, come here.
- Stop it, mom.

There you go, Arthur.
It's okay.

You can go play.
Wait, let me take this off

You can go play.
Wait, let me take this off and you can go play in the water.

and you can go play
in the water.

What's your name?
- Arthur.

My name's Elsa.

Do you mind
if I sit next to you?

No, it's okay, go ahead.

My turn! I want to get on!

She's sweet.
- Yes.

What year is she in?

She's five now.


She's in first year
at primary school.

Oh, already? At five?

That's incredible.
Did she skip a year?

Yes, it was going well

and she does a lot of
different activities and all.

I put her in
a musical instrument class.

An initiation class
to music, right?

He did that,
but he didn't like it at all.

His teacher was really bad.

That's important, for sure.

She's doing okay.
She's taking piano lessons.

And she's quite outgoing.

He is too.
Two seconds on the beach,

and he comes back with
a bunch of new friends.

Funny how they just
get together like that.

That's how kids work.

I want this one, please.

No, not this one. It's ugly.

Not true. It's a unicorn.
- But the blue one is nice too.

Come on, please!

Good afternoon,
can I help you?

How much for a--
- Do you speak French?

How much is it?

It's 10 euros for half an hour,
14 euros for an hour.

And the blue one?

8 euros for half an hour,
12 euros for an hour.

Okay, we'll take
the blue one then.

No, I want that one.

Could you wait a minute?
- Okay, I'll let you decide.

Elsa, you can't say, "I want."
You have to say, "I would like."

But I want that one!

It's too expensive and ugly,
so we take the blue one.

It's a unicorn,
and it's not ugly!

Yes, it is.
- Stop talking nonsense.

Okay, fine. No quadricycle.
Hard luck.

Okay, okay, okay!
This one then.

So we're taking the blue one.
- Okay.

Wait for me here.

Giddy up! Giddy up!
- Come on, Elsa!

Hup, hup!

Faster, faster!


Hello, police officer!
- Hello, police officer!

Will you carry me, Antoine?

"Everything's fine."


Have you lost your mind?

What are you
talking about?

Why did you call the cops?
- I didn't call them.

You think I'm stupid?
Is that how much you trust me?

Calm down, Antoine.
I didn't call anybody.

What the hell are the cops doing
in front of my place then?

I have no idea, Antoine!

I'm sure it's your mother.

Stop it. My mother would
never have done that.

Of course she did.
Yet I did call her!

Let me call her,
and I'll get back to you.

It's not my mother.
She didn't call anyone.

Are you sure?
- Of course.

That's not like her.

Tell me please
what's happening.

What's going on?

Antoine, tell me!
- I'll call you back.

No, it's the neighbor.
They're taking her to hospital.

Where's Elsa?
- What?

Where is she?
- Right here in the car.

What, you left her
all alone in the car?

- No. She's sleeping.
- I don't believe it.

You left her
all alone in the car?

She's still sleeping.

Antoine, you don't leave her
alone in the car!

Yes, yes.

You never leave a child
alone in a car!

All right, I get it.

Are you near her right now?
- Yes.

Antoine, seriously, are you
aware of what you're doing?

I took Elsa to the sea
because she wanted to.

She didn't seem that happy
to stay at your mother's.

I don't care if she doesn't
want to go to my mother's!

She doesn't get to choose!
You don't do that!

I sent you a message to tell you
everything was going okay.

That changes everything, huh?
- Everything's okay.

When are you getting back?

Tomorrow morning.

I'll drop her off at your place.
It'll be easier that way.

It'll be easier for you.
- I still can't believe it.

I won't be able
to call her tonight,

but tell her I miss her
and give her a kiss for me.

Okay, I'll tell her.
- I'll be there late morning.


Are you okay?

While the elephant
and the butterfly

were talking
in the little house,

the rain simply began
falling gently everywhere.

And the butterfly
and the elephant

looked out of the window

and they felt ever so safe
and glad.

Pretty soon it stopped raining

and the elephant put his arms
around the little butterfly--


The sun and the wind.


"Do you love me a little?"
The butterfly smiled and said,

"No, I love you very much."

Then the elephant said,
"I'm so happy,

I think we ought to go for
a walk together you and I

for now the rain has stopped."

The butterfly smiled and said,

"I'd love to go with you all
the way down the curling road.

Let's go out the little door
of your house

and down the steps together,
shall we?"

So they came out together

and the elephant's arm was very
gently around the butterfly.

There you go.
That's the end of the story.

You know what, Antoine?
I love you very much.

Do you love me?
- I love you very much too.

You're going to sleep tight?
- Yes.

Want the blanket?
- No, thanks.

Is this the house?
- Yes.

- Hey, Elsa!

I'm Alice.

Hi, sweetie, how are you?

- Are you Antoine's mommy?
- Yes, I am.

Here you are. This is for you.
I made it with Antoine.

Oh, they're lovely.
Thanks a lot.


I'm so glad you could come.
- Yes.

You all right?
- Yes.


It was about time.

She's beautiful.
She looks like you.

Hey, Kurtis, buddy!

Look, Elsa, it's Kurtis!
Gimme your paw.

And the other paw.
- Hello?

I just arrived,
You've got my car?

Yes, I've got your car,
but we're in Namur right now.

In Namur?
- Yes.

- It's my mother's birthday.

Antoine, this can't be true.
Why are you doing this?

I'll bring Elsa back
after the cake.

No. I'm coming to get her.
I'm taking the first train.

I'll be there in an hour,
and I'll drive her home.

Are you sure?
- Yes, I am.

Kurtis, down, boy!

Kurtis, turn around!

Turn around!

You can pet him
because he's friendly.

He's a real doormat.

You want to pet him?

It's a bit heavy, isn't it?
- Yes.

Look what's coming!
- Look who's here!

Look, it's the cake we baked
with Elsa.


You're here too?

Can you help me for a second?
I think I might drop everything.

Oops, sorry. I'll pick it up.
Thank you.

Don't worry, we'll wait.

It's so great you're here.

Careful. My hands are full,
and Camille is here.


I missed you,
I missed you so much.

I missed you so much too.

Everything all right,
my sweetheart?

You have a good time
with Antoine?

Yes, I had a great time.

There's cake, come on!


♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you, Mom ♪

♪ Happy birthday
to you, Mom ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

Blow out the candles!

Yes, let's blow out the candles.

There's some left!
- Come on, again, again!


There you go.

There you go.
- A small piece.

Is that okay?
- Perfect.

Oh, she got some blue chunks.
She's so lucky.

And a beautiful butterfly.

Me too.
I've got some pink.

Mmm! It's delicious!

How's your job, Camille?

It's okay.
I finally managed to open

an architect's office
with a friend.

That's great.
That's exactly what you wanted.


You all right?

I'm suffocating.

I need some air.

Camille. Camille!


You knew. You knew.

And you did nothing.

Want anything?
- No, thanks.

♪ La la la la la la ♪

You can't catch me!

I can't?

You can't catch me!

You know what, Elsa?

I have something to tell you,
but it's a little complicated.

What is it?

Well, it's complicated.
- Is it a secret?

No, it's not a secret.
Well, maybe it is.

But if it's a secret,
you mustn't tell me.

What shall we do then?

I have a secret too.

You've got a secret?
You think it's the same one?

I'm going to tell you.

Want to whisper it in my ear?

Stop moving!
I'm going to tell you a secret.

Maybe if we love each other
so much,

it's because you're my daddy.

And you?

I think it's the same secret.

But it's a secret.

We don't have
to tell anybody else.

What matters is
that we both know.


What's the matter?


I'm Elsa, and you?

I told you, I'm Antoine.
What are you doing?

Come on,
let's get you dressed.

Come on.

We had a good time
together and...

and, uh...

it was nice when we pretended
to be monkeys,

we baked the cake


and we danced,

we saw the plants

in your daddy's book,

we did lots of stuff,
and it was really great.

Thank you.

♪ If I were a house,
if I were a house ♪

♪ You would be
my little house ♪

♪ Are you my little house? ♪

♪ And when we feel so good
together ♪

♪ And friendship
brings us together ♪

♪ Should we, yes ♪

♪ Should we, no ♪

♪ Should we, never
no, never leave each other ♪

♪ Put your hand in my hand
Tell me if you love me ♪

♪ Tell me yes or tell me no
Tell me yes even so ♪

♪ If it's yes, let's move on ♪

♪ But if it's no,
let's talk again ♪

♪ Bye-bye ♪