The Electrifiers (2019) - full transcript

The Electrifiers won the 1984 Best New Artist Award for a smash hit which no one remembers, and have been stuck in traffic on the fast track to international stardom ever since. Thirty years later, the band members continue to drag themselves between gigs at nursing houses and cheap B&Bs while their lead singer still believes he is a 20-year-old rocker. But just as everyone is about to become completely fed up with him, a surprising opportunity presents itself, which could propel the Electrifiers straight to the top.

One, two, three, four...

Back in the day,

we all knew a guy

who could play two chords on the guitar

like he was Eric Clapton
at the very least.

A few guys would gather 'round him
in some dusty basement,

and they'd call themselves a band.

and dream about playing Woodstock,
or at least the local community center,

Then Woodstock was replaced by a mortgage.

and office work gradually buried
all dreams of conquering the world.

But there was one band,

God knows why,
endured way beyond all expectation.

They're called

"The Electrifiers."

Don't feel bad,

chances are you have no idea
who I'm talking about.

but if you truly want
to understand their story,

you have to go back

to the days where
people still drank Tang,

ate Wimpy's hamburgers
and sat on the stoop.

I'm talking of course
about the 80's.

I have no car and no apartment...

On May 1984 they came out with
their first single,

"Besides Love"

which led to a career high point:

an appearance on "This is Pop".

It was their first time on TV

and their last.

Besides love

Besides love

The shy guy with the long hair
is Roni Katz.

Hasn't changed one bit.

But at least he's still
in the music business.

Kind of...

This is Nissim.

Nissim joined the band
for the money and the women.

And he made some money...

from working at
his father-in-law's appliance store.

Avi was a human drum machine.

His hand-foot coordination
and his stuffy nose,

paved the way to success
in his current career.

David was the hunk of the band.

He had style and charisma
and he drove the girls wild.

He always felt
he was too good for the Electrifiers.

30 years later

he realized he was right.


I have nothing to give...

Which brings me to Mickey.

The heart of the Electrifiers.

Mickey always had big dreams

Unfortunately, he never let reality
wake him up from them.

That is, until this month,
which started off pretty bad.

And then went on to reach
unimaginable heights.

Great, now turn on the hot water.

Is it coming out?

What color?

Brown? Brown is good.

No, black isn't good.

Mrs. Vizeltier,
I can't come now.

I'll text you the number
of my buddy, Shauli.

Okay, bye.

I don't get
why we're still taking his crap.

Is it his fault
he's caught in traffic?

Oh yeah?
You still buying his bullshit?

Victor, can you help me out this week?

What do you need?

4.000, and it's an advance
on the account.


Last month I gave you 3.000.

Victor, I'll pay you back.
Haven't I always?

I wouldn't ask if I didn't have to.

For two months
we've barely had any gigs.

You won't do new covers,
I can't sell you.

I'm an artist.

No, you're not.

You're an entertainer.

Get that through your head.

Some artists don't have money for food,
you still have money for falafel,

but keep this up and you won't
have that either. -But Victor...

Don't "Victor" me.

You have to do what the audience likes,
not what you want

and if someone wants you

to burp your way through the anthem,
what do you do?

Kick the guy's ass.
-Wrong, you sing the anthem.

That's why Dudu's fully booked
6 months in advance.

Mickey, you here for the leftovers?

Get back to your soup!
-Knock it off! Dudu!

Burn your tongue
so you won't be able to sing.

Mickey, stop. -Even without a tongue
Big Dudu sings better than you!

Cut it out!
-Listen to the twerp.

Moron. -What?

Besides, I told you...
-That thug...

You need a gimmick,
new energy.

What gimmick does that loser have?

Don't diss impersonations.

I'll have you know,
Dudu ends every show

with the best of Arik Einstein
and Arik Lavi songs

and it's the bomb,
the crowd goes wild.

Mickey, this is the last time.

You said that the last time.

Don't worry, I'll pay it all back.

You know what?

Lunch is on me.

You're lucky I love you, Mickey.

Rina, put this on Mickey's tab.

How's it going with your
daughter's wedding planning?

They've all gone mad,
they're off their rockers.

350 shekels per plate

and that's without a DJ,
flowers or alcohol.

We almost got
in a fist fight yesterday.

No Iraqi in his right mind books
vegan catering? They're killing me.

And it costs twice as much!

Be grateful you still have those gigs
at Hagoshrim.

Are you kidding me?

I make more
in refrigerator insurance.

Let's go!

Come on.

Hi, Arik.

We were just
talking about you.

Very funny.
-How are you?

I'm doing great, Mickey,

but you know what could be better?

If you were fucking here already!
Where the hell are you?

We've been in traffic for four hours.
- What traffic jam?

There was an accident.

Here, we're pulling up.
- Where? I'm outside!

We'll be there in 10 seconds.
-I don't see you!

I see you!
-I don't see you!

There you are! -If you're not here,
don't say you're here.

But we're here!
-You're not here!

I have bingo in 10 minutes!
-Can't you see us?

Great, just an hour late.

50 minutes.

Dear guests, in 10 minutes
Mickey Tevel and the Electrifiers

will take the stage
for an unforgettable performance.


I was a man

You were mine

I became a shell

A shell of a man

I was

What can I say?

I was a man

And now it's over.

All the kids in the big pool
who can't swim

must wear floaties. Thank you.

Thank you.

We're happy to be here at Hagoshrim.

With the trees, this fresh air,

up north

It takes us back to
one of our greatest hits,

"So Long, Lebanon."

Whoa, it's Eli the Cat!

We love you, Eli!

Look, it's Eli the Cat!

This is awesome.

It's a beloved song and...


Dude, it's Eli the Cat!

"Eli the Cat" is a song that
Mickey and the Electrifiers recorded

under the influence

that the less said, the better.

To this day he's looking for the original

in order to destroy it...

Man, I'm dying here. Eli!

Mickey, ignore him.

What a prince!
Bro, remember him?

I'm sure you know "So Long, Lebanon."

This is amazing. What a personality.
-I wrote it

when I returned from Sidon.

Dude, sing "Meow Meow."

Just do it.
-Knock it off!

Hey, butt out.
Let him sing.

Can't you see you're
disturbing the show?

Can I sing "Meow"?

Just once, be a pal.

"Meow Meow," just one time.

I love that song,
I grew up on "Meow."

Folks, put your hands together.

You too, lady.
Clap, be a sport.

Let me sing it once, okay?

Gimme the mic.

Gimme the mic, you jerk.

Put the chair down.

Are you insane?

I can get my ass sued
because of you.

Seriously? -What?

So it got a little messy.
-"A little messy"?

According to which dictionary
is what happened "a little messy"?

He started it.


we want to thank you

for the wonderful time
you were with us at Hagoshrim,

but you're fired.

Are you kidding me?

You know what? Fine.

Let's see you find someone
who'll drive 6 hours

to perform at this hotel.

I already have a lead.



Seriously, Arik.

What? He's cheaper than you,
he doesn't destroy my hotel

and at the end of every gig
he does fantastic covers.

You name it.

Arik Einstein,
Arik Lavi, Arik Sinai,

Arik Berman, Arik Sharon,

Ernie and Bert,
"Arik" by Shlomi Shaban,

Arik Rudich, Eric Clapton,

Avi Biter, Avi Greinik,
Avi Kushnir,

Avi Ratzon,
Avi Sinwani, Avi Toledano,

Doron Mazar, Zalman Shazar,
Zalman Shoshi, Shosh Atari


what's his name, that bald guy?

Nissim Garame.

You can't do this to me.

We have nowhere else to go.

We need these gigs.

Good luck, Mickey.

Okay, I get you.

Give me the check
and I'm outta here.

The check?

You really think
you're getting a check?

Why not cash?

A check...

Up until the fight
the show was good.

Everyone was having a blast.

Dude, that stings!

Don't be a cry baby.
-Don't call me a baby, it hurts.

It's a tiny cut from a beer bottle,

you'll live.

Guys, next time someone asks
for "Eli the Cat"

I'm gonna play it.
-I'm with you.

What was that about?

Like 30 years later
Mickey will agree.

But Roni, we're too
old for fist fights.

-Help me, this is heavy.

Hold on.

1, 2, 3...

That's it.

Push it in so it doesn't fall.

It's in.

Where were you guys?

What did he say?

He apologized.

Oh yeah?

Big time.

Here, Nissim.



You owe me for the gas too.

and the falafel we ate on the way?

You know what?
The grapes are on me.

That's so big of you, Nissim.


Let's pack up and get outta here.

Oh, Arik said we can help ourselves
to whatever's left over from the event.

I'm going up to my mom's
to change.

I'll say hi to your dad.



Mickey, are you here?


How's it going?

You came to take Chen to base?

To base?
Dude, it's 3 pm.


Coffee? -Yeah.


Smells like a corpse in there.

I'm going to study filmmaking.



I'm pretty sure
I'll do great this year,

I bought a new camera.

That's great,

the next Mel Brooks.

Who's he?

How's Chen doing?

You living down here
is hard for her.

She's sure you and Dalia
will get back together.

We will, it's temporary.

It's been temporary
for two years.

I just woke up, do you mind?

Dad, clean linen.

You're the best.

Just don't tell Mom.

Thanks, Chen honey.

Don't forget to talk to my commander
to let me out for the nationals.

I need his permission.

Of course I'll talk to him.

Did I ever tell you what happened
with my commander

when we went to Lebanon
and lost our way? -Yeah, 700 times.

Okay, Dad,
I gotta go to practice.

Hey. Cuckoo.


You hungry?




There's nothing like
my wife's meatballs.

Your ex.

It's delicious.
-What, no gig today?

Sure there is.

At Hagoshrim.

I'll come shower here afterwards.

that's not a good idea.

It just isn't.


can I have some bread
to mop up the sauce?

Sure, honey.

She's got a guy.

My wife?

Your ex.

How do you know?

She put on perfume,
suddenly she smells nice.

You could say I'm an expert.

Oh, you're an expert?

And she took off her ring.

Here you go.

I have to get ready to leave, so...

Dalia, you got a date?


Dalia, you got a date?

I knew it.

Bye, Dalia.
-Bye, sweetie.

Is he bald?


The junkie you're dating.


Does he stutter?


Is he short?

Bye, Mickey. -Don't tell me
you're taller than him.

-You have a date with a dwarf?

Why did I get a call from Arik
in the middle of the night?

Victor, you have no idea
what happened.

He started it.

You got brain damage?

Lay off,
I have enough problems.

What happened?



She's seeing someone.

What do you want her to do?

I don't know.

I thought this separation was temporary,
but I guess not.

She's right.

She didn't marry
some lame, lying human doormat.

You want her back?
She needs the Mickey Tevel of back then,

charismatic, successful,
a dreamer, no excuses.

The only reason I don't have
success or dreams...

is because my agent doesn't
get me any work. - You're a lost cause.

Why do I give you
15 percent of what I make?

Mickey, 15 percent of zero is zero.

Victor, you gotta help me.

I need gigs, something.

I got something.

I didn't want to offer it to you,
but this is an emergency

and I'm talking about a gig
in the biggest venue there is.

The "Pub Club" in Yavne?

Are you an idiot?
Pub Club in Yavne?

I'm talking about the largest venue ever,




America, America?
-America, America.

Victor, you're the Best!
The Best!

I love you.

Sit down, you moron.
It's not that easy.

You have to audition.
it's not the "Pub Club" in Yavne.

An audition is a no brainer.
Show him our video.

It's irrelevant.
-But it's a good video.

No, it's outdated,

it's VHS
and they got a new technology.

You wanna go back in time?

Besides, Mickey,

I said this a thousand times
and you don't get it,

you need new material,
new energy.

Again with the new and modern?
-Listen to me.

I told you that won't happen.
-I discovered this singer,

she's amazing, Anna Lev.

She sings well, looks great

and she has a gimmick.
-What gimmick?

Go check her out.

She's performing at open mic night
at "The Mouse and the Elephant."

Go check her out.

With her, you'll conquer America.
How's that?

How about this one?

What do you think?
-I don't get what your daughter wants,

what do you know
about wedding dresses?

She wants to rent a dress
for 7.500 shekels!

A dress for rent.

I found her a dress on eBay
for 900 shekels

and she can keep it, you know?

You're buying her
a wedding dress on eBay, Nissim?

Yeah, what's the problem?

He'd buy one on Alibaba, too.

Roni 250.000 Shekel for a wedding,
could you believe that shit?

Isn't the groom's family paying too?

Not gonna happen,
his dad just got out of jail.

Who's this guy?

my daughter Chen's boyfriend.

I like old guys.
-Shut up, Yotam.

He's gonna film the gig,
we need a new video.

Why do we need a new video?

Because it turns out
no one uses VHS anymore.

and someone wants to order the show
and asked for a video first.

Why can't we do this at Hagoshrim?

Because we don't have a gig there this week.
-Why not?

Why did they cancel?

You could've told us.
-Mickey, I need that money.

Guys, this is huge,

there's a huge gig in America,
tons of money.

-America? -America.

Just what we always wanted.

We just need a new video to get the gig,

and this place is perfect
for the shoot.

Hey, it's so awesome you're performing
at "The Mouse".

You're raising the age average
by about 30 years.

Let's go, rock and roll!

Rock and roll!

Penis and vag,
penis and vag

Looking for trouble again

Penis and vag,
penis and vag

They just wanna have fun with me

Yotam, like we said,

close-ups, open shots,

lots of audience reaction.

Sure, bro, you got it.


We go on after "Penis and Vag."

Let's go, Grandpa.

"The White Screen"!


Mommy, I think the "White Screen"
just knocked me up!

Thank you.
Are you ready to continue?


They're on stage,
not such a young band.

Careful with the mosh pit

'cause they're here
straight from the old folks home.

Give it up for Mickey
and the Electrified!

The Electrifiers.

Mickey and the Electrifiers!

Yes, baby!

I can't hear you, you weirdos.

Eat toast, Gramps!

Come on, let's cut 'em up.
Avi, gimme the beat.

Two, three, four!

We were just kids at school

Dreaming of being heroes

It was all so simple

Boy and girl is fine

Yes, we were innocent

Now you!

So long, so long, Lebanon

Soon I will be home

Cheering from every window
-Nissim! Nissim!

Turn it off!

Happiness in the eyes

We are together again

Living life again

There's no place like home

I have come to you

You and I, that's a lot...

Okay, I'm done.
Can we go?

Take a cab,
I still have a free drink.

I think I'll stay a while.

Yeah, nothing like a few beers
to get over a broken heart.

What? They don't know?

Yotam. -What?

You didn't tell them about Dalia?

Everything's fine with Dalia.

Yeah, she's dating a dwarf.

She is?

I didn't know, Mickey.
Sorry to hear that.

If you need help,
I'm here for you.

Nissim, can I crash at your place
for a few days?


Okay, we gotta go.

The gear's in the van.

I'm sorry, Mickey.

Yotam, you can go with them.
-It's okay, I have some beer left.

You did enough damage.
It's a disposable cup, you can scram.

Bye, Mickey.

This is so rude.
Four people is an audience, too.

Anna, we said you're going on now.

The place is dead empty.

I can sing to a wall at home...

I'm sorry,
I told you,

the lineup was delayed
because of those morons,

I had to move Lily Franco, then...

I'm done with this place,
never coming back here.

You say that every week, Anna.

Sorry you got screwed
because of us.

It's okay,
only freaks perform here anyway.

Yeah, huh?

They forgot what music is.


You guys were good.

You have good taste.

Before you punched her.

Ritchie Blackmore?


That guitar solo
was totally Ritchie Blackmore.

You know Deep Purple?

My dad played them when I was little,
Deep Purple, Scorpions, Kiss.

Sounds like a cool dude, your dad.


He's in jail for murder.

What are people your age
doing in a place like this?

Two words? Stupid agent.

He sent us here to shoot a video
for a tour in America.

Dumb-ass country,
stupid people.



What did you say your name was?


Anna what?

Anna Lev.

Anna Lev.

So you're Victor's gal.

He wishes I were his gal.

So hey...

want a ride home?

Adi, I have a ride.
Can I get the check?

It's on me.

This is her tab?

Girl, you can hold your liquor.

Where are you parked?

Some gimmick.

When did you start singing?

Remember "Bravo"?
-On TV? Sure.

You won that?

I came in 34th.

Anyway, that's where I realized
that this is what I want to do

and then this happened.

18 months of rehabilitation
and a wheelchair for life.

The best offer I got,

to be the sob story
on a reality show.

You should've done it.
I would've definitely voted for you.

I prefer moonlighting
with the Electrifiers. -Hey,

does this sound like
moonlighting to you?

Listen closely.

Check out the solo.

Yellow van, pull over.

Yellow van, pull over.



There were lots of potholes

and the van has no buffers,
it wasn't my driving.


I only had two beers.

That warrants a 30-day impound?

All my gear is in there.

Oh, no...

There goes the gig in Rishon...

You have a gig in Rishon?

Not anymore.

Victor told me
about the show in New York.

He did?
What did he say?

That we should work together,
he thinks it could work.

I'm sorry,
We're not looking for female singers.


I know what I'm worth.

I'm like you

I just need a chance to prove it.

I don't know.

Another one who thinks he's Sinatra



Hello? -Hello, Chen?
I need a favor.


I need you to get
to an impound lot in Holon.

My van's there with the gear
and I have a major gig tonight,

so get here quick
and look miserable.

Look miserable?

Look all sad, whatever,
eat some onion, garlic.

Dad, I'm a soldier,
I can't be late to base.

The home front HQ is not a base.
It's a mall.

When I was in Lebanon I...


What's this?


Look at you.

I said look miserable.

What's miserable?
Are we gonna be rounded up? -Come here.

What are you doing?
-Hold on. -Dad!

Leave me...
-I'm getting my van out

and you can't look so good.

Dad, cut it out!

What's this about?

Mom and I are getting a divorce.

She has a serious boyfriend.


that's the expression I need.

Hello, my good man.

Mickey Tevel.

it's about my daughter, Chen.

I promised to take her
and her regiment buddies

on a fun day out
and my car was impounded.

You gotta help me get it out, please.


Sir, the rules are very clear.

Please leave the premises.

Are you serious?
This is why you got me down here?

Chen, the future of the Electrifiers
depends on you.

I need you now.

Help me think of something.

Excuse me, excuse me.

What did you say your name was?


Oh my god,
what a cute name.

I'm Chen, nice to meet you.

Tell me,
do you ever listen to music?

Do you like music,
when you're off duty...

Yeah, why?

Do you know that song,
what's it called...

"Eli the Cat?"

"Eli the Cat," of course.

Everyone does,
we grew up on it.

Really? -Sure.

Just so you know,
this is the man who sings it.

He's Eli the Cat.

Oh my gosh.

I don't believe it, Eli the Cat.
-Isn't that great?

Eli the Cat.

Ask him to sing.
-I don't believe it!

You sing "Eli the Cat."

I grew up on you, dude,
I gotta have a selfie.

My kids will go nuts.

Sing it for me.

With a dedication,
my wife and kids will go nuts.

Don't forget to talk
to my commander!

Fuck, at this rate
I won't cover the buffet.

Is this any way
to run a business?

Does he always tell you
to wait here?

He says this is the middle point
between all of us.

The middle, Nissim?

You can see his house from here.


What's that smell, Avi?

What do you want?

Mickey asked me to come early,

I didn't have time to shower
after a plumbing job.

What are you doing?

You can't perform with that stink.

You know what?
Eliyahu is looking for workers.

Less stinky for you and for us.

Where's your windshield?

Don't need one.
Get in.

Where's your singer?

Hey, Mickey.


Ain't no shame
in being romantic

all night long

Time with you just melts away

It's so hot

How about an after-party in the tub

I was a kid and I still am today

Love is not a bad word,
not a bad word

I'm crazy about what you do...

Thank you!

We're so happy to be here
in Rishon with you.

Anna Lev,
Nissim Barazani on bass,

Avi Yaffe,

Roni Katz, let's hear it for them.

We want to continue
with one of our big hits,

"So Long, Lebanon."

Roni, what is she doing?
-What do you want from me?

Did you talk about this?
-Me? You brought her.

A good girl has to be pretty

Did you tell her to sing?

It's a Sarit Hadad song.

A good girl has to be naive...

F minor, Nissim.

And shut up

If you tell him what's in your heart

If you ask him why and how

He may get up and go

Don't mention a ring

There's a party in town

They say she got married

We partied till dawn

You have a reason
One comes, one goes

You'll marry too

They say a husband is bliss

There's a party in town

They say she got married

We partied till dawn...

The show looked so amazing on camera.

Let me see.

Do you do wedding videos, too?

It looks good.

I'm a fuckin' awesome photographer.


Can we just cut out this part?

It's tricky,

you have to take the roll
and then cut it

and then splice it back

and maybe cut it again
and splice it again.


you dinosaur,

you can do anything these days.

Then use some special effects
to make Roni look better.

To make Avi smell better.

Anouchka, you totally blew them away.

I haven't heard backup vocals
like that in a long time.

I'm pleased to officially announce,

Anna is one of the Electrifiers.


Way to go, Anna.

Excuse me, Mickey,

no offense, Anna, don't you think
we should discuss this first?

What's to talk about?
The girl's a hit.

But it's a decision
we have to make together.

Okay, let's vote.
All in favor?

It's been decided, Anna's in.

For once a week at Hagoshrim?

Hagoshrim is passé, Roni,

we're on our way to America.

Nothing will come of it.

You want to keep doing gigs
at hotels?

How many more years do we have?

The video's ready,
I'm Spielberg.

Send it to the producer in New York
and let's tell Victor.

Go on, send it.

Hey, Victor, you fatso, how's it going?

Hello? Who is this?

Oh, Margalit, sorry.
Is it beneath him to answer the phone?


Hey, Mickey.

Hey, Shimi, how are you?

It's a very sad day.

We're a dying generation.
They don't make 'em like us anymore.

Mickey Tevel.

-What a loss, huh?

Yes, we're a dying generation.

What's with you?

I'm fine,
I'm working on a huge project,

but I can't talk about it.

Okay, great, good luck.

How about you?

You know,
I'm working on a new project,

but I can't talk about it.

You mean with Shimi?


No, nothing.

What's new with you?

Oh, we're...

we're going on tour in America.

-Yes. -Wow. Nice.

Good afternoon.

Son of a bitch.

Signing with a new agent already,
the guy has no shame.

Shimi, what a tragedy.

What a world.

A man's funeral
turns into a mingling event.

Hey, Mickey.
-Hi, Si.

Hey, Roni.
-Hi, Si.

Hi, you look great.
-Thank you.

It's so sad, just awful.


How are you?
-I'm fine,

I'm working on something big,
a secret project.

"During your lifetime
and your days

"speedily and very soon,
now say, Amen."


"May His great name be blessed
for ever and to all eternity,

"now say Amen."

"May He who makes peace in His high places
grant peace upon us,

"now say Amen."

I want to call on David Katan

to say a few words
at the deceased's request.

Thank you, Rabbi.

Dear people,

Victor is not only a friend,

a manager, a mighty shoulder for so many
artists to lean on.

Victor asked that I sing a song
to conclude this dignified ceremony,

a song he loved,
let's let the music do the talking.

Zingarella, what shall we give her?

A little love she doesn't have

Without notes we shall play

Zingarella, Zingarella.

Cut the bullshit!

Victor didn't even like this song.

You wanna come up too?

Come on,
what'll you sing for him?

"Eli the Cat"?

Ignore him, Mickey.
Let's get outta here.

He's not worth it.

Zingarella, what shall we give her?
-Ignore him. -All right already.

A little love...

Victor never liked that song!

There are low moments in life,
rock bottom moments,

and you think you just can't go lower...

Mickey found a way to fall even lower.

As low as it gets.

Can you believe that we're all gonna
end up here soone.

You're welcome to stay here.

The man has lost it.

Because of Dudu, that scum.

15 years
and he's still not over it.

Over what?
Pass the...

That we kicked him
out of the band.

At this rate
we'll be playing with Dudu real soon.

We're burying Victor
and the Electrifiers on the same day.

God forbid, don't say that.

Mickey, I'm sure that Victor
is real proud of you now.

He hated that song.

So what now?
What's with America?

I don't know.

Ask Victor.

I have a shift, I gotta go.

Drop me off in Kfar Saba,
I got a clogged pipe to deal with.

Let's go.

Do you have a photographer
for the wedding?

Everyone films with phones nowadays,
who needs a photographer?

Too bad,
I love those photo magnets...

You coming?


Are you okay?


If you need anything,
I'm here, all right?

To listen to the next message,
press 1.

Mickey, your laundry is ready.

And the neighbors asked again
how much longer

your van is gonna be
parked outside.

Hey Mickey, it's Yotam.

I was sorry to hear
about Victor

and I also wanted to tell you
that I sent the video,

maybe it'll get a response.

Mickey, how about the Electrifiers play
at Lironi's wedding instead of a DJ?

Like a wedding gift.

But you'd still have
to give a check, huh?

Mickey, it's Arik from Hagoshrim.
Listen, you piece of shit,

you swiped liquor
worth 700 shekels, I...

You have no more messages.


What time is it?
-Is this Mr. Tevel?

This is Michael Rosenberg
calling from New York. -What?

We tried calling Victor Elbaz last week,
but we couldn't reach him.


Avi, if that's you,
I'm gonna kick your ass.

Avi? What is Avi?

Is this Mr. Tevel?

Mickey, yes.
Mickey Tevel on the line.

Excellent. Well, we saw your video

and I want to tell you
that we are very impressed.

Impressed? Fuck!

What? -Luck!

I mean "good luck," you know?

Mazel Tov.

Okay, so we're coming
to Israel next week,

we'd like to know if there's any time
we can come and see you perform.


We perform all the time,
many times.

Oh, well, we're coming next Thursday,

we're going to be staying
at the Goshrim Hotel to see...

"Big Dudu" next Thursday.

Thursday at Hagoshrim?

What a coincidence.

We also perform Thursday
in Hagoshrim, Thursday.

Wow, awesome! That's gonna save us
a lot of valuable time,

so we'll see you there
and it was really nice talking to you.

Nice talking to you too!

I look forward to meeting you.
All the best, bye bye.

Impressed, impressed, impressed!


It's Dudu against us?

Dudu Dudu?
-Who's Dudu?

Looks like it.
-We'll see.

That fuckin' son of a bitch.
-Dude, it won't be easy.

This joint is the bomb.

Who's Dudu?

He does all those impersonations.

Arik Lavi, Arik Einstein,

Arik Sharon!

Dudu is not the issue.

What then?

they don't want us to come back.

What do you mean?

Arik the fatso got
a restraining order against us.

But they made it up to us
with alcohol.

Not exactly...

Not exactly how?

He won't be thrilled
to have us perform there. -Great.

Son of a bitch.

Mickey, wake up, okay?
There won't be a show.

We have to perform!

When we get back from America,
everyone will be standing in line.

Look at us.

We don't have the look,
we don't have a fuckin' venue,

stop going on about America!

Who am I doing this for?

I can perform
with playbacks like Dudu,

but I don't,

because we're
Mickey and the Electrifiers.

Then find an agent
to get us gigs here.

Option no. 2,

for once in your life,
just once,

stop being a bunch of Chihuahuas
and start fighting.

Let's put our heads together
and come up with a solution.

Watermelon with feta.
-Yotam, shut up.

Whoever doesn't like it
can walk out the door.


I meant walk or roll out the door.

I have an idea.

We just have to take Dudu
out of the game.

On the way to Hagoshrim
he always stops at the disgusting hot dog stand

at the gas station.

This time we'll be waiting.

When the time is right,
you jump out of the van

and dump sugar in his gas tank.

It's genius
because it's so simple,

he won't make it to Hagoshrim.

Eliyahu, any hot dogs left?

Fuck that piece of crap.

Fuck that motherfucking piece of shit.

enough with the foul language.

Mickey, he's coming back to the car!

Hold on,

-We'll miss the opportunity.

Anna, hold on.

Here... Here...

There you go.
Like clockwork.

What a loser.

Put these on
before you get out.

What are these?

Let's celebrate

Like we did last year

Where's the tank?
-It's not here.

It's not here either.
-Then where is it?

Maybe it's an electric car.

Here it is, you morons.
-Oh, yeah.

-Gimme the sugar.

Good for the country

Hey, so let's...

-What is that?


Brown sugar, you idiot?

It's healthier
and it's what I had at home.

Healthier for the engine?
-Come on!

It's not even real brown.

You think it won't work
'cause it's brown?

Nissim, you've been had.
-Nissim, you're such an idiot.

Lay off me! Gimme that!

You wanted sugar? Here!

Take it! -Quiet!
-Brown sugar!

Mickey and the Electrifiers.

Sugar in the gas tank?
Are you infants?

Sugar or no sugar,

no Hagoshrim for you tonight.

Dudu I'll crush you.

You think you and those losers
can take down Big Dudu?

Now, Roni!

Roni, give it to him!

You can't defeat me on stage
so you take me to the street?

Have you no shame?

Allow me to say one thing,

no one,

but no one

outsmarts Big Dudu.

Good night. Good night.

Bye bye.

Hello, Dudu?

You're not picking up,
the producer from New York is here,

I have 400 people
from the Airport Authority

and Haim the clown is about
to have a stroke. Get over here.

Come on, we're going on.

Mickey, going on where?
I said you're not performing here

and if you don't leave,
I'm calling security.

Dudu isn't coming.

How do you know?
-I know.

Help! Open up!

But if you want us to leave,
we'll leave.

We'll leave you here
with Haim the clown.


You wanna perform, don't you?


Guys! We're going on!

Just this once.

Come one and all,

come as you are

And listen to the song

that I will sing for you

Come one and all,

every boy and girl

This is the song

that I dedicate to you

This is a happy song,

this is a song of love

To everyone who's here to sing,

welcome one and all

Because the beat

of this song is jumpin'

If you want to sing

jump right in

Help! Help!

I'm locked in here!

What is this?

Son of a bitch!

Thanks, bro.

I'll split his ass in two!

Because the beat

of this song is jumpin'

If you want to sing

jump right in

Big Dudu is gonna fuck him up!

Big Dudu is gonna
fuck him up big time!

Why red? Why red? Go!

What's going on here?



I haven't seen energy like that
since the gig in Ashkelon. -Yeah.

At least you won't skimp
on your daughter's wedding.

Me? Skimp?
But I gotta think logically!

Mickey, I haven't had this much fun
in a long time.

Avi, music is like sex.

After you haven't done it for a long time-

it feels so awesome!

Who has sex these days?

I do, a lot, with Chen.

Mickey, you got a text.

"You were amazing,"

four exclamation marks,

winking smiley,

"See you in New York."

Wait, what does that mean?

That we're going to America!
-America? -No!


Nissim, America, America!

In the end we'll make
some real money with you... -America!

Can I come with?


First of all, props to Anna

who saved us tonight,
am I right?


Anouchka, Anouchka,

Anouchka, Anouchka.

Anouchka, Anouchka, Anouchka...

Chen, would you please talk to me?


I got the visas,
we're off to New York.

Will you please talk to her?

What is it, sweetie?

Because of your stupid DMV
I'm getting court martialed

because I was late to base.

And now I'll miss
the national competition.

Why didn't you call
my commander?

I did!

I left him a message,
this is so not okay.

Dad, just stop it,
I've had it with you.

Chen honey, I'll fix this.

You won't get court martialed,
I promise you.

At worst, detention.

Chen, you know what I went through
in Lebanon?

Go hug her or something.

Standing here like a carrot...

Are you nuts?

I think you're exaggerating.
-I'm exaggerating?

Exploiting the fact your daughter
will do whatever you ask

just to get closer
to her cool father,

and she's the only one
that thinks you're cool,

not some pathetic old man.

Let's calm down, okay?

So you have a gig in New York...
-It is a big deal!

People relate to our music.
They chose us.

The Electrifiers are back big time.

There's no end to this...

You won "Hottest Band" for 1984.

What's next?

Mickey Tevel and the Electrifiers
are going to conquer the world in two years.

Come, ma'am, this way.

I'm with her. -Okay.

We are with them.
-Sorry, that way.

There's another big producer
I want us to meet, Saul Levine.

He has tons of connections.

He books gigs for all the Israelis
on the East Coast.

Eli the Cat?

So, America, huh, prince?

What's "Eli the Cat"?

A hit we once had.

You had a hit?
-Yes, Anna, we had a hit,

but I hate it.

That cat ruined our career.

Then why did you write a song
about a cat?

We had a sound tech, Eli,

a stoner with a ponytail.

He used to hit on 18-year-old girls.

His line was:

"You know it's my birthday?"

So we were in the studio,
and just for laughs-

I sang, "Who's the birthday boy?
Eli the cat" and the band joined in.

"Meow meow mitzi mitzi,"
and we had a kiddy hit.

That's funny, but why a cat?
-Because he was sly.

Foxes are sly...



You're all traveling together?
No. -Yes.


Where are you coming from?
-Rehovot. -Israel...


Purpose of your visit?

See? I told you,
you look like Nasrallah.

Shut up.

What do you have in the case, sir?

What? What did he say?

He's asking what you have
in the guitar case.

Then tell him.

Just a guitar.
-A guitar.

Yes, I...

I'm guitar player.
This is my job in Israel.

Your job?
-In Israel we have a band.

-Now we are just traveling.

Just traveling...
No performance...

Lay off, let me tell him.

Officer Howard, please.

Officer Howard?
What happened?

He's on to us
that we came to work here.

I told Mickey
we need a special visa.

Stop stressing.
Don't look stressed out.

Mickey, where are they?
It's been an hour and a half.

We'll make it, don't worry.

We're cutting it close,
we'll be late for the balance.

Hey, that's their stuff.

Right. Don't look.

It's not mine.
-Close the door.

It's not!

Close it.
-It's... No.

Come here.

-What happened?

They're on to us.
We can't leave.

What's with Nissim?
-He doesn't feel well,

he was grilled for 30 minutes.

He told them
we have gigs in New York.

I told him to send the guitar
with the luggage.

It wouldn't have done any good,

they got an email,

"Big Dudu."

That filthy son of a bitch.

We have to buy
our own tickets

back home by tonight

and we can't come back
to the U.S for 10 years.

Shit, shit, shit!
-Yeah, shit, shit.

Very big shit.

What happened?

They want to send us back to Israel.

Bend down.

Not all of us, them.

Talk to the official
in the room next door,

join us, we'll talk inside.

We don't have to, we're out here.
-Hold on, Anna.

-They were caught, we weren't.


They don't know about
me and Anna, right?

No, I don't think so.

Are you serious?

At least we'll get paid

and you'll get your share,
like we agreed.

Are you kidding me?

How are you going to play
without us?

I have a flash drive
with all the playbacks.

For 30 years
I've been swimming in the mud with you,

taking your crap,

lousy gigs,

feeding us lies and promises,

shows in America with no visa,

and now that your friends need you,

you go and stab them in the back?

You don't get it,
I'm doing it for you,

so you can get the money,
real money.


You don't get it!

You're getting in here now,
or I swear to you

I'm giving immigration your name,
and they'll lock you in here.

Roni, you won't do that.
-Try me.

It's at moments like these
that people realize

they have to do the right thing
for once in their life.

Mickey realized that too.

Move, move, move!

Handicap! Move, move!

Gas, gas, gas, gas!

Put gas!

Wait, wait.

Go, go, go!

You couldn't do anything for them.

Are you sure this is it?

I think so.

They were supposed to be here
20 minutes ago.

-Hi. -Hey.

How are you?
-Fine, thank you.

I was worried
you weren't going to come.

Where's the rest of the band?

The band, they...
The musicians, two policemen came...

They had problem with visa,
it's just me and him.

Don't worry.

Put me on the stage,
people go crazy.

Okay, so come on, please,
follow me.

Everybody's waiting.

Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome the main event
of the evening.

Where is the show?
-It's here.

-Can't you see it's here?

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
from Israel Anna Lev and her band!

Let's start with Hatikva.

It'll open up their hearts
and also their pockets, okay?

As long as in the heart within

The Jewish soul yearns...

And towards the Eastern edges

Oddly enough, the one that
made her dream come true was Anna

who became a big hit
with the American Jewish communities...

As for Mickey...

it was there, of all places,

gazing at the view he always dreamt of,
the land of endless opportunities,

he realized that his opportunities
are pretty limited.

He lives here?

Word is he's all messed up.

He hasn't spoken to anyone
in a week,

besides me.

Did you bring him some food?




Maybe he's not home.



We brought you your wife's meatballs,
the ones you love.

My ex-wife.

Dad, what's up?

How about going back
to living outside Mom's place?

What for?

This is better.

Good night.

Are you nuts?

So you're not a superstar,

so your gig in America was a bust.

So what?

You think this will make you happy?

This is nothing, Dad,
this isn't life.

This isn't life!

Fine, gotcha,
you don't want to talk?


But get up, take a shower,
find a new job,

find a decent apartment.

Dad, you're an idiot.

But I love you.

Mickey, I love you too.

Mickey, empty out the trash cans.


Mickey Tevel.

Finally found your calling
after all these years, huh?

The ketchup's empty.

Choke on it.
-Thank you.

Napkins, please.

What do you want, Dudu?
You took everything I had.

I didn't take anything, Mickey.

You started it,
don't forget that.

Me? -You kicked me out
of the Electrifiers.

You started doing solo gigs
even before you left the band.

I had to make a living and you were stubborn,
you wouldn't perform with the cat.

You know much we would've made
with the cat?

You know how many gigs
we could've played with the cat?

What are you going on about?

You were jealous of me...

No, no, no.
I won't let you play the victim again.

I gave my life to the music,
to you and the band!

I didn't get married,
I never had kids!

You had it all
and you still treated us like shit.

Some crappy profession
we chose, huh?

No one told us at 30
that being a singer at 60 is not that cool.

What would you have done instead?

An architect.

A Pilates instructor.

A vet.

A car mechanic.

Oh, and there are those who
take the dogs for a walk ...

Mickey may have lost
his chance to make it in America

and lost his local career
and his dreams and dignity,

but there's one thing
he still may be able to save.

No extra tables without my say so!

No more.
-Nissim, we have guests.

Fine, the idiot...

Hello, thank you for coming.
-Thank you for coming.

I appreciate it.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you for coming.

Hi, guys.
-Hey, Nissim. -How are you?


Thank you. Chen honey.

How are you, Roni?

Not bad...
-Come here.

This is great.

Where's Mickey?
-I have no idea.

We're not talking.
Didn't you guys talk?

I heard he's living
under a bridge in Bnei Brak.

Maybe I'll go visit.

Tell him he still owes me
for the cab to the airport.

I think you can tell him yourself.

What's he doing?

Good evening.
Sorry to disturb you.

I'm Mickey Tevel,
for those of you who don't know me

and I'd like to dedicate a song
to the people who matter to me the most,

the people I hurt.

I've missed you.


Ladies and gentlemen,

I'm proud to invite

my best friends to the stage,

Nissim Barazani,

Avi Yaffe and Roni Katz.


Give it up for the Electrifiers!

I admire Mickey.

Mainly for daring to dream
and never giving up.

So what if he couldn't fulfill them
and couldn't even change himself,

but hey,
he changed my life completely.

That song was written about me.


Hi, I'm Eli.

Can you believe it,

today's my birthday.


Happy birthday.


Look at them.

Just like 30 years ago...

This may be the first time
I've seen Mickey so happy and relaxed.

Because if you think about it,

your dreams
are what you make of them.

And at the end of the day,

what does one need in life
other than family and a few good friends,

and lots of good music.

And once

you realize that,

you can really let go and start enjoying
the things that life gives you.

She needs
the good old Mickey Tevel,

with dreams,
with excuses.

No excuses.

Lay off!

Stop making fun of me.

Fuck Hagoshrim!

After all that, take a bite.

That was spicy!

Wait, I'm throwing up in my mouth.

I told you,
you look like Nasrallah.


Good night. Bye bye.

And now, Big Dudu's
famous medley of impersonations.