The Crimson Sunset (1977) - full transcript

Fill 'er up, hurry up!

The jerk is completely deaf.

He is completely deaf,
he is completely deaf.

Are they taking you
to the country, buddy?

We're leaving.

Why isn't the toilet working?

Hey... (...)
Fill 'er up, quick!

Am I supposed to wait here forever?

Could you check the oil for me?
- Sure.

The holy trinity.

The Crimson Sunset

You're driving like a lunatic.

I thought we were going to use
this summer vacation to relax.

Just look at them.


No one should live around here...

...except maybe during the summer,
if any summer comes at all.

Which is why most of these
secluded places are all deserted...

...the minute the road reaches them.

Then the men realize there is
actually a way to escape this place.

Summer vacation.

I've always said that the

Well, that's how she's been

Maybe we should just
cancel the whole thing.

Go to a real hotel, like
those boys driving the jeep.

We're twenty years too
late for that, pal.

Just think how peaceful it will
be and those old houses.

This is just what we need,
a few days of peace and quiet.

You know what, I may be staying
for a month or even longer.

These photos in the book, do you
think the place looks like that?

I promise you.

Is this the place?
- I think so.

It looks like everybody's dead.

Are you crazy?

The dead need some help waking up.

You never know, accidents do happen.

Put the gun down for christ's sake!

This is a bird of prey,
destroying nature.

Protect nature...(...)
- You think so, eh?

Oh, my fishing rod.

Good day.

Or rather, good evening.

Are you waiting for someone?

You nailed it.

So, is there another way to
get there besides the boat?

Not likely. Unless you're
able to fly like the fulmar.

I see. Perhaps that is the reason
why the village was deserted?

I guess so.

The population was at least 200.

But everyone left once
the herring had vanished.

Do you know who the man is?
- No. Why do you ask?

I was just curious.

Never seen him before.

A radio?

I wouldn't call it that.
- And this?

This is just some useless junk.

Can we borrow it? I will pay.

You won't receive any transmissions
between these mountains.

This mainly comes in handy to signal
other ships on the high seas.

It has been malfunctioning lately, but
you are welcome to take it if you want.

No thank you.

The main thing is to get away, escape
the stress of the city and the phone.

And what have the gentlemen got
planned once they get there?

Fix the old houses, build factories
and make lots of money...

...then we build casinos and whorehouses.

By the way, I've been wondering.

Wasn't there some woman
who lived there...

...long after everyone
else had left the place?

She died three years ago.

The body had begun to
decompose once they found her.

The poor fool never surfaced.

The poor fool?

Her son. A real simpleton
whose boat crashed.

Did he drown?

I guess the sea greeted him, since the
poor boy wasn't welcome anywhere else.

They found the debris from
his boat later that autumn.

This was seen as a
murder investigation.

How was she able to
live at that place?

That is the mysterious part,
how could she live there?

Maybe elves and spindles
kept her company?

Perhaps she just died once
the poor fool had perished.

Do you go there often?

Nowadays, no one visits
the place, not a soul.

A wasteland as far as the eye can see.

If we would crash around here,
no one would know about it...

...except the one who knows everything.

And we would probably be dead by then.

Whenever I hear someone mention a fool...

...I think of the fool from
The Saga of G?sli S?rsson...

...the one who was kept tethered
to a pole and would eat grass.

Tied to a stall, like an animal.

Daddy's coming tomorrow.

The fucking radio doesn't
seem to be working...

...unless this is some
kind of modern music.

We should have brought
along a walkie-talkie.

We'll only be there
for four or five days.

Four? I'll need to make
a phone call on Monday.

We will tell him to pick us up on Sunday.
- He better, otherwise I'll kill him.

So, it looks like the dream
is finally coming true.

Yeah, just think how many times we've
made this trip in our minds.

Is that ship supposed to be there?

This is a relic from the southern part.

Now the plan is to
unwind. Relax and rest.

Yeah well, it can be
quite tricky to relax.

Give my regards to the fulmar.

Oh, and be sure to bring some employees
on Sunday to work in the whorehouse.

You could almost think that
the people just left this place.

We should have brought some
ladies along to squeeze.

This is it.
- Are you sure?

It's the one from the photo.

Just... just imagine if there were
two broads still hanging around here.

Don't you think they'd
look pretty raddled by now?

Resident of ravines, ancient waterfall.
The gorge between women's problems.

What's going on? Have you
become obsessed with the ladies?

Yeah, this one is nice.
- Don't you think so?

She'll bring us luck.

Listen, did you know that
there were two cars here once?

Cars? Here?

What were they doing with
cars in a place like this?

One was a truck that was
used to get sand from up there.

And the CEO owned a luxury car.

The cars had only been here for a
few months when they got in a collision.

No. I don't believe it.
- I swear.

Just imagine, two cars
in the entire village...

...and somehow they manage
to crash into each other.

How is that even possible?

Can't you picture it?

This is too much.

Listen, you know what?
I read this somewhere.

I read somewhere that
Selma J?nsd?ttir, Miss Iceland...

...around 1957-1960,
she is from this place.

It's true. The prettiest girls usually
come from the ugliest places.

Are you finished?
- Yes, throw away the rest.

Just think about it. All these
people just leave their houses...

...and abandon the village.
All these houses!

There's gotta be something
they can be used for.

The last ones to leave this place,
were some halfwit and his mother.

The devil and his grandma?
What were they doing here?

I said a halfwit and his mother,
they were the last to leave.

Yeah well I would have pinched her.

When I was sent to a farm as a kid,
there was a halfwit who lived there.

No wonder, with you there.

And I'm telling you,
he got seriously mistreated.

No kidding, so everyone was
bad to you on that ranch?

Stop acting like a kid.

Is it my fault that you were
known as a halfwit on that ranch?

The profit from the herring harvesting,
it must be hidden somewhere around here.

Where are you going?
- Something I forgot.





Get over here and check this out.

Is something missing?

No, I just thought I'd
left my sweater there.

You had it on the boat.

Are you sure?
- Yeah.

No, I have probably forgotten
to take it along.

You saw it yourself, it
was lying on top of the heap.

Well, in that case it
must be in the house.

Unless that man stole it.

And this is where people would gather,
without any schnapps. Perfectly isolated.

Stairway to heaven? Straight up to heaven.
- The follies of men have no limits.

Building all these structures.
- Perhaps this was the CEO's office?

It must have been at least this big.

Shall we explore the heavens?

I'm not planning on
joining God, not just yet.

Downward instead?

Isn't that the direction we're
constantly heading towards?

Next please!

What can I do for you, my good lady?

Well, it happened like this: Gunni
the doorman told me that I could come...

...inside the party as long as I
would let him come inside me later.

Gunnar is a fertile lad, isn't he?

Please lie down on that couch
over there my good lady.

First the shoes, then the panties.
- There is nothing wrong with my panties.

Well, you never know,
you might be a nymphomaniac.

On the couch.

Enough, let's go.
- Don't be scared, I won't bite.

Fucking stop already!
- Get on the couch.

Quit acting like a goddamn moron.

Take it easy.

You could have a miscarriage.

Hey, what are you doing! Are you nuts?

Come on, get over here.

Fine, go kill yourself then.
- What's wrong? Acting like a woman.

Get over here. Come on, come on.

This must have been the
room where the CEO lived.

And at least two or three girls in
every single room to choose from.

A paradise, harem.

While we are stuck
with the same old broads.

We have to make do with what we got.

It's just as well they
don't know where we are now.

I told her I was going fishing,
that we were going fishing.

Listen. You want to know something?
Something special concerning the CEO.

Not only did he sleep
with the herring ladies...

...but also with his money,
like a dragon protecting his gold.

He stuffed it in the mattress.
I'm telling you, it is full of money.

Fucking scumbag. Stealing your sweater.
- What have you got against him?

That expression on his face. Guys like
him have a certain smell around them.

That is all in your head.
Aren't you worried...

...there is a Russian spy
following us too?

I'm sure of it.

I remember there was a guy
like him back on the farm.

Oh right, when you were
considered a halfwit?

Guys like him always hide
a dagger up their sleeve.

Listen, I'll tell you what we'll do.

When he comes back to pick us
up, we will seize his boat...

...and leave that old fuck right here.

You could just shoot him in
the face with the shotgun.

Oh, that would be too good
for him, way too good.

Or even better, we could
transform him into guano, right?

We'll start the factories
and make tons of money.

I have a feeling he wouldn't pick us
up if he knew what we were planning.

He wouldn't pick us up?

No, he will pick us up alright,
you can be sure of that.

We could also crucify him
and turn him into a saint.

Hey, where are you? Here, catch.
- And one to the sky.

Last one.

Enough, let's go.
- Just leave me here.

Come on, I'll help you up.

Yeah I never knew why he kept
taking food down to the basement.

Once... once I followed him down there.

I hid behind some sacks
that I found there.

So he wouldn't see me.

And then when I heard the noise...

...I was so scared that I knelt
down and didn't dare to move.

And when he left, he locked
the door behind him and muttered:

"Your daddy's coming tomorrow".
Like he was talking to someone.

Hitler's plan was to
kill all the halfwits.

Except one. He left
himself off that plan.

I heard these noises
of his plenty of times.

All you needed to do was
put your ear to the floor.

Just think about it. Tethered in some
filthy basement, like an animal.

An animal? At least he was
reasonably cheap I guess.

I am trying to tell you a
story and you keep ruining it.

There's nothing funny about it.

He must have had longevity
since he was locked inside.

I won't tell you the story.
- Take it easy.

Come on!

So you knew he was being locked up and
beaten like an animal, right? What then?

It was easy to come to the conclusion
that this was some kind of...

...a monster or something like that.

Once, it was on a Sunday,
I had been out riding.

I came home earlier than I
had originally planned.

And that's when I realize that
the whole family wasn't home.

The man, his wife and daughter,
they had all gone to church.

And that was the opportunity I needed.

Listening? I grabbed the
key and crept downstairs.

I stood outside those doors
for a long time and listened.

But I didn't hear a thing. Not a sound.

I waited there for a long time.

Then all of a sudden,
suddenly I felt brave.

I opened the door, I
have no idea why I did it.

I...I just had to do it,
there was something egging me on.

What did you see?

He was sleeping.

Sat there, tethered to the wall.

Chain around his neck.

Stark naked and sleeping.

Naked? Fucking disgusting.
- No. I didn't think he was scary at all.

He looked like a large, newborn baby.

With a pig's skin.

I wanted to vomit.

Then he suddenly opened his eyes, those
big, child's eyes, and stared at me.

I stared back at him. For
what reason, I don't know.

I don't know.

And you know what? Then
he moved his hand towards me...

...and looked at me as if
he was begging for help.

He looked at me and there was
something kind and warm in that look.

I was at a point where I wanted
to walk up to him and help him...

...or free him or do something,
and then.. - Then what?

Then he smiled.

Something came over me, just this
utter disgust with the whole situation.

Just nauseating.

I can't describe it.

So I ran for the door, slammed
it shut and locked it behind me.

Because what I wanted to do was
crush him under my feet like a bug...

...I couldn't help myself.

You should be a poet. Write all
this nonsense down in a book.

Nonsense? This ain't no nonsense.
This is as true as me sitting here.

You wouldn't say stuff like that if
you knew what I have had to go through.

That autumn, when I was in
bed with flu, I saw him again.

The gimp?

At first I thought... it was God who was
sitting there at my desk and watching me.

Just like how you are sitting
right this moment. Exactly like that.

Then he pointed his
finger at me and said:

You have failed. You are nothing.

You turned your back on a helpless
halfwit who'd been tortured and beaten.

A cowardly act of betrayal.

Then God began to cry.

But I didn't feel any pity
for him. I loathed him.

And then he turned into the halfwit.
- Who? God?

I had betrayed God.

But what could you have done? Didn't
everybody know that he was kept there?

No, it seems like most
people didn't know about him.

I was forced to swear.

Because that day when I
ascended from the basement...

...I ran right into the
arms of that piece of shit.

What did he do to you?

What did he do to me?

No. That story is too
grim to talk about.

The man. He made me swear not to tell
a living soul about what I had seen.

Why have you never told me this story?

Because I never thought
I would meet him again.

What do you mean?

He was with us on that boat today.

The man on the boat?

Have you started hallucinating?
- No.

It was him.

You won't scare me with
these kind of stories.

I know I left that sweater on the boat.

If you'd been on his farm,
you would be 150 years old by now.

He was about forty back then,
that was thirty years ago.

And still I often feel... someone is whispering to me...

...Daddy's coming tomorrow.

And then it feels like
crimes don't exist anymore.

At least nothing as terrifying,
as serious, as this.

Daddy's coming tomorrow.

You know, I've heard of a halfwit
that the Roman mafia used for...

...robbing blind beggars and...

What, have they arrived?
- Huh?

The girls!

Not sure.

Did you see anything?
- No no.

Hang on. What did you see?
- Nothing.

I'm just imagining things, just imagining.
A bird or a fish or a rat or something.

Let's go outside and shoot a few
rounds, a shooting competition.


No. Now, right now. I'm sure
I will easily beat you.

Tomorrow! Don't be like that.

Remember what you promised.
Never while you're drunk.

It's all right, really!
- All right? Can't you be trusted?

Take it easy.

Take it easy? Are you planning
on staying here, maybe wounded.

Wounded in a place like this, trapped!

Come on, relax. Let's
rather have a drink. OK?

Yeah, let's have a drink.


Hey, I think I saw something.

It looked like... what have we here?
Sleeping on the floor? Huh?

It's time to wake up. Wake up, it
isn't good to lie on the floor.

Get in your bed, come on.



Wake up D?ri.

D?ri? Wake up kid.

I'll help you.

Try to wake up.

This isn't my fault D?ri.

Hang on, hang on.

I'm going to get help D?ri.
Just wait while I get it. Hang on.

It will be all right D?ri,
it'll be all right.

Who's there?

Look at him, you can't even
imagine the noise he makes.

Fucking disgusting. I could puke.

I wasn't scared. I just sat
there and watched him.

Closer, closer.

But I wasn't scared, I wasn't scared,
I wasn't scared, I wasn't scared.

I was just a kid.

And he was touching me.

Come out, I know you're in there!

Come out, or I will come and get you.

Did you think I wouldn't catch you?

And he wrapped his hands around
me and I screamed Daddy and I...

...felt those sweaty fingers go
inside me as he pulled me closer...