Task Force 2001 (2000) - full transcript

A group of teens must rescue an undercover agent and stop a destructive computer game from being released.

(MultiCom Jingle)

(dramatic music)

(water lapping)

(intense music)

- Ow!

(computer beeps)

(loud typing)


Come on.

Come on. (computer beeps)


(energetic drum music)

Let's go, let's go.


(breathes heavily)

Come on, come on,
come on, come on,

come on, come on, come on.
(door slams open loudly)

(gentle chimes)


(fast loud typing)

(loud thud)

(energetic music)

(dramatic music)

- What a joy.

Now I am gonna have some fun.

(loud chirping)

(loud typing)

- Valerie, are you home?

I hope, I hope.

(water lapping)

- [Voiceover] You
have a call, Valerie.

- Who is it?

- [Voiceover] Andrew.

(loud beep)

- Hello Andrew,
aren't you supposed

to be in bed or something?


- No, I just had to talk to you

before I went to sleep.


- Well it's nice to know
that I'm so important to you.

- Yeah, I really like
our little chats.

I wonder what we'd say if
we met for real some time.

- Well, I'm sure
we will eventually.

What are you doing for real?

- Oh, just finishing
a term paper

for Mr. Anderson's
Science class.

- Your favorite teacher?

- Bingo.

This report should
knock his socks off,

soon as he learns how to
read, that is. (chuckles)

Is that a new office,
that looks different?

- New job, I know
you gonna like it.

- Me, why?

What is it?

- I'm a new game designer
at KL Interactive.

- Wow, right on!

- And I'm sure I can use
some of your expert help.

- You really think
I'm an expert?

- Listen, I've got
a demo of the game.

I'd like to send it
to and maybe you can

take a look at it for me.

- You bet.

But I can't tonight, I'm dead
if I don't finish this report.

- Oh, yes, high school.

Well, maybe I'll
send it to you later.

Bye for now.

(loud computer beep)

- See you later,
alligator. (loud chirping)

(water lapping)


(loud beep)

(dramatic music)

(loud beeping)

(loud chirping)

(alarm clock rings)

(dog barks)


(loud ringing)


(loud beeping)

Valerie, you are the best.

(dog barks)

(chuckles) Oops.

Thanks, Rocky.

- Morning, Einstein.

- Thanks, Super Mom.

Gotta run.

Late for butthead's class.

- Andrew, really.

- Sorry mom, Mr. Butthead.

(Rocky barks)

- Good catch.


- Rocky, you know you're
not allowed on campus.

(Rocky barks)

Woof back.

You know perfectly
well I had to redo

the entire cafeteria after
your little incident.

(Rocky barks)

Yes, I know you were framed,

but you know the rules.

Stay out of trouble, I'll
see you after school.

(happy music)

Good mornin', Pop.

- Have you ever seen a
more marvelous mailbox?

- It is special, alright.

It's the most marvelous mailbox

in the whole neighborhood.

- I wanna get a first
coat of paint on,

before we leave for Aunt Edna's.

You sure you don't
wanna come to dinner?

- Yeah, Pasadena, Pop.

By the way, you missed a spot.

Careful, you painted the top.

(optimistic rock music)

(bell rings)

Ah, think I'm late.

- Oops.

Did I bump into you?

- No man, listen,
alright, it's my fault.

Gotta go to school.

- Late for school?

Sounds like a personal problem.

Maybe too much studying.

- Hey, you should
try it some time.

I thought you were expelled.

- Yeah, clever, huh?

I figured this is the one place

my parole officer
wouldn't find me.

(Andrew laughs)

- Hey listen, I'd love
to sit and chat with you

and your honor students here,

but I got run, alright?


(birds singing)

Now I'm really late.

- Take the gum
out of your mouth.

Please try to stay awake.

Mr. Henderson.

Hm, too bad.

Mr. Williams.

- Yes, sir.

Ready, sir.

- I don't know
whether to read this

or look at it
under a microscope.

- (chuckles) Good
one, Mr. Anderson.

(loud bang on table)

- I especially like the mustard
stain on the front cover.

Nice touch.

- (chuckles) That's
not just any mustard,

that's gourmet mustard.

(class laughs)

Only the best for you, sir.

(chuckles mockingly)

(loud rapid footsteps)

- Oh, Mr. Anderson.

(dramatic music)

Morning, sir.

(happy music)

- Nice manoeuvre, Andrew.

(Andrew chuckles)

(moves into dramatic music)

- Did we forget
something, Mr. Henderson?

- No, no, it's right here.

- What's this?

Can't be a term paper.

No, I distinctly remember saying

no term papers would
be accepted late.

- That's not fair!

- Perhaps you'd like
an F on your own paper?


Maybe yes?

Maybe no?

Maybe yes?

Maybe no?

I'll take that as a no.

We really want that
scholarship to MIT, don't we?

(sad music)

Your parents will be very proud.


(ominous music)

(loud chirping)

- Anderson is such a jerk.

- Whatever.

- Yeah, that will
teach him, Cat.

- That's Catherine, Gary.

- Oh, yeah, right, Catherine.

How can you be so
cool about this?

Aa, even if I tried,
which I don't,

but if I wanted to and did,

I'd still get an F.

I mean, you deserve an A on
your paper, I guarantee it.

- How do you know that?

- I mean you're smart,
you're real smart,

you're, you're like a
genius or something.

- How do you know
how smart I am?

- Hey man, I'm an expert.

I cheat off you.
(laughs nervously)

Yet if it weren't for you,

I'd have trouble
keeping my D average.

(bell rings)

- You've gotta care about it.

- I don't.

- What about getting
into a good school?

- I'm just thinking about going

right into the private sector.

I already have a consultant
job with KL Interactive.

- KL Interactive?

That's one of the top
think tanks in the world.

- Yep.

- I bet I how he
got the job, too.

- How?

- Through his online girlfriend.

- Online girlfriend?

Do I know her?

- Doubtful.

She's an older
woman, college girl.

Your basic game designer
supermodel type.

- (sighs) The whole package.

- Ah, she sent me a prototype

of a new game
called Mind Chaser.

- Mind Chaser?

- The cool.
- [Gary] Excellent.

- [Andrew] Yeah.
- And when do we play?

How about tonight after school?

- Yeah, why not?

How about you, Cat,
you wanna come over

and give this new game a try?

- It's Catherine and
I wouldn't miss it.

- Basketball?

- Yeah.

(sad romantic music)

- So this is the famous mailbox?

(light playful music)

- Yeah, it's hard to believe
my dad ever had a life.

(Catherine laughs)

- Nice mailbox.

- Thank you, nice bike.

- Hey thanks, I
fixed it up myself.

(Gary sighs)

Being an adult is
so embarrassing.

- [Mr. Anderson]
Hey, about a hand?

(loud clapping)
(Andrew cheers)

- I'm sorry, Dad.

I got so excited I'm not going

to Aunt Edna's, I forgot myself.

- If it were up to me, I'd
be staying home myself.

- Yeah, looks like the mailbox

needs another coat of paint.

- Really?

- Honey, stop looking
at the mailbox,

you're gonna go blind.

Hi Cat.

- I prefer Catherine,
Mrs. Henderson.

- I like your new
haircut, looks nice,

I used to wear my hair that way.

Who's this?

- Gary Williams, at your
service, Mrs. Henderson.

No job to low for me to go.

- Well, how charming.

Well, there's food
in the freezer

if you can figure out how
to work the microwave.

I'm just kidding.

And what else?

- No parties!

- Thank you.

- Not even the Republican Party?

(engine revving)

- Bye.

(water lapping)

(dramatic music)

(loud keyboard typing)

(moves into ominous scary music)

(Valerie loses breath in terror)

- (sighs) You startled me.

- Sorry.

I love what you're
doing with the game.

It's so lifelike.

So real.

- You ever play your games?

- Not anymore.

I used to, but
then I got hooked.

On bigger game. (laughs)

Keep up the good work.

(loud chirping)

- Gotta dig your crib, bro.

- Yeah, thanks.

- Hey, what's this?

Your retainer?

- Yeah, be careful
with that, alright?

It's a Waldo, I built that.

- Say what?

- It's a digital facial
telemetry interface.

- Oh, yeah, awesome.

Aa, what does that mean?

- Watch this.

(loud computer beep)

(high pitch undulating music)

Hello, my name is Rocky.

(Rocky barks)

How are you?

(Rocky barks)

- Wow.

Rocky, I'm doing great.

- Righteous.

Hello, Cat.

You're looking
mighty pretty today.

Want a big wet kiss?

- Any time, Rocky, any time.

- Hey, speaking of games,
how about Mind Chaser?

- Yeah, Mind Chaser.

- Mind Chaser it is.

(loud beep)
(loud thunder)

- It says you need a KL
Interactive VR Game Interface.

- Got three right here,

they're practically givin' 'em
away at all the video stores.

(loud chirping)
(Rocky barks)

- Girlfriend, you are good.

- I am good, and I'm
not your girlfriend.

(loud beeps)
- Ouch.

- But if Andrew's
looking I might consider,

or maybe not.

(loud explosion)
(Andrew screams)

(Rocky barks)


- Ha ha.

You have your four seconds.

- Yeah, but the
game keeps crashing

at the same point,
right when it gets good.

- Can you fix it?

- I don't know, my computer's

just not strong
enough to handle it.

- It's a sloppy craftsman
who blames his tools.

- I can't figure it out.

- Well maybe your
friend, Valerie,

can help us out.

- I'll call her.

(loud ringing)

- (sighs) Problem is gotta be

with one of these
original master disks.

- [Voiceover] Sorry,
no one available.

Do you wish to leave
a virtual message?

- Yes I do.

One second, please.

(palms snap loudly)
Valerie, hi, hi you doin'?

Andrew here.

Uhm, listen, Mind
Chaser's a great game,

I'm lovin' it, but I can't seem

to get past the
problems with it.

Aa, I don't think my
system's strong enough

to handle it, and
what I think I need

is access to a really,
really hot mainframe.

I was wonderin' if
you could do it.

Uhm, so I hope to see you soon.

Bye. (loud beeps)

- Oh, well, I've
got to split anyway.

- [Voiceover] Good
evening, Valerie,

you have a virtual message.

- From whom?

- [Voiceover] From Andrew.

- Fire it up.

(loud beeps)

- Valerie, Andrew here.

Uhm, listen, Mind Chaser's
a really great game,

and I'm lovin' it,
but I can't seem

to get past the
problems with it.

What I really need is access
to a really hot mainframe,

and I was wondering
if you could do it.

Uhm, I hope to see you soon.


(loud typing)

- Well, if Simon wants his game

to be finished quickly,

I'm gonna have to give
Andrew a little help.

Send computer tie in for US
Government research computer,

all access pass.

- [Voiceover] Access
code required.

(loud typing)
Access granted.

(loud typing)

- Hello, Andrew.

I'm sending you a direct
backdoor Ethernet access

to a very powerful mainframe.

I hope it helps.

Good luck, handsome.

(loud beeping)

(ominous music)

That's pretty weird.

US Military developing
game technology?

- [Voiceover] You have
entered a secure disk.

You will need top security
access codes to enter.

(loud typing)

Code accepted, welcome
to Project Quest.

- Let's see what
secrets you hold.

- It looks like
we got mice again.

- It's a weapon.

We're developing a weapon.

(dramatic music)


(loud typing)

- [Voiceover] Terminal
still occupied.

Do you wish to send a
delayed visual message?

- Yes.

Andrew, stop playing
with the game,

destroy all copies, it's
very, very dangerous.

My life my be in danger.

- Working late, Val?

I think you may
have dropped this.

Oh, my.

What have we found?

- This is a military
weapon, not a game.

- War is a game, in a way.

I told you I still play games,

just on a bigger playing field.

- You disgust me.

- I'm sorry to hear that.

I was hoping we could become
good friends and colleagues,

but that doesn't alter the fact

that this game must
finish on time.

- Well you can
finish it without me.

- I think you misunderstand me.

You're not gonna like
our retirement plan.

(loud chirping)

(loud beep)

- Hm?

(computer beeps)

Yeah right, Valerie did it.

- Did what?

- She tied us into a
government computer.

All right, wait till I tell Cat.

(loud chirping)

- So we waitin' on an
invitation or what?

Are you gonna get this
game up and running?

- Patience,

the product of public education.

My genius, and Cat's planning,

we should have it up in no time.

(loud typing)

- This computer is
amazing, it's so fast.

What exactly did
this Valerie do?

- She tied me into a
government computer.

- (sighs) No wonder you
like her, connections.

- Yeah, you should see
what she looks like.

- Why not?

- Hello, Andrew, I'm sending
you a direct backdoor

Ethernet access to a
very powerful mainframe.

Hope it helps.

Good luck, handsome.

- Ha, wow, what a fox.

- (sighs) I think
I'm gonna barf.

Just kidding.

(Rocky whimpers)

(loud computer beeps)
What's this?

- It's an encrypted message.

- Encrypted, you mean
like Tales from the Crypt,

like zombies and stuff?

- You're the zombie.

This is code, like spy stuff.

- No kiddin'.

- I don't really know
this kind of encryption.

- Let's try the mainframe thing,

see if that can open the file.

(fun music)
(loud buzz)

I mean, if you guys
think that's a good idea.

- Might not be as big
a screw-up as you act.

- That'd be just about
impossible, wouldn't it?

- Do it to it, dude.

- Please decipher and return.

Thank you.

(loud beeping)

(dramatic music)

- We have a Code One violation,

some entity is trying
to hack our computer.

We have a problem.

(telephone rings)

- Yes, Jackson.

A Code One on our mainframe?

That's impossible.

Yes, I agree, I consider
that compromise.

Okay, I'll look into it.

Totally a compromise.


- I wonder how powerful this
government computer really is.

- Let's take this
thing for a ride.

- Alright, look
who came to play.

- Let me show you
what a woman can do.

Andrew, crank the music.

Gentlemen, to the window.

(loud rock music)

(roaring thunder)

- Who are these guys?

They've devectored one of
our primary satellites.

- Awesome.

- No one would believe
we ever did this.

- Would be an urban legend.

- Urban legend?

- Yeah, like in Florida,

the guy was in the toilet,

and the snakes climbs
up the sewer pipe

and bites him on the butt.

- That's not a true story?

- D'oh!

For a smart guy you got
some short circuits.

- Well I believe if
one kind of stuff

can go out in one direction,

then another kind of
stuff, like a snake,

find its way in the other way.

(loud beeping)

- Yo Cat, impressive.

- Thanks.

(Rocky barks)

- It's a message
from Valerie but,

that's funny, she never
encrypts anything.

- Woman of endless surprises.

Just my type.

Hey, let's play it.

- Andrew, stop
playing with the game,

destroy all copies, it's
very, very dangerous.

My life may be in danger.

- Kind of short on the
sense of humor, though.

(dramatic music)
- This is no joke.

- You're right, she
looks scared to me.

(loud beeps)
- [Voiceover] No such terminal

number, please check your
number and call again.

(loud typing)

No such terminal number,

please check your
number and call again.

- Something's happened to her.

- Something bad.

- It's up to us now.

We're the only us
who can save Valerie.

Let's ride.

(energetic happy music)

I think we're being followed.

- Oh, right.

- Oh oh, black
car, we're doomed.

- Alright, maybe I do have
an overactive imagination.

Turn here.

(car skids loudly)

Well now what do you think?

- [Catherine And
Gary] Coincidence.

- [Andrew] Let's lose him.

- [Catherine] Off we go.

(car skids loudly)

- Woo-hoo, that was close.

- We're bad.

- [Gary] Alright.
(Catherine laughs)

- Excellent riding.

Who were those guys?

(dramatic guitar music)

- Nice riding, kids.

Hacking into a
government computer,

redirecting a
government satellite,

you kids are looking at
a whole mess of trouble.

We're talking jail,
humiliation, scandal.

Throw away any thoughts
you had about scholarships.

Forget your parents'
hopes for your futures.

What on earth were you thinkin'?

- We think Andrew's
friend has been kidnapped

by KL Interactive.

- Yeah, kidnapped.

- Aha.

- We think they're developing
a dangerous computer game.

- A death game.

- Aha.

- Um, look, sir.

They're not to blame, alright?

It's my fault.

I have a friend, an
acquaintance actually,

her name's Valerie.

- Did you say Valerie?

- Oh, I knew she was trouble
the minute I saw her.

- Yeah, Valerie.


- I have to level with
you, I have a problem.

- We'll never do it again.

- No, you're not my problem,
but you might be my solution.

You say KL Interactive
has been developing

a dangerous game?

Well I believe
that to be a fact.

You think Valerie was kidnapped?

So do I.

See, Valerie was working for me,

she was, is one
of my best agents,

and I've lost contact with her.

I need a team to rescue her.

I need you.

- Why us?

- Because KL Interactive
is closed down

as tight as a drum, I
can't get an agent inside.

They're so tied into the
military industrial complex

that they know who
all my agents are.

- So you want us?

- Yes, because no one would
believe I would use kids.

I really have no choice.

- We don't know
anything about spying.

We're just teenagers.

- Yeah, it's teenagers.

- In the next few days,
you'll become bigger,

better and brawnier than
you've ever imagined,

with training.

- (sighs incredulously)
What about school?

What about our parents?

What about homework?

- Now you leave that to me.

I'll prepare a letter saying

you'd been accepted
into a special

one-month training program
for exceptional teenagers.

(light chiming)
- No school,

no parents, no homework?

(light music)
Gotta love it.

(military drumming music)
- Come on, maggot,

you can do it, come on!

Two, one, two!

- I did those numbers already,

can we move on to three?

- Drop and give me 20, dogmeat!

(Gary sighs)

(sad music)

(light music)

This is a Special
Forces climbing harness,

used in insertion and
extraction of troops.

- No problemo.

- Piece of cake.

- Born climbing.

- Well let's do it.

- Well what do you think?

(wacky music)

- I think if you've mastered
the art of rappelling

you'll not have this
kind of problem again.

- What are you
talking about problem,

what's wrong with this?

- Well look at you, you're
hanging upside down,

for crying out loud.

- 'Cause I'm supposed to be!

- This is not how
it's supposed to be,

if this was a real situation,

you'd be a dead man by now.

You got that?
- [Andrew] I'm ready, alright?

I'm ready to go.

Let's go.

- Five, six, seven,


- Now we're getting somewhere.


(loud beeping)

- The computer development
isn't moving as fast as we need.

- She needs prodding.

Perhaps we should do to Valerie

what we're going to do
to the world at large.

- Her entire mind
could be scrambled.

- Ow, silly me.

Perhaps another time.

(gong rings loudly)

(traditional Asian music)

- Now remember be your opponent,

and you can defeat
your opponent.

(Andrew screams a battle cry)

(hits thud on flesh)

(gong rings loudly)

(Rocky barks)

I said be your opponent,
not be the mat.

- That's more like it,

this is going better
than our wildest dreams.

I mean your wildest dreams.

(intense drumming)

(gong rings loudly)
(traditional Asian music)

- Purple belt?

- I like the color.

(hits thud against flesh)

(gong rings loudly)

Don't you think purple's a
prettier color than white now?

(Rocky barks)

- Ready, I'm tellin' you.

- Well I say you're not.

You're too young, too green

and too soft, and
if you slip up,

it's over, for you
and for Valerie.

- We can do it.

- Yeah, we're ready.

- Give us a field test,

toughest one you got.

(ominous music)

- The Drop.

(mysterious music)

(Rocky barks)

- It's the dog!

(intense music)

- I got him in my
sights, (speaker is
drowned out by music).

- Yes!

- [Voiceover] I got him!


- Hey!

Come back here with my bag.

Get him.

He dropped the bag.

He dropped the bag, (speaker
is drowned out by music).


- [Blonde Man] Hey!

(ominous music)
- Well, well, well,

looks like the
little loser is back

for some extracurricular

- Look, I don't want any trouble

from you guys, alright?

I'm working as a secret
government agent.

- (laughs) Yeah, and my
grandma's in the FBI.

What you got in the bag?

- Nothing, please
don't take my bag.

- You mean my bag?


- Amateurs.

(Andrew mumbles)

- [Blonde Man]
Alright, game's over.

- You're under arrest,

you have the right
to remain silent.

- I knew they weren't ready.

(Rocky barks)

- Well what do you think?

- I think you need another
six months of training,

I think if this works,
it's gonna be a miracle.

- You mean we got no choice?

- Exactly.

We begin now.

- Cool TV.

- It's a holographic screen,

I've read about these,
but I never knew

they really existed.

- You're gonna see a lot of
stuff you thought didn't exist.

Just remember, you
make one mistake

and we may never see
any of you again.

Thanks to this man. (loud beep)

This is Simon Westbourne,

owner of KL Interactive.

He's one of the wealthiest,
most powerful men in the world.

As you know, he's
developing a weapon

disguised as a game, but
that's all we know about him.

Your mission is to sneak
into KL Interactive

and establish yourselves
as games experts.

Once you're in, you
connect with Valerie,

she's your primary mission.

- Wait a minute!

Valerie's email message,

maybe there's a clue.

(intense music)

(loud typing)

- Andrew, stop
playing with the game,

destroy all copies, it's
very, very dangerous.

My life may be in danger.

- She's really scared.

- Shh!

Look, she's scared and
yet what does she do?

- She grabs something.

A disk!

- And she hides it
behind that picture.

- [Andrew] It must've
been important to her.

- Well it just became
important to us.

We have to get you in there now.

(loud beeping)

- Excellent.

The simulators prove
the game will work.

I knew you'd have the
wisdom to come around.

- I'm a professional,
I do my job,

that doesn't mean I like it.

- Please, such harsh
words from such soft lips.

Can't we just get along?

- Are we quite finished?

- Not quite.

(scary music)

Not until I release
it on the Internet.

- The Internet?

This is a weapon.

- A game first, that
becomes a weapon,

a mind control device
directed at anyone who plays.

Delightful, isn't it?

And soon we'll
share our pleasure

with the entire galaxy
of Internet cyberspace.

- May I help you?

- Yeah, we're the
new game testers.

- Pros from Oak Valley.

(loud beeps)

- Well, I guess you
are game testers.

I swear they get younger
looking every day.

These are access passes
only to the main floor.

Don't go wandering around.

- Thanks.

- Yeah, thank you.
- [Catherine] Thank you.

So, what's in the bag?

- Backup.

- We're the new game testers.

- I don't remember
any new game testers.

- Andrew, I can't
believe they only offered

you a salary of 750,000.

- Yeah.

- I get 850,000.

With incentives.

(Rocky barks)

- [Catherine] He gets 100,000.

- $850,000, huh?

- Yeah, people over 30
will believe anything.

- We are in.

- Coming in loud and clear.

- This place is huge.

(dramatic music)

(loud beeps)

- Valerie's office.

Alright, you guys
keep a lookout.

(sad music)

Well, Valerie, I almost
met you in person.

- How's it going in there?

(intense music)
- It's going.

- Andrew, will you hurry up?

- We gotta split.

- What's taking them so long?

- I can't believe Valerie's
in trouble over a disk.

No, there's gotta be more.

- Can I help you?

- (clears throat) Yes,
I'm looking for my office.

- Who are you again?

- A game tester.

- Yeah, right.

(loud squeaking)

(energetic music)

This is a
highly-secured facility,

you, you can't
just wander around.

I got a kid here says
he's a game tester.

- Yeah, he's
authorized to be here.

No listing of an office,
he just started today.

- Okay, copy that.

Get going.

And stay out of secured areas

until I find out
where your office is.

- I think it's a corner office.

Eh, south facing, I don't think

they gave me a corner office.

I can tell.

Good boy, Rocky.

Good boy, that's a good boy,

what you find?

(dramatic music)


It's you.

- Andrew?

(sighs) What are you doing here?

I told you it was dangerous.

- I've come to rescue you.

- How'd you get in?

- We pretended to
be game testers.

- (sighs) You
shouldn't have come.

- I had to, alright?

I was worried I'd never
meet you for real.

- That's very sweet.

(moves into ominous music)

You're on the wrong floor.

Simon, I'd like you to meet

one of our newest game testers.

- How charming,

that would explain
the other one.

- This is a
highly-secured facility,

we can't have kids
wandering around.

She says they're game testers.

- Yeah, we're your
new game testers.

- I see.

- Yes, I brought them in to help

speed up research
on the new game.

- Good idea.

- And boy are we good.

- Well, I hope you
enjoy our games.

Show them out, could you?

Security, I don't know
what these kids know,

get rid of them.

(chuckles maliciously)
No, second thoughts,

they could be our new
game testers after all.

- Lost or something, man?

- Gee, I might be, but
not as lost as you.

At least I know where
waste disposal is.

(energetic music)

(speaker is drowned
out by music)

Come and get you.

- [Andrew] Go, go, go, go.

- [Catherine] I'm
going, I'm going.

- [Security Guard] Freeze!

Hold it!

- Okay.

Got 'em!

- Get him!

(loud thud)

(scientist screams in panic)

- No, no, no, no!

(loud crash)

- [Security Officer] Hold it!

I almost got 'em.

- I need your badges.

- Yeah, I'll get 'em.

(loud chirping)

- (heavy breathing) We made it.

- [Security Officer]
You two are crazy.

- I see I'm gonna
have to keep you

on a much tighter leash.

- It's just as I thought,

Simon is dipping in some
dangerous and banned projects.

- What's Project Quest?

- It was new technology
that used computers

to broadcast directly
into the human brain

and manipulate it.

The program was shut down,

or at least it was
supposed to be.

- Can he pull it off?

- Well, if anyone can, he can.

- If anyone can stop him.

- [Catherine And Gary] We can!

(loud beeping)

- I was able to tie into the
city's planning archives.

- Yes!

This isn't gonna be
easy to figure out.

- Watch this.

(loud beep)

- Oh, it's like
you can touch it.

- Only with your brain.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome to your
splendid new quarters.

I apologize if it's not
everything you dreamed of.

This could all change
if you fix the game.

- How can you ask
me to work on this?

It's not right.

- Right?


These terms are relative, the
world is changing every day,

why not be a part of the team

that's controlling
those changes?

And become wealthy
while you're at it.

You know, if you
don't cooperate,

I'll find someone who will,

and then you'll be history.

- Valerie is most likely located
in a cell on level three.

It's protected by a
specialized card key access.

- What about the mainframe?

- It's isolated right here.

KL Interactive's
mainframe computer

is one of the
fastest in the world,

it's cooled with
liquid nitrogen.

It says here that it's
a standalone system,

and it's not connected
to any other computer.

There's no way to hack it,

you'd have to get inside
the room to access it.

- Yeah, but with a
nitrogen-cooled system,

they'd have to have
extensive venting

and ducting to keep the
temperature constant.

- Just ask.

(loud beep)

- Yeah, a vent leads right
into the computer room.

Piece of cake.

- Not so easy.

- Why, why not?

- Well, the room is protected

by a weight-sensitive
security system,

anything over 50
pounds will trigger it.

Not close.

(Rocky barks)

- No problem.

- The door to the room is
guarded 24 hours a day.

- Yeah, and it requires
an electronic key

to deactivate the weight
trigger security system.

(chuckles) I cheated.

I read their training manual.

(classy music)
(Catherine laughs)

Only two exist, Simon has one

and the computer
designer has the other.

They keys are kept
around the neck

and they never take 'em off.

- Never?

- Never.

- How about stealing one of 'em?

- As soon as one of the
keys was reported missing,

they would just create new keys.

- New keys, new code, and
we're back to square one.

- Well how about
copying the keys?

- The keys are unique,
the code is hardwired

into the circuitry.

We would need to
have one in order

to make a duplicate.

And I'd need the
right equipment.

- You will have the
right equipment.

(dramatic music)

- Can I help you?

- Do you know what this is?

It's a pen.

A pen.

(sighs in relief)

Sign here.

Complements of
your friend, John.

Here is our card, we
have an Internet website,

if you need anything
else, just order it.

(loud banging on steel suitcase)

We usually ship
in under 24 hours.

(taller man clears throat)

Well under 24 hours.

- Thanks.

- It's a key duplicating device,

electronic imaging to
clone the circuitry.

- Excellent.

I wonder how long it
would take to make a copy.

- Two minutes.

(chuckles) I cheated,
I read the manual.

(Catherine chuckles)

- Now all we have to do is
figure out how to get a key.

(mysterious music)

- [Catherine] Every
day at exactly 12:30,

Bill goes to Charly Temmel's
for an ice cream cone.

(camera shutter clicks)

Then when he finishes
with his cone,

he plays pinball for
exactly half an hour.

(pinball machine beeps)

- He always plays this
one pinball machine?

- Give me the key,
and I can clone it.

- You have a plan?

- I think they do.

- Excuse me, I alwas
play Weenie Brain

from 12:30 to one.

- Sorry to hear that.
(pinball machine beeps)

- See all those high scores?

All mine.

Next game.

(pinball machine
game over music)

- What's that around your
neck, good luck charm?

(pinball machine beeps)

(intense fun music)

- I'm stuck, somebody help me.

Somebody help me.

(game designer screams)

(pinball machine beeps)

- One, two, three.

Wow, I've never seen anyone
use that technique before.

- Oh,

oh, that's the highest score

I've ever gotten, oh.

- That's great, I will
name a ice cream after you,

you will be world famous.

(game designer sighs)

- What do you mean you
can't find the key?

- I know it's one of these.

- I thought those were the
ones you already tried.

(key chain clinks)

- Oh, (speaks quietly).

Next time you guys crawl into
the tight spot and I watch.

Anyway, here's the key.

I know more about pinball

than I ever thought I would.

- Alright, look,
now we got the key.

Now we need to figure out

how to get into the system.

And we're gonna need some
pretty sophisticated technology.

Anything we want.

- In under 24 hours.

- Way under 24 hours.

(continuous loud beeping)

- This is an exciting moment,

the edge of a new millennium.

With me as the most
powerful man in the world.

And you by my side.

- Excuse me while I throw up.

- Communication devices.

- Ah, virtual reality
computer headset.

- Six million in US negotiable
treasure certificates.

Gotcha. (chuckles)

- Security badges. (loud beeps)

- Aa, face-morphing device.

- [All] Gotta have one.

- How about a Special
Forces cyber dog combat suit

with camera mount?

(Rocky barks)

(Catherine laughs)
- [All] Gotta have one.

- Night vision goggles.

- Face-morpher.

- Excellent.

- I'm sorry, Rocky,
no cyber dog outfit.

Ah, just kidding, it's
right here, Rocky!

(Rocky barks)

- What do you suppose this is?

- It's a laser pen.

(loud explosion)


- Oh, I hope nobody
wanted more tea.

- Huh, excellent.

- Those look good on you.

- Hey, check this out.

Hey, say something.

- Andrew is a hunk.

(Andrew laughs)

- [Voiceover] Andrew is a hunk.

- Not!

- Wow, voice wave
automatic synthesizer.


- It's only a
question of hours now.

Finally a world in which
children are under control.

(dramatic music)
No more whining,

no more complaining.

Kids, how do we
stomach them? (sighs)

Simon says will
actually mean something.

Simon says, "Do the dishes."

Simon says, "Clean your room."

(laughs maniacally)

Simon says, "Eat your liver."

(laughs maniacally)

- [John] So what do you think?

- About what?

- Our training ground.

This is the duct termination,

here is the key
code insert monitor.

- I think it looks like a bunch

of trash cans and boxes.

- Here, try these on.

Might give you a better
idea of what you're in for.

- [Andrew] How do you
know it's accurate?

- [Catherine] We used
the computer coordinates

(dramatic music)
from the building plants.

- Excellent.

Wow, this is amazing technology,

I can see everything.

Mainframe's right here,

the front door's right here.

(palms snap loudly)
Come here, Rocky,

come here boy.

Come on, come on, come here boy.

There you go.

Welcome to the mainframe, Rocky.

Come here, Rocky, come here,

here's the card key, pick it up,

pick it up, good,
good, hold it, hold it.

Good boy, good boy, Rocky.

Good boy, there you go.


- Good. (laughs)

- You can access the face
and voice files, right?

Like that nerdy Bill guy?


How to state.

Hey, load it into the morpher.

(loud beep)

- Done.

- Alright, let's see if
this thing really works.

- There's no time,
it'll have to work.

(ominous music)
(water lapping)

- Bill?

Didn't you just leave?

- I forgot something
in my office.

- Oh, sounds like
you're catching a cold.

(Bill clears throat)

(mysterious music)

- Man, this thing itches.

I'm in.

- And we read you, five by five.

- We're good to go.

Wish us luck.

- Good luck, team.

(drill buzzes loudly)

- I'm off.

I've got Simon in my sights.

- Be careful with him.

- Oops, oops.

- You klutz.

(whimsical music)
- Oops, sorry sir.

(intense music)

Ready to tie in.

- Ready.

First stage.

That's it, we are in,
disconnecting perimeter.

- It's showtime.

How do we look?

(loud beeps)

- Looking good and vice versa.

Take the second right.

(loud beeps)

- What do you want?

Can't you see I'm
working as fast as I can?

(whimsical music)

- Oh my god.

- Ta da.

It's me.

Your hero.

I'm here to rescue you.

- How'd you do that?

- It's a science, don't ask.

Let's boogie.

- I can't leave.

- Well, maybe if
I would've morphed

into Andrew, then you'll leave?

- Listen, if I leave,
Simon will know

that you're on to him.

He plans to release the game
tomorrow night on the Internet.

You have to stop him.

(intense music)

- You're looking
good, as always.

(Andrew breaths heavily)

- This place is a maze.

Ha, it's the vent
to the mainframe.

Good boy, Rocky.

We're at the mainframe.

- Copy that.

(drill buzzes loudly)

- Ready, Rocky?

(Rocky barks)

I'm counting on you.

(loud beeps)

(intense music)

(loud beep)


(Rocky barks)

Good boy, Rocky.

Go over there.

Yeah, good boy,
Rocky. (loud beeps)

- Alarm off.

- I'm on the floor.

(Rocky barks)

(loud beeping)

Okay, I'm hooked
into the mainframe.

(loud beeping)

(loud beeping)

- Simon's on the move
heading toward the safe.

- [Voiceover] Access denied.

- Something's wrong.

- What is it?

- [Voiceover] Access code

two, two, two, three,
three, eight required.

- Access code two, two,
two, three, three, eight

is a request for
Simon's personal code,

it's locked in the mainframe.

Only he knows it.

- (sighs) Come on, Andrew.

You can do it.

- [John] Gary, Simon's on
the, turning into Straten.

- I'm on it.

- What can we do?

- Wait!

The launch program for the game

is stored in a different
part of the system.

You should be able to
download enough of it

to prevent the
release of the game.

At least temporarily.

- The launch program's huge,
I can only take a part of it.

- [Both] Do it!

(dramatic music)

- Simon is coming,
you have to get out.

- I'm working as fast as I can.

- Simon's at the door.

Have to stop him.


- You blithering idiot.

- Sorry, sir.

(Gary screams)

(whimsical music)

- Are you alright?

- Come on.

Not now.

You know timing is everything.

(machine buzzes continuously)

- All cleaned up?

(whimsical music)

- Simon has Gary.

- I better see what I can do.

- Okay, I've got it.

(dramatic music)

The door, Rocky.

(loud beeps)

- Welcome to the heart
of KL Interactive.

The home of Mind Chaser.

(loud beeps)

It appears that someone has
left the computer port open.

You wouldn't know anything
about that, would you?

- Me?


So, Simon, you don't
mind if I call you Simon?

- I do.

- I think you got me all wrong.

See you, you and I
are very similar.

- Similar?

- Yeah, like two peas in a pod.

- And your point is?

- We should go in
business together.

All I need is the West Coast.

Did I say West Coast?

What I really meant is
Southern California.

- What?

- Make me an offer.

- How about nothing?

- Nothing?

Could be good.

- And in exchange for nothing

you'll tell me everything
and who you're working for.

Don't worry, you'll
have plenty of time.

Like the rest of
your short life.

- No.

- That's my cue to run.

(ominous music)

- Guards!

- Rocky, you are
insane! (laughs)

(energetic music)

Let's rock.


(Andrew screams)

- You're almost out.

(door slides open loudly)

(moves dramatic music)

- Thanks for trying to help.

- Don't mention it.

- Listen, I know
you think that--

- No, you listen.

I'm just gonna spit
it out and that's it.

I really like Andrew, okay?

And he doesn't pay
attention to me

because he has a
total crush on you.

So let's not pretend
to be friends.

You're way too
smart and beautiful.

Let's not pretend anything,

and let's just figure out

a way to get out of this place.

- Andrew and I are just friends.

- But he thinks--

- I know.

But if he knows that
he has someone like you

who really likes him.

(hopeful music)
You're very pretty, you know?

You just need a little

If he's the right guy,

just give him a smile and
a wink, and he'll know.

- (chuckles) This is so stupid.

- Hey, it's all about attitude.

If you don't believe in
yourself, no one else will.

- What I believe is that we're

never gonna get
out of this place.

- Hey, it's about confidence.

(Catherine chuckles)

- Thanks.

(Valerie chuckles)

- It's my fault, I slipped up.

- No, you couldn't
have done anything.

Now we just have
to get him back.

- But how?

- We have a bargaining chip.

Just need a plan.

- Okay, we've gotta
get out of here.

Simon plans to
release game tonight,

it has amazing mind
control properties.

It's a mental virus.

- We'll stop them, Andrew
has part of the launch code.

- No, that'll just
slow him down.

We need to destroy the mainframe

before he goes online tonight.

- Then there's no
way into the system.

- [Valerie] None.

(hopeful music)
- Wait, I've got it!

It's like the urban legend.

- What do you mean?

- I know how to stop Simon.

(moves into dramatic music)

- Well, you wanted
to be game testers,

I guess you can be
the first test pilots.

- You're insane.

- The world is
changing every day,

we must change with it.

I've enjoyed our
relationship, Valerie.

(telephone rings)

- Call for you.

- Right on time.

- Andrew.

- Yeah, Simon.

I have a deal to offer you.

- I'm listening.

- Your disk for the girls.

- Disk for the girls?

- Don't do it, Andrew!

Remember the snake that
bit the guy in the butt.

- Cute.

You bring me the disk,
I'll give you the girls.

- I'm not coming to you.

- Very well, where are we
going to do the exchange?

- Front of my house, tonight.

- Alone, no police,
and no friends.

- Alone.

- I can't think of a better
place to launch Mind Chaser.

I'm afraid you're
gonna have to wait.

I don't want to show
up with damaged goods.

(scary screeching music)

- Why would Cat mention the guy

that got bit on the
butt by a snake?

- Bit on the butt?

By a snake?

- You know the urban legend?

- Wait a minute, I know
what she was talking about.

I have a plan.

(loud chirping)

(intense music)

- Go on, out.

(Rocky barks)

- Stay.

(Rocky barks)


- Where's the disk?

- It's right here, Simon.

- Toss it here.

- Don't do it!

- Where's that idiot Bill?

- Who, Mr. Westbourne?

- The computer nerd, Bill!

(car brakes loudly)

(Rocky barks)

- My dad's mailbox.

Now you guys are
really in trouble.

- Sorry I'm late, car trouble.

- So I see.

- This is the right disk.

- Clever boy.

Check it for viruses.

(loud beeping)

- The disk is cleared, no
viruses, no trojan horses.

- Send it to the mainframe.

Let's get this show started.

- Oh, I'll need your access code

to enter the mainframe.

- It's showtime.

- [Voiceover] Access granted.

- What are you doing?

- Simon,

I couldn't figure
out what Cat meant

when she mentioned the snake,

but then it came to me.

See, Simon, when your
computer's connected

to the Internet, it's like a
toilet connected to the sewer.

And when your garbage
goes out, we can get in.

(mischievous music)
And just like the snake

that bit the man's butt,

I can bite yours.

- You can't access my
mainframe without my codes.

- That's true, but we
have your code now.

You just gave it to us.

(whimsical music)

(Rocky barks)

- This can't be!

(loud beeps)

You're in my system.

- You wanna play a game, Simon?

Play ours!

(energetic music)
Land holdings in Asia.

(loud beeps)

Looks like you have
offshore accounts

for one billion dollars.

(loud beeps)


- You can't ruin me.

(loud beeps)

- US Treasury certificates.

What do you think Gary,

you need six million
in negotiable US
Treasury certificates?

- Donate it to save the whales.

- Hey, you know what?

Let's just erase
the whole empire.

(loud beeps)

(loud continuous explosions)

Bankrupt Simon, it's over.

You've lost.

(police sirens wailing)

You have nothing.

- Simon, you're under arrest.

(dramatic music)

(gun is cocked loudly)

(Rocky barks)

- You may have ruined me,

but I'm not giving
up that easily.

- Don't do it.

- You stay where you are.

(Rocky barks)

- It's time to give up, Simon.

- Wrong, Andrew.

(loud gunshot)

(Rocky wails in pain)

- Rocky?


(sad music)
You need to get up.

Get up, Rocky.

Rocky, get up boy. (cries)

Don't die, Rocky.


- Rocky.

(Rocky barks)

- Rocky!

(energetic music)

Rocky. (laughs)

- The cyber suit,
it's bullet proof.

- Rocky!

Oh god.

- Attaboy, Rocky.

- Rocky!

Oh, good boy, good boy!

- Beaten by kids.

- Not just any kids.

- (sighs in relief)
Rocky saved my life.

(Rocky barks)

And you.

You're pretty amazing yourself.

Were you always
this amazing, Cat?

(optimistic music)


(Catherine laughs)

(Simon groans)

- This is a top secret
government project.

Your son's a hero, but you
can't tell anyone about it.

- My mailbox!

- Everything will be
back in order by dawn.

Better than ever.

(Mrs. Henderson gasps)

(happy music)

- And this is the last
remaining copy of the game.

(loud beeps)
(roaring thunder)

Anybody wanna play Mind Chaser?

- [Catherine And Gary] Not.

(loud beeps)

- [Voiceover] Disk erased.

You have a virtual caller.

- Oh.
- [Catherine] Uh oh.

- [Andrew] Send it through.

- Andrew, Catherine,
Gary and Rocky.

(Rocky barks)

I have a mission for you,

if you choose to accept it.

(dramatic music)

(Rocky barks)

(moves into energetic music)

(MultiCom Jingle)