Tasio (1984) - full transcript

The childhood, love adventures, and ordinary life of Tasio, a coal maker in rural Navarre.


Hi, Ignacio. Will your
brother help you?

Yes, I can't deal with all the animals.

- Have a good day.
- See you later.

Gee up, mule!

- Tasio! Where are you going?
- To the mountain with the animals.

What about school?

Father told the teacher yesterday
that we have no money,

and that when he was my age
he was in the mountains.

- Angel and I will get some nests.
- Tasio!

Wait for me, I'm going!

If you don't take too long...

Don Antonio said "I'm going
to pull your ears".

And he kicked him quite
a bit in his butt!

- Why did the priest hit him?
- Who knows?

I think don Antonio is nuts.

He's mad as a hatter. Look at this!

I'll climb first!

Are they there?

There is four eggs, but
no bird chicks yet.

They are taking a long time.

I know of a sparrow's
nest with three eggs.

It's probably mine! Where is it?

Sure, then you'll say it's yours!

It's the one in the field?


By the fountain.

In the road's trees?

Stop it, you don't know where it is.

Then it must be the one
in the old cemetery!

That's the one, right?

- There are many trees in the cemetery.
- On which side is yours?

In the trees behind.

Precisely. Did you see? That's mine!

Don't you even touch it!

OK, I'm leaving.

- Did you tell him anything?
- No, I promise.

Where have you been?

Let him be.

He spends the whole day with the
animals. Let him have some fun.

At this pace there won't be
any birds left in the valley.

He's a liar.

It's OK to look for nests.

But be punctual at lunch
and dinner. Did you hear me?

I won't say it again.

He's destroying all the nests.

I only take half the chicks.

That's OK. Taking all is not acceptable.

I know that.

One thing is hunting, a different
one is destroying nests.

Never take too may. This way there
will always be birds around.

- Let's go to the grove!
- OK.

Can I have a bite?

Come here, I'm going
to set you straight!

Let's see...

- Where have you been? Where?
- Ouch!

The whole day out, like
the wild animals!

And never come to church
or to Sunday school.

You bad penny, you gipsy,
I'll teach you obedience.

What's it? You don't say anything?

- I haven't done anything!
- Nothing, you say?

You need a good lesson... Ouch!

You wild beast! You animal!

You roam like a goat and you follow
no rules! Wait until I catch you!

You animals!

He was really angry.

In?s must have told him.

Told him what?

I touched her butt the other
day while playing.

I'll teach her a lesson.

- Tasio.
- Come on, Luis!

Shall we go?


Tasio, go to the charcoal pile.
If it needs live coal, let us know.

Let's see if you do better
than last Sunday.

Next time you don't need
to wake up so early.

If father needs to tell you
something, he'll tell me.


Instead of calling you, I thought that
since I have seen you doing it...

Did you make the holes
for it to breathe?

Yes, I did. And smoke was coming out...

If there is a lot of smoke coming
Out, then the draft is good.


- Hurry up!
- I'm going right now!

If you can add live coal by
yourself, you are already a man.

From now on, you'll deal with
the charcoal pile by yourself.

We need to call Fernandez, he'll buy more
charcoal and we cannot let him down.


It wasn't easy. What did you do?

- I worked the charcoal pile by myself.
- Holy!

Jacinto looks smart,

but he started adding live coal and
he almost destroyed the charcoal pile.

Not anyone can do it. Father says

one must be born for that.
It's in your blood.

You could have burnt yourself.

- Let's run.
- Where to?

- To the dance.
- OK

Shall we go?

A soda for me.

Hey, do you know how to move?

Just grab them well, don't step
on them, and let them lead you.

Let's go and dance.

May I, please?

Are you from this village?

Neither am I. But you must
be from this area.

Yes, I'm from Acedo.

I thought so. You can't hide it.

So you aren't from here, either?

Me? I'm from the capital.

I live in Vitoria.

But I spend the summer at my cousins'.

Nice dress, where did you buy it?

My mother made it.

She must be a hell of a dressmaker!

What about the pigtails? Did
your mother braid them?

I know how to braid them.

You do a great job.

Come on!

I mean it! Why would I
say otherwise?

I don't know.

Here comes Rosario and your friend.


- We must leave!
- So quickly?


Let's go.

Let's go!

Did you know they're cousins?

She's really beautiful.

- Hi.
- Hi.

What are you doing with the quail?

Don't you hear me?

That quail was sick.

I've told you that, when they reach that
stage, they die in a couple of days.

- Why did you give it to him?
- You'll see in a moment.

This is what I got in exchange.

You smart ass!

When will you lend me the shotgun?

I don't know.

You always beat around the
bush, same as Father.

OK, you can have it
on Sunday if you wish.

But don't say anything to Father.

Don't you dare, or there
will be consequences.




- Hurry up, Tasio! It's getting late.
- Don't push me, I'm tired.

We still must talk with don Anselmo.

And our group will snack together.

Every day you have something to do.

You stay late overnight,
and then you are tired.


Who is it?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Ah, it's you two.

Turn the light on.

How's things?

All the grain in inside. We
can settle now if you wish.

I will pay you with flour
bags. Is that OK?


Every bag costs 5 pesetas, so...

5 pesetas is a contraband
bag's price, but this is 3.25.


When you hired us we
never discuss the price.

You are correct, but if I can
sell each bag for 5 pesetas,...

I won't give it to you for less.

You must pay us for the work we did.

Yes, but not at the expense
of me losing money.

Yes, but waking up at 4 AM
and doing all this work?

For that price, I'd
rather stay home.

What did you expect?
You know these are hard times.

And he goes every day to church.
What a hypocrite.

He does not hesitate in paying
starvation wages. Fucking hell!

My back hurts, but nobody will ever
take advantage of me again.

From now on, I won't work for peanuts.

So what kind of work
do you intend to do?

Bread doesn't come home by itself.

I understand, but I won't work
again a whole month for this.

I don't like the working conditions
either, but we must do it.

Reaping, harvesting grapes, anything.

If you want to work, you must
seize any opportunity.

If that's what life is about,
I'd rather be dead.

It has always been this way.

The wealthy call the shots. How do you
think they made their fortunes?

I can make the little money
they pay by doing something else.

I can earn my living by working
on my own in the mountains.

Without having to beg anyone for a job.

Talk is cheap.

You'll find out when you are starving.

He may work in the mountains if he
wants to. We'll see how it goes.

That's good!

- Hit it, Luis!
- Tasio!

Come on!

Come on!

- Come on, hit it!
- Well done, Tasio!

21 to 19.

- Good!
- Come on, Tasio! Hit it!

Hit it!

Come on, Tasio!

Come on! Come on!

See what happen with your
obsession of playing barefoot.

So? I won't ruin a pair of
espadrilles every game.

- Have you seen any girls?
- The same ones we saw before.

Those ones?

There they are.

- You'll dance with the long haired?
- Yes.

Would you girls like to dance?

Did you come to see them playing?

Since they are from our village...

Don't you have any better players?

You locals are a bunch of bigmouths.

Didn't you have long pigtails
when you were little?

And weren't you living in the capital?

It is impossible to find a girl
as beautiful as you are.

No matter how much we hid, he
would follow us everywhere.

Yes, but I caught you when you
were telling them about the nest.

We got mad at each other and
we had a fight. Remember?

And when I was leaving in anger
I called him: "Luis!"

Then he turned and I hit him
with a stone in the face.

Sure I remember.
I didn't see it coming!

I felt a hit on my
head and then I fell.

I wasn't going to talk to you again,
but since you gave me a swallow...

A swallow? How did you catch it?

This guy catches anything that can
be eaten since he was a kid!

My brother also hunts.

He brought once a wild boar.

I use traps and snares.

For wild boars you need shotgun
shells, and they are expensive.

With traps you hunt
without spending.

Since you have killed so many animals
they will tighten the hunting rules.

They will use wardens and bans.

Don't know what we'll do.

We have arrived. See you next time.

- Will you come to dance next Sunday?
- I don't know, we'll see.

We'll be inside, by the tables.

Do you know they are cousins?

Of course. Come on, let's go.

Let's catch some crab in the reserve.

And if they catch us?

It doesn't matter. We cannot fish
anywhere anyway,

so we may as well do it
in the reserve. Let's go.

See what I found.

Some smartass is pushing the envelope.

Where did you find that?

You know that very well.

We catch everyone
sooner or later.

So far, nobody has ever fooled me.

- For using the odd snare?
- Snaring is illegal.

Whoever did it better beware.

I will catch him without a warning.

I'm leaving, it?s getting late.

Go in peace.

What are you doing?

Your son is a young adult, Angel.

Yes, he's moving forward and
I'm going backwards.

You got a nice firewood area this year.

No matter how good, it's
never good enough.

Every year I get fewer
trees than the year before.

I told them at the city
hall, but they don't care.

There's always need for firewood.


Father! Father!

Carlos, son!

We must take him to the
hospital. I'll call don Anselmo.


Don Anselmo!
Don Anselmo!

It must be Angel's son. He probably
didn't make it even to the hospital.

- Hi, Tasio.
- Hi there.

- It was about time.
- I came running.

- Do you have any money for snacks?
- I don't have any money.

Don Anselmo joined the rosary.
Shall we go to his place?

Let's go.

- Where are you going?
- Back in a moment. See you.

Come on.

Get that one. Get that one.
Get that one!

Look, there he is.


- What?
- See you later.

We've bought a hen for
our afternoon snack.

- Could your mother cook it for us?
- Sure.

And Luis said: "This is really
delicious, se?ora Julia".

Then we asked Manolo for 5
pesetas to pay for the hen.

So after stealing it you
made him pay for it.

We better don't tell him
it was don Anselmo's.

He may return the cooked hen, and even
ask us to go to church for confession.

You guys are quite something.

Fernandez is going to know who I am.

- He took all the coal without paying.
- What will you do?

I will ensure that he pays.

- Let's go over there.
- Where?

You don't want us to
walk the whole afternoon.

- That doesn't lead anywhere.
- Yes, come on.

Are you crazy? No.


Are you crazy? What are you doing?
Move out.

First pay me what you owe me!

I'm not carrying any money.

Then go and get it. I
won't move from here.

C'mon, I'm in a hurry.

If you don't have money, then give me
back all the coal you took with you.

I told you to give me either
the coal or the money!

Very well.

OK then.

- How many bags did I take?
- 17.

There's nothing like married life,
if you have enough to eat...

pesetas in your pocket...
and a beautiful wife.

There's nothing like being young,...
and 5 pesetas in your pocket,...

you go to the bar at whim...
and you are invincible.

Leave him, leave him, leave him.
Leave him, for he has no money.

What's best for you is...
a very wealthy marquis.

When a man becomes old...
he thinks of praying,...

of kissing the saints' behinds...
and of living without working.

I'll give you another real
if you dance a 'jota'.

Let's go, Tasio.

When I had money they
called me don Tom?s.

Now that I have nothing they
just call me Tommy.

I don't understand how a beggar
can put up with so much scorn.

That's how he earns his living.

- Why do you care?
- C'mon, that's nonsense.

Who can possibly enjoy
being mocked at?

- Who, did you say?
- Look who's there.

- What are you doing here?
- I was waiting for you.

OK, I'm leaving.

See you later.

- What did you want?
- I'm going to work to the city.

My cousin told me that
they need labourers.

They are hiring everybody.

When are you leaving?

I'll take the train tomorrow at dawn.

Let's go upstairs and
tell me everything.

Hey, you!

Where are you going
with that rabbit?

How did you shoot it?

It must have been hard
hunting without a gun.

Will you tell us how you did it?

It was hard, wasn't it?

Hey, can't you talk or what?

Very well, drop the rabbit and leave.

Didn't you hear me? I told you to leave!

And they laughed to my face.
God, was I ever angry!

Hunting is getting worse by the day.

Be careful, one day you
will run into trouble.

It would be worse having nothing to eat.

There is a festivity in Paulina's
village. Will you attend?

- How are things with that girl?
- They're OK, Mother.

It doesn't look that way.

If you want to court her she shouldn?t
be left alone at a party.

It would be worse being
always after her.

What do you know?
Women like to be courted.

Yah! Then they play hard to get and you
don't know how serious they are.

Does she allow you to take
her back home?

Yes, for the last two months.

Then she must like you.

A decent girl does not fool
around with those things.

What are you doing here?

Tracking some animals.


Are you bringing lunch to your father?

Sure, until my brother returns
from his military service.

I'm a bit late today.

- How are the festivities?
- Very well.

You know? I didn't come so that you
could have more fun with your friends.

- I hope you didn't take it wrong.
- What exactly?

- That I didn't attend the festivity.
- Not at all, the ambience was great.

So, did you have fun?

Of course.

You fool, how could I
have fun without you?

I waited for you by the
window for hours.

One day they will take the
gun away from you!

Damn! You scared the hell out of me.

Be more careful next time.

Dad, I was thinking in going back home.

I wanted to talk with you.

What's the matter?

Paulina is pregnant, and
we must get married.

You know that we don't have a penny.

So to save money we can
only invite close relatives.

You will have to look for a
house. Ours is too small.

You will have to deal with it.

Paulina wants us to marry in her
village. Her mother is frail.

To the newlyweds!

- Where is Paulina going?
- I don't know.

Doesn't she look pretty?

Wow, a squirrel!

Don't believe what the gossipers said...

That they saw you walking
with Patxi's daughter.

I just want to marry...

your gentle you.

If you didn't have a mother...

I would have a great life.

Lara la la.

Lara la la.

Lara la lara, lara la la.

Lara la la.

Lara la la.

Lara la lara, lara la la.

Lara la la.

Lara la la.

Lara la lara, lara la la.

Lara la la.

Lara la la.

Lara la lara, lara la la.

Lara la la.

Lara la la.

Lara la lala, lara la la.

Lara la la.
Lara la la.

Lara la lala, lara la la.



Tasio! Paulina is about to give birth!
The nurse has arrived.

It's a girl.

For a first timer everything
went really well.

I didn't cover the coal pile!

Grab the shovel!

- Wasn't the baby girl beautiful?
- Yes, and she looks very alert.

- Antonio dropped in yesterday.
- What did he want?

- He wants me to go hunting with him.
- Where? To the property?

Yes, to the reserve.

It would be foolish not to
seize this opportunity.

Go! go! Look for it!


Go! Go! Go!

Go get it!

Woof, woof, woof! Find it!

There it goes!

Go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go! Find it!

Go! Go! Go!

- Hunting was good this week, huh?
- Yes, better than last week.

You know who's coming next week?

I believe he's a famous doctor.

I don't know his name.

Do always the same people return?

Yes, if they can afford to pay.

The boss organizes hunting parties every
year. Those who can afford it come.

Will you count on me next year?

I'll have both of you if it's up to me.

Not me, find another one.
I won't come back.

I don't like to track animals for
other people's enjoyment.

- They can do it, I won't be back.
- That's the way they hunt here.

That's not hunting. A hunter
confronts the animal.

Look at you, using traps and snares!

- That's different.
- In what way?

Smart animals will avoid the trap.

Same as here, right?

That's different.

Animals are more confined in the reserve

They can't escape.

You didn't come here to hunt,
but rather to make money.


Look for another one,
I'll get by somehow.

Leave those two here.

They are the best of all.

They have already been picked.

By whom? Give him some others.

They asked me for those two.

How much do they pay you? I'll give
you 20 pesetas for each of them.

- They have already been awarded.
- Come on, give them different ones.

20 pesetas and it's a deal.

- Is that your only wild boar fur?
- Yes, only that one.

I don't understand how do you
manage with the wardens.

- Don't they give you trouble?
- No.

I hide the gun in the mountain,
so I leave home without it.

- But the wardens must know.
- Yes, but they must catch me.

Sometimes it's hard
for him to fool them.

It's a pity that you don't have more
wild boar furs. They are highly priced.

It takes many shells
to kill one of them.

Can you not set traps for them?

- I never thought of that.
- There must be another way.

No way. If you don't shoot
them you won't get them.


That's right.


I'll be back next month.

- You know where to find us.
- See you next time

Pull, mare!


Come on!



Pull, mare!



- Never seen snared wild boars!
- You can't take away the idea.

This animal is no joke,
if the snare snaps...

he'll attack us!






I told you it would break.

I'll need a stronger snare.


The storm toppled a tree.

When the rain stops,
get Ignacio's shotgun,

then go to the mountain
and fire a few shots.

Is it big?

- You cut there.
- OK.

With this firewood I
can feed two coal piles.

Of course.

- How long will you stay?
- A week. Until the new contract starts.

- Hey, I've got a surprise for you.
- What's it?

I'll show you after you
greet the family.

- I, too, have one for you.
- Really?

Those trout are fed, aren't they?

He'll be shocked when he
realizes that they're gone.

Do you know what the gossipers...

have told me?

They've seen you walking...

with Patxi's daughter.

I just want to marry
your gentle you.

If you didn't have a mother...

I would have a great life.

Lara la la.

Lara la la.

Lara la lara, lara la la.

Lara la la...

Lara la la...

Lara la lara, lara la la.

Will you sign the charges?

Don't you hear me?

Sign here!

I didn't take any trout.

Are you calling the warden a liar?


Then what were you
doing by the river?

- I already told you.
- Then say it again.

- I was going to wash myself after work.
- Liar!

Who does he live with?

- Huh?
- He's got a wife and a daughter.

Very well. Bring his wife here.

Come on, bring her here!

Even if I have to stay the
whole night here,...

you're going to sign the charges.

Your husband hunts and fishes
regularly, doesn't he?

What happened?

I've asked you a question, answer it.

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?
Does he, or does he not?


Very well.

You are his accomplice, so
you'll be charged as well.

Now you will have to pay
two fines instead of one.

- Antonio, prepare the charges.
- OK.

Where do I sign?

So now you want to sign?

Not now, you'll sign tomorrow.

- Take a seat somewhere, Antonio.
- OK.

You come here!

Will you stay here overnight?

Yes, and he will also stay.

That will teach him.

Are you going to leave him there?

Too bad for him, he should have talked.

You can leave.

Come on, go away!

And turn the light off.




I snared a wild boar.
It worked.

I've been looking for you for a while.

Paulina is ill. They've called the doctor.

She must stay in bed for the time being.

She must have these injections.

It looks like a small flaw in her heart.

When she gets better she
must visit a specialist doctor.

- Goodbye, get better.
- Thank you.

What's wrong? Is it serious?

I don't think so, but she
must see a specialist.


See you later.

See if lunch is already cooked.

I can help you to find work
as labourer in the co-op.

This way you'll have
insurance and a small wage.

I said don't bother.

You will never have another
opportunity like this.

We have already discussed that.
I won't work as a labourer.

Working as a labourer in the
co-op is better than elsewhere.

It makes no difference to me.

We worked hard for years to make
the co-op work, and now you...

I think it's good to pool together
all the village's lands.

That's good. However, I will not
work as a labourer for anyone.

Why not?

I told you. Because I don't want to..

Then, what do you want?

I don't know.

But not that.

- You have a family to support.
- We never lacked any food.

Food is not the same
as medical expenses.

I'll deal with that.

How will you pay for
drugs and specialists...?

Fuck it! I have always managed.

I don't need to be told how to. I'll
deal with it, it's not your business.

In that case, screw yourself.

Deal with it your way.

Then we'll go by the river, and...

Let us see if...

- Are you cold, Luisa?
- No.

Father said don't do so much laundry.

- If I don't, who will do it then?
- Auntie will do it.

What's the matter?


You've spent the whole afternoon inside.

- Why don't you go for a walk?
- OK.

Will father go to the mountain?

I don't know. He is at Gregorio's,
slaughtering a pig.

Go out.


I'll be back soon.



- Are you coming to play?
- Yes, right now.

- Shall we go to the square?
- Here is much better.

Foul. My turn.

But no...

It's here.

Over there.

Look Ana, your father is coming.

You like to play here, don't you?

I'm going home, Ana. It's late.

- Next time come earlier.
- Yes.

I don't understand how you
two are such good friends.

- Where are you coming from?
- The warden is back home.

I like you helping in any way you can.

- Are you going to the mountain?
- Of course.

- Can I go with you?
- Not today.

We have to bring a fox I hid
yesterday and check the traps.

I won't be back until night.



- What's up?
- Call the nurse, Paulina is very ill!

How's it going, Father?

You scared the hell out of me.

Have you been here for long?

I didn't see you.

Shall we go and eat?

Is it today a Sunday or what?

Did you see him?

Yes, on my way here.

One day I will set the largest
trap, to catch him.

You're crazy.

What are we celebrating?

You know I forget dates.

I'm getting married.

With Patxi?

I think that's good.

You will come to live
with us in a Vitoria.

Patxi's got a job over there.

Don't worry about me, child.

I'm not leaving this place.

Hey, you!

Come here!

Have a drink.

She's getting married.