Tarzan's Greatest Adventure (1959) - full transcript

After diamond hunters kill two people while stealing explosives, Tarzan sets off after them. The group, led by a man named Slade, are off to excavate a diamond mine. Along the way, Tarzan rescue an attractive woman, Angie, whose crashes her small airplane. She finds the trek demanding but sticks with it proving her worth when the time comes. As for Slade and his group, greed and jealousy take hold leaving only a few of them for Tarzan to fight in the end.

[Instrumental music]

[Elephant trumpeting]

[Frog croaking]

[Bird chirping]

[Frog croaking]

[Baby crying]

[Crying continues]


[Bird chirping]

Hey, what's wrong with you,
little chap? Hey.

Come on, perhaps
this might help you.

Is that easier?


[Gun cocking]



[Bird chirping]

Stop, stop.


[Dogs barking]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Dogs barking]

[Indistinct chatter]



[Dramatic music]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

It went alright?

We got the stuff.

Careful, it's explosive.

- All you can do is die.
- Idiot.

You know, it gets
easier every time.

We've never had it so good.

Sure, we only killed
two fellows, that's all.

You killed one of them.

I had to. They recognized me.

Why argue? We have the equipment
we need, let's get out.

Yeah, alright. Dino.

[Engine whirring]

[Bird chirping]

Cut your motor.

You heard me.

What's the matter?

You'll see in a minute.

[Dramatic music]

- What is it...
- Shut up.

[Birds chirping]

[Water splashing]

You hear something, too?

We must both be getting old

hearing things in our sleep
like old women.

I know, you want your breakfast.

But you forget something.

We wash first.






Hey, cheeta.

You'll have to wash
better than that.



Alright, alright, I hear you.

You're hungry.

[Drum beating]

They're telling him
about the raid.

You sound like he's
something to worry about.

You'll find out.

I use to know him.

[Speaking in foreign language]

[Indistinct chatter]

[Speaking in foreign language]

The drums told you,
what happened?

We had two other raids
like this in the past week.

Supplies stolen and
people killed wantonly.

The drum say they're African.


Lutemba was wearing
this when he was killed.

Root dye.

There was some on
lutemba's hands as well.

A white man painted black?

There's something else, too.

Ms. lowering.

Can we see you a moment, please?

[Indistinct chatter]

- Hello.
- Hello, Ms. lowering.

- Can I introduce you to...
- I know who you are.


Louie Sanchez told me about you.

The man who lives
in the jungle with apes.

But I didn't believe him.

I'll have to apologize
when I see him.

I know Sanchez.

He was on safari last year.

Never sober enough
to lift a gun.

Good old Louie.

As matter of fact,
that's his plane I'm flying.

There was another girl
flying it last year.

Probably a red head.

They were in style last year.

Oh, Ms. lowering,
would you mind telling Tarzan

how you happen to land here?

Sure, I was having
a little fuel problem

and I was circling
for a place to land when I

heard this voice over my radio.

Spotted the lights
of the settlement

came down and that's it.

Except it's going to take me
another day to get going.

The voice you heard
over your radio.

It was like a man in pain.

He said one word, said it twice.

What word?


(Stanley) I'll have the river
checked from mantu down.

Four men in a canoe.

If it's Slade, we'll get him.

What if the canoe went up river?

(Stanley) Those supplies
were stolen for a reason.

What reason would a man have
for going up river?

I don't know.

But I'll find out.

Colonel Stanley?
The father is ready.

Excuse me.

You're going after
this Slade, aren't you?

One man hunting four.

This is going to be something.

You know if Louie Sanchez,
wasn't waiting

for his plane in Rome,
I'd go along with you.

Two people are dead here.

Is this a joke to you?

We all die sooner or later.

It's not a joke but it's
nothing to cry about either.

Oh, Tarzan, the service
is about to start.

Will you stay?

No, I need no sermon to tell me
how I feel about Dr. corals.

- Goodbye, colonel Stanley.
- Goodbye.


Tarzan, I can't tell
you what to do

but don't underestimate Slade.

I don't. You forget,
I used to know him.

I'd like to be around
when they meet.

I wouldn't.

[Birds chirping]


You stay home, cheeta.

This time I can't
take you with me.

You take care
of everything here.

[Instrumental music]

[Engine whirring]

[Instrumental music on stereo]


Do you realize that
I've just lost

two and a half million dollars?

You can afford it,
you gonna be rich soon.

Oh, yeah.

Amen, to that.

To just causes and rebellions.

What do you know of just causes?

That's a very good question.

I'd say I was too young
for the Irish rebellion.

Well, a just cause is worth.

Besides they don't pay so good.


Unless you got your fist
in the cash register

with the right guy.

Like, uh, what was that
vaudeville act's name?

Goring and himmler?


Ah, now we're gonna
have some real music

well, let's have a dance.

Dance? Ha-ha.

You can't even walk straight.

Oh, you little devil.

If you weren't Slade's woman

I'd tame you.


May I be permitted to help?


What's up? Why are we stoppin'?

What's the matter, dino?

I'm stopping here for the night.

There's rocks ahead
and I don't wanna take the risk

of running her up in the dark.

- We'll start in the morning.
- Morning?

Then we waste half a day.

You have a searchlight,
why don't you use it?

Well, if you need some help,
dino, I'll drive.

No. I don't need
any help, o'bannion.

It's my boat
and I'm staying here.

If you don't like it,
get out and walk.

Alright, take it easy.

We waited so long, what
difference does one night make?

A mud scow like this
and the way he talks

you'd think it was
the queen Mary.

Nobody's asking you
to step on it.

If you don't like it, you know
what you can do about it.

- You listen to me...
- Hold it.

[Drum beating]

Tarzan's coming upriver.

He hunts the four men
and a woman.

- Woman? How did they know...
- Shut up.

How does he know you're aboard?

We're watched
every inch of the way.

Now listen, dino

Tarzan won't stop for the night.

If we stop he'll be close up
to us by morning.

Four against one?

I stay here.

Your choice, dino.

If he comes within
a 100 yards of us

I'll bust him wide open.

Now look, let's have
some real music, huh?

Come on.

[Birds chirping]

[Airplane droning]

[Airplane droning]

[Engine sputtering]


[Dramatic music]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

[Birds chirping]


What, uh, what are
you gonna do for an encore?

Alright, don't answer that.

Oh, I must say when I do it,
I do it right.

Good old Angie.

Well... it's pretty obvious
I can't walk back.

Looks like you're stuck with me.

You'll be surprised how handy
I can be on a hike.

Get in.

A man of few words.

I like that for a change.

In the center, near to me.

Incidentally what's the score
on the manhunt?

How close are you?

It's still a game to you.

Well, the difference is
that now I'm in it and playing

you're a fool.

Well, at least I'll have
a chance to find out for myself.


Here we waste another night

while he worries about his boat.

What kind of a man
are you, dino?

You worry more about a boat
than about a fortune.

Maybe he doesn't need the money.

Maybe he is a millionaire.

Are you a millionaire, dino?

Dino, do you ever say anything?

Yeah, when I've got
something to say.

What's that you got there,
in the locket?

Nothing that concerns you,

What is it? A girl?

Come on give us a look, dino?


Come on, dino.


Very touchy, my friend?

I'm not your friend, o'bannion,
I never was.

Well, I'm not gonna
labor the point.

Your play.

The prospect of
riches is making them edgy.

It does that to most men.

Not to you.

Let's say, I don't show it.

I wish you did.

I am a jealous woman.

Jealous of what?

Of anything that takes
any part of you away from me.

Nothing does.

Then why are you
watching the river?

It's different.

Uh, just what does one do
about food around here?

One eats.
There's meat in the bag.

What is it?


No thanks.

There's fruit in the other bag.

I'll pass that, too
if you don't mind.

I have sort of lost my appetite.

What is it?

Burnt stub of a cigarette.

Maybe two or maybe
three miles, upstream.

[Birds chirping]

[O'bannion snoring]

[Indistinct muttering]

[Birds screeching]

What's up?

(Slade) Birds.

What about 'em?


Maybe less than an hour
away down the stream.

Oh, your jungle friend.

So what are we gonna do?

What you gonna do?

We can go on and stop wasting
time, that's what we do.

You mean we put it off?

You gotta deal with him
sooner or later.

I say the sooner the better.

And I say our business is ahead.

So we go on.

Dino, what do you say?

I think we should get it over
with as soon as possible.

Seems like you're
outvoted, Krieger.

Come on, dutchy.

A little target practice
will do you good.

My name is Krieger.

And I have no time
to waste on ape-man.

Or on idiots.

You know, I never liked
that guy from the start.

And he's done nothing
to change my opinion.

Come on.

I'll give you a lesson
on how to shoot.

I'm always glad to learn.

- Just watch me get him.
- Modesto, huh?

For you,
I'll bring back his ears.

- Mm-hm.
- You see this?

Dino, take the boat
a mile upstream.

No need to tell him
exactly where we are.

Well, let's go.


Stay attentive.

[Gun cocking]

[Engine whirring]

[Birds screeching]

- You take the other bank.
- Yeah.

[Birds screeching]

- What is it?
- Slade, up ahead.

Take this.

Can I do something
instead of just...

Wait ten seconds

then throw this
to the other bank.

Look if I would have...

[Bird screeching]

[Water splashing]


[Dramatic music]

[Music continues]


(O'bannion) Slade, over here.


The big tree.

[Gunfire continues]

Hold your fire.

He was right here. I heard him.

Get back.

[Music continues]

We are safe here. Out of range.

Yeah, sure.
We are safe, alright.

You can't even see this guy.

What's this
bow and arrow thing, eh?

Oh, we've not done so badly.

I've sent his boat
down the river.

Yeah, he is on foot now.

He's really gonna sweat.

Come on, o'bannion.

Boy, am I ever glad to see you.

Where are they?

Back to their boat.

What do we do now?

I think it was Slade.

Another minute and
he would have found me.

I'm sorry about the canoe.

But then, uh,
this is my first manhunt.

How are we gonna get up there?

We walk.


Uh, this is yours.

Keep it. You'll need it.

[Instrumental music]


What is it?

Nothing, I'm alright.

Don't tell me you're turning
gentlemen and waiting for me.

Don't bother with introductions.


[Instrumental music on stereo]

[Speaking in foreign language]

Olé. = 0jé.


- What's wrong, Krieger?
- Wrong?

We must be insane

playing like children
and wasting time.

I tell you, Slade...

You tell me what?

When an army finds itself
without support, it retreats.

I say nothing.

Why not try attacking?

Like your ape-man, Tarzan, huh?

That's right.

My army fights a different way.

But I think it will win.

May I be permitted
to illustrate my point?

May I have the stones, please?

That will cut to four carats.



That will also cut.

Not such a good quality
but good.

Uh, that is the largest stone.

It'll cut to nothing
because it is full of flaws.


These stones have to be mined.

And there is a technique
in that, too.

Without me you could
waste a year of your time

and come out with nothing.

That's why I say again
my army will win.

That's a great spiel
but you've forgotten something.

Only Slade knows
where the diamonds are.

[Elephant trumpeting]

You know, this doesn't fit in.

You're taking time
to do this for me.

You couldn't have
walked much longer.

Uh, I thought it had
to be something like that.

I'm curious.

What would you have done
if that had happened?

Left you.

Well, I can't say
I didn't ask for it.

It's not what I would like.

It's the only thing I could do.

Oh, swell.

[Instrumental music]

[Sighs] Just a minute.

I have to catch my breath.

[Animal growling]

Reach out.

- What is it?
- Over there.

(Angie) They're beautiful.


[Lion roaring]

[Dramatic music]

How cruel.

He killed for food.

Only man kills for its own sake.

Like Slade?

Yes, like Slade.

What happened between
you and Slade?

Slade's a man who...

Has a passion to kill.

A year ago, word came
that a rogue elephant

was running wild.

I went to hunt him.

So did Slade.

He took four men, I went alone.

Slade killed the elephant.

He came back with one man.

The others were killed.

You mean Slade killed them?

The law said
the elephant killed them.

The man who lives said
Slade could have saved them.

But he would have
lost the elephant.

I would have killed Slade a long
time ago if not for man's law.

Now he's broken that law.

Something's gone wrong
with the steering.

How long is it
gonna take to fix it?

As long it takes.

And all that crap they got
out of him

ruined this boat.

He knows what he's doing.

Now what's happened?

We would make better time
to walk.

Then get out and walk.

Fine place to break down.

If Tarzan travelled all night,
he's not far behind us.

Tarzan, you talk always
of the this ape-man.

We are four,
what we to be afraid of?

Well, listen, Krieger,
no one's afraid.

But don't delude yourself
because we're four to one.

Tarzan won't come in at
the front door, you know.

He'll just wait down there
and pick us up one by one

if we're fools enough
to give him the chance.

Now I'm telling you

all of you

don't help him
by destroying yourselves.

[Flute music]

What is that?

The kabuki's,
we are in their territory now.

[Music continues]

[Bird screeching]

We sleep here for a few hours.

You're stopping on my account.


I guess, I'm not
as tough as I thought.

Go to sleep.


He won't harm you, he just
wants to see who you are.

Pleasant dreams.

Oh, it's like a hot-house.

I'm gonna get me
some fresh meat.

Don't go too far.

How much longer?

An hour or maybe less.

He's gonna scream
like a stuck pig.

A big joke, eh?

O'bannion, he'll kill you
for that.

Yeah, that will be the day.

You cannot reason with an idiot.

If you want your locket

o'bannion took it.

Where is he?

Where is he, Slade?

Dino! He's got a gun.


[Dramatic music]

(Dino) Where you are, o'bannion?


[Music continues]


Dino, come and get.

(Dino) O'bannion.

Dino, come on!

[Monkeys chattering]




Ahh! Slade!

Wake up.

[Dino screaming]



Come on! This way.

(Dino) Oh! God!


[Monkey hooting]

Crazy fool.

Getting himself
killed over a locket.

It's an old lady.

That's his mother.

He only got out of jail
a few months back.

He was in fifteen years.

He killed his father
when he was eighteen.

Come on, let's get
back to the boat.

I don't wanna do
Tarzan any more favors.

Death is never a pretty sight.

And you'll see it again
before the hunt is over.

And I thought
this would be sport.

I think you've learned.

Yes, I have learned.

[Flute music]


As long as we're alive,
there's nothing to fear.

They're cowards.

They were here not long ago.

Can we catch up to them?

Three miles from here
the river does this.

If we go overland

we can head them off here.

The land we cross is not easy.

Harder than the land
we've come from.

Are you giving me a choice?

No, I just want you
to know what's ahead of us.

You know, you might
give me a little warning

when you start off.
You think that...

Hey, that bend in the river

Slade will know it, too.


Then he'll know we're
trying to head him off.

Yes, he'll be waiting for me.

[Elephants trumpeting]

You don't happen to have
a mirror on you, do you?

Just a thought.

Did you know that
I was named one of

the best dressed women
of the year?

Ten of the world's
most famous... oops.


As I was saying,
ten of the world's most famous

photographers picked me
as their ideal model.

I've had maharajas
propose to me.

I've had bulls dedicated to me.

Why, I even had
a race horse named after me.


I'm not saying
this to brag, I...

Just wanted you to know
that I don't always go...

You didn't finish
what you were saying.

How are we gonna
get around that?

[Dramatic music]

Put your arms around my neck.

If this is an approach
it's just lovely.

Thanks for the ride.

How much further?

About three hours more.

We'll be up to Slade by morning.

Stop thinking about dino.

It won't do any good.

Dino was your client.

Yet you say nothin'
and you do nothin'.

What would you have me do?
Kill o'bannion?

Kill, kill.

Is his death all
you can think of?

There is nothing else
which means anything to you.

I am just your way
of spending time

so you can fight again
and kill again.

You're upset.
Pull yourself together.

Yes, yes. I'm upset.

I'm human that's why.

I want to be loved.

I love you.

Oh, I pity you.

You are so sick.

So you'll kill Tarzan.

And after Tarzan, who else?

O'bannion, Krieger, me?
Is that it?

Is that what you want?

Get inside.

- No...
- Get inside.

Hello, you beautiful...


You know, Slade cares
nothing for you.

When he gets the diamonds,

You are wasting your time.

We are going to be rich.

What you're gonna get out of it?

I'll get plenty.

You're deluding yourself.

You'll be back where you were
when Slade found you.

Only a little older
and perhaps a little wiser.

Stick to your diamonds.

All the time
you've been with him

what you got out of it? Nothing.

Shut up.

Does he ever tell you
about himself?

- I'll tell you how clever you are.
- Does he ever tell you about...

I know everything.

I even know where
the diamonds are.

Ever seen one of
these work, Krieger?


It's a wire noose,
used for capturing animals.

I once saw a trapper
fight a man with one of these.

He had no fur to protect him.

You understand what I mean?

Made quite a mess.

Very interesting.


[Instrumental music]


[Bird screeching]

You'll be safe here.

The river's less
than a mile away.

Slade knows I'm coming.

If I don't get back, you'll find
his boat at the river's end.

Do you understand?


I'll keep my fingers crossed.

[Music continues]

(O'bannion) You think he
might be up ahead, huh?

(Slade) If he came
overland, he will be.

Hey, Krieger. Get your rifle
and come out here.

Made to order for him.

You watch the stern,
I'm going up in the bow.

[Dramatic music]


(Slade) Reverse your motor.

It's alright, we can cut
right through it.

I said reverse your motor.

[Tree creaking]


- Hey, we're all blocked in.
- Get in the cabin.

Get in the cabin quick,
if you don't wanna get killed.

Slade, why we not
go to the bank?

What about this guy?

Look, why don't
we head for the trees?

There's three of us,
we can fan out.

He'd cut us down before we've
gone five feet from the boat.

The man's a barbarian,
an animal.

There's only two things to do.

Wait till night to try for it
or this.

Here's something
he won't figure out.

The explosive.

Throw it!


[Monkeys chattering]






Come on out, ape-man,
let's have a look at you.

What are you doing?




[Monkeys chattering]

[Birds chirping]

Come on, here I am.


Over here. Come on.

[Monkeys chattering]

Come on!

[Leaves rustling]


[Dramatic music]

[Grunts] Slade!


[Music continues]

[Music continues]




(Toni) Slade!



He tried to kill you.

I know what he did.

Why would I kill you?

You know where the mine is.

You're the only one that knows.

I would be an idiot to kill you.


Now get the boat started.

Where is o'bannion?

He's dead.


No need to worry
about burying him.

What about Tarzan?

If he's alive, he'll come to me.

[Bird chirping]

[Instrumental music]


[Monkeys chattering]

(Angie) Tarzan?



I-I'll get some water
from the river.

Getting very shallow.

How much further?

About a mile.

May be we oughta
pull in for the night.

No, no, no, we must reach
the falls tonight.

Otherwise we waste more time.

Alright, Krieger.


Listen, I've got to leave you.

Can you hear me?

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Krieger? The rains have run off.

We'll have no trouble
getting supplies through.

Good. Let's go back to the boat
and collect our equipment.

[Dramatic music]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]




Who's she?
=I don't know. We'll find out.

I'll tell you one thing though,
she's pretty lively.

She was on the boat,
in the cabin.

She was, huh?

- Oh!
- Yeah, what's that?

Penicillin. = penicillin, huh?

She must've wanted
that pretty badly.

Tarzan's got better taste
than I give him credit for.

What you talking about?

Who else would she want
penicillin for? He's hurt.

Where is he?

Where is he?

Do you expect me
to tell you, Slade?

This is quite a pleasure.

You leave her to me.

I'll find out where he is.

We don't need to find out
where he is.

A wounded animal
is easy to trap.

He'll come after you.

We'll lay a trail for him.

And when he's good and tired,
we'll take him.

Krieger, where you going?

Back to the boat
to get our equipment.

We've wasted enough time.



Krieger... we'll make camp
at the top of the hill.

Take 'em on up there.
Get a fire started.

I got work to do here.

You're going first.

[Instrumental music]

[Dramatic music]

[Animal growling]


For two hours
it's the same thing.

He's hurt, in pain.
He'll be dead by morning.

But tonight, he'll attack
anything that moves.

You'd love to go out there,
wouldn't you?

Let's turn in and
get a good night's sleep.

What about the trap you
dug for that ape man?

He won't get there till morning.
I'll be waiting for him.

- I wouldn't count on that.
- Maybe.

But I know this,
as long as I've got you

I'll keep getting
another chance.

Sorry to inconvenience you.

I got quite attached to you.

Hate to lose the pleasure
of your company.

[Instrumental music]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]


Yes, he's gone.
He's left to kill the ape-man.

Look, I have nothing
against Tarzan.

He's not my enemy.

Then cut me loose.

I've been thinking about it.

I've also been
thinking what happens

if Tarzan does not kill Slade.

She's faking. She heard.

Yes, I heard you.

Slade will kill you.

You think I'll tell you
where the mine is.



Tell Tarzan that Slade
is waiting for him

by the ravine.

Here... this is yours.


[Lion growling]

[Intense music]

[Lion growling]




[Growling continues]


[Growling continues]




Stay where you are.



Look out! A trap.


[Bird squawking]

Toni is dead.

The lion?

She fell into the trap.

Why did she run?

The lion went by.
It frightened her.

Tarzan's woman, she run, too?

I suppose so.

(Slade) With her hands tied?

When I woke up, she was gone.


Let's get on to the mine.

I'll get my things.

Thank god I found you.

Slade is waiting.

Lead the way.


Woman screaming.

Slade's woman.

[L-]I think she's dead.

There's only Slade
and Krieger now.

Krieger let me go.


Are you sure this charge
is strong enough?

Listen, I blew the rocks down
to seal the entrance.

I should know.



It's alright, Krieger.
We're here.

You never told me this place
had been mined before.

Didn't 1?

Couple of fellas
lived here two years...

Mining copper.


Yes, there's a small stream here

which is worth smelting.

Found their bones at
the bottom of one of the shafts.

And the diamonds you saw
were right beside them.

They must've found it
at the very end.


This is junk.

A man might search for 50 years.


Don't worry, Krieger.

I've been over
every foot of this cave.

That's the last place
they were mining.

That's where you'll find it.




It's got the sign. Maybe, maybe.

[Speaking in foreign language]

[Speaking in foreign language]

[Speaking in foreign language]


Rich... we're rich.


Hello. You look much better.

Your side is healing.

How long have I slept?

Oh, I'd say about 24 hours.

You helped me all night?


I'm glad I know you.

You don't know me.
If you did you...

I know all I have to know.


But I'm still the same girl
who's flying Sanchez's plane.

And I'm the man
who lives in the trees...

The one you didn't believe.

I did say that, didn't 1?

I remember, you didn't
like me very much.

You've changed.

Maybe, I have.

You must be out of your reason.

Here we have
a fortune on our hands

and you spend your time on that

dreaming how you kill
that ape-man.

It's more than a dream, Krieger.

I'm gonna kill him
with my own hands.

You're mad.

When you gonna start work?

When I'm ready.

- I work.
- Then you'll get rich, Krieger.

This is what you wanted,
isn't it?

Alright, then the diamonds
I find, I keep, eh?


You, you... you're going to risk
losing all this by...

By fighting Tarzan and maybe
getting us both killed.

That's what you're
afraid of, isn't it?

You help me. Yeah?

You work with me and in
a few weeks we can leave here

and we can have
everything that we want.

Diamonds can't buy what I want.

Come on, Krieger. Eat.

I'm not hungry.

Diamonds won't buy
you a new stomach.

So, you're not
interested in money?

Then why did you
start this thing?


I knew where the mine was.

No one objects to being rich.

Oh, no. That was not the reason.

I understand you now.

It was the danger, the plan
and making it work.

And now that we have
found the diamonds

you're not interested anymore.

Because the danger"s out
there now, with that ape-man.

And there's nothing else
for you in the whole world

but to kill him.

You're right, Krieger.

And I'm gonna kill him...

With this.

I can't wait for it.

I dream of it, you know I...

I long for it.

Every minute that goes by
is a minute wasted.

A madness?

Yeah, maybe it is
but it's me, you understand?

It's me!

I was born with this,
I'll live with it and die by it.


Goodbye, Slade.

You got what you wanted.

[Instrumental music]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]

[Music continues]


Take these.

Take these.



Are you sure you'll be alright?

Are you sure you can
handle the boat?

I'll be alright.

When you get back
to the settlement

will you wait a while?

No. No, I won't wait.

But, I'll tell them where
you are. I'll send help.

I don't need help.

Why don't you
forget about Slade?

Why don't you just
leave him to the jungle?

I live here.

If he stays I'd have to go.

There are other places.

Not for me.

This is where I belong.

[Bird chirping]

You know, I was just
thinking about Louis Sanchez.

When he hears about his plane...
Hope it's insured.

Are you going back to him?

Oh, I don't think so.

What will you do?

I don't know.
Something will turn up.

Is that what you want?

After this, maybe not.

Tell me something,

that day when I was
too tired to go on

would you really have left me?

Alright, don't answer that.

Well, I guess two is a crowd.


Goodbye, Angie.

Good luck.

[Monkeys chattering]

[Instrumental music]


[Tarzan ululating]


[Tarzan ululating]

[Engine whirring]

[Dramatic music]




Come on up, ape-man.
Let me see you.

[Music continues]



[Bird squawking]


[Music continues]




[Music continues]


[Music continues]


[Instrumental music]

[Music continues]