Tarzan the Ape Man (1981) - full transcript

The Tarzan story from Jane's point of view. Jane Parker visits her father in Africa where she joins him on an expedition. A couple of brief encounters with Tarzan establish a (sexual) bond between her and Tarzan. When the expedition is captured by savages, Tarzan comes to the rescue.

'Ah, there you are.
Ho Ho Ho, gentlemen.'

'I have such
a fantastic story for you.'

(male #1)
'Really, sir. Robert?'

'We're discussing the wedding.
A beautiful truth, not a story''

'Please, gentlemen. I must tell
you this bizarre adventure.'

- 'Listen to me.'
- 'Another one of your lies.'

(male #2)
'Edgar, Edgar let him speak.'

- 'Alright, get on with it.'
- 'Thank you very much.'

'First of all, I wish the
bonny prince eternal happiness''

'Hope, he doesn't spend
all his money on the wedding.'

'Hope, he has enough left
for the honeymoon.'

'Jolly good luck to him.
Now, picture this.'

'This is part of the story.'

'This is where
the story really begins.'

'West Africa, 1910.'

'Beautiful young lady,
making her way--'

- 'Eh, what does she look like''
- 'What?'

'Ho Ho, Ho Ho,
I'll tell you.'

(male #3)
What does she look like?

'It's very important to me.
What does she look like?'

'Of course, it's important
to you. I agree with you.'

'She's so beautiful.
Long, blonde hair.'

'Pale-soft skin like cream.'

- 'Her eyes?'
- 'Her eyes are blue.'

'Bluer than the deep lakes
of Ireland.'

(male #3)
'I favor blue eyes.'

'They've been lucky to us,
haven't they?'

'You remember what
I'm talking about?'

'Oh, you rotter.'

'Good, then she's
to all our tastes, eh?'

'Ah, I can see her now.
Ooh, well, carry on.'

'Thank you. This Dresden figure,
fragile-young thing'

'has journeyed
thousands of miles.'

'Her heart set on one desire'

'to find the father
she's never known.'

'Oh, really?'

'This brave girl has no way
of knowing her strange destiny''

'I say.'

'Her incredibly-strange

(female #1)
'Sister Teresa.'

She told me that you would
take me to Parker's camp.

- No. No.
- She said you would take me.

I have money.

Okay? Look.

[seagulls squawking]

[boat chugging]

[men laughing]

[men coughing]

[laughter continues]

[loud footsteps]

[banging on door]


[birds chirping]

[water lapping]

What now?

"Deliver to Parker expedition."

[boat chugging]

[African drumbeats]

[foreign language]

[thunder rumbling]


[rumbling continues]

[boat chugging]



[African drumbeats]

[drumbeat continues]

[chugging continues]

[crickets chirping]

[insects buzzing]

[foreign language]


[birds chirping]

[dog whining]

[boat whistle]

[whistling continues]

[birds chirping]

[bell ringing]

[chugging continues]

[whistle continues]


Wake up, my proud beauty.


Get up, Holt!

Holt, she's here!

'Get out of bed, Holt!'

'Come on, get up!
Get out here!'

'Come on, come on, look lively''

Come on, everybody. Get up.

She's here.

'The boat is here.'

[monkey squeaking]

[monkey chatters]

Oh, my God.

'Come on, everybody.
Sleeping time is over.'

'She's here. She's here.
Come on.'

[people cheering]


Look at her!

[cheering continues]

- Oh, my God.
- 'Come on, my babies!'

'Come on, my babies.'

'Come on, my lovely,
black babies.'

I've got the goddamned
cannon and its..

Oh, hello. Hey.

Hello. Did you have
a pleasant journey?

Where's my cannon?

Yes, where is my...cannon?

[water lapping]

Oh, my God.


I'm Jane.


Where's my cannon?


'Find my cannon and bring it
to me immediately.'

Stand by, Mr. Holt,
with your camera, if you please.

I want this recorded.

I know who you are.

Riano, I want my cannon
up there right away.

Mr. Holt.

Mr. Holt, she's here.
She's here.

'Let's get a look at her
and see how she works.'

'Mr. Holt.'

Hello. Hi.

Mr. Holt. Your camera, please.

That cannon is the key
to the whole bloody thing.

[ox bells ringing]

- Go on, go on! Shoo!
- Hello. Hi.


[dog barking]

I'm so sorry. Moses is the
original bull in a china shop.

I'm Harry Holt.
I'm with the Parker expedition.

Can I help you?

Oh, no, I'm fine.
Thank you.

I've seen your photographs,
Mr. Holt. You're very good.

Then, James Parker
would only have the best.

He does like being
photographed, doesn't he?

Well, I-I think all great men,
they feel a sort of

'an-an obligation
to history.'

You don't think my father
just plain enjoys his own image?

Not at all.
Not anymore than a..

- He's your father?
- Jane Parker.

I didn't know. He didn't say
anything about your coming.

I didn't even know
he had a daughter.

- Neither did he.
- 'He knew.'

'Miss Parker, this is Nambia.
She's from the Masai tribe.'

'Your father calls her Africa.'

My mother.

We need to get you out of here.

- You'll take my tent.
- No, I couldn't.

- You must. I insist.
- But what will you do?

Share a tent and...don't worry,
please. I'll be fine.

Now, let's get you settled.

[dog barks]

[birds chirping]

[crickets chirping]

(male #4)
'This son of a bitch looks at me
with a wild look in his eye'

'and he says, "there's nothing
to do but go up."'

'"Go up, go up," he says'

'Well, he knew
we had to keep moving'

'or we'd freeze to death
right there and then'

'and that would
be the end of it.'

'So, I took his advice,
yelled to the boys'

'"Rope yourselves.
We're going up."'

'Everybody looked at me
as if I was bloody crazy'

'but I wasn't, this dumb
son of a bitch was crazy.'

He was crazy, you know.
If it hadn't been for you

we'd be buried up to our
bollocks in some icy grave.

There was no..

Gentlemen, our guest
has arrived, Jane.

Excuse me.

Yes, uh, gentlemen..

...may I introduce to one
and all, Ms. Jane Parker.

Her mother and I
were separated

when she was quite young.

'That's a lie.'

He left my mother

a year after I was born.

Ah. Six thousand miles
to tell me what a bastard I am.

What did mama say when you told
her you were coming to Africa?


She was dead
when I decided.

Oh, my God.

'She had a beautiful funeral.'

All her loved ones were there.

'I left a week later.'


Gent-gentlemen, I..

I believe
the dinner is over.

Ms. Parker?

I think your father
would be best left alone--

'Oh, for God's sake, Holt!
Get out and leave her.'

Thank you.

- I'm sorry.
- That's all?

That's all you have to say?

No, no, that is not all
I have to say.

There are a million,
trillion things I want to say

but all I can say is,
I loved her so.

Oh! I see.

That is a good reason to leave.

You don't find me
a very pretty sight, do you?

I don't find you
a pretty sight.

'Because of you, I was born.'

'But you only came to me
through newspaper clippings'

'telling me how you were
out trading your soul away'

'for one more grand adventure.'

Mother's estate makes me
very, very rich.

I could buy everything you own.
Buy it right out from under you.

Who the bloody hell
do you think you're talking to?

James Parker.
You are James Parker?

There's not another.

Like a trophy, you posed
with mother and child

'and then you were gone.'

Now, doesn't that make
you a first-class bastard?

'But I carry that
same picture.'

There has not been
a day in your life

that I have not carried
that same picture.

'She was so weak.'

I mean, your conception
almost killed her.

'Don't you understand that?'

If I had held her too long..

...if I had loved her too much.

So frail.

'So very fragile.'

God, how I loved you.


You loved her.

Yes. Her.

But you are her.

I am not.

How much do you hate me?

I think so very, very much.


Hate...is a very strong emotion.

'It can drain one.'

I know.

[melancholic music]

I wish you strength.

[music continues]

She didn't find me
a pretty sight.

And I did dress so
for the occasion.

[dogs whining]

Do you think I overdressed?

Goodnight, Jane Parker!

'Sleep well, Jane Parker.'

[ox moos]

[lamb bleating]

Am I disturbing you?

Not at all.

This should interest you.

Where is this?

That's the escarpment.
Somewhere up there.

Elephants go to die.

But that's a legend.
Do you believe it?

I've invested all that I have to
join your father on this trek.

'He's obsessed
with finding it.'

Look at those eyes.

He's the last of a breed.

'There's so many places in this
Earth still left to be explore''

'and so few men big enough
to go after them.'

Your father, I think
he's big enough.

Do you believe it's
strange risking your life

just to see what's
around the next corner?

That's the fascinating corner.

It always seems it'll be
more exciting there.

I know.

And it is just often
enough to keep you going.


[boat whistling]

Thank you! Bye-bye!

[boat chugging]

[dog barking]

Good morning, James Parker.

I did sleep well, thank you.

I wished it so.

- I've been thinking.
- So have I.

I'm going with you.

Now, wait just one minute.

You'll go nowhere
unless I say so.

[boat whistling]

'My expedition. No, no, no.'

Any expedition on this continent
is no place for a woman.

'I was given this brace
of pistols by'

the great
Buffalo Bill...himself.

- Himself?
- Himself.

I'd like to share them with you.

Is that another
James Parker fib?

Just a little one.

Mr. Holt!

[water splashing]

[kids laughing]


Fantastic! Oh-h!

'History must be
recorded, my dear.'

'Company, forward!'

[drum music]

[bells ringing]

[ringing continues]

[ox grunting]

[bagpipe music]

[indistinct singing]

'How much further?'

* Bring me my spirit *

* Bring me my chariot of fire *

[singing continues]

[birds chirping]

'I got some very good
photographs today.'

'Of you as well.'

'You're very beautiful.'

And very able also.

Thank you.

'Ballooning over the Alps'

you could live on a thrill
like that for a long time.

- I wish I'd made that trip.
- Does it bother you that I did?

- I'm sorry, I don't understand.
- Of course, you do.

It's a man's world. Women aren't
allowed to be participants.

We're here for your
pleasure, not for ours.

It doesn't sound as though
you like us very much.

I don't dislike men.
I envy them.

I envy your freedom.
I resent not having the same.

[bell ringing]

[people chattering]

[drum music]

'Watch my cannon!'

'Don't let it drown.
It's a precious dear thing.'

Come on.
Don't lose my cannon!

Come on.
Come on, all of you!

[lamb bleating]

[chattering continues]

[bleating continues]

[drum music continues]

'Come on, boys. Now we
can stretch our legs.'

[owl hooting]

[insects chirping]

[crow cawing]

[bee buzzing]

[insects buzzing]

[buzzing continues]

[birds chirping]

[crickets chirping]

[drum music]

Hold it.

[elephant growling]


[growling continues]

Zumba! Zumba!

[elephant trumpeting]

- Isn't that a rogue elephant?
- It is.

But isn't that supposed
to be dangerous?

It is.

[growling continues]

[James singing]

[trumpeting continues]

[singing continues]

[bagpipe music]

Hold it! Hold it.
Hold it. Look. A-a-ah!

Close your eyes.
Close your eyes!

Come on, we play a game.
Put your head down.

Head down.



Don't look.

We'll play a little game
now that we didn't play

when you were a child.
Head down, I said.

Okay. Come along very slowly.

You can open your eyes now.
I have got a surprise for you.

- Now, keep your eyes closed.
- Alright.

Head down and not to look.

- Head down, I said.
- Alright, alright.

Eyes closed.

Now, I'll show you something.

- Don't look up yet.
- Okay.

Open your eyes.
Now, lift them up.


[dramatic music]

'Oh, my God!'

'Ha ha. I told you. Yeah.'

'I told you it was
a Goddamn big rock.'

'Oh, my God.'

- 'Must be a way around it.'
- 'No way.'

'It goes on forever and ever
and ever and ever.'

- Nothing goes on forever.
- Wrong. It does and I do.

We'll make camp
at its base over there.

'And then, you will return
with 100 of my best bearers'

'where you will report
to Sir Alan on our progress.'

Our remarkable progress.
Along with my warmest regards.

I see.

[Tarzan's jungle call]

What was that?

That, I believe,
my dear, is Tarzan.

'What was it?'

I told you.
I believe it's Tarzan.

But I don't know
what Tarzan is.

It's a great white ape,
supposedly ten feet tall.

A great white man,
supposedly 100 feet tall.

Well, it's a story.
It's half man, half ape.

Gigantic. White.

Ha ha. Rubbish!

[James laughing]

- They heard him.
- We heard him too.

They are very frightened.

They'll go. Talk to them. Offer
them more money. They'll go.

They do not need
the money that badly.

Everybody needs
money that badly.

Parker, no one has ever returned
from the escarpment. Ever.

Because of that thing
that cried?

Oh, don't forget.
That thing is 100 feet tall.

Maybe 200 feet.

- Are you afraid?
- There is much to fear.

Are you afraid, Mr. Holt?

Of course,
he's afraid!

He's got to be afraid.
That's where the bloody fun is!

You are afraid,
aren't you, Holt?

'You are afraid, Holt,
aren't you? You are afraid.'

'Yes, you're afraid
and you are alive.'

Your blood is rushing
through your veins.

Your heart is pounding
at the thought of going up there

and you're more alive
at this moment

than you have ever been
in your entire life!

Because you are afraid.

Yes, Holt,
because you are afraid.

Fear is intoxicating.

'Fear of the dark.
Fear of death.'

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of a
500-foot-white monster.

It was fear that first brought
Gods into the world.

Are you afraid?

'Is your heart pounding?'

'Is your blood rushing
through your veins?'

- 'Is it good?'
- It's good.

That's my girl!


'I see.'

We've lost 40
but 10 might go.

This is their leader, Jahmay.

Why would these ten go
and not the others?

Their pride. They're not as
superstitious as the others.

They like the money.

'Well, 10 times the money then''

[Tarzan's jungle call]

Oh, shut up, you boring
son of a bitch!

Parker, they believe in Tarzan.

Then, let them find themselves
a stronger damn God!

Come on, Riano. Let's go
talk to them again.


I need bearers.

Are you going to the top?

I'm going, Parker.

'That's my girl.'

Now, go out there
and shame those bastards.

'Parker, I..'

- You're a bastard.
- 'Oh, I am.'

'And more.'

I wallow in me.

I enjoy every syllable I say
and every gesture I make.

I indulge myself
a full 100%.

'And you take my advice,
dear Jane.'

'And you do the same thing.'

'And enjoy your
beautiful time on Earth.'

Turn yourself into a God.

And then you will not have
to look for another.

A Goddess?

Why not?

I'm going up that
hill tomorrow.


Oh, no. Oh, no.

You are not going up
that hill tomorrow.



Bloody marvelous!
My beautiful, beautiful cannon!

'James Parker!'

'Your big he-dog seems a bit
intimidated by the climb.'

Come on. Oliver! Oliver!

[dog howling]

[cranes whooping]

'This is the last
piece of rock.'

'We've come this far
without so much'

'as a bloody skinned knuckle.'

'Stay on your toes.'

'Follow me!'

You're not going to
beat me, you bloody rock.

You're not going to
beat Parker!

That's it.

[birds chirping]

This bloody rock
is mine! I own it!

[intense music]


Why did you do that?!


[thunder rumbling]


[people talking
in foreign language]

Wake up. Can I come in?

I want to show you something
quite remarkable. Alright?

'The Inland Sea, see?'

'West towards the great
Inland Sea.'

'All your faith
is based on this?'

This and the seat of my pants.

Where did you get it?

In a Cairo museum.
1000 years old.

An Egyptian expedition found

a graveyard full of ivory
near the great Inland Sea.

But do you believe
it's authentic?

My friend in
the museum thinks so.

But then, he didn't believe
in the seat of my pants either.

Shall we go?

We'll go. Let's go!
Pack everything!

Come on, damn it!
Come on!

Come on, damn it!

Parker, we need
to stop a while.

If you need to rest,
take a nap.

Parker, we need to rest.

Do you need a rest too, Jane?

- No, no more than you.
- We're stopping.

I give the orders,
Mr. Holt.

- Well, then give them.
- Mr. Holt.

No photographer will tell me
how to run my expedition!

And you, with your long,
loping legs, Christ

you can take one step
for every two of mine.

So get your bloody ass..


[waves crashing]


Hear it?

I bloody hear it!

I knew it's got
to be there! The Inland Sea.

'Come, come on.'

I knew it was here.
I knew it.

I knew. I knew
it was here.

I knew it was here.

I knew it. I knew it.

It's beautiful!

I knew it was here, Jane.

It's beautiful!

I knew it was here.

Mr. Holt, bloody mad.

The king shall dub me
knight of the realm

and the pope shall make me
a bloody saint.


Alright, I'd like
to follow the shore.

Over to there. Let's go.

- You go on, I'll catch up.
- Jane.

I'm going to take a bath.
You go on.

Alright then, we'll wait.

I'm quite capable of taking
a bath without assistance.

'I'll catch up.'

Alright. Well, I'm going
to that point over there.

I've got a funny feeling
I shall find my river.

And have a nice bath.

- Jane, I'd really feel much--
- Mr. Holt.

She is going to have her bath
no matter how you bloody feel.

'Let's go.'

[soft music]

[waves crashing]

[music continues]

[dramatic music]

[lion growling]

[Tarzan yelling]

[Jane screaming]

Let me go!
No! No!

No! No!

Ah-h! No!

No! No!

[lion roaring]




Are you alright?

Jane, are you alright?

Mr. Holt, make camp.

Make camp!

'Make camp!'

'Jane, do you know
what he wants?'

'What this ape wants?'

He's not an ape.

He is an ape.
He lives like an ape.

'He kills like an ape.'

But do you understand
what he wants?

You know everything.

Well, this ape

son of a bitch

wants you.

- But he didn't hurt me.
- I didn't say that.

You know what
I'm going to do?

I'm going to blow
a hole in this ape.

Stuff him and hang him
on the wall of my club.

You're not going to touch him.

Because he's a man.

Oh, I tell you,
I'm going to have

this ape son of a bitch's head
as my trophy.

[male humming]

Mr. Holt.

- Something's not right.
- What's that?

I don't know,
but something's not right.

Let's go on.

Ithink you should go back
and trail the end.

And don't be so bloody obvious.

Alright, sir.

[female screaming]

What happened? Where's Africa?

[foreign language]

Out of my way. Out of my way.
What happened?

[female sobbing]

What happened?


[sobbing continues]

You bastard!

You Goddamned bastard!



Ape or man, I'm still
going to stuff him

and hang him
on the wall of my club.

[fire crackling]

[dog whining]

[indistinct chatter]

'Hurry on! We're moving out.'

But they wouldn't
have killed themselves.

I didn't say that.

Maybe they took Africa
and it wasn't Tarzan.

He did. Let's go!

[birds chirping]

'May we stop, please?'

'I'd like to fill my canteen.'

Take a 15-minute break.

Holt, keep your eye
on her.

I'll take a look
around up there.

Holt, I said keep your eye
on her not your bloody bearers.

[dramatic music]








- Jane!
- 'Holt!'

Holt, what happened?

- What happened?
- I don't know.

She just...vanished.

Wait. Stop.
Please, stop. Please.


Stop. Please stop.

Oh, Mother of God,
stop, please.

Oh, no, wait. Don't go.

Oh, no.


[birds chirping]



[Jane screaming]

- This way.
- No, it's not.

It's this way.


Ah! Ah-h!

[Tarzan yelling]

[intense music]

[Jane screaming]

[Jane whimpering]

[birds chirping]

[bird chirping continues]

[apes gibbering]

[gibbering continues]

[frantic ape gibbering]

[intense music]

[apes gibbering]

Oh, no, no, no.
Don't, please.

No answer.

Well, maybe she's
out of ammunition.

Alright, we'll fire
a shot every 15 minutes.

Let's go.


[apes gibbering]

Come here.
Come here.

I won't hurt you.

There. There.

I won't hurt you.
I won't hurt Tarzan.

I won't hurt him.

[birds chirping]

I won't hurt him.

'Oh, thank God.'

His heart's beating strong.

It's alright.

Would you wet that?

There. That's it.

We'll make him better.

He's going to be alright.

Are you Tarzan?

One hundred feet tall?

Maybe a 1000?

'The great white ape.'

'You're just a man.'

I've never touched
a man before.

It's nice.

It's very nice.

Jane, Jane, Jane.

She's so goddamn beautiful.

She's tough, Holt.
She's tough, ah, she's tough.

My girl is
a tough little lady.


I want that
son of a bitch dead.

'If it's the last
thing I ever do.'

[chimpanzees gibbering]

You're just like
a statue in a museum.

But you're real.

'Oh, my God''

'The snake bit you''

Oh, my God!
You scared me.

And I scared you.

You don't understand
a word I say, do you?

What are we gonna do?

[dramatic music]

[water splashing]

[music continues]

[apes gibbering]

[water splashing]

[music continues]

'Getting late.'

- 'Should we make camp?'
- Yes, yes, make camp.

Mr. Holt, light a fire.

A fire?

Why the bloody hell
didn't I think of that before?

Build a fire! A large fire!
Come, get sticks!

'So the whole bloody world
can see it.'

[dramatic music]


[apes gibbering]

[music continues]

[dog barking]

[owl hooting]

I'm so scared.

God, God, God.

I'm so scared.




'I'm going to catch that animal
son of a bitch, Mr. Holt!'

When we get down below,
we'll split up

spread out and make a line.

You go to my right,
you to my left.

I'll go through the center.

We'll fire a shot
every 15 minutes.

It's a good plan.

- I hope so. Move out!
- Alright.

Mr. Holt.

She's alive, Mr. Holt.

I know it.

They're both alive.

[birds chirping]

I can do that.

[birds chirping]

[intense music]

[music continues]




[intense music]

[apes gibbering]

[gibbering continues]

[intense music]

[gibbering continues]

Thank you.

James Parker, you were wrong.

I'm still a virgin.

Now I don't know whether
that's good...or bad.

What are you?

You'd have to be.
I mean, there's no one.


You'd have to be,
wouldn't you?

It's a strange problem.

God, if the girls back home
could see me now.



Damn. Damn.
Bloody damn.

I feel so strange.

Like I'm reading
this in a book.

But I'm not. I'm really here.
But I don't believe it.

I don't know whether
to laugh or cry

or just turn
to the next page.


I sure hope it has
a happy ending.

Don't you know
how to smile?

Do you know you're more
beautiful than any girl I know?

Oh, you're a lot more.

Come here. Come here.

Come on.

Here, let me show
you how to smile.

Oh, you think
I'm gonna hurt you?

There's no way
I could hurt you.

Come on.

Here we go.
Now, don't stop me.


That's a smile.

Well, it could be.

But you're going to have
to work on it a little.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.

The chapter always ended
before this part.

James Parker,
you might be right.

He might want me.

He just might.

James Parker..

...it's wicked, I know.

But I hope you're right.


James Parker!

He's looking for me.

No, no, no.

No, I need my boots.
My boots.

[intense music]


If you are there..

...I ask you.
No, I-I-I beg you.

Let her hear this.


Damn it.


That's twice I haven't
heard a second shot!

Because there bloody well
hasn't been one!

James, I pray with
every step I take.

Well, I don't particularly
believe in prayer.

But I must confess,
I said a few today.

'James Parker!
James Parker!'


'I'm here!
I'm here!'

Jane! Jane!

I'm here, I'm here!

Give me that gun.



Jane! Get out of the way!

Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! No!

'Where's Africa?'

He doesn't have Africa.

'Don't shoot!'

Well, if he doesn't have Africa,
who the bloody else has?

He never had Africa.

Don't hurt him!
Please, don't hurt him..


[apes gibbering]

[soft music]

[ape gibbering]

[speaking tribal language]


[chimpanzee gibbering]

[chimpanzee gibbering]

Stop it!

[Jane crying]

Stop! Let me go!

Let me go.

Let me go!

[Tarzan yelling]

[elephants trumpeting]


Leave here.



Answer me, Jane.

Damn, they're washing me
just like a horse! No.


Leave here!

Let's just leave here.

No! No!

Go to the...
go to the clouds, Jane.

- 'Yes, go to the clouds.'
- Let me go!

[elephants trumpeting]

[tribals talking indistinctly]

'They're painting me.'


'They're painting my hair.'


- They're painting it white.
- 'Jane! Jane, listen to me.'

Jane, do you like

- Merry-go-rounds?
- 'Yes.'

'We will take a ride on one,
you and I together.'

We'll bring
Mr. Holt with us.

Mr. Holt, you will take a ride
with us on a merry-go-round.

'We will go round
and round'

the heavens of the Greek Gods.


I see...Aphrodite.

'And she's not half
as beautiful as you are.'

Who do you see, Jane?

Who do I see?

Oh, God, who do I see?

Who do I see?

I see Zeus.


No, I only see them
smearing me with paint.

And that gigantic
imbecile...looking at me.


Oh, God, tell me a story.

Be a good daddy, tell me a story
and make him go away.

Yes, I will, Jane.
I'll tell you a story.

'A story. Story.
God. God.'

Humpty Dumpty..
Dumpty Hump..

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

'Humpty Dumpty had
a great fall.'

All the king's horses
and all the king's men

could not put this bloody
Humpty Dumpty together again!

Oh, my God, he's coming!

Now, Jane.

Listen to me
and listen to me well.

For what I am going to tell you
is the absolute truth!

'If he touches you,
he is not touching you!'

You are not of the flesh!
You are of the spirit!

That is why you must leave
your body right now!

'You must leave him
with nothing!'

'Oh, my God.'

[intense music]





[music continues]


[Tarzan yelling]

[intense music]


[groaning continues]

[intense music]

[men groaning]

[intense music continues]

[men continue groaning]

[bones cracking]

[tribal language]

[music ends]

[Tarzan yelling]

Uh, uh.

[soft music]

[music continues]

And I thought I could stuff him
and hang him on the wall.

We'll get you out of here.

Out of here?
I've just bloody got here.

- Are you alright?
- I'm alright.

Well, they certainly did
a paint job on you.

Good, Irish green.
I like that.


Look what
they've done to me.

Oh, God.
You know..

You know, I thought
I was going to live forever.

I don't like that
kind of talk.

Oh, neither do I.

The Inland Sea.
The Elephants' graveyard.

Oh, shh.


Shh. Oh,
please, please.

You tell

that stuffy-bloody club
of mine

that I did it.

No, you tell them

we did it.

'We did it.'

Oh, God.

I love you.

I always have.

Your life is going
to be such..

...a marvelous adventure.

I envy you.

Mr. Holt.

Your camera.

I'd like...a picture
of all..

[soft music]


I love you too.

I always have.

And I always, always will.

Take his picture.

Will you tell them?

'I'll tell them.'

Jane, I can't believe this.

Mr. Holt, believe it.

[soft music]

[birds chirping]

I can't believe
this either, Mr. Holt.

[music continues]

[soft music]