Tarzan and the Great River (1967) - full transcript

Tarzan is summoned to Brazil by an old friend to stop an evil tribal cult from destroying native villages and enslaving the survivors. The Lord of the Jungle is accompanied on his quest by a pretty blonde doctor, a boy and a grizzled sea captain.

"Tarzan And The Great River"

Starring Mike Henry as Tarzan

Jan Murray

Also starring Manuel Padilla Jr.,
Diana Millay and Rafer Johnson

Music comosed and conducted
by William Loose

Director of photography
Irving Lippman A.S.C.

Screenplay by Bob Barbash

Produced by Sy Weintraub

Directed by Robert Day

This is why I called you, Tarzan.

This is what I wanted you to see.

Ugly looking thing.

Ugly and terrifying.

Those claws are poisonous.

It is the symbol of Barcuna.

Barcuna leads a deadly cult dedicated
to the killer instinct of the jaguar.

This killer cult was once destroyed
3 centuries ago.

But now this terrible thing has returned
with all its monstrous effects.

The first signs were found in the jungle
beyond Marakeet and Caliba.

And now it's growing.

A lightning circle of death
and destruction.

Barcuna marches through the jungle
attacking and burning every village,

and with each attack his power grows
with new recruits for his cult.

Afterwards only a few dead are found.

The rest are taken as slaves.

Where he takes these people and why
he wants to enslave them, we do not know.

Investigators we have sent into the area
have never returned.

You are the only man I know,
who can track down this terror.

The one man who can find Barcuna
and crush him.

Come, old friend.
Let's discuss it further as we walk.

Hello, Cheetah.

Hey, you put on some weight.

You're enjoying the treatment here.

He has become our number one attraction.

-- The children love him.
-- Glad to see you, too.

We can never thank you enough for
donating him and the other animals.

Good, Cheetah.

Thank you.

Come. You have more old friends to visit.

Jungle tribes are difficult to enslave,

How does this Barcuna keep a hold on them?

By preying on their primitive beliefs.

Yes, Tarzan. Here we are, surrounded
by the fruits of man's progress.

A modern civilization capable
of sending men out into space.

And yet, out there in the jungle people
still live as their ancestors did.

Say, Professor!

-- There's Baron!
-- Yes.

Tarzan, I leave you with your friends
for a while.

I know how much they mean to you.

All right, Professor. I won't be long.

Hey, Baron.

Baron! Don't you recognize your old pal?

Easy, boy. Yeah.

You see, Cheetah?


Give us a little more speed, Pepe.

Yes, sir, captain Sam.

When you get to those sand posts,
stay on the right side of them.

The dock is just around the bank. We'll
tie up there and let the motor cool off.

Don't rush me.

I didn't say anything.

Yeah, but I know what you're thinking.

I knock 3 kings, 3 jacks,

7, 8, 9 hearts, and I go down with 9.

Oh, let me see...

Three 5s, three aces,

a king, a jack, a 10 of hearts,

and I've got 2!


That's right. I win 7 points.

Deal the cards.

-- You didn't mark to score.
-- "You didn't mark to score?"

What's the matter?
You think I'd cheat a little kid?

Well, every time you win, you mark
the score, and every time I win,
you give excuses.

All right, all right.

Now satisfied? Now, deal the cards,
you juvenile delinquent!

Come on, come on, deal.

Uh-uh, uh-uh, keep your hands
where I can see them.

What's the matter?
You think I'd cheat my old captain?

Now, how many times have I told you, huh?

This is a captain's hat.
It belongs on the captain's head.

Do you understand?

You promised him his own cap.

Not until he gets a promotion.

You also promised him a promotion.

That's when he gets his own cap.
Now, come on. Let's play cards.

All right, all right, misdeal.

That kibitz is on my hand.

Boy, oh boy. That's life for you.

Work my fingers to the bone,
and what do I end up with?

A 10 year old card shop and a fugitive
from Bana Mambeli.

Hey, let's forget the game.
I'm sure the motor's cooled off by now.

Hey, wait a minute. I'm beating you.

Hey, now, when you're gonna learn, huh?

What's more important, a little card game
or business? Now what?

Come on, you put out the fire,
and I'll get the boat ready to...


Pepe... Pepe, get in the boat.

-- What is it, captain Sam?
-- Nice and easy, now.

Had natural bad view.

Stop! You! No move!

Go on! Shoot! Kill!

I know it's a gun,
and I know it can kill.

-- Who are you?
-- I'm called Tarzan.

Yeah, well, I'm captain Sam Bishop.

This is my first mate, Pepe.

I saw your boat from up in the trees,

I heard the shots and I got here
as quick as I could.

It's a good thing you did. His gun jammed.

Oh, he-he. It can happen to anybody.

Captain, If I were you, I'd take the boy
and go back down river.

Oh, I can't do that.

It'll be dangerous for you to go further.

Oh, me and Pepe have been to some tight
places before.

See, mister, that boat there is mine, and

we're delivering some medical supplies
to a doctor up in Caliba.

I'm getting paid $200 for the job,
and for $200, mister,

I don't go back for anything.

Captain, if you don't mind, I'd like
to go up river with you.

I'm going in that direction,
and I might be of some help,
if you have any more trouble.


To show you that captain Sam Bishop
is a man who shows appreciation...

...for you there's no charge.

Captain Bishop! A lion!

It's all right.

His name's Baron. He's my friend.

He is your friend?
I'd hate to meet your enemy!

Oh, Baron won't bother anyone
as long as I'm around.

You mean, he travels with you? On my boat?

He'll be of no trouble. You have my word.

All right, your word. What about his?

Okay, okay. Don't be so...
I take your word, too.

But he stays tied up in the cabin, okay?

All right, captain.

I don't get it. You mean,
you travel with a chimp and a lion?

I have my reasons.

Chief Barcuna, I have news
from the great city.

The professor in the city
has been destroyed.

But there was another man,
a man from Africa.

He is now moving through the jungle,
looking for you.

Let him come.

Wow! I think I can hunt them
by a mile!

Aim is just as important as distance, Pepe.

But you go ahead and practice a while.

All right, Pepe, play time's over.
Your turn behind the wheel.

Be careful with those mud banks, okay?

Keep on the right.

That's a nice pussy.
I'm your friend, pussy.

Pussy, pussy, pussy...

Hey, are you sure you got him tied up?

I'm sure, but I'll check.

Are you gonna be staying in Caliba,

No, I'll be going deeper into the jungle,
captain. Into the Marakeet country.


Pretty rough country up there.

Now, why would you be going way up there?

You haven't heard some talks about
some hidden treasure, have you?

No treasure. Just something I have to do
for an old friend.


Pepe! Keep in the middle of the river,
away from those mud banks!

You know the penalty for escaping.

-- Take him to the pit!
-- No!

How long has the boy been with you,

Oh, a couple of years.

What happened to his parents?

He's an orphan.

Well, he must have somebody.

As a matter of fact,
the boy is a Marakeet.

Those nice people beat him with the sticks
and chased him out of their village.

It seems that they think that an orphan
brings bad magic.

I found him wandering around
the river banks. Been with me ever since.

Don't you think he'd be better off
at the mission, captain?

Now, what's a mission gonna do for him?

Proper care. Peace and upbringing.

Peace and upbringing?
What kind of talk is that?

You're not one of those social workers,
are you?

Now, look. That kid has plenty
of fresh air, a good place to sleep,
and 3 meals a day.

Now, what else does a kid need?

Nothing, but I've just noticed that
the boy is very bright.

At the mission he'd get a good education.

Education? Look, I've been teaching him
everything I know.

All right.

But I still think you worry
about him a little.

Me worry about him? What for?
He's not my kid.

Now, where's my cap?

Now, how many times do I have
to tell you, huh?

You keep your hairy paws off of my cap.

Now, here. Swab the deck.
Everybody works on my boat.

We'll find a spot up the river
we can spend the night.

I think it'd be best if we travel
through the night, captain.

Those medical supplies are marked "urgent".

Yeah, I guess you're right.

We'll have to stop for an hour or so,
and give the motor a chance to cool.

This old boat ain't as young
as it used to be.

Neither are you, captain Sam.

Hear me!

I am Barcuna!

I am the one ruler of all the jungle!

Barcuna's blood is the blood of the jaguar.

I have the power to destroy my enemies.

I, Barcuna, have cursed the people
of Marakeet, and they will all die.

Those who defy me face death.

Here you go, Cheetah.

Now, that's where you've made
your big mistake of the day.

I take your queen of hearts,

and I give you 9 of spades.

And I take your 9 of spades, and I...

Captain, what's the name
of this game again?

Come on, you know the name
of the game -- "gin".

Well, that's what I've got -- "gin".


Four 9-s, three 6-s, and three jacks.

I'm stuck with 7 points.

What's the matter, kid? Don't you trust me?

Sure, but sometimes you don't count
so good.

Where did you learn how to talk like that,
"sometimes you don't count so good"?

It's "sometimes you don't count so well."

Okay, but I want to see what you've got

7? You've got 37!

Oh, come on. How could I have 37? I...


I thought that's queen, match the king.

A diamond and a club?

Don't be so smart, anyone can make
a little simple mistake.


You're not mad at me, are you?

No, I'm not mad at you.

You're a good kid.

But who likes kids?
Come on, deal the cards.

Let's deal from the top of the deck, huh?

They came...

attacked the village...


drove my people out.


...digging holes in mountain...

to take out shiny stones...


White people...

I'll bury him.

Now, what was that he said about
shiny stones?

I bet he was talking about diamonds.

Yes, sir. Pepe, I had that Tarzan
figured out, all right?

I know he's after something.

Well, kid.

The day Tarzan finds those stones,

we'll be standing there right
alongside of him for our share.

After all, we're not charging him
for the trip, are we?

Come on, kid.

Too bad people don't behave like that.

Well, Tarzan, we'll be there in a couple
of hours.

Caliba is just up there, on those hills.

The approach is around the bend
of the river, about two miles up.

Okay, Peringa. Bye-bye.


Sit down, Panyo.


Stop it! Stop it!

Leave them alone!

Tell your people that the jungle
belongs to Barcuna.

Hey, captain! Look at that smoke!

Oh, my gosh! It's Caliba!

I wonder if the doctor's all right.

I'll meet you there.

Full speed ahead, Pepe!

You're doctor Phillips?

-- You come from Caliba?
-- Yes.

We saw the smoke from the boat.


Captain Bishop's boat.

You were traveling with captain Bishop?


What happened back there?

It was horrible. They came so suddently,

They herded the people off like animals.

Do you know who they are?

One of the men, the leader,
called himself Barcuna.

Let me take you back to the boat.

Why don't we go into jungle
and find Tarzan?

No, we'll wait right here.

But what if he is in trouble?

Oh, look, Pepe. I'm trying to teach you
all the angles.

Don't you see? We go into the jungle
that way...

Tarzan sneaks back this way,
and he steals the boat.

But why would he do a thing like that?

The diamonds, kid. The diamonds.

He doesn't want us around, you get it?


Now, here's the plan.

As soon as Tarzan comes back,
we go find the doc,

deliver the medical supplies,
and collect our $200.

And I tell Tarzan that we're gonna visit
your sick uncle at Marakeet.

And we invite him to come along with us,
free of charge,

then we can keep an eye on him
all the time.


What's an uncle?

What's an uncle? Let me see...

Did your father ever have a brother?

I don't think so.

Well, if he had a brother,
that would be your uncle.

Well, I don't have an uncle,
and that would be lying to Tarzan.

Ah. Pepe, we're not lying to Tarzan,
we're just telling him part of the truth.

What part is the truth?

You had a father, didn't you?


See what I mean?

Now, we're gonna stay right here and wait
for Tarzan, if it takes them up to sundays.

He ain't get to those diamonds before us.

Captain Sam...

Oh, there you are.

Pepe, get the motor started.

Eh, doctor Phillips, Tarzan.
We were just talking about you.

I'm glad you waited.

Oh, I ain't the kind of guy that runs out
of a friend.

You might have run into some trouble,
and needed my help.

Doc, I'm glad to see you're okay.

No, thanks to you. You'd do a week ago.
Where are my supplies?

Ah, you don't have to worry.
Safe and sound aboard my boat.

All right, Pepe. Get ready to shove off.

Your boat looks like Noah's Ark!

One of Tarzan's pets.
He takes a little getting used to.

He won't bother you, doctor.
You can go on board.

-- What happened in Caliba?
-- It was burnt to the ground.

Why don't you take Dr. Phillips
and go back to Masalva?

I'm not going to Masalva.

I heard about the epidemic in Marakeet,
that's why I sent for the vaccine.

You saw what happened at Caliba?

It's too dangerous.

Because I'm a woman?

It's not safe for a man or a woman.

-- But you're going up there, aren't you?
-- Yes, I'm going.

I want you to take the boy and
doctor Phillips, and go back to Masalva.

I'll take the medicine with me.

Then what?

I suppose you diagnose for diseases,
give the injections, and then

arrange the stop of spreading of it.

Oh, no. I'm going to Marakeet.

Look, doctor. It just isn't safe.

But you're a big girl, so you do
what you want.

I didn't come to this jungle to be safe.

You can argue forever, but I'm going
to Marakeet.

And you, captain Bishop,
are taking me there.

Now, what you're gonna do with a woman
like that?

You could refuse to take her.

Oh, I couldn't do that, Tarzan.
It's kinda like a mission of mercy.

And if it's dangerous as you say it is,
you can't either. Stick with us.

You know, lend a hand, in case
anything happens.

Yes, captain.

Pepe! Come on! Come on, let's go.

We gotta get ready to shove off.
Come on, come on!

Hey, kid. Everything is working out
just fine.

Now, you keep thinking about those big,
huge, shiny stones.


Can I pet the lion?

Sure, Pepe. Go ahead.

See? He likes you.

Animals sense when people are friendly.

Did he ever eat anyone up?

I don't think so.

You know, I found Baron
when he was that big.

He was smaller than you, Pepe.

Just wandering around all by himself.

I looked for his mother,
and I never could find her.

Hey, he was an orpan like me!

That's right, Pepe.

You've got Tarzan,
and I've got captain Sam.

Tarzan, look!

Go and tell captain Sam, Pepe.

Captain Sam, we're being attacked!

Pepe, take the wheel.
All right, chimp, my gun, fast!

They look like the same kind of Indians
that attacked us before.

No, captain. Take the boat to the shore,
and wait for me.

Let me shove, Pepe!

Keep turning that wheel, boy!
I gotta get some speed up.

Come on. Come on.


Oh, it's you.

I never thought I'd be seeing you again.
You're all right?

Yeah, I'm okay.

Where's the doctor and Pepe?

Oh, I found a cave about a hundred
yards up. I hid them there.

Figured, they'd be safe there
for the night, than aboard the ship.

Good idea.

Tarzan, wait. What's going on?

Listen, I've been traveling this river
for the last 15 years.

Every single tribe knows me and my boat
"The Jewel of the Andes".

Never had any trouble before.

Now, suddently, in the last few days
I've been attacked twice. What gives?

-- Have you heard of Barcuna?
-- Barcuna?

He's the leader of an ancient killer cult
that sprung up again recently.

And they're operating in this area.

Killer cult around here?
But what'd they want with me?

It's not you, captain. It's me.

-- Then we can be attacked again.
-- There is that chance.

But why don't you check on the doctor
and Pepe? I'll meet you there.

-- Now, what are you doing?
-- I've got to turn Baron loose.

-- You're turning that lion loose, why?
-- I have to, he's hungry.

All right, all right. At least wait
until I get into the cave.


It'll be best if you all stay here
in the cave.

Baron will be here soon, and I wanna
take a look around.

I've got a hunch we haven't seen the last
of those Barcuna characters.

Got you a bit worried to, hasn't he?

My only concern is to get to Marakeet
on time to help those people.

Another attack like this afternoon,
and you don't have to worry about
going anyplace.

Hey, you know what, doc?

First thing tomorrow morning I'm taking
the boat back to Masalva.

But you can't!

Oh, no? You just watch.

I insist that you take me to Marakeet.

Oh, doc. You can do all the insisting
you want.

We go back in the morning.

All right, captain Bishop.

Name your price, I'll pay it.

Sorry, doc.

You know, for once in my life
I ain't aiming for a buck.

The only reason I came this far
is because I heard talks of diamonds.

Now even that doesn't interest me.

Now look, doc. All I've got in the world
is me, the kid, and that boat out there.

And I aim to hold on all three.

And what about those people in Marakeet?

Some of them may be dying!

Epidemic spreads fast, captain.
I can help them.

Now, how can you help them?

Even if you've got there at all
in one piece,

do you think those people let you
stick them with that needle?

I can try.

Oh no, doc. You come back to Masalva
with us.

You'll be saving your own neck.

Captain Sam?

Yes, kid.

If we find those diamonds, we'll be rich!

Oh, they are too big, kid.

But you always said we'll be rich.
Maybe this is our chance!

Oh, look, Pepe.

I've been talking about hitting it bigger
ever since I was a little guy like you
back in New York.

And I'm gonna do it someday, too.
You just watch.

But now is not the time.

We just got too much going against us.


Captain. Can't you see he really
wants you to go on?

Those are his people.
He wants to help them.

Help them? Oh, you must be kidding, doc.

After the way they treated him?
Why, they threw him like a dirty old rag!

Ain't that the truth, kid?

Sure. Who cares about those people?

I was only thinking about the diamonds.

Now you see what I mean, doc?

Those people don't mean anything to him.


I do see.

Now, what happened to you?

We had a little more trouble.

There, you see? More trouble.

Ann... It'll be safe if you go back
with him.

What about you?

-- I have to go on.
-- So have I.

An epidemic can be just as deadly
as Barcuna.

All right. We'll go to Marakeet
through the jungle.

Are you two out of your mind?

I'm offering you a ticket back. Free!

And you keep insisting on risking
your lives for people you don't even know.

It don't make sense!

All right, captain.
You've made your decision.

Okay, okay. That's fine with me.

You two go your way, me and the kid
will go ours.

Bunch of suckers, that's all they are.

They only want to help.

Oh, fine. They'll go play that tambourine
someplace else.

And you shut up and go to sleep.

Oh, cover yourself.
You'll catch a cold away from the fire.

Hey, level with me, kid.
What do you really want to do?

I wanna stay with you, captain Sam.

Me and you.

We gotta stick together.

Yeah. Yeah, sure, kid.

You and me, right down to the wire.

All right, all right. Till we all get
ouselves killed, we go to Marakeet.


It's been a long time since
I've seen you, Pepe.

I thought that you should be
in mission school by now.

I have to stay with captain Sam,
Dr. Phillips.

He needs me.

Of course, he does. You save him paying
someone a regular wage.

Captain Sam says I'm learning to trade,
and that's better than getting paid.

Aha. That sounds like good old captain Sam.

Business is business.

Now you sound just like him.

What's that?

Haven't you ever seen one of these before?


This helps make sick people better.

-- How?
-- "How?"

By injecting the medicine into
the sick person's arm.

Like this.

You mean, you stick that big silver dart
into people?

Uhu. Only to help them, Pepe.

You'll see what I mean when we get
to Marakeet.

-- Dr. Phillips.
-- Hm?

Do you know the jungle people in Marakeet?

No, I've never been that far north.

They will not let you use
the silver dart, Dr. Phillips.

I was born up there.

And I know the people.
They will not let you.


If you were sick,

and I told you this would make you better,

wouldn't you want me to help you?

No. It is bad magic.

Oh, Pepe...

Your turn at the wheel, captain Sam!

Okay, Pepe, you go and rest.

Captain Sam, can I go pet the lion?

Okay. But you make sure Tarzan
stands alongside of you.

Are you kidding?
He'll be standing in front of me.

Oh, he is a bright kid, ain't he, doc?

Well, I wish he blew some of his
native superstitions.

You know, he was actually terrified
of a hypodermic needle just now?

Well, what do you expect?
The boy's from the jungle.

But I've been personally teaching him.

Oh, you've been teaching him, all right.

Captain Bishop.

You make Fagan look like a saint.

Oh, doc. Now, what kind of talk is that?

Here I am, taking you clear out of my way,
and that's the thanks I get.

Who's Fagan?

You haven't told me yet, how much more
you're going to charge for taking me
to Marakeet.

Not one red cent.

Oh, look, doc. I wanna help those poor
sick people out as much as anybody.

You know, old captain Sam Bishop might
have strayed once or twice, but I still
got a heart.

Medically speaking, perhaps.

Oh, come on, doc. What's eating you today?

I just don't think you'd do anything
without putting a price tag on it.

But I said, I ain't charging you.
Now, isn't that enough?

No. I know you too well.

Oh, doc. Now, what I'm gonna do with you?

There she is, doc.
That's Marakeet up ahead.

That doesn't look like a truly
welcoming committee, does it?


I have come to see your chief, Manlo.

-- You are Manlo?
-- Yes.

This is Dr. Phillips.
She brings medicine for your people.

No medicine can help my people.

That's not true! I can help them.

Your child is sick?

Not sick. Barcuna has put a curse
of the living dead upon my people.


The Marakeets cannot fight his curse.

Already half of my people are dead.

It's not Barcuna, Manlo. It's a sickness.

And the doctor can help.

It is the curse of Barcuna!

By morning my people will be destroyed.

Is this how a great chief leads
his people?

Will you allow your village to die
without even trying to save it?

I think I can help your child
and your people.

Please let me try.

This medicine... Where is it?

It is the silver dart! Bad magic!

Medicine, Manlo. Not magic.

Hey look. I'm not playing here or
anything like that, I just want to help.

Perhaps if I...
If I let the doctor inject me...

Maybe good for white man, bad for Indian.

Pepe, these are your people.

Would you take the medicine
so they won't be afraid?


-- Not the silver dart.
-- Pepe, it won't hurt you, I promise.

Trust me, all right?

I trust you, Tarzan.

I'll do anything you want.

-- But...
-- Pepe.

These people will die.

Hey, come on, kid. That's a breeze.
There's nothing to it.

Now, let's see.

The job ought to be worth about eh... $20?

Ought to be worth at least 25?

That's what I said, 25.

Come on, Pepe.

Manlo, the boy is a Marakeet.

He's willing to take the medicine to show
it won't hurt your people.


All over.

-- You mean, you've finished?
-- Yes.

It was a breeze. Nothing to it.

Give the medicine to my people.

We'll need the rest of the vaccine
from the boat.

All right.

"Some kid", huh?

Must be his upbringing.

Stack these up for the doc.

And these.

Your people will show improvement
by morning.


Where will I find Barcuna?


Go past the mountains, he will be there.

As soon as the sun is high.

Destroy him, Tarzan.

Hear me,

the spirit of the jaguar's pits!

The jungle belongs to me!

Those who obey me, live.

All others die.

You have seen me fight

the people of Marakeet with the curse
of the living dead.

And today I will destroy them.

No! Do not fear Barcuna!

His magic is false.

He has lied to you in order
to enslave you.

His only strength is your fear.

There is no more curse upon the Marakeets!

The curse of Barcuna is broken.

Barcuna's only strength is your own fear!

You dare challenge Barcuna?

Yes, I challenge Barcuna.

Man to man.

Clear the ramps!


You sure you won't come back with us?

No, captain. I want to stay here
a few days and help these people
to get started.

Are we going to see you back in Masalva,
ain't we?

"Ain't we?"

Now, where did you ever learn to talk
like that?

As soon as we get back to Masalva,
you start school.

Oh, come on, captain.

Just because it kind of ill formed a little.

School, mister, and that's an order.

I don't want no kid around me
that don't talk good.

You be a good boy, Pepe, and do
what the captain says.


-- Good bye.
-- Good bye, Tarzan.

And you remember, anytime you wanna ride
on my little old boat, you just give me
a haley, do you hear?

No charge?

Come on, Pepe.

Thank you for all your help.

This is enough thanks for both of us, Ann.

-- Good bye.
-- Good bye.


-- Bye.
-- Bye.


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