Tarzan Mama Mia (1989) - full transcript

Eleven-year old Rikke lives alone with her father, whose only interest in life seems to be the soccer matches which appear on his television. Not surprisingly, Rikke is somewhat bored. She enters a contest put on by a cereal company which has as its grand prize a horse. Since she lives in the city in a second floor apartment, it never occurred to her that she might win, but win she does. The horse ("Mama-Mia") duly appears, and she and the members of her slum neighborhood come together to cope with the situation in a delightful way.

Hi Mom!

Rikke... Rikke.


Rikke, wake up now.
The time is late. Eat your food.

Here's your packed lunch.
I'm running now.

Remember to read homework. You
can also do dishes if you have time before school.

Now he can not find his keys.


Up by the phone.

I'm coming a little late, so
you may as well buy in a little.

I do not want you to take
comrades home. You thrash it all up.

Yes, father.

- Goodbye, Rikke.
- Goodbye.

(horse sound)

Now you can see how
fast it can run, mother.

- Can we have so much peace!
- Yes. Yes.

Hey, hey.

Hey, hey!

One, two, three, four...


(music by Kim Larsen)
'Together we could conquer the world...'

- Hi. Why do you not go in?
- She's going to get pissed when I'm late.

What time is it to come at?
What excuses do you have today?

That I go with newspapers.
There were several ads today, so took longer.

Sit down.

What about you, Rikke?
Have you also going with newspapers?

Well, I had to feed my horse.

Sit down, Rikke.

And you two, may I have your essay?

It's shorter than
we agreed, right?

And you, Rikke.
May I have your essay?

I did not make it.
I have not had time.

- I could not myself.
- Could your parents not help?

- My father sat and watched the Olympics.
- Could your mother not?

- My mother is dead.
- I did not know. Sorry.

It does not matter.
You are new to the class.

Let's move on.
But remember that for tomorrow, Rikke.

Last time we talked about agriculture.
About hens and chickens and about cows.

Today I could imagine we
were talking about the horse.

You probably know most about the horse from cowboy movies.
There is something characteristic about it.

It is a friendly animal. Despite
its strength, it is kind to humans.

It is a very sensitive animal and
it has an incredibly good hearing.

In mythology, it is the symbol
of all that is good and moving.

Do you know any horse species?
Can you name anyone? Yes?

What is mythology?
A kind of zoo?

No, these are the old
stories called myths.

And the mythology forms
the basis of all the new stories.

For example, the one about Thor
and Odin and the first humans on earth.

These are myths. After all, who
were the first humans on earth?

- Yes?
- Hansel and Grethel.

No. It was Adam and...

Well, Adam and Grethe.

Do you not know any horse species?

Bed horses.

It's too silly. Now you have to
tell me a real kind of horse. Yes?

- Arabs.
- It's not a horse.

Our neighbors are Arabs, and they walk
on two legs, just like everyone else does.

That's actually true. An Arab
is a horse, a very fine one.

- Yes?
In Turkey you have to have a horse.

You cannot do without,
not at all without a donkey.

To my grandfather, a horse
was as important as a wife.

Once upon a time, one of my granddad's children was
dying. Then he asked Allah to take the horse.

But if he took the horse,
the whole family would die.

Then he asked Allah to take the child.
- Who died then?

Grandpa did.

In other cultures, such
as Greek mythology,

- there you had a
horse that had wings.

And it was called Pegasus.

It knew everything that
humans could only dream of.

Pegasus could fly to the realm of
the dead and bring someone back.

It could fly over the seas, and
when it stepped on the ground,

then a spring sprang up
with the clearest water.

Everyone who wrote
poetry liked Pegasus.

And the more they liked it, the
better they became at writing songs.

Eventually, Pegasus flew up into
the sky and became a constellation.

In other countries,
the horse is also vital...

Rikke Hansen. Absalons...

... street 46 avove the yard.
Copenhagen V.

- What are you doing, Rikke?
- Nothing.

So maybe you can tell us
something about the horse?

There's a horse, a pony. It is
slightly smaller than a regular horse.

And it likes to frolic
around in the green fields.

- How do you really know that?
- It's just something I know.


- Do you not have anything else but that old shit?
- It's my father's.

(the puzzle at the door)

That's my dad. He's going
crazy when I've not cleaned up.

- Hi, Rikke, is Bettina here?
- Yes.

Did you forget that we have an agreement?
We have to buy new shoes.

- I will come along.
- No, you know what we're going in town.

Just down the street.

Bye. Bye.

Follow him. After him.
Now remember those selections!

Whistle though, man.

- Run home in the wall. Come on!
- Dad?

- Dad?
- Sshhhh!

- Dad!
- Quietly! There are a maximum of two minutes.

Away with the shit.
Away with the shit!

- Dad! May I not have a horse?
- Of course you can get a horse.

Go on it! From the inside!

You must not shout so much, father.

Pig line! And they are allowed to!
They're allowed to!

The watchmaker
downstairs is going crazy.

Do not drop those selections!
Come on!

Dad, be honest. Can I have a horse?
- Of course you can get a horse.

You can have it here in the living room, then
it can eat our garbage and keep it clean.

- Do you mean it?
- Of course you can.

It can sit and watch television
with us. Come and have a look.

- Down in him, you wussy boy!
- Do you mean I can get a horse?

Of course you can get a horse.
Of course you can get a horse.

Yes! Yes!

Rikke, are you not sleeping yet?

Nah. I'm playing horse.

So maybe you're a little Native
American girl looking for ugly cowboys?

No, that was not exactly it.

Goodnight My friend.

Good night.

- Yes, and if you just smile.
- Okay. Then I pull.

I have it. And that's Brian
Olsen, Aalborg Avenue 247.

That's very nice. But...
I'm trying to photograph that way.

- Yes of course.
- Thanks. It is sweet of you.

- Again.
- Okay.

- Shall we take one again?
- We take another and smile.

Yes, that's great!

- Anne Sofie Heidelin, Birkroad 2.
- Thank you.

It is otherwise very good.
But... We're trying again.

Do you mind... Hello! Do you mind
going completely out of the picture?

- Fine. Third and final time.
- I have one here. And it says.

Rikke Hansen, Absalonsstreet
46 above the yard, Copenhagen V.

- Try to see the beautiful car over there.
- There are many beautiful cars.

You should get a new
one than this old ride.

(brake sound)

- Shit, man.
- That's when it's red.

Come on.

See, a ladybug.

It means good luck.

- Not too strong. Then I fall out.
- I only drive between 100 and 120.

Then we are on the beach road.
Can you see the blue water?


- Are you taking Wendy and the bag?
- Yes.

- Here comes Risalamande. Here.
- Thanks.

And here's Wendy.

It's nice, fresh air.

- Do you have coffee with you?
- What?

It's inside the car.


Do you have the cake with you? Is the
cake inside the car, or did we forget it?

- We must have forgotten it.
- Okay. Can I borrow the pitcher?

- Oops.
- What are we going to use it for?

- Are you sure we do not have biscuits?
- We forgot them.

Are they not in the carriage? So
what are we going to use plates for?

Beware. Ludvig is over there.

- I do not like him.
- Me neither. My father says he's nuts.

He's disgusting. Should we count to
three, then we shout "Ludvig" loudly?

One, two, three, Ludwig!

- Do you like our new teacher?
- In a way. In a way not.

She's a little strict, I think.
When I arrived late and that...

"I should feed my horse."

One could see, she
did not believe me.

Does your father get angry if
you do not do your homework?

It's the same as my mother.
She's always so stupid. Always...

"Remember to do your homework, otherwise
we can not go for a walk tonight."

- We never drive anywhere.
- We're going to Greece for the holidays.

You are lucky.
I have to be home.

- Rikke!
- Rikke!

- Rikke, someone wants to talk to you.
- Who is it?

I do not know.
The stand out there.

It's probably about
holding on to the cap and wallet.

- Can you have a horse here?
- Yes. Yes.

- I need to talk to your father and mother.
- They're not home.

Mmmmm... Yes, yes.

Shouldn't we just
get that picture taken?

I've had to tend to one like
that since I was a kid.

Let's take a look at the chows.
A fiver. Yes.

Easy, easy. Yes, it's fine.

Came. It must be up here.
I've been given permission by my father.

Come on. Come on. Upsy.

And so up...

Be careful here.
Yes, that's fine. Just like that.

Come on.

Upsy, come on...

- Come on up.
- It must be in here.

Come on. Come on.

Prrrrr, prrrrrr.

Ooof, hoof, hoof.
Nah. nah. Hey, hey!

It must be sitting here on the couch.

So. Yes...

Come on. Oppeda.
Yes, over here.

Give it a little.

Hold the horse straight, Bettina!


Get some more water.

- Hey.
- What are you doing here?

- Rikke?
- Yes?

- Rikke?
- Coming now. Then you will see.

- What the hell is that?
- It's just a horse.

- Just a little prudent horse.
- Where do you get it from?

I won it in a
cornflakes competition.

- Won it?
- We can take care of it. Also Bettina.

- We cannot have a horse here.
- Yes, you said that when you saw football.

- I watched football...
- You're so tacky.

- You have to keep what you promise.
- Do you have anything to do with it?

- I'm just holding it.
- Yes, you have to keep what you promise.

Be quiet.
I have not promised anything.

Of course you have!
You said that yourself.

- You cannot have a horse here. Out with it!
- Yes, we can!

Ludvig, get straight together.
Down in the yard with it.

Out with that cricket. Now! Off!
Rikke, this is pure animal cruelty.

But you need to have your morning paper.
Who cleans? Who washes up?

Be quiet now. You will not
have a horse. We cannot have it.

It's me who does everything. You're not
doing a shit other than watching television.

I want the horse.
It is so cute.

- It's no use standing with a horse.
- Yes! I won it myself.

You have won it, but it does not
help that you fill in the forms yourself.

- "Ask your father first!"
- You should talk to your father about that.

Talk to his dad!
Everyone else is talking to their mother.

When I do not have one, I
cannot talk to her about it.

- You can't get it. It's not working.
- Yes!

It may be sweet,
but it does not help.

You do not have to
stand and look like that.

She has won it herself.
I saw that.

What the hell are you
imagining, you lazy bum?

We walk. There are
limits to what it can listen to.

You're really stupid, Dad.

Come with me.


Come here, I want
to talk to you. Come.

I do not want to interfere, but when I
see Rikke come with the garbage can...

And Rikke buys in. And Rikke is
washing up. She has no childhood!

- Behave yourself.
- Hell if I will, it's not about steering me straight.

It's me saying what
we're going to do now.

- I think I have more than enough...
- I'm well aware of that.

It's not your wife.

Up there I have a room.
There's some iron.

I get the apprentices to remove it.

Then I get one of the boys
to pick up hay and straw.

Up with hoe and straw.
Land with the horse in the elevator...

She has to take care of her school.

My God, that horse comes in here
and there to stand and down and over.

It's no bigger than the
dogs that shit on the street.


Hey... hey, hey.
Soft drinks. Soft drinks.

Then there is water.

Come. Old coat.

It's crass.

- Then it's a circus horse.
- And here we have the ponytail.

And... Come on, read on.
There sits the lucky shoe.

Shall we see the bites?

And then it must be groomed every day.

- You get combed every day too, don't you?
- Yes.

In Greek mythology, there
was a horse called Pegasus.

It knew everything that
people could only dream of.

Pegasus could fly to the realm
of the dead and bring some back.

If that was what you wanted.

- Ouch! Help!
- It is me.

Are you coming from behind, your coat...
Is that you, Poul?

Hello, man!

You're not sick. You stink,
as if you had drunk a pub.

(the rumster and the noise)

Ssshhhh. Rikke is asleep.

I have no damn keys, Poul.

- I think the back door is open.
- You're fucking drunk every other night.

When I was your age, we went
to it with the ladies you know.

It may well be.
Maybe you're too old now?

I can 't damn well run after
them with that cane here.

Watchmaker, you drive around fucking
without a helmet. Where do you have it?

You're damn boring, so the
plants go out. And woodman!

lnside with you, in bed.

Do not push to an old watchmaker.
I know damn well what time it is.

- You stink.
- Yes. Yes. You're missing a woman.

It is not good for a man
not to have a woman.

You need to lie in arm, you.
It's the best.

- It's the best!
- Good night, you.

- Good night, Poul.
- Sleep well, right?

Old friend, you.



- Hurry up. You are late.
- I had to feed my pony.

- You look so happy.
- I'm going for a ride this afternoon.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Yes, yes, yes.


Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Prrrrrr, prrrrrrr.

And so... Hop!

Come on. Come on. Hypa.

And then came. Hop.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Come.

- Hi, you there, who owns that horse?
- I do. Why?

I will give you 100
crowns for an hour.


"Next day, far from Duck Town.
Bang! Crash! Bom!!"

"What's wrong? It sounds
like a fight with Andersine."

"There must be something wrong.
We'll hurry up. Calm down."

There you go. Uhm.

God, there's something we've forgotten.
To give it a name!

- I got it.
- What?

- Bella.
- Arh...

What about and...

... and call it Tarzan.

- Orv Yes! Tarzan.
- Tarzan.

- It's listening.
- It responds.

Pooh, where it smells.
It has apparently never been washed.

Or it has also farted.

Like Ludwig.
He never washes himself either.

Do you have no family at all, Ludvig?

Nah, nah.

- Are you not married?
- I...

I once knew one.

I do not do that anymore.


Now he's mad.

- You must not be angry, Ludvig.
- We just teased you a little.



It does not want it.
Then I eat it.

- "A hidden treasure."
- It sounds good.

"I've taken a little extra job diving
in Uncle Scrooge's private harbor."

- Uncle Scrooge has so much money.
- But he will not give Anders anyone.

"... to make money
for a gift for Andersine."

"She has a birthday next week.
Rrrring. Spank! Bang! Bonk!"

"Look who it is and say I'm not
home. I'm too tired for guests."

I do not know what the problem is.
Whether it's something with the comrades.

But I thought that if there
was a problem at home, -

- then we could take it in stride.

Does Rikke have problems at home?

No. I will not say that.

We have enough to look after, but
she does her part to make it work.

I do not understand...
She never lies to me.

No, but I think Rikke is a
sweet girl and I want to help.

And if there are any problems, I
might be able to help with something.

The problem is that she's lying.

- Why not talk straight out of the bag?
- Yes, of course I know that well.

- What is it about?
- That she's lying.

I do not know what the reason
is, but she says she has a horse.

As she rides on.

She has that too.

And where did she get it?

Over there. If you turn
around, you can see it.

- Yes... It's a horse.
- Yes. It's a horse.

Well, where does she get it from?

She has won it in a
mindless competition.

Then we have been so lucky
that a neighbours could have it standing.

In fact, I have no idea what
we're going to do with that crutch.

You also have a motorcycle, huh?

I go and fix it. It's been
out driving across America.

Don't you want another cup of coffee?
Or a beer?

Yes, thank you very much.

Aah, how sweet you are.
It's nice to have you.

I need almost no mother.
Or I do not miss my mother.

You know what, Tarzan,
if you were a real Pegasus,

then your wings would grow out
there, and then a window would be ajar, -

- so you could fly out, right?

Then you could fly up in the sky...
So you must not tell anyone.

So, if you saw my mother,
say, I'm fine where I am.

And if she likes
horses, let her ride you -

- and take her down.
Just a night or something.

Hello. Hey darling.
Hi Dad.

- Why are you home early today?
- I took time off a little earlier today.

- What is it that you go and do here?
- A fold, a fence for the horse.

Are you all alone or what?
Tell me, Ludvig, where is he?

Up after the moving car. It's stupid
it can not go out when it wants to.

Then it can just get out of the moving
carriage and straight down into the fold.

I think I'm picking up the blacksmith's car.

Come on, hyp, hyp.

Come on, Rikke. Yes!

- Hey, watchmaker. You look fresh.
- It is cute.

- Do you not want a beer?
- No thanks. I do not drink anymore.

I see. I must say.

It's sweet, huh?
You need a helmet.

You can use mine. You take it.

- Do not use it yourself?
- No, I've hit my head so often.

Rikke... May I have a go?
Can I?

- Are you sure about that, watchmaker?
- Yes, sure.

Are you taking my cane?
Is it you or the horse that smells?

What about the pedals?

The pedals... Well, damn it.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, prrrr.

Then there's the next one.

And then the next one.


Yes, yes, come on.

It's you.

Next. Yes...


Hey, Charlotte!

- Hi.
- Hi, Charlotte.



- Hi, look at me.
- Tarzan, come on.


- Oh yeah.
It looks nice, does it?

- Do you want a ride?
- I have not tried before.

- You must turn to the other side.
- Then what do you do?

First, put your hands on it.
And then you put that foot in there.

- And then you sling yourself over.
I guess I just have to lend a hand.

No, wait a minute.

Did you see I was up for a ride?

Uh! No!


No! No!

She is cute.

- Was it funny?
- Much. Can I have a hand?

- What is it called?
- It's called Boelle.

My name is Helmuth.

I've heard there is a riding competition.
I do not know if it was anything?

Then it could see some other horses.

Try to see there.
Really nice, lovely horses.

First rider on the track.
Frank Nielsen on Maja.

Next rider, start number two,
is Christine Benzon on Dodgy.

Start number three is
Rikke Hansen on Tarzan.

Come on.

It was a high jump.

Come on. More speed on.
More speed on.

Uha, now it's getting harder.

- Ouch!
- Bloody hell.

Here! Come here, Tarzan!


Calm. Calm.

- We must have been lucky.
- Why should we go out here?

- Do you want to try another trip?
- I want to be alone with my horse.

We're going over there. So you
can only come if you feel like it, right?

- Goodbye for now.
- Damn creature.

If I had not been wearing a helmet, I would
have had a hole in my head. Of my leg.

- It looked gorgeous.
- Over there I lost my stirrups.

If it had been the other, I
could, but it was double-crossed.

There she stopped and jumped,
and then I dropped the stirrups.

Then I fell off and
hit my head like hell.

I go over to the others and
see when they jump, right?

Did you hurt yourself?
I did that to hell.

Look, now my father
is drinking beer again.

Well, what a pity for you, Tarzan.
Should I loosen you?

What are you looking at?

- Not on anything.
Then look the other way.

Come on, Tarzan, now we're going
for a walk all to ourselves. Come.

Stand! Stop it, Tarzan.

lh, Tarzan.

No, stop, Tarzan! Stop!


It usually does what I say.
How vicious are you, Tarzan.

Tarzan! It is not called that.

It's been my horse
before you got it.

It is called Mama Mia.

Mama Mia? What a strange name.

- It means "my mother."
- My mother...

Then we had to sell it because
my father became unemployed.

Then a cornflakes
company came and bought it.

Don't you miss it?

You can come and
visit us and get a ride.

May I ride it back?

- Shut up, there's lying one and sleeping.
- We have to move on.

Do you think it's a night watchman?

- What the hell do you think this is?
- It looks like a club.

- A club?
- Do not?

Do you know what I think? It's for
driving beers on. I think so damn well.

- Then it's full of beers, man.
- Yes, for hell.

How stupid they are.
The door is open. Hold on to this.

lh, you!

- Sssh! There is something moving.
- A monster, you!

- Help!
- Out, man! Run!


Rikke! Rikke!

Tarzan is gone.

I do not know... Someone
has opened up and...

He is gone.

Tarzan is running.
There's someone who... And it's gone.

You must... We must...
You must call your father, Rikke.

Then we'll go out and find it.

Tarzan has disappeared.

Rikke, go in and sleep.

Hi, Rikke.

Tarzan has run away!



Damned horse.

Up behind!
Up behind me! We'll find it.

Stop here!

It's that, you know.

Try to smell.




Rikke, there you were.

I do not want you to run
around like that. What's wrong?

Do you not understand
that Tarzan has run away?

Yes, but you know what, honey....

People, if they see a horse,
then they come back with it.

If we go to bed and sleep,
then tomorrow it's there again.

- No.
- I promise you that.

What was between you and
Charlotte, by the way, huh?

- What do you mean?
- l had a real parenting meeting.

Parental meeting...

- I do not get better grades from that.
- Stop that nonsense.

- What do you think mother would say?
- Honey, you know what...

That's hard to explain now, right?

It was a long time ago.

It's been a long time...
I was with a...

It's not just you who lives.
I also have a life.

- I'm alive too.
- Yes.

Hey... Listen!

Hear. Hear.

What can you hear?

What can you hear?
What did I say?

It's not always easy...

Ludvig says it's some real
bullies that have shut it out.

He was so tired that he lay asleep.

- And someone has complained to the Animal Welfare.
- Why?

They think it's animal
cruelty and oh my god...

- They should see how people live.
- And it is doing well enough.

- Hi!
- Hi, Rikke!

- Do not want a ride?
- No, we play football.

Ludvig says it went on the rails.
It could have been run over.

- Was it being run down?
- No. It was the watchmaker.

- Think if it would rather go home.
- By train? Its home is here.

It's not exactly
a luxury hotel...

There's something I forgot to tell you.
I met a girl at the convention.

She said Tarzan had been
her horse. And she missed it.

- Then it's not your horse at all.
- I won it.

Its not the same. Not at all if
it does not want to be with you.

You have not won me either.
And neither Charlotte.

What a luck. Maybe we should
get up and get a cup of something?

- What time is it?
- A quarter to four.

I have to go home. We have to go out and
buy new skates. See you at school. Bye.

Bye- Bye.

Come here.

- I'm just going to look at Rikke.
- You do that.

I think it has calmed down.

- Do not want a ride?
- Not right now.

- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.

- Where has Bettina gone?
- She should have new skates.

Calm. There, there.

Sssshh, There, there.
Calm. Calm.

Yes, calm.

Easy easy. What's wrong, huh?

What's wrong?
So, so, what's wrong with you?

Calm. Calm.


There, there.

(High neighing)

Calm! Tarzan!

- Hi! What's up with Tarzan?
- It's not called Tarzan at all.

- I see. What is it called then?
- She's had it before me.

It's called Mama Mia.
It means "my mother."

Subtitles: Essery.