Tarzan Goes to India (1962) - full transcript

Summoned by an Indian princess, Tarzan travels to India where hundreds of wild elephants are in danger. A company is building a hydroelectric dam and the contractors have only a few weeks to finish the job. The building of the dam will flood the valley surrounded by mountains. There is one pass through which the elephant herd can escape but that is being closed. Tarzan comes up against an old nemesis, Bryce, the chief engineer. Bryce undertook a similar dam project in Africa and had a penchant for shooting elephants. It's up to Tarzan to organize the move before Bryce manages to close the pass.

"Tarzan Goes to India."

We'll be arriving in
a few moments now.

Get ready!

Hit it!

I'm Kamara.

Not what I expected.

Your father used to tell me about
a little girl that rode elephants.

That I still do.

I'm very anxious to see him.

My father is sick.
He's not the man you knew.

Don't be too shocked
to how he looks.

It's been a long time, my dear friend.
Too long.

We had good times
together in Africa.

- We'll have them again.
- Please...

Let me tell him, father.

Did you see the dam on your flight;


It's nearly completed.
In 3 weeks they'll open the floodgates.

Miles of jungle will be flooded.

This was once my father's land.
He turned it into an animal sanctuary.

I wanted to give them a hold,

where they could live without fear
of being hunted.

Now they will all be drowned.

The largest herd of elephants
in all India.

Why don't you just drive them out;

Oh, we've tried, but the herd's
being led by a rogue elephant,

People are afraid.

- How many elephants are there;
- Over 300.

That's something to be afraid of.


Mr. O'Hara is waiting to see us.
He's the engineer who is building the dam.

Talk to him.

I know, if anyone can
save my animals, it's you.

I'll try.

When the main power station goes into operation,
we'll be putting out forty thousand kilowats.

What's the grade of these hills,
Mr. O'Hara;

42 degrees.

The elephants'd never get out of here.

No, I'm afraid, not.

- All ready to leave, Mr. O'Hara.
- Good.

This is Raghu Kumar. He's gonna be one
of our top engineers.

I've heard you're coming, Tarzan.

- Welcome to India.
- Thank you.

I believe, you and the princess
know each other.

Yes, we know each other.

When the flood gates are open on the dam
up there, those pipes'll spill the water.

All that jungle will be under water.

It's a natural reservoir,
completely surrounded by mountains,

- There's a path through the mountains?
- Only one.

How far away is it?

About 50 miles.
My men are already working there.

We're sealing it off with
the concrete wall to keep the water in.

He's blocking the only escape route
for the animals.

I'm afraid, we'll have to.

The wall has to be finished in 3 weeks,
before arriving of the monsoon rains.

Even if it means drowning the animals?
There's no other alternatives.

We are talking about life,
and you dismiss it as if it's nothing.

A choice between wild life and progress?

Which would you take?


My chief engineer.
He's in charge of building the dam.

I know Bryce.

He helped build a dam in Africa.

His hobby was killing elephants for ivory.

- Bryce, I'd like you to meet...
- We've met before.

I heard the Raja sent for you. Sorry,
I wasn't here to greet you personally.

Still mad over the ivory.

In Africa I mixed a little sport with profit.
He'd have thought the elephants belong to him.

Killing for profit.
Why won't you call it by its right name;

- Everything's ready?
- All set.

- I'll keep in touch, Mr. O'Hara.
- Good luck.

- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.


Those elephants aren't gonna drown.
I'm gonna drive them through the pass.

Let's keep one thing straight right now.

I'm building a wall across that pass.

I'm not holding up my work for you
or your elephants. Stay out of my way.

He means what he said.

So do I.

How many these villages of yours
will drown?

Nearly all of them. It's sad having to
force people from their homes.

Most of them have never even heard
of the dam.

We tell them the land is gonna be flooded,
that they're moving to a new village.

It makes no sense to them.

Where do you take these people?

To a transit camp trace,
then onto new homes.

- You've been running all this?
- Yes.

Pretty good for a maharaja's daughter.

Times have changed.

[speaking Hindi]

There's trouble at the dam.
They'd spotted the rogue elephant!

Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

All right, you saw it.

Don't waste my time with anymore talks
about saving animals.

- I'm going after that elephant.
- No!

You leave with me in the morning.

Well, I might be too late,
he may lead me to the main herd.

This jungle...
You don't know what you're going into!

If I need you, I'll find you.

You're right. It is a problem.

Now that you copy,
what you're gonna do with it;

Too big to carry.
Damn if I'd be very good to eat.

Gajendra! Gajendra! Gajendra!

Gajendra! Gajendra!

I'm not gonna hurt you.
I came here to be your friend.

You've got him well trained.

Why; Why you wear such clothes like me?

Because I live in the jungle.
Just like you.

You... You it is doctor;


It is hunter?


You... You say, you live in jungle;
I never see you before.

Well, a jungle I live in is far away
from here. In Africa.

My name is Tarzan.

My name is Jai.

You have an elephant?

I've many friends who are elephants,
but I don't own any of them.

Gajendra is my elephant.

It means "king of elephants".

He's a fine elephant.
Never seen a better one.

You hear that, Gajendra? You see?
You're fine elephant!

Gajendra says, he like you, too.

You have a house?
Place to stay?


You come home with me. All right; Come up!

- I like you.
- That's because I like you.

Be quiet! You are the elder?

You will eat when your elders
are finished.

Her name is Keri. She's very nice goat.
Give the milk all the time.

Best milk I ever tasted.

How long you've been living
in the jungles, Jai?

When they tell our villagers to go
because of the water.

- You didn't go?
- No, I wouldn't have go.

Your mother and father, they must be
lonesome without you.

No mother. No father. I don't know them.

Where did you get Gajendra?

When my father died of sickness,
Gajendra is mine.

What are you gonna do
when the water comes?

Water will not come.
Gajendra and I will stop it.

You mean, like you tried to stop
in the dam last night?

Jai, you've got to understand that
there are other people who love.

You want to stop them, too?

Yes, of course, I do.
Not the same way that you do. Whiting the strong.

No one is stronger than Gajendra!

Guns are stronger than Gajendra,
and guns will kill Gajendra.

No talk anymore. Jai go to sleep.

You sleep here, too.

Thank you.

Easy, Gajendra.

It's all right, Gajendra.
I'm not gonna hurt him.

Get down! Get down!

Don't be ashamed of being frightened.
I was frightened, too.

- You?...
- Sure.

A killer elephant leading a herd that size
is enough to frighten anyone.

You've seen Bala?

Oh, I saw him.

Bala is very strong, very big.

Bala is a rogue elephant. He's mad.
He's crazed with hate and fear.

The only reason the herd follows him
is because they're afraid of him, too.

You... You kill Bala,
then Gajendra will be the leader!

If I kill Bala, then Gajendra must
lead the herd out of the jungle.

No way out. Mountains all around.

There's a pass through the mountains.

I never see such pass.

I'll take you there in the morning,
we'll see it together.

All right;... All right.

Come on, see this before moving.

Good morning, Mr. Bryce.
Good morning.

Mr. Bryce!

What is it?

The stagings! They are not safe.

We need more men to brace them off.

Forget it! I haven't got any minute spare.

I asked for a man, and they sent me a boy!

- Take care of it, Chakra.
- Yes, sir.


I know what you're gonna say,
and I don't want to hear it.

I'm glad to see it bothers you that much.

I've seen men killed in Abuyaba, Banan.

- But this one could've been avoided!
- It's not your responsibility.

I've never met a man like you before.
I feel sorry for you.

I suppose you think O'Hara is different?

O'Hara is a fine engineer.
A man with ideals.

Is that so?

Well, I've got news for you, sonny.

If you think sitting over drawing boards
with ideals is the way dams and bridges are.

- Bryce, I know how...
- You know nothing!

What do you think would happen
if I didn't have this wall up

I'd never work for O'Hara again.

No one wants excuses in this business.
Excuses cost money.

You learn one thing in a job like this:
Human life is cheap as dirt.

Now, if you don't believe that,
"engineer", just stick around:

I'll stick around, all right.
But I still don't believe what you say.

You've got work to do!

Look like you see falls out there.
If Gajendra slips, he may not can be back up again.

Gajendra never slip.

Keep him in the shallows, will you?

I know, I know.

Move! Move!

Oh, I sure am glad that's over with.

I not go to the pass. You go to the pass.
Gajendra and I go home.

What's the matter?
Gajendra is my elephant!

And you... you gave him orders!
You wanted to take him from me!

Gajendra and me go home. Live like before.
Like before you come. Good bye.

All right. I'm not gonna argue with you.

Maybe you're right.
Maybe I'd be better off without you.

I keep forgetting you're just
a little boy. This is a man's job.

Yeah, you better go home.
No hard feelings.


Good bye, Gajendra. Take good care
of my little friend. Bye.

All right. We go home.

We go down the river. Not so big.

We have good time,
like before we got Tarzan.

I'm a boy. Not a man.

Fine. I show you.

I same other men!

You stay here. I your boss.

There. Cut your motors.

I'll make you boys the prisoners
of my day.

Leopard! Very close.

It's all right. No leopard would come here
with elephant around.

Why you?...

I'll teach him so he doesn't
bother us again.

- Get the chains out of the jeep.
- Okay.

Thank you.

Hold still.

My advice to you, Tarzan,
is to get out of here as fast as you can.

How you're gonna explain this to Bryce?

I'll worry about it then.
You better get moving.

Again, where you are?

Which side are you on?

I wish I really knew.

You heard what I told him.

Still going to drive that elephant herd
through the pass. You can still stop me.

You may need this, Tarzan.

I'll save you a walk. I let him go.

What's going on here;

I caught Tarzan snooping around.
Chained him up.

My little friend here let him go.

If I hadn't, he'd have been killed.
Not that Bryce kills.

He rates human life pretty cheap.

He's talking about the men
who were killed yesterday.

Look, men get killed every day
on these jobs. Get used to it.

You're both here to work.
Now, if you can't get along together, We gonna make some changes.

Let's look at those plans.

Beautiful baby.

When you make it to the transit camp,
you'll be able to rest.

Oh, thank goodness you're safe.
I've heard people are looking for you.

Thank you.
You look back even working.

Not more than anyone else.
I just look more tired, that's all.

You look like a maharaja's daughter

That's a compliment. Thank you.

How've you got on;
Found the elephant who raided the dam.

Belongs to a little boy named Jai.


As they evacuated his village,
he ran away. Oh, I've also seen.

Tell me, is it true about a rogue
leading them;

Yes, it is.

Then we will never be able
to drive them out.

Not as long as the rogue is alive.

But if I can kill him, we may be able
to save the herd.

We'll need a lot of people to help me
make the drive.

- "Akeda"...
- A what?

An elephant round up.

Once they get these people through
the transit camp, I can get you.

Good. I'll be going.

Be careful.

Kamara. I saw your friend Raghu last night.

He saved my life.



Now, there's nothing to be afraid,
and everything's all right.

Come out of the jungle many,
many elephants and Bala.

They hurt to Gajendra.
I think Gajendra dies.

I'll take a look at him. Come on.

Come on, Tarzan.

Eh, it's only a flesh wound.

Give me some moss and soak it in water.

Don't worry about Gajendra.
He's got a lot of years left yet.

What did you do with Keri, Nadir,
the monkeys;

I let them free when elephants come.
I never see them again.

All right. Take it easy. Easy now.

I run away from you because the man
tried to shoot Gajendra.

Yeah, I know.
Well, he's just as good as new.

Gajendra says you saved his life.

He says, thanks!

Tell Gajendra that I say, you're welcome.

- Where did Bala take the herd?
- By the falls.

All right, get up on top and hurry.
Come on!

Wild elephants!

Get off the road!

Get off the road! Get off the road!

Come on! Hurry up!

I'm glad you got here on time.

Never mind. Thank you.

In order to keep these people safe,
you're gonna have to go back and gonna take the path to the hills.

It'll take us miles out of our way!

Not if you go through the pass,
it's a shorter route.

Already you know this jungle
better than I do.


I know, be careful.

Where's he going;

To kill the rogue.

You think arrow will kill Bala;

It will if we hit him in the right place.

Where; What right place;

The brain. Right here.

Not afraid anymore.

This valley will be flooded right through
across this land.

What's happened;

We're on our way to the transit camp.
We had to come through here.

Is there anything I can do to help you;

There is. We're running short of food.
If you could feed the women and children...

We can feed all of them.
Just push them in.


Coming, Mr. Bryce.

I heard that.

For your information, I happen to run in
this camp. I decide whom we feed.

There's plenty of food here.
We can't let them go hungry.

They've got oxen. Let them slaughter one.

You know they can't kill or eat beef.

That's not my problem.
Now, get them out of here.


I'm feeding them from our supplies.

So, that's the way it is, huh?

All right, you feed them.

Now you men get back to work!

Thank you, Raghu.

Well, what do you want?

I've heard that Tarzan is going to drive
the big herd through here.

Now, isn't that something?

I'd worry if I were you. He might do it.

I've heard that there's a mad rogue
leading that herd.

Tarzan is going to kill the rogue.

He's what?

That's the best news I've heard
in a long time.

I went after a rogue once
in a herd half that size.

Put 6 loads in him, and still
didn't even slap him.

Lucky me, if I was shooting much shorter,
he'd kill me.

Go on, get out. Come back when you get
something important to tell me.


You know what to do.

I know.

In Africa a boy becomes a man
when he kills his first lion.

This is gonna be your first lion.

When I do this, I will be man?

Very much of man.


That's your lion.

Today I'm a man!

- Everything's set. We're ready to go.
- Good.

Tonight you're gonna be sleeping
in your new home. You'll be all right.

Will you look after her for me, please?


Is it true what they're saying that
you killed the rogue?

Yes, it's true. But I wouldn't be here now
if it wasn't for Jai and Gajendra.

He's boy to be proud of.

You two must be hungry?

I think Jai will leave it till later.
Come in to have something.

I don't believe it.

Who you want to fool;
It's true, Mr. Bryce, it's true.

They killed the rogue. I was at
the transit camp when they arrived.

The men are already building
a stockade to hold the herd.

Stockade? Where?

5 miles west of here.
At the edge of the jungle.

Raj! Moorty!

Coming, sir!

Get out.

Yes, Mr. Bryce.

Get the jeep ready. We're going out
tonight. And bring the rifles.

Right. Come on!

Shhh! Don't make a noise.

You want to wake up everybody?

I go to drink water. You stay here.

Don't make a noise.

All right, come on!

Get down! Stay down.

All right. Tell him you're here.

Tarzan! Tarzan, go away! Tarzan!
Tarzan, go away!

They'll kill you, Tarzan!
Please, please, Tarzan, go away!

Please, Tarzan!

Drop it!

I want the boy out!

You come up and get him!

Stay where you are!

You wanted the boy?
All right, you can have him.

Go on!

Bryce! Let the boy go! He can't hurt you!

He can talk!


Gajendra killed him to save your life.

It's his instinct, protect the one
that he loves.

Just as I had to kill the other man.

You understand?


I'll take care of it.

You take Gajendra on the other side
of the rocks.

All right?... All right.

Excuse me...

That's the way it'll look, gentlemen.

Miles of useless jungle under water,
and enough power to supply all your needs.

We'll open those flood gates in 10 days.

10 days; That's far beyond
our expectations.

Splendid job of engineering,
Mr. O'Hara.

All it's left for us to finish
is that wall across the pass,

then you're gonna have
your official opening.

We'll schedule the opening ceremony

The short wave, sir.
You wanted back at the dam.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Here he is.

O'Hara's speaking.

Glad you hear, Mr. O'Hara.
There's been an accident. Bryce been killed.

I'll leave right away.
Be with you in a few hours.

Calling 1-8-7...

He should be here any moment, Tarzan.


Mr. O'Hara, we've received the explosives.
We can start blasting in 2 hours.

All right.

I should have known you had something
to do with it.

Bryce tried to kill me.

It's true.

All right. What do you want?

I want to settle this thing once
and for all.

Raghu says we can still drive the elephants
through the pass without destroying the wall.

We start pouring the last 3 blocks today.
There's still room for the herd.

You mean, there's still room for the herd
to go through if we stop work, is that it?

Yes, sir.

Look, I've got a deadline:
The monsoon rains, and I'm not stopping.

Those blocks are to be poured today.

Wait a minute.

I'm not Bryce, and killing
isn't my business.

But every man has right to protect
his property, and I'm gonna protect mine.

I'm warning you: Nothing to get
through that pass and stay alive.

I thought you were different to Bryce.
But you're not!

A little more polished, perhaps,
but cut from the same stone.

You build just for your own vanity,
and I don't want to be that kind of Engineer.

Do you think Gajendra can ride three,


Pretty good, huh?

Wonderful! Where do they all come from?

You ask Kamara. She bring them.

The villages sent all the people
they can spare. And proud of it.

We'd better be proud of Raghu.
He just left O'Hara to be with us.

It took a little time.
But I'll try to make up.

I've waited a long time for you
to say that.

- And how are you, Jai?
- Okay.

I helping, too.
You proud of me?

You're more than anyone.

I go give Gajendra water. Then I come.

You think you can have this finished
by tomorrow?

We can finish this tonight.

You know, O'Hara could use a good men
like you.

Tonight we make a big dance.
People will be happy.


We always celebrate
the start of "Akeda."

Tarzan, the big herd is watering
about 10 miles south.

All right, we'll leave at first light.

Not gonna be easy. We'll only be able
to drive small numbers in the stockade.

We should have the whole herd
in the stockade by tomorrow night.

I'm sure we'll manage. Good.

Hold them on the bank!

Move them! Keep them moving on the side
of the river!

Keep away from the deep water!
Keep away from the deep water!

Come on, look alive up there.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute, you put
that brace up there! Come on!


We have some more, that's for...

All right, let's go. Come on, men,
let's get the back down.

All right, look alive.

Put that here.

Watch out! If you drop that, we won't
have to worry about elephants.

All right, take it easy. Be careful.

It's all we've got?
You give us a hand.

Keep them moving!

Raghu, I'd like you to ride up in front.

Gopal, Krishna, myself.
I'm gonna ride Gajendra.


I ride Gajendra, too!

You ride on the flank.

I ride Gajendra! I ride Gajendra!
I ride Gajendra!

You ride the flank on another elephant!

Jai, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to sound angry.

But you're too young. It's too dangerous
for you to lead the charge.

Is there any reason why I can't drive
with Jai?

That's up to Jai.



Tarzan! Tarzan.

What is so exciting...?
He just came from the pass.

He says O'Hara's laid a trap
with dynamites!


I know! I know dynamite.
I have some piece.

Where did you get this?

I see dynamite when I wait for you
at the pass. I take one.

You're lucky you're not killed!
You could've blown yourself to pieces!

With this little thing?

Raghu, tell them...

Tell the people I've got the answer
to O'Hara's dynamite.


Open the gate!

Light the fire!

Keep them moving!

Over there!

All right, bring those rifles up.

You men get behind the scaffolding.

I'm sorry, O'Hara.
Sorry this had to happen.

You already got your elephants through.
What more do you want?

We'd like to help.

I've had all your "help" I need.

And so have the people of this hold
that another year of drought striken farms.

Another year without factories and jobs.

No. Still build that wall before
the rains come.

And what do I use for equipment?

Them. And I can get more like them
if you need them.

He's right, Mr. O'Hara.

Elephants were doing this kind of work
a long time before machinery.

- You think we can do it?
- I know we can.

Well, what are we waiting for;
Come on, we've got work to do.

Tarzan, how can ever thank you?

Well, someday Raghu's going to need
an assistant engineer.

You like that, Jai? "Acha!"

Be first class engineer!

Tarzan! You're not going away, Tarzan.

Jai, friends will always be
in each other's hearts.

I'll be back someday.

I don't cry. I'm a man.

Yes, you're a man.

The End.