Tarung Sarung (2020) - full transcript

Deni Ruso (Panji Zoni) was born from one of the richest families in Indonesia. For Deni money is everything, he even lost faith in God.

In the past,
our ancestors settled problems

through a one-on-one fight

using badik daggers.

It's called "Sigajang Laleng Lipa".

The way of the warriors.

A big difference
compared to kids nowadays,

who only fight as a group.

Today, "Sigajang Laleng Lipa"
no longer uses badik daggers.

To preserve this tradition,

they established a sport
called "Sarong Fighting".

Unarmed combat inside a sarong.

Not in a ring.

Not inside the Octagon.

But just two men fighting inside a sarong.

This is an actualization of bravery.

Come, teach our children
the spirit of warriors.

Come and watch the Sarong Fighting
National Championship 2020 in Makassar.

Hey, anti-social!

Hey. Have you seen this viral video?

In Makassar, there's a sport
where two men fight in a sarong.

That's not important!

Check out that jerk. He got a girl!


What about my mirror?

Sorry, I'm in a hurry.

Here. You can have my car.

What do you mean?

Hey! What do you mean?

That's Gwen Christy!

Deni Ruso's girlfriend!
He's like the owner of Jakarta!

Deni Ruso who owns the Ruso Corp?

Yeah, one of the richest guys
in Indonesia.

This is for me?

You wanna put this on YouTube?

-You wanna put this on YouTube?



Let me introduce you.
This is Gwen. She's a YouTuber.


Jul, let's get out of here.

-Let's get out of here!

What's wrong with you?
You look like you've seen a ghost.

Too late, bro.

The ghost is here!

Sorry, Deni, my friend didn't know.


She's my girl.

You knew that, right?

He just came from Surabaya.

And you didn't tell him?

Sorry. Yeah, my mistake.

So it's your mistake?

What the heck?

He didn't mean to!

-Let's get out of here. Come on!

-We're all clear, boss.

We are not clear!
His girl came to me first!


So you don't want this settled?

Fight me one-on-one if you dare.

This is Jakarta, man.

Jul, that's enough!

Jul, stop it!


Come here, you!


I want to show you my boyfriend
who always protects me

when somebody messes with me.

Baby, say hi.


Babe, is this a Patek Philippe watch?

I know.

Did you miss me
while you were in Switzerland?

I did.



I swear to God.

Leave God out of this.

I know you don't believe in God.


-Yes, Uncle?
-Are your hands okay?

Want to go to the hospital too?

No need.

-You sure?
-Yeah. All good, Uncle.

How are the boys?

Relax. Uncle Abdul is here.

I'll take care of everything.

Mr. Deni.

I'm the manager of this club.

I'd like to thank you.

What do you say?

Was it enough?

More than enough, sir.

In fact,

it's enough for us to renovate.

Mom, you're home.

Evening, Auntie Dina.


You better go home.

Abdul will take you.


Luckily that kid didn't die, Deni.

Who told you?

Baby, say hi.




So stupid.

Using this as online content.

You're the son of a government officer
in Surabaya.

They can use this as evidence.

The police will think twice
before arresting me, Mom.

You just returned from Switzerland
and you’re already in trouble!

Don't you want to go to college?

Or do anything useful with your life?

You're a spoiled kid, you know that?

Your dad would be ashamed
to see you like this.

I'm not a spoiled kid, Mom.

Tomorrow, I’m sending you home.

New York?


-Come on, Mom.
-"Come on, Mom" what?

I have Buginese heritage.

So you're automatically part Buginese too.

So Makassar is your hometown.

You can learn to be more responsible.

Also, you can supervise
our new amusement park there.

You're not taking the private jet.

Take a commercial airline
from Soekarno-Hatta.

Go economy.

Learn how to be a normal person.

Mom, what now?

No more privileges for you!

And you can't take Uncle Abdul.

No bodyguard.

No one.

Only you.

Okay. And I will prove it to you.

-That I'm not a spoiled kid.

About the amusement park,

that's easy.

I'll take care of it in one day.

We'll see.

Is Mr. Deni's car ready?


Give this to Gwen.

Give this credit card to Gwen?


She wants to borrow it
while I'm in Makassar.


When people there say "kita",
that means "you", okay?

Not "we".

Are you bringing these?

They're what’s important.

-Bring them.
-Do you still have trouble sleeping?

The usual.

Young people.

That's not normal.

Young people usually sleep easily.

When you're old and stressed,

then you can have trouble sleeping.

My socks.

In my usual wardrobe.

You won't need this?

I've stopped believing, Uncle.

Hey, why?

I bring happiness to people
more often than God.

-Want me to prove it?

This is all for you.

God is not the one giving you this.

I am.

Pack my stuff.

Pleased to meet you. I'm Tutu.

Not "Toot-toot", sir.

That's the sound of a train.

Board the train. Toot-toot!

Everybody come along!

Hey, don't sing.

Too corny?

Not really.

Then what?

Your voice is horrible!

We've been working as contract employees
at Ruso Corp for five years.

Therefore, on this occasion,

we plead to Mr. Deni Ruso,

as the owner of Ruso Corp,

to appoint us as permanent employees.

Gosh, that's too direct.

You protest too much! You do the talking!

What's with you? So sensitive!

It's Mr. Deni!


Mr. Deni, over here!

Mr. Deni!

No need to shout! I'm not deaf.

Sorry, sir. Too excited.

We finally get to meet
the heir of Ruso Corp.

We are the employees of Ruso Corp,
Makassar branch.

We will take care of you
while you're here.

Sir, let me introduce us.

This is my friend Gogos, and I'm Tutu.

But not "toot-toot", sir.
That's the train sound.


Everybody come…

You guys are just wasting my time.

Don't embarrass me.

Yes, sir.

I told you not to sing!

I couldn't help it.

-It's my artistic instinct.
-Art, my butt!

Are we going or what?

-Yes, sir.
-Ready, sir.

-What's taking us so long?
-We'll arrive soon, sir.

So what do you say?

Just raise the bride price.

But I don't want to, Father.

Yes. Calm down, child.

Just leave everything to me.
It's all right.

Aunties too, all right?

Don't accept his proposal.
I don't want to, no matter what.

Yes, child.

Yes. Just be patient and keep praying.

Why do you let those children fight?

They're not fighting, sir.

It's called "Sarong Fighting".

A popular sport here.

Gos, grab your toy collection!

The Sanrego!


Here, sir. My toy collection.

How pointless.

What did I tell you? Pointless.

You told me to grab it!

-Are we going or what?
-Yes, sir!

This is the hotel, sir.

Isn’t there a better hotel?

This is the best here, sir.

For you, not for me.

The main office booked this hotel.

Oh, Mom!


Where's the Ruso Park construction site?

A bit far, sir. Go until
you reach the white beach.

May peace be upon you.

And upon you as well.

That's my purpose here, Mr. Yasin.

All right, Sanrego.

But I can’t decide on my own.

I have to discuss this with my family.

You need to pay a bride price.

That is our custom.


How much?

Five hundred million rupiahs.

How much?

Five hundred million rupiahs.

Five hundred million?

My parents are gone, Mr. Yasin.

How am I supposed to get that much money?

I apologize.

That is our family's decision.

I'm sure he'll return, child.

Don't lower the price, Father.

He won't be able to afford it.

Gosh, this girl.

I'm off to work.


Hey, don't litter!

What do you mean? I don't understand.

I don't speak English.

Please don't litter here.


You speak Chinese?

Yeah, a little.

My mom does a lot of business in Beijing,
so she often takes me along. Yeah, I can.

Thank you for helping me.

"Kita" from Jakarta?



That's the polite word
in our language for…

Yes, sorry.

Yeah, I'm from Jakarta.

Are you…?

Yes, I'm from here.

So there are pretty girls here as well.

I better continue my work
before I fall for your sweet talk.

When can we meet again?

We'll have an event here tonight.

You should come.

Sir, what are we doing here?

Hi, garbage girl.

Hey, the Chinese-speaking boy
from Jakarta.


Tutu! Gogos!

You guys know her?

She's our junior in high school.

I heard you work in town now.

Yes, we work at--


Here's your drink.

-Thank you.


How dare you return here? Get lost!

I don't want to see your face ever again.

Get lost!

There are better-looking men than you!

This is your high school love problem!

That was a long time ago.

We have a guest from Jakarta.

You're embarrassing us.

You know nothing, Tutu.

It hurts right here.

Let me introduce you
to my friend from Jakarta.

His name is…


Yes. Deni. This is my best friend Kanang.

Hi, Deni.

Hey, Gogos! Say something!



They dated for two years,

but one day,

Gogos broke up
with Kanang through a letter.

He put it under Kanang's desk.

That Gogos.

What's that?

This is old stuff.

But I like it.

It's called a walkman.

My mother gave it to me.

May I?

The sport here is so pointless.

Sarong Fighting.

Sarong Fighting?

This sport is our ancestors' heritage.

It teaches us the values of warriors.

One-on-one. Face-to-face.

Not a gang fight or throwing rocks.

Like what usually happens in the cities.

It's still pointless.

Come. Hit me.

Nah, that's crazy. No.

Come on. Hit me.

There are a lot of people here, Tenri.

It's all right. Try and hit me.

-You hit quite hard.

This time I'm serious.


Stand aside. Move!

So you chose this sissy over me?

Who I choose is none of your business.


Want to try Sarong Fighting
against a real man?


Don't, Sanrego.

He's my friend. He just came from Jakarta.

We're heading back.

Are you afraid, sissy?

Are you afraid?

If I see you fight this guy
you call sissy,

I'll never want to see your face again!

Next time, sissy!

Next time.

He called me "calabai".
What does that mean?

It means "handsome".


Sir, let me introduce you to Mr. Bobby.

The head of Ruso Corp, Makassar branch.

It's an honor to finally meet
the heir of Ruso Corporation.

Cut the small talk.

Just get to the point.

The beach reclamation is an expansion
of our coastal area.

Using technical engineering
for new area development.

This will be the location for Ruso Park.

The largest amusement park in Asia.

Will the beach be destroyed?

On the contrary, with this development,

the land resourcefulness
will increase, sir.

I asked you one thing
and you answered with another.

Are you a politician?

The locals are all happy

because this project
creates extra income for them.

What do you think?

-Fine, give it to me.


Leave, Ruso Corp!

Those people again!


The usual. Environmental activists.

I'll take care of them.

Go take care of them.

Please stay here, boss.
I'll deal with them.


You're ruining the marine ecosystem!
You're ruining the environment!

Stop your business on our beach!

Leave, Ruso Corp!


You two, wait here.

-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!

In front of Tenri, don't wear these.

-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!

One more thing, don't call me "sir".

-Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir!


It's my instinct. You too.


Stop destroying our environment!

You're ruining nature!

Hey, we have the official permits!

Go ahead and check.

If you want to go to court,
we can go together.

Stop it!

Here he is. Let me introduce you to…

Calm down! Just a minute!

I'm an NGO member from Jakarta,
an environmentalist.

I'm against beach reclamations.

He destroys nature! Just finish him!


I'm sorry, we're not "mahram".

"Mahram"? What is that?

You don't know what "mahram" is?

Do you really hate that person?

She's the owner of Ruso Corp.

She's destroying our beach for money.


So you're an organization member?

Excuse me?

You said you're an NGO member.

An environmentalist
and against beach reclamations.

What's your organization's name?

It's called…


Was there a commotion at the Ruso office?

Are you okay, Tenri?

Are you hurt?

No, thank goodness, Deni helped me.


You're handsome, kind,

and a hero.

Bro Deni.

Unlike that one.

Ugly, a heartbreaker,

and still alive!

Bro Deni, are you okay?

I'm okay.

Let's eat.

Come. Let's eat together.

I will not eat if that jerk comes with us!

My treat.

Come. Let's eat.

Come on.


You look like

you haven't eaten for a month.

This fish is so delicious.

That's just an ordinary fish, Deni.

I think this is extraordinary.

This from a rich guy.

You're rich, Deni?

I mean…

rich with experience.

Bro Deni here is rich with experience.

I'm sure he has eaten fish before.

Is that so?

Don't be surprised if Deni
has never eaten fish before

because your friend there
has never tasted my fist!

You hurt me.

You hurt a girl's heart.

You have no shame!


How much, sir?

The total is 100,000, miss.

Let me pay.

It's all right.

I'll pay. You're my guest.

No need, Tenri.


-I'll go after Kanang.
-Exact amount, thank you.

I'll tell you about it sometime, sir.

Right, sir.

-It's a long story.

Fancy meeting you here, sissy.

We can try Sarong Fighting now.

Sanrego, don't. We're heading back.

You have a spokesperson.

Hey, what is this?

Hold still!

Hold still, you!

What is this?


Yesterday you had
a Sarong Fight against a girl.

Are you a man or a girl?

What did you say?

Are you a man or a girl? Sissy!

Get inside the sarong.

I'll only need one hand to knock you down.

Let's do it!

Who says I'm afraid?

-Hold still!

Hit me!

No wonder you like to fight girls, sissy!

Your punch is soft like a girl.

Show me what you got, sissy!

Look at your friend.

Hold still!

He's crying.

I knew it. You're just a mommy's boy.

Go and tell your mommy in Jakarta.

Don't cry.

My phone.

Let's take a memento.

A sissy's face with his make-up.

Come, sissy. Come.


Sanrego, you jerk!

I don't want to see your face again!

Don't break your promise, Tenri.

You said before

that if you see me fight this sissy…

you won't see my face again.

You didn't see me fight him, did you?

Are you all right?

Leave me.

-Leave me!

Hey, Makassarian.

-Are you coming home today?

What time do you want me
to pick you up at the airport?

I ran into trouble in Makassar.

I don't wanna know. Call your men now.

Dicky, Dito, Tiki,
whatever their names are.

Call them here now!
I don't care how, Uncle.

I can't.

Your mom won't allow me to go there.

I got humiliated, Uncle!


Now! I don't care how. Come here, Uncle!

What should we do?

I don't know.

Tutu, Gogos.

I have ten million here.

Find all the thugs around here,
gather them up.

We'll go to Sanrego's house

and we'll beat him up.

This is not about money, sir.

You two are hypocrites!

Everybody needs money!

But we don't do gang fights here, sir.

Sorry, sir.

This is not Jakarta, sir.

Here, we fight one-on-one, sir.



Are you returning to Jakarta?


I'm tired of this place.

Boss, before you return to Jakarta…

please sign this first, boss.


Tenri's here.

-What's wrong, boss?

-Go hide!
-What's wrong?


Make a noise and I'll fire you. Take this.

-Hide that.
-Oh, right.

Bro, I'll get the car.

Are you returning to Jakarta?

I have things to settle.

I'm sorry, Deni.

Why are you apologizing?

Sanrego's father was a Buginese sailor
who traveled to Turkey.

There, his father met his mother.

But somehow,

he really hates outsiders.

He's always mean to them.

That's why I don't like him.

He has been trying to marry me,

but I always refuse him.

That's why he attacked you.


He's jealous.


Are we…?

Because of me, you've ended up like this.

No, that's okay, Tenri.

I'm glad to have met you.

Chinese-speaking boy from Jakarta.


Who says I'm returning to Jakarta?
I’m not.

I told you.

I still have things to settle.

And that is…

I want to learn Sarong Fighting

so I can defeat… What's his name?

San… That Sanrego guy.

So you're staying just for revenge?

Yeah, it's one of my reasons.

But the most important thing…

is to stop Sanrego
from proposing to you again.

Your stuff is packed, bro.

We're ready to go to the airport.

I'm not going.

I want to stay here.

Find me a Sarong Fighting teacher.

I want to learn.

I think Kanang has an uncle
who is a Sarong Fighting master.

He said he'll see us
after the afternoon prayer,

but his phone isn't active.

Maybe he's studying the Quran.

Is he really that good?

Yes! My uncle

has done a lot
of Sigajang Laleng Lipa fights.

And people rarely survive
after Sigajang Laleng Lipa.


Dignity is really important
to the Buginese.


So, if they feel humiliated,

the solution is Sigajang Laleng Lipa.

My uncle is the best!

I want to learn from him.

-I want to learn from him.

I'll wait for him.

He must be scary.

The Most Merciful…

Take care.

Are you sure?

You're not mistaken?

May peace be upon you as well.

No, Kanang.

I can't do it.


Please help me.

Accept my friend as your student.

He's a nice person.

Although a little spoiled.

Sarong Fighting is not for revenge.

It's not certain
that he wants revenge, Uncle.

Don't think negatively about people.

Why do you want to learn Sarong Fighting?

For revenge.

I'll pay you a lot.

Ten million as a down payment.

I don't need your money.

I'll pay you one hundred million rupiahs.

Your money means nothing here.


Please help me.

Accept my friend as your student.



All right, Kanang.

Since you asked.

But I have two conditions.

Yeah, I get it.

How much? Just say it.

First, don't ever give me money.


stay here.

Help me take care of this mosque.

Good day.

What's wrong, Deni?

You said you wanted to find a teacher
to help you defeat Sanrego.

I can't stay in a mosque.

Why? Because you're
used to staying in hotels?

That's one of the reasons.

It's true what people say.

Jakarta kids are spoiled.

No, I'm not spoiled.

I just can't stay in a mosque.

Then why did you leave?

I don't believe.

You don't believe that Mr. Khalid
is a Sarong Fighting master?

I don't believe in God.

I didn't realize that.

What's wrong?

This is a free country, Tenri.

It's my right to not believe in God.

The first principle of Pancasila,
the foundation of our country,

is "Belief in the Almighty God".

If you don't believe in God,
then you're not an Indonesian.


Just bring all the boys there.


Wait here a moment.

Oh, right.


Are you all right?

Sanrego! It's the sissy!


After him!

-Kill him!

Hey, sissy! Stop!

Hey, sissy!

-Hey, sissy!

-Stop, you!

Let's go that way!

-It's hot.
-Sure is.

-Open the window.
-So hot.

Turn up the music.

Driver, hey!

Turn up that music.

-All right.
-Drive faster!

Hey, don't!

-Let's finish him!

-Sanrego told us to finish him.
-There are witnesses.

Let's just beat him up.

May peace be upon you.

And upon you as well.

Can you play something more exciting?



Why did you stop?

Pull me!

Want some more?




I'm Deni, sir.


Thank you, Mr. Khalid.

I owe my life to you.

You should thank God.

Right, I forgot.

Kanang said…

you don't believe in God.


I prefer to use logic, sir.

Besides, Islam is full of violence.

It makes me believe less in God.


Are you a better person
after you stopped believing in God?

At least I'm not a terrorist, sir.

You went to school, right?

If at school,
there's a kid who likes to steal,

does that mean
all the students are thieves?

Stay here and see…

if there are terrorists or not.

I'll stay here.


God doesn't need you,

but you need God.

Even if you don't believe…

it's not a loss for God.

He's still the Almighty.

While you…

You're still just a kid who got beat up
by thugs on a bus.

Take care, kid.

There are snakes here.

Don't get bitten.

Sir. Mr. Khalid.


Can somebody go to the drugstore?

Who's sick?

I'm out of sleeping pills.

I'm having trouble sleeping.

We have lots of mosquitoes here.
Catch them one by one.

You'll get tired.

After that, you will sleep soundly.

No online bike taxi or…


Mr. Khalid. Sir?

Yes, Young Master Deni?

What can this servant do
for Your Highness?

Don't you have any mosquito repellent?

Just swat them with your hands.

It's hard, sir.

These mosquitos are so agile.

I can't sleep.

Watch closely.

Don't use your eyes.

Use your ears to listen to their sound.

Breathe in.

Move your hands along with your breath.

Count them.

Five, sir.

I'll go to bed now.


You said you have trouble sleeping.

Now you wake up late.

I was so tired last night.

Catching mosquitoes.

That means all this time,
you never got tired?

So when do we start our training?

When will you start believing
that God exists?

Whoa, you're not supposed to say that.

That's against my human rights.

Then don't force me
to train you in Sarong Fight.

That's against human rights, no?


So this is your guardian angel?

Come on, man.

Your boys have beaten me up.

So we're clear, right?

How easy for you to say we're clear!

When you're dead, then we're clear.

Death is God's decision.

It’s not in the hands of thugs.

Khalid Rewa.

The only undefeatable opponent
in Sigajang Lale Lipa.

Then he resigned
and became a mosque caretaker.

You're a living legend in Makassar.

You can find my profile on Google.

That was before.

Now, I, Sanrego…

I'm undefeated in Sarong Fighting.

That's super.

Why did you beat up my men?

The car happened to go over
some street bumps.

Your men's heads hit the car roof.

Then they passed out.

Hey, caretaker!

They said your hands
are swift like lightning.

Can you catch this arrow?

That's a hoax.

How can a person catch an arrow?

He will surely die.

This sissy.


You’ll join the Sarong Fighting tournament
in Makassar, right?

This Jakarta kid will join too.


You want me to take responsibility?

You can beat my student
in an official tournament.

That is, if you can.

Okay, sissy!

I'll wait for you
at the Sarong Fighting tournament.

In one month.

Don't run away, okay?

A month, sir!

What's wrong?

I can't defeat the three-year
reigning champion in just a month.

That's impossible!

Impossible for people
who don't believe in God.

For those who have faith…

nothing is impossible for God.

Have you ever studied martial arts?

When I was a kid, my uncle told me
to take karate lessons.

Try to hit me.

Hit you?



Can you hit harder?

We have a lot of work to do.

We only have one month.

This is tough.

I'm used to gang fighting in Jakarta, sir.

Dear me.

Go and fill the water tank.

The water tank?

Let's do the sunset prayer.

No, thank you.

Look at these sandals one by one.


Memorize them.

Remember their positions.

Okay, so?

Put them back like before.

Don't forget.


But don't use your hands.

Use your feet.

Dear God, have mercy!

Where are my sandals?

Hey, those are my sandals!
What are you doing?

I bet you made a mess of our sandals.

That's why I told you
to memorize the sandals.

Lift your leg as you breathe in.

And breathe out as you lower your leg.

Three sandals are easy, sir.

You told me to do all of them.

I'm not the one fighting
Sanrego in a month.

From now on,

every time we have a group prayer here,

you arrange the sandals.



Why are you here?

How do you know where I live?

Oh, them.


I'd like to apologize.

Apologize because
you don't believe in God?

Well, if that upsets you, I'm sorry.

Oh, right.

I've been staying at the mosque
with Mr. Khalid.

Good for you.

I hope you receive enlightenment.

So you forgive me?

-I'm working.
-You don't have to work today.

I can't do that.

The sea will be dirty.

Tutu, Gogos!

Hey, what are you doing?

Please keep the sea from being dirty.

You want me and Gogos to go pick garbage?


Sorry, bro.

We can't.

It's not part of our job description.



Why did you bring this jerk
who broke up with his girl by a letter?

Yes, bro! We can do it.

Come on, Gos. A ghost just came.
Let's get out of here.


We have a guest.


-May peace be upon you.
-And upon you as well, Kanang.

That's my father.

Father, this is my friend from Jakarta.

I'm Deni, sir.


You have to take Deni
to see our '80s Room.

Eighties Room?

So cool.

These are all my late mother's collection.

I take care of them now.

I come here whenever I miss my mother.

That's my favorite film
and my father's favorite too.

Have you seen it?

Wasn't Jackie Chan in it?

That's the new version.

They changed the story.

How can a movie about karate
be replaced with kung fu?

I think it's better.

Wow, Tenri!

There's a Mappalette Bola procession!

What did she say?

A house moving ceremony. Come on.

House moving?

What do you say? Let's lift the house!

Are you ready on this side?

And this side, are you ready?

Okay, on my mark!

Father, Deni wants to join too.

Right, Deni.

Go there. Come on. Hurry!

Right. Let's lift it! Ready?




Deni, you can do it!

Keep going!

Stop! Now turn!

To the right!

-Hold it!

May peace be upon you, ladies.

May peace and God's mercy and blessings
be upon you as well.

Praise be to God.

Today someone will help you
wrap these barongko cakes.

Praise be to God.

His name is Deni.

You'll get your hands dirty.

If he doesn't wrap neatly,

just pull his ear.

-Poor kid.

Come. Join us.

What a handsome boy.


What's the deal?

I've been here for a week.

I haven’t learned anything.

Did you ask me to stay at the mosque
to make me believe in God?

I'm here to learn Sarong Fighting,

not to learn religion.

Grab a sarong.

Get inside.

Now show me

how you catch mosquitoes.

That's how you throw a punch.

Now show me

how you arrange sandals.

Fighting inside a sarong,

the key is movement and balance.

This past week,
you've learned a lot, Deni.

Thank you, sir.

You don't have much time.

Practice some more, okay?

Oh, yes, sir.

Now what?

Wrapping those cakes. What move is that?

That's just helping
the Quran study ladies.

We've been working as contract employees
at Ruso Corp for five years.

Therefore, on this occasion,

we ask Mr. Deni,

as the owner of Ruso Corp,

to appoint us as permanent employees.


What do you mean "awmax"?

Awesome Maximum!

It's time we speak to Mr. Deni.

-Are you sure?
-Of course.

But you do the talking.

Why me?

Yesterday I was asked to wrap those cakes.
What do you call it?


Ah yes, barongko.

You're an okay girl.

What do you mean "okay"?

Well, just okay.

Hey, you know?

I've never liked girls who wear hijab.

Why don't you like girls with hijab?


They look old fashioned.

So what's the deal?

Why cover yourself?

What's this?

A candy.

Pick that up.

-Now what?
-Try eating it.

Now pick that one up.

Now eat that one.

I can't.


You won't eat it, right?

Regarding girls, why do you prefer them

to dress revealingly rather than modestly?

Thank you, sir,
for taking me on a vacation.

Who says this is a vacation?

We're going to train.

Lower your stance.

Lower your legs.

Hit harder.

Maintain your balance.

What are you doing, sir?

In this place,
my younger brother was killed.

We had a Sigajang Laleng Lipa fight.

A fight inside a sarong
using badik daggers.

Just because we fell in love
with the same woman.

These two hands…

have taken the life of a brother!

After my time in prison…

I decided to live in the mosque.

As a penance for my sins.

I'm sorry to hear that, sir.

Thank you, Deni.

I'm here to ask you, Mr. Yasin.

If I bring you 500 million…

will you let me marry Tenri?


I will let you marry Tenri.

Can I trust your words?

I promise.

Tenri's aunties here…

are the witnesses.



I will be able to marry Tenri.

Because I will be the champion!

We came all the way here.

Why are you just sitting here?


He'll be able to afford
the bride price to marry me.

Why's that?

He's going after the first prize money

of the Sarong Fighting
National Tournament.

It's enough to pay for my bride price.

I'm joining this year.


Joining the Sarong Fighting tournament?



Sanrego won't be able to marry you.

Because I will be the champion.

Just relax.


Enough, Deni.

You're in high spirits!

I have to be the champion, sir.

You said that it's impossible to win.

That you can't defeat Sanrego.

I have to be the champion.

To stop Sanrego from marrying Tenri.

You said that you wanted revenge.

Now your motivation is a girl.

You can't make the right decision.

Why can't my motivation be a girl?

Wrong motivation and you will surely lose.

Then what's the right one?

It's time to pray.


Sir! Mr. Khalid!



Why are you so noisy?

There was a snake.

Didn't you feel it?

It bit you here.

-Praise be to God.
-Do you know an iron body technique?


Who created my skin?


The snake's fangs?

Who created them?

God as well.

I was praying.

To worship who?

To worship God.

By God's will.

The snake's bite won't harm me.

Can you teach me how to pray?

I will teach you how to pray.

Praise be to God.

Whenever it's time to pray,

you do the calling, okay?

Here's your order.

Right, thank you.

Is it good?

Try it.

Wink, wink!

I heard…

somebody's been praying diligently.

Praise be to God.

Congratulations, sir.

Bro Deni.

Finally, God answered our prayers.

Yes, I'm still learning.

Hey, you!

Do you pray?

Do you realize?

You've sinned a lot against me!

You broke up with me through a letter!

You've sinned a lot!

-Go pray often!
-Be patient, Gogos.

Come on. It's embarrassing.

I don't have the money!

-Pay up!
-I'll pay you tomorrow!

-You keep saying tomorrow!
-I promise!

I'll pay you tomorrow!

Pretty boy.

Stay out of this!

-You can fight now?
-Finish him!

Sorry, boss. I didn't mean to.


So you're a tough guy now, huh?

Wanna try again?

Don't, Sanrego!

See you at the tournament.

I'll kill you!

What's on your mind?

Why am I still no match for Sanrego, sir?

He has been training for years.

You only have one month.

What do you think?

So I can't defeat him?

Why not?

Try to be sincere.

Mr. Khalid.

You want me to be sincere while fighting?

I'll be crushed.

Try and attack me.

Sir, what are you doing?

I'm doing the additional prayer,
Sunnah Mutlaq.

The prayer you can perform at any time.

Attack me while I pray.

May peace be upon you.

Uncle Abdul!



Please take Gwen to her room.

-Babe, I missed you.

Go with him.

I'm not a fool, Deni.

Did you think…

I really sent you here
to take care of Ruso Park?

I want you to learn.

And you play around like this?

I'm not playing, Mom.

I'll stay here
until the groundbreaking ceremony.

So you knew?

The environmental impact
of beach reclamation?

No sense of responsibility.

Now, you're lecturing me
about environmental impacts?

Your dad would be ashamed of you.

What's this?

What's this?

Now you believe?

By God's will.


lock your door.

So Gwen won't be able to come in. Yes?

All right, Uncle.

Eat first.


Thank you, Uncle.

May peace and God's mercy
and blessings be upon you.

And upon you as well.

I want to do Sarong Fight with this guy.

He humiliated me!

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to. Please.

Get in. Come here.

What should I do?

Get in!

Hey, police!


Gogos is awesome!

We're leaving.

Two of you.

Fight me.

What's your business with us?

There are two of you.

I'm alone.

If you win…

This is the prize.

Five million rupiahs.

If you can defeat me.

No need.

Let's get out of here.

Five million, bro.

That's a month's salary.

Get in.


Hey, police!




Such an honor.

Our boss is visiting the Makassar branch.

Stop flattering me.


See for yourself, Tenri.

Your beloved Deni Ruso.

The owner of Ruso Corp.

I'm not lying, right?

Who are they, babe?


Liar! I don't want to see your face!


She won't talk to you, sissy.


Uncle Abdul!

Don't fight here!


-Enough, Deni.

See you again.

At my wedding with Tenri.

She's mad at me!


Both of us,

we've been working for five years, sir…

ss contract employees in Ruso Corp.

That's why…

we ask Mr. Deni Ruso

to appoint us both…

as permanent employees.

That's what Tutu's been wanting
to tell you, sir.

Are you leaving just like that?

Yes, sir.

Forgive me.

Go home, then.

Just run from everything.

And forever you will be haunted by guilt.

Face it all.

Thank you, fellow reporters

and invited guests for coming

to our groundbreaking ceremony
of Ruso Park.

Right. I will start the countdown.







-Mom, please.

Cancel this project.

Do you know?

A lot of people here disagree.

Think of what we'll destroy
just for money.

You've always told me

that I'm a useless kid.

I admit that.

You've always told me

Dad would be ashamed
to have a son like me.


But this time, Mom…

I'm sure I'm right.

And Dad would agree
with what I'm doing, Mom.

I'm sorry, Mom.

All this time,

I've been useless to you.

I love you.

Do you still have my credit card?

I have. Here.

You can keep it.

Seriously, I can keep it?

I'm breaking up with you.

I'll be quick.

I want to reintroduce myself.

I'm Deni Ruso.

Son of the owner of Ruso Corp.

My mother is Dina Ruso.

The person you hate most.

Please forgive her.


I believed that happiness is due to money.

Turns out that I was wrong.

My happiness…

She's in front of me right now.


You're my happiness, Tenri.


"Wo ai ni."

It means…

I love you.


Forgive me.

May peace be upon you.

And upon you as well.

Welcome to the National Championship
Sarong Fighting 2020 in Makassar!

Let's support this event
to become one of the sports

competing in the Olympics!

Such a big audience.

Relax, it's nothing.

Just focus on your opponents,

not on the audience.

I bet they're experts.

Khalid Rewa!

Will you compete as well?

I'm not competing.

My student.

Excuse us. Newcomers
still need to go through selection.

-Go ahead.
-All right. Please fill out the form.

Don't forget to sign.


One, two, three!

You're a worthy student of the legend.


You came.

Don't get a big head.

I didn't come for you.

I just want to see if I'll have to
marry Sanrego or not.

By God's will, you will not marry him.

Deni! Tenri knows that you
went against your mother for her!

Your video went viral on YouTube.

What's with you, Kanang?

Let's sit.

Please welcome our reigning champion!


Your time is nine minutes.

Divided into three stages.

The match ends when one gets KO'ed

and is unable to continue to fight.

If in nine minutes
none of the contestants gets KO'ed,

the winner will be decided by points

awarded by the judges.

Do you understand?



Awesome, Sanrego!


I'm not good at talking.

That's why, during high school,

I broke up with you by letter.

My mother didn't want me
to have a girlfriend

because I had to go to college.

But until now, I still love you.

Will you marry me?




And now, we've reached the final match!

And just like most people predicted,

Sanrego effortlessly reached this stage.

In this final match,
Sanrego will face a newcomer.

Deni Ruso!

We've reached the final.

Same rules.

Nine minutes, three stages.

You can win by KO

or by points awarded by the judges.

Do you understand?


I'll finish you, sissy!

Tenri will be mine.

You're finished.












One, two, three.

The winner is Deni Ruso!

You cheated!

You only counted to three!

Why not to ten?

You weren't reacting.

Enough. Just accept your defeat.



has been humiliated by Deni Ruso!


I challenge Deni Ruso…

in a Sigajang Laleng Lipa fight!

Nobody interferes!

Sir, what to do? I'm scared!

Calm down.

This is not a sport, it's suicide.

Death is God's decision.
Not in the hands of thugs.

Mr. Khalid!


Which one do you want? Come on.

Take one, sissy!

Come on, sissy!

Calm down, my boss.


It's just my phone.

Sissy! Try to be sincere.

Attack me while I pray.

May peace be upon you.

What are you doing, sissy? Come on!

Come on. Fight me.

Sissy, grab that dagger!

You're a coward, sissy.

Tenri will be mine, sissy.

Fight me!

You dare? Come one.

You're a coward, sissy!

Hey, caretaker!

They said your hands
are swift like lightning.

Can you catch this arrow?

Turns out it's not a hoax.

Don't move!

-Stay down!
-Gather the others!

Come outside!




Permanent employee.

This is what I've been
dreaming all this time.

Let's just say…

it's your recovery gift.


Also as Gogos and Kanang's wedding gift.

Thank you, Deni.

Thank you, sir.

So sensitive.

Don't be like that.

Tutu is still hurt.

Oh, right.


told my mom

I'm going to the Netherlands for college.

So if you miss me,


just call me.

May peace be upon you.

And upon you as well.

Take care, Den.

Take care, sir.


Hi, garbage girl.

This is for you.

Listen to it later, okay?


I'm glad you've changed.

Knowing God, you're perfect for me.

Come back soon to Makassar.

Wo ai ni.

Are you done romancing?


You can't go home. You can't.

You better go to college here.

Go to college in Makassar?

Take a look.

Sarong Fighting will be part
of the Paris Olympics 2024.

We have to train more.

As the national champion…

you have to represent Indonesia.