Tartarus (2005) - full transcript

The whole point of a film is to entertain. To keep ones interest you should be able to follow the plot and this includes being able to hear the lines being spoken. On this occasion the soundtrack and effects were loud, but when anyone ever said anything the sound level dropped a few notches, which meant me continually paying around with the remote control. There was a lot of screaming from the main character and this was also at full pelt. A man is kidnapped by a UFO and experimented on. (Hence his screams). The film plays in flashback to explain why he is in the predicament that he finds himself. Acting is of the Amateur dramatic variety and the special effects are poor. There is a lot of CGI, but not good CGI and looks quite cartoon ish and maybe this was the desired effect. Sorry, but I struggled to engage with this one.

(soft music)

(sinister music)

(energy thrumming)

(John panting)

(tense music)

(John coughs)

(birds singing)

(beam humming)

(tense music)

(ship warbling)

(ship hums)

(machinery whirs)

(beam warbles)

(John screaming)

(ship humming)

- Hey! Hey there, mister.

Do you have something to
help out an old war veteran?

- Are you crazy, old man?

- Jeez, I'm just asking
for change. Anything that-

- Just stay away from
me, you insane freak!

- Wait!

I'm not the one who's crazy.

(ominous music)

(tires screech)

- [Driver] Oh my! Are you okay?

My name is Angie. Please, let me help you.

- You gotta get me outta here, please.

Just get me away.

- All right, come on! Get in!

(John panting)

- Go, go! Get me home!

- [Angie] But we need to
get you fixed up first.

You need to heal.

- Look, lady, just drive! Please!

- [Angie] I really don't know
why we don't just sit here

and figure things out.

- Just go, go! Fucking go!

(tires screech)

(engine revs)

You need to get me home, please!

I don't know. Maybe the police!

I was tortured!

- What?

- I don't know. In some lab.

There were these strange creatures

and people with things that...

They did things to me.

- But why?
- I don't know.

I don't know!

(ship screeches)

Oh god, no!

- What? What is it?

- Look, don't you see?
That UFO, that ship!

They want me! They're after me!

- Want you?

(ominous music)

- Faster! Faster!

- You should calm down.

(John panting)

(ominous music)

(tires screech)

(coughs) Help me.

Help me, I'm stuck!

(both coughing)

Please. Please, my legs, they're stuck.

Please help me. (coughs)

Help me, I'm stuck.

(both coughing)


John! Please!

Wait! No!

(tense music)

(ship hums)

(ship warbling)

(machinery whirs)

(ray warbling)

(ominous music)

- No! No, please, I don't want to go back!

Please, no!

No, please! I don't want to go back!

No! Please, no!

I don't want to go back! Please!

No, please! Please don't
take me back there!

Please, I don't want to go back!

Please, no!

Oh no!

(shouting) No, no!

(energy humming)

(energy thrumming)

(energy hums)

(energy warbles)

(sinister music)

(creatures chittering)

(gas hisses)

(John panting)

(chilling music)

(eerie growl echoes)

(stone grinding)

(energy buzzing)

(John whimpers)

(creature chittering)

No! No!

(creature chittering)

(tube sucking)

(John shouting)

(John screams)

(tube sucking)

(drill whirring)

(John groaning)

(drill whirring)

(John screaming)

(ominous music)

It's 3:50. You in?

- [Man] I'm still not sure.

I mean, it's an awful lot of money.

- Come on, you can trust me.

I'm telling you, this is
a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

- [Man] Well, I just...

I don't know. It's a lot to gamble with.

- Hey, I'm a man of my word.

- [Man] Now, you're sure
about this stock, right?

- Sure, sure, of course
I'm sure. Listen to me.

I have got the best
planes in the business,

and trust me, I am not
in this for the money.

You understand?

- [Man] Well, I know, but-

- Look, I promise you,

I don't have a greedy
brain cell in my head.

You can look if you like.

- [Man] All right, all right,
I'm sorry. Sure, go ahead.

I'll wire the money to you right away.

- You won't regret it.

Hey, Mary, how are you?

- [Mary] Hi, John, I'm doing
fine. What can I do for you?

- Yeah, listen. Can you
verify a wire deposit for me?

- [Mary] Sure thing. Let me check.

Yep, you've been approved
for a $40,000 transfer

from the Better Times Orphanage.

- Great. Thanks, Mary.

- [Mary] Sounds like you
made a good deal here today.

You know, John, you're
a real smart cookie.

- Yeah, it's all in how you use

the brain in your head, sweetheart.

You are too smooth, John. (chuckles)

Too smooth.

God, I should be president.

(sinister music)

(John screams)

(scream echoes)

(John coughs)

(energy thrumming)

(alien speaking strange language)

(John gasping)

Please! Please, let me go! (panting)

Please stop! I can pay
you whatever you want!

(John groaning)

(John shouts)

(beam humming)
(John screams)

- You could have been honest.
You could have tried more!

I spent five years loving you.

- And you could've been a real woman,

given me what I deserve!

- After half a decade of
marriage, that's all you can say?

What was it you deserved, John?

What was it that you didn't get?

I loved you!

I gave you all that I had!

My soul, my heart,

and this is how you repay me?

- Shit, get the fuck out, bitch.

- [Wife] Is that what you've come to?

- You know, I'm so sick
and tired of hearing

what the fuck you want!

- It's not what I want,
John! It's what we want.

It's what we both want.

- There is no "we" anymore, all right?

- Is that it?

You can just turn us off,
just like that, so easily?

- Yeah, whatever.

- How could you? How
could you do it, John?

- Look, it's over, all
right? You had your chance!

- My chance?

It was my sister, John.

It was my sister you slept with.

And now you have her
pregnant and hating me.

How did you manage to do it? (sobs)

(John sighs)

- None of us are angels, sweetheart.

I never said I was.

- Then you can be a solitary devil.

You cut out my heart, you
bastard! Goodbye, John.

- Yeah, later.

(gunshot cracks)

(gunshot cracks)

(John grunts)

(gunshot cracks)

(John groans)

What the...

(John grunts)

What is this?

What'd I do?

(gunshots crack)

I don't want to die.

Why is this happening to me?


Wait, come back! Please!

Wait! (groans)

I'm sorry!

Come back, please!


Why is this happening to me?

Ah! Come back!

(eerie music)

(machinery whirs and chugs)

(energy hums)

(ominous music)
(machinery whirs and chugs)

(alien growls)

(John whimpers)

(vomit warbles)


No! Ah!


No! No!

Ah! Ah!

(electricity crackles)

(chilling music)

Who are you?

Why are you doing this to me?

Are you drugging me?

Am I hallucinating?

Is that it?

Yeah, that's it.

It's just a bad trip.

You're not real.
(chuckles) You're not real.

You're not real!

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Ah! What are you doing?


(John shouting)

(John screams)

(John screams)

(John panting)

(whistle screeches)

(ominous music)

(whistle screeching)

(John shouting)

(John shouting)

(John shouting)

Please! (shouting)

(tube sucking)

(John screaming)

(brooding music)

- You going out?
- Yeah, how much?

- I like it. You a cop?

- A fuckin' cop? Do I look
like a fuckin' cop to you?

- No, but you look like you're gonna have

a good time tonight.

- Oh yeah? Let's get to it.

(sinister music)

- The rough stuff's gonna
cost you extra. Slut cash.

- Nice, naughty, who the
fuck are you to judge me?

- Hey, no! Stop!

No! Stop!

- Shit!
(flesh ripping)

What'd you do to me?

(John screams)

(hooker screeches)

(eerie music)

(energy thrumming)

(brooding music)

(rock sawing)

(rock sawing)

(ominous music)

(chilling music)

(machinery rumbles)

(sinister music)

(John grunts)

(John screams)

(screaming) No!

(screaming) No!

(clanging machinery echoes)

(John shouts)

(ominous music)

(energy thrumming)

(haunting music)

(electricity crackles)

(John screams)

(electricity crackles)

(haunting music)

(gas hisses)

(alien croaks)

Fuck you!

(sinister music)

(John screams)

(chilling music)

(John screaming)

(John exhales)

(John sighs)

(engine revs)

Oh shit!

(tires screech)

(ominous music)

Oh shit.

Aw, shit.

What the fuck?

(haunting music)

What the fuck?

The fuck is this?

(chilling music)

No! No!







(John screams)

No! I'll never be able to walk again!

(bones crack)

(John screaming)

(alien speaking strange language)

(electricity crackles)

(ominous music)

(John grunting)


(vacuum whirring)


My butt!

(John groaning)
(vacuum whirring)

My butt!

(John screaming)

(John grunting)
(vacuum whirring)

My butt!

Shit! I burned myself!

(John sighs)

(haunting music)

(doorbell buzzes)

- [Man] Yes?

- Yeah, uh, is this the place for the-

- You must be John. Come on in.

- Yeah, cool. All right.

(John sniffles)

- Drink?

- [John] Oh yeah, sure, right.

- How much do you need?

- I don't know, how much for a gram?

- [Dealer] 80 bucks.

- Crazy. Too much.

- Hey, this ain't a discount store.

- All right, all right, all right.

Well, let me see what I'm getting first.

(haunting music)

- Let me have the cash.

- [John] Sure, sure, whatever you want.

- [Dealer] Pure Bolivian
rock. Straight from the south.

(John sniffs)

(John inhales deeply)

- Hold it. This is a bust.
- What the-

- You have the right to remain silent.

- No, no, no!

- Don't do anything rash, all right?

- This is bullshit! Bullshit, man!

What the fuck is going on?

- Look, I don't want
to hurt you here, okay?

No need to go crazy. I just
want to give you another chance.

- This is bullshit! Bullshit, man!

- [Cop] Don't throw this away here, now.

We can cut a deal, okay?

We're just out for some information.

We just need you to help us.

- What the fuck are you talking about?

- Don't throw this all away now.

We can cut a deal, okay? We're
out for some information.

- Help you? The fuck you want my help for?

- We're not looking for you,
okay? We want your supplier.

- No, you wait and you listen to me, man.

I'm getting my shit and I'm
getting the fuck outta here!

Got it?

- Look, don't throw this all away.

This is your chance. Don't give this up.

Don't throw away your
chance to go straight.

There's no need to get like...

(gunshots crack)

(ominous music)

Station, this is Agent Tucker.

I got a suspect down, need some
assistance. I think he's...

(energy warbling)

(creatures chittering)

(energy warbling)

(ominous music)

(tense music)

- Hey.

- No!

- [John] Are you all right?

- No. Please don't hurt me!

- You...

You speak English?

What are you doing here?
- Are you with them?

- Who? No.

No, I don't know how I got here.

- I can't take this!

Help me, God! Help me!

- Shut up! Shut up!

Or we get caught. I'm
not going back there.

- How did you get here?

- I don't remember. I was running.

- You are marked.
- What?

- You have the mark.

- What mark?
- I'm not marked.

I'm going to leave.

- What the fuck are you talking about?

- I'm sorry. I will pray
for you. (screeches)

(sinister music)

- You motherfucker.

Get away from me. Stay away from me!

(suspenseful music)

(John shouting)

Who are you?

(alien hisses)

- It's all right. Don't struggle.

Punished children always
correct themselves.

You'll have your chance again.

♪ My eyes have seen the glory
of the coming of the lord ♪

♪ Glory, glory, hallelujah ♪

- Wait! Wait!

Take me with you!

♪ He hath loosed the fateful lightning ♪

♪ Of his terrible swift sword ♪

♪ His truth is marching on ♪
Take me with you!

(energy humming)

Who are you?

What are you doing? No!





(ominous music)
(heartbeat thumping)

No! No!

What are you doing? No!


Who are you?

- I am the Preparer.

- Preparer for what?

- For what comes next.

I am the preparer for the
transition from life to death.

- What are you talking about?

- This is a house of preparation.

- Preparation for what?

I never seen you before. I never hurt you!

- I do not pass judgment.
That is reserved for others.

- Let me go. This is ridiculous.

I never did anything wrong!

- You're not the first to have said that.

If that were the case, they
would not have been here.

Tell me what makes you so
sure of your innocence.

- All right. I've been thinking, okay?

I've been remembering things.

- Then maybe you are ready.

- (sobs) Yes. Yes.

I never killed anyone.

I was always nice to friends.

- But those are the actions

even the most evil of men have taken.

- No, no. I've always been nice to people.

- Have you ever helped
the most needy among you?

- I'm sure. I mean, of course I did.

I did plenty of times.

(energy thrumming)

(whistle screeches)

No, wait. Look.

There were some people, okay?

I mean, how's a guy
supposed to make a living?

There are just some people

that are more aggressive as others.

How are you supposed to get ahead?

- No, you have not.

And you have stepped on
those who are truly needy.

The offending part must be removed.

Preparation for cleansing, you understand.

- Why? What are you doing to me?

What are you doing?



- Your suffering will make you worthy.

- No!

- Offer your suffering.

Then this.
- No!



(shouting) No!

- [Preparer] This...

This is suffering.

It's not the momentary
pain that our lives feel

from time to time.

It's not the fateful wounds. They heal.

But true suffering, it's repetition.

The ability to then escape the loop

that we put ourselves into.

That's when you realize you
have to fight. Or give up.

I can't fight. Not anymore.

I fought my whole life, but now? (laughs)

What's the point?

Point of raising my head?

Point of raising my gold
and my legions of lovers?

(brooding music)

(children chattering)

- Hello?

(children chattering)

(children chattering)

(cacophonous voices chattering)

(John groans)

(chilling music)

(eerie music)

- Don't worry. Your
time here will be short.

And if you pass judgment,

your salvation will be for eternity.

However, if you fail,

they tell me your suffering
will be most difficult.

- Why are you doing this to me?

- We do what we are made to do.

- Please!

Let me go home!

- You do not really want freedom.

You are much safer here until we are done.

- No! No, I want to leave!

I want to go!

- What lies ahead after is up to you.

It is not up to you to go.

- Where am I?

- Tartarus is a place of preparation.

You've had a lifetime of actions.

Now you will have that
chance to remember them all.

It is my job to ensure
you know what they were.

- No, no, no, lies! All of it are lies!

- Your time of redemption is at hand.

- No!

No. Let me go!

- Some people never escape
their cycle. You are not ready.

- No! No, wait!

Come back! Maybe we can make a deal!

I can get you anything you want!

Please! Must be something you want!

(pensive music)

(widow sobbing)

(John sighs)

- I'm sorry, I don't mean to cry.

- It's all right, I understand.
You loved him very much.

- He was such a good
man. Oh, how he prayed.

Oh, how he prayed.

- But that underscores what I'm saying.

You want his afterlife to be
safe and peaceful, don't you?

- Oh, yes!

- Well, then let me help you.

Let us both help your dearly
departed husband Dave.

- Oh, what can you do?

- Just buy this video.

It will tell you all you need to know.

- I'm not sure.

- Look, it's only $50.

It will tell you what
prayers you need to do

to help keep your husband safe.

- Oh. But I don't understand.

- You see, these aliens, these UFOs,

they take people away, torture them.

They keep their souls.

The only way we can prevent that

is if we pray, and pray hard.

- But I do pray.

- Yeah, but not like what you think.

It's not just prayer.

It's a method to keep them away,

keep the UFOs and aliens
away from returning for you.

That way both you and your
husband's souls will be safe.

And these videos will show you how.

- I don't know.

- (sighs) Trust me. I have
seen these alien ships.

I know what these aliens look like.

- You've seen inside the ships?

- Oh, no. Only those captured
and tortured see in them.

But my video will show you
what these ships look like.

How to avoid them.

You will learn about the
evil things they do to you,

the horrors that they take on you.

Don't let this happen to you.

Don't let this happen to
your dear departed Dave!

- It's only $50?

- That's right.

And then you can subscribe to the club

and I can send you new
updates as they come out.

- Oh, all right.

I'm putting my trust in you.

- You have no reason not to.

(haunting music)

I thought I had time.

I mean, I was just doing
what everyone else was.

No harm there, right?
I was just being human.

I was just doing what I
could and when I could.

It wasn't like I had evil in my heart.

(John whimpers)

(John bawling)

Sure, I flicked off a
few people while driving.

I got mad. Who doesn't?

But what? Who could've
thought the roads end here?

I mean, hell is just a fairy tale, right?

I mean, you're told this
stuff when you're young,

impressionable, when there's a
chance to take your innocence

and use it for the good of the church

or religions or mankind, right?

I mean, who as an adult
searched the internet

and thinks about damnation?

(John laughs madly)

That's just not part of
our intellectual makeup.

At least not mine, or even my friends'.

So I'm not going to fear the unknown,

that strange, shadowy boogeyman

that hid in my closet in my youth.

I'm not going to run in fear

from all the harm people did to me.

I'm going to get back, get back at them

by rising above and
taking every chance I get,

get what I want, get what
I deserved for so long.

I mean, there will always be a chance

when I finally made it, with
money, friends, some rides.

I could always help my
buds out then, right?

There would always be time.


(energy thrumming)

(machinery whirring)

(eerie groan echoing)

(sinister music)

(haunting music)

(chilling music)


Hey, old man!

Hey! I'm talking to you!


What are you doing here?

- I'm raking leaves.

- I can see that. I mean...

What are you doing in this place?

(haunting music)


- Yes?

- You're that one...

The costume, the mask! You!

You! You're that one!

- We all wear masks, don't we, John?

- What?

- I suppose nobody's explained
this to you yet, have they?

- What? No!

- Come with me.
- Hey, I'm not going! Ah!

- What's the matter?

Does it look to you like
an old man with a rake

can do you any harm?

- No, but I...

- I understand you've
been quite busy lately.

- Look, I don't mean any disrespect,

but I have no idea what
you're talking about.

- I suppose some things do
need to be spoonfed to you.

You do know where you are, don't you?

- Tartarus.
- Ah!

Good. So you've gotten
something after all these years.

- Years?
- Of course.

Didn't you think that table fit you

just a little too comfortably?

- The table?

But what does that have to do with-

- Custom-fit, custom-made.

And let me tell, we've
had a lot of practice

working on them over all these years.

Come on, you don't think those minerals

have collected there by
accident or by themselves

over all this time?

Your body regenerates the materials, John,

keeps dropping them.

It's a part of you.

(John laughs madly)

Absurd? Crazy?

Not really sure what's going on, huh?

- I don't know. This is all so strange.

- Somewhat familiar.

We get that a lot here.

You can't have everyone
experiencing the same lives.

It doesn't make any sense,
and it defeats the purpose.

- You gonna tell me that
there's a reason for all this?

- Yes, and a good one.

- (laughs) Now this I gotta hear.

- Always a downer you were,
John. Always a downer.

- And let me guess: now you're gonna say

that you knew me my whole life, right?

- You know, I would show
you a smile in appreciation,

but I doubt you're being
anything but sarcastic.

- I have a right to be!

You have no idea what I was going through!

- [Preparer] I wouldn't use past tense.

- Oh man. This is come
kind of fucked-up dream!

- You've been down this
path many, many times, John.

You'd think dying would change people.

- What?

- You've been in Tartarus
for several years, John.

There's only one reason for that.

- Years?

That can't be.

- You're going to be approaching a record

within a few more years as well.

And that's a hard thing to accomplish.

- This isn't some kind of sport.

You're messing in my
mind. This is my body!

- Not really.

It's your life, to be sure,

but your mind, your goals, your essence,

are no longer really your own.

- The hell it ain't!
- Well, then show us.

- Show you what?

- Prove to us that you
still have some control.

- I am in control. I'm doing what I want.

- Then let's see.

See that?

- How can you be here...

And there?

- Bilocation? Simple trick.

You're missing the point.

- And that would be?

- He needs help.

- But you're right here!

- Am I? Then who's that?

- I don't know, and I don't care!

I just want to get the fuck outta here!

- But that man over there, he needs you!

- Then you help him.

- That's not the lesson.

You must ask yourself why you have arrived

at this station in your journey.

- There is no journey!
If I'm dead, I'm dead!

(preparer sighs)

- Precisely, so this is what
you are. This is who you are.

Don't you see, John?

You're repeating these events,

not for the sake of the evil in you,

but for one purpose only: redemption.

- I don't need redemption!

- We have been trying to
teach you, trying to show you.

- No! No!

- He needs your help, John.

- He can fend for himself!

- Are you so sure? Within
minutes he could be dead.

- Better him than me!

I'm not getting any more pain in my life.

- Pain is part of all learning and growth.

It is how we evolve, or ascend.

- No way! You have powers, you save him!

I'm getting outta here.

- You are going nowhere.

- What did you say?

(haunting music)

(John screaming)

Let me go!

No! Not again!




No! Let me go!

- What did you see as a child?

- What?

- We must take you back.
What did you see as a child?

What were in those child's eyes?

- Daddy.


(John sobbing)



(menacing music)

(John whimpers)

- You have some explaining to do.

Didn't you hear me? Huh?

- Daddy.

Daddy, can...

- Not much for words?

You're just like your old lady.

- Can I go with Mommy tonight?

- What?

What'd you say?

- Please?

- Go with Mommy tonight?

- I...

I wanna be with Mommy!

- Maybe you don't realize it,

but your mommy isn't here tonight!

(John bawls)

Oh, for crying out loud!

Well, you're here, and you're
gonna shut the fuck up, okay?

That's it!

- I wanna be with Mommy!

- You're mother's out
there whoring around,

getting pumped full of drugs!

Is that what you wanna be?

- Uh-huh!

- Well, I say you can't.

- Please.

(ominous music)

No, Daddy, no!

No, Daddy! They'll come for you!

- What?

Who will?

- The mirror men.

- What are you saying? Boy,
if you're playing with me...

- The mirror men told
me to tell you to stop.

Or they will take you away and keep you.

- Mirror men? (scoffs)

You have some imagination.

- They want you.

I told you.

- See?

It's just a mirror, kid.

- Mirror men, mirror men,
mirror men, mirror men...

- What are you doing to me? You're evil.

Your mother is evil and she put it in you!

You're an evil child and
you should be punished!

- It's you who should be punished.

They're here. They've come for you.

- Don't talk to your father like that!

(bones rattling)

- Mirror men, mirror men, mirror men.

Mirror men, mirror men, mirror men.

Mirror men, mirror men,
mirror men, mirror men.

Mirror men, mirror men, mirror men.

I told you.

They want to take you
away for what you've done.

(father gasping)

(bones rattling)

Mirror men, mirror men,
mirror men, mirror men!

(father gasping)

He's coming.

He coming, and when he
does, you won't get away.

Don't struggle, Daddy, he
won't hurt you. Not for long.

(sinister music)

(eerie music)

(chilling music)

Goodbye, Daddy.

Goodbye, Daddy.

Goodbye, Daddy.

Goodbye, Daddy.

(ominous music)

(thunder rumbles)

(John sobbing)


I understand now.

- I knew in time you would.

- I don't know why you
just didn't tell me.

- How can you explain to the seed

that is to be placed in
the cold, dark ground

that one day it would sprout
into a beautiful flower?

Would it believe? I think not.

- Please, let me go now.

- You're readiness is on your soul.

(pensive music)

(heartbeat thumping)

Stop! You don't know what you're doing!

- You bastard! You ruined my life!

- No, you don't understand!

This is all a part of God's way!

- Shut up!

There is no god!

(chilling music)


No, you bastard!

(John shouts)

(John weeps)

(John bawls)

You bastard!

(machinery chugging)

(ominous music)

- Help me, please! Help me!

Before they come back! Hurry!

- He won't be coming back. I killed him.

(captive laughs)

What's so funny?

What's so funny?

- You can't kill an Eternal!

Hurry! There's a key on the wall.

If you hurry, you can save
us both! There's time!

- No! No!
- Hurry.

- You're one of them too!

- No! No.

- No!

- Wait! Please, no.

This is the last chance.
We can help each other.

- No! No!

(electricity crackles)

(John screams)

(John laughing madly)

(John bawls)

(John laughing)

(suspenseful music)
(ship warbling)

(tense music)

(tires screech)

Help me! Help me, please, help me!

You gotta take me away.
I was being tortured!

- Uh, okay.

Um, you don't look very good.

- I've been through hell.

- You look like you've been through a lot.

All right, where to?

- I don't care. Just take me away, please.

To a hospital, I don't care.

- Okay.
- Just take me away.

- Okay. So what happened to you?

- Please, please just take
me home. Take me away.

Take me to a hospital, I don't care.

Just please.
- Okay, okay.

- Please just take me away.

- Okay, but you know,
some people say that hell

is just a place that you
can never escape from.

- Bitch, you have no fucking
idea what I had to escape from.

- Well, they say that there's a place

where you're prepared for
judgment, beyond heaven or hell.

That's where the real stuff begins.

- What?

Oh no!


- No, wait!
(tires screech)

- No!
- No, wait!

(tires screech)

(tense music)

(coughing) Wait!


Please! Help me!

I'm stuck!

Help me!



Don't go, John!

Help me! Stop!


John, wait! No!

(ship hums)

(electricity crackles)

- No!

What the fuck is happening?

No! No!

What the fuck is happening?


No! What the fuck is happening?


No! No!

No! No!

(police radio squawking)

(energy thrumming)

(soft music)