Tarot (2015) - full transcript

Julie and Tristan are lovers who are about to get married. Hoping to get a beautiful card reading, they end up receiving an awful reading from a Tarot card reader. According to the opened cards, someone is coming from the past to take one of their lives. Tristan doesn't believe in the reading, but Julie can't get her mind off it because of the guilt she's feeling toward her twin sister, Sofia, who was born with a disfigured face. Sofia ended up committing suicide because she was jealous of Julie's beauty. And so Julie begins to feel restless. She has nightmares, she gets bruises when she wakes up, and visions of her twin sister, which she keeps on having, convince Julie that Tristan and her are in danger. The Tarot card reader says there is nothing they can do and so the terror gets out of control.They are unable to get away from the Tarot reading.

Hitmaker Studios presents

Produced by Rocky Soraya

A film by Jose Poernomo

So what about you?

Are you coming back to Jakarta with me?

After all, we’ve graduated college.

I’m going back, for sure. I want to work there.

You’re coming, right?


You don’t have to cling to bitter memories in Jakarta.

I’m sure your parents wouldn’t have wanted you
to stay this way forever.

I know. But you understand my reason.

Yes, I understand.

But you can’t stay away forever.

Forever is a long time. Besides,
I thought you wanted to reopen the bookstore.

Your father’s bookstore has been
abandoned for years.

And I’ll be there, too.

I will always be by your side.

Every day and every second.

Because you’ll be my life partner forever.

Julie, I love you

Will you marry me?

- Let’s go in there.
- What for?

Come on. Please.

- Hello. Welcome.
- Hi.

- My name is Madame Herlina.
- Okay.

Please, sit down.

Hi. My name is Julie and this is Tristan

Let me guess. You’re getting married, right?

Yes. How did you know?

I saw it in the cards last week.

According to the cards, a young
couple would come in here

and ask me to read their future
married life.

So how about

it? Can you start reading our cards now?

I only read Tarot cards.

Whichever cards come out of the deck,
they will tell your future.

Are you ready?

Don’t look so tense!

Choose ten cards.

Two more.

A new beginning.

A happy couple.

Your marriage will have the blessing of
everyone you know.

You’re inseparable from each other.

- Congratulations.
- Amen to that.

And you have a talent.

A talent you want to hide from everyone,
including yourself.

Well, don’t. It’s a special talent.

In time, you’ll feel the same way.

But before that happens.

Someone will come to you and demand for justice.

Justice according to them.


Someone will come from the past.

And you won’t be able to stop them from coming.

They will disturb your life.

Something dangerous.

You must exercise extreme caution.


This concerns the people around you.

Not just the two of you.

This is a warning.

A warning for your future, which...

...I can’t see here.

The person who’s coming from the past...

...will kill one of you.

And the lives of two other people.

Good friends from the past.

I can’t tell you the reason why.

But someone was hurt.

They are resentful.

They are disappointed and angry.

They feel there’s a price to be paid.

Pain for pain.

Life for life.

Either you pay with your own life,
or the life of someone you love.

I’m sorry, Ma’am.

We’re here to get a happy reading.

And we don’t appreciate you trying to scare us
with all these mumbo-jumbo crap.

But that was what I saw.

Most people will advise you
not to take card readings seriously.

That they aren’t to be trusted,
because they’re not always right.

But my readings are always accurate.



Come on, don’t let it bother you.

She’s out of her mind.

Look, we don’t have to worry about the readings.

As long as we love each other.

Everything she said is bullshit.

She said something...

About a hidden talent that you have.

Do you have any idea what she’s talking about?

How would I know? I told you, she’s crazy.

Come now. I love you.

We need springroll wrappers,
and Balinese rice. Chop, chop!

Bye now, Sabrina.

- Thank you, Coach.
- Okay.

How are you, Miss?

- I’m fine.
- Please, come in.

You look beautiful wearing the ribbon

Thank you, Julie.


Your room is ready, Miss.

Thank you.

Would it be okay then if I take my leave now

Where are you going? You live here, don’t you?

I don’t live here, anymore, Miss.

Usually when it gets dark, I go back to my sister’s.

What’s wrong with staying here?

I’m scared of living here by myself.

This house just doesn’t feel the same, anymore.

Okay. Thank you so much.

Be safe on the road.

I’ll leave now.


What are you making?

A veggie dish, I bet.

Don’t you remember I decided to become
a vegetarian two weeks ago?

Ah, that’s right.

Maybe sometimes you can cook a meat dish for me?

And you can still have your vegetables.

If I’m the one doing the cooking,
then I’ll cook whatever I want.

I thought you said you loved me.

Yes, I do love you.



We’re out of salt.

Are you serious?

Didn’t we buy some already?

All right. I’ll go get some.

- Okay.
- Bye.


Stop kidding around.

It’s not funny.


Honey, where are you hiding?
Behind the curtain, under the table? Where?

I don’t want to play this game. It’s not funny.

Jules, what are you talking about?

I’m at the supermarket.

What else do you need other than salt? I’ll get it.

Jules? Hello?

I don’t need anything else.

What’s going on with you?

I thought I heard someone come into the house.

I heard a door open.

I thought it was you.

It must have been the wind. I’ll be back soon.


Did you lock the door?

Please stop kidding around.

What are you talking about?




I’m serious. Everyone’s talking about it.

They also made this. Here.
It’s been distributed to entire school.

The Beast in the Beautiful Clique

We can’t be friends with Sofia.

If we hang out with her, we’ll ruin our reputation.

Our popularity will go down the drain.

And people will look at us weird.

Sofia is my sister.

She’s my twin.

So, please. Stop talking about her face.

But that’s exactly her problem.

Unless she’s getting a plastic surgery very soon.

But you told us yourself,
there’s nothing they can do with her face.

Because it’s a birth defect. Right?

If you wish to hang out with her at home, that’s fine.

But she can’t hang out with us at school.



Let's go, Jules.

I said, let's go.

You again.

Here’s your book.

Why are you doing this?

Here. Sorry.

You can’t even get your own book. How sad.


We want to hang out with Jules, not you.

So stay away from us.

And you can’t tell Jules what we told you.

Unless you’re looking to get tortured by us.


Sofia, are you home?

I was looking for you.

What happened to you?

Please, open the door.

You don’t have to pretend to care about me.

I don’t understand you, Sofia.

Why did you lock your sister in all day?

Do you want her dead?

I wanted her to know what it feels like to be ugly.

And to be despised by everybody.

We’re doing this for you. We want you to be safe.

Besides, my sister wants you to live with her.

Bye, Mom, Dad.


Where’s Mom?

I’d like to talk to her. I miss her.

She’s gone.

I know she’s there.
I just talked to her, but we got cut off.

She’s very ill.

I’d like to talk to her.

Stay in Bogor.

Don’t call here. I’m happy here without you.

I’m coming to Jakarta tomorrow. So you...

If you ever come back, I’ll kill myself.

You’ve taken everything from me.

Love, compassion, romance,
you’ve taken it all.

If you ever come back here again,
I’d rather kill myself and die.

Before you take it all from me again.

Fine. Whatever you want

So you’ll stop feeling like
the unluckiest person in the world.

So you’ll realize I have never taken anything from you.

Where should I put these?

What are those?

These are old books that
your father bought some time ago.

I think he was going to sell these,
because they’re still in good condition.

Just place them there.

Yes, dear?

It’s all set. Your mother and I
have taken care of the catering and the venue.

I just have to find my wedding gown tomorrow.

Yes, dear.


Well, it’s your fault for not coming with me tomorrow.

Now I feel nervous.

It doesn’t matter what you wear,
you’ll look beautiful.

My mother is not going to make a big deal
out of what you wear.

I know. But I don’t want to look odd
or wear the wrong costume in front of your mother.

Lest she thinks awful things about me.

She won’t do such thing.
My mother’s very laid back.

Just wear something comfortable, okay?

Now go to bed. Have you had dinner yet?

No. But I’ve taken a shower.

That’s what you always do,
take a shower late at night before going to bed.

But you always forget to eat.

Okay, honey. I’ll eat.

Wait. Let me call you back.


Honey, what’s going on?
I couldn’t reach you on your mobile.

I know. The battery’s dead.

My mother has been trying to call you.

Anyway, I’m on my way to pick you up.




Yes, yes.

Hello. Welcome to our boutique.

We’re here to find a wedding gown.

Can we look at the selections?

Hold on a moment. Here, please.

This is our new design. You can try it on now.
It’s simple, elegant and luxurious.

It’s beautiful and simple.

I’m sure it’ll look gorgeous on you.

Julie. You should try it on.

Go on.

Please, take her to the changing room.

Miss, I’ll step out for a minute, okay?

I don’t know what’s been happening to me.

Something doesn’t feel right.

I feel like something’s following me.

And I feel like there’s someone inside the house.

Do you think you can help me?

Let me look at the cards.

It’s the same as before.

Someone’s coming from the past and
they have a bone to pick with you.

But now I can see clearly.

This person is dead.

And that person is still around.

Lately, they’ve been disturbing you.

And they didn’t die a normal death.

Their spirit is restless.

Usually, for those who die unnatural deaths,
their spirit harbors hatred and vengeance.


As I’ve said before.
They want two of your best friends dead.

And they also want you, or Tristan.

But Tristan has done nothing wrong.

Everything we do has an effect on others.

Sometimes we end up hurting
those we never meant to hurt.

And we always hurt those
we want to hurt even worse.

The reason why they want Tristan...

...remains unclear.

But it’s very clear why they want you.

They feel you’ve taken away
everything they have.

So what do I do now?

Take good care of yourselves.

Because they’ll follow you wherever you go.

You two should stay together.

Because I see here that
you have what Tristan needs.

And it will help you.

There’s also this one thing.

I see it here,
but I can’t make sense of it yet.

I see their favorite items.

Demons like that.

Their existence in this world is
closely tied to their favorite items.

Something has to be played.

Called upon, burned until
there’s nothing left and destroyed.

But only when the demon is right in front of you.

Otherwise, it will have no effect.

And you can’t let one of you stop breathing.

Or the dead will take the place of the living.




What’s up?

There’s something I have to tell you.

It has something to do with Sofia.

Jules, I don’t want to talk about this, anymore.

Didn’t we agree not to bring it up ever again?

We have our own lives now.

Yes, I know.

Since Sofia died,
the three of us have stopped talking.

But I have to tell you something important.

Jules, please.

I got a reading from a Tarot card reader.

She said someone who died in the past
will return and get even.

With me, you and Vania.

I don’t know. But strange things
have been happening to me.

Supernatural things.

I don’t want anything bad to happen
to either of you.


Julie called you?

She told me supernatural things
are happening to her.

And a Tarot card reader told her
something awful will happen to her.

Someone, who’s already dead,
will return from the past and demand for justice.

She said that?

And you believed her?

No matter what,
we’ve done some terrible things to Sofia.

Sabrina, I’ve moved on with my life.
I’ve buried the past.

So if you see Julie, or if she tries to call you,
tell her not to contact me ever again.


I just received the news.

Vania is dead.

They said her body didn’t look right.

I don’t know if what you told me is true.

But Vania...

Vania, Jules.


Let’s go for an early practice.




Open the door.

Please, help me!

Please, open the door!

Please, help me!

Swimming athlete, Sabrina, found dead
under mysterious circumstances.



Hey, what’s going on with you?

Do you remember what the Tarot card reader said?

Someone will come and disturb our lives.

They’re coming to kill one of us.

She was right, Tristan.

It’s Sofia.

I don’t know what attacked me.

But it’s happened more than once.

I’ve also been dreaming about her several times.

And I get these bruises.

The same bruises I get in my sleep.

When she attacks me in my dream.

Perhaps all these years
I hadn’t been a good sister to Sofia.

I didn’t give her enough attention.

You can’t blame yourself all the time, honey.

But I was the reason she killed herself, Tristan.

She’s angry. She’s vengeful. She hates me.

Sofia is dead.

But she’s still with us.

How would you know that?

Vania and Sabrina

They had also hurt Sofia.

They died, Tristan.

Mom, I won’t be coming home tonight.

I’m staying with Julie.

Yes, she’s feeling better now.

Mom, could I ask you something?
Do you know where my Tarot cards are?

I was just asking.


Don’t you worry.

No, I haven’t used them in a long time.

I was just asking.

All right, then.

Okay, bye.











Dear Diary

The world isn’t fair.

It isn’t fair to me.

I’m not beautiful.

Nobody wants me around.

I don’t have anything that I can be proud of.

People always insult me and treat me badly.

But there was something different about that day.

Somebody looked at me a different way.

It was him.

He said the scar on my face is unique and that
no one will ever be able to match its unique quality.

He made me feel special.

He made me feel loved.

He was my boyfriend.


But nothing turned out as I had expected.

He only wanted me because of Julie.

It was Julie that he really loved,
but she had moved away.

In his heart and mind, there was only Julie,
the person he admired most.

You’re staying with me just because I look like Julie?

You’re going out with me because I look like Julie?

I don’t need your pity.

I feel betrayed.

I really feel useless.

Perhaps it’s true. Death is easier.

I don’t belong in this world.

What are you doing here?

Why didn’t you ever tell me
you had gone out with Sofia?

You dated her because she looked like me?

It wasn’t like that.

Then what was it like?

Why have you been hiding your relationship
with her from me?

I had never dated Sofia.

It was my first day at school.

And I saw you.

It was love at first sight.

I had never felt that way before.

I wanted to get to know you right away, but...


Could you please give this to Julie?


She’s moved to another school.

She moved to Bogor.


Okay. Bye.

Okay. Bye.

You moved the day after I saw you.

And then I saw...


Whom I had mistaken for you, at first.

I was close to her.

I was friends with her, but that’s it. Nothing more.

She assumed there was more to it than that.

She had misinterpreted our friendship.

I had never...

I had never used her to get to you.

You know I moved to Bogor just to find you.

And after we started dating...

And after we started dating it was hard for me
to tell you about my relationship with Sofia.

I didn’t want that fact to jeopardize what we had.

Until this day, I never knew how she felt about me.
Or that it had led her to commit suicide.

We will never know why she did it.

Was it me? Was it somebody else?

Or maybe it was...

It’s all because of me.

No, you didn’t cause this.

And you didn’t cause this, either.
You did nothing wrong.

This is exactly why I didn’t want to come back here.

I don’t want to be reminded of Sofia’s death.

I don’t want to be reminded of how much she hated me.

But she had always been full of hatred.

She chose to commit suicide.

It was all her.

But she harbors revenge toward us.

She really hates us.

And she’s going to kill one of us,
so the other will suffer.

My wedding gown.

Look out!

Let’s run.

Come on.

Let’s run.

Let’s go see the Tarot card reader.
Maybe she can help us.

Wasn’t it here the other day?

Come here, honey.


Where’s the Tarot card reader stall go?

It’s not here, anymore. She moved.

Do you know where she moved to?

Now she does online readings.

Thank you, Sir.

What do we do now?

If there’s no one out there who can help us.
We’ll deal with it ourselves.

Let’s go.

What are we doing at your house?


What are you looking for

Looking for my Tarot cards.
Where could they be?

Tarot cards?

I can read them.

I’ve had the ability since I was little.
My grandfather was a Tarot card reader.

But I’ve stopped reading them.

Five years ago, I prophesied that my brother
would get into a motorcycle accident.

It happened right the next day and he died.

Since then I didn’t want to have anything
to do with Tarot cards.

When Madame Herlina read your cards,
I didn’t want to believe her.

But I don’t know how all of this happened to us.

You have a talent.

A talent you want to hide from everyone,
including yourself.

We have to find those Tarot cards.


Mom, do you know where my Tarot cards are?

I threw them away.

I thought you didn’t want to have anything
to do with them, anymore.

Why don’t we just get new ones?

It’s not that easy, honey.

Once we use one deck of Tarot cards,
we have to use it forever.

Besides, my grandfather left me those.

Mom, I’m talking about
the whole deck of cards and the book.

The cards and the book make up the entire set.

You should stay together.

Because I see here that you have what Tristan needs.

It will help you.

Does the book have a black cover?

The writing is in golden letters?

Yes, how did you know?

I have it at my shop.


You have to look deep inside yourself
to deal with all this.

Come on, try your strength.

I don’t know.

The Hanged Man means one of us has to be sacrificed.

There’s a time when we will have to decide
who between us will have to ...


The hermit. Something we’ve never known about,
which we could solve right here.

There will be an enlightenment
from within ourselves.

It all comes back to us.

All of this points to you.

The tenth card.

After all has been resolved there will be a change.
The star.

Something bright. It could mean new hope,
or it could mean something’s broken. Failed.

Demanding revenge. Already dead. But is still around us.

Jules, we have to take Sofia back to her realm.

But how?

It has to come from you. Think about it.
Anything about Sofia.

I see their favorite items.

Demons are like that. Their existence in this
world is closely tied to their favorite items.

Something has to be played.

Called upon, burned until
there’s nothing left and destroyed.

But only when the demon is right in front of you.

Otherwise, it will have no effect.

The Tarot card reader also said something
about Sofia’s favorite things.

The music box and the red ribbon.

We have to play the music box and
we have to call upon her.

We have to burn the red ribbon
until there’s nothing left.

Then we have to destroy the music box.




Burn it, Jules.



Burn it. Quickly. Here’s the lighter.

Burn it, Jules.

Burn it now, honey.

Honey, please.

Burn it. I will die for you,
as long as you’re happy.

Burn it now. Burn it!










You may kiss the bride.

Come here.

What were you talking about?

Over there.

We were talking about the moment
he proposed to you. How romantic.

It was okay.

She’s just being shy. Come on,
tell them. They’d like to know the story.

That’s true.
Everyone’s so curious to hear about it.

Come on.

It was pretty common.
Like any other proposal story.

No, it wasn’t common, at all.
Come on, honey. Tell them.

Okay, it went like this.
Jules, will you marry me? That was it.

It wasn’t like that.

There’s got to be more than that. Right?

Way before I said that. What did I say to you?

Before that?

He said, ‘Jules, we’ve been together for so long.
I’d like to build a future with you.’

‘I want to be with you, always. Will you marry me?’

So then I accepted the ring.

Right, honey?

It’s the most beautiful,
most wonderful song I’ve ever heard.

Come here. I’ll teach you how to play it.

I still can’t believe we’re married.

Me, either. We’re finally able to
spend the rest of our lives together.

But still, how could you forget
about the moment I proposed to you?

Didn’t I tell you how I would always
stay by your side every day and every second?

And that you’ll be my partner for life.

Well, I haven’t really forgotten it.

I was just nervous
because you put me on the spot.

So what? Are you mad at me?

Fine. If you’re mad at me, then you’re
not allowed to sleep next to me tonight.

No way. I love you.

I love you more.

Aren’t you going to shower first?

No, I don’t want to get sick from showering at night.

Let’s sleep.



Hey, Mom. I feel that Julie’s been acting strange.

I mean, sometimes I would talk to her and...

...it’s hard to connect with her.

That’s normal.

Usually people become more of themselves
after they’re married.

It’s okay. Your father and I
experienced that, as well.

Don’t read too much into it.

Tell Julie I said hi.

What now?

I feel that maybe there’s something out there
I can do rather than work in the office.

I don’t know. Something useful for me
and for other people.

But I don’t know what it is, yet.

All right, I’ll think about it.

Okay, bye.

Hi, honey.

When did you get in?

I didn’t know you could play the violin.

You could never play the violin.

I learned how to play for you.

So where did you go today, honey?

I just bought some photo frames for our photos.

Honey, dinner’s ready. Let’s go eat.

Let’s go.



Where did you put our photos from
when we were still dating?

I’ll look it up for you, honey.

No, I’ll do it. Where did you put them?

In the box or in the cabinet?

Okay, honey. I’ll find them for you.

Honey, the trash bin is full.

Could you please take it out?


I cooked you something special.

Let’s eat.

Come on, taste it.

Did you really just eat meat?

It’s my favorite. You should try it.
It tastes so good.

Since when did you start eating meat again?

A long time now.

So do you like it?

What do you think?


What are you doing here?

Are you looking for your Tarot cards?

Honey, why are you even looking
for those things?

We’re happy now. We’re together.

So you don’t need those things, anymore.

I was just curious.

Okay, now let’s get to bed.

Tarotist Bogor Theme Park

Understanding Tarot

Tarotist Bogor Theme Park

About me


Yes, good evening. Sorry for bothering you at such a late hour.
Is this Madame Herlina?

A Tarot card reader at Bogor Theme Park?

That’s me.

It’s me, Tristan.

You once gave me and my girlfriend
a card reading. Do you remember?

Yes, I remember. How are you?

We’re fine. Julie and I are married now.

Congratulations. I’m relieved to hear that.
It means my reading last night was wrong.

What do you mean?

I saw you in my cards last night.

But you weren’t married to Julie.

I’m glad to hear everything is all right
between you two.

Can you give me a reading now?

Please give me a closer reading.

I want to know if the person I married
really was Julie.

Because I don’t think it’s Julie.

I was going to do my own reading,
but I don’t have the cards.

Where are you now? Could I come to you and choose my cards?

There’s no need for you to do that.
We’re both Tarot card readers.

I can do a reading for you even though
you’re not physically here.

The person who came back from the past
is still here.

And there’s the same card I saw last night.

She’s not Julie.

Did Julie ever stop breathing?

You’ve done everything.

Including destroying the demon’s most favorite items.

But all of that is useless
if one of you were to stop breathing.

Because then the dead
will take the place of the living.

An exchange.

The dead takes over the body of the living.

Now Julie’s soul is at a crossroad,
not knowing where to go.

While the demon who took her body
is with you now.

Julie will be able to return under one condition.

Only when the other woman stops breathing.

Exactly as it had happened to Julie.

The dead will come to life.

And because you’ve burned and
destroyed her favorite items.

The next time there’s an exchange of souls,
she’ll be gone forever.

And she won’t be able to take over
anyone else’s body.

But are you really sure about this?

I mean...

If you really want to make sure she’s your wife...

Look at her feet. If they aren’t firmly planted
on the ground, then it isn’t Julie.

That’s the demon.


I’ll call you back.


Who did you just call?

I just got off the phone with my friend.

Honey, I’m going to make some noodles.
You want some?


Okay, I’ll go make them now.


What are you looking at from there?

Just wait at the dining table.

Why don’t you go and get the plates ready?


What’s wrong, honey?

My mind is all over the place.
Let’s just forget it.

Honey, are you awake?

Here, let me fix you.

So your head heals faster.

As your wife,
all I want is to take good care of you.

You’re not my wife.

What do you mean I’m not your wife?

We’re married. Look.

And I’m head over heels for you.

I feel nothing for you.

All right. Enough.

I don’t want to fight.
I just want to fix your head.

We love each other, don’t we?

And you always tell me
how much you love me every day.

I say that to Julie, not you.

But, honey, I am Julie.

You’re not Julie, you’re Sofia!

But I’m better than Julie.

And I love you better than she does.

I’m more talented than Julie.

Though I admit I do look like her.

You just have to get used to it.

Okay, honey?


Honey, don’t be like that.

Let me get you fresh bandages.


Julie will be able to return under one condition.

Only when the other woman stops breathing.

Exactly as it had happened to Julie.

The dead will come to life.


Jules, wake up.

Come on, wake up.




Wake up, Jules.

Jules, please.

Come on, Jules. Wake up.





What are you doing? You look so serious.

I’m looking at the profile of someone
who’s going to help you design the

place where you’ll do your readings.

He seems qualified.

Why don’t we sell Tarot cards here
at the bookstore?

So people can learn how to read their own cards.

That’s fine.

But you don’t have to look so serious about it.

I’m being very serious.

Hello, Ma’am.


It’s so good to see you guys.

Back together again.

How did you end up here?

I saw the advertising. It says
there’s a great Tarot card reader here.

So here I am.

Not nearly as good as you are.
Please, sit down.

You’re better than me.

I will teach you how to get more insights
from Tarot cards.

How about giving us a reading right now?

All right.

A new beginning.

Once again.

Unlike the previous reading..

Nothing will stand in your way.
There’s only fortune.

Brilliant dreams that you can always reach.

The past is now buried.
And it’s time to turn the page.

Your marriage will last a long time.

Without any problems you can’t solve.

You can get through anything together.

Be optimistic.
You’re loved by everyone around you.

A husband who can lead his wife.

A wife who is always there for her husband.

Your love is strong.

The foundation of a beautiful future.

A joyful life.


How’s your reading? How far into it are you?

I’ll be finished shortly.

I thought you said
you were going to help your friend.

Whose wife has been missing this past year.

So how is he doing now?

He’s found her.


I can’t believe I’m married to a Tarot card reader.

Who still needs to learn a lot.

And who’s very talented.

That’s why you have to keep praying for me.

Pray that I finish this book soon.

So I can one day become
a professional Tarot card reader.

And I’ll pray so that you won’t pout
when I pay attention to my Tarot cards.

But this is what you choose to do.

You told me how you’ve always wanted to
be the kind of person who helps other people.

And you never really liked it working in an office.

And as it turned out ...
you have a talent in reading Tarot cards.

That means I will never pout.

You once told me that people’s future can change.

That it depends on how we live.

Yes. Why? You’re still thinking about
Madame Herlina’s reading?

Are you afraid we might not be happy in the future?

Or that maybe our lives wouldn’t be
as beautiful in the future?