Tarla (2023) - full transcript

Explores Tarla Dalal's journey and legacy as an iconoclast during the early liberalisation period, empowering women through the art of cooking.

They say, behind every
successful man, there's a woman.

And behind every successful woman,

there's a story.

This isn't a story about
my wife, Tarla Dalal.

This is only Tarla's story.

In fact, this is the story of
every woman of that time

who wanted to do something with her life.

You all have your
BA final exams next month.

But I won't wish you, 'all the best'.

I want all my students

to be praised for their
talent and hard work.

Choose any profession you like.

But whatever you do,

you should give your best shot.

You should be so special, so unique,

that nobody dares forget you.

So whether it's exams or life,

you will give your best shot.

What will you give?

Your best shot.

Then you will never go wrong.

Sis... get up. Let's go.

What were you staring at?

Gauri madam's walk.


Yes. Just by looking at her walk.

The way she moves with confidence.

You can tell that she's going places.

Yeah, she is going to the staff room.


I meant she is going places in life.

I see...

You think you know everything,
don't you?

So look at Prof.
Wadgule's walk, and tell me

where is he going?

Looking at his walk,
I can tell that...

He's going nowhere.

-Good morning, sir.
-Good morning, sir.

You guys aren't playing fair.
I am not giving my bat.

I wasn't out.
He bowled a no-ball.

You guys are unbelievable.


Of course. Yes.

What did they say?

They (Dalals) are in Khandala.
Visiting Bushi Dam.

They are staying
at uncle's place.

That's where they tasted
pickle made by Tarla.

And said since they've come this far,

they should pay us a visit too.

Do you mean the engineer from Bombay?


Coming to meet Tarla?

Not to meet but to taste.

What? Taste?

They say they will
first taste Tarla's cooking,

and then ask for her hand.

Tarla, make some
tomato curry tomorrow.

A good way to showcase your homely side.

And also make
some mixed vegetables.

To make you look perfect
marriage material.


If mixed vegetables is on the menu,

then make fried bread tomorrow,
not the baked ones.

And don't forget okra.

Absolutely not. No okra.

They are a dime a dozen in the market.

Okra will make the entire
spread look cheap.

What about dessert?


Out of the question.

We don't want them to think that
we bought things from the market.

How about some carrot pudding?

Yes. Carrot pudding.

Tarla, make some carrot pudding.



I... don't want to get married.

Have you lost your mind?

What other plans do you have?

I want to do something with my life.

But what?


Don't know.

By the time you figure,
we will be having okras in our graves.

You must get married, Tarla.

After that, you can do
anything you want with your life.

Otherwise, you will only
get leftover men.

Give me that.

I made him eat dry ginger,

lick roasted cumins,

and gave him mint water to drink.

And if that wasn't enough, Gulab Behn.
I even made him swallow digestive pills.

Sis, hurry up with the papads.

-We need more papads for my brother-in-law.
-I am making them.

I said I am making them!

When the clouds thunder outside,

his stomach rumbles from the inside.

Are you serious?

The moral of the story is,

Nalin has always had
a problem with digestion.

And we thought, since there
is no permanent way to cure it,

let's get him married.

The moral of the story is,

Nalin lives alone in Mumbai.

His digestion will improve
if he gets home-cooked food.

Tarla has the same belief.

Cook whatever you like to eat at home.

Nalin Kumar. Did you have lunch?

I am full.

He doesn't like home food.

Prefers eating out more.

I see.

Nalin Kumar.

Nalin Kumar.

Nalin Kumar.

-What is your opinion?

About what?

Your mum says that
home food is the best.

Well, Aunty, I believe...

One who cooks the food,
mixes their emotions in it too.

Bravo, brother-in-law.

You are a class poet as well.

That's fine.

But you haven't tasted
the carrot pudding yet.

Yes. Have a spoonful
and check the quality.

He's a quality manager in a factory in Mumbai.
And is good at catching mistakes.

Tarla, get the pudding.

They think I am a maid.

I'll show them.

You look for emotions in the food,
don't you?

If this doesn't give
you loose motion,

then I'll change my name.

Hey... what are you doing?

That can kill brother-in-law?

Want a Cadbury (Chocolate)?

The big one.

Gulab, bring the pudding.

Tarla, pudding.

One with the spoon
is for your brother-in-law.

My Brother-in-law is dead meat.


Best of luck, brother-in-law.

Our daughter makes delicious pudding.


It's delicious.

What happened?



Have this...

-What happened?
-He is coughing.

He is coughing.

Tarla, get some water.

Get some water, Tarla.


Tarla, get some water.

Tarla, hurry up with the water.


Tarla, get some water.

-Have some pudding.
-No, no...


Even I believe the one who cooks food,

their emotions get
conveyed to the eater.

Drink some water, son.

Slow down.

If you don't like it,
then tell us right now.

No... it's gorgeous.

Perfect 10.

Did you like the pudding?

10 on 10.

10 on 10.

Have some more pudding.

-10 on 10.

That guy finished all the pudding.

Bombay will be experiencing untimely
heavy monsoon showers today.

I didn't tell him to finish it all.

And why have you been
calling him brother-in-law?

I'll give you a tight one!

Rajjo is already calling
him brother-in-law.

Honestly speaking,

if one gets married at the right age,
even the children are born healthy.

Gulab, you're getting ahead of yourself!

Let them at least
say yes to the proposal.

I know he's going to say yes.

I noticed the way
he was looking at you.

And how was that?

The same way his mother
was looking at your food.

The mother seemed a little traditional,

but Tarla will handle everything.

But Nalin Kumar looks like
a thorough gentleman.

He even washed his
hands before eating.

You will miss out on a nice guy.
Think about it.

I really like him.

What about you?

Hello, Tarla. How are you?

I am fine, thank you.

You are a very good cook.




Who is this?

Can I speak with Tarla?

Who is this?



It's Nalin Dalal.
We were at your place in the morning.

The chilly pudding...


We couldn't speak in the morning,

So I was thinking...

If we could meet for some time...

Who is it, Tarla?

No one, papa, just a friend.

Are your parents around?

I have an idea.

If it's a yes, then say "hmmm".

And if it's a no, then don't make
the "hmmm" sound.

I will understand.

I... got it.

It's okay.

Sorry for the disappointment.

I am hanging up.

Why are you hanging up?

You just said 'no'.

I didn't say no.

You never asked me a question.

You suggested when I should
say "hmmm" and when I shouldn't.

But you never asked me the question,
how could I reply?

Your method is wrong.

You should ask first...

Sorry, sir.

Sorry, Tarla. I am sorry.

Can we meet?


It's a nice place, isn't it?

Whenever I come to Pune,
I definitely come here.

Can we sit outside?

Can we move there?

Yes, it's nice over there as well.

Let's go.

I'll get that.

Was... there a problem over there?

I wonder how people eat non-veg.

Well... each one has their own choice.

Do you eat meat and fish?

Meat? No.

But I do when someone offers me.

You have a nice sense of humour.

Thank you.

Sorry for the chilly pudding the other day.

It's okay.

I never had that combination
of sweet and spicy before.

It was nice.

It must have... burned.

Yeah... but it was nice.

Actually, honestly speaking...

I don't have a problem with you.

But yes, I want to
do something with my life.

I have not decided...

What to do yet.

But I want to do something.

I know I won't achieve
anything after marriage.

Something will always come up
whenever I will try to do something.

If I do one thing,
something else will pop up.

If I focus on that,
then I'll miss my chance.

And that will take up my day, and...

-You won't achieve anything.


Like you,

even I am clueless
about what you want to do.

But I can promise you,

the day you realise
what you want to do,

I will leave everything
and help you achieve it.

-No, honestly. I mean it.
-No, honestly.


Hmmm... the big one.

"The promises made to each other,"

"we will stay true to it."

"The new seasons in our path,"

"are to be celebrated together."

"There is only one life."

"And now it's dedicated to you."

"My faded dreams are
now filled with new colours."

"The promises made to each other,"

"we will stay true to it."

"The new seasons in our path,"

"are to be celebrated together."




"Be it good or bad,"

"we will turn it into
memorable memories."

"If one of us is upset,"

"other will make it up with a smile."

"Slowly, steadily,
the dots will connect."

"Turning into decades."

"And we keep falling deeper in love,
year after year."

"There is only one life."

"And now it's dedicated to you."

"My faded dreams are
now filled with new colours."

"The promises made to each other,"

"we will stay true to it."

Papa is back.

My child.

-Papa is back.
-Happy anniversary.

-Happy anniversary.
-Okay. Okay.











Ten, Tarla.


-Ten... Keep going.
-Mom, ten.


-Mama, eleven.




What are you doing?

I can lend you a hand today.

It's the last dish anyway.


Is everything okay?

7 on 10.


Your smile.

7 on 10.

What happened to the other three?

Leave it.

I won't bore you today.

You have every right to bore me today.


What happened?

You see, Nallu.

Since the day I got
married and moved here,

I stand here every day

and watch outside the window.

Gaffur, the junk seller
across the street,

didn't have a shop when he started.

He would collect junk on foot.

Later he bought a cycle,

and began collecting
junk on the cycle.

Soon he saved money and bought a shop.

And now when I look at him,

he has his eyes set
on the shop next to him.

Sooner or later,

he will buy that shop as well.


Even the junk seller knows,

what he wants in life.

And look at me.

Tarla, you are already doing so much.

Don't be jealous of the junk seller.

He is a dishonest man.

Last month he almost
swindled my watch.

But your husband is smart.

I caught him just in time.

Only one of the arms
needed little tinkering.

8 on 10.

Some progress.

Tarla, leave it.

Come on.

Sister, we are out of phenyl.

There must be some in the bathroom.

Can I mop the place
without the phenyl today?

I will check.

Deepak, finish your breakfast.

I don't feel like it.

Hey... no drama.
Come and have breakfast.

Have an apple if you are not hungry.

Mom, my hair.

Mom, my hair.

-Mom, my hair.

-Hold this...
-Tarla, where are the stamps?

I want to post these letters.

Stamps must be in the cabinet.


Where is it?

-Where is it?
-I will open the door.

-Find out?
-Mom's junk seller has come.

Below the shelf with Premchand.

Now where is Premchand?

-Mom, my hair.
-Gaffur, come back in the afternoon.

I'll have to come again,

I don't know. Come back later.

Please, spare some time.

-I am busy today.

-What can I do if you are free now?

I am very busy right now.
Come back in the afternoon.

-Okay, see you.

I'll come back in the afternoon,

I'm coming...

-I am getting late, Tarla.
-Mom, the school bus is here.

Hurry up, guys.

Always in such a hurry.

I am getting a call from the factory,
Tarla. Try to understand.

-Did you pack your bag?
-Why isn't lunch ready yet?

Nalin, lunch is ready.

Mom my lunch box.

And Deepak,
don't forget the water bottle.



Where have you been?
Haven't seen you since morning.

I was right here.
You are roaming about.

I wasn't roaming.
I am working.

I am working too, sir.

I was here all night.

I readied the new batch.

Did you work on the morning batch?

Yes, sir.

What's the matter?

No, it's nothing.

What's my score, sir?

What's my score, sir?

Don't worry. It's pretty decent.

The shirt looks nice on you, sir.

It's from this factory.

Just wait and watch for
the shirts from my batch.

No one will ever take it off?

What's my score, sir?



Is it allowed to give six out of five?

No, I can't.

That's why I gave you six on ten.

Why can't you ever give me ten on ten?


You stress on quality,

and bosses stress on costs.

I get mashed in the middle.

That's what your
sister-in-law prepared.

Mashed aubergine.

But I left it at home.

Where are you going?

Nalin left his lunch at home.
I'll go give it to him.


Are you serious?

How can you forget to get
sister-in-law tarla's mashed aubergine?

It was getting late,
so I forgot it at home.

Not to worry.

I got your favourite dish.

Did you... get that?

Come on, the bell's rung.

Let's go to the canteen.

Hurry up.

I forgot the spoon, sir.

Forget the spoon.
Open it now.

I am, sir. I am.

Here's a question, sir.

Does sister-in-law have no clue of
your everyday adventures?

She did get suspicious once.

-Come on, open up.

I blamed it on garlic.

I got to admit, sir.

You are 10 on 10 at fabricating fibs.

Come on, open up.

Excuse me... Nalin Dalal.

Myself, his wife...

Lunch box...

He's at the canteen having lunch.

Okay. Thank you.

Here you go, sir.


What are you doing, sir?

Do you want to eat it or not?

I do.


Why did you put chillies in my
carrot pudding again today?

Why do I have to spell
out everything for you?

How will I know what I've done wrong
if you don't tell me clearly?


Why are you crying?

What happened?


You eat non-veg.

Oh no, I'm dead.

Answer me!

Answer me!

And think hard before
you speak, don't lie.

I saw you at the factory.

Did you come to the factory?

Why didn't you come to meet me?

Yes, I came to the factory.
And I brought your lunch box.

And saw you... you were like an animal...

Eating another animal.

I used to wonder,

why you carry toothpaste
in your briefcase?

You could have told me.

Tarla, I did tell you.

Lord... this man can't stop lying.

No, really.

Remember when we met
before the wedding,

you asked if I eat non-veg?

I said I do if someone offers me.

-How does it matter?

You do eat non-veg.


Sorry, Tarla.


Tarla, sorry.

-Tarla, I...
-Out. Out.

Don't set foot in my kitchen.

Wash your hands and your mouth.




Here. Toothpaste...

Sorry, Tarla.

Don't laugh. Go.

Seemed like a decent man to me.


You should have seen him.

How he devoured that thing!

Why didn't you say
anything all these years?

What could I say, aunty?

I am stupid.

Yes, you are stupid.

Let me tell you something.

When these vegetarian boys go out,

they make several friends.

They eat, drink, and
mingle with them.

And turn into... meat eaters.

What are you saying?

Do you mean to say if
I hang around you for too long,

even I will turn into a... meat eater.

Yuck... what is this?

What did you get, sir?

Me... ivy gourd.

Give it to me, sir.

You eat this, sir.
Your favourite dish.

Chicken salli boti.

Dig in, sir.

I don't think Nalin
can quit non-vegetarian.

Don't worry.

If he promised he will quit,
then he will quit.


You know what, sir.
Have another bite.

Don't be crazy.

I guess sister-in-law knows
about your secret escapades.

Yes, the other day,
she came to the factory.

She shouldn't have come here that day.

You were in your top form that day.

If Nalin likes it,
he should continue eating.

What do you want?


I don't want Nalin
to quit because of me,

but I want him to quit
on his own if he wants to.

Does that make any sense?

It does. But you are beyond help.


You know what, have
some paan masala at the end.

No one will ever know.

I don't eat paan masala.

Are you kidding me?
No paan masala?

It's a mouth freshener, sir.

I see...

I'll get you some after lunch.

Don't blame Nalin for this.

Once someone gets
a taste of chicken...

Then there's no way you will
ever touch okra, ivy gourd.

Murgh Mussalam.

Even the sound of it is so mouthwatering.

Thanks for reminding me,
I'm going to make it tomorrow.

Even your uncle loves it.


The ivy gourd was delicious today.

Go back to sleep.



Tomatoes... yuck.

I wonder what's so special about chicken,
that drives people nuts.

Close the window.
Kavya is making chicken.

No, it's Murgh Mussalam.

How do you know?

She is making it because of me.

Wow...it smells amazing.

What are you making?

The gas is switched off.


The gas is switched off.


Out. Out.

Out of the kitchen, come on.

Non-sense, he talks.

This man will never change.

-Gangu Bai.

Do you know how to make it?

I do. I make amazing chicken.

Then get the oil.

Go get the bowl.

The sun is so strong.

I won't need to fry the papads,

they will get roasted under the sun.

-It is pretty hot today.
-Give me some water.

Forget the water, aunty.
Try this.

-This? What is it?
-Try it.

What hmmm?

Tastes different.


Is it good or bad?

-It's amazingly different.
-Is it?

But it tastes familiar.

But I can't put my finger on it.
What is it?

Batata Mussalam (potato curry)

What Mussalam?

Batata Mussalam

I came up with this idea.

I turned around your Murgh Mussalam

borrowed the curry
and got rid of the chicken.

Batata Mussalam.

I was wondering how
this tastes exactly like non-veg

It's nice. Batata Mussalam.

Did your 'animal' taste it?

I've packed it for lunch.

Let's see.

Where the tree growth is hindered.

H I N D E R E D.

Tree growth is...


Continue the revisions.

Tundra is a type of biome,

where the tree growth is hindered.

Deepak... has his exams tomorrow.

I see... is he studying?

He is preparing nicely.


How was it?

How was what?

How was lunch?

I dropped the lunch.

-Dropped it?

Nalin, what do you mean by dropped it?

Someone shoved me in the canteen,
and I dropped the lunch.

What do you mean 'shoved you'?

I mean someone pushed me.

Yeah, right.


Side, please.

Copy this properly.

So you didn't check what was for lunch?

You don't expect me to pick
up from the floor and eat it.


You are right.

I didn't drop anything.

I was just teasing you.

You liked it, didn't you?

I licked every finger.

Like an animal.

It was world-class.

Can I come close now?


Trying to be over-smart.

I was only getting dressed.

Mom, Jayshree aunt is here.


Busy in the kitchen again.

Here. I brought your dishes back.

And what timing.

Try this.

-What is this?
-Gobi 65.

I turned around Chicken 65,

got rid of the chicken
and kept the 65.

I boiled the cauliflower first, and...

Don't teach me.

You should teach Kavya all this.

She is terrified of cooking.

The groom's family
is coming over to meet her.


Aunty, isn't she too young?

She is 25.

I got married when I was 18.

Don't worry, aunty.

The guy will immediately like Kavya.

The boy will like her, I know
but what about his mother?

She will check if she can
make round bread.

You know what,
I'll send Kavya over tomorrow.

You can teach her to cook.

She likes everything you cook.

-Please do.

I'll send her tomorrow.



-Makrand, focus on the quality.

Why is bread round?

Fix this quality.





-Nallu, listen.


-Tell me.
-Why are all bread round?


Why is bread round?


Breads are round because
they are supposed to be round.

But stuffed bread can be square,
triangle and other shapes.

Nan bread can be of various shapes.

No one complains of
millet bread not being round.

Why does bread have
all the pressure of being round?


I am listening.




Stop making the map of Gujarat.

Make it round, like the earth.

-What's this?
-I can't, sister.

Kavya... I don't know
why all bread is round.

But that's how it's supposed to be.

But I can't do that either.

Want to know a trick?

Don't take the rolling
pin off while rolling the bread.

The bread will stay
in place and become round.

Yeah and the bread will be stuck in one
place like a housewife is, in the kitchen.

What happened?

Sister, I don't want
to be a cooking expert.

What do you want to do?

I want to get a job.
Write articles.



I want to be a journalist, sister.

If I learn to cook,

I'll be reduced to
a housewife like you.

Get married first,
and then you can do whatever...

You want...

No one will complain.


I don't know what journalists do.

But when they are done with work.

They still need to eat to stay alive.

So learn to make bread
or you will have to starve.

Okay, sister.

What is all this celebration?

All this is for Bhau,
their union leader.

-The guy that runs Premier Auto.
-Yes sir.

He got a raise for the workers there,

and now stepped in as a union
leader for our workers.

This isn't just a sweetmeat,
it's a bomb.

It can go off any day in our mill.

Why are you eating it, then?

It's from Tiwaris.

Never get mad at food, sir.

Never at sweets.

Poor Kavya wanted to be a journalist.

She didn't want to get married.

I know she must be very upset.

But she is married now.


The decoration is pretty nice.

Do you know what's for dinner?

He's the one I kept telling
you on the phone about.

Come. Come.

Hurry up.

You said Kavya would be upset.

She looks ecstatic.


It's okay.
Stop. You'll crumple the sari.

I don't care.

Do you know,

your recipe for cottage
cheese in gravy?

I made it for my mother-in-law.

She loved it.

I asked her...

If I could get a job after marriage.

And she agreed, sister.

She agreed.

That's a good thing.

You won't have to be a housewife.

All thanks to you.

You will ruin your makeup, silly girl.

Come on.

My husband, Aditya.

-This is sister Tarla.

It's okay.

Are you Tarla?


Kavya's mom told me,

how you helped Kavya get the
groom with your cooking.

No, it's not like that.

Well... even my daughter
is of marriageable age.

Can you teach her to cook as well?



My husband's calling me.



I couldn't teach her anything.
She grew up without her mother.

Please, can you teach her cooking?

-Don't say no.
-I will think about it.

She has all the other qualities.

But this is the one you need to teach.

-So my daughter can get married too.

-Please think about it.

I want my daughter to find
a suitable groom like Kavya.

-Let me know about the classes.

-I will call you.

Let's go.

What were they all saying?

They have all lost their mind.

They were asking to teach their daughters
cooking so they can get married.


Tarla, I am confused.

All these years you have been saying you
want to do something with your life.

Now when you are getting a chance,

you think the idea is stupid.
What nonsense.

Nalin, I can cook,
but I can't... teach.


I can cook, but I can't teach.

It's not that tough.

You taught Kavya.

And you must have done a good job,
that's why everyone was inquiring...

Kavya was different.

I knew her.

But how can I teach these people?

Just like Deepak and
Renu's tutor teaches them.

Nonsense, Nalin.

I can imagine someone giving
math and science tuitions.

Even history and geography.

But who gives cooking tuition?


Who gives cooking tuition?

Why not?

Several people can't cook.

If you teach them cooking,
they will cook better food.

Their future husbands will
have better digestion / be happy.

I cannot imagine anything
better than that.

But, Nalin, teaching them cooking,
to get married is wrong.

You will agree with me, right?

I know it's wrong.

-Kavya's mother was wrong.

But Kavya did the right thing.

Tarla... your cooking
can help girls find matches...

And also fulfil their dreams.

Now what they want to make of it,
is their choice.

Girls are hardly given a choice, anyway.

Ok, I will do it.

Should I?

The final decision is yours, Tarla.

No matter what you decide,
I will always support you.


-Shall we?

Where are you going?

Cooking is on my mind...


-This way. Come on.

My leg...


Come here give us a hand.
What are you doing?

-Take a right turn?
-What right turn?

This way.

Are we driving a car?

-We are stuck here. Keep going.
-I am stuck.

-Table is stuck.
-Back. Back.

Now, Aunt will get stuck.


I don't have a good feeling about it.

What if they ask me the difference
between a teaspoon and a tablespoon?

-What am I going to say?
-It's pretty simple, Tarla.

A teaspoon is used for tea,

and a tablespoon is for serving food.

But both the spoons in
our house are tablespoons.

Here's an idea.

Get a couple of teaspoons
from the market.

The little ones.

Alright? Come on now.

What if the milk curdles
while making sweetmeat?

We'll make cottage cheese!

What if I misjudge the quantity
of salt to be added to the dish?

Don't tell them how much salt to add.

After the preparation is done,

just say "Salt to taste".

-"salt to taste".

That's pretty good.

"Salt to taste".

Oh, God.

-What if they find hair in the food?
-Come here.

Sit on my lap.

We got the table out, didn't we?

Similarly, we'll get the hair out too.


Welcome to... home Tarla cooking class.

-Get me some water.
-Okay, sister.


Since you are all learning
to cook for the first time, so...

-This is my...
-Sister, water.

This is my first time as well.

Just like my mom,

your mothers think
if you learn to cook,

you can get married easily.

Your father thinks
if you learn cooking,

at least your mom will stop nagging.

And your future mother-in-law thinks,

she can finally hand
over the kitchen to you.

Honestly, I don't know if
the kitchen is some kind of jail.

But I do know,

that food can be the key to freedom.


-Gangu Bai.

Write it down.

Want to continue dancing
even after marriage?

Take a wok, add semolina
and keep stirring it continuously.

Wow... the pudding is delicious.

When I'm in a good mood
even the food turns out good.

I pray your mood
always stays like this.

Even better when I dance.

Then go ahead.

-Shall I?

Tarla's classes?

Second floor.

The car runs on fuel,

but husbands run on fritters.

So to make fritters,
first, boil the potatoes.

Then slowly peel the
boiled potatoes. How?

-Yes, slowly.

The fritters are delicious,
but how will I drive the car?

Can I drive?

Want to go on a solo trip?

Difficult... but possible.


Uncle, Tarla's classes?

I told you a dozen times.
Second floor.

Second floor.
Second floor.

The recipe to let you
wear jeans even after marriage.

When you return after the honeymoon,

you'll say what an
amazing husband he is.


Tarla ma'am.

Sister Tarla.

Tarla ma'am.

What happened?
What happened?

Someone locked the door.

Sister Tarla, see this...

-What happened?
-Did you shut down classes?

There is a notice here.

And it says no more cooking tuitions.

And also has the society
secretary's sign on it.

-Let me see.

What about our classes now?

Please open this.

What now, Tarla?

I will talk to Nalin about it.

Please go.


-No more. No more.
-No more dictatorship!

-No more. No more.
-No more dictatorship!

Fulfil our demands!

Fulfil our demands!

-No more dictatorship!
-No more dictatorship!

-Fulfil our demands!
-One minute.

Fulfil our demands!

Fulfil our demands!

-Fulfil our demands!
-One minute. One minute.

-No more dictatorship!
-No more dictatorship!

Makrand. Makrand.

-No more dictatorship!
-No more dictatorship!

Fulfil our demands!

I don't think Bhau will ever relent.

The bosses too, won't yield
to workers' demands, sir.

This strike will last pretty long.

I know it will.

I told you it's a ticking time bomb.

It just went off.

No more. No more...

[indistinct chatter continues]


Instant Laddoo.

No, I have diabetes.

I know. But there is no sugar in it.

Are you serious? No sugar?

I see...

Please, take one.
And pass it along.

This tastes just like... besan laddoo.

I can make gulab jamun,
ras malai, etcetera.

Everything sugar-free.

I can teach you to cook it as well.

Very sweet.

But I cannot give you permission
to run tuition classes in the society.

Absolutely right.

But why?

Because nothing seems to work
when your classes are on,

including society lifts.

Don't forget the horde of footwear
in front of everyone's doors.

And when all you women get together,

you take up all the space
including our parking.

-Yes. Exactly.
-We agree.

Your classes are a pain.

And then...

When I take a nap in the afternoon,

the whistle from your
cooker ruins my sleep.

What I do in my house
is not anybody's concern...


You can do anything
you want in your house.

But you can't do your shady business here.

Shady business? What shady business?
How dare he talk like that?!

No, he meant you cannot carry out
commercial work in a residential area.

Yes, exactly.

Only a handful of women come to my house

for an hour to learn cooking...
why is that a problem.

[indistinct chatter]

Where were you?

I called you a dozen times.


The factory shut down.


I don't know.

I don't know what's in store.

I will figure something out.

We will figure it out together.

How was the society meeting?

We will figure it out together.

Give me half a kilo of this.

Take one kilo, madam?

No, give me only half a kilo.

Otherwise, it goes to waste.

Tarla... any luck with Nalin's job?

Yes. He's actively looking for a job.

Aunty, I wanted to ask you a question.

I was wondering if
I should ask Nalin or not.


I was thinking of
renting a commercial space,

and start my cooking classes again.

This way I can help Nalin as well.

Are you crazy?

Nalin doesn't have a job,

And you want to be the breadwinner
of the family?!

Nalin is not backward like that.

But he is still the man of the

Got it?

I will get that.



Yes, sister Kamini.

I told you in the morning.

You can add ginger first.

Can I hang up now?

These women will drive me crazy.

A couple of more
ladies called earlier.

-I've written it down on the notepad.

Everyone used to come together
at one time for tuition.

But now they call at any random hour.

Morning, afternoon,
evening, any random time.


You should share your recipes with me.

I'll tell them over the phone.

And anyway, your husband
doesn't have anything better to do.

My husband is the best engineer
in the best factory in Mumbai.

It's not my husband's fault that
the factory closed down.

That's the fifth one.

Don't laugh.

I told you...

Yes, sorry.

Wrong number.


I was thinking why don't
I type all your recipes.

And you can distribute them.

What an idea.

Genius, Nallu.

I get genius ideas when
I am on the typewriter.

It's a stupid idea.

Nallu... why will anyone
attend my class,

if they get the written recipes.

They will learn it themselves.


Sorry. I didn't think about it.



Nallu... why will anyone attend
my class, if they get the recipe?

They will learn it themselves.


Nallu... why will anyone attend
my class, if they get the recipe?

They will learn it themselves.

Correct. Go back to sleep.



Cookbook, Nallu.


What book?


Books don't keep the lifts busy.

Books don't need parking either.

And the best part is...

Wake up, Nallu.

Wake up, Nallu.

And the best part is...

Cookbooks don't have whistles either.

Why should I give tuition at home,

when people can learn cooking at their
homes through the book?

It's a 9-on-10 idea.

Nallu it's a 10 on 10.

Then do it.

I will.


What are you thinking?

I will get offended
if you earn more than me?

No, Nalin.

Honestly speaking,
I will feel bad.

But if you drop this 10 on 10 idea
because of me,

I will feel worse.

Thank you.

Okay. Can we sleep now?

Tarla, what are you looking at?

Come. He is here.

Here are your files,
and your lunch.

Tarla, come in.

Come in, Tarla. Come in.


How is your husband?

-He is good.

-What would you have?

-Tea, coffee, soft drink.
-No, thank you.

Don't hesitate.
This is your first time at the office.

-Have something.

How about your special mint tea?

You taught Kamini,
and she taught everyone here.

Ramesh, three cups of tea.


Kamini said you wanted to talk.

Can I use your calculator?


Yes, please.

I teach Kamini, cooking.

There are 10 more women
like her in my building.

And around 100 in the entire area.
Let's assume 100.

10,000 in the entire Bombay.

One million women in Maharashtra.

And ten million in India.

And there are several
countries in the world, so...

Hiten sir...

Even your calculator
doesn't have as many zeroes,

as the countless women I can
reach out to and teach them cooking

I know...

It's tough to do it in one place.

But it is definitely possible.

If you... publish my cookbook.

Tarla, there is no question.

that your cooking
has that mother's touch.

I swear.

-Kamini made the...
-Boga Chawal.

-Boga Chawal.
-Have you tried it?

-With the sauce?


And it straightaway
reminded me of my mother.

But please don't mind.

Home-cooked food is free.

While one has to shell
out money to buy books.

Yes, brother Hiten, but Kamini
paid money to learn cooking from me.

She even paid money to go watch
'Tarzan' at Alankar theatres.

She wasted 50 rupees.

Don't mind me, Tarla.

But selling books
is not as easy as cooking food.

Only books that sell get published.

And your cookbook won't sell.

Because it's not a
Femina or Time magazine.

It's a cookbook.

And only women will buy it
whose one and only job is to cook.

Right, Kamini.

Cooking is not a job.

Where's the tea, Ramesh?

It's alright.

Brother Hiten... you are right.

Cooking is not a job. It's an art.

Try making Boga Chawal someday,

You will realize boiling the ocean is easier.


-What is this?

Who would want to publish her book?

I've 20 years of experience behind me.

I know what sells and what doesn't.

-Sir, tea.
-Pick it up.

Take it back.

Idiot, stupid, bloody rascal.

Hiten is a piece of shit.

Nalin, he said no
one will publish my book.

Will my book never get published?

-Are you done?

Can I say something now?

We will publish it if nobody does.

How will we publish?

Like all publishers do.

We are not publishers.

Then we'll become one.

Where will we get the money from?

We'll use our FD, my PF.

But we'll definitely
publish your book.

You're a nutcase.

We cannot blow up our savings.


We are not blowing it up.
It's an investment.

For a change,
we are investing in your dreams.

And I am completely sure.

We'll get more returns than FDs give.

What if we don't?

Didn't I turn a vegetarian?

Are you sure this idea is 9 on 10?

Tarla, it's 10 on 10.

But if the book doesn't get published,

it will be a 0 on-10 idea.

Don't worry.

You just concentrate on the
first recipe of the book.

I know what it is going to be.


I'll serve it straight on the table.

Chef, get our food quick!

-Chef, get our food quick!
-Coming. Coming.

-My munchkins, here you go.
-Chef, get our food quick!

How is it?

Nice, isn't it?

You know how I made it?

I soaked the peas overnight,
For about eight hours.

Then I let it boil,
but with little water,

because it already contains water.

8 out of 10.


Everyone is licking their fingers,
and you are rating it 8 out of 10.

It's finger-licking good,
but not good enough for publishing.

The finished product
is important, Tarla.

Fine. It is a challenge.

Until I don't get a 10 on 10,
I am going to make it every day.

"Papa, papa, papa, papa, papa..."

What's wrong? Eat.

"Papa, papa, papa, papa, papa..."

"How do you see a defect
in something so perfect?"

"How can anyone eat the
same dish every day?"

"Papa, why?"

"Papa, why?"

"My mouth can't remember
any other taste."

"Why do you make mom
'copy-paste' the food?"

"My brain is fried and heart's frittering"

"While mom can't stop chopping onions in the kitchen,
we are crying a river in the dining room"

"Papa, why?"

"Papa, why?"

"Papa, why, why, why."

"Daddy, why, why, why."

"Mom, why don't you give
him a piece of your mind?"

"O husband of our mother, why?"

"The tears are real,"

"yet he takes no pity."

"Show some mercy, your highness,"

"Even God is easier to please."

Listen, please! how can you be so cruel!"

"Look, learn, do it better."

"Papa, why?"

"Can't eat anymore."

"Gangu Bai, tell me why."

"Papa, why, why, why."

"Daddy, why, why, why."

"Papa, papa, papa, papa, papa..."

"Papa, papa, papa, papa, papa..."

"Papa, papa, papa, papa, papa..."

"Papa, papa, papa, papa, papa..."

10 on 10.

10 on 10.




Now recipe number 2.

"Papa, why, why, why."

"Why, why, why."


What is this?

Tarla Dalal's 10 on 10 book.


it has all my recipes.


Will it look like this?

With a cover.

What will be on the cover?

Whose recipes are these?


Whose name is on the book?

Mine, Nallu.

So whose picture will be on the cover?

These didn't sell either?

You guys are chopping
down trees for no reason.

Mind your own business.

Weigh them properly.


These are the last 2000 books.

Are you sure?

Nalin. When we couldn't sell 7,000,
how can you expect to sell 2,000?

Take it away.


Total 150 kilos.

50 paisa a piece makes it 75 rupees.

Are you mad?

Give us a proper rate.

This is junk for me.

People will tear it up
And make paper planes.

-If they were any good, they would have
been sold long ago. -Give me that!

-I will give you a whack. Give it.
-Let it be, Tarla.

Sell it all.

I told you this junk
dealer is a thief.

-Forget it.

-Me a thief?
-Take all of it.

-Take all of it.
-What did I steal?

I weighed it in front of you.

How can you say such a thing?
See what he's saying, sister-in-law?

What did I steal?

-Take everything.


Well, don't get too mad.
My best offer is 80 rupees.

Keep it. You won't get
a million for this junk.

I ruined everything. Everything.

I ruined everything.

You ruined everything for me too.

Actually, Tarla, you
shouldn't have served

the chilly pudding the
first time before marriage.

None of this would have happened.

Don't worry.

Everything will be fine.


The big one.

The vegetables are burnt.

Yes. I'll make fresh ones.

No... Let's use the money we
got from the junk dealer.

Let's go out for dinner.


Leave it.

Let's eat.

We are here to eat, so let's eat.

Eat. Eat.

This is batata mussalam.

Tastes exactly like batata mussalam.

This is batata mussalam.

Cent per cent batata mussalam.

What seems to be the problem, ma'am?

What is this?

It's a spicy mix of nutmeg powder,
cardamom, clove, cinnamon, turmeric,

pinch of cumin seeds...

It's my speciality.

My innovation.

Potato gratin du'finua.

Not yours, it is my speciality.

This is batata mussalam.
From where you took?

No, ma'am, I... mastered this
in cuisine le'cotton blue on--


Madam, I copied it from a book.

Which book?

My friend bought it for me.

It has a nice name.

Veg Cooking Made Tasty?

Veg Cooking Made Tasty by...

-By me...

Stupid. By 'me' means Tarla Dalal.

-Tarla Dalal.
-Tarla Dalal.

I... Tarla Dalal.

-Tarla Dalal.
-Tarla Dalal.

Yes... Tarla Dalal.

Madam, I am a big fan of yours.

I've read your
book several times.

Your recipes are fantastic.

Do you like my recipes?

Everyone's crazy about it.

You serve my recipes over here.

Give me your autograph.

Hold this.

Mahipal Singh Dhakkad...

with love.

Listen, garnish it with coriander.

-Okay, madam.
-At least copy it properly.

-Go on.


My first autograph.


Gaffur... did you tear up my books?

I will do it tomorrow. What's wrong?

No, don't tear it up.

Wait a minute.


-Here's your money...

-How many do you want?
-All of it.


500 for the entire lot.


You just bought it for 75 as junk.

The buying price is 75,
selling price is 500.

Tarla, I told you...


Here you go.

400... 500...

You actually paid the money.

What will you do with this junk?

I thought the book

didn't sell because
people didn't like it.

We just found out.

It was a hit with the few
people who bought it.

In fact, they are copying the
recipes and taking credit for it.

Why didn't it sell
earlier if it's so good?

Because the book couldn't
reach the people.

I got it. Distribution problem.

-Yes, that.

So what will you do now?

The product is top quality,

so we need a good quality
distributor as well.


-I can carry one more.

Allow me.
I will become your distributor.

-But you...

-Are a junk dealer, isn't it?

A junk dealer has more
outreach than a minister.


I go from one house to another.

-Deal with thousands
of ladies every day. -Yes.

I handle their money.

What does the job demand?

Handing them the book.

I'll barge into their houses
and hard-sell the book.

What is it called?

-Door-to-door sales.

-Door-to-door sales.
-Yes, exactly.


Here you go.

Keep it. It's yours.

Think about it. There is no hurry.
Let me know in the morning.



I think someday you'll be a
big man and also buy the shop next door.



You agreed very quickly.

-Please go all out and sell.

Of course, I'll sell it
down to the last book. Believe me.

Madam, that's eight rupees.

But I'll give you ten. Here.

Wait a second.

Forget the money.

I'll give you a hundred
recipes from Tarla Dalal instead.

But we are non-vegetarians.

What will we do with
these vegetarian recipes?

We don't want it.

It's got 101 fantastic recipes.

Try it.

If you don't like it,
you can always return it.

I'll return your money.

Here you go.

And this too.

But I don't cook.
Why should I buy this book?

Please, uncle, take it.
Gaffur sir has given us a target.

Please, please.

Good afternoon, everybody.

As you all know, we have gathered
here to thank Tarla Dalal,

for all the wonderful
work she has done.

You gave us the pleasure of
vegetarian food with your first book.

And with your second book,
you are here to serve us joy.

Welcome, the one and only Tarla Dalal.


-No, no.
-Speech, everybody.

Speech. Speech. Speech.

-Nalin, I cannot give a speech.
-Hold the mic up.

I cannot give a speech...

We don't care.

-You must give a speech.


Fine, I'll try to give a speech.

First things first,

thank you for coming here for me.

Truth be told,

I am here because of all of you.

But honestly, I would like
to thank the chef the most

If you hadn't copied my recipe,
I would have never realised

how good my book really is.

And sorry for
slapping you the other day.

Thank you, ma'am.

Our restaurant is doing
well only because of you.

You all know that the book is out,
and we also sold 10,000 copies.

But we only sold 10,000 copies,

so there is a lot to do.

Thank you. Thank you.

You were amazing. You were great.

Come here, Guddu.

Thank you. Thank you.

Tarla's really made it big,
Hasn't she?


By the way, Mr. Engineer,
where have you been these days?

I am right here.

And you'll be stuck here forever.

Let's go, Kamini.

What do you want for lunch?


-There is no need for all this...
-You deserve it.

There is no need for all this.

Madam. There are some letters for you.

-For me?

-All of them?

What happened?


I got mail from my readers.


Great. Great.

Let's go.


Great. Great. Please come.

Listen, get the scissors.

This bookstore is a big leap for me,
hope you like it

This is done.

What's next?

The next milestone is the backdoor shop

-At the back?
-Yes. I'll buy that too

and make it a warehouse.

Gaffur, someone should
write a book on you.

Not just books, but someone
will make a movie too.

But you must keep writing,

and you keep publishing it.

Just give me the distribution,
that's it.

Regardless of who publishes the book,
you will only distribute them, Gaffur.

That's amazing.

Give me scissors.

What do you mean?



It's so nice you showed up.

Thank you very much.

Please, come.

-Take a look inside everyone.
-What do you mean by whoever publishes it?

I became a publisher
to help you achieve your dream.

But I am an engineer at heart.

And I want to go back to my passion.

But, Nalin, how will I manage alone...

You will manage everything.


We were supposed to do it together.

That's the idea.

I won't publish it,
but I won't let you publish it,

until every recipe is a 10-on-10.

Shall we?

-How are you?
-I am good.

-How are you?
-First class.

Sorry, buddy.
We're launching a new fabric.

So I was in a meeting about that.

-Congrats. Congrats.

So what brings you here?

I was close by and
thought I should drop in.

Rascal, I've been
calling you for so long.

And now you show up.

Now that I am here.

Hire me.

Are you looking for a job?

Yes, I wanted to... join back.

Why didn't you tell me last month?
I just hired someone.

You don't stay in touch.

You know what,
I'll talk to Gaurav Mishra.

He's looking to hire someone.

I will talk to him.

He will find something for you.

I will talk to him.

Renuka ma'am. Tarla ma'am is here.


Please, come.

I agree with you, Tarla.

But I haven't said anything yet.

You did on the day
of your book launch.

I agree with that.

10,000 women reading your
book can't be an achievement.

Especially in a country
where 200 million women,

cook every day for 900 million people,
three times a day.

And there is something
common among those women, Tarla.

Whether they read books or not,

given a choice,
they will watch television.

Yes, they all watch television.

It's time to go to
the next level, Tarla.

Next... level meaning?

Next level means
a month's rehearsal,

then pilot.

Pilot? What?

Meaning we'll shoot the first episode,

watch the reaction of the audience.

If they like it,

then your cookery show will be on air.

-On air means...
-On TV.


That is if you say yes.

So I'll be cooking food on TV...

-My own cooking show. On TV.

You'll be cooking on TV.

You will teach the audience, cooking.

Teach the audience... on TV.

-They can watch in their homes.

"The crooked paths
have become straight."

"Happiness just popped into my lap."

"Dreams have come true,
every moment is a celebration."

"What else can I ask for?

What say, Tarla?

Look at this.

Yes... I... like all of it.

"This is life."

"It's an unknown path,
a new destination."

"Will someone tell
me what this journey is?"

"With a new journey
comes new difficulties."

-You can use this water but...
-What's going on here?

Try it, ma'am. You will love it.

I see.

Hara bhara veg kebab.

The real fun starts next week.

We just have to manage this week.

Next week.

The rehearsals will begin,

and for the first time, we'll
get to eat good food on the shoot.

"This is life."

"This is life."


If anything comes up,

I'll let you know.

Thank you, sir.

"This is life."

"This is life."

"This is life."

My Kitchen?

Never imagined kitchens
could be so beautiful.

Because everyone

in India will be watching
your kitchen in their drawing room.

"This is life."

I have another surprise, Tarla.

The show's name has been finalised.


when did you get here?

It's a good thing.

I have some good news for everyone.

You know, my show's name
has been finalised today.

Cook with Tarla Dalal!


-Thank you.

The name of mummy's show has arrived.

Let me.

Leave it. I'll do it.

You didn't know there
was no flour in the house.


Yes. You didn't know there
was no flour in the house?

Nalin got it, didn't he?

This is not Nalin Kumar's job.

Where are the pickles?

Pickles. It was right here.

What do you mean?



What's wrong, Mom?

It's a big day for me.

I gave you such big news.

My show's been named after me.

Cook with Tarla Dalal!

And you are busy
with flour and pickles?

Then cook at home too! Huh.

You may be a celebrity outside.

But inside this house,

you are a mother, a wife
and a daughter-in-law.

So leave your celebrity
status out of the house.

And what is this?

You had pretty long hair.

You look like a clown without them.

Don't you get it?

-Shut it, Nalin.

Couldn't utter a word in front of Mom.

How can I interfere...

What interfere?

I... I am trying my best.

But I can't be perfect.

But I am still much better than her!

Tarla. All I am saying is,

no one can replace you in this house.

We all know that.

Nalin, all I know
is I am trying my best.


At least more than everyone else.

And here's your 'poha'.

Your tea without sugar.

Tarla has hired a cook.

Do you think this works?

I know she is good.

Do you think they'll
look good together in a frame?

That depends on the frame, ma'am.

What are you doing, Rajat?

What did I tell you?

I want someone fresh.

I want a fresh face.

Where will I get one in four days?

Can I ask a question?

Go ahead.

I mean... does my co-host
have to be a female?

I mean...

what if the co-host is a guy?


You were saying.

Since we're looking for a fresh face,

what can be fresher
than a guy in the kitchen?

Man in the kitchen.

You have someone on your mind.

No, I...

But should be someone
who can bring a change in mindsets,

of the audience

and himself.

This food isn't good.

It's nice. You always throw tantrums.

-You do it.
-You do it.

-You do it.

-Hey... enough.
-You do it.

-I said enough.
-Don't hit me.

No fighting while eating.

-Come on, eat.
-This is not like mom used to cook.

I'll go get some curd.


-Just a little.
-Don't eat too many pickles, Deepak.

Just a little.

-Take some of this curry.

Papa, when is mummy coming home?

I don't know.

But mummy said she will
come early today evening.

Mom promised.

She was late yesterday as well.

Tarla ma'am made this list of vegetables.

Get them on your way
back from the office.


I am starving.

What will Tarla teach
us to cook today?

So today we are making
Nan-khatai (cookies).

It's a very simple recipe.

It has milk, ghee...

-but ghee is important...

-Cut. Tarla.

Camera facing doesn't
mean looking into the camera.

-It means looking at the camera.
-You said audience, so...

Sir. Nalin sir.


Hello, sir. What brings you here?

I... was... here for the interview.


But didn't you turn into a publisher?

Not voluntarily - I had to
do it for family.

How was the interview?

The interview was good,

but they said there
will be another round.

I don't know.

Another round? With the CEO?


sir, you're almost through!

Are you serious?

It's just a formality round, sir.

CEO sir meets the selected candidate
before they give out the offer.

-He met me too.

I am telling you,
sir, you got the job.

Are you... sure?

I can give it in writing, sir.

You're pro at fibbing, not me.

This is so nice, sir.

The good old days are back.

Yes, let's hope so.

See you soon, sir.

It was nice meeting you.

Tarla, today's interview
was just superb.

They were really glad.

It'll look really good on my biodata
if it comes through.

The final interview is tomorrow.

Makrand said it's just a formality
and I am almost there.

But I am a little stressed/anxious.

I've bigger stress to deal with, Nallu.
You will get the job easily.

I am so stressed...
The shoot is tomorrow,

and these people don't understand.

Do you know what happened today?

That Renuka...

She just doesn't understand.

I told her I want to make 'Chhole',

and she brought tea leaves for me.

And asked if we are supposed
to make tea or 'Chhole'.

I told her, tea leaves give a
rich black colour to 'chhole'

They say don't turn like this,
turn like that for the camera.

If you turn like this,
It will be camera favouring.

How would I know any of this?

I don't know anything.
And they put so much makeup on me.


Are you going somewhere?

I told you I have
an interview tomorrow.


Can you push your interview a little?


You see... Sanju's stomach
ache isn't getting any better.

I mean it's a little better,

but it's still aching.

And I... have a shoot
today for my pilot episode.

I tried to get it rescheduled, but...

I will come early in the evening.

I promise.

Go, if you have to.

I'll handle everything here.

Thank you.


Tarla. All set?

Yes. Renuka, I was thinking,

since this is an Indian cooking show,

let's end it with an Indian sweet.

So I'll make Gulab Jamun.
I'll make it quick.

Gulab Jamun in 15 minutes.

I am not so sure about
Gulab Jamun, Tarla.

Okay, I can even
make Rasgullas quickly.

How about that?

Tarla, our target audience
will be more interested in cakes.

-So let's make a cake.

But, Renuka,

cake will take a lot of time.

Don't worry, you're going to kill it.

The most important
part of baking cake,

is the quantity of ingredients.

I've put all the
ingredients in this bowl,

and now we'll whisk it like this.

-Try it.
-Oh, sure.



Clean it up, Rajat.
Don't move your body so much.

-Do it a little more organically.

-Next, we'll take this aluminium
baking dish... -Cut. Cut.

-And use butter...

Tarla, sorry.
The mic is coming in the frame.

Now we'll put the entire cake batter...


What's wrong with the lights?

-Cut! Cut!

Let's go. Let's go again.

-We'll have to do it again, Tarla.


-The cake is ready.






It's okay, son. Just a minute.

Sanju, what's wrong?

What happened, Sanju?

My stomach is aching.

Mama is here now.
She is here now.

-What's wrong with him?
-What did he eat last night.

Last night he...


Doctor, he had rice,
lentils and vegetables.

He didn't.

His stomach is empty.

Do you know he hasn't been eating?

You don't know.

This is an early sign
of atrophic gastritis.

It's generally found in African kids,

who don't get two square meals a day.

Take care.

He's your child.

Will he be okay, doctor?

Yes. He will be fine.

-But, take care of his eating habits.

Yes, what can we give him to eat?
I will take care of it.

Tell me, doctor.

Give this three times
a day before food.

And yes, at least give
the medicines on time.

See you.

Come, doctor.

I will make it.

-Don't worry.

I know how to do it.

I don't think I'm a good mother.

Teaching the world how to cook, and

my own son...

Isn't... eating.

And your interview?

I shouldn't have started any of this.

I don't know what I was thinking.

Everything is going haywire while I'm
trying to make something of myself.

Sometimes I feel I want to quit.

Then quit. Who is stopping you?

Do you want me to quit the show?

I didn't say that.

Should I quit?

The final decision is yours.

You have my full support.

"Why have our sweet moments soured?"

"Why is life upset with us?"

"Why is our world - world, we've been
cementing with love - falling apart? "

Whose stomach is aching now?

Sorry, mom.
I will eat from now on. I promise.

"...why do the tears start streaming
as soon as the eyes open?"

"Why can't I find what's lost?"

It is a good decision, Tarla.

You achieved so much.

Do you want to scale a mountain now?

Focus on your family.

Children are growing up.

They need you too.

The younger one is still too young.

What do you think?

Come, madam.

I proudly tell everyone
that you buy vegetables from me

Nallu, what's going
to be on the cover?

Whose name is on the cover?


So... whose face will be on the cover?

"A speck so tightly wrapped around me."

"Leaving me speechless and in tears."

"Even my dreams are scared of me."

Tarla, where are you?

-Everyone is waiting for you on the set.
-"The night was upon us..."

-I'm sorry.
-This is extremely unprofessional.

-"...but the moon went missing."

-"We were meant to be together"

-Sir, please.
-"But now.."

-Give me one chance.
-"Why can't you and I last forever?"


I'm begging you, sir.

I can leave right now, sir.

I want 10 minutes of your time.

Yes sir. Thank you, sir.

"Why can't I find what's lost?"

"Why are we no longer
what we used to be?"

The pilot has been approved.

You are going to create history.

This is so big.

Do you realise that?
What are you doing?


I am doing what

any woman would do for their family.


You are doing what
no man would ever do.

I know.

You're more busy than me.


Rescheduled the interview
at the last minute.

Sir, my child was sick,

my wife had to work,
and I had to stay home.

Why didn't you come in the evening?

My wife came home late, sir.

That's why I couldn't come.


What an excuse.

No, sir. It's not an excuse.

I am telling you the truth, sir.

You can see my resume.

You can check my bio-data, sir.

You have a rich experience,

but nothing for the
last couple of years.


my wife actually...

You cancel the interview
if your wife has to go out.

You don't take up a job
when you have to support her.

It was nice meeting you, Mr. Dalal.


By the way, if you
don't mind me asking,

what does your wife do?

She writes books, sir.

Is your wife an author?

She is no author.

She is a cook.

She writes recipes.
Nothing special.

Are you the famous
chef Tarla Dalal's husband?

Yes, sir.

I am Tarla Dalal's husband.

Are you serious?

I am really sorry.

I thought you were making excuses.

Actually, I've been
reading about you two.

Mr. Dalal, you are an inspiration.

In fact, I am your fan.

You mean my wife's.

No, I am your fan.

You see, Mr. Dalal.

Behind every successful
man is a woman.

But it's hard to find a man
who stands behind a successful woman.

Tarla Dalal found one.


You stood by her,
and she kept at it

And now look... how big she's made it.

Mr. Dalal,

this company needs
open-minded people like you.

Congratulations, Mr. Dalal.

The job is yours.

Shake hands.


Thank you, sir.

"Finally realised how foolish I was."

"A big blunder I made."

"My worries were unfounded."

"It was always about me, never you."

"The moment we could possibly live,
is now lost."

"While looking the other way,"
"I left my home miles away"

"Why can't I find a cure for the wound."

"Why can't I find what's lost?"


Let's read the letters.

Let's read it later, Tarla.

I am tired.

Fine, let's read it later.

"Why are we no longer
what we used to be?"


Your letters.

I don't want them.

Tarla, you must read these letters.


This is from Sushma from Raebareli.

She is saying,
"thanks to your ready-to-eat recipes

I can continue my
job even after marriage."

Mitali from Haryana says,

she got permission to take
part in a swimming competition.

-And this one's from Kota...

I've refused the show already.

There is another letter.

From some guy.

He says...

thank you, Tarla.

Thank you for making me realise,

what a typical husband I am.

A typical husband,

who helps you with the chores,

but also asserts
what a favour I've done.

I praise you publicly.

But also expect you
to thank me in exchange.

Sometimes I massage
your feet at night,

but lock the door first
so the children don't see me.

After making all the decisions myself,

I pretend I leave the
final decision to you.


I always thought I
was an open-minded husband.

Thank you for making me realise,

what a typical husband I am.

Your typical husband, Nalin.

Why now, Nalin?



India is full of hypocritical
people worse than me,

who worship women like Goddess Laxmi

but also set boundaries for them.

You taught those women,

that way out also passes
through the kitchen.

And cooking can get
them all the approvals.

But honestly,
women don't need any approval.

All they need is a hero.

And, Tarla...


You are that hero, Tarla.

And heroes...

Are put on TV.

They are not made to rot at home.


I am Tarla Dalal.

Today I'll tell you my recipe
to make something of yourself.

First, take a couple
of people who laugh at you.

A handful of those who understand you.

And only a few who stand by you.

But the most important
ingredient to this recipe is...


But what do we do?

Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner,

we keep our dream in an airtight container
somewhere at the back of the kitchen.

But the best part is...

There is no expiry
date to discover your passion

The only condition though is
that you must keep trying.

That's... Tarla Dalal's
recipe to make 'something of yourself'.

Cut. Cut.


I didn't look at the camera. I looked
the other way and the audience.

Forgot to look at him, sorry.

You were doing great...

You know, women are not executive
chefs in renowned hotels.

Women are such good cooks,

but why can't you see
them cooking professionally?

Siddharth, that was back in the day.

What you are saying is right.
That is no longer the time.

In those days, women never
stepped out of their houses.

They didn't work in hotels.

Families were apprehensive
about sending women out.

That's no longer the case.
They are given full protection.

They go out. They do work.

Soon you will hear
"She is a great chef".

I am sure you will play an
instrumental role in that.

Let's hope.


"This is life."

"This is life."

"This is life."

"This is life."

"This is life."

"This is life."

"This is life."

"This is life."

"This is life."

"The promises made to each other,"

"we will stay true to it."

"The new seasons in our path,"

"are to be celebrated together."

"There is only one life."

"And now it's dedicated to you."

"My faded dreams are
now filled with new colours."

"The promises made to each other,"

"we will stay true to it."

"The new seasons in our path,"

"are to be celebrated together."

"Be it good or bad,"

"we will turn it into
memorable memories."

"If one of us is upset,"

"other will make it up with a smile."

"Slowly, steadily,
the dots will connect."

"Turning into decades."

"And we keep falling deeper in love,
year after year."

"There is only one life."

"And now it's dedicated to you."

"My faded dreams are
now filled with new colours."

"The promises made to each other,"

"we will stay true to it."