Targeting (2014) - full transcript

A female soldier returns from Afghanistan and begins running surveillance on an Afghan person-of-interest that she learns is living in her hometown.

Do you have repeated,
disturbing memories, thoughts

or images of a stressful
experience from the past?

Do you avoid thinking
or talking about

a stressful experience from
the past to avoid feelings

related to it?

Do you have a loss
of interest in things

that you used to enjoy?

Do you feel you need to see

a psychiatric
professional today?

Merry Christmas.

Do you think you've got it,

do you think you've
got it, go for it!

Daddy's dead.

Wait no that was super...

No, no, no, that's impossible!

That's impossible, that
was a medium-ranged...


So what, so I've
got to wait until...

Oh no, I've got...

So now what huh?

Daddy, who is it?

Look who's here.

I got this for you.

Look dad, it's a Blondie Blair!

Alright, I didn't
have all of the ingredients,

but I tried to make it
just how you like it.

Dear God, thank you for
bringing my mommy home.

Thank you for all the yummy grub

and bless all the men and
women in the army, amen.


Aren't you gonna eat?

Hey daddy can I play a game?

That's your mom's
decision now too, bug.

And it's may I play a game?

Where are you going?


Can I come?

Cay, sweetie.

I want you to go finish
your homework, okay?


Target, Korban Wali,

highly dangerous, shoot to kill,

your trusted informant
will lead you to him,

Baktoosh Nuri,
bearded, spectacles.

Core, do you have clear negative

contact showing up?

Your door is secure.

Ridgeway, take the lead.

Copy, copy, proceed.

Where's Korban Wali?

This way, follow me.

Shadowing informant,
en route to the target.

Copy that
Ridge, tighten the noose.

In there,
more than one, he sleeps.

Target Korban Wali inside.

Go in for the kill.

No, no, you shot
the kid, you shot the kid!

Is he sure?

Well, are you hungry?

I am starving.

You have 15 new messages.

Your mailbox is full.

Hi mommy, I'm
gonna leave you a message

every day that you're
away, so you can hear me

always say that I love you so
very much .

Hi mommy, I drew a picture
of you, me, and daddy

at the park, we were playing
and having the best time.

I can't wait to do that again.

I miss you, I love you.

Looks how pretty
she looks in her dress huh?

Yeah that's beautiful.

You did a great job, mom.

Oh shit.

Mattie, girl!

Look who's finally here.

Ah, it's
so good to see you honey.

Family pictures, while
we got everybody here huh?

Yeah, let's do that.


Trust me, it'll be good for you.

One, two, three!

Christmas eve!

Santa Claus!

What, you tricked us!

You really tricked us.

Dad, come take one, I
want in there, alright?

Christmas tree.

Yeah, Christmas tree.

Okay, one, two, three.

Santa Claus.

What, you can't keep
changing it on us!

Oh that's great.

Ah yeah, yeah and
that was the better version...

I think
women, I think that women

can do just about anything
a man can, if not better.

A mother needs to be close by...


With her kids.

- Mom, mom!
- Well, you did fine.

Working, raising three kids.


All I'm getting at is,
I don't understand why

they let women
into the military.

Oh Good Lord.

Do you know why, Mattie?

Mom, pass the salt.

You didn't come home
for mid-tour leave.

Didn't feel right.


Oh boy, welcome home.

What is it Cay?

Is mommy okay?

Hmm, yeah, she's
okay, she's just tired.

We all are.

So get some sleep.

Does she still love me?

Of course she does.

Remember the story
of the ice princess?

Mommy was in a very cold place.

So she just needs some time
for her heart to warm up.

Like a vacation?

Hey, can you
pick up Cay from school?

Nancy is sick so I
gotta pull a double.

Hello, I know you're there.

So what's your plan, Ridge?

Job, school?


The GI Bill has a
housing allowance now,

you should check that out.

Do you remember
a POI named Nuri?


He's here.


I saw him.

Look Ridge, pretend I'm an
E8, and you're still my E6.

What's the first
rule of targeting?

Never fill in the gaps.

Yeah, that's right.

You know I can't
take that from you.

Mommy, mommy, look at me!

Cay, sweetheart, be careful,

why don't you get
down from there?

You were supposed to get
rid of those or burn them.

That's what the red tags mean.


What happened over there?

We're all a little
worried about you.

Lord knows if it were
me in your shoes,

I, I don't know what I would do.

Owh, mommy, mommy!


What's wrong, Cay?

My arm, it hurts!

You should take
her to the hospital,

I think she broke it.

Are you a doctor?


Come on, Cay.

Mommy, this really hurts.

Mommy, answer the phone.


Answer the phone!



Hey, did you pick up Cay?

Yeah, it was fine.

Is that daddy, I
wanna talk to him.

Daddy I fell, on the playground.

Oh, are you okay?

No, it's black and blue.

Let me talk to your mother.

Mommy, he wants to talk to you.


Are you out of your mind?

You don't think our
daughter hurting herself

at the park is worth
mentioning to me?

Well compared to
other things, no.

Look, just bring
her to the clinic, alright?



That's a bad word mommy.

Well there are
no bad words, Cay.

Only bad people.

Wait here.

Oh baby, Jesus...


Dr. Lumice is going to
take a look at your arm.

Come with me.

All better.

Why are you so quiet?

English, Fereshta, English.

We're just like every other
couple in this country.

Okay, honey.

Thank you.

Can you bring me "tawl" please?



Where is it?

In the bottom right drawer.

Don't worry so much,
we made the right choice.

What makes you so sure?

I just am.

Happy New Years, honey.

But that's what you wanted.

I never wanted strange
men to admire you.

That's my job.

But you tell me,
go out like this.

To feel more American.

I love my head cover.

What woman do you
know in this country,

who have their heads covered?



Yes, the ones who
refuse to fit in.

We don't want to be like them.

I want to see your
beautiful hair.

For me?



Uh, I was thinking maybe
we could go out sometime.

You know, like a date?


Stop pushing me away, Mattie.

I'm not.

It wasn't easy coming
home for me either.

You were in logistics, Justin.

You know Mattie, what the
hell happened over there?

I'm home, isn't that enough?

You're not home.



Why does a FOBs place
always smell FOBby?



I mean don't get
me fucking wrong bro,

my pops came over on the
banana boat him damn self.

So uh, I know a FOB
when I smell one.

Please, sit.




Oh nice pictures.

If this
bitch was my wife...

How long will it be?

There ain't enough here, man.

Down payment.

This ain't Best Buy
motherfucker, come on.

No deal then.

Call your superior.

Step away.

Seven fucking days,
we'll tell you where.

And you better be
ready with the money,

or I will put her in
a fucking blender.

Don't threaten me,
okay, I'm Afghan.

You just make sure, you hold
up to your end of the deal.


Who the fuck are you?

Somebody with cash.

Well, fish and chips
today sugartits, no bacon.

I'm not a fucking cop.

Then how do you know me?

It's a small town.

I don't know you.


Then what the fuck are you?

So what do you need
protection from?

Got anything heavier?

Like what, .44's?


Look, these guns are
already illegal in this city.

So carbines are really illegal.

What choice did I have Fereshta?

They asked for more money.

I don't have to ask.

I gave him a future.

I know.

Very good you didn't
fall for the trick of the F.

Where's mommy going?

Just focus on your homework.

Why more, why more?

Because that's the way it is.

No, that's not the way it is.

It's double now,
it's double now,

it's fucking double now.

Okay, okay.

Don't fuck with us.


Get in your fucking
car and go home.


Hey, who's there?

Hey, show yourself!

Ah fuck.

Mattie, Mattie!

Give me the gun.

What are you gonna do, shoot me?

Please just give me the gun.

Good morning, Cay.

Morning mommy.


What do you wanna do today?

am going to beat you!

No fair!

Now climb to the next spot.

Are you're going to
be okay up there?

You're pretty brave.



I'm upside down!


Anyway there I am, with
my butt half in the air,

the enemy at 11
o'clock and your mother

throws me toilet paper.

Not my gun, which I needed
by the way, but toilet paper!

Oh wow, Lord I thought we
were all gonna die that night.

Oh, let me get that.

No, no, no, no, you
guys stay, I got this.

I'm sure you have a
lot to catch up on.

I'll help.

Well thank you very much.

That's quite a
recovery you've made.

I'm proud of you, kid.


That uh, that matter,
you had me look into,

it's in good hands, I'm glad
you're with your family.

Who wants ice cream?

- Ice cream!
- I do!

Good, because we have four.

What is this, oh yeah!

Oh that was fun, huh?


Ha, I like that.

Now let's look at this here.


This is a series
of my baby pictures.

Then this is another
me with daddy.

And another me with daddy.

I never did figure
out how this went.

Like here?

It could be there too, right?



Let me put it like this.



Where is this place?

Who is this man?

It's nobody, honey.

Please, please,
no more fried chicken.

It is not chicken.

In America it's chicken.

I want to cook again.

Listen, eating out
is cheaper and easier.

Are you ready?

Yeah, I am.


How do I look?

You look really handsome.

I'll be right back, Cay.

Can I come?

Here you go.

Thank you.

I'm sorry ma'am.

When can I
call my mother and father?


Is, "are beautiful and
useful", a sentence

or a sentence-fragment?



How long 'till dinner?

Uh, 30, 45 minutes, 'till
the sauce is done, why?

I'm just gonna
get in a quick lift.


Cay, wait.

Your supper's cold.

I lost track of time.


It looks like you're
really working up a sweat.

I said I'm sorry, let's eat.

What the fuck, Mattie,
hey get back here!



Fuck off!

What are you doing?

Why, why are you doing this?

You know why!

You almost killed your
daughter over this shit!




Come here, we're gonna go.

Justin, Justin...

In that house you'll have

a great big kitchen,

with a deep, deep freezer.

And if I don't?

Trust me,
you'll be cooking again,

and we'll get very fat.

But how?

Where, where are you
going to get the money?

Life is about
sacrifices, Fereshta.


don't worry so much, okay?

It's not good for me, not
good for the baby, rest.



Do you have batteries?

Uh, triple A,
double A, nine-volt,

I got some C's...

Dude what the
hell, I told you not here!

I need it now.


And a pack of reds.


No fair!

It's legal, hey Cay!

Nobody likes a sore loser.

God forbid.

Well when she becomes the
next Supreme Court judge,

everyone will be thanking me.

I don't wanna join the army.



Dude what the
hell, I told you not here!

I need it now.

It's all there, you
don't need to count it.

Yeah, thank you.

Hey, I don't wanna see

your ugly face in here again.

It's all there,
you don't need to count it.

It's not going to change
a thing, Fereshta.

Please, for me.

For your unborn child.

If God made it so
simple, everyone would have

a passport to salvation.

They made prayers one of

the five pillars of
Islam for a reason.

Fereshta, life is a test.

Then every killer would
turn to pray to Allah, right?

And have their redemption.

Oh fine, I
will pray for you then.


Please watch over
my husband tonight.

He has done much for his
family's safekeeping.

Please watch over him.

Off to the night shift.

Hard being
a single mom, isn't it?

Listen Justin.

Very funny, mom.

I can have the divorce
papers ready in the morning.

Please listen to me.

Stop it okay,
I told you to drop it,

and don't talk like
that around Cay.

She screwed you
over pretty good.

Drop it, good night mom.


Don't let her stay up tonight.

Lies, you cannot build
a life here with lies.

Will you stop thinking
of yourself for one second?

Hopes and
dreams, that's all this is.

You sold off Zachary's
portrait, for what?

For one lousy shot at life!

Tomorrow will come,
and everything will still be the same.

If something
happens to me tonight,

go to my uncles in Fremont.


Oh help...


Anybody there?







Help, help!

Who are you?


Who are you?

Khalid Attaqi.

My name is Khalid Attaqi.

I swear, I swear I,
I'll get you money,

I have a lot of it,
please don't kill me.



I have...


I swear my is Khalid Attaqi.

Please sir...

Please don't kill me,
please don't kill me.

I have a wife, I have a wife
with an unborn child, please.

My name is Khalid Attaqi.

Why won't you listen to me?

Please, I'm sorry...

Help, help...

Somebody help me!

I just came
to pick up some stuff.

Sorry if I scared you.

Are you seriously
gonna pull this shit?

Excuse me.


It's late, I'm tired, I just
want the fucking air mattress.


If you let me go, I
will get the money.

All of it, I swear.

I swear.

You are not innocent.

He is with you?

You're police?

You're going to deport us?

Tell everything.

Is my wife okay?

I wanna know everything.

I told you, I go to university,

I study sociology, I'm
trying to get my PHD.

You're planning an attack.

What, no!

Who are you, and why are
you speaking Dari to me?

I'm just sociology student.

There's been a mistake.

No mistake,

because you led us
into that house.

Listen to me, you do
whatever you want with me.

But you leave my wife
alone, you understand?



In my apartment, in
the television set.


No, no, no, no.


Where is your husband,
I know you speak English.

I don't know.

Where's my fucking money?

He bring it to you, he bring...


Listen lady, I
didn't fucking get stood up,

I waited for him all
fucking last night,

he never showed, where is he?!


Please, let me go!

Please, you have to stop
them, she's pregnant!

Where is he?!

Do you understand that?



Speak fucking English!

It's like you're
talking to a dog,

they only understand so much.

Well let's give her
something to understand then.

What the fuck are you
doing, we don't kidnap people!

We're just gonna
make the bastard pay,

now grab her goddamn legs.

Come on!

You have to stop them,
you have to stop them.

You're, you're police.

You're a woman.

From the market, why?

Do you recognize me?

I told you, I go to university

to study sociology, that's it.

My student visa expired.

I wanted to stay in the country.

I found someone who
would sell to us.

He kept raising the price.

He said he'd go to Immigration.

Your name is
Baktoosh Nuri, say it.

My name is Khalid Attaqi.

Your name is Baktoosh
Nuri, POI One-Seven-Delta.

You are a credible
threat, so fucking say it.

I've never seen you
before in my life.

You have the wrong man, I swear.


My name is Baktoosh Nuri.


My name is Baktoosh Nuri,

and I'm a considerable threat.

You're a credible threat.

My name is Baktoosh Nuri,

and I'm a credible threat.

Now apologize.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


Confess to what, I
haven't done anything.


This is all
very simple Baktoosh.

You confess to me
and I let you live.

Can you handle that?

Your commanding
officer sought me out.

I remember you.

You were always with him.

Your team was after an
elusive target, Korban Wali.

It took much effort, but
I helped you find him,

at his private compound.

But it wasn't his home.


It was my fault.

You weren't supposed to
be there, it was my fault.

Not yours.

What about the girl?

I don't know a little girl.

I just want to be
with my family.

I will be whoever
you want me to be,

I will say whatever
you want me to say.

Please help me.


I just want to be with my wife.



Help me.

Do it.

Aah, aah!


You're a mother?

How could you do this?

You've strayed so far from love.

How old is your daughter?


Did you kill a little girl?

Your daughter, she's beautiful,

kind, happy.

She's got her entire life ahead.

Miss, please...


I'm going to walk out that door.

You do whatever you want.

I can help you get
your family back.

Why should I trust you?

You have no one else.


If you check on her one more
time I will shoot you myself.

I'm taking a piss.



Fereshta, get back, okay?

Skaggs, go shut
your girlfriend up.

Damn man.

God, when is this asshole
gonna come collect his wife?

Holy shit!

Skaggs, go get him!

Fuck you, this is your
problem, you deal with it!

Do it!


No wait!

Where is the rest
of his papers!?

It's in his jacket pocket.

You leave.





No you shot the kid!

Oh shit.

You shot the kid!

Get in the fucking car, now!

Somebody help mommy!

Oh you're going down,

you're going down little lady.


You're not supposed to do that.

Anyway you're messing
up all of these things.

I love you mommy.

I love you so much.