Target of an Assassin (1977) - full transcript

An ailing African leader is admitted to a hospital. A male nurse at the hospital kidnaps him, but it turns out that things aren't exactly what they seem to be.

(rhythmic drum music)

(singing in foreign language)
(rhythmic drum music)

(dramatic music)

- [Soldier] Attention!

Order arms.


Quick march.

(lively marching band music)

Ready, front.

Parade rest.

(dramatic drum music)

- [Albert] Alright.

(dramatic drum music)

- Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

Here at the military airport,
security is very, very tight.

- [Killeen] God knows
why we have to get him.

If it was heart, yes,

we could have whistled him
down to Barnard, but anemia.

- [Ben] Yeah, if that's all it is.

His own physician suspects leukemia.

- What if our tests show it is?

- [Killeen] Then back he goes, Sister.

We don't want any dead presidents

closhing up the corridors
of this hospital.

- A bomb was placed in
his presidential car.

How the bomb was introduced
into the president's car,

and by whom, is a mystery
which the Swiss police

are still trying to solve.

There's been a further attempt
on the president's life

at a meeting of the
non-aligned nations in Bogota.

- [Killeen] That man's a
walking disaster, he is.

- [Reporter] To date, there
have been eight attempts

on his life.
- Mm, just some of the things

he says and does.
- Here he comes.

Here he comes.

(propellers whirring)

- [Soldier] Ready, salute.

Present arms.

(stately marching music)

- It's alright, relax.

- Does your visit mean you
changed your attitude about--

(airplanes whooshing loudly)

- How do you feel now, Mr. President?

- President Lunda.
- How serious

is your condition?

- Do you plan to meet
with the prime minister?

- How long do you expect--
- Would you be--

- Sorry, ladies and gentlemen.

This is an unofficial visit.

- Guard of honor present and
ready for your inspection, sir.

(stately marching music)

- Thank you, boys, fine show, thank you.

(stately marching music)

- And now, ladies and
gentlemen, the ceremonials over

and the longest part of
his journey behind him,

the Tiger of Gamba now embarks

on the last lap of his journey.

(dramatic music)

(gunshot booms)

(tires squealing)

(gunshot booms)

(tires squealing)
(sirens wailing)

- Drive!

(dramatic music)

(sirens wailing)

(dramatic music)

(radios squawking)
(police chattering)

- [Shannon] What's happening,
what happened here, huh?

- [Man] It doesn't seem anybody's hurt.

- [Woman] Well, what about the black?

- [Shannon] Oh, he was in the other car.

He's safely tucked up in hospital by now.

(sirens wailing)

(dramatic music)

- Is this really necessary?

- After what happened,
of course it's necessary.

- If I am to continue to guarantee

the president's security,
gentlemen, a precaution.

- Like switching cars.

If he hadn't insisted, oh, for God's sake,

just do as you're told.

- Mr. President, tomorrow
I shall start taking tests,

maximum acid output first and
then a bone marrow biopsy.

This will entail an anesthetic.

I would prefer that you
didn't have any visitors.

- Very well, doctor, I'm in your hands.

But if I'm to be out of action tomorrow,

I would ask you gentlemen
to please excuse me.

I would like to confer with my aides.

Colonel Pahler, I'm very pleased with you.

- Thank you, sir.

- Not used to be complimented
by a black man, eh?

Didn't mean to sound patronizing.

But it's an easy habit
to get into, isn't it?

- I'll look in later, sir.

- Do that, Colonel.

(dramatic music)

- Spend the night with me, eh?

And tell Dr. Ben

he's got low blood
pressure and palpitations,

and you'll have two of them,

not working them altogether, right?

- [Janet] Our guest tonight.

Take him straight through the door,

no other place to take them.

- Captain Maurer will be on duty

right through the night, sir.

- Don't think I'm being
oversensitive about security,

but this afternoon's--

- Er, there'll be a man stationed

outside your door at all times.

This whole wing has been closed off

and you're its only patient.

This is Slade, your male nurse.

- Mr. President, your tea,

then I want you to settle
down for the night.

Excuse me.

- Why do nurses of either
sex bully their patients

and treat them like naughty children?

- Habit, I guess.

Usually works.

- [Albert] Well, I'll
say goodnight then, sir.

- 'Til it be morrow, Colonel.

Romeo and Juliet, Colonel, Shakespeare.

- Sir, if you need me, there's
a red button by your side.

And no candy.

- You're American.

- Yes, I am, Louisiana.

- Babies are being born
every day, oh, er, Slade.

- Yes, sir?

- The old thing-a-ma-ding's got
a bad attack of the jitters.

Keep an eye on him for us, will you?

- Look, I'm a nurse, not a cop.

- Thank you.

- With the extra security people around,

he shouldn't come to any harm.

- Ah, please God.

- About this afternoon, who
do you reckon's behind it?

- Er, someone from the
Brotherhood, most likely.

That gang's been after him
ever since he took over.

- Took over, yes.

- Focus here.
- Right.

- Yes, sir?

- I have been ringing for hours.

- You've been ringing for
less than a minute, sir.

- Um, if I stop behaving
like a naughty child,

will you, in turn, procure me
one small glass of whiskey?

- I could use a whiskey myself,
but it's not on your list.

Anything else?

- You know, when I
specifically asked for a man

to be among my nurses, I hoped
you'd be more sympathetic.

- Well, the sympathy I can give you, sir.

- Then to hell with sympathy.

Can you be bribed?

- Try me.

- Ha, it's always a
pleasure to do business

with you Americans.

You're less complicated
than my Russian colleagues.

Now what if I wanted something
which is not on the list?

How much would it cost?

- Well, I'm very modest, sir.

Say, a million bucks?

- (laughs) Oh, chicken feed
compared to what some people

would pay to make me happy.

Unfortunately, I don't
have the cash on me.

Trust me.

- I don't take bribes on credit, sir.

- Oh, well, so I'll
have to limit my demands

to a mild sedative or one cigarette?

- I gave up smoking.

Would you, would you
like to borrow my book?

You like cowboys and Indians?

- I like Indians (laughs).

It's a pity I'm in the middle of this.

- The Wind in the Willows.

What's it about?

- About little furry animals.

- Fairies?

- Furry.

- Oh.

- To be honest, I just
wanted someone to talk to.

- About what?

- Mm, bright men talk about ideas,

mediocre man talk about events,

and small men talk about personalities.

Which are you, Mr. Slade?

- Me, I just collect garbage, sir.

I'll tell the sister
about the tranquilizer.

- And remind her I'm not on a dawn patrol.

I don't want to be wakened before seven.

- Yes, sir.

- Mr. Slade?
- Yes, sir.

- Everyone has his price.

- Yes, Mr. President.

(children shouting)

(peaceful music)

- [Ginny] And how is Jane?

- [Ernest] Sends her love.

- No, she didn't.

- No, she didn't.

Thank you.

- You're uptight about something.

- No, I, in fact, I'm just pooped.

- I can feel it.

You're all tied up in knots.

- That's enough, honey, sit down.

Go and sit down.

(dog barking)

Ginny, how much money
have we got in the bank?

- Ah, so that's it, money.

Oh, we're doing alright.

We've got 1,800 in the bank,

not counting your next paycheck.

And we've still got Mom's money.

- Naw.

- What do you wanna know for?

- I may be going into a deal with a guy.

- No, no deal.

- Well, I think I have,
that's why I need the money.

- You're thinking of blowing town.

(dramatic music)

- No, maybe.

- Yeah, well,

you've given me more,

uh, more of everything than, uh,

I'm, I'm sure anybody has ever had.

(somber music)

And if I tried to stop you going,

I'd spoil it and I'd really lose you.

So Sailor--

- Hey, Dad.

- Dad, please,

go if you want to, it's okay.

- Honey, I'm, honey, I'm,

I'm not going anyplace without you.

(dramatic music)

- Mr. President, will you come away

from that open window this very minute?

- Am I to take it that
breakfast is served finally?

- No, you're not.

You're to take a bath.

We're getting you ready for the theater.

- (sighs) Madame, you are a harpy.

- Now Mr. Shannon, you know the rules.

You're supposed to be in your bed

when the doctor makes his rounds.

Come on, get in, none of this
standing around at the window.

- Mm.
- Put your feet in.

- 550 and you got a deal.

It's a bargain.

You know something,
with a wife and six kids

and a birthday coming up next month,

why should I hold out for six?

- Okay, you'll take a check, huh?

- This morning, just before 7:30,

our friend emerged to take the air.

If the weather holds,

the subject may repeat
the exercise tomorrow.

That's why I need it tonight in the car.

(dramatic music)

- Sailor, you know better than that

without my permission.

- I'm sorry, Jane.

I just took some lousy APCs.

- Next time just ask me, huh?

- Okay.

- I, uh, I heard

that Ben ran some more
tests on you yesterday.

- Yeah, something about security.

- You sure that's--
- Hey, look,

I thought I'd bring these
up from the kitchen now

and save myself a trip later.

They're only delicious, you want some?

- No, not for me, thanks.
- You two been fighting again?

Please have one, they're lovely.

- Right.

(dramatic drum music)

- Mm (groans).

(dramatic drum music )

- Mm (yawns),

it's time to check.

(dramatic drum music)

- [Lunda] Yes?

- Morning, sir.

- [Lunda] It's not yet
seven, it's still dark.

- Yes, it is, sir, I'll
open the drapes in a second.

Well, I have to give you
another injection, sir.

More tests this morning.

- Dr. Schaeffer finished yesterday.

- I don't believe he did.

Left arm or right arm, sir?

- Left, are you sure about this?

- Yes, sir.

- But Dr. Schaeffer
definitely said completed.

You didn't swab my arm.

- Beg your pardon, sir.

- You didn't...

(dramatic music)

(nurse humming)
(man coughing)

- And good evening.

- Just going to the loo.

(man coughs)

(dramatic music)

- Hi.
- Hi.

- [Ernest] You still reading, huh?

- Well, it's one way of killing time.

- [Ernest] Oh.

- How is he?

- Oh, he's sleeping.

Oh, man, it's been a long night.

- That's right.

- I'm gonna get some
fresh air, wanna come?

- No, I can't, I gotta stay here.

- Slave, huh?
- Yeah.

(dramatic music)

(metal clangs loudly)

(dramatic music)

(people chattering)

(dramatic music)

- He's not there.

I took the president his
tea and he's not there.

- Did you look in the can?

- [Killeen] I certainly did not.

- Sailor, will you go and check, please?

(alarm beeping)

- Okay.

- Yeah, go, go on.

- Cancel the call, thank you.

- Come on.

- Thank you very much, Jane.

- Funny he didn't want his tea.

- What?

- Oh, nothing.

- See you tonight.

- What are you doing in there?

- Well, there's just
no place on this earth

a man can have a little
peace anymore, is there?

- Okay, sir.

- Anything for me, Slade?

- Oh, well, hello there, Mr. Slade.

I think there is something for you.

- Where's your car?

- Oh, it broke down, I
borrowed this piece of junk.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

(upbeat rock music)

- You haven't been taking
any medication, drugs?

- He's a pusher, doc,
he's a pusher (laughs).

- Downers, you know, to keep
yourself from getting tense?

- Downers (laughs),
it's all anybody can do

to get me to swallow an aspirin.

- I see.
- Downers.

- Taken regularly, certain barbiturates

can provoke the same
symptoms, but in your case,

let's just say it's a mystery.

Once you're dressed, I'll sign you out.

We can use the bed.

- The way I heard it,

they've got another empty
bed they weren't expecting.

- Huh?

- Our very important patient skipped.

- Well, looks like I'm
about to skip myself.

- I'm sorry, sir, we're trying our best,

but so far, there's just--

- I don't want your excuses, Colonel.

I want the president back
unharmed and within 48 hours.

- Well, I'm sorry, sir,
I can't guarantee that.

- The local press we can handle, Colonel,

but the Gamban delegation,
they've given me 48 hours

until this story makes
international headlines.

Fail me again, Colonel,

and your own fate will
be no less spectacular.

Nothing else.

(dramatic music)

(Lunda moaning)

(dramatic music)

- Change clothes.

Go on.

(dramatic music)

- You'll have to unlock me.

(dramatic music)

- Pick it up.

(dramatic fanfare)

- I'm bigger than you are.

- Oh, for Christ's sake, please,

please don't try it, man.

(dramatic music)

(Lunda coughs)

- Fisticuffs was never my forte.

- Put on the clothes.

(somber music)

What the hell's this?

- I tried to rub my foot
in, but it didn't work.

- Wasn't meant to.

Where's the can opener?

- Was there.

- What the hell's this?

- Miserable thing's too blunt.


(dramatic music)

- Come on, get in bed.

I'm gonna give you a shot, an injection.

It won't put you out,

just some, some, er, some vitamins.

- Okay.


(gasps) When did you hatch
up this little escapade?

- Yesterday.

- Really?

Political or financial?

- Strictly financial.

- Good, political kidnappers

scare the living daylights out of me.

Financial, debt or pure greed?

- I need the money.

- [Lunda] What are your terms?

- A million dollars and
a plane to get me out.

- You have a commonplace mind, Mr. Slade.

- How?

- I mean, a million dollars
and an aircraft, banal.

- What should I have asked for?

A thousand bucks and a bicycle?

Perhaps it's swollen, but it's clean.

- And when do I get out of here?

- When they pay up.

(Albert coughing)

- Breathe deep now.

- [Albert] I'm breathing, I am breathing.

- And we can do with less of the backchat.

- Sister, I was told I could
find Colonel Pahler here.

- Oh, who is it?

- And there's a note, too.

- Great.

- Hey, hey, what about the steam?

- Here, you breathe for me.

- [Ernest] Want some tea?

- (sighs) Splendid idea.

I had no inkling kidnappers
were so civilized.

- Well, I'm an exception.

Look, I can't police you every second.

I'm gonna have to chain you again.

- Trust me.

- Would you?

- No.

What if they don't pay up, what then?

- Well, then you and I have a problem.

- You wouldn't consider
harming me in any way?

I don't think so.

More tea.

- The note says the
president himself will call

and give us further instructions.

- Here?

- No, at the hospital.

Presumably because there
are some of the staff

who can identify his voice.

I want one of our men

on the hospital switchboard at all times.

When the call comes through,

I want it transferred directly to me.

I'm going over there now

and I'm not leaving until
I've spoken to the president.

We probably don't stand a hope in hell,

but get a tracer set up

and a tape recorder plugged
into the board, okay?

(peaceful music)

(children chattering)

- Come on.

(children chattering)

- [Lunda] What if I
decide to make a rumpus?

(woman shouting in foreign language)

- I'd say that you were drunk.

- They'll believe you?

- I'm whiter than you.

(man and woman speaking
in foreign language)

- 45 cents.

(woman speaking in foreign language)

- Now, now here's a telephone number

and that's the message,

and that's all you're gonna say, okay?

- Okay.

(woman speaking in foreign language)

- Excuse me, er, do you have a phone?

- [Clerk] Yes.

- Do you mind if he uses it?

- [Clerk] No, no, no, there you are.

- [Ernest] Thank you.

(women chattering in foreign language)

And that's all you're gonna say, huh?

- 100,000 in used notes,
yeah, I've got that, sir.

And the destination.

Oh, one more thing,

can we expect the Brotherhood
to make any further demands?

- Brotherhood?

Brotherhood, where did you get that?

- What, did you expect me to use my name?

- That was a very
intelligent ruse, Mr. Slade.

They do have banal minds.

- Come on.

Excuse me, how much was that call?

- [Clerk] Ten cents.

- You got any change?

- You can hardly expect
me to pay for that call.

- I have no change.

- [Clerk] Thank you.

- Can I have a chocolate bar?

- What?

- Mm, excuse me,
chocolate bar, I'm hungry.

- Chocolate bar?

- Please.

- Okay.

Which one do you want?

- I'll have one of these.

- Milo?
- Mm-hm.

- Hey, give him a Milo
and I'll take a Snack.

- What's all this about $100,000?

A gesture of good faith?

- Just what it said.

- [Clerk] There you are.

- Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I don't like this one.

Can I have this one?

- He doesn't want a
Milo, he wants an Aero.

- And the million?

- To distract them.

- Okay.

$100,000 is an insultingly small amount.

- Ah, you don't understand.

You see, if I invest it at, say, 10%,

well, that's $10,000 a year.

- So I'm to provide you with some income.

- Yes.

- You are growing stranger by the minute.

- Why the hell do you think I did this?

Why did I do it?
(Ginny crying softly)

Why the hell did I do it?

I mean, how the hell does a
man explain to someone he loves

that (laughs quickly),
that he's a criminal?

I mean, how can I justify that to you?

Sure, I keep telling
myself I did it for her.

That's the only explanation
I can come up with.

And you see I have a,
(Ginny crying)

I have this desperate desire
to leave you with something,

something for the future that
I, I can't have with you.

You know, kid, the thought of you

in the years that I won't be around,

you know, that pain, honey,
is a million times worse

than this stupid pain in my gut.

Honey, I have to pull
this crazy thing off.

Anyway, honey, to hell with,

to hell with understanding
and forgiving me.

Look, kid, just try to go
on loving me, you hear?

Just go on loving me.

(Ginny sobbing)

(dramatic music)

- [Albert] I've got men stationed here

overlooking the main road.

- Colonel, it is understood
that no move will be made

until the president is returned.

- Perfectly, Minister.

My brief is to identify
and hopefully shadow.

- And the money genuine?

- Yes, it's genuine,

100,000 in used, small denomination notes.

(dramatic music)

The plane ready?

- Ready, yes, crewed and fueled.

- Good, money?

- Money, yes.

- Right, in, dump it, and out.

Don't hang around, go.

(engine revving)
(dramatic music)

(explosion booms)

(fire crackling)
(dramatic music)

- No, you bloody fool!

(fire crackling)

- Get down to the brigade,
the wind's freshening.

If this fire takes ahold, we're in for it.

- Unit two wants to know

which vehicle to look out for, Colonel.

- How the hell do I know?

The whole thing's screwed up anyway.

Just get onto the fire brigade now.

(dramatic music)

(radio static hissing)

- [Reporter] United Nations
peacekeeping mission

remains on the Golan Heights
for a further six months.

On the local scene,

it's an ill wind that
blows nobody any good.

A bush fire which threatens
the new reforestation areas

has been deflected by the joint efforts

of the fire department and by
the change of wind direction.

The varying wind drove the
flames away from the dense timber

and down onto the bush
flats, where only the scrub

and buildings of the now-deserted
Dorf mine lie in its path.

Roads in the area should
provide a natural firebreak

and no additional action is contemplated.

(dramatic music)

(tires squealing)
(car horn honking)

(dramatic music)

(fire crackling)

- Hello, where the hell are you?

(flames roaring)
(debris clattering)

(debris thudding)

(both coughing)

The goddamn wind changed.

- It's over, Mr. Slade.

You've got your money, just let me go.

- Are you crazy?

You're the only thing that
I've got left to bargain with.

- You gambled and you lost,

or you'll lose if you
insist on hanging onto me.

- Come on, get back in the van.

Get back in the van.

- And if I refuse to budge? (coughs)

- Don't make me use force on you.

- You are stupid, why did you come back?

Now I owe you.

(dramatic music)

Okay, one last throw, then.

(dramatic music)

(Ernest coughing)

(dramatic music)

(phone rings)

- Hello?

- Honey, honey, no,

I, I'm fine, I'm fine.

- Where are you?
- Listen, remember that place,

the Fiesta Land, of last year?

- Where we picnicked and I--

- Now just wait a minute, honey.

I want you to come here.

I want you to bring some blankets,

empty out the medicine chest,
and, er, just get here.

We're not feeling very well.

- Neither of you?

- Honey, I'll tell you about
that later, just come here.

- I'll start right now.

- Okay, honey.

(birds chirping)

You alright?

Come on out.

You're safe here.

- Mr. Slade.
- Yeah?

- Could I have a drink?

- Go ahead.

- Allow me.

Excuse me.

(glass clatters)

I used the same technique

to break into the British gun room.

In you go.

- Fiesta Land Fun Fair, hurry.

(Lunda laughing)

- Eh, how's the movie?

- Damn naughty.

I thought it was cowboys and Indians.


- [Ernest] Hi, kid.

- [Ginny] Dad.

- So, Mr. Slade, this is
the cause of my predicament.

- Mr. President,

this is my, uh, daughter Ginny.

- I suppose we can't
choose our parents, can we?

How do you do, Miss Slade?

- My father's done a very
wrong thing, Mr. President.

I know why he did it,

but on behalf of the
Slade family, I apologize.

I really am sorry.

- Hey, where's the medicine?

Where'd you put it?

- It's in the corner, in the corner back,

just here, okay?

You've got to take him back.

- We have gone too far.

- You've got to!

- No, baby, no way.

- Take him back to the hospital,

then come home for a bath and a shave

so you look decent when the police arrive.

- Gotta take these.

Need some water.

- Anyway, I don't want the money.

You can't make me take it.

- Okay.

- You didn't do it for me.

You know, I, how can you
say you did it for me?

You know I wouldn't have touched a penny.

- Alright, alright, it's
not for you, it's for me.

Look, I'm gonna make this thing work.

I'm gonna make something
work in my goddamn life.

- But you've done so much.

- Like what?

- Well, besides the navy,

you, you helped build Brazil, yeah,

and the pipelines in Alaska,

and the highways in Burma.

- Honey, it was all a lie.

I never went to Burma.

(dramatic music)

- And the navy?

- I bummed around trying to be somebody,

but I was, I was nothing.

What the hell have I done
in the last three years?

- Oh, Dad.

- Emptied out bedpans,
wiped up the garbage.

What the hell am I?

- You're everything

and I love you.
- No, no, no,

you love me because of lies I told you.

- No.
- But I'm nothing.

Goddamn it, I, I hate being nothing.

(Ginny sobbing)
(dramatic music)

- If you two would bear to
break it up for a moment,

I hate emotional family scenes,

and you still have a hungry
head of state on your hands.

(Ginny sobbing)

(crowd chattering)

- [Man] Taxi!

- Key, please.

(crowd chattering)

- [Shannon] Has the president been found?

- Not yet, he hasn't.

- Oh, now what?

- Oh, you stay put 'til I call you.

Trust your local police,
they'll find him for us.

- I just hope Lunda's death
is worth all this hassle.

- Oh, I'm guaranteed by
the Russians it will be.

If they fail me, I'll
have to try the Americans,

won't I now?

- You're too much, baby.

- What is it?

- Nothing.

- Jane?

- I caught him at it on Friday night.

He said he'd taken some APCs.

- Who?

- Sailor, Slade.

- Did you check if
anything else was missing?

- Of course not, why should I?

- Check now, Jane, please.

What's Slade's number?

- Oh, come on, Slade--
- Jane, his number, please.

- You can't seriously think that Slade--

- I'm not thinking anything.

I want to check something.

Come on, please, what's his number?

- Er.

- Just a moment.

- It's, er, 728, double three, 64.

- 728, double three, what?

- 64.
- 64, please.

This is Colonel Pahler.

(phone ringing)

- Yeah, intravenous Valium, quite a lot.

- Enough to put the old
boy to sleep, maybe?

- Yeah.

(upbeat music)

- [Boy in Red] What are you doing, ma'am?

- Er, just minding my own business.

- [Boy in Red] Well, it's our business.

- How come?
- Because this is ours.

- [Boy in White Shirt]
That's right, ma'am,

no one comes here unless we let them.

- Well, not anymore,
'cause my dad's bought it.

- Bought it?
- Yeah, that's right, son.

I bought it.

- You mean we can't come here anymore?

- Sure, why not, when I, when
I fix it up, you come back.

- You're an American, aren't you?

(dramatic music)

- He talks like a cowboy
and cowboys are Americans.

- Know your place, boy.

Call the gentleman sir.

- Sorry, sir.
- We interrupt

the morning melody for a police message.

The police are anxious to
interview Ernest Hobday Slade.

- Son, turn that off.
- In connection

with the disappearance of
the black president of Gamba.

- [Ernest] Here, gimme that, son.

- You're him, that's who you are.

You're the one they're after.
(dramatic fanfare)

- [Ernest] Gimme that.

- Come on, Dad, let's go.


- Come on, Slade, let's
get out of here, let's go.

Come on, Slade, move your ass.

- Could you just give us the details

of the van you sold him?

- Aren't I giving you the details?

Here, here's the papers.

- Thanks.
- As soon as I hear

his name on the radio, I call.

Like a good citizen, I
call, and what happens?

Suddenly my place is
swarming with policemen

and I'm dragged out here.

- Excuse me.
- I've got a business to do.

I've got to sell motor cars,
I've got a living to earn.

- Get this down, Dodge van, brown.

Registration number TJ 303-809.

- Dad, we can't expect to stay so lucky.

Those kids will have told
on us, and they must know

about the van by now.
- Honey, I know, I know.

(dramatic drum music)

- The choice is yours, Mr. Slade.

- Sailor, stop!

(tires squealing)
(cars crashing)

- The description of the
van has been confirmed

by a woman in Hartbeespoort.

She didn't see it
herself, but her sons did.

- Sir, they've been spotted.

- Where?
- They crashed a barrier

on the Pretoria-Johannesburg road.

- Patch it through the flyers.

- Flight captain, identification of van

is brown Dodge one-tonner,
letters KC on rear doors.

Observe but do not endanger occupants.

Repeat, observe but do
not endanger occupants.

(dramatic music)

(propellers whirring)

(dramatic music)

We've got him, sir.

He stopped at the bottom of the cableway.

Should they intercept?

- Tell them to observe.

Do not intercept,
repeat, do not intercept.

(propellers whirring)

Roadblocks here, here, and--

- Slade, his kid, and the president

have gone into the terminal, sir.

- Colonel, I wonder if I might
pass on this marvelous news.

- There's telephone next door, Minister.

- Thank you.

- Right, gentlemen, we move in.

(dramatic music)

(men shouting)

(attendant speaks in foreign language)

- A cableway somewhere
about the Hartbeespoort Dam.

- Well, according to the radio,

the whole army's out chasing him.

- Then you better get to him
before they do, hadn't you?

- I'm gonna need a little time.

- I'll see you get it, use it well.

Your own time is running out, Mr. Shannon,

like our patience.

(Shannon scoffs)

(propellers whirring)
(dramatic music)

- What happens if they turn off the power?

- That could be embarrassing.

(dramatic music)

- [Soldier] Where's your power?

Where power?

- [Attendant] We have power, there.

- [Soldier] Does it go into reverse?

- No, sir.

- What the hell do we do now?

One thing I forgot to
mention, I hate heights.

- [Ginny] Don't, Dad, don't.

- We can't sit here like ducks.

(dramatic music)



Alright, Ginny, now you.

Ginny, Ginny, hey,

don't look down, honey.

Don't look down!

- [Lunda] Don't worry,
Ginny, I've got you.

Careful, Ginny, yes, that's it, go up.

(Ginny gasps)

Don't worry, don't, got you.

Here, here.
- That's it.

That's it.

(dramatic music)

Don't look down, honey, don't look down.

That's it, get your balance now.

Alright, just keep looking at me.

I know, I'm gonna count
three, honey, then you jump.

The way you used to, remember, huh?

Okay, one,

two, three.

(Ginny sighs)

You alright?

Your old man's proud of you.

Hey, you're a good jumper, hey.

- [Lunda] Will you two
please get out of the way.

- Come on, sir.

- It's not necessary, Mr. Slade.

No one caught you so no
one's gonna catch me.

- Okay.

- Funny, if I don't make it,

I'm the only one who's gonna be upset.

- That'll make two of us, Mr. President.

- Good, then I'll make it.

(dramatic music)

- Come on, then, jump.

- Then move away from there.


- Hey, didn't help that leg much, huh?

- What's more important is we made it.

(sirens wailing)
(dramatic music)

- I want the whole area cordoned off.

Set up a barrier down there.

(dramatic music)

Once your men are in position,

they wait until I give the order.

I'm going to try and coax him out.

(dramatic music)

- Africa, Africa, Mr. Slade,

where there are thousands,
me dead down there.

Now there are thousands who want you dead.

The price we pay for being somebody,

how does it feel, Mr. Slade?

(dramatic music)

Have you got something to write on?

- Huh?

- Have you got something to write on?

- [Ernest] How could, I left
the money in the cable car.

- [Lunda] What?

- We left the goddamn
money in the cable car.

- How very clever of you,
Mr. Slade, very clever.

- Oh, Christ.

(laughs) Kid, I'm sorry.

Your old man can't do anything right, eh?

(dramatic music)

(sirens wailing)
(engines revving)

- Go on, in there!

(dramatic music)

Come on, move it.

(tires squealing)
(sirens wailing)

(dramatic music)

Tell the copter boys to ring
the top terminal and observe.

- Ground control to flight captain.

Ring top terminal and observe.

- Tell them to keep visual contact

until our boys are in position.

- [Officer] Colonel wants
you to keep visual contact

until police are in position, over.

- Roger.

(dramatic music)

All three inside.

The black's okay.

- That black, as you
call him, is a president.

(suspenseful music)

Is there a phone to the top?

- Yes, sir.

- 10 men with me.

(dramatic music)

Who's that?

- This is the president of Gamba.

- The president.

Are you alright, sir?

- Fine, thank you.

- Good, just relax.

We will have you out of there in no time.

- I am relaxed, Colonel,

but I suggest you don't
make any move to release me

as it may jeopardize my position.

- May I speak to Slade, sir?

- I'm afraid Mr. Slade
insists, and I mean insists,

that all negotiations are done by me.

- What are his conditions?

- Mr. Slade doesn't want his
daughter in danger anymore.

She is coming down with all
the conditions of my release,

so please put the power back on.

- Put the power back on.

- I thought I did rather well.

- And inform all units
to hold their positions.

And don't fire, his
daughter is coming down.

The whole situation's changed.

We can't touch them.

(dramatic music)

- You know, you could've been in that car.

- It will amuse me to stick around

and see how you act under pressure.

- Ah.
- To watch your face

if they say no.

(dramatic music)

We have a saying (speaks
in foreign language).

- What the hell does that mean?

- Be careful what you
want, you might get it.

(dramatic music)

- Anyway, she's safe.

(dramatic music)

- Shit.


(dramatic music)

- By the way, what was the deal?

- I'd say it's based on saving face.

- Whose?

- Theirs, of course.


- Come on, Ginny, it's alright, come on.

That's it.

- I don't believe it, who wrote this?

- The president, please hurry.

- Give this to one of the copters.

Tell them to make it fast.

(dramatic music)

(Lunda humming)

- It's a hell of a time to sing, pal.

- One way or the other,
it will be over soon.

Interesting three days.

Before we part, Mr. Slade,
can I ask you something?

- Sure, go ahead.

- Are you one of those who believe

that we blacks have rhythm?

- Oh, no, come on (laughs).

Listen, I've had that test before.

Pretty soon you'd be asking me

if I'd let you marry my sister,

if I think you like watermelon.

- I am fond of watermelon.

- Yeah, so am I, so what?

- But tell me, are you really sure

that we do have rhythm?

- As a matter of fact, yeah, I do.

- You know why?

- I dunno, because as kids
you played around with drums?

- Tribe, because you in the west

live for tomorrow.

Them in the east live for yesterday.

We live for now,

now, now, now.

Come on, now, now.

Now, now, come on, Slade,
now, now, hey, hey!


- You're laughing.

(both laughing)

(propellers whirring)

(dramatic music)

- Maurer, Jane.
- How's it going?

- Fine, this should end it.

- This is it, Ginny.

On the personal instructions

of His Excellency
President Lunda of Gamba,

the government hereby
guarantees the safe conduct

of Ernest Hobday Slade and his
daughter Virginia Mary Slade

to the American consulate,
where they may remain

until Mr. Slade is well enough

to be flown out of the country.

All men to hold positions.

Do not fire unless ordered.

Start unwinding cable.

(phone rings)

- Yes.


They have accepted.

What are you gonna do with that?

- It never was mine.

- I hate giving back money.


- We'll soon have your
president back to you, Minister.

- The sooner the better, Colonel.

(dramatic music)

- They still don't trust me, huh?

- It's me they're concerned about.

You're expendable.

(dramatic music)

(moves into suspenseful music)

(bullet zings)

(dramatic music)

- The hell happened?

- Bow's gone, sir.

- Helicopters reporting someone shooting

at the cable car, sir.

- My orders were no firing, just cover.

- Negative, not ours, investigating.

- Get four more units to seek and destroy.

- All units seek and destroy.

(dramatic music)

- It's not the only
problem we've got, Colonel.

- Oh, my God.

- I've got him, from
you he's at 10 o'clock.

- Inform all units on the ground
to converge at 10 o'clock.

(dramatic music)

- Get down!

(rifle shot whizzes)
(Ernest shouts)

- [Man] Pahler.

- Slade, Sailor, Sailor.

- Take the child away while
we try and get them down.

- I stay, I don't move, I stay.

- Oh, no (groaning).

(dramatic music)

Hey, you hit?

- I'm alright, you and your damn humanity.

(bullet whizzes)

- Mr. President, we cannot get any closer,

but a dull draft could knock you off.

- Here come the goddamn marines.

- Sir, if you can climb
from the car onto the pylon

next to you, we can then
come in and hoist you up.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure
it's easy with wings.

Come on, let's go.

Oh, God.
- Slade.

- Oh, Christ, I--

- Slade!

Slade, you've been badly hurt.

- I understand that's,

that's one thing they don't do, tigers.

- They don't do what?

- They don't cry.

- Slade.

(dramatic music)

(propellers whirring)

(suspenseful music)

I did mention I hate heights.

- You told me.

- But I'm afraid you'll have to go across.

- After you, sir.

(dramatic music)

(moves into triumphant music)

(cable car booms)
- (screams) No!

(dramatic music)

(Shannon screams)


(dramatic music)

- I'm sorry, Ginny.

- God, Sailor.

- Are you alright, Mr. President?

Did he hurt you?

- Less than most people.

(somber music)

(Ginny crying)

(somber music)