Target: Harry (1969) - full transcript

Pilot Harry Black is hired to fly a man named Carlyle to Istanbul, where he's murdered. Now, mysterious Diane Reed and a local gangster, Rashi, are after Harry believing that he has the priceless plates Carlyle used to counterfeit money.

Did you see anything?

All right, Harry,
someone posted your bail.

But one more scrape,
and I will personally see to it

that we bring you back here
for a long, long time.

Or we'll throw you out of monte Carlo
for good.

Mr. Black,
this is my father, Jason Carlyle.

- Hello, Mr. Carlyle.
- Hello.

- You all set?
- Yes, ready and waiting.

Good. We're liable to run into
some rough weather over the aegean.

Oh, don't worry about me.
I'll be all right.

There is still time to change your mind,

I'm only doing what I honestly believe
is best for both of us, Ruth.

- Watch your head going in.
- Right.

There you go.

Operator, my call to Istanbul,
put it through immediately.

Carlyle is now leaving,
and he's carrying the case.

The plane belongs to a man named black.

Harry black.

Yes, I know Harry black,

a man who doesn't like to get involved.

If there's any more trouble
with the local police,

he could lose his flying license.

He should pose no problems,

but should he get in the way...

Harry black is a man
who will not be missed.

Just an air pocket.

Not carrying anything breakable, are you?

Just my bones, Mr. Black.




- Ever been there before?
- Yes... uh, no, no, never.

There is a lot to see, I would imagine.

Oh, yeah. Belly dancers, hash joints.

Then there's a place called naja's parlor.

She gives great massage.

Of course, if that's not your cup of tea,
there's the topkapi museum,

and then there's
the sunken... sunken palace.

If you want to stay over an extra day,
there won't be any charge.

No, Mr. Black. No, I think
we return to monte Carlo as we planned.


- You all clear?
- Yes. Yes, I am, Mr. Black.


I imagine there'll be some time
going through to your plane,

so I would rather get on
with the business I have at hand.

- If you wouldn't mind.
- Right.

Look, if you want to reach me,
I'll be at the Martini hotel.

Martini. Good. Thank you. Right.

Taxi, sir.

Very careful and very honest driver, sir.

I am the best driver in town.

I swear it on my mother, still.

All right, all right.

- Hotel bosporus.
- All right.

No, no.

No, no, no. No.


Okay, I'm coming.

Harry black?


Mr. rashi would like to talk to you.

Who's Mr. rashi?

Mosul rashi.

Look, let's start over again, huh?

Who's mosul rashi?

You get your clothes on.

- What'd you say?
- Isaid put your clothes on.

- Just like that, huh?
- Are you coming?

Look, I don't know any mosul rashi,

and I don't like anybody coming up here
telling me what to do. You got that?

Rashi said only to ask.

Next time...

Maybe he tells me to insist.

Well, next time maybe you just try it.

I beg your pardon?

Have you got a match?

Do you got a cigarette?

I'm Diane Reed.

I'm Harry black.

Yes, I know.

I thought you did.

I checked with your hotel.
They said I might find you here.

Yeah, well, I'm looking for a gift
for a friend of mine.

Could you use a woman's touch?


Let's look for the gift first, huh?

Come on.

Jason Carlyle was to meet me at my hotel.

He never showed up.

Well, maybe I can take his place, huh?

This was business.

- Business.
- Expensive business.

I'll buy that.

You couldn't afford it.

Did Carlyle leave anything with you?

Something to keep for him?

Now, look, don't push me, sweetheart.

I don't question my clients.
Those are the house rules, okay?

You don't give a girl much of a chance,
do you?

- Not if I can help it, right?
- Okay.

Are there any other house rules
I should know?


On what?

Well, the time, the place.

What's happened.

If there's ever another time
and another place, I'll remember that.

Yes, sir?

How are ya? I'd like to take a look
at this ring here in the window.

This is four-band harem ring.

They usually sell those in sets of 25.

Yeah, but I'm just beginning.

- What do you want for this ring?
- Two hundred lira.

It's real stones, you know.
Opal, sapphire and...

Don't look now, but we're being watched.

Yes, I know.

I must have 180 lira.

A hundred and twenty.

Friends of yours?

No. But they've been watching us
ever since we started to talk.

- You or me?
- I don't know.

A hundred and sixty lira,
and I'm losing money.

- Well, I'm gonna find out.
- A hundred and forty.


- Harry, do you have to?
- Yeah, baby, I have to.

I don't like violence,
but the suspense is killing me.

Mr. Black, I am mosul rashi.

Muhammad would not come to the mountain,

so the mountain has come to Muhammad.

And who are these clowns,
your calling cards?

It is so difficult
to find experienced help these days.

You must forgive my somewhat
melodramatic approach, effendi.

But I was curious about the capabilities
of Harry black.

Now I know.

Next time ask. It's easier.

But if you will recall, I did ask.

I made it a point to treat
all acquaintances as potential friends.

Should they wish to prove otherwise,

the first move must be theirs.

But let us continue
in less abrasive surroundings.

Mr. Black, I find it fascinating
that a man of your years

has managed to accumulate
such an intriguing reputation.

Calcutta, Belgrade, tangiers.

I understand you are no longer permitted
to fly for the airlines.

Okay. You got a case history on me, right?

Now what's all this about?

I want to know about Jason Carlyle.

Come now, surely you can't object
to a simple question.

How simple?

What became of the case
Carlyle carried from monte Carlo?

Simple question, simple answer.

He took it with him after we landed.

And he left nothing with you?

You asked a question, you got an answer.

You want to know any more,
you ask Carlyle.

Jason Carlyle is dead.

Only his body was found, nothing else.

The case was missing and it contained
a package intended for me.

I want it.

You think I got it?

That uncertainty, dostum black,
is the only reason you're still alive.


Your party, your check.

We'll meet again, my friend.

And very soon, I assure you.

Mr. Black, next time we have a party...

It will be you who will pay.

Yeah, that's him, all right.
Jason Carlyle.

Are you certain there is nothing more
you can tell us?

No. He paid me and I flew him.
It's that simple.

This time I've got the match.

Let's see if you can match up
a nice little guy,

his briefcase,
and his body in that morgue.

Jason Carlyle? Why, I hardly knew the man.

You said you had a deal going with him.

Yes, Harry, a deal,
but we'll just have to leave it at that.

It won't work.
Police have their hooks in me.

I want to know more.

What are you gonna do, Harry,
beat it out of me?

Yeah, I might.

Look, so far I haven't mentioned you
or anybody else to the police.

Unless they find
another pigeon pretty quick,

they're gonna start
to put the squeeze on me.

And I don't like to be squeezed.

All right, Harry, how much you wanna know?

I flew Carlyle to Istanbul
and now he's dead.

I want it all.

Look, baby, there were days when a
five-pound note looked pretty good to me,

but today's not one of 'em.

Well, this one should look good to you
on any day, Harry.

It's made from an actual set of plates,
taken from the royal mint of england.

And no repercussions.

The royal mint isn't even aware
they're gone.

Carlyle managed all that.

He worked at the mint.
A trusted employee for 25 years.

He managed all right.

But Carlyle was a fool.

He was willing to sell them
for a fraction of their worth.

Anyone who can deliver those plates
is set for life.

And you figure that "anyone" has to be me?

Mosul rashi figures it that way too.

- Then you know mosul rashi?
- Competitors, you might say.

He wants those plates too.

But then mosul is a thief.

And what about you?

Me, Harry?

Why, I'm a thief too.

Well, who's supposed to worry me more,
you or rashi?

Well, you have a chance
to judge for yourself this afternoon.

There's somebody special
he wants you to see.

Magnificent, isn't he, Mr. Black?

Yeah, he's cute all right.

His name is kemal.

And his hands, effendi,
are like steel vices.

He can take a man's head
between those hands,

and crush it very slowly,

like a melon.

Well, Mr. Black.

Don't bring him along too fast, rashi.

He could make the big time.

Let's go.

Harry, mosul rashi is dangerous.

Too dangerous to just brush aside.

I'll try to remember that.

Why, Harry?

Why what?

Why Harry black? Who is he?

Just what you see.

There must be more than that.

- Like what's in it for Harry?
- Yeah, something like that.

Yeah, there's more to it. I wanna
make a couple of bucks, stay alive.

- That simple?
- No, nothing's that simple.

I know there's more,
but I'm not looking for it.


- Did you say competitors?
- You think I set you up?

You don't make the same mistake twice,
while I don't make it once.

Perhaps we can talk now, effendi.

Won't you join me, my dear?

Feeling better, Mr. Black?

Harry... I had nothing to do with this.

Nothing or everything?

What happens now, rashi?

There is, of course, a more
reasonable method of doing business.

I'm willing to pay handsomely
for what I want.

You find that amusing, Mr. Black?


Because I'm gonna miss your big payoff.

I take it then
you do not have what I want?

That's right.

And you, my dear?

If I had them, mosul,
would I still be here?

That brings us back to you, Mr. Black.

I hope you fully realize
your precarious position.

Listen, rashi, I've been
bounced around before and by better.

You wanna go through the motions again,
go ahead.

You're still not gonna get what you want.

I do not wish to test your durability,
effendi, but I want those plates.

Listen, I delivered Carlyle and that's it.

I don't know about any plates,
and I don't care about 'em.

But Carlyle's been murdered,
and I care about that.

The police here know I flew him in.

They're beginning to work me over,
rashi, and I don't like it.

And I'm gonna tell you something else.

My stake in this whole deal is to
make sure they don't hang me by my thumbs.

I wish I could believe you.

Well, you don't have much choice.

I have the choice of seeing you dead.

What are you gonna do, rashi?

You gonna toss me to your stooges here?

Then what are you gonna have?
Two dead men and still no plates.

You feel like bucking those odds?

Think about it.

Keep thinking about it!

Follow him.


He could be telling the truth.

That would leave you and me.

And neither of us would be here
if we had the plates.

No. The answer lies with Harry black.

A bit of final fatherly advice,
my dear Diane.

In our business,
we must expect competition.

But you have already offered me much more
than I am prepared to tolerate.

Go back and tell your fat friend
I don't have what he wants.

Tell him to stay off my back!

I had to see you, Harry.

I had nothing to do
with what happened tonight.

I'm not in with rashi.

You give me one good reason
why I should believe you.

Okay. Now you give me one good reason
why I should believe you.


Forget it.

As long as I'm in one piece, it's okay.

- You're leaving tonight, aren't you?
- Yep.

Without saying goodbye?

I figured it would be easier that way.

For who, Harry? For you or for me?

I don't know,
but I'm not gonna wait and find out.

I could be a big help.
I know a lot about flying in the dark.

I'll bet you do.

Take me with you.

Look, what do you want?
You want me, or you want those plates?

Why can't I have both?

I haven't got the plates.

Well, then I guess
I'll just have to settle for you.

You never give up trying, do you?

Sometimes, Harry black,
you talk too much.

Welcome back, mon ami.

What are you gonna do, duval,
put me into custody?

If only I could.

But so far there are no charges,
only a report from the Istanbul police.

I suppose you want to search my bag, huh?

Harry, would I find anything?

Yeah, you'd find some wrinkled shirts,
dirty socks.

Murder is a serious matter, Harry.

It didn't happen here, duval.

The murdered man
was transported from here.

Now you are here,
so now the problem is here.

About Jason Carlyle, Harry...

You received your report, that's about it.

A warning, mon ami,

this time you could be walking on glass.

Be careful you do not fall.

As a man,
perhaps I can appreciate Harry black,

but as a dedicated police officer,

nothing could please me more than
to find reason to put him behind bars.

For a little longer this time.

Hey, lieutenant, buy you a drink?

Unfortunately, I am on duty.

Yeah, I know.

Trouble, Harry?

Would you call murder trouble?

I think so.

Then I'm in trouble.

Lisa, baby, I got a present for ya.

Beautiful ring.

If you wear this...

You'll be my number one girl in my harem.

- How's that?
- Thank you.

A lady wants to meet you
at the casino tonight.

She's very beautiful.

For an older woman, I mean.

Lisa, baby, everybody gets older.

And your passenger's daughter
left this for you.

Yeah. She wants to see me.

I don't want to talk to her.

Harry, the poor child lost her father.

All right, next time I'm in church,
I'll light a candle.

She's waiting for you.

Look, sulley, I'm no good at these things.

Harry, please.

See that? Put a ring on a woman's finger,

and right away
she's telling you what to do.


I'm sorry about your father.

They're shipping his body back.

Mr. Black, how did it happen?

The police say he was murdered.

Yeah, they're working on it.

Yes, but they just ask questions.
You were there, Mr. Black.

I have to know.

I have some questions too.

Why didn't you take off with him?

He wanted to go alone.

You were in on it with him, weren't you?

Now, come on, level with me.
You were in on it, right?


Okay. Now why did your father
take off for Istanbul without the plates?

You knew?

I just took a wild guess.

But why? You had your deal. It was set.
What more did your father want?

My father never knew.

I took the plates out of the case
before he left.

Yeah, it figures.

No, please.
I didn't think he'd be harmed.

He wouldn't listen.
He wanted it over and done with.

But don't you see, those plates were
worth more than he was ready to accept.

I thought that...
That if he didn't have the plates,

then they'd have to come to me.

You think they won't?

Please, Mr. Black. Please. I'm frightened.

My father's dead.

Mr. Black, please help me.

- All right. Now, where are the plates?
- They're hidden in my room.

Get over here.

Now, you listen to me.

You go back to your room,
and you wait there for sulley.

He'll come by for you tonight.

He'll know where to take you,
and you bring those plates. You got that?

What are you going to do?

I'm gonna fly you and those plates
back to London.

You're gonna give 'em back
and tell 'em your father stole them.

Oh, not now.
Not after all that's happened.

Look, you still looking for a payoff?

I'm trying to save your neck,
and this is the only way I know how.

Mr. Black, I made my father do it.

I knew they trusted him,
and I knew he could manage it.

Now, somehow,
I've got to crucify his memory.

How do you want your 30 pieces of silver?

You want 'em in real
or phony five-pound notes?

I wish I knew why.

Why, Mr. Black?

Because people like you and your father.
You're losers.

You got the cards stacked against you
right from the start,

and you don't even know it.

You asked the right guy about losers.

Don't forget to bring those plates.


Well, Harry black.
My luck must be changing.

You must be winning.

I wanna talk to you.

You do, huh?

Why don't you cash 'em in?


- Rashi in monte Carlo too?
- Probably.

I know this is gonna be hard
for you to believe, Harry,

but I don't want anything
to happen to you.

Not now.

People like us, Harry...

We don't get too many chances, do we?

We think we know all the answers,
that we can't be touched.

Then when it does happen,
we can't afford to let it pass, can we?

Thank you.

Yeah, but what about the plates?

You'd turn your back on 'em
just like that?

Well, it wouldn't be easy,
but that would have to be part of it.

Tonight, Harry, in your plane.

I know a place...

A small Greek island.

Just for two, huh?

Let's get out of here, Harry.

Take me back to my hotel, hmm?

Let's go.

I'd like to come up with you, but I can't.
There's something I have to do now.

Something more important than this is?

Not really, but it's liable to take me
about a day or two.

Well, no more, Harry.

This won't pass your way again.

Well, if it's worth anything,
it's gonna wait, right?

- Harry.
- Where's the girl?

Trouble, Harry.


Her head.

Yeah, sulley.

Like a melon.

Harry, when the police find her,
they're going to come after you.

- Yeah, you better go back to your place.
- No, Harry, I stay with you.

Now, look, sulley,
I'm in this mess up to here.

I'm not gonna pull you down with me.
Now, get back to your place.

And David prevailed over goliath

and smote him and slew him.

Come on, rashi.

Come on, get it over with.

Why should I be angry with you?

We came in search of kemal,
and you saved us the trouble.

He was a fool.

And a traitor.

His price:

The charms of a lovely and clever woman.

Now, you wait a minute.

You just wait a minute.
You start from the beginning.

Carlyle came to Istanbul
to sell you the plates, right?

And I was fully prepared to pay.

But Diane learned of the transaction

and managed to entice kemal to her side.


We must move quickly.

What do you mean, "we"?

To one another, effendi,
we are of great value.

Let us blend the ingenuity of the west

with the intrigue of the east.

What's in it for me, huh?

What's in it for me?

Precisely what I am receiving: $100,000.

No dice.

Don't be a fool.

She can't possibly mean that much to you.

And there's more at stake in this
than you can ever imagine.

What do you need me for?

You know where she is, don't ya?

I know where she was.

She's gone.

Consider, Mr. Black,
there are no reports of missing plates.

Diane had Carlyle murdered,

kemal killed the daughter,

and you very conveniently did away
with kemal.

That leaves you alone to face the police.

And I can provide countless witnesses
who will swear

that I'm in the blue mosque right now.

- But why me?
- Your aircraft.

- Where?
- Kerkyra.

A small Greek island.

That's cute.

That's real cute.

What is?

A small Greek island.

Why kerkyra, rashi?

Why not kerkyra?

But why not London, New York or Paris?

Don't tell me you're that crazy
about Greek food.

Too fattening.

I prefer Chinese food...

As do those with whom I am negotiating.

So that's it, huh?

I warned you there was much more involved.

Okay, what's the rest of it?

Come on,
I'm not gonna walk into this blind.

The plates will be turned over in kerkyra
and taken to Albania.

Finally, they will be delivered to Peking.

In a few weeks,

a flood of five-pound notes will pour
into every British commonwealth country

in the far east.

And break the back
of the english economy, huh?

Consider how the British lion will roar.

First, the devaluation of the pound
and now this.

You seem concerned, Dr. black.


Think about your share.

It will make you feel
a hundred thousand times better.

Hey, rashi...

Suppose Diane gets there first?

She'd have time
to get rid of those plates.

She is as much in the dark
on some points as I.

We know the contact point
but not the man to contact.

Don't kid yourself. She's good.
She can find them.


But since the arrangements
were made with me,

I am the one they will be expecting.

So, unless she cleverly disguises herself
to look like me,

we're comparatively safe.

I do not anticipate a double-cross,
dostum black.

Honor among thieves, huh?

There's a fishing village
on the West Side of the island.

We land there.

What about the local authorities?

Any trouble?

It's a small, lazy island,
and the authorities even lazier.

Okay, rashi.

If you can, tighten your seat belt.
We're going in.

Suppose they find out they're
being used as a drop-off to Albania.

They would object, I imagine.

But we will do nothing to call attention
to ourselves or to cause trouble.

Like we're just flying around
and we dropped in.

We are archeologists, Mr. Black.


Devoted souls,

seeking the idealistic rewards
of uncovering ancient history.


They want us to wait in there.

What about the contact?

They did not say. I could try to find out.

Welcome to our little retreat, miss Reed.

Very good.

I never would have guessed.

I accept that as a compliment.

Major milos segora,
Albanian secret police.

Rashi with you too?

And your American friend.


Mr. Black graciously offered
to fly us here.

I'll bet.

With a gun at his back?

In a manner of speaking.

Miss Reed...

The plates, please.

You'll have to deal with me now.

Who we deal with is immaterial.

All we want are the plates. Your price?

Same as rashi's, one million dollars.

Agreed. We have the money here.

Now, if you will give me the plates.

Do you think I'd be so foolish
as to bring them here?

Where are they, miss Reed?

One here and the other in monte Carlo.

I don't like this, miss Reed.

Well, that's too bad.

I told you you'd have to deal with me
and on my terms.

A half a million dollars when
I turn the plate over to you here.

And the other half when I turn
the other one over to you in monte Carlo.

- When?
- I could be there in a couple of hours.

You can follow with the money.

We will go together.

You play it my way, milos,
or we don't play at all.

And no tricks. You come alone.

One cute move,
and you'll never see the other plate.

All right.

We'll have the money ready.

What will you do with them?

Mind yourself, miss Reed.
We avoid unnecessary complications.

Well, when you have both plates,
they couldn't stop you.

You know, you could let them go.

That could be foolish.

Perhaps rashi would accept graciously,
but Mr. Black is an American,

and Americans have a way
of finding themselves suddenly caught up

in unselfish thoughts of morality.

You know, you disappoint me, miss Reed.

I never thought a woman like yourself
could get so emotionally involved.

A woman like myself, milos?

In this world,
there are tigers and there are pussycats.

And the pussycats don't survive.

My men will escort you to the ferry.

It's all here, miss Reed.

You can enjoy counting it
on your trip back.

The plate, please.


We will have to wait.

Has Diane arrived?


Ask him what happens next.

Go on, tell him.

I was watching at the window.

You were watching what, Mr. Black?

Milos calls all the shots around here.


Meet your contact.

Miss Reed just left.


- My judgment is vindicated.
- Judgment?

Almost from the beginning,

I sensed you were a special kind of man,
dear milos.

In fact, I've always had
a small gnawing trepidation

that you are...

How do you Americans say it?

"Too smart for the house."

I appreciate the compliment, sir.

But my only concern...

Is the plates.

And since you do not have them,
how do you Americans say?

"Flattery will get you nowhere.”

Now, please... follow me.

She only gave you one plate.

That's her insurance policy, right?

So, now you're gonna have
to go back to her.

Back to monte Carlo is my guess.

You have your information, Mr. Black,

but I fail to see
what good it will do you.


Unfortunately, yes.

We are a threat.

As such, they must eliminate us.

We have a problem, Harry.

So now it's Harry, huh?

We're in the same leaky boat, my friend.
What good are formalities?

If we make it to your plane,
our problem is over.

Yeah, but it's the "if"
that bothers me, rashi.

- But there might be a way out of here.
- What?

We scale this wall...

We cross that beam...

We squeeze through those bars...

And drop down on the guard.

It's the "we" that bothers me, Harry.

Keep your eye on 'em
until I get through there.

Then call 'em over.

Hey, hey!

Do you have the correct time?

Hold it.

You're gonna need this, rashi.
Just make sure who you're pointing it at.

On this island there would be many wars
and revolutions between the city-states.

But the destruction, you see,
is not the result of only these wars

and the passage of time.

Great earthquakes hit this entire area
of Greece.

The temple to Zeus
and part of the amphitheater

were destroyed by such earthquakes.

As we approach the main part
of the ancient town,

we will see evidence of the seven...

Actually, there are more,
but anyway, the seven basic periods

into which the history
of the island falls:

The prehistoric,
or as we sometimes call it, the homeric;

the early historical, of which very
few structures and artifacts were found.

The so-called classical period, which
coincides with a lot of mainland Greece,

I mean the athenian classical;

the Roman period, the early Christian,
then the byzantine,

and finally the period

when one wave or another
of conquerors occupied the island.

The most important of these later
conquerors were the venetians.

And we will see later today,
on the other side of the island,

some of the buildings they set up,
using in most cases

materials they imported
from their own country.

The prehistoric homeric period
is very fascinating, of course,

since it is believed that ulysses,
on his way back from the trojan war,

came ashore at this point.

This was the main entrance for the city.

The columns you see on either side
were part of the treasure houses,

actually offerings
of the different ancient cities

to the local oracles.

The entrance was paved with marble,

which was brought here
from all parts of Greece.

It is so well-preserved
because no chariots were allowed to pass.

From then on, the processions always
started from the Southern entrance

and proceeded along the outer perimeter
on the other side of the island.

The gate that we came through earlier

marked the beginning
of the new procession route.

Now, if you will come over here...

This way, please,

we will be on our way
to the main entrance of the palace.

This is the best preserved portion
of the palace.

The upper structure is a later addition,

and that's why
its style changes considerably.

The columns are of the corinthian style,
much more elaborate,

but in their own way equally beautiful
with the doric and the lonic.

They were set in prehistoric time,
before 600 bc.

They were later destroyed,
and some of the marble used

for the retaining wall to your right.

When the romans excavated the ruins,

they found parts of the treasure
and took it back to Italy.


I can go no further.

I feel you're an honest man, Harry black.

I cannot return to monte Carlo
in such company.

It would endanger both my reputation
and my freedom.

Now, what are you gonna do when the police
around here start to ask questions, huh?

I will be as amazed as they
at the surprising turn of events.

Well, rashi, now that you're sittin',
I guess you're gonna be all right.

Perhaps we'll meet again, effendi.

I must say, your presence
certainly does stimulate a situation.

Milos couldn't make it.

My compliments, Harry.

It was just a matter of finding out
where the plates were and who had them.

And sending kemal after them like
you did with Carlyle's daughter, right?

Well, that was an accident.

The girl panicked. She had to be stopped.

- Like you had to stop me.
- You, Harry?

That's right.

First Carlyle, then his daughter...

And then Harry black.

And there's nobody left
to finger you, huh?

I had nothing to do with that.

Kemal was stupid, jealous, but...

But whatever else,
I ask you to believe that much.

But why Carlyle?

You didn't have to kill him
to get the plates.

He was a pushover.

I contracted for the plates, nothing more.

Besides, I didn't have the big money
to bargain with rashi.

It's all over now. I make no apologies.

All right, Harry... a deal?

You and me, huh?

Why not? A half a million dollars
and we still have the plates.

Enough to do anything, go anywhere,
the two of us.

And for how long?

For as long as we both want it.

One or the other gets tired,
no tricks, no sad goodbyes.

Who knows, Harry.
It could last a lifetime.

You are somethin'.

You really are somethin'.

Well, you said it about yourself once.

Just what you see.

Shall we go?

Well, you see, for once there
really was something in it for Harry.

Oh, Harry.

You're not gonna understand, Diane,

but I'm gonna try to explain it
to you anyway.

I couldn't let them nail me to the wall,
not even for you.

And then there's Jason Carlyle.

He had nothing going for him.
Everybody played him, everybody used him.

And you, you killed him.

I figure once in a while,
somebody has to remember a loser.

You're the loser, Harry.

Yeah, that's right.

Big loser.

Well, that's the way I figure it...
A winner like you...

A loser like me.

It never would've worked, would it?