Target (1985) - full transcript

Chris Lloyd does NOT get along with his father Walter. Walter is too careful, cautious, and boring to Chris, and never tries anything new, and Chris had to live by the same standards when he was growing up. But when his mother is kidnapped while in Europe, to Chris's confusion, Walter suddenly turns into a man of action. Just who is his father anyway.

- Grace, how you doing?
- All right.

- Hey, Slim.
- Hey, Walt.

- Grace, I'll be back before we close.
- OK, boss.

- Jim, how you doing?
- All right.

Hey, Mr Lloyd.
Working banker's hours, huh?

Everything but the pay, Billy.

Hey, anybody home?

Anybody home?

- How you doing?
- Can't complain.

It's nice to see you.

That's what I call subtle.

You've been gone three days.
Your mom was getting worried.

She didn't have to be.
I'm staying with a friend.

Anybody I should know?

No, I doubt it. My friend's
an underachiever like me.

- What brings you out here?
- I was in the neighbourhood.

Your mother leaves for Europe at four.
Maybe you'd like to make the show.

Oh, jeez... Why don't you go back
to the house? I'll meet you there.

Sam, take this back to the garage.
I'll see you later.

Ma? Where are you?

In here.

- Ready to roll?
- Yeah, almost, I hope.

Where have you been?

- I've been staying with a friend.
- I figured.

Dad said you were worried.

- About you?
- Yeah.

I gave that up a long time ago.

Where is your dad, anyway?

Old Speedy? Slow and steady
wins the race.

- Cut the crap.
- Ow!


It won't fit!

It's a study in efficiency. Let me.

Passport, traveller's cheques,
ticket, itinerary.

Like they say at Dad's lumber yard,

"A quitter never wins
and a winner never quits."

I've hated you since you were that big.

Is that why I have bad dreams?

Band-Aids, aspirin, Lomotil prescription...

Iodine? No, Marion Soames
is bringing her first aid kit.

Ma, you got your pills?

What pills? I...

Chris, I'm your mother.

Mothers have been known
to experience passion, too, you know.

- Look, I really don't...
- What?

Would you get out of here?
Go on! Shoo, scram, beat it!

See you.


What have I done with it?

Where is it?

- It's lost! Oh, my God, I've lost it!
- What have you lost?

- My bracelet.
- This one?

No, idiot. Our bracelet, the one
you gave me for our anniversary.

- ~ Dee-dee-da-da-da ~
- Oh!


You just saved my life, mister!

Let's do it. Go lock the door.

- There's not enough time, babe.
- OK. Put it on, then.


"Us, always".

- Sentimental cuss, wasn't I?
- No. Sexy.

You still are.

Come with me, huh? Come with me.

It's not the right time, babe.

According to you, it never will be.

You could have waited a year.

You wait a year. I'm going now.

And I'm going to have a good time
without you.

Come on.

I'll be waiting right here.

Don't wait too long.
I might get a better offer.



Come on! Come on!

Move! Come on!

This is a great chance for you and your
dad to cut loose and have some laughs.

- We don't have much in common.
- Come on. Meet him halfway.

If I did that, we'd both fall asleep.

I've had enough of that smart-ass.
You're not exactly a three-ring circus.

- All right.
- Give the man a break.

- I'll give it my best shot.
- That's all I ask.

- Your attention, please.
- Where's Dad?

Flight 6114 to Paris now boarding,
Gate 20.

All ticket-holders proceed to Gate 20.

Masquers Theatre charter flight 6114
to Paris is now boarding at Gate 20.

If you plan on fooling around,
let me know, as I've got my own plans.

Oh, yeah? Like who?
Little Miss Twinkle Tits at the bank?

She's a very sensitive person.

Shut up. Just shut up!

Listen. Would you do me a favour
while I'm gone?

Break through to the kid.
The two of you are so grim together.

I hate to remind you,
but that kid is almost a man.

That's all the more reason. You don't
want your son to slip away for ever.

I'll make a real effort, I promise.

Donna, my love.
Come, come, come, come!

- OK, Ma. Have fun.
- Bye!

My bag!

Is that her?

Yeah, probably.

Have you ever been on an airplane?

Yeah. When you were a baby.

- Why in the hell didn't you go with her?

- You got a light.
- What?

- You got a light!
- Oh!

Do you mind?

Do you mind?

What's up?

Oh... Sorry.


How about going up the lake this
weekend, have a shot at the bass?

- What, alone?
- Yeah. Who else?

Well, there's this girl and...


Would you mind if she came along?

Who is she? What does she do?

Do? She's a waitress.

She writes songs, too. Damn good.

I just thought the two of us.
You know, just the two of us.

I thought it'd be nice if you could meet
some new people for a change.

Bring her along if you want. I don't care.

No, that's all right. Some other time.

Make it the following weekend, then.

No, the girl... She can come
another time. It's OK.

You sure?

Yeah. We'll have fun.
We'll eat and fish.



- What are you using?
- Jitterbug.

That's a terrific plug.

Bass don't seem to like it.

You've got to give them time.

This lake's probably full of acid rain.

You're a regular Mary Sunshine.

Your generation did screw it up.

Don't worry about it. Yours will, too.

Thinking about going back to college?

I just quit. Besides, I'm signed up
for automotive next month.

But have you put college
in any kind of time frame?

Sure. When I do something with my life,
I'll go back.

Did I tell you I got myself an apartment?
I move in next week.

- With the waitress?
- A mechanic. A friend at the track.

Any long-range plans?

I'll do four years with the stock cars,

then move up to the big cars
and the big money.

And if I don't hit the top, it's OK.

I'll live.

Shit. Shit!

- Don't jerk it. Don't jerk it!
- Goddamn!

Don't jerk it! Here.

- Sit down. You're rocking the boat.
- You're gonna lose it. Give it to me.

- Give it to me.
- Sit down, Dad.

- Give it to me.
- All right. You do it.

Look. Just pull it like a bow
and then snap it.

Son of a bitch. Lost it.

You sure did.


Hello? Operator, I can't hear.

Yeah, this is Walter Lloyd.

Put him on.

Heard from my wife? No.
What are you talking about?

Mix-up? What kind of mix-up?

Missing? What are you talking about?

What's happening?

Tell me.

Where in the hell is she?

- Dad...
- We've been on a fishing trip.

- Your mother split from her group.
- Dad...

Mr Howard, what's the procedure
in a case like this?

- A case like what?
- Do we notify the police?

Good. Thank you.

What's with Mom? What's up?

That was Paris.
Your mom's split from her tour.

That was a guy from
the American consulate.

Some mix-up but they expect her back
in a couple of hours.

It must happen a lot. Tourists leave
their groups a thousand times a year,

come back a day later with perfume
and sexy underwear.

- The cops have to check it out.
- Tourists? We're talking about Mom!

And you don't drink
unless you're nervous!

Your mother's gonna rejoin her group
this afternoon. Relax!

- How long has it been?
- 48 hours.

Say it right, will you? That's two days!

- Where are you going?
- Paris.

I have a passport and some money.

If anyone has to go, I'll go.

Nobody can wait that long.

What's with that?

Can I ask you a question?

Have you and Mom been getting along?

None of your damn business.

Sometimes people get fed up.

I heard you guys the other night.
Mom was crying.

She got a little panicky.
I guess I should have gone with her.

I don't mean to stick my nose in...

...but did you ever stop and think maybe
she met someone?

- Hey...
- I'm just saying, it could happen.

Why don't you quit while you're ahead?

Just a theory.

Give him the three bills
and he'll give you francs.

Don't take your money belt off in public.

Going to Montreal with your French class
doesn't make you a world traveller.

Call the consul. I'll meet you back here.

Sorry. I should look where I'm going.

Good idea. The life you save
might be mine.

- I'm armed. Don't turn around.
- No problem, friend.

- Like American jewellery?
- Some of it, yeah.

For ladies, perhaps?

- What are you asking?
- This way, please.

- Ow!

Get a doctor! Hurry up!


Where are you heading after Paris?

Home, I hope.

You're a hoper, huh?
You see, I'm a doer.

Yeah? Me, too,
but I've got business here.

You're a businessman?
Well, that already bores me.

Well, it's family business.

Oh, well, then.

Good luck, Chris from Dallas.

Jeez, where were you? I can't afford
to lose you, too. Let's stick together.

- What happened with the consul?
- Zilch. Kevin Howard isn't in till noon.

Let's get some sleep.

What's going on over there?

Heart attack, probably.

Excuse me, sir.

If applying for a visa
to the United States for the first time...

Howdy, Sarge. I need to get this
notarised. Can you give me some help?

Yes, sir. Through the double doors,
up the stairs, first door on the right.

Much obliged.

- Come in.

Ma'am, mind if I commandeer
a cup of coffee?

- Sure!
- Thank you.

Bobby! I need that silo report
like yesterday.

The Oval Office is gonna have your ass
in Krakow if I don't get it!

Want to see something funny? The
blood on that hanky's not even dry yet.

Tell you what. This is gonna hang
that son of a bitch by the balls.

- Sir, you can't go in there.
- It's OK. Ross is family.


- Where's Taber?
- You've got the wrong office.

I want to get a message to him.

- Taber? I don't know the name.
- He's your boss.

Look, skipper, this is cultural affairs,
research division. Maybe...

I know what it is, Percy,
so cut the bullshit.

I want you to get a message to Taber.

Tell him Duke is here. My wife has been
kidnapped. I'm at the Hotel Madison.

Got it? Duke!

- Excuse me. I'd like to make a call.
- Yes, I can place your call for you.

Cabin eight.
I'll connect you to your number.

Make that two of whatever
you're ordering.

Did they have anything at the consulate?

Nothing new. I did remember an old
colleague's buddy. Left word for him.

Good guy for our team.

- Do you think she's OK?
- Absolutely.

How come she hasn't contacted us?

She can't, Chris. She's been kidnapped.

- What are you talking about?
- Hold it down and listen.

At the airport, a guy puts this
in my hand, tells me to follow him.

- Mom's bracelet. You didn't tell me.
- I'm telling you now.

Another guy pops up with a gun.

I duck, he fires, the guy behind me
goes down.

- You said it was a heart attack.
- It was.

Very funny. Am I some poor relation?

Mom's been kidnapped, someone
gets killed and you don't tell me!

I was hoping the kidnappers
would contact us by now.

Who the hell are they?

This is the guy at the airport.

Hans Henke, Hamburg.

What's up?

My old friend Taber.

- I'll be damned!
- Hello, Barney.

What you don't see when
you haven't got a gun!

Hey, buddy.

You disappeared off the face of the map.
I thought you were dead, Duke.

These things happen.

- This is my son Chris.
- How do you do?

The last time I saw you...
I'm not gonna pull that on you.

It's a pleasure to meet you, Chris.

Duke, I couldn't believe it
when I got your call.

First to know that you were alive
and then...

Good Lord, I was devastated
to hear about your wife.

We're gonna damn well get your mother
back. I can almost give you my word.

My father told me how these guys...

Told him what a big shot
you are these days.

Your father always exaggerated. I'm a
liaison to the economic commission.

But I can still pull some strings.

I'm in a hell of a hurry, but I want you
to call me later today at the office.

We may have something to go on.

- You're staying here?
- Yeah.

- What name?
- Lloyd, of course. Walter.


Son, I want you to...

Never mind. I'll talk to you later.

Who's "Duke"?
Why'd he ask you what name?

Mr Lloyd, you have a telephone call
in the lobby. From Tasma Tour.

- What's Tasma Tour?
- It's your mother's travel agency.

'Allo... Oui...

Attendez! Attendez!

You speak French?

It was the kidnappers.
They say Mom's fine.

- What do they want?
- They want me.

- I want you to stay right here.
- Why?

Wait. I'm coming with you.

- Ah!

Look out!

- You all right?
- Let's get out of here.

- What the hell are we doing?
- We're hiding.

- Just move!
- What was that all about?

- That son of a bitch tried to kill you.
- In here.

- Was it the killer from the airport?
- I couldn't see him.

- Steel-rimmed glasses, odd face.
- Sounds like him.

I don't get it. The kidnapper called you.
Why would he try and set you up?

- They didn't.
- What do you mean?

Somebody else wants me dead.

- Who?
- Hold it.

- Who wants you dead?
- I don't know.

Listen. Mom's been kidnapped,
somebody's trying to knock you off.

This family's in serious fucking trouble.

Don't you think it's time
you levelled with me?


Look, Chris...

A long time ago, I worked for the CIA.

Wait, listen to me. Come on.

Look, wait... Chris.

You, a spy?

Son of a bitch, I don't believe that.
I don't believe it.

What did you do for them?

Everything. I...

Did you kill people?

I worked out of an office.

- Did you kill people?
- Usually others did the wet work.

- Did you kill people?
- When I had to. I know what you feel.

You've been lying to me since I got here.
You've been lying to me my whole life.

And you've got the nerve to tell me
you know how I feel? Bullshit.

Who the hell do you think you are?

So you quit because of me?

Well, a wife and a new baby...

I started getting too careful.
I was afraid I wouldn't come home.

That was dangerous for everybody.
I asked them to discontinue me.

Discontinue? That's cute.
That's real cute.

They relocated us Stateside.

They gave us a new history,
new papers, job, names, everything.

- New names?
- Yeah.

Wait a minute.

When we were at the hotel,
Taber asked you, "What name?"

This is not my name?

- What's my name?
- Derek. Derek Potter.

I'm Duncan. Duke for short.

Derek Potter? That's beautiful.
That is a ducky name, it really is.

Sounds like Chris Lloyd, only different.
Who am I? How did you get involved?

Come on. All I can say is I was young.
I wasn't much older than you are now.

I was in Europe, knocking around,
looking for the action,

doing freelance journalism, writing
on food, politics, travel, that kind of crap,

trying to sell it wherever I could,
and not too much at that.

One night at a cocktail party,
this guy from the outfit tuned into me.

He made me this offer.
I was single and it sounded great.

- Hold it! Hold it!

Doucement... Doucement.

Come on, Chris.

It's OK.

A fuckin' gun. Where'd you get a gun?

That's crazy, what you did in there.
I've had it. I'm going to the police.

Chris, if you want to see your mom alive,
you trust me. Just trust me.

- I'm gonna go see Taber.
- Good. He talks straight.

That was for your benefit. Taber's CIA.

- Is it all right to talk in front of your son?
- I know everything, I think.

That's more than I know.
My God, what has it been? 15 years?

And then some.

As I remember, Lily invited you
to a party and you didn't show.

I never saw you again.
I thought you were dead.

They arranged a new life in Dallas.

- Somebody tried to kill you at the airport.
- How did you know?

- It's our business.
- So fast?

- I'm good.
- You weren't in the old days.

- Who do you think wants you dead?
- It could be anybody, including you.

- That wasn't nice.
- Knock it off.

The wheels are grinding on this.
Who do you think the kidnappers are?

Why would they want to kidnap Mom?

That's easy. What do you know
that they want to know, Duke?

- Nothing.
- You must know something.

I don't fucking know!

Let's hang on to what we've got.

Wait for the kidnappers to contact you.

- They already have.
- What?

They asked my father to meet them.

The guy from the airport
made another pass.

- The same guy?
- I saw him.

- Where the hell were your people?
- My mistake. I thought one guy...

You had people on me?
This is kidnapping.

- It's for your own good.
- Screw that. This is Donna's life.

- You're right. Pull him back.
- You're the boss.

I know you find me hard to take.
But that's just how my mother raised me.

Here's what we want you to do.
Go to your hotel and dig in.

Buy a deck of cards. Wait for a contact.
No more fancy footwork on the street.

You called us in. Let us back you up.

As long as you're alive, Donna's alive.
Keep it that way.

OK, but we're not gonna wait around
for ever.

I know that. Sit on him, Chris,
if you have to.


Barney, I don't use them any more.

Well, a born-again Christian.

Don't kid yourself.

Clay told us to wait at the hotel.

I don't know Clay.
I worked with him a few times.

He's with the CIA. If you can't trust him,
who can you trust?

Nobody. Like Taber said,
as long as I'm alive, your mom's alive.

- What's in Hamburg?
- An agent who can find the kidnappers.

- What's his name?
- Lise.

Hey, that's a lot of muscle

- Don't you think I should do the driving?
- Don't worry about it. I can handle it.

All right. Here we go to Hamburg,
20 miles an hour.

What about our clothes?
Do we stop at the hotel for them?

We might live longer
without them, partner.

Come on, Dad, move it. Let's go. Move it.

You're holding up traffic.

We've got company.

- What do you want to do?
- See how good he is.

Yeah, we lost him.

- There's no way out.
- Want to bet?

That's great. Perfect timing.

He's right back there. Can you fix it?
Come on.

What's up? Looks bad?

If you love Jesus, blow your horn.

Now real slow...

...give me your eyes.

I'm... I'm a friend.

- Who do you work for?
- I'm on Clay's team, under Taber.

Prove it.

Clay told you to buy a deck of cards
and go back to your hotel, right?

What's your mission?

Sur... surveillance and protection.

Come on. You've got to be kidding me.

Mr... Mr Clay wants you and your family
protected at all costs.

OK. Now you listen to me.

I don't want your protection.

Do yourself a favour.

Take the rest of your life off.
If I see you again...

...I won't see you again.

Kiss my ass. And you're the guy who
warms up the car in the summertime.

Leave the keys.

- Leave the keys.
- What?

We'll take the train to Hamburg.

- What about the car?
- Someone can use it to visit their aunt.

Who's dying for a ride in a hot car?

Lost him?

All right.

You picked him up at the consulate.
He made a phone call. Who did he call?

I couldn't hear the name.

What was the number?

Four zero.

I... I could only get the city code.

Two digits.

Good. Good work, Mason. Splendid.

A member of the family's lost
and he comes up with two digits.

Where did you recruit him?
The Sears catalogue?

Four zero.

There must be half a dozen cities
in Europe with a four-zero code.

- We'll give it a shot.
- Yeah, damn it.

- Or stick our thumbs up our ass...
- Don't get funny, get good!

- There you go.
- Come on.

- What's up?
- Move.

Mendelssohn! Mendelssohn.

- I don't like the looks of this guy.
- Mendelssohn. Mendelssohn.

Take off. Take off!

Hallo! Mendelssohn!

Hallo! Hallo!

You thought that guy was dangerous?
Only to music lovers.

~ You know you can't fool me ~

~ I've been loving you too long... ~


Hey, come on.

~ Want to carry on
Carry on... ~

We'll catch a cab to Lise's place.
Come on.

- Hi, there.
- Come in.

- You're here. Hi.

This is a beautiful young man, Duke.

He's lucky. He had a beautiful mother.

Your mother's lucky with both her men.

This is some place you got here.

- Can you help us, ma'am?
- It's possible.

- When do we start?
- We can't see the Colonel till tomorrow.

Come. Help me with the drink.

- Remember the Flying Russki?
- The sweating Russki, you mean.

Found him in a Turkish bath.
The only spook who really wore a sheet.

Yes, and we blew his cover.

I wonder what really happened to him.

The same thing that happens
to everybody in the trade.

We break away, one way or another.

- This is not your place, is it?
- No. It belongs to my friend.

What happened to us?

My dear Duke.

How I loved you. How I really loved you.

Maybe I just thought I loved you.

Well, ho, ho, ho. So much for me.

You don't understand. You really don't.

Sometimes I think I have acted my life
rather than lived it.

And the outfit provided me with a plot.

And I was part of the plot.

You were my love story.

And you wrote me out.
You took on that Buenos Aires number.

- I didn't have another choice.
- You could have quit.

- Would you quit for me?
- No.

And then you met Donna.

Then I met Donna.

Is she very, very wonderful?

The best.

She's the best of everything.


- Then we have to find her.
- Lise.


If I could have another life...

A parallel life that
wouldn't touch this one...

My friend knows nothing. The dead man
from the airport, Henke, drew a blank.

- Let's see the Colonel.
- Go ahead. I'll try one other source.

- Who's this Colonel?
- He was the boss.

Am I crazy or is that the fiddle player
from the train station?

I think you're right, buddy.

We ain't losing him.

I'll jump out at the landing bridges,
head for the Colonel's.

Take off!

- Come on! Move!

Da! Da!


He is a Pole.

East German Secret Service.

Hans Henke is one of his many aliases.

He worked for us years ago
before he went over the Wall.

So, when you left the organisation... were afraid for your family?

For God's sake, Colonel,
who wasn't afraid?

- Is that allowed?
- Everything is allowed, my friend.

You remember that operation
Clean Sweep?


Yeah, that was a windfall.

We scooped up their whole apparatus
in one morning.

Except the head man.
He just disappeared.

Good day's work. Five out of six.

Yeah. Six.

One of them escaped.

- Let me help you.
- But there was a problem, as I recall.

Something about a family.

- There was a killing.
- Yes.

The family of the one who got away.

We never knew who did it. All my people
were cleared. I saw to it personally.

We're not discussing guilt. What was
the code name of the sixth agent?

- The one we didn't catch?
- I don't remember.

That's years ago.

Tell me again.
What happened at the train station?

Somebody was coming at me.

I... I kept him away from me.

He had a kind of a look about him.

I thought... well.

Anyway, he takes this violin
from this blind man. He starts playing.

I mean, it was just...
It was crazy. Weird.

- What was he playing?
- I don't know. Something classical.

Familiar, but I don't know...

Son of a bitch, that's it.

The Mendelssohn violin concerto.

Mendelssohn is the code name...

The code name of the sixth agent,
the one who got away.

His real name was Schroeder.


No one ever knew that name
until his family was killed.

Then he disappeared.
Now he is trying to reach you.

Schroeder has your wife!

Look behind the Berlin Wall!

- Your taxi's here.
- No, no, no.

Lise's friends will meet you in Frankfurt.
I'll be in touch from Berlin.

- Let me go.
- No, I've got to do this fast and alone.

You can contact me
at the Marie-Louise Pension.

- What's that?
- A little hotel in West Berlin.

Marie-Louise Pension.

- Das Taxi.
- Your patient. You should be upstairs.

I'll spend the night there.
I'm going to East Berlin in the morning.

The Marie-Louise.
It was once such a lovely place to...

Do your best so I don't have to worry.

- Come on.
- Go ahead, go ahead.

I'll see you when I see you.
Just be careful.

So I guess this is it?

Reiner will meet you in Frankfurt.
You'll like him. He's a mountain climber.

What was it like in the old days
when you used to work with my father?

Wild, dangerous, exciting if you will.
But only because we were young.

How come you two never got married?

We didn't want to spoil
a perfect friendship, I guess.

In those days,

the Wall, the Cold War...

It was a time of murder, betrayal,
hidden violence.

Your father and I were... I don't know.

Do you have any regrets?


I wish I had a son like you.

I need air.

I can't breathe.

I don't know.

I don't know.

You lie. Where is he?

I would tell you if I knew.

I don't know.

You will die like a hero, my Colonel.

Pension Marie-Louise, Berlin.

Pension Marie-Louise!

on flight 700 to Frankfurt

are requested to proceed to
waiting room one, Gate One.

Hey! Hello there, Carla.

Hello, yourself.

Dallas, right?

Pardon me, sir. Pardon me.

Well, so we meet again.


- Where are you headed?
- Berlin. Friend's apartment. And you?

I'm going to Frankfurt.

What takes you there?

It's a secret. I'm a spy.

Good. I have many secrets.

Would you like to know them?

Why don't you tell them to me?

Well, I can't.

They are secrets.

Final call, all passengers
for Pan Am Flight 602 to Berlin,

proceed to Gate 23.

Final call, Pan Am Flight 602 to Berlin.

Mm! Thanks.

So now you go to Berlin?

Yeah, I changed my mind.

- Thanks.
- Let me get that.

Welcome to the Marie-Louise. Are you
in Berlin for business or pleasure?


It's all the way up on the top.
Are you strong?


Hurry up. I gotta go!

Hold your beautiful horse, darling.
Be right there.

Carla, I've got to go meet my friend,

I'm coming. I'm coming.


We have to stop.

You're wonderful. You're beautiful.
I want to eat your neck.

Then do it.


I've got to go.

What's her name, huh?
This so-called friend of yours.

Oh, no, this is a family thing.
I have to let my father know I'm in Berlin.

- When will you be back?
- I'll call you. All right?

I'll definitely call you in an hour.
You'll wait for me here?

I'll wait for you just like this.

- This is Lise, Lloyd. I have a message.
- Yes, Lise. What is it?

Your old military friend has passed away.

I'm sorry to hear that.
Did he die peacefully?

No. His death was slow and painful.

And I'm afraid you have been exposed.

But don't expect any symptoms
until late this afternoon.

One moment.

- I'll be looking for them.
- And one other thing, Herr Lloyd.

That package you mailed to Frankfurt?
It did not arrive.

Oh, Christ.

- Can you help me there?
- I have put a tracer on it.

But the mails are unpredictable

and packages often seem to choose
their own destination.

Yes, I hope you're right.
How can I get in touch with you?

You can't. I'm on the run, so to speak.

And be careful.

Be very, very careful.

Good luck,

my dear... friend.

Christ in heaven! Get in.

- What the hell's wrong with you?
- Take it easy.

Are you crazy? Idiot.
I could have killed you.

- I could have killed you!
- Get off me.

- Cut it out.
- I could have killed you!

What kind of bug
did you get up your ass?

The Colonel's killer is on his way here.
Lise's on the run, looking for you.

- Can I say something?
- Sure. How could you do this to me?

I didn't do it to you. I did it for me.
I have to be here, you understand?

You and I stood side by side in this.

I tell you, your ass would be whistling
Dixie if I hadn't been in Paris to save it.

This is a family. I don't care what I do in
this family, but I've got to be a part of it.

Give me that gun, show me how to use
it. I'll stay here. You go and find Mom.

Hey, look.

You've got more balls
than you've got brains.

Come here.


How'd you find me?

I smelled you, darling. Berlin is filled
with the scent of your love.

That's very nice, but really,
how did you find me?

Look at me.
You are angry with me, are you?

You are not at all happy to see me.

I'm ashamed now.

I became jealous. I was afraid
it really was someone else.

So I followed you.

In Texas? Tell me, Chris.
Can we make love in the desert?

- All night long in the desert?
- With you, anywhere.

I want you.

I want you in the desert.

Drop the paper, Chris.

Do not move or I kill you.

My bullet will take out your spine
on its exit.

Mr Lloyd is in our Sunflower Room.


Relax, my love.

He won't even hear what hit him.

Yes? Who's there?

This is the desk clerk, Herr Lloyd.
I need your passport.

I'm not well. I'm in bed.

I'm very sorry to hear that.
I'll come back later.


- Drop it.
- Christ, I'm sorry.

- I hope that's the last of us running.
- And the last of the bullshit between us.

I feel like a goddamn fool. She set me up
and I bought the whole damn thing.

- I wasn't thinking.
- You were thinking. With your pecker.

It happens sometimes, so I've been told.

The point is that you and I
have to be straight with each other.

- Right down the line.
- OK.

Hey! Hey!

Go to the American consulate
in case I need to get hold of you fast.

The outfit will be all over you,
so you say nothing.

- Me? I don't know from nothing.
- OK.

- What if you need the outfit's help?
- I'll get them through you.

- You're going to East Berlin with no gun.
- I'll never get in with one.

- What if Schroeder wants to kill you?
- Forget that name.

I've got no choice.
I don't know what he wants.

But I've got to see the man. Come on.

Goddamn it, look at me!

I thought you said no more bullshit.

Ein Moment, bitte.

There's a possibility he may want my life
for your mom's. I...

- Jesus Christ, I knew it.
- Chris...

It may not come to that.

If he does?

If it comes to that, then...

- I'll probably never see you again.
- It could happen anyway, any time.


It's like what you said. We're family.

I need your help at the consulate,
but more important, I need your strength.

Any place I go,
I'll be drawing on that strength.


If I got my son behind me,

I'll get in there, I'll get your mom
and I'll get out alive.

You've got to believe that, Chris.

I love you, Dad. I don't think
I ever told you I love you.

You just did, pal. You just did.

Come on.

Well, Potter.

Or should I call you Lloyd?

Guten Morgen, Herr Schroeder.

Indeed. A good morning to die.

- As good as any.
- I'll let you be the judge of that.

Where's my wife? Is she here?

- Is she alive?
- For the time being, yes.

Bringen sie hier!

You don't order me anything,


Just exactly what is it you want from me?

What I want, I'll take.

You can't give me anything.
I cherish that distinction.

For Christ's sake, Schroeder.
Tell me where I'm at.

If it's information you want,
I don't have any.

If it's money, maybe I can raise some.
Tell me what you want from me.

You are not listening to me.

If I raise my hand
to that young man behind you...

...your wife will be burned alive.

Does that frighten you?



I want a closer look at you.



...this... a murderer of children.

Chris, you've been brought up
in a tradition of fair play.

But these people can't be treated that
way. Fair play means nothing to them.

They could kill your father
and your mother. Now, where is he?

What he's saying is, don't be an asshole.
You want to see your parents on a slab?

Mr Taber, I don't know where he is.

You're lying.

My son Rolf is 14.

On the left. See him?



...Helene, my wife... on the right. 38 years old.

Marvellous voice.

She sang opera.


- You know that?
- No, I didn't.

And Stephanie... the middle, of course.


She loved...

...stray dogs...

...lost causes.

Light of my life.

Operation Clean Sweep. What
a charming euphemism for slaughter.

On the maid's day off,

you caught my wife in her bedroom.
She was brushing her hair.

One shot silenced her for ever.

Stephanie was preparing breakfast
for her mother.

And you slipped a cord around her neck
and strangled her.

- Schroeder, I wouldn't even attempt...
- Silence! You will hear me out.

My boy must have sensed something

and came out of the garage
where he was repairing his bicycle

and was caught
by two hollow-tipped bullets... the stomach.

That was a splendid operation,
a high point of your career.

I had nothing to do with this.

Oh, you scum!

You... you were in charge
of that operation.

Listen. You were to be picked up that
day in your office and you weren't there.

In your frustration you came to my home
and slaughtered my family.

No, it was not me. We both know
the rule. An agent's family was sacred.

- And you broke that rule.
- No!

Not me, not my people. I checked them
all out. I held my own investigation.

I evacuate myself on your investigation.


Why did you resign? Why?

Because the whole thing
was becoming crazy.

Instead of agents, we became lunatics.
All of us.

Instead of trying to find information,
we were trying to destroy each other.

I had a wife and child.
I couldn't take it any more. I quit.

You were dumped
because you botched the job.

They offered me a promotion to stay on!

Instead, you went into a sleazy
little lumber yard in Texas.

Oh, yes. We found you.


I was too old to come to Texas.
Your wife's trip saved me the trouble.

Your story does not move me.
Your time has run out.

Wait a minute, Schroeder. One question.

- Who killed your delivery boy Henke?
- You did, of course.

- And cut off any contact with my wife?
- In a moment of panic, yes.

Let me put it another way. Who's been
trying to kill me since I got here?

Who killed your man on the bridges
in Hamburg? He saw it. It wasn't me.

It's somebody who doesn't want me
to convince you I'm innocent.

It's 18 years. Don't waste your revenge
on the wrong man.

Hold on to it!

Who is it? Who are they?

I can't be certain. Maybe somebody
who's walked in both our camps.

But let's find out.

You're trying to buy time, Lloyd.

All right. So sell me some.

Put out some smoke signals
in your organisation.

Let them think you know something new.

I'll work from the West.
If they're there, I'll find them.

Nein. You're here now
and you'll stay here.

I need mobility. My son is
my only clean contact in the West.

- So use your son.
- I can't. He's too green.

So was my son.

We're going to play by my rules.

These people must be found,
if they exist...

...or, my friend, we are going
to bury your dead!

What about my wife?

What about mine?

Let me run you a scenario, Chris.

Whoever's chasing after your father has
caught up with him and now he's dead.

Lay off.

What about your mother? How long
will the kidnappers keep her alive?

I'll tell you, buddy. About five seconds.

Mr Taber, Lloyd is on the line.
He wants to speak to his son.

Good. Good.

Dad, are you OK?

Yeah. I don't have much time.
I'm under guard.

- Did you find Mom?
- No, but I believe she's alive and well.

Did you contact the kidnappers?

- Maybe later on tonight.
- He's meeting the kidnappers tonight.

Chris, listen to me.
Who's in the room with you?

Mr Taber, Clay... and some other guy.

Look. I need you here. You don't have
to come but it may be our last chance.

- Of course I'm coming. Where?
- Don't talk unless I ask you to repeat it.

Tell Taber I want a clean line,
no interference, nobody in the room.

He wants a clean line.
He wants to talk to me alone.

- He's got it.
- Oh, shit.

It's Taber here. I want a virgin on 22.

- Everybody out.
- Have you lost your mind?

This is his wife. If he wants
to play it this way, OK.

OK, Dad. Go.

OK. Now listen, partner.
You are a free agent.

Walk out of the consulate right now.

There's an old Luftwaffe base where
we exchanged agents with the East.

Can't you leave this family alone?

We know what we're doing. You don't
want a massacre on your hands.

Hold it, gents. Visitor.

- Dad, I'm sorry. They followed me.
- It's OK, pal.

- Barney, I told you to stay out of this.
- You need a back-up.

Let's cut through it.
You meet with the kidnappers, Duke?

- Not yet.
- Whose show is it?

I don't know. There was a message
for me to meet a guy named Schroeder.

- Schroeder? That's it?
- I don't know what I'm into here.

My whole life is on the line.
Get back in that car. Get out of here.



Hold it! Hold it right there! Don't move!

- Mom!
- She's wired.

Hold it. She's wired. It's a booby trap.

It's OK, Mom. We're gonna get you
out of here, I promise. I love you.

It's OK, babe. It's OK. I'm here now.

God damn, look at that mess.

- What have we got?
- I don't know. Looks really hot.

It's a multiphase mercury switch.
There's six, eight ways to say no.

Let's get her loose and get out
before this guy Schroeder...

Don't touch her!
For Christ's sake, she's wired.

You all right?

I need a screwdriver, a knife, something.

Find something.

How's this?

Pass it through real slow.

Chris, take the far side and if you see
or hear anything, let me know.

- OK.
- I'll check over here.

- Can you do it?
- Yeah. Don't breathe.

I'm gonna jam the mercury switch.

Hand me that.

Everything's A-OK here, babe.
We're coming along just fine.

It takes a little time,
just like burping a baby.

- It's pretty quiet out there.
- Don't worry about it.

If I want to worry, I'll worry.
It's a free fucking country, right?

Stand up and get your sea legs.
I need you here.

- Now what?
- This is the mama-san here.

- Everything comes home to here. Got it?
- Not yet.

Trace your lines. Everything comes
home to this switch plug.

We secure that and the buckle's ours.

- What's the matter? You got troubles?
- Yeah, left thumbs. Two of them.

- Just don't rush it. Please, don't rush it.
- No sweat on that.

The yellow cap is free.

OK. We got three rainbows
coming down here.

I got two here and one going
around her waist. Check it out.

I got it. It's on a plug.

When I give you the signal, pull it out.

- Let's move it, boys!
- Shut up, Barney.

You want to blow us all up?

The plug's free.

Tell you what. You be good, you might
even get me out on the dance floor.

- See anything, Chris?
- No, nothing.


I got two capillaries here.

- It's a frigging snake pit.
- Up here. Come on, look.

One, two. You got it? Trace them back.

OK, yeah. There they are.
Twin brothers, side by side.

You pull out the first one.

On my command.

- This guy Schroeder...
- Hold it, for Chrissakes!

- First one's out. Be my guest.
- Pull out the second one.

- It's stuck.
- Come on.

- See anything?
- No, nothing.

Barney, give me a handkerchief.
Your scarf.

Here. You're gonna twist that off.

I hope so.

You got it? Good.

All right, it's free.

- OK, we got it.

- What's the matter?
- Mm.

- Here?
- Mm.

- On that side?
- Mm-hm.

Oh, God.

I've got another bogey here.

Give me a piece of wire.
I can make a loop.

Give me the cutters.

Chris... push down on it.

- Down?
- Down. Easy.


Let's get her out of here.

Duke, this guy Schroeder. You wiped out
his family in Operation Clean Sweep.

- We've got to get you out of here.
- Chris, get your mom out of here.

- I'm staying. I'm not gonna be a target.
- Staying?

Duke, what are you? Crazy?

I'm gonna face up to him.
I didn't kill his family.

Duke, I can't let you do it.


Barney, are you fuckin' nuts?
What's going on? We're family...


Stop! Enough! Enough!

- Werner!
- Hans.

Hans? Holy Christ.

You're a double. I was right, Schroeder.
Somebody from both our camps.

Ask him who was in charge
of Operation Clean Sweep.

I ask instead why you were
about to kill his family.

No, no. I was just trying
to keep them here.

What you were about to do,
you did to me in the past.

The morning we scooped up
your people, he panicked.

He thought you'd betrayed your team.

Barney, you thought you'd be next.

You murdered my family!

No! No, Hans, you can't believe that.

- Take him to the chair.
- No! Hans!

Take your family and get out.

Out! Out.

Come on.

Let me walk!
Let me walk!

- Run, babe, run!
- Come on, Mom, you're doing great.

Oh, my God.

- Are we OK?
- Yeah!