Tardy Terror (2020) - full transcript

This is all your fault.

This is all your fault!

This is all your fault, Trey!

This is all your fault, Trey!

This is all your fault!

God, this place sucks.

I'm headed to school.

The guys are here to pick me up.

Okay, have a good day at school.

- Love you.
- Love you, too.

- Hey, new kid.
- Yeah?

Here we are, the void.

It's called that because
it has the ability

to suck the life out of you.

I just hope, wait, hold up,
I don't even know your name.





Are we all superheroes now?

Only if I get to be the brave leader.

Anyway, welcome to Willow Hills.

You're sure in for a treat.

What do you mean?

There's only one rule you need to know

to survive the year.

What's the rule?

Don't be tardy.

That's a rule in every
school on the planet.

I mean, thanks for the heads up.

Hey, Lewis.


Good luck.

Don't worry, he'll learn quick.

Well, hey, let's get to it.

- Class?
- What?

What class do you have?

Let me see it.

You don't have much time.

Time for what?

And you must be Mr. Vance.


Maybe next time you won't be so lucky.

Take a seat.

Literal or figurative,
\"It is dark outside\"?

It is going to be literal.

What if I said, \"The
darkness consumes me\"?

Literal or figurative?


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Look what we got here, boys.

Fresh meat.



I wanna see what happens.

Hey, new kid, next time,
watch we're you're going.

Let's get out of here, Johnny.

His awful flannel is
starting to give me hives.

Who was that?

That was Johnny Warren,
mean as a pit bull,

and about as smart as one, too.

I'm pretty sure he holds the record

for the amount of times.

Oh, and that cheerleader that he was with,

that was his girlfriend Jocelyn.

She might be scarier than him.

Yeah, but she's pretty hot, though.

Shut up, Owin.


Yeah, thanks, I was looking for this.

I'm Alexa, by the way.

Lewis, and thanks for saving me.

You ready to listen yet?

Look, I know what to look out for.

Just don't be tardy and watch out

for Johnny and his psycho girlfriend.

Hey, wait.

You might wanna listen.


Now, look, I know this
can all sound really crazy,

but you just gotta
trust us and believe it.

Am I going crazy?


You're not going crazy, just listen.

Well, let me guess, a teacher died,

and then now their ghost is coming back

to haunt all the bad kids, is that it?

Was that really just a guess?


I mean, how does that explain

why everyone's so crazy
about being on time?

We had a principal back then,

but he was really crazy about tardy.

Hmm, okay.

Okay, come on, let's get to class.

Hello, get to class!


Everybody, listen to me
'cause I'm your principal,

get to class, get to.

Who am I talk, am I talking to myself?


Watch it!

What's your deal?


Watch out!

What the heck?

Hey, those are expensive.

Oh, come on!

Get 'em out of your ears!

Have you lost
your mind, Winkerman?

I'm taking this to the school board!

done lost his mind, y'all.

Hey, back
to the nuthouse for you.


All systems ready.

Five, four, three, two, one.



Time to shine, my little children.

It's so beautiful!

You're giving me life!

Is this the apocalypse?


System overload.

Oh my God.

Caution, system overload.

System overload.

I am sorry.

That can't be good.

Ever since the blast,
he never showed again,

but something else did, though.

No one knows where it came,

but it's been picking off
tardy students ever since.

So what you're trying to tell me

is that there's a tardy monster

that picks off kids
that are late to class?


You guys are next level crazy.

I know it's completely out there,

but you have to believe us or-

- Or what, I'm gonna die?

Look, if all this is true,

why hasn't the school been shut down,

and why hasn't the police been involved?

'Cause they're being controlled.


Yeah, I think it's in the TVs,

'cause, like, adults are
always watching TV, right?

Teachers, the cops,
every adult in this town

has been under control.

Then why haven't we been controlled?

Students are immune to it.

It wasn't always like
this, but, after that night,

the teachers have never really walked

or talked the same way that they used to,

and neither have my parents.



That bell shows that we only
have three minutes til class.

Okay, after school,
meet us by the fountains.

Good luck.

Look, I know this is a lot to process,

but if you ever wanna talk
about anything, I'm all ears.


So, what's your last period?

History of film, Mr. Case.

Oh, I love that class.

I've heard mixed things.

Well, you're close by.

Down the hall, to the left, D-311.

Thank you.

Have a good day.

Now, what's so special
about \"Nosferatu\"?


Isn't that like the first horror movie?

Very good.

No, it's not.

Excuse me?

It's not the first horror movie.

The first horror movie
was some French film

called \"House of the Devil.\"

Well, don't you just
know about everything?

I'm in a history of
film class, aren't I?

Why don't you lead us into the history

of horror movies, Mr. Vance?

People back then didn't
like horror movies a lot.

There are still some that don't.

They didn't like them because
they were too dreadful.

They lacked hope.

Of course.

Horror movies have no hope.

Congratulations, you made
it through your first day.

I still think you're full of crap.

You'll see.

Hey, if you're not busy today,

you should probably come
with us to Freedom Fort.

What's Freedom Fort?

You're in for a surprise.

I don't know if I can
handle any more surprises.

It's not as exciting
as what you saw today.


Lewis, just come with us.

Fine, fine.

Hey, coming?

I have to go take care of my sister.

Oh, well, see you around?

Mm hmm.

This is Freedom Fort, new kid.

You guys have access to an arcade?

Told you it was gonna be a surprise.

Hey, Flex!


Is he not here?

Who's Flex?

Hey, just wait here.





Wait, no, no, wait, wait, wait,

wait, wait!

Calm down, calm down.

Calm down, relax, relax.

Easy, Flex, he's with us.

You guys like, you know, sure?

We're positive.

Hey, what's up, man?


So, I guess I should welcome you

to what your friends
call their Freedom Fort,

where the games are free,
and where your spirit

is freer, man.

Hey, Flex, this is Lewis.

He's new to town.

So, does he, like, know about the whole

MKA Ultra thing going around this city?

What, oh, guess I should
probably shut up now.


Oh, I almost forgot!

I got an extra grande pizza pie

cooking in the oven right now.

You think you guys like might wanna,

like, share it with me?

Flex, when do we not want pizza?



That looks great.

Thank you.

I wish this could all be over.

Me, too, bug, me, too.

Hey, Dad, do you like my picture?

What, so no one else comes here?


After everything we told you about,

people just stopped having fun.

Sucks to be those losers.

Yep, this is our pride and joy.

Everything we've been through,

it's pretty much been here.

Anyways, now that you've been welcomed

to this glorious Freedom
Fort, let's cut to the chase.

Your parents aren't your parents anymore.


- Finn!
- What?

Do you have a better way of saying it?

Might as well just rip
the bandaid off now.

What do you mean my parents
aren't my parents anymore?

Like, are they controlled like
the teachers in this town?

Okay, you didn't have
to say it like that.

Yeah, I don't care.

Listen, the message is still the same.

Your parents are under
the same mind control

as the rest of the town.

How can that be?

We just moved here!

My parents can't be
controlled like everyone else!

Okay, all right, Lewis, just calm down.


I see what you're doing now.

You're trying to haze the new kid,

first by this whole don't be tardy thing,

and now my parents are whatever.

Stay away from me.

Okay, wait, Lewis, Lewis!

Crap, way to go, Finn, you scared him off!

I didn't expect that to happen.

So what do we do now?

We'll just let him
figure it out on his own.

Sorry, my dudes, but I burnt the pizza.

I think I owe you guys an apology.

Glad to see you back.

Good to see you, man.

Don't sweat it, we've
all been through it.

Well, I thought I had like a 93 on it,

but I'm kinda dyslexic, so it turned out

it was actually a 39.

You again, new kid?

I thought I already told
you to stay out of my way.

Wow, Johnny, I'm
surprised you can from words

with that stupid manbun.

Watch it, Cruz, or I'll
kick your pretty face in.

You calling me pretty?

I'm flattered.

Whoa, whoa, what is this?

Oh, it's you again.

Listen, I know you're new here,

and I don't expect you to immediately know

how things work, but
we have a system here.

People like you stay in your lane,

and, if you step out of it,

well, then you'll figure out what happens.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble,
but I'm not scared of you.

I know people just like you.

They think they own
everything and everyone,

and then they peak in high school

and spend the rest of their
lives bagging groceries

and wondering why they
completely failed at everything.

Wow, tough guy.

I'm just gonna let you now,
playing hero in this school,

it doesn't end well.

That's better than being

a washed-up piece of trash like you.

You cause another scene like this again,

we'll put you down.

We'll always be above you.

Hold up, back off, Jocelyn.

Or what, Trey?

Are you gonna hit me, or you gonna feed me

to the monster like you did
with your friend Carter?

I'm sure he'd be pretty sad

that another person died because of you.

Don't act like you
knew anything about him.

Leave us alone.

Why do you have to be so rude?

Who said that you could talk to me?

Okay, no.

So, this, new kid, is what we like

to call the tardy trick.

We use it for losers like
you who are more defiant.

You got a fast mouth.

Let's see how fast you can run.

You got about 30 seconds
to get to your next class.


Guys, look, Lewis was
a good guy, all right?

But there's no need to just sit

here and cry about it, all right?

People go missing here all the time.


Not now, Finn, I'm just gonna move on.


You're alive.

Yeah, but I don't know
if I

Sorry, sorry.

Yeah, I'm just excited to see you here.

How about we take a seat?
- Yeah.

Damn it.

You're alive.

I'm impressed.

Yeah, man, totally
thought you got snatched.

I almost did.

Okay, so what happened?

Well, after John and
his psycho girlfriend

pulled that tardy trick, I managed

to get into Zwicker's class.

Nice of you to join us, Mr. Vance.

Clean yourself up.

You may now begin your composition,

and, remember, eyes on your own paper.

Help me!

Help me, please, help me!

Please, please, please,
help me, please, please!

You have five minutes
remaining on your test.

Yeah, that happens a lot
when storms come through here.

And you guys are just used to it?

They just go back to being controlled.

Well, wait a minute, if they go back

to being normal when the lights are off,

then doesn't that mean-

- Then that means that there has to be

some kind of source that's controlling

them when the power's on.

So if we can find the source-

- Then-

- Then we can end all this.

I like the way you think, new kid.

Well, you guys have never
thought of that before.

Well, believe it or not, it's kinda hard

to think when your classmates

are getting taken left and right.

So you've never tried to fight back?

That never really ends well.

Look, what Jocelyn said is true,

playing hero doesn't really end well.

Finn, that's not true.

Look, clearly we found out that there's

some sort of source that's controlling

the adults when the lights are on,

so why don't we just find the source-

- And we can bring everyone back.

What if one of us gets taken?

What if I get taken, what then?

I'm sorry, but I have plans.

I wanna go to college.

Yeah, and what happens when
you graduate that college?

Then you grow up and you're just like

every other adult in this town.

We can all work together
to put an end to this.

This is our last year here.

I don't wanna become like my parents,

but I don't wanna be taken.

I have a sister to worry about.

Listen, it'll be okay, all right?

I'm not gonna let that happen again.

Speaking of that, earlier today,

when Jocelyn was going
crazy, she brought up

someone named Carter.

Who's Carter?

We'll continue this after school.

Let's go.

Go, fight, go!



Go, fight, we win!

Go, fight, we win!

Oh, there he is.

Yeah, yeah.

How's your nose?


Nah, man, that's not fine.

Can you even breathe?

I swear, out of all the people,

I would've thought that he'd be

one of them that get taken.

Don't worry, what goes
around comes around.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

You know, 50% of high
school football players

who wanna go pro don't even make it.

Your point?

The point is, I'm
saying Johnny's that 50%.

Finn, stop staring at
the cheerleaders, man.

Have you noticed that Molly
Stevens isn't cheerleading?

Molly Stevens?

She's in my English class,
she sits right behind me.


And she wasn't in class today.

Yeah, this kid named
Brian in my algebra class

wasn't in today, either.



Look, we need to get
down to the bottom of this.

I mean, people are
disappearing left and right.

We can't just act like this is normal.

I agree, I just think we
need to be more careful.

I don't wanna lose another friend.

Trey, who's Carter?

I think you should just tell him.


Watch out, man!

You know what's going on?

What, is it like a fire
drill or something?

No, we don't know.

Trey, open the door, help
me get the door open, man.

What are you doing?

Come on, open this door!

Trey, open the door.

Help me get the door open, man.

Trey what are you doing, come on!

I can't!

I can't, the door won't open.

Okay, Trey, come on, come on.

Dude, hurry up!
- I can't!

The door won't open!

Ask the teacher, ask the teacher

to open the door, all right?

Hey, can you help, can somebody help?

Such a shame.



The monster took him to God knows where.

The only thing it left was his skateboard.

When I went to the cops,
they told me it was nothing.

They told me it was some
kind of animal attack.

But, little did I know, they
were being controlled, too.

Carter was a great guy.

He's the one that created the Buds.

He's the reason why
we're all best friends.

We all miss him.

And it was all my fault.

If I hadn't left my stupid essay-

- Stop!

We never knew it would happen.

Carter wouldn't want
you to blame yourself.

Which is why I really
wanna leave this town.

Yeah, and leave this crappy band.

Am I right, fellas?

Hey, we meant to tell
you that we thought

about what you said earlier,

and we think we're
ready to play into this.

Wait, what?

Look, you're new here, right?

That means you probably have
a new perspective on this.

So let's start with what we know first.

First, there's a power outage.

Second, all the adults turn
into some kind of robots.

And then, third, the monster comes out.

Well, maybe there's
some kind of connection

between those things.

Yes, but how it's connected
is what we need to figure out.

Didn't y'all say
something about a principal

that was here one minute
and gone the next?

Yeah, Winkerman, but
that's just an urban legend.

Nobody really knows what happened.

Well, there has to be some
kind of truth behind it.

I mean, where did all these
shock waves come from?

What are you getting at here?

If we find ground
zero, we find our source.

If Winkerman is behind
this, he wouldn't want

some unwanted visitor sneaking around,

so he'd hide this source
under lock and key.

So that means?

If we find out where Winkerman
lived, we find our source.

I like that.

Me, too.

Now, what would cause a power surge?

If you plug too many
machines or appliances

into a socket, you could pop the circuit,

but it's also a possibility
that he just used

a machine to kill the
power in the whole city.

Well, if it's some kind of computer,

why can't we just find
it and put a virus in it

and just end this whole thing?

We have no idea where to start,

and I'm pretty sure the teachers

wouldn't be too keen with us
snooping around the school.

Yeah, and we'd be lucky
if we ever found it, too.

Wait, guys, we can just
use the school blueprints.

We can just use it like a map.

Because every building is required by law

to have blueprints, even in Willow Hills.

Owin, you're amazing.

I know.

Nice, dude.

Wait, why couldn't you just
think about that earlier?

Well, Trey, if you asked me earlier,

I would have told you.

Where would we even
find these blueprints?

It should be in the records office.

It's where every other
school file would be.

Great, now we gotta
get keys for the office?

Okay, well, when would be
a good time to do all this?

This looks like a good
night to do all this.

Everybody jump!

When I say DJ, you say dropout.

- Dropout!

- DJ.
- Dropout!

Hey, can we please stick to the plan?

It's now or never.

You look beautiful.

You look handsome.

I guess you're my date tonight.


So, where are Owin and Finn?

Look, I know we're here for business,

but let's have fun.


Hey, how's it going?

Doing good.

You having fun tonight?


All right, ladies and gentlemen,

grab yourself a special someone
and get to slow dancing.

Too close, 13 inches apart.

Don't rip my dress, you idiot.

I'm sorry.

This cost more than your football

scholarship, you imbecile.

Why aren't you wearing
the dress I bought you?

As if I'd wear that potato sack.

So, like, I don't know,
but this giant chimpanzee

comes and bites me, and, trust me,

it's not like a chocolate,

but I started running over that direction.

I was like running

and running, it was like right behind me.

It almost got me again.

Is everything okay?

I'm so sorry.


Are you having a good time?

Of course.

The target's behind you, by the way.

Let's get these keys.

Are you sure you can handle it?

You're the one that's grabbing them.


Let's do it.


You're literally amazing.

You got them, you got the keys?

- Hurry.
- All right.

Was that vomit?

I don't see any blue papers here.

They're not actually blue.

Hey, Finn, Finn, Finn, it's over here.

This should be it.

We did it.


We work pretty good together.

Yes, we do.

Hey guys!

We got the blueprints, come on!

Another time, I guess.


All right, so what
are we looking at here?

I don't know.


Look, man, you're the nerd of the group.

You should know how to read this.

I am a nerd, but I'm
also not an architect.

So I do not know what any of this means.

All right, so we're still stuck.

Here ya go, my dudes, and dudette.

I like that.

Yeah, extra cheese, too, right?

Appreciate it.

Hey, wait, hold on.

When are you two gonna make it official?


Aw, man, don't pretend
like you don't know.

Come on, we've all seen
the way you look at her.

Hey, man, don't look at me.

I'm just here for the pizza.

Yeah, we have noticed that you two

have been pretty close in proximity.

How about right now?


Would it make you happy
if I got down on one knee?


Alexa, do you promise to take this coin

and never to play Blood
Punchers with another boy again?

Of course.


Look at that, Lewis is all grown up.

He's not our little boy anymore.

Shut up, I'm six months older than you.

Hey, Finn, you hear that?

What, what is it, Trey?

I think it's the sound of young love.

Shut up!

Shut up.

Oh, there it is.

Just like new.

Sorry about that, y'all, my bad.

What's happening?

Oh, you poor thing.

I told you to stay in your lane.

Mr. Vance, write.

I'm sorry.

Hey, so this is something
I've been meaning to tell you.


What is it?
- I'm sorry.

I'm just a little bit nervous.


So I've been.

Johnny Warren to the attendant's office.

Johnny Warren, attendant's office.

What was that?

I don't know.

Go see what that is.

I'll talk to you later, okay?

- Bye.


I was told to come here.

Forget this.

\"I thought it was time

\"to put my own spin on the tardy trick.

\"Think you're faster than a locked door?

\"Oh, and by the way, you have
30 seconds to get to class.

\"Tick tock.\"

You let me go!

Get back over here!

Johnny, come on, now, hurry up!

Johnny, come on!

Come on, come on!

No, Johnny!

Come on, Johnny, come on, no!

Jocelyn, Jocelyn, let me in!



Lewis Vance, Lewis Vance, he trapped me.

Run, run!



Run, baby, run!


Oh, God.

Oh, God, Johnny.

First place!

Got you!

Dang it.

You didn't think I was gonna
take it easy on you, did you?

I let you win.

I'm sure you did.

Hey, guys.

The pizza's ready.

Sorry, sorry, I promise I'll hurry up.

I've been thinking about something.

So, Audrey, she had this coin
with her when she got taken.

What are you getting at?

Whatever this thing
is, it has to be able

to travel back and forth
between the schools.

There has to be some way that
we can use that against it.

Look, Owin, I know you're trying to get

a plan together, and I
really appreciate that,

but I think it'd just be best if we all

just take a break from this stuff.


You're the one who encouraged us

to get up and fight this thing.

I'd think, out of anyone, that you

would be the one to support me on this.

I do, but I'm worried about her and-

You guys stop talking
about me like I'm not here!

Hey, hey, it's okay.

No, it's not.

You guys are all oblivious to everything!

Hey, Alexa.

Hi, Jocelyn.

How's your boyfriend?


I gotta get to class.

Why do you look so afraid, Alexa?

We're just having a friendly conversation.

Whatever, I'm going to class.

Your little friends, they're
not here to save you, okay?

You're all alone, but I'm pretty sure

you're used to that by now.

I'm not afraid of you.

What's wrong, you miss your boyfriend?



You can thank your boyfriend for this.

Dude, that's not gonna help us at all.

What are you talking about?

This is all my fault.

What happened with Johnny was my fault.


I'm sorry, I can't
forgive myself.

Get out.


What's going on, man?

I just made this pizza.

It's so good you'll be fighting over it!


Screw it.


No way.

Freaking lunatic, I knew it!

All right, Lewis, this better be good.

We're here.

Don't waste my time,
man, what do you want?

I think I found our source.


Last night, something
told me to come here,

and I did, and, sure
enough, I found a door.

A door?


Guys, there's more than just
a basement under this school.

I didn't get a good look at it,

but it's an entirely
different world down there.

Well, you found it, good job.

I'm leaving now.
- Yeah.


Look, I can't undo what I did, and I know

you're all mad at me, and you
hate me, and I hate me, too.

But we have to do something.

I'm not gonna do this just
because you want me to, Lewis.

Don't do it for me.

Do it for Alexa.

Do it for Carter.

Look, if we have the
ability to do something

and we don't even try, we're just as bad

as what we're trying to stop.

We can't just sit around.

We have to do something.

For Alexa.

For Carter.

For our lives or whatever.

For us.

Let's end this.



Is he dead?

Yeah, I think he's dead.

Do it!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey,

whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, Flex, it's just us.

Oh, man, you scared
the bejeebees out of me.

How you guys been?

Look, Flex, we found out what's causing

everything in this town, and, tomorrow,

we're all gonna try to put an end to this.

What do you mean we?

All of us.

So you guys are like cool again?

Flex, we don't know what
we're getting ourselves into,

and we're gonna need all
the strength we can get.

That involves you.

What, me?

You're the only adult
in this town we can trust.

Look, guys, I know you
want this all to stop,

but you guys can get hurt.

I mean, like, hurt hurt.

I mean, like, cease and desist, man!

So you're not gonna help us?

You guys don't have to do this.

I mean, we got it pretty good here, right?

Games, a roof over our
head, pizza for miles!

And like all bad things, you know,

this, too, shall pass, right?

Look, I know I'm not that smart,

but you guys have been so cool to me.

You guys are like my family.

My whole life, growing up, I never had

any friends or family.

Listen, what am I gonna do?

I'm just some stupid arcade owner.

I didn't ask for any of this stuff!

Yeah, neither did we.

Look, there's a door
that leads into a basement

in the principal's office at our school.

If you decide to show
up, we'll be down there.

Let's go.

Just think about this, you
don't gotta do this, my dudes!

You guys could get hurt.


Come on.

God, it stinks.

Owin, come on.


This place is weird.


Well, ladies first.

You're a kind gentleman.

Wait, stop, stop here.

Look, it's real.

- Alexa.
- Wait!


Look, look at those lights.

It's hypnotizing them.

What do you think it's gonna do to you?


The machine's real, let's end this.

All right, good luck, you guys.



Remember, don't look at it.

I know.

Watch your step.

I promise you, we're gonna fix this, okay?

I'm really sorry about everything.

Hey, man, we gotta go.


I can probably figure this out.

You go work on the machine.

All right.

Don't look at it!

I know.

Okay, Lewis.



I found the alarm.

Okay, pull it.

All right, copy.

Lewis, we got a problem.

What is it?

I think there's
a mess up or something.

Students are getting trapped.

No, no, no, no!

Oh, God, the alarm's going off.

The trapped students can't get to class.

It's gonna be a free-for-all.

Good luck.

Hey, everybody, get to class right now!

Everybody, get in your
classrooms right now!

What do we do?

We just stick to the plan.

Get in there, you, get in there.

Get in your classrooms, close the doors.

- Where's the fire?
- Go to class.

Oh, Lewis, I'm
not finding anything.

If you can turn something on,

then you have to be able to turn it off.

Just tell me if anything changes.

This is not a drill.

Just stay in the classrooms.

Just stay in, this is not

What did you do?

Let me out, let me out!

Open this door!

Why did you lock me in here?

Let me out!

Access denied.

I don't wanna be here anymore.

Open the door!

I don't wanna be here anymore!

Access denied.

No, come back!

Uh, Lewis.

I think we found our switch.

Well, don't just stand there, pull it!

I'm on it.

Systems accessed.

All systems ready.

Enter security access code.

Access denied.

Finn, how's it going over there?






Yeah, you, you big
gremlin-looking freak.


Oh, crap!

Not cool, bro.

Not cool.

This is the third time this week.

This behavior is unacceptable.

That hurts.

I will not tolerate
any kind of.

Sir, where are you going?

I'm here to save the day, lady.

Guys, this is the moment of truth.

Oh, God, that's gnarly.

Lewis, you gotta shut that thing off.

If you're gonna save your friends,

you gotta shut that thing off, man.

Uh, guys?

If you see anything that
could turn this thing off,

now would be a good time.

Pull it, Lewis.

Pull it.

Come on, guys, turn it off!

You can do it, I believe in you, dude.

Guys, turn it off!

- Carter?
- Finn.

Yo, what's up, Carter?

It's been a long time.

Yeah, I gotta pee.

Sorry, I'm sorry.

- For what?
- I didn't mean

for any of this to happen.
- What happened, why?

Where's Audrey?

Don't worry, we'll find her.

- Johnny!
- Ah.

What is this?

I'm not nervous anymore.

We're through.

Do you have any idea what
I've been through for you?

We all live our lives in
fear, fear of the unknown,

fear of whatever might happen next.

Many people spend so much of their time

anticipating life's terrors.

I would know, I was one of these people.

But I've come to learn, it's
not about what you will face,

but who you will face it with,

who you will overcome it with,

who will show you
friendship, family, love.

And now that this adventure is over,

it's time we all go
and experience another.

We've all learned, if you
live your life in fear,

you aren't living.