Taras Bulba (1962) - full transcript

A "Romeo and Juliet" story that takes place in the late 16c. Ukraine. Taras has settled into comfortable farm life after years of adventures and swashbuckling with his cossack companions. Though not wealthy, he is able to send his son Andrei away to a Polish school. At this time the Poles are overlords of Ukraine and the origin of the cossacks is struggle of the Ukrainian serfs to free themselves and their land of Polish domination. Toward this end Taras hopes that his son will be educated in the ways of the enemy. Instead, Andrei falls in love with the daughter of a Polish nobleman, setting the stage for a clash between love, family honor, and a struggle for national identity.


In the dark days at the dawn
of the 16th century,

the conquering hordes
of the Turkish Sultan

spread terror
throughout the civilized world.

The Ottoman Empire swept
east across Asia Minor,

south across the Mediterranean,

north across the Crimea.

Triumphant, the Turkish Sultan
turned west to the Ukraine.

Turkish spearheads threatened
the frontiers of Poland.

The fate of Europe hung in the balance
on the vast fertile plains

known as the Steppes.

Your Highness,
the Turks have broken our lines.

Call out the reserves.

We have yet to hear from our allies.

The Cossacks.

The whole army's probably
lying drunk in the mud.

The Cossacks will be here.
We can't wait, Sire.


Cutthroats, animals.
Devils with scalp locks.

But there are no such fighters
in the world.

Prince Grigory will toast victory
at the Royal Pavilion

with the Cossack Colonel.

Tell your Prince,

the hetman of the Zaporozhtzi
only drinks with kings.

My Colonel,

have a drink for me
with Prince Grigory.

And you will represent me
at the Royal Pavilion,

Taras Bulba.

Follow me.

Never set foot under a Polish roof.

Not even a tent.

Colonel Manfred,
we will speak here.

It will spare us
both embarrassment.

I give you a toast to our common
triumph over the infidels.

I'll drink to that.


Too bad we're fighting
on the same side, huh?

You fight well, Cossack.

How are you known?

Armed guards behind my back.

Your name? Taras Bulba.

of the Oumansky Cossacks.

Well, Taras Bulba,
Colonel of the Oumansky Cossacks,

His Majesty is pleased
by the results of our alliance.

So pleased he has decided
to do you the honor

of integrating all Cossack troops
into the Polish-lmperial Army.

Do you see this scalp lock?

That means you're speaking
to the Zaporozhtzi.

Do you know what
Zaporozhtzi means?

The Cossack Brotherhood.

Free men.

We fought with you
to rid this land of the Turks

because this is our land.

Now take your Polish honor
back to Poland

and leave us alone.

Leave us alone, Pole.

Colonel Manfred,
the Cossack is right.

Honor has nothing
to do with this.

We need the Ukraine
as a buffer against the East

and we need your grain.

We are here and we intend
to stay.

That is why His lmperial Majesty
is dispersing the Cossack troops

before you can turn
your horses against us.

That is why we held back our reserves
till you had won the battle for us.


Holy Father,

blessed archangel,
what have we done?

What is your will?

I've led you to dishonor,
defeat and death.


Devil take you, Mykola.

You are our hetman.

You did not lead us to defeat.

We trusted the Poles.


was our mistake.

Before the moon changes,

I'm going to have a son.

He may already be born.

And I will kiss
the Devil before my son

wears the Polish collar.

So, start again,

burn our farms,

take to the forests,

live in the hills.

Kubenko in the south.

Tymoshevsky in the east.

The scalp lock is forbidden.

There's my pledge.

It may take years,

it may take a whole generation,

but the Cossack Brotherhood
will rise again,

with fire and sword

and repay the Pole measure
for measure.

And take

the Steppes back

for our own.

And may God help us.


pray to your archangel.

With the burning of their farms,

the Cossacks scattered
across their beloved Steppes.

There, in the ancient hills,

Taras Bulba 's vision
was to take root

and grow like the sons he bore,

steeled from birth for the day
when the Cossack Brotherhood

would drive the Polish conquerors
from their homeland

and take back the Steppes
for their own.

There, Andrei,

there's your lesson.

Armor plate can stop a saber.

If you want to kill
a man in armor,

what you need is this.

Why don't Cossacks wear armor?

This is our armor, boy.


And a good saber arm.

Ostap, watch your brother.

He rides like a Cossack,
fights like a Cossack.

And soon, we'll teach him
to drink like a Cossack.

Taras Zaporozhtzi!

When you see a Cossack
with him is a Cossack.

We the brotherhood
we are one.

Hi, Zaporozhtzi!

Hi, Zaporozhtzi!

We the brotherhood
we are one hey!

Turn to your left
then turn to your right.

And faces shine brighter
than the sun.

Hi, Zaporozhtzi!

Hi, Zaporozhtzi!

Faces shine brighter than
the sun hey!

When you say Cossack
you're saying brother.

Cossack and brother mean
the same.

Hi, Zaporozhtzi!

Hi, Zaporozhtzi!

Cossack and brother mean
the same! Hey!

We are the Cossacks.
We are the Cossacks.

Men that no one
on earth can tame.

Hi, Zaporozhtzi!

Hi, Zaporozhtzi!

Men that no one
on earth can tame.


In the holy name, are you mad?

A Cossack scalp lock?
Don't chatter, magpie.

You make the barber nervous.
You'll be hanged on sight.

The more you talk, the more you
show your ignorance.

The scalp lock is the latest fashion
imported from the court at Warsaw,

His Polish Majesty
has forgiven us our sins.

Royal pardon to all Cossacks.

Watch what you're doing.

Shave me when you're
through with papa.

I want a scalp lock.

How's that?

A scalp lock!

You'll wear a scalp lock
when you've earned it, boy.

In battle.

You don't need a scalp loc
to study Latin.


The Poles have opened
the Kiev Academy to all Cossacks,

and the sons of Taras Bulba,
will be the first ones there.

Right, Father Mikhail?

The devil we are!

The King is spitting in our eye.

He's saying the Cossacks aren't
worth worrying about anymore.

What the devil are
you doing up there?

I am repairing the weathercock

so that you can tell
which way the wind blows.

Papa, what can we learn
from the Poles?

Father Mikhail has taught us
everything that a Cossack should know.

A Cossack? Yes.

What do you know?

Pots and pans.

Petticoats and apron strings.
That's what you know.

A Cossack should be fighting Poles,
that's what I know.

Send me to Kiev with a saber,
I'll teach them what I know.

But I won't go to learn to be a Pole.


You think you are ready
to fight me, boy?

Anytime you say, Papa.

All right, Papa.

Come on.

Ah!... So we go,

the sons of Taras Bulba,
to learn to be Poles.

I don't know why we go, Papa,
but I follow your orders

until the day comes
that I can throw you in the well.


that day will come.


You don't know why you're going.

So you say you want
to fight the Poles.

When you come home,

when you've learned
everything the Poles know

and all there is
to know about the Poles,

then you'll be ready to fight them,

and not before.

And that day will come.

That day will come.


Pigs, lepers and Cossacks
around the back.

Follow me.

Andrei Bulba.

Ostap Bulba.

We have opened
our schools to you,

in the hope that we may yet raise
a generation of civilized Cossacks,

worthy to be counted among
the subjects of the Polish crown.

Let it be clear from the start,

we will not tolerate the barbaric
behavior to which you are accustomed.

You will remove your tunics
and prostrate yourselves.

Brother Bartholomew.

I thought we came here to study.

Papa said we should learn everything
there is to know about the Poles.

But she's the governor's daughter.

She'd spit on a Cossack.




I love,

thou lovest,

he loves.

Rise ye shepherds,

on this winter's night.

In the skies,

one wondrous star shines bright.

Angel voices bid ye rise.

Oh come ye all where Jesus lies.

Oh come and greet your Lord!

Come, ye shepherds.

Ye have traveled far.

Ye have been guided.

By his holy star.

Gently, gently dawn is creeping.

In the manger he is sleeping.

Come and greet your Lord.

Rise, ye shepherds,

on this winter's night.

In the skies one wondrous
star shines bright.

Angel voices bid ye rise.
Oh come ye all where Jesus lies.

Oh come and greet your Lord.

Oh, Natalia,

your brother and I would like
to share a toast with you.

Whoa, there!

Do you think it's funny
to run people down?

I'm sorry.

You look so funny
when you get angry.

It's hard to look angry
with mud on your face.

That's the Academy bell.

You will be late.

They will whip you.

I'll return this.
Oh, it doesn't matter.




I won't be here tomorrow.

But I can easily get another one,

at the Thieves' Market.



Andrei, come on.

Come on, Andrei,
the gates are closed.

The Thieves' Market.
What did you say?

The gates are closed.




I came.

I saw.

I conquered.

Make yourselves presentable.
Then report to the Abbot.

Ostap Bulba, you're dismissed.
Go to your studies.

I'm sure that'll be more painful for you
than any flogging.

Do you know why I have decided
to punish you and not your brother?

It's the Machiavellian theory
of statesmanship you taught us.

Divide your enemy and conquer.

Ostap was born a Cossack,
he will die a Cossack.

But you distress me, Andrei.

You have a fine mind.

It distresses you
to find a Cossack can think?

On the contrary, you gave me
hope for the Cossack kind.

To raise yourself out
of ignorance and barbarism.

There's a real challenge
for a restless spirit.

Must you waste yourself
hating all Poles?

Not all Poles.

It's not so much
that I hate Poles, sir.

I love the Steppes.

But the Steppes are Poland.

The past is dead.

The wheel of history
moves forward

and no one can turn
it back single-handed.

Not even you, Andrei Bulba.

Well, it's a challenge
for a restless spirit.

Remove your cassock
and prostrate yourself.

Brother Bartholomew.

They tell of a star-

That shines just by day.

Just by day.

The wishing star.

Can only be seen.

When two lovers kiss.

So they say.

You make a wish.

On a summer night.

And dream till dawn.

When the sun is bright.

Then kiss your love.

And look up above.

If you see a star in the blue.

The wishing star.

Is shining for you.

And you know your wish
will come true.



After vespers. At the cathedral.

Are you out of your mind?

And she loves me.

And as soon as we can get out
of this monk's trap

she's going to be my wife.

Do you know what Papa
would do to her?

He'll throw her
to the pigs for slop.

Andrei, she's a Pole.
Don't let her make a fool of you.


This Cossack
dishonored my sister.

We cannot allow him to disgrace
any more Polish families.

I'll need your assistance.

I'm not going to kill you,

but I'm going to make sure,

you never molest another Polish
woman as long as you live.

Stand him up.

Stop the Cossacks!

Brother Bartholomew!
Brother Bartholomew! Go!...

Open the door!

Open the door!

They killed Captain Alex.

The stables. We'll need horses.
I'll find Natalia. Saddle three.

Thank you, Lieutenant,
for coming here.

It was considerate of you.

Please wait.

My son is dead.

Your brother killed by your Cossack lover.

Tell your servant
to pack your belongings.

I'll arrange for an escort
to take you out of the city.

You cannot stay here
after tonight.

You'll be taken to Dubno.

There you will serve as maid
in waiting

until you have been trained

in the responsibilities
of your birth.

Alert the patrol and apprehend
my daughter as well.


Go back!

Go back, Andrei! Go back!

Go back! Go back!

Go back!


Ah!... Strangers.

Look at the way they ride.

Turn around, son. Turn around.

Don't move, son. Don't move.
Let's take a look at you.

What is this, a skirt?

My sons in skirts.

Let's see if you can run to the well
without tripping over your dress.

Papa, the only reason I'd run
to the well is to throw you in.

How do you ride?


please don't make fun of us.

And why not?

Because if you do, Papa,
I'll hit you.


You want to fight?

Anytime you say, Papa.

Fists? What else?

So you think you're tough enough

to push the old cock
off the roost.

Andrei, Taras.

Look at them.

Two years they haven't
seen each other.

What do they do?
Try to kill each other.

Well, you've learned
to fight a little.

I'll say that for you.

What about you?

Andrei, you're hurt.

Come. Sit.


who stuck you?
A Pole.

Did you kill him?

My little brother did.

What did you fight about?

A woman.
A woman!...

How do you like that?

Did you see the
way he fought me?

With a sword hole
in his shoulder.

If we drink we will die.

And if we don't drink
we will die.

So we might as well
say what the hell.

And let our glasses clink!

Whatever your name
you'll be dying just the same

So as long as we are going to die
It is better if we drink

Whatever your name is...

To Andrei and Ostap,

sons of Taras.

What's the Latin for vodka?

The Romans didn't drink vodka.
That's why the Roman Empire fell.


Some men are lovers.

They work under covers.

And from lady's bed,
to lady's bed they leap.

But I want to drink
to the man nobody drinks to.

The fellow who gets into bed

and goes to sleep.

If we drink we will die.

And if we don't drink
we will die.

So we might as well say what the hell.
And let our glasses clink

Go back. Make room.



Take these horses
with your father's blessing.


I am the oldest living Cossack,

but I refuse to die sitting
on an oven.

Now, you two start some

and give an old Cossack a chance
to die the way he should.

to the Cossack Brotherhood.

God ride with you.

We're looking for Taras Bulba,

Colonel of the Oumansky Cossacks.

Filipenko! Korzh!

Korzh, you sons of the devil.

Shilo. Filipenko.

What more can a man want?
My sons and my friends.

My old partners
and my future partners in battle.

So these are
your young pups, eh?

Not bad, not bad.

Taras, you've done,
a good job, eh?

Nice pair,
but too small for me.

I'd have to carry
this horse on my back.

I'd like to see that.
With you on his back.

Let's go.

Come on.
Come on, Korzh.

Come on.

Who else can carry a horse
on their back all the night?

Who else but an idiot
would want to?

The time is at hand

when Cossacks will have
something better to do

than carry horses around
the house.

Lift your scalp locks
out of the soup, Cossacks.

Pull your sabers out
of the bread.

The hetman has raised the golden
standard of the archangel.

The Zaporozhtzi are called
to arms.

We are marching to war!...

Women, more glasses.
More vodka.

May God ride with
the Zaporozhtzi!

When do we march?

Every hairy-tongued Cossack
with powder in his flask

will assemble at Chigirin,

on the road to Dubno by
the first day of Holy Easter Week.

You can whet your blade,
Stepan Kanevsky,

and prepare to die like,
a Cossack should.

Who... Who...
Who are we fighting?

Or doesn't it matter?
Not a devil of a lot.

Who is there
to fight except the Poles?

Right. The Poles.
Not this time.

The King of Poland,

wants an army of 10,000 Cossacks
under the Cossack standard,

led by Cossack officers,
at full pay and booty,

to march to the Baltic wars.

And after the war?

We bury our dead,
clean our sabers,

count our booty, and get drunk.

What the devil is
he talking about?

You don't argue with an old
pirate like Filipenko. This

we will settle with our hetman,

Why must you always be so particular
about whose booty you take?

Because the Cossacks fought
for the Poles once before,

or have you forgotten?

And do you remember, puppy?

You weren't even littered yet.

I'd rather be pulling
the Turk's nose if I had my choice.

The plunder is richer

and I like the smell
of harem girls.

But they say these Baltic princes
have slop pots of gold, too,

and their women have hips
like Percherons.

And what's going to be left
of the Steppes when we get back?

Questions! Questions!

Is that what
the Poles taught you?

I'll tell you what
the Poles taught me.

That a Cossack is
an ignorant barbarian

good enough
to kiss a Pole's foot

or fight a Pole's war,

but not good enough
to walk Polish streets.

Or raise his eyes
to a Polish woman.

Or rule his own land.

A Cossack does not question
the word of a hetman.

Will you fight or not?
That is the only question.

Not for the Poles.

Devil's blood, Taras, it looks like
you've raised a coward for a son.

No man on earth can say
a Cossack is a coward.

That can only be proven by
the will of God.

Tell him you didn't mean it.

It's only a word.
You can't die over a word.

Taras, stop them.

There are words
men must die for.

We will ride
to the gorge at dawn.

The starting mark will be
of your choice.

Take your positions.

Let the will of God be done.

His shoulder, Papa.
Return to your place, Cossack.

Your arm, boy.

Let the will of God be done.


Burn this in your memory.

The man who died was
a great Cossack,

and never forget it.

Was I wrong?

The hetman has called us
to the standard.


tomorrow you raise
your companies

and meet on
the march to Chigirin.

Tonight, ride to the village

and drink Korzh's soul to hell.

Flaming flatbread, Cossacks.

Was I wrong?
You were both wrong.

And you were both right.

Now, we ride to join Mykola
on the road to Dubno

and I swear it
will all be settled.

Come on, Andrei.

we sleep under the stars.

We'll be making our bed on
the ground for a long while to come.


take them and forget them.

A Cossack can't let
a woman worry him.

Right, brother Andrei?

Right, brother Ostap.

Till you find your woman.

Then you take her.

You never forget her.

You try.

You fight, you get drunk.

You tell yourself you're
a Cossack.

You tell yourself
that Papa's right.

But you never forget her.

You never forget her.

All right, let's not waste time,
bless your sons.

Bless you, my sons.
May God's Mother keep you.

Send some little word
if you can.

May they always fight bravely,
and if not, perish.

So, we go.






Zaporozhtzi! Zaporozhtzi!

Come on, go!...







Welcome, Taras.

Greetings, Mykola.
So, we ride together again,

to meet Prince Grigory at Dubno.

When I ride to Dubno,

I'm riding to fight the Poles,

and anyone who stands
with them.

Would you ride against
the Zaporozhtzi, Taras Bulba?

Let the Zaporozhtzi speak
for themselves.

Colonels, form your regiments.

You heard the voice
of the Zaporozhtzi, Taras Bulba.

Ride and you ride
to your death.

Let him hear your voice.
Go there!...

You swore to wear a patch over

one eye until
the Steppes were free.

Cover both eyes, Tymoshevsky,
so you cannot see yourself.

Can we fight
the whole Polish Empire?

Answer him with your guns.

I'll have to shoot you,

We are sworn by our holy faith,
Taras Bulba.

Would you destroy that?

There's only one way
to keep faith with a Pole.

Put your faith in your sword,
and the sword in the Pole.

Look to the heavens, Cossacks.

The sun stands at the equinox.

The Holy Easter dawns.

Let the day
of the Resurrection of our Lord

be the day of the Resurrection
of our land.

The Poles, have put
a sword in our hands.

Turn it on them.

Surrender the standard,

Long life to the Zaporozhtzi!

Death to the Poles!


I signed this covenant,

by the holy faith, in the name
of our brotherhood.

While I live,
you are bound by that oath.

When you march,

you have to march forward over
the flesh and bones

of lvan Mykola.

Stand aside, Mykola.

Long live Poland!
Sand my.

I count only three regiments.

Three regiments.

To start.

You taught us, Pole.

Back, Zaporozhtzi,
back from the wall!

Back, sulfur and oil.


you won't fight?

Then starve.

When you're eating cockroaches,
then you will come out.

And we will be here.

Do you hear me, Poles?

We will be waiting.

Are we going to fight or weasel
in the bushes, sucking eggs?

Why the devil fall back?

Let's go after them
and storm the walls. No.

Here we are.
And here we stay,

until Dubno is a Cossack city.

He's strong.

He will live, God willing.

First battle. You fought well.

With your eyes open.

He fought well, too.

Too well.


How is your strength?

I think you should find out
for yourself, Papa.


You're sure you're ready,

Your stomach looks
a little soft.


Not as soft as I thought.

You're right, Papa, too soft.

Not ready.

Big horse.

A lake, a lake is as good
as a well, Papa.




The death bell.

Do you hear that?

The death bell.

There's plague in the city.

They're burning their dead.

Hold your fire.

Wait till they're closer.


A Cossack.

There's a Cossack in the city!

There's a Cossack in the city.

Raise the alarm!

Alert the watch!

A Cossack in the city.

Call out the guards.

There's a Cossack in the city.

A Cossack in the city!

Natalia. Andrei.

We'll get out of this city.


The plague.

This part of the city
has been condemned.

Let me go there. Please.

They will open the east gate
to bury the dead outside of the city.



Bring out the dead.

Bring out the dead.

Bring out the dead.

Bring out the dead.

Bring out the dead.

Bring out the dead.

Bring out the dead.

Bring out the dead.

The Cossack! Take him.

A Polish woman!
The Lady Natalia.

Take them alive!

She had nothing to do with it.
Let her go.

She helped you.
Let her alone.

Why did you come here?
To conquer Dubno single-handed?

Let her alone! Or to spy?

Let her alone!

Don't tell me the son
of Taras Bulba

came into the city
to rescue a Polish woman.

Let her alone.

Let her alone.


You can't have that,
you'll jangle like an Arab dancing girl.

What are you doing?

We're wrapping
the horses' hooves,

padding the wheels
with sheepskin,

and we're tying
the axles of the wagons

so the Poles won't
hear us when we leave.


Listen to that iron bell,

Look at the smoke.

You can smell the stench
of the Black Death even here.

Look at the sky, hetman.

The dawn is rising over Mecca
this very moment.

The Sultan is getting ready
to sail.


is rising over the Steppes, too.

How many good men have died

to keep the Steppes free,

and the Cossack
Brotherhood alive?

But there is also another kind
of brotherhood.

The brotherhood of wild beasts,

who will desert their own kind.

I will shovel manure, Taras,

but I will not eat it.

We followed you here
to fight the Poles,

not to wait like carrion crows
over a rotting carcass.

I'm leaving by nightfall tonight

with any Cossack
who will follow me.

Will you turn traitor,

Will you give the order
to shoot me down, Taras?

I will shoot you myself.
Now you listen to me.

You talk about wild animals,

but if we fall killing each other

right under the enemy's nose,

that is like wild animals.

Is that what brotherhood means?


The old man is right.

It is for each Cossack
to search his soul

and choose the way he will go.

So, they're going.

We stay.


in years to come,

when the Steppes are free,

minstrels will sing of this.

How a prince of the Poles,

to a meager three regiments
of Cossacks.

May God help us.

May God help us.

Where is he?

You heard him during the fever.
It's that Polish woman.

He must have gone into
the city to find her.

You're mad, boy.
He loves her.

She's been in his blood
since the first day at Kiev.

No, not Andrei.

In fever,

men dream of women.

But a Cossack
could not love a Pole, no.

Death to her!

Death to her!

Death to the Cossack harlot!

Expose her shame!

Let her be purged!

Let her be purged
in the fire of our wrath!

It is difficult to stop a hungry mob.
I'll get food.

That is easily said, Cossack.

Give me a company of men.
I'll get you the oxen.

Why should I trust the lives
of Poles to a Cossack?

Because you're desperate.

And I know a way
through the stockade.

You ask me to accept your word?
The handclasp of a Cossack?

I extended my hand
to a Cossack once.

It was a Cossack's saber,
but very much like this.

Come here, Cossack.

Come here.

Reduce her to ashes!

Burn the witch!

Extend your arm, Cossack.

We take our hands
too much for granted.

My first concern was
for my sword arm,

but I quickly learned to use
a sword with my left hand.

Set the torch!

She's your hostage.
I'll get food.

You ask me to believe
that the son of Taras Bulba

would betray the Cossack
Brotherhood, his country, his father,

for the sake of a woman?

Could father
and son be so unlike?

Not so unlike.

Both would be willing to die
for the thing they love.

Give me 60 men
to divert the Cossacks.

I'll stampede the oxen.

Your reserves can drive
them into the city.

The power of love is a constant
source of amazement.

If the military could control it,
we would conquer the world.

Hear me!

The Cossack will bring food
to the city.

Release the woman.

Burn the traitor.
Oh, Andrei.

Burn the witch!

I love you, Andrei.
I will always love you.

You know that. I love you.

But I can't let you fight
against your own people.

I can't do it.
Please don't.

I'm just getting food
for the city.

The Cossacks will fight.

You're a Cossack, Andrei.

I'm a man before I'm a Cossack.

I'm a Pole.
You're a woman.

Don't let them use me,
please, don't let them use me.

You're the woman that I love.

Don't let them use me
to turn you against your own kind.

Natalia, you are my kind.

You are my country.

You are my love.


His Royal Highness is
waiting for you.

No, Andrei, no.
Don't do it, please.

Don't do it.
No, please, it's not too late.

Please, Andrei.

Andrei, please.


There's sulfur and saltpeter in the air,
so strong I could almost taste it.

They're filling
their powder flasks.

They're coming out, Shilo,
they're coming out.

And we've less
than half an army.

They're coming
out, pass the word.

They're coming out,
pass the word.

They're going for the oxen.


Death to the Poles!


Alert the cannoneer.
Prepare bombardment.


Where's their strength?
Where's the Cossacks' strength?

They're hard-pressed to give battle
to a handful of volunteers.

We won't send out our forces
to round up the oxen.

We'll slaughter the Cossack
Brotherhood once and for all.

Call out the reserves,
we're going to attack.

Damn his soul to hell.

Traitor. After him.

After him. After him.

Get off your horse.

Take off that Polish helmet.

My, son.



I did what I had to do.

From the day I plunged you
in the river to give you life,

I loved you as I loved
the Steppes.

You were my pride.

I, gave you life.

It is on me to take it
away from you.

The whole army is coming out!

They're attacking in full force.
Sound the retreat.

Has your son made
a coward of you?

Sound the retreat!


Ride, Filipenko!




We will take him home.

To be buried on Cossack soil.
This is Cossack soil now.

Let Andrei be buried here.

In peace.

Now Dubno is a Cossack city.

We will not ravage or plunder.

There will be no more killing.

We will take this city in peace,

burn out the plague,

open the supply wagons.

We will feed all the people

of our city.


"We wish to express
our gratitude,

to the army
of argentina for its,

valuable cooperation
which made,

possible the filming
of this picture,

in the Argentine Republic".