Tarapaty 2 (2020) - full transcript


‪I had a dream about pastries.
‪Do you think they will have any?

‪Ladies and gentlemen,
‪we're approaching the final station.

‪We're sorry about the delay.
‪Enjoy your time in Poznan.

‪Auntie said we can't be late.

‪Hurry up!

‪Come on, Meatball!

‪Thank you.

‪It's my honor to welcome
‪you to this unique exhibition:

‪The Gems of Poznan.

‪-Do you have invitations?

‪Leave your bags there.

‪But the dog can't go inside.

‪Why not?

‪I don't make the rules.

‪Professor Strzalkowska, my aunt
‪the museum's curator, invited us here.

‪This dog is here at her personal request.

‪We'll start with a special work of art.

‪Whenever I look at it,
‪I feel a surge of emotions.

‪Meatball will behave,
‪he's been to many exhibits.

‪Is that so?

‪There is nothing special
‪about it at first glance.

‪-An empty marine landscape.
‪-Excuse me.

‪But this work by Monet,
‪The Beach at Pourville,

‪is very special in one respect.

‪The light.

‪The light of Normandy,
‪captured in a quick sketch.

‪I always feel like I'm there,
‪standing alone,

‪and this solitude...

‪makes me feel good.


‪The painting was stolen 20 years ago.

‪Some time ago it was retrieved.

‪After a long and difficult renovation,

‪I hereby give you the most important piece

‪in our exhibition ‪The Gems of Poznan.


‪Are you OK?


‪-What happened?
‪-I don't know.

‪Mr. Karol, call the police!

‪Hello? I want to report...

‪I want to report Monet's explosion.

‪First name? Claude.


‪Blown into tiny pieces.

‪No, we don't need an ambulance.
‪It's a painting.

‪The Beach at Pourville.

‪Hi, I'm Fela.

‪Quite the jigsaw puzzle.


‪Quite the jigsaw puzzle.

‪This way, please.

‪Detective Rafalski,
‪I'm taking charge here.

‪Secure the evidence.

‪Out of the way! Nowak, security cameras!



‪Who called the police?

‪I did. I think it was a terrorist attack.

‪-Who's responsible for this mess?
‪-I am.

‪I will do everything I can to...

‪Ladies and gentlemen,

‪Poland's collection of paintings
‪has just been dealt a heavy blow.

‪We don't know who dealt it,
‪but we will find out.

‪Those who dared to destroy

‪the only Monet in Poland

‪will be identified...

‪-Excuse me.
‪-Don't interrupt adults.

‪-...and severely...
‪-It's not a Monet!

‪What is this nonsense?!

‪-It's a copy made by my mom.

‪How is it possible...

‪that a kid realizes it's a copy
‪before adults do?

‪-I just know this painting.
‪-From where?

‪I painted a sailing boat on it.

‪-You did what?
‪-I knew it!

‪I knew there was something
‪wrong with the painting!

‪You painted a boat on a Monet?!

‪Not on a Monet! Don't you get it?

‪I painted it on a copy!

‪That's how I know
‪the original didn't explode.

‪Too early for conclusions.
‪We need to run tests.

‪We don't.

‪I did paint a copy
‪of ‪The Beach ‪a few months ago.

‪We'll talk about the boat at home.

‪Can you please explain
‪how your copy ended up in the museum?

‪No idea.

‪I sent it to a client.


‪I don't remember. I'd have to check.

‪-Your name.
‪-Kaja Ceran.

‪I'm on the Education Team here.

‪-So you had access to the Monet.
‪-How is that relevant?

‪Out of the way!

‪Boss, here! Take a look.

‪Over here. The paper got bent.

‪Right here... 11:00 p.m.

‪Please follow me for a brief résumé.

‪Let's go.

‪One can't argue with statistics.

‪Employees are usually
‪involved in art. thefts from museums.

‪-Ms. Maria Strzałkowska?

‪The curator of this exhibition,

‪-and the museum's Art. Director?
‪-That' correct.

‪You're under arrest

‪on suspicion of stealing
‪The Beach At Pourville.

‪Are you out of your mind?

‪You think I blew up the painting?

‪This card reader report
‪clearly states that last night,

‪at 11:32 p.m.,
‪you turned off, for four minutes,

‪The Beach's ‪alarm system.

‪I lost my card a while ago.

‪How convenient!

‪I'm taking you to the police station.

‪This must be a mistake.

‪Don't wave your hands in front of my face!

‪-You'll come with us too.

‪As the author of the copy.

‪-You're staying here.



‪What a dog!

‪What's his name?


‪It's my fault. I didn't watch him.

‪He'll be fine.

‪Your girlfriend is worse off.

‪She's not my girlfriend.

‪What if they don't release her?

‪I'll find the thief, the Monet,
‪free auntie and Meatball.

‪Olek will help me.

‪Did you see the way he was looking at her?

‪At Felka?

‪Who does she think she is?

‪A princess? Or a star?

‪She's cool.

‪Cooler than you?

‪Our first investigation
‪was quite dangerous.

‪Your investigation?

‪We broke up a ring of thieves.

‪Julka's aunt was my neighbor then.

‪And so is Julka now,

‪because she moved in with her aunt.

‪Her parents are in Canada
‪and don't want her to join them.

‪-We had to escape...

‪Her parents don't want her to join them?

‪I don't think I should
‪be telling you this.

‪Don't talk to her about it.

‪I'm so sorry.


‪Your aunt stole the Monet. What now?

‪-She lost her card.
‪-No way it was her aunt.

‪What did your mom do with the copy?
‪Who bought it?

‪-This is our only lead.
‪-What a mess!

‪Lucyna's curse!

‪-Lucyna's curse.

‪It's our saying for a mishap.

‪Lucyna cursed the museum or something.

‪You're too young...

‪to remember that.

‪But I heard about it a hundred times.

‪You want to know about Lucyna's curse?

‪-We just wanted to see...

‪It was twenty years ago.

‪Lucyna was in charge of the Monet room.

‪Once came this guy,
‪who looked like a student.

‪He'd pretend to be drawing,

‪but whenever Lucyna left the room,

‪he'd take out a knife and...

‪little by little,
‪cut ‪The Beach‪ out of its frame.

‪What happened next?

‪Lucyna was a fine lady.

‪She always wore high heels.

‪When she was walking back to the room,

‪there would be this sound:

‪He would stop cutting the canvas,
‪and go back to drawing.

‪There were no cameras.

‪-He dropped off the face of the earth.
‪-She wasn't too sharp then.

‪That's not true.

‪She was our best guard.

‪So what happened to her?

‪She got fired.

‪No museum wanted to hire her,
‪because she got blacklisted.

‪She had a small child. She needed money.

‪So she went
‪to work in the Old Slaughterhouse.


‪The Old Slaughterhouse?


‪You asked what happened to my mom's copy.
‪I sent it to the client.

‪At the Old Slaughterhouse.

‪You think Lucyna is involved in this?

‪That's impossible.
‪She was never proven guilty of anything.

‪Detective Rafalski was a technician
‪back then, he'll tell you the same!


‪Hey! Don't forget your bags!

‪-You need anything?
‪-No, thanks.

‪-It's not actually a slaughterhouse.
‪-You thought it was?

‪Let's find Stall 88.

‪Excuse me, where is Stall 88?


‪Go to the side gate.
‪It's in front of 320, behind number 11.

‪Great numbering. Thanks!

‪-What will we do if Lucyna is there?
‪-We'll talk to her.

‪She may be a thief. We need a plan.

‪-We'll improvise.
‪-That's not a good plan.

‪Got a better one?

‪Let's go...

‪this way.




‪Fela! Olek!






‪-Fine, you win!




‪-Hi, my dear.

‪I'm lost.

‪How do you get to where people are?

‪I may have whatever it is you need.

‪Actually, I'm looking for Stall 88.

‪I know where it is.

‪You do?


‪I don't get it.

‪Are you sure it's here?

‪Positive. This is the right stall.


‪The stall has long been empty.

‪That's impossible.

‪Believe it or not, there's nothing there.

‪-What about Lucyna?


‪No-one's been here for a long time.

‪So who bought the painting from your mom?

‪No idea.


‪I haven't seen her for a while.

‪An innocent person could end up in prison.

‪Hold on. Don't go anywhere.

‪Look what I've found.

‪May I?

‪-Thank you. I'm borrowing it.


‪Here you are!

‪This is Stall 88,
‪but there's nothing in there.

‪I know. And I know
‪where we can find Lucyna.

‪How do you know?

‪What are you doing here?

‪Nothing. And you?

‪I've been looking for you.

‪Your mom...

‪She asked me to drive you home.

‪Hi there!


‪Out of the way!


‪-Why are we running away?!
‪- Exactly!

‪This way! Here!

‪Why are you running away?

‪-I'm running away, because you are.
‪-But you started!

‪Hurry! She wants to kill us!

‪But we haven't done anything to her.

‪-The backseat!
‪-What? Why?

‪-Drive, Karol!

‪Go, go, go! Drive!

‪What are you staring at?

‪-She is crazy!
‪-Did you see her eyes?

‪They're two-colored.

‪She must be after this.

‪You stole it from her?

‪Are you insane?

‪Stop yelling at me. It's from Lucyna!

‪This is our only lead.

‪We can find her.

‪Let me see.

‪ "Greetings from my new job. Lucyna"

‪Who still sends greeting postcards?

‪-The Museum of Nature.
‪-I know where it is.

‪Karol, will you drive us there?

‪I must pop by the museum.

‪You'll wait in the car.

‪-Then we'll go wherever you want.
‪-No way!

‪-We have to talk to Lucyna.

‪-The thief.

‪-Museum first.
‪-Yeah, of Nature.

‪Drive us there or I'll start screaming.

‪-Being ten doesn't justify such behavior.
‪-I'm 13.

‪-Let's open the windows.

‪OK, fine!

‪Just be quiet.

‪Why don't you introduce me, Felka?

‪This is Karol Wroblewski,

‪Deputy Head of the Education Team
‪at the Poznan Art Museum.

‪-Your mom's deputy, that is.

‪He knows everything
‪about the museum. Ask him anything.

‪I'm also the author of the world's best...

‪-Popcorn, thank you very much.

‪-I have a question.
‪-Go ahead.

‪How many paintings
‪are there in the museum?

‪34342 works.

‪Including 28613 items
‪in the museum's warehouses.

‪-I have one too.


‪How is it possible...

‪that your most precious painting
‪got stolen?

‪Are you related to Professor Strzalkowska?

‪She's my great-aunt.

‪Yeah, I can tell.

‪There'll be a turn left soon.

‪Why didn't you turn?


‪-I'm driving you home.
‪- What?!

‪I'm not going there.

‪-We have to get there before it closes.
‪-No way!

‪-What do you mean?
‪-Hey, guys!

‪-We're being followed.



‪-Hang on!

‪-She's catching up with us!

‪We've got to lose her!

‪Everyone's OK?

‪No! No! No!

‪Let's get out of here!

‪I am really sorry.

‪-You've got that postcard?

‪-Shouldn't we help Karol?
‪-He'll be fine. Let's go!

‪How long is this going to take?

‪We can end this now.

‪Just tell me where the Monet is.


‪I gather you think
‪I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

‪Someone who switches the alarm off
‪with her own card...

‪If I'd stolen that painting,

‪I would be far away from here by now.

‪Besides, such...

‪arty-crafty scandals
‪are completely not my style.

‪Excuse me, how much longer...

‪is this going to take?
‪I'd like to go back to my daughter.

‪Wait outside, please.

‪-Could I at least...
‪-Wait outside!

‪Get me Nowak.

‪What time does the museum close?

‪It's closed already.
‪We'll go there in the morning.

‪We'll spend the night at my place.

‪This is awesome!

‪You live here? In the middle of nowhere?

‪-Aren't you scared?
‪-Of what?

‪There's my room, and that's my mom's.

‪This used to be a train station?

‪-But there's no more trains, right?


‪This is awesome!

‪You said that already.

‪Cool paintings!

‪I know. My mom's paintings are amazing.

‪Take a few people,

‪and search her place in the morning.
‪Here's the warrant and address.

‪Just keep it quiet.

‪I don't want you to be seen.

‪You think they worked together?

‪We'll see.

‪Are we looking for the Monet?

‪For anything
‪that has to do with the theft.

‪Yes, sir.

‪It's almost done.

‪And do something about the dog!
‪It's getting on my nerves.

‪Get back here!

‪Police! Freeze!

‪Meatball, come here, boy!

‪Come to me, buddy!

‪Meatball. What are you...


‪Take it easy. Calm down.

‪Do you think the police
‪know they have to look for Lucyna?

‪Oh, please.
‪They think my aunt is the thief.

‪That's why we have to do something.

‪What do you think?


‪I can't focus.

‪We must talk to her.

‪-Follow her.
‪-Interrogate her.

‪Fela, aren't you...

‪...worried about your mom?

‪I'm not.

‪My mom can handle anything.




‪-Show me the flea market photos.

‪We might have missed something.


‪Popcorn? For breakfast?

‪Why not? It's summer!


‪Do you like it?


‪Can I ask you something?


‪Am I too fat?

‪Why are you suddenly worried about that?
‪- No reason.


‪I'm starving!

‪How far is the museum?

‪On the other side of the lake.

‪How we get there?

‪You'll see.


‪This is awesome!

‪Do you have a sailing license?

‪Why? You're scared?

‪I'm not.

‪Lucyna! We're coming for you!


‪Do you... like her?

‪Who? Fela?


‪Because if you do, it's fine by me.

‪I told you I don't. I don't.


‪Julka! Come here!


‪-Do you want to steer?
‪-I can't.

‪Come here, I'll show you.

‪Find a spot on the shore
‪and keep sailing at it.

‪Like this?
‪-Very good. Wait, hold this too. Good!

‪That's it?

‪Olek! I can sail!

‪If I had stolen a Monet,
‪I wouldn't go to work the next day.

‪Maybe you would, to pretend all is normal.
‪Nobody would suspect you.

‪If she's not here,
‪at least we'll learn where she lives.

‪Good morning.

‪We're looking for Lucyna. She works here.


‪-Why can't you just admit it?
‪-Admit what?

‪The way you look at her...

‪You're jealous.

‪Why would I be?
‪She's pretty and confident.

‪-You are being jealous.
‪-I'm not.

‪I just like her.

‪You do?

‪You think I stand a chance with her?

‪I haven't seen anybody.

‪...or an antelope. The hunter would wait.

‪When a lion approaches,
‪the hunter stabs it right in the heart.

‪If hunter misses,

‪the animal is wounded but not killed.

‪The lion runs away,
‪leaving a bloody trace behind.

‪A chase begins.

‪A chase after the lion.
‪The lion must be found.

‪Altai argali.

‪An extremely valuable piece.

‪You're here to see the exhibition?

‪I'll guide you.

‪-We've come for the Monet.
‪-Don't try to worm yourself out of it.

‪Darling, I'd love to help you, but...

‪What are you talking about?
‪You won't find a Monet here.

‪We know you helped with the first theft.

‪You stole ‪The Beach‪ again!

‪Are you sure you have tickets?

‪Aren't you trying...

‪to trick me with this nonsense?

‪Today visiting is free anyway.

‪We know who you are.

‪Oh, this?! I took the first badge I found.

‪I lost mine somewhere, as usual.

‪I'm so sorry.
‪I didn't mean to misinform you.

‪But you know Lucyna?
‪She works here, right?

‪Where is she? Where can we find her?

‪So, how about that tour?

‪There's no time! Where is Lucyna?

‪Lucyna... She's...

‪-She's just...

‪Lucyna is dead.


‪-Since when? Yesterday?
‪-No way!

‪Why yesterday? She died three years ago.

‪-Why do you talk to yourself?
‪-I'm practicing.

‪In case somebody visits the museum.
‪Nobody ever does, but you never know.

‪-So, how about that tour?
‪-We're in a hurry. Thanks.

‪-Come on!

‪An addax from Chad. An incredible piece.

‪It's unique.

‪Come on, just for a moment!

‪- Oh, sorry. I've got it, boss!
‪- Good job.

‪I'll take it to the lab...

‪I'll take care of it.

‪Bring me Ms. Ceran here in an hour.

‪Keep your eyes glued to her.

‪-Strzalkowska can go.
‪-And the dog?

‪The dog can go too.

‪I hear we found the card.
‪Nowak wouldn't give it to me.

‪I'm waiting to run the tests.
‪We all have deadlines.

‪So, may I?

‪I'll take care of it.

‪Make sure nobody disturbs me.

‪Lucyna's dead. We've got nothing.


‪I'm glad you're having fun, Olek.
‪Too bad you don't care about our problems?

‪-I care!
‪-We're helping you, aren't we?



‪Your mom painted
‪the copy that the thief used.

‪Yeah, she did.

‪Isn't it strange?

‪-No. My mom paints a lot of copies.
‪-But the thief used ‪her copy!

‪Which she sent to the client.

‪-Yeah, to a burned stall.
‪-So what?

‪Lucyna helped the thief back then.
‪They could have another helper now.

‪-What are you saying?
‪-Didn't you hear Rafalski?

‪Most often the thief
‪works at the museum. Like her mom!

‪So does your aunt.


‪You're upset, your aunt is at the police...

‪-Because of your mom!
‪-I get it, but...

‪The theft happened because of the copy!

‪-Maybe she really was involved?
‪-Are you crazy?

‪Your aunt is at the police,
‪accused of the theft.

‪She turned the cameras off.
‪Let's talk about that!

‪Good idea!

‪I didn't expect that from you.

‪Neither did I.

‪Hey, no teaming up!


‪It's all soaked.

‪-We don't need it anyway.
‪-We can dry it.


‪Isn't this...?

‪-She was his mom.

‪Lucyna Wrobel.

‪But his name is Wroblewski.

‪-He must have changed it.

‪Does this mean he's involved?

‪-You bet!
‪-But 20 years ago he was a kid.

‪But what if it's him this time?
‪What if he took the Monet?

‪-Fela, did you leave the house open?

‪I didn't.

‪What happened here?

‪We've got to call the police.

‪Don't worry. I'll help you.


‪Hey, buddy! Come here!

‪Hi, what are you doing here?



‪Why is your hair so wet?

‪What happened in here?

‪- A break-in?

‪-The police.
‪-The police?

‪How did you know the security code?

‪I don't know any code.

‪How come your fingerprints were
‪found on the security cameras' panel?

‪My fingerprints?

‪I never touched it.

‪You never touched
‪Prof. Strzalkowska's card either?

‪I didn't.

‪Your fingerprints are on it too.

‪But the Professor lost her card.

‪I don't understand.

‪But I do.

‪I understand more and more.



‪They let me go,
‪because they found my card.

‪The card that was used
‪to switch the cameras off.

‪They found it here, in Kaja's atelier.

‪Her fingerprints are on the card.

‪Does this mean
‪that Kaja stole the painting?

‪I need to go to the restroom.

‪Don't try anything.


‪Poor Fela.

‪I'll talk to them.

‪-You're pathetic!

‪Your mom's a thief. Where is it?

‪- She stole the Monet.

‪Leave her alone.

‪She must have worked with Karol.

‪You're delirious.

‪Fela, they found my aunt's card
‪in your house!

‪-With your mom's fingerprints on it.

‪-My mom stole nothing.
‪-She's a thief.

‪-She's not!
‪-She stole that painting!

‪-You're just like her!
‪-You should focus on your parents.

‪No, wait, they left you.
‪And you mean nothing to them!

‪Olek told me.


‪Don't try anything!

‪Are you OK?

‪Oh, shoot!


‪-You're telling him!
‪-No, you are!

‪-I'm not telling him!
‪-Please do.

‪We're not telling him at all.
‪We'll catch her.


‪-Mom isn't answering.
‪-And Julka?

‪She isn't either.

‪Where on earth is she?

‪-Are there dangerous animals in the woods?
‪-Sure, grizzly bears.

‪Do you copy, Lena? Over!

‪Oh my gosh!

‪Are you an officer?

‪Did you see anything suspicious?

‪-Let me know if you do.


‪We're looking for a dangerous...
‪And she's gone!

‪Come in, Lena. So far only one minor.


‪You scared me!
‪I thought it's that policeman.

‪Can you close the door?

‪You ran away from the station!

‪I don't have time to explain now.

‪I need the order
‪for the copy of ‪The Beach.

‪Close the door.

‪I don't have to help you. You're a thief.

‪-I'm not.
‪-I don't believe you!

‪This is the least of my problems now.

‪-Hey, officer!
‪-What are you doing?

‪-Stop it! Shush!

‪Listen to me.

‪I'm sure your parents
‪spend lots of time with you.

‪Take you to the movies,
‪out for ice cream, whatever you want.

‪But Felka has only me.

‪Do you understand?

‪If I go to jail, she won't have anybody.

‪What's up?

‪What it is? Did you see anything odd?

‪Well, did you?

‪-Why did you call me then?

‪Because I just remembered something.
‪But it's probably nothing.

‪Anything can be important. Tell me.

‪I saw their boat on the
‪lake on my way back home.

‪Oh, OK.

‪Where was it heading?

‪-To the other side, I guess.


‪Why didn't you tell him?

‪-It's not true.

‪-It's not true.
‪-What isn't?

‪What you said about my parents.

‪They don't care about me at all.

‪There's nothing to be ashamed of.

‪Do you want me to hug you?

‪Come here.

‪I'm sorry.

‪I'm sorry, Julka.

‪You'll watch
‪all the train and gas stations.

‪And the airport!

‪She'll try to flee the town.

‪-With ‪The Beach.
‪-Yes, sir.

‪Watch her house.
‪She'll try to see her daughter.

‪-Yes, sir.
‪-Now go! Get cracking!

‪Someone's trying to frame me.

‪Do you know who this is?

‪Young Karol.

‪But I don't know her.

‪Lucyna, his mother.

‪Accused of the first theft of the Monet.

‪I remember that story.

‪She's Karol's mother?

‪We checked her. She's dead.

‪Any idea where he can be hiding?
‪Does he have friends?

‪You think Karol stole that painting?

‪Lucyna failed, so Karol tried again.

‪Can someone be helping him?

‪I saw him recently.
‪He was with that strange woman.

‪When I asked him about her...

‪he played dumb.

‪Where did you see them?

‪By the Slaughterhouse.

‪Her eyes were weird.

‪They were different colors.

‪-One was blue, the other...

‪The lunatic from the flea market!

‪Olek! You were supposed to keep watch!

‪What now?

‪-I'll stop them.

‪It's going to be fine. Find the painting.

‪-No way!
‪-Fela, it's a good idea.

‪My car is in the back.


‪Go now!

‪Come, Felka!

‪Check the flea market.
‪I'm going to the police station.

‪Take care of yourselves!

‪-Excuse me.

‪Where's that two-color-eyed lady?

‪She just disappeared.

‪-Which way did she go?
‪-How should I know?


‪What's the matter?

‪You thief!

‪Stop it, Fela!

‪Where is the painting?

‪Stop kicking!

‪Meeting with the Two-Color-Eyed.
‪Time: 17:28. I'm going in.

‪Oh, it's you! Nice to see you.

‪Where is the Monet?


‪-‪Give it to me!
‪-Or what?

‪Give me that rug!

‪-‪Let go!
‪-Give it to me!

‪Let it go! No!

‪-The painting was in that rug?!
‪-Why didn't you give it back?

‪- I tried!
‪- Why didn't you tell us?

‪Because I couldn't outshout you,
‪you spoiled brats!

‪Hey, wait!


‪I know where she is!

‪-The woman?


‪I'll drive you.

‪How did you know she had the Monet?

‪For the last five years,
‪I've been trying to find out

‪who stole it the first time around.

‪My mom was innocent.
‪She had nothing to do with it.

‪A few months ago I traced
‪the two-color-eyed woman.

‪I pretended to be her friend,
‪to find out who she was helping.

‪Who cut the Monet out of the frame then.

‪When she asked me for your aunt's card,

‪I understood
‪she was planning another heist.

‪I went to the police,

‪but Rafalski mocked me,
‪because I had no proof.

‪Then the situation got out of control.

‪Two-color-eyed stole the Monet,
‪planted the card in Kaja's atelier.

‪I managed to retrieve
‪the Beach, but not for long.

‪You know the rest of the story.

‪I sent my aunt a pin.



‪I didn't expect that.

‪She wants to fly away in a plane?

‪No, drive away in a tractor.

‪There it is!


‪Everything worked out!

‪-You didn't have to worry, dear brother.

‪I knew it! Somebody had to be helping her.

‪What now?

‪We'll improvise.

‪-We're waiting for the police.
‪-We can't. They'll escape!

‪They're dangerous.
‪Let's wait for the police.


‪Give me a break. I said I was sorry.

‪Relax, guys.

‪I have an idea!

‪What the hell?!

‪Move away!

‪Out of my way, you punk.

‪Or I'll run you over!

‪Can't hear you!

‪Meatball, do you hear something?

‪Do something!


‪-I don't get it.
‪-He was helping her all along.

‪-No, wait.


‪Move away or the propeller
‪will turn you into minced meat.

‪It was you all along?

‪It's all your fault.

‪You tried to steal it years ago!

‪-Give it back!
‪-Let it go!

‪What are you doing?!

‪Let it go!

‪What's going on?!

‪Hold him!

‪Let go!

‪You'll regret that!

‪Be careful, Fela!

‪-Roll it out!
‪-Hold it!

‪Be careful!

‪It's the original!

‪We did it! We got it back!


‪The Beach at Pourville
‪has been intercepted

‪at a small airport outside Poznan.

‪The arrestee is one of Poznan's finest:
‪Detective Rafalski.

‪The evidence shows
‪that his partner in crime was his sister.

‪The woman managed to escape.

‪The dangerous siblings have been after
‪the only Monet in Poland for 20 years.

‪Back then they failed
‪to steal the precious painting.

‪Tell them about Lucyna!

‪Lucyna was innocent!
‪Don't forget to say that!

‪Now the painting is back in the museum.

‪Lucyna Wrobel,
‪a suspect in the first theft,

‪has been cleared of all charges.

‪That's it for the domestic news.
‪And now, the weather forecast.

‪You can expect a warm, cloudless evening.

‪Wait, Meatball. Now!

‪-Should I take it?
‪-Not yet.


‪I've got something for you.

‪I guess I'm trying to tell you
‪I'm not angry anymore.

‪You can go to her.

‪Everything will be fine.



‪I dream of organizing an exhibition of all
‪the impressionist painters in our museum.

‪-These donuts are for you.
‪-From the Polish police.

‪With our sincere apologies
‪for that shameful...


‪Let's forget about it.
‪Thank you, they're beautiful!

‪-I made the sprinkles.
‪-And I did the frosting.

‪-Join us, Julka!
‪-Come on!

‪Go for it, girls!

‪Go for it, Felka!

‪Subtitle translation by: Wiktor Garliński