Tarao Bannai: Kimen mura no sangeki (1978) - full transcript

The story is fictional.

Summer in 1953

The Devil-Mask Village
in Shinshu Province




Akira Kobayashi

Keiko Suzuka
Noboru Matsuhashi

Ichiro Zaitsu

Directed by
Kazuhiko Yamaguchi

20 years later...


Welcome home, Miss Amamiya.

I'm home, everyone.

You must be tired.

I'm glad to see you.

Where's father?

He went out with the madam.



Welcome home.


Tomorrow at last, huh?

Thank you.

I've got something
to prepare, so...

See you later.

Please come in.

Welcome home, Miss.

Hello, I'm here.

Celebration on the eve of
the wedding ceremony

We're going to adopt Masahiko,
2nd son of Yuzo Sugiyama...

...as a husband for
my daughter.

Before the ceremony tomorrow,
I want you to recognize it...

...and have asked your
presence here tonight.

I'm thinking of entrusting
the two with management...

...of Amamiya's property
and enterprises.

Chihiro, you have
no objection, do you?

Of course not. As I told you
before I went to Tokyo.

All of you have no
objection, I suppose.

I hope they may receive
further favors from you.

Please encourage
them, everyone.

You must be tired.

You're exceptionally
pretty tonight.

Thank you, Shige.

Tomorrow at last.


The strength of your house and ours
will be superlative when combined.

You had better run for election
to the prefectural assembly.

Cut out the business
talk tonight, dear.

You may talk anytime
from tomorrow.

That's true.

How about a drink, Chihiro?

I've had enough.

You're setting up business on
your own account, aren't you?

I've made many acquaintances
among manufacturers, so...

You'll succeed in
any business.

I wish I could do the same.

Your doll making is nothing
more than a hobby.

It isn't that easy to
make money in Tokyo.

I think I can follow

Come here, everyone!

A terrible thing
happened to Mariko.


What's up?

Mariko was offered in sacrifice
to the Devil-mask!

Young lady!

Young lady!


Where are you, Mariko?

Mariko Amamiya was
murdered cruelly.

Her dead body was found fastened
to a shutter in the river.

A strange devil-mask was
found near the dead body.

Thank you.

The Spirit of
Mariko Amamiya

The Amamiyas are an old
family of this village.

Lumbering is their
main business.

All the forests around
here are theirs.

They have firm grip on
this village, right?

But some have ill feeling
toward them.

Gozo was the late
Amamiya's secretary.

He's an upstart, see?

Utae is his second
wife, right?

Yes, she is.

The late Amamiya's daughter
was killed by a phantom killer.

Utae took her place.

The 4th daughter Reiko
alone is hers.

Reiko is a half sister
to the other three, huh?

I feel sorry foryou.

Mariko was a very
gentle girl.

I can't convince myself
that she is dead.

With the wedding ceremony
just ahead she departed this life.

How could a man kill
her in that way.

I can't hate him enough.

Mr. Amamiya.

The devil-mask which was
fastened to her dead body...

...is a stolen article.

Yes, it was one of the
masks kept in our library.


Thank you.

Mr. Tarao!
What brings you here?

Mr. Utagawa.

You're a busy man as always.

Who is this gentleman?

He's a private eye
from Tokyo.

Tarao Bannai.
A friend of mine.

He likes to stand
in my way.

How come he is here?

The dead Mariko was
working in my office before.

So I was invited to
herwedding reception.

Is that so?

What a pity.

The wedding proved fatal.

But why?

Amamiya's intention was to
provide a husband for Mariko...

...and have him take charge
of his property in time.


A painter who has his face burned
was there just before the crime.


A man who look like
him is staying in an inn.

What's his name?

Hinata according to
the lodger list.

Last name only?

Yes. This was left
in the inn.

What's this?

The water mill in
an evening glow...

I see.

I think the crime to
be an inside job.

The insider made Hinata
strangle Mariko and...

Mr. Utagawa.

But how come the offender
took all the trouble of...

...fastening the mask to Mariko
after painting it red?

The culprit...

...used the mask and the threatening
letter to cheat our eyes.

A camouflage, see?

Everything will be cleared up,
if the painter is arrested.

It's a matter of time.

We don't need your
help, Bannai.

I'm sorry. Shall we go?

See you later.

Sugaike Sanatorium

The Shinshu Girls
High School

Hey, Ikegami.


Tell this man if you know
something about the late Ozaki.

I'm Bannai Tarao.

Did Ozaki come to this
village some time?

I didn't see him since
he quit school.

Did he have any friends
outside the school?

He kept mum about
his own affairs.

Is that so?

Mr. Ebata!

Reiko is having a fit again.


Thank you, Doctor.

How is she?

Her usual sickness.

Get some water.

She's Mr. Amamiya's
youngest daughter.

She has a fit often
in the summer.

It's her chronic disease.

Poor thing.


I'm sorry for giving
you all this trouble.

Reiko is all right now.


She's all right.

Thanks very much.

Reiko, are you all right.
Calm yourself.


You come here often, don't you?

My mother died here.

She liked this place very much.

I used to play here when
I was a child.

A painter named Hinata painted
a picture of this water mill.

Take a look.

It's a beautiful picture.
Don't you think?

I can't think of him
as a criminal.

The setting sun is very red.

Even then how could he draw the
water mill as red as this?

I can't fathom it.

Chihiro, I'll take
care of Reiko.

You go to bed.

Yes, mother. Good night.

The doll is dying.

The doll is dying.

The doll...
The doll is dying.

Don't worry, Reiko.

Calm yourself.

Did I surprise you?

Terribly, Kaoru.

It's a tea serving doll.

It is? How crafty it was made!

Miss Akemi lent it to me.

A puppet exhibition is going to
be held soon.

You made the clothes for it, huh?

Yes. It's becoming, isn't it?

I have to make another
by tomorrow.

It's an all-night job.

Let's be off.

Kaoru, you forgot this.

Thank you.

Good night.

It'll be bad foryour health
if you don't sleep.

Thank you, Shige.

If Hinata isn't caught early...

...we can't have a good
sleep, can we?

By the way, Miss.
A long time ago...

...a painter named Yoichiro Hinata
was living in this village.

Yoichiro Hinata?

It's a strange name so I remember.

When was it?

It was in 1952.

He was living near the mill
for about a half year.

The water mill?

A painter named Hinata,
a suspect...

...drew a picture of
this mill also.

Really? And then...?

Ask Kume, the former mill keeper.
She knows better.

Where's she now?

She left this village unawares.

Where could she be?

What's up, Shige?

What's up?

Aw, Kaoru!





A doll is hanging down.


Where's the victim?

Right here.


We won't tolerate the antics.

The victim was strangled and
was hung in midair.

The incident seems to have
occurred between 3:30 and 4 am.

3:30 to 4?

Right after the incident...

...Shige saw Hinata who was
peeping through the window.

Hinata, the painter?

Who discovered the victim first?

Shige did.

Where's she?

She lost her legs and is
lying m bed.

I see.

Hinata stole into the house
led by some insider.

He killed the victim and hung
her from the ceiling.

I see.

Seize it.

Let me ask you all.

Does anyone recognize this?

Whose necklace is this?

It's young lady Chihiro's.

Chihiro? The eldest daughter?

Yes, sir.

I see.

How come it's here?

Shut up.

I'm thinking. Don't disturb me.

Hello, Mr. Utagawa!

The second tragedy occurred
at last.

Well, that's no wonder.

A natural outcome.

What do you mean?

Kaoru was the successor
after Mariko's death.

Who would be the next successor?

The 4th daughter Reiko will be
counted out since she is sick.

There's only one person
who can be the successor.

The eldest daughter Chihiro...?

She has no intention I
becoming the householder.

Ostensively, yes.

Who knows what's in her
innermost heart?

She and Hinata banded together
to get the property.

We'll dig up their relation
and arrest them.

Seize all evidence.

Take pictures.

Don't let the family members
and employees get away.

Place the area off limits.

They'll be questioned later.

Go around the entrance.

Did you find anything?

Look at this.

Blood is incrusted on the
tip of her nails.


Kaoru must have resisted
quite a bit.

Thank you.

Don't lose heart
so much, Chihiro.

Thank you.

Please let me.

Will you? Thanks.

Are you all right?

I'm all right.

I'm sorry.

See you later, then.

Thank you.

Are you all right?

Mr. Ebata!

Principal, this is Yamaguchi,
a newjanitor.

I'm glad to have you.

Miss Akemi.
You're doing fine.

Goodbye, sir.

Miss Akemi!

Miss Akemi!


The corpse has gone.

I burned up the things.

All right.

Somebody is spying on
us these days.

We must be careful.


Excuse me.

This is my card.

I want to make a picture
of this village.

Let me stay here.

Not now.

I'm disappointed.

My friend, Hinata to told me
this is a good village.

You draw pictures?

Let me see them.

This is well done.

You're flattering me.
Let me see yours?

Will you take a look at mine?

Here's one.

Here's another.

Are they any good?

They aren't much.

You may have them
if you like.

Hey, mister!

Don't bother.

I'll be seeing you.

Didn't you see a fellowwho
looks like an artist?

Yeah, he's gone that way.

Not there! Over there.

Damn fools!

The Kigajo Police Station

Don't just shut your mouth
and remain silent.

Come on.

Inspector. That's too much.

How could I kill Mariko?

Mizutani sawyour meeting
with Hinata.

He was watching me from
the garden then.

That's very strange.

You met Hinata near
the Jizo in secret.

A farm woman saw it.

It's about time you
owned up to it.

You made Hinata kill your
two sisters, didn't you?

Come now.

Mr. Utagawa.

What should I kill
my sisters for?

The succession.

You're eager to succeed to
the property at heart.

You're in debt tor starting
business in Tokyo.

That's too much.

Excuse me.

What brings you here?

You're going to far by treating
her as a suspect.

Are you throwing cold water
on my work again?

To disappoint you...

Mr. Utagawa.

Hinata whom you called
into question...

...was already killed.

What did you say?

It's been 10 days or more
since he was killed.

So the man who burned his face
and appeared alter that was a fake.

The real culprit tried to
make believe Hinata was guilty.

Hinata is a poorvictim.

Now, you don't mind if
I take her over, do you?

Let's go, Chihiro.

Where's the corpse?

Search around here.


Search the other side!

That silly old man might
have made a fool of me.

I found it, Captain.

One and one is two.

Two and two is four...

Aha, this is the picture drawn
by Yoichiro Hinata.

It's serine and has a nice touch.

Mr. Tarao.

There must be some connection
between the two Hinatas.

The mill is the connection.

Yoichiro Hinata was living
near the mill.

Another Hinata was there
to draw a picture.

Mr. Tarao.

In my memories...

...a boy is playing with
me near this mill.

There always was my sweet
mother near us.

And there was a man
in her shadow.



Is it yours?

My mother gave it to me

May I borrow it just for
a couple of hours?

I have a great appreciation
for pictures.

This picture is done well.

An artist named Yoichiro Hinata
lived in this village.

Did you see him?

I've heard of such a man.

But I was a priestling about
that time, so...

You don't know his
whereabouts, do you?

I'm afraid not.

I've known the Amamiyas

But I've seen this for
the first time.

There's no way but to locate Kume,
the old mill keeper...

She was deeply religious.

What can she be doing now?

How is your father lately?

He doesn't stay in bed
all day, but...

...he has a fit at times.

You have my sympathy.

Utae has no one but you
to turn to for help.

Doctor, is he all right?

Let ham lie quietly without
letting him get nervous.

Give this medicine to him
three times a day.

Thank you, doctor.

I have to talk to
the doctor personally.

Leave your seat.

Hinata in question
was killed.

So I heard.

Was it your plot?

What makes you think that?

You're one of the few
who knows my secret.

One among you killed my daughters
and is now threatening me.

Isn't that right?

Kume is living near the Tsuzumi
Bridge along the Mitsume River.

It's a fine day
isn't it, young lady?

But it's very hot.

Where are we going?

The Mitsume River Lodge.

That's an old cottage.

The village is declining.

There's a steep and narrow
pass before we get there.

Kume, I want to know something
about my late mother.

You knewYoichiro Hinata,
the artist.

What was there between
the man and my mother?

Please tell me.

This is not a place foryou.

Please go home,
young lady.

Tell me anything about
my mother if you know.

Young lady, please
don't ask me.

What secret is there?
Can't you tell me?


Kume, pull yourself together!

Huh? Why is it?

If you want to know
the truth...

...ask Mr. T...Tarao.


A serious thing
happened, Mr. Tarao.

It's terrible.

Miss Akemi was found
killed at school.

She was?

Come in.

Thank you.

By the way, how is
Mr. Amamiya doing?

Thank you, but...

This weather must
be trying to him.


They fit exactly.

What're you doing?

Let go of me!

Someone come and help me!

Young lady...
The Amamiyas are finished.

So you are...?

Pipe down!

Why you!

I'm here to fetch something
I left 20 years ago.





Mr. Tarao!

Are you all right?

Didn't you get hurt?

I... I'm scared.

It's all right now.

Let's get out of here.


Are you still anxious to know
who killed your mother?

Yes, I am. Please tell me.


Man is a silly creature.

I saw many a man spoiled
by a desire.

A man who was fated to be one...

...killed your mother.

In 1949, your mother Kiyo...

...fell in love with Yoichiro
Hinata who stopped at this town.

That was the origin
of the incident.

Hinata had a child.

So the late Amamiya separated
them against theirwill...

...and tried to make Kiyo marry
Gozo, but Kiyo was...

...already with child
by Hinata then.


It's you who was
on the way.

Yoichiro Hinata was
my father...?

Who killed my mother then?

Kiyo used to meet Yoichiro
in secret...

...even after she
married Gozo.

The boy who remains with
you as a playmate...

...was Yoichiro's son, Toru
oryour stepbrother.


Gozo who learned of Kiyo's
calling on Yoichiro secretly...

...fastened Kiyo's dead body
to the mill...

...to make it look like a crime
committed by a passerby.

Then he made Hakoda and the
other two call Yoichiro...

...to his detached room.

Run away quick, Toru!

The evening sun is very red

I see it nowwhy the mill
was painted so red.

Get me some water!

Here you are.


You're on your last legs.


The medicine Hakoda made up
will get to your nerves.

Everything went well just
as we planned.

You lorded over the Amamiyas
for the last 20 years.

But it's about time
you retired.

Ebata! Why you!

Someone, come.

There's no employee around.

The Ebatas who were rich
for generations...

...were done out of theirwhole
property by the late Amamiya.

My father committed suicide...

...and his family
was scattered.

I wish ill of the Amamiyas
since then...

...and have thought of controlling
the house someday.

My prayers were
answered at last.

The Noh mask fastened to
Mariko and Kaoru was...

...Iike a treasure
to the Ebatas.

From today, I'll manage
Amamiya's whole property.

This house,
the forests orwhatever.

Utae, give him the last
pill and let him take his ease.

Utae, you too...?


Reiko, get away.

No! Papa will be killed.

What're you doing?

Papa will be killed!





Ah, Kiyo!




What brings you here?


I want to hear the truth
from your lips.

The truth? What'd you
mean by that?

That you killed my mother and
my fatherYoichiro Hinata.

I don't know.

I didn't kill them.

You're a coward, father.

Do you still pretend
to be ignorant?

That'll be enough, Chihiro.

You two unlucky Amamiyas
have come to an end.


The new Amamiyas
will begin today.

I want you to die,
you two.


Stop it, Utae!

Who made you what
you are today!

You're dying hard.

Everyone goes to
the otherworld alone.


Damn you!


Aw, father!


We won't keep you alive
since you learned all this.

I want you to die with him.

Hey, what're you doing?

I'm here to make arrangements
for your funeral.

I was sent here by
the King of Hell.

What're you going to do?

Get him!

Who the hell are you?

I'm a janitor.

I'm a poor artist.

I'm a vagrant woodman.

I'm a one-eyed driver.

I'm Kume, the mill keeper.

I'm Bannai Tarao,
a private eye.


...in reality...

...a man of truth
and justice...

Daizo Fujimura.

I'll make the
incident clear.

Ebata who curses the Amamiyas
started the whole thing.

You planned to take
revenge on the Amamiyas.

You are intimate
with Utae.

When you heard that Mariko
would take a husband...

...you made your men kill her
under the guidance of Utae...

and left her dead body
alone in the pond.

Then you fastened a red
mask to the corpse...

...to make believe Toru
Hinata was the criminal.

Don't move!

That was the first crime.

The second crime...

You made Ozaki kill
Toru at the mill...

...and buried the corpse under
the floor of Akemi's lodge.

But you felt danger because
Ozaki had big mouth.

You killed him also.

Don't move!

That was the third crime.

Then you made Mizunuma and
Akemi kill Kaoru...

...and cleverly let the police
cast suspicion on Chihiro.

You killed Akemi when she began
trembling for the guilt.

Furthermore, you killed even Kume
who held Amamiya's secret.

You committed another crime.

You killed Gozo at last.

You must have thought that
you gained...

...Amamiya's whole property.

There's, however, a man...

...who is trying to fish
in troubled waters.

He's a vice priest
in a clerical rode.

It's you, Genkai!

Don't move!

Stay where you are.

The entrance is guarded.

Stop your futile resistance.

You're all under arrest
on charges of murder...

...and aiding and abetting
the murder.

Take them?

Chihiro, too.

Hold her firm.

Everything is over
with this.

The incident has reached
a conclusion.

Now I can snub that old
private eye, Bannai.

Thanks for coming,
Mr. Fujimura.

Mr. Fujimura!

Mr. Fujimura!

Don't be in a hurry
to kill a man.

There is a long way to go.

Stand firm on the ground.

Mr. Tarao!

Mr. Tarao!

Mr. Tarao!


I'm going ahead of
you to Tokyo.