Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (1977) - full transcript

An airplane carring coffee beans from South America has some unpleasant stowaways: a hoard of tarantulas which overcome the pilots as the airplane is flying over an orange-producing town in California. The airplane crashes, and the unlucky inhabitants of the town release the poisonous spiders into their midst. Once the town's officials discover that the tarantulas are responsible for several deaths, the tarantulas have already descended upon the town's only orange-processing factory. The town's citizens risk their lives to remove the tarantulas from the factory while the poisonous pests are rendered motionless by the transmitted sound of buzzing bees.

Hey amigo, andale.



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Two more round trips of this brown gold

and we are home free.

, adios.

Do you believe it, Fred?

This big turkey's all ours.

It's ours and the bank's.

Let's keep it straight.

Oh no.


Oh, come on.

Listen, we're not gonna
go through it again.

First of all, we came.

Oh wait, look.

Just take it easy, huh?

Maybe it's nothin'.

- You got the papers?
- Just play it by ear, okay?

It'll be all right.

Just stay cool.



I understand that it is
your intention to fly out

with 9,300 pounds of Ecuadorian
coffee in your aircraft.

That's right.

For which you have paid no export tax.

Export tax?

Now hold it a minute, amigo.

We have been payin' more
deeds ever two-bit official-

Wait a minute. Hold it, Fred.

Hold it. Hold it.

I apologize for my partner,

but we didn't know anything
about any export tax.

Besides, we're flat broke.

"Not once," said Davo.

Then you're just gonna have

to leave your coffee here, senor.

Wait, wait a minute.

Hold. What do we owe ya?

That'll be $300 American.

Look, we pay 50 cents
a pound for the coffee.

Give you 600 pounds of it.

You have a most
unusual sense of humor, senor.

There is not one man in
Ecuador who buys coffee.

I don't think we're gonna
be able to make a run for it.



Listen, I think if El
Sid there doesn't get us,

their air force would be real
happy with a little exercise.

All that coffee, man.

It's not worth a penny here.

And in San Francisco, it's pure gold.

For a lousy 300.

Just like that time in Algeria.

- Ah, don't remind me, huh?
- Damn!

Hey, wait a minute, old buddy.

Remember those guys in
the bar last night, huh?

Oh, Fred. That's illegal, man.


But did work pretty good

when we were flyin' out that
free Colombian stuff, huh?


- Tell you what now.

You just preflight the bird there

and keep your fingers crossed, okay?

'Kay, all right.


Don't shoot.

Not packin' anything heavier than a cigar.

20, 40,

60, 80,


You're free to see.

They already signed.

Thank you very much.


- Yeah.
- Gracias.

It will be okay.

You know it, Buddy.

Uno, dos.

Uno, dos.

♪ They couldn't carry Harry to the ferry ♪

♪ And they couldn't carry
Harry to the shore ♪

♪ And the reason that they
couldn't carry Harry to the ferry ♪

♪ Was that Harry couldn't carry anymore ♪


Listen, how 'bout
California, here we come?

How 'bout $31,000 richer?

Well how 'bout you hum a
few bars and I'll fake it?

I know that cop back.

She ain't fake.

Ain't the best, but it ain't fake.

C'est le cafe.

Look here, we don't have to tell nobody

it sit in a warehouse
for two years, do we?


You don't think it got
rotten, do you?

No, it's like whiskey.

The older, the better.

How 'bout yourself? Here.

No. No, I'm driving.

I tell you, why don't
you just sit on it there?

And I will see what the boys
in the backroom will have.

You hurry back.

Carry on, Commander.


How you doin' back here?

We're doin' very perfect, senor.

Good. Here's a drink for ya.

We didn't think you
were going to stop for us.

Sometimes we give the money
and that's the end of that.

We look like crooks?

Don't answer that.

Go ahead. Just pass it around.

We're celebratin' here.


He doesn't speak English, senor.

Ah, let's see.

He has a fever.

How long's he been sick?

Since we got into the plane.

Well if it gets any worse,
lemme know up here, okay?

Everything's under
control here.

To all aircraft
flying northerly routes

from Mexico City,

there is a severe storm
developing in the Gulf of Mexico

with possible accompaniment
of high velocity winds.

Suggest alternate routing.

It don't look like
nothin' but bad out there.

Yeah, we're goin'
straight through, partner.

If we miss that jughead in San Francisco,

we're left with a lap
full of coffee beans.

Yeah, that looks like
a couple of good saddles

over there to the West.

- Yeah.
- I'll take it.

'Kay, you watch it.

It's roughin' up.

Got it.

Boy, this is gonna be a doozy, partner.

Piece of cake, Freddy. Piece of cake.

You seem pretty calm.

Yeah, who's calm?


What was that?

I don't know, but I don't like it.

Go back.

Go back and sit down before you get hurt.

onto the plane!

We're out of it.

Home free, Hondo.

Yeah, well it looks
like we got two of 'em

sick back there now.

A lotta no comprendo, you know?


Switch to right aux tank.


I said right.

I just did.

We're gonna have to make
an emergency landing.

What's close?

Well let's see.

On the chart here,
closest thing's a strip.

Some kinda glider deal.



Gettin' mushy. Get on the horn.

Crank 'em up. Crank 'em up.
- Yeah, yeah.

Meadowmere UNICOM.

Meadowmere UNICOM, this
is Douglas 08 Romeo.

We have an emergency.

Do you read me?


Meadowmere UNICOM.

Meadowmere UNICOM, this
is Douglas 08 Romeo.

Do you read me?


Do you read me?

Meadowmere UNICOM.

- Hey Joe.
- Yeah.

I think there's something
coming over on the radio.


Anything you say, Matt.

Now first your sleeping bag,

now your thermos all cracked.

Oh no. You're kidding.

Yeah. Great equipment, buddy.


Hey Matt, where's that tackle box, huh?

It's up there.

Well come on, let's get it.

All right.

Be right back.
- Let's not waste any time.

Hustle up. Hey, hey.

I feel guilty.

This Douglas 08 Romeo.

We got an emergency up here.

Do you read me?


Meadowmere UNICOM.

Meadowmere UNICOM, come in please.

This is Douglas 08 Romeo.

We've lost all power.

Would you rather be picking oranges?

- No.
- 'Kay.

But I don't feel like
going fishing either.

Well you fix that by bringin'
your little brother along.

I can't leave him alone yet.

I know. I know.

That's okay.

Keep our mind on the
trout if there are any.

There'll still be time to talk.

We've already talked about that.

Let's just try and have some fun, okay?

Douglas 08 Romeo.

Do you read me?


That's it. We're losin' it.

Yeah, I can't raise anybody.

Keep tryin', keep tryin'.

I'm tryin'.

Meadowmere UNICOM.

Meadowmere UNICOM, this
is Douglas 08 Romeo.

We're in a lotta trouble up here.

Now how 'bout it?

- Please do you read me?
- Joe?

Meadowmere UNICOM.

This is Douglas 08 Romeo.

Come in please.

Affirmative, Douglas 08 Romeo.

This is Douglas 08 Romeo.

We've lost all power.

We're coming in from the South

and we're losing altitude rapidly.

We have a medical emergency aboard.

- Oh boy.
- And some kinda-

Oh, I better call Doc Barnes.

08 Romeo standing by.


Yeah, Dorothy. This is Joe Harmon.

Hi Joe.

Hi. Listen, you wanna get me Doc Barnes?

Doc Barnes isn't in 'til Friday.

Well how 'bout Doc Hodgins?

Oh, you know him.

Yeah. I know how he is Dorothy.

Joe? Joe.

This is an emergency.

All right, I'll call him
and ring you right back.

Hi Janice.

What kind of an emergency?

Dorothy, they'll have
to land someplace else.

I don't practice medicine anymore.

You know that.

I'm sorry.

You just call the paramedics in the city.

They can be here in 45 minutes.


08 Romeo, what's your position?

We don't know.

We're just real low.

I don't see 'em.

We don't see you.

There's a little town
surrounded by orange groves

and it looks like an F up on the hillside.


Hey, I see 'em.

Not bad. Not bad.

I think we're gonna make it.

Yeah, it looks like he's lined up.

That's a huge plane.

It's a DC-3.

He can't get in here.

He's in trouble.

What's wrong with him?

He's not lined up at all.

He's coming around again.

He's lost control.

08 Romeo, do you read me?


08 Romeo, can you read me?

Man, I don't believe it.

He's gone down in Nelson's field.

All right, that's down by the highway.

You call Dorothy back.

I'll get the car.


This is Cindy Beck.


Plane just crashed

and we think it's Nelson's field.

Oh my.

I'll call Bert Springer.

No wonder.

It's leakin' fluid in the mass.

Take it over to Harry's,
tell him to fix it.

We need every one of these we can get.

- Mr. Springer.
- Yeah.

Honey, I got it.

Who is it?


It's Chief Beasley.

Who do you think it is?

- What is it, Lee?
- Shh.

What happened?

What happened?

- A plane went down.
- What?

Oh my.

Call the mayor.

It's all right, honey.

Call for you on the CB radio.

Oh, it never fails.

Jack Douglas here.

Oh no, Dorothy.

I'm tryin' to keep these guys picking.

Come on, Pedro.

Get goin'.
- Okay, boss.

All right. I'll be
right with you, Dorothy.

All right, everybody works.

Hey Bert, which way is
Nelson's field from here?


That's one block.

No, that's North.

South is three blocks.

Oh, right. Right.

If everybody said north


What're you doin' up so
early in the mornin', Honey?

Goin' to the warehouse.

Hey, I was gonna call ya.

Let's meet at lunch.

If I've got nothin' better to do.

Harry, that plane's down on the field.

Follow me.

I knew it. I'm delivering some gas.

- Wait.
- All right.

Let's take a look, all right?

Just be careful.

All right, honey.

Doesn't look like there are any openings.

What is all this stuff?

Looks like coffee beans.

Come on. Let's look in the back.

Boy, this is stuck.

What's the matter?

Hang on.

Hey, hey.


Just stay back there, okay?

Come on.

Joe, someone's coming.

Thank god.

Matt, it's Doc.


Come on.

Come on back. Let's go
back to the cargo door.



Got two guys trapped in that plane.

We can't get 'em outta there.

We gotta break some of the windows.

I got it tied.

Yeah, I'll get.
- Reel the hose.

Standby. Yeah.

'Kay, c'mon.

We got two guys in that plane there.

We can't get 'em out.

Sealed tight as a drum.

All right, lemme get an ax.


We'll meet you up there, Doc.

Okay Ralph, go.

Hold this for me, Cindy.

One of 'em's still moving.


I think this is gonna break.

Now you stand back now.

The man on the right is
still alive but just barely.

- Matt?
- It's okay.

I was up on that before.
- Matt!

Are you sure all those doors are jammed?


Hey Bert, you know, I
think the best thing to do

is just knock out a
couple of those windows

and hook the wrecker to
it and just pull it out.

That's a good idea.

Let's do it.
- Okay.

Hey Harry?

Turn the thing around.

I wanna get the hook and
hook it to those two windows

and yank the thing out, okay?

- Okay, you got it, buddy.
- C'mon, let's go.

Hustle up.

I've never seen anything like this.

Yeah, okay. Okay.

Just get outta the way.

C'mon, let's go.

That's it, whip it around.

Oh, just take it easy, will ya?

- I gotta practice.

Take it out a little
further and come on in.

Hold it, Bert.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Here you go.

- Gimme a little slack.
- Gimme a little more.

Okay, watch your hands on this.

All right, take up the slack, okay?

Take up the slack.

All right, take it up.

Slack, pull it up.

Pull it up.

Take a whack,
loosen it up a little more.

Hey Bert, Bert.

Take a look at that.

If you ask me, interrupted fuel tank.

You better dig a ditch and
get it away from the plane.

Make sure it doesn't puddle.

Yeah, okay.

Hey Ralph?

Hey Ralph.


Come here and get a bunch of shovels.

We need a trench goin' directly
from there from the plane

just like this right
out to that field, okay?

Get me a shovel, will ya?

Come on, help me with these things.

Stay back, everybody please.

There's a gasoline leak.

Stay back.

Hey relax, Mr. Fire Chief.

Okay, Jack.

C'mon, directly from
there right on out there.

It's hard as rock in this place.

Hey Lee.

Mornin' Jack.

Looks like your gin rummy game
got interrupt this mornin'.

Not today.

I've been at the warehouse 'til four a.m.

Lee, keep your people back, will you?

Ain't hurtin' nothin', Bert.

Ain't every day we get a
plane crash 'round here.

Hey there, Frank.

I hear there's coffee on that plane.

Jack, I think we got it under control.

But I would like to tap
into the irrigation pipes

on Nelson's ranch just in case

and I need your authorization.

I thought you had water in your engine.

Yeah, I got 300 gallons.

But if that thing goes-

With this drought on,

I couldn't tell you to
use another man's water.

Jack, this is an emergency.

Frank, don't light that.

What's the matter with you?

Wanna take a little trip kingdom come?

That's gasoline.

Lee, will you get these civilians back

before one of 'em blows to sky high?


Get 'em back.


When'd you start givin' orders, Bert?

Hey Bert!

- Yeah.
- Bert!

Okay, we got the trench built.

Gasoline's runnin' off.

All right. But before we try anything,

I wanna get the hoses in position.

Right, okay.

Oh no.

Chuck, stop!

No, no, no. Chuck!

Chuck, no!

You people on the
other side, stand clear.

We gotta get these people
back to pickin' oranges.

How much longer's it gonna take?

I don't know.

I don't know if there's
anybody left in that airplane.

Oh, it's a hell of a mess, Bert.

Especially when you figure
that one of your firemen

on a bike started the fire.

Jack, why don't you just
go back and pick your oranges

and take your constituents with you, huh?

Well somebody's gotta
stay here and take charge.

Hey, how you doin', Matt?

Pretty good.

Hey you.

Yeah, you.

You know who I'm talkin' to.

Boy, you're ugly.

I think I'm gonna kill you.

I guess not.

Hey Cin!

Hey, look what I found.

Matt, you stay away
from here and I mean it.



Do you hear that?


One thing, let's get.

Well this one didn't make any noise.

Yeah, that's not him.

- Over here.
- Let's go.

He's over here.

Get this outta here.

Get it off of him.


What's he sayin'?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't speak Spanish.

Hey, we got two guys in here!

One's alive.

Let's get him outta here, all right?

- Yeah.
- C'mon.

Anybody ever
tell you you're ugly, huh?

You're a little monster.

Oh, darn it.

Gimme a hand here.

Watch it. Watch him.

Watch his head.

- I got him.
- Take it easy.

Glad you're here, Doc.

Okay, easy.

You makin' any progress?

We have the one man
there and he's alive.

Well how many more?

At least one more back there.

Hey, what the hell are you doin'?

Waste not. Want not.

You can't do anything with wet coffee.

Joe found the log book.

This flight originated in Ecuador.

Excuse me.

I gotta talk to you, Mayor.

You gotta get this thing
roped off and posted.

I looked it up. It's the law, Jack.

But why us?

Seems to me it's a job for the FAA.

I don't know.

Probably don't want
people grabbin' souvenirs.

Frank, I told you to get outta here now.

I'm goin'. I'm goin'.

These are the poor people, Doc.

I think that's it.

You know, there was a
medical emergency on board.

I think he said fever.

Should we quarantine the plane, Doc?

They did come from South America.

I don't know.

Are you sayin' there's some
kinda plague on this airplane?

No, I'm not.

These men are in shock.

They probably have internal
injuries, possible brain damage.

We have to get them to
the hospital to find out.

Yeah but Doc, you're not
sayin' it isn't the plague.

Chief Beasley, if
you wanna put that idea

into people's minds,
why you go right ahead.

Don't touch him.

Get away from him.

Don't touch him.

Stay away from him.

- What's the matter?
- Get back there.

Stand back.
- Chuck, bring my bag.

- What is it, Doc?
- I don't know.

Straight down, Frank.

- Is it contagious?
- I don't know.

Chuck and I are gonna take
Frank back to the clinic

and isolate him.

You put those other men in the ambulance

as soon as it gets here.

And Joe, you go with 'em.

What for?

Because I need a report on them now.

If one of us doesn't go with 'em.

It'll come in the mail on Tuesday.

All right, anybody who
doesn't wanna stay around here,

move out right now.

You goin', Lee?

No, I think I'll stay here, Jack.

See ya.

Acute toxemia I call it.

I agree.

What fungus or bacteria
could act so quickly?

Would you let me have the
postmortem as soon as possible?

Thank you.

Lucky you were here to
answer the phone today.

Mary, we better put a couple
more beds out on the porch.

We aren't in for an epidemic, are we?

If we get one more victim,
I think the answer is yes.

Oh, keep goin'. Keep goin'.

Have you seen Mrs. Beasley anywhere?

Oh no, ma'am.

When you do, would you tell
her that Chief Beasley called?

- Chief Beasley.
- Yeah.

Yes, ma'am.

Oh, I wish he'd quit
blowin' that damn whistle.

At least he's not blowing it on us.

Some day somebody's
going to, you know that.


You know, you could
always ask for a divorce.

You could always just get
in that big old car of yours

and start drivin'.

Now my daddy told me that
running away was no solution.

Your daddy shoulda
left you a lot more money

and a lot less advice.

Hey Rich.
- Hmm?

How 'bout the radio?

Oh, the radio.

Oh, Rich.

Rich, come on. Stop.





Oh no.

Oh no.




Open the door.

What happened?

She just hit her head.


I'm gonna take her to Dr. Barnes.

You call him.

Dr. Barnes is still outta town.

I'm sure of it.

Then Hodgins. Hodgins is in town.

Okay, I'll take her there.


Lemme have the racquet, Kathleen.

C'mon, Kathleen. Honey,
let me have the racquet.

Let me have the racquet, Kathleen.

Look what she's got.

C'mon, let me have it.

Honey, lemme have it, honey.

That's it.

That's it, girl.

Look, he's gonna be the
hit of our science fair.


Get me a jar.

Go ahead.


What happened?

She hit her head.

I can see that.

Wear this for your protection, huh?

All right, thanks.

You'll call me?

Yeah, I'll call you as soon as I can.

Why don't you fly over
and pick me up, okay?


See you later.

Now you take care of yourself.

You understand?
- C'mon.

- Bye Joe.
- Put that thing on.



Hi Rich.

Listen, I'm sorry. I heard Frank died.

What's Doc want me for, you know?

Gloria's had an accident.


Both is weak, 36.

My god, Doc.

Mary start an EKG.

What happened to her?

Hurry, Mary.

Lee, would be much better
if you wait outside.

Doc, is she gonna be all right?

Lee, please wait outside.

When we still lived there
before it became a school,

we used to go on picnics.

With my wife?

She's an employee of
the school, a teacher.

I happen to be a trustee.

We had things to talk about.

Things to talk about?

The two of you on a blanket? Come on.

I don't have to listen to this.

The hell you don't!

You'll listen to anything I-


Rich, if you'll excuse us a moment.

She's gonna.

Lee, I couldn't save her.

I'm sorry.

Richard, wait a minute please.

Were you with Mrs. Beasley
when she had the accident?

I had nothing to do with this.

Rich, was there a snake anywhere nearby?

A snake? I don't know.

I don't think so.

There's a small wound on her foot.

I don't know what the connection is.

All right. Thank you, Rich.


Doc, what are we gonna do?

Listen, I got some
coffee in the kitchen.

Wouldn't you like a cup?


Come on.

Let's try a cup of coffee, Lee.

Let's give it a try.

Eight, southwest seven.


Doc Hodgins.

- Yes, Steve.
- Is Mrs. Beasley all right?

Steve, Mrs. Beasley is dead.


How could she be dead?

What the devil is that?

Where did you find that?

By the school.

It was crawling in the grass.

Was that anywhere near the place

Mrs. Beasley had her accident?

Just down the hill.

Steve, may I keep this?

There it is.

All right, Doc. We'll check it out.


He wants us to check the body

to see if we can find anything
looks like a snakebite.

- Snakebite?
- That's it.

All right. We're checkin' it out, Doc.

Hey Doc, we got somethin' here.

Looks like a snakebite.

Looks like somebody did
some first aid on it too.

This one's got some
small holes on his leg.

Could be a bite.

Is the skin
around the puncture gray?

Yeah, it's burned, kinda gray.

That's the same thing.

What kinda snake is it?

It's a spider.

Some kinda tarantula.

I got one right here.

Did it come in on the airliner?

There's probably more
than one of 'em, Joe.

What we need right now is a specialist

to identify the toxin.

Hey Doc, listen.

I know a guy in LA, a professor.

Now if I can get a hold of him.

Doc, call Cindy

and tell her to meet
me on the Welling fork.

Okay, I'm on the way.

What is it?

Doc thinks maybe a dangerous
spider was on the plane.

Well I saw a big one
right near the plane crash.

Hey, let's look for it

and then we'll know for sure
if it was on board, okay?

Look, just cool it.

You know, you're
treating me like a baby.

I wanna help.

You can.

Ride your bike over to Doc Hodgins' place.

He has a spider in a jar

and you can tell if it's
the kind you saw, okay?

All right.


Hey look, watch out for the
trucks at the weigh station.

Hey Smitty.

I wanna be ready to move
this shipment by tomorrow.

You got it, boss.



Hey, what're you doin' here?

I've gotta talk to you, Jack.

It's important.


Gloria Beasley died.


How did it happen?

One of these bit her.

Hey, put those away.

It'll scare away the workers.

Now I've seen those before.

They're strays comin' outta
the desert or up from Mexico.

They never hurt anybody.

I've never seen anybody
die from a spider bite.

Today I had four.

This isn't local.


Hey, what're you lookin' at?

C'mon, let's go.

Let's keep it moving.

Sam, you've worked hard for
this town and so have I.

You know, the way this drought is going,

every one of us is on the ropes.

These oranges, they're the last crop

we're liable to see for a long time.

We're not talking about oranges.

We're talking about people.

Well listen, Sam.

Anything that came in on this plane

is a problem for the FAA.

But our problem is these oranges.

'Kay? We gotta get them
ready by 8:00 in the morning.

And if you're out there someplace

running your mouth off about spiders

and getting in the way of the work,

you'll be put in jail.

Now is there anything I said
that you didn't understand?


Hi Matt.


Where's Doc Hodgins?

He isn't here.

It's important.

Then wait.


You preflight that Cessna?


We got an appointment in LA.

What are we going there for?

You're having the time
of your life, aren't ya?

I don't know.

Maybe there was only one spider.


What is it?

I don't know.

This is the tarantula
that kills people, huh?

Where'd you get this?

Plane load of coffee from Ecuador.

Look, there isn't a
poisonous tarantula, is there?

Now this is not a true tarantula.

This is a phoneutria nigriventer.

You see?

Look at the fangs.

They operate vertically.

This is commonly called
the wandering spider

or banana spider.

How many of them are there?

Well I don't know.

Probably lots.

This is the most aggressive

and venomous spider in the world.

You'll have to destroy all
the spiders in the aircraft.

Doctor, the spiders seem
to have left the aircraft.

Do you have any idea where they might go?

Well a totally alien spider

would have to seek out
a food supply, insects.

Called banana spiders because
they feed on the insects

that they find around
bananas or other fruit.

What about oranges?

Most assuredly.

You'll never find them.

They'll be scattered in orchards

or in some enclosed area where
there are volumes of fruit.

What can we
do to get rid of them?

insecticide, very strong.

Or fire, but you have
to locate them first.

Matt, would you like some
lemonade while you wait?


Do you have any idea
when Doc might be back?

I can't say.

Well then I'm gonna go find him.

What's so important?

Doc, you really believe these
things are that dangerous?

I do.

Well I'll tell you Jack
Douglas is right about one thing:

you spread the word that
those things are loose,

nobody's gonna work the oranges.

They could wear gloves.

They could wear boots.

We could tell 'em the truth.

Just tell 'em how to protect themselves.


Mr. Thomas.

Have you seen Doc Hodgins anywhere?

He was talkin' to Bert Springer.


How you doin', Matt?

Oh, pretty good.


It's all right, Honey.

It was just a spider.

We saw a spider climb up on the truck.

What is it?


How big was it?

It was a big one.

Went right up the truck.

It's all right. They're
perfectly harmless.

I gotta get it.

They just broke another
conveyor over at the warehouse.

Was Elmer running it?

I don't know.

But Mr. Douglas wants you to come over

and straighten things out.

I really need that right now.

See him up there anywhere?

No, not yet.

Hey, there he is.

There's something going on out there.

Just leave it here.

I'll stack it later.

I don't know what that is.

What happened?

It's the Beck kid, Doc.

A spider bit him.

Move him to my
office as fast as you can.

Come on, Matt.

It's all right.

It's all right, baby. It's okay.

What do you think?

You know what I think.

It's gonna make a superb marmalade.


Just like I told your boss,

we got the finest Valencia
orange crop in the state.

Tree-ripened, organically-grown

and it's free from
chemicals and additives.

I'll see you in the office.


We made it, boys.

We made it!

We made it, man!

Hey Smitty.

Hey, we're all through in section C.

How 'bout locking up?

And check to see those vents are closed.

Yes, sir.


Yeah, that's where it all started.

Hey, go around again.

This time a little bit lower.

There's another one down there.

Nobody's found 'em yet.

Hey, I just thought of something.

That's the town up there.

That's the school where
Gloria Beasley was bitten

and that's almost a direct
line to the plane crash.

And at the end of the
line is the warehouse.

Volumes of fruit in enclosed area.

Dr. Benton was right.

Let's skip the airport
and land at the warehouse.

I gotta find Bert.

Is it Matthew?


- No.
- Yeah, he's over at Doc's.

- No.
- Yup.

Oh god.


No, no!


Don't run, just walk.

Take it easy.

As soon as we know what the problem is,

we'll get you all back inside.

Don't run, just walk.

Take it easy.

As soon as we know what the problem is-

Wait a minute. Where do
you think you're going?

I want this area evacuated right now.

Is this somebody's idea of a joke?

You don't have the authority.

Jack, I'm the fire chief

which means I'm responsible
for public safety.

And if that isn't enough for ya,

I'm also half owner of this warehouse.

Now is there anybody
in this section of it?

Smitty locked up about an hour ago,

but we're goin' back to work.

No way, Jack.


Bert, I'm gonna have you arrested.

Do ya hear?



That plane went down
four miles from here.

We can work something out.

Oh, there's Smitty.

Smitty, we gotta get everybody out of-

Oh no.

Hey Joe.

What're you doin', Joe?

Got your insecticides right here.

You got any objections?

Do you?

Oh, what's he doin'?

Hey, hey!

Hold on, Joe.

Hey, hey, hey!

Jack, stop him.

Don't let him get those oranges.

Get outta my way, Bert.

Enough! People have been killed in here.

- Joe.
- Do you understand that?

Joe, nobody else is gonna get killed.

You're darn right.

But I can't let you use that
sprayer in there. Not yet.

- Somebody get the sheriff!
- Joe.

Oh, shut up, Jack.

Joe, listen.

I know how you feel,

but I can't let you destroy a whole town.

Joe, you're the only one of us here

that talked to that doctor in LA

and we have got to know what he said.

Come on.

This is the one place they'll come to.

It's got what they need.

It's an enclosed area

and they need insects.

Everybody stay back.

We're checking on something inside.

It'll be just a few minutes.

Don't leave, just stay back please.

We've not locate the problem yet.

Now you people just stay around

and don't spread any false rumors.

Just relax.

You tell me.

How can we let these oranges
go out in the morning?

They're infested.

The Department of Agriculture

may wanna destroy the whole crop.

Yeah, that is if they
ever find out about it.

That's stupid, Jack.

That's really stupid.

Well who's gonna tell 'em? You, me?

No, sir.

Jack, you wanna use
insecticide in that warehouse?

Exactly. We're thinkin' about it.

Christ. Well if you do,

my company will have
to refuse the oranges.

Insecticide-free, it's
spelled out in the contract.

Hey, how 'bout if we use smoke?

That would force 'em out.

You couldn't guarantee
the flavor of the oranges

wouldn't be affected.

Well nobody can do that.

Look, if those oranges
aren't on that train

by 8:00 in the morning, they'll rot.

They're tree-ripened and fresh.

We'd lose everything, wouldn't we?

Gotta figure out a way to kill them.

No, no, no. Listen!

Bert, Bert?

Let's burn 'em!

Yeah, Rich.

You hear what they're sayin'?

The warehouse is insured for $200,000.


If it'll burn,

we'd collect 100 for you, 100 for me.

What happens to the oranges?

Well they're gonna go anyway.

C'mon. Hey Bert.

C'mon, I'm not finished.

Hold it, hold it, hold it!

There's gotta be some way
to figure this thing out.

We've only got 15 hours

until those oranges have to be shipped.

Well what have you got in mind?

Steve, come here.

I got a book underneath
the seat of the airplane.

I want you to get it for me, okay?

Tarantulas, 23 of 'em.

Feeding habits, mating, natural enemies.

"The most common enemy
is the spider wasp."

Well so what?

- No, listen.
- Shh.

"The spider upon hearing

the characteristic whine of the wasp

is beset by such terrible
genetically implanted fear

that it will cease all motion

and remain in a state of
virtual suspended animation

for minutes, sometimes for hours."

That's it.
- Oh come on, will ya?

Joe, is this it?

If we can convince the spiders
that there are wasps around-

That's right, then we can pick 'em up

in an immobilize state.

Oh, but the spiders are in the oranges

and the oranges are in boxes.

You can't get to 'em.

But they're hungry.

They're hungry.

Now if we can get all the fruit flies,

the bugs and the moths in
the center of the warehouse.

With lights.

All the bait in one area.
- Right.

Where are you gonna get the wasps, huh?

My uncle has some in a
stump over by his place.

Look, it's worth a try. Isn't it?

All right, let's do it.

Now we gotta collect enough wasps

to fill the warehouse, right?

Wrong. We're gonna give Mother Nature

a little power boost.

Here it is.


It's not immobile.

He looks scared though.

Well maybe it's
the wrong kinda wasps.

Or maybe it's the sound of the pitch

or the volume or somethin'.

Let's get an amplifier from a guitar.

Hey, I got one back at school.

All right, let's use it.

Hey Bert, I got the light.

- Harry.
- Yeah.

Gimme a hand, will ya?

I don't think it's gonna work, Joe.

It's gotta work.

I can't figure it out.

You got that plugged in?

There it is.

All right, bring up the bass.

I can't believe I did that.

- Bring up the bass, will ya?
- All right, all right.

Little more.

- All the way.
- Little more.

It's all the way.

All right, bring the gain up.

Bring it up just a little bit.

All right, punch the bass up all the way.

Drop the treble.

All right.

- Little more.
- Little more.

All the way.

All right, get the gain up there.

It's all the way.

Okay, that's it.

Here, take these.

Lemme tape that thing in here.


I need strip lights.

Okay, that's the right pitch.

Hang onto that.

I'm gonna take this.

Somebody hand me some more tape.

What're you doin' here?

I wanna help.

We need your help and
I'll always need your help.

All right, let's try the lights.

C'mon, let's go.


One, two, three.


Buckets ready?

I'm hotter than a $2.00 piss
in here with all this stuff on.

So how long do you think

it's gonna take to get all of 'em?

I don't know.

As long as it takes to
get all of 'em cornered.

Folks, folks.

I told you this was goin' to work.

Now I need some people to help me

to get more buckets of alcohol.

Follow me.

What do we need
the alcohol for anyway?

When they put the
spiders in it, it'll kill 'em.

You sure you wanna go in there?

I have to.


Let's do it.

I can't take it, Joe.

Just take it easy, okay?

What's wrong?

I don't know.


Hey, hey you punk kid.

Get away from there.

I'll take care of the sound system.

I'll take care of it.

Keep shaking.

Do you know anything about this?

Yeah, I know plenty about it.

Now come on, get outta here.

I wish I knew was goin' on in there.

Me too.

Chuck, you okay?

Stay back!

Stay back!

One open on the right.

Go back there.

We're gonna check the other door.


Why the hell can't you
get these doors open?

They're electrically operated.

Look, just stay out.

Come with me. Come on.

We gotta get this power connected.

Joe, be careful.

We're trapped.

Oh my god.

I'll kill it.

Take it easy.

It's gonna be fine.

Look at me.

Take it easy.


Take it easy.



- I'm all right.

All right.

All right now.

Somebody's up there.

Hey Steve!

Hey, you okay?

- I think so.

You all right?

How'd you get in here?

Any more people with you?

No, nobody. They're all out
there tryin' to fix the door.

I figure it'd be the quicker this way.

All right, c'mon.

Let's go out the way Steve came in.

- Let's go. Come on.
- Stay in line.

Lead on. Let's go.

Hey, how long's it gonna take

to get the power connected up?

I don't know.

It depends on how much
hardware I have to replace.

Be careful now.

Chuck, you okay?

Well what does it look like?

Okay, okay. It looks like
about a 20, 30-minute job.


Hey look, look.

They're comin' out through the roof.

Well this little con'll
limp along for another year.


Hey, the power's back.

Stir them wasps, Ralph.

Well you know what we gotta do.

Let's go get the rest of 'em.

Let's get in
there and get it over with.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.