Tarang (1984) - full transcript

Yeah, you know the firm's
address anyway.

Please find out soon.

No, I really don't know
who all deal with him.

Of course, I will bear the expenses.

Nurse has a cold,
needs a little brandy.

I only have whiskey.
Maybe this will do the trick?

Shall I have a little too?

Listen, you be with her only, okay?

There's no brandy,
will this do?

First class Scotch!
This is a really expensive whiskey.

It's really good.
You should also try some.

Why? It will look bad that's why?
-No, nothing like that.

C'mon, go for it.

You really like this?

She was totally delighted by it.
-So you should have given her some more.

No way, she is a woman,
what if she gets drunk?

she won't be able to handle too much.

You really don't understand anything.

What don't I get?

I will take her to my room?

No way!

What is the big deal?
-How can you even think like this?

But you only gave her...

Hansa, for Papa's sake,
please don't go there.

Listen, doctor has also advised so.

And then, you need to take
care of yourself also.

Janaki Bai, someone has come
to meet you.

Khala passed away.
There has been a riot in the slums.


Where were you when all
this was happening?

You are protector of the law?
This is your protection?

What can we do in this, sir?
These are all your own people.

Forget it.

Janaki is here.

Look at what has happened. Look.

And the police is blaming us only.
It was our doing, it seems.

As if we burnt our own homes.


hey come, into the van.
-aye, why have you come here?

Aye, come!
-Keep away, or I will kill you.

Arre, come, come.
-Leave me.

I will teach you a lesson
at the station.

Where are you taking her?
- Leave, leave.

Don't you dare touch her.

Have you guys lost your mind?

You treat someone who has lost their
near dear ones like this? Stupid...

So this is your strategy. There my
people's homes are being burnt,

and your people are harassing them?
Get me the commissioner,

I will talk straight to him only.

Did you hear that?
You guys spoil our image.

I think that's enough.

Now look at how they will
change their tone.

Even now if they don't do anything,
come straight to me.

Then I will see to it.

Sir, we will give you
our fullest cooperation.

You had better.

Don't worry Kalyan,
I am there for you.

I knew you will
straighten out these bastards.

Namaste.... Namdeo
- Come Janaki.

Namdeo, can you step out for a bit?

Just a minute.

Where's Abdul?

Even at Khala's death,
he wasn't there.

Why aren't you saying anything?
- Abdul is doing what he has to.

At least he is not after the chair
just with a red flag like Kalyan.

You step out,
I will be right there.

You just worry about your Rahul Seth.

If he has to play such a saint,
why is he still keeping Patel on?

We have all together
killed Khala.

You will bring a change
with your fury or what?

Listen, listen...

Please take care of this.

You didn't pay this time.
Please do.

You are a weird one.

At first, you used to refuse money...

...and now you are insisting on it?

If he is asleep,
come to my room...

...I have kept the bottle there.

No, no, I have to give him
an injection in a bit.

If I forget, it will be
really screwed up.

You think he will survive
because of the injection?

Aye, come...

We can't even talk here properly...

You go lie down,
if he isn't in pain...

...and he keeps sleeping,
I shall come.

Do you always have to
deal with such patients?

As in?
- Old, dying...

- Don't you get fed up?

No, no, sometimes
we get young patients too.

Have some.

He doesn't let me come close to you.

And here, there is no one
to take care of you.

She was getting scared.


Even I was scared.

That's why let her go.

But I am unable to forget...

burnt huts, dying Khala.

And your desire.

You must be tired too,
Go sleep with Munna.

Janaki, Janaki,

What happened?
- Come here, fast.

Must have passed away in his sleep.

You weren't up?

No, I mean, I had just slept.

Yeah, yeah, must have passed
away in his sleep.

Should we tell Rahul Seth?
- No, no,

if he or the doctor
gets to know that I slept then...


Nobody will know anything.

And he is a nice man.

He will forgive.

Don't worry.

Now, nobody can separate us.

Arre, you are completely wet?

Arre, what happened?

My car broke down on the way.
- Anita, please give him my Kurta.

Pants won't help,
my pants can take two of him.

I will give you my lungi.

and I will prepare the XYZ.

Today, we are having continental?
- Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, will go well with these rains.

I am getting reminded
of the things bygone...

Russi, look...
wedding present.

aww, it's beautiful...

Russi, come for a bit..
Just explain this to me too...

You are such a darling.

You have given a really
expensive present.

Yaar(buddy), you are also too much.

You are one of the few real friends
I have. I won't even do this much?

Anyway, come on...
- Yeah.

I have prepared all this, & also made
a catalogue of prices and addresses.

This will shut Dinesh up.

You know that we tried really hard.

But that expert is coming with Dinesh

He will have the know-how
about the machines any which way.

See these,
our wedding photographs.

Anita, please. Not when
we are working, please.

Yeah, so we need to get rid
of that expert in a day.

But that expert is
coming with Dinesh

Don't worry, once he sees
our reports, and our prices,

he will be shocked out of his wits.

Here, take a look.

Rahul Seth has got cops
after our men.

Son-in-law has lost it.

I should meet Dinesh Sir,
before he returns to London.

I wouldn't have come,

but for the strong severe
questions about our machines.

I am sorry but that's
the impression we had.

Why Anita, why did we call him?
- If they can't supply what we need,

they can go back.

But what about the money
we have spent?

When will his greed get over?
We have paid you for the estimate...

It's NOT just the estimate,

Dinesh will have to answer for
a lot of things.

Only they know what's the deal
between Dinesh and them.

Well, that's between you and him.

Is there anything we can do for you?
- Yes,

leave us alone.

Please don't insist,
I can't come.

Maybe Rahul can make it.
Please do talk to him.

If you don't come for the meeting,

then what will I be able to do alone?

Hello, Rahul.

oh, hello Dinesh.
You made it.

It's good only.

Even Hansa remains upset these days.

I was suggesting that if Hansa
could make it to the factory tomorrow,

then we can do the meeting.
She could chair it.

What's the rush?
Papa only just...

And at least you shouldn't be
talking shop to her right now.

I am sorry.

You only killed Papa,
both of you.

You should leave,
Dinesh you too.

Hansa, for God's sake,
please control yourself.

She will be alright.

Have a drink.
-No, thanks.

Hansa was telling me that there was
no one with uncle that night.

Not even the nurse.

Even Hansa wasn't allowed to go there.

First, illness...
and then, death.

She isn't able to bear Papa's loss.

And on top, I myself am troubled.

I do understand that Rahul,
but we will have to decide.

I already have signed an agreement in London.
Now there is no question of going back on that.

The case against Patel has been withdrawn?

Who's speaking?
Who are you?

oh, Namdeo. Okay.

No, what can be done right now?

You come to my place tomorrow...

...in the night.

Patel and his goons have been given
money by someone for bribery.

Yeah, yeah, he had come to me.

As such I don't like him,

but he was uncle's loyal servant,
so I gave him some money.

He is such a loyalist...

...that he is seeing
a conspiracy in uncle's treatment.

Wouldn't you stay a while?

Anyway Patel
will have to be fixed somehow.

We have given him enough lift.

And now, we should encourage
Kalyan's union. What do you think?

Getting him out of the picture...

...will make the workers happy,
and he can also be kept shut.

See, this letter is from uncle,
in which he liked my plan.

If his wishes aren't respected,

then people will be unhappy.

It's better
if we talked about this later.

As you wish.


just come here for a bit.

See, there are so few flowers.

We need a LOT more.

My father will get only
so many flowers or what?

These I picked from his last rites.

Please go, get some more flowers.

but not of this colour,

Ma'am, you...

I knew you would understand my wishes.

Don't tell it to anyone.

Apart from you,
who else can understand me.

I will go pick up some,

flowers for you.

Arre, you?

Have you got Abdul's news?

Patel's goons have been
released by the police.

Dinesh Seth had given the money.

Patel was saying he will serve
foreign liquor on the ship,

to his comrades.

Asshole, calls his asslickers comrades.

Arre yes,

There's a place near Goti.

That is owned by Swaraji Dhani.

Patel has a drink with him every evening.

He had called my man there also once.

I was adamant that I shall also go.

Do you know why he was called?
To bribe him.

Do you really know where that place is?

If I go, I might be able to recognise it.

Janaki, this our chance to do something.

Please tell me you will come along?

Why do you want to ruin your life?

Janaki, please listen to me.

How is Abdul?

Hope he is alright.

Rahul Seth has called me tomorrow.

I am going to ask him straightforward
if he will protect us or not.

You will come, right?

But tell me that you won't kill Patel.

I am unable to say,
I don't seem to remember...

You come sit in front.

No, let's go back.
This is a bad idea.

Janaki, don't screw things up.
We will be crushed completely.

When Patel had started all this,
he was like us only.


Abdul will NEVER forgive you.

Stop here.

That place is right there.

Turn the car around.

Grab hold of him.
Don't let him get away.

Please stop.

Narayan, don't beat him up.

STOP beating,
are you going to kill him or what?

Please let's just take
him from here at least.

Otherwise he will be
left here all night long.

Janaki, what are you saying?

You only will have to take
this burden on yourself.

Munna babu,
you are looking so adorable.

When he is older, the girls are
not going to let him be.

He will be surrounded
by ladies, like Krishna.

Of course, my darling.

Arre Munna babu,
you are looking so smart.

A little fireman, eh.

Come here dear, come to dad.

See what Daddy has got for you.


NO, don't dare touch Munna.

He is my son,
you will kill him too.

Hansa, what's happened to you?

DON'T touch Munna.



Both of you are responsible
for killing him.

Munna, my son... nobody
can take you away from me.

Hansa, control yourself.




My Munna... come...

What... what has happened to you?

Dinesh had come...

He is no better than you...

He was saying that if I don't go to the meeting,
Munna wouldn't get a cent of his inheritance.

Bloody bastard...

But Munna is my son too...

Hansa will take a few days to recover.

In Lonavala, Munna shall
also be happy with you...

If need be, go to the post office,
and inform the post master...

He will intimate me immediately.
- Okay, give him a kiss.

Now even you have become a Madame.

Where? I a lifelong servant,

I will never become a Madame.

If you were a Madame, someone else
would have been a servant.

It would go on like that.

Munna has left?

yeah... He has gone to
Lonavala with Janaki Bai.

When you...

When you are completely well...

...we will call him back.

I will get better Rahul...
for sure...

I will give you all the pleasures...

Once more, my body yearns for you...

My body is getting titillations.

I have desires Rahul...
and you too...

You still do have the desire, don't you...

It all feels like a dream...

Hansa, once more I can feel myself.

Seems like I have gotten wings.

I can fly...

What an amazing feeling...

Now I understand as to how by giving
myself completely, I can have you...


Rahul, please get me this flower.

I will just get it.

No, let's go home.

come with me... sleep next to me...

come, come, o dear, come to me...

let my body bask in your breaths.


You and Janaki, look at
what you have done...

Don't drag her into this,
she isn't even here.

And when did you guys let Hansa breathe?

And you got a certificate from the Doctor
that she died naturally, not by suicide!

I had actually loved her, could anyone
take care of her-

neither the killer brother,
or even the father.

Nobody loved her like I did.

Today I can say all that...


did you shut your eyes,
to hear all this?

You don't need to explain to me,
I understand my responsibilities.

Of course, but we need to keep labour demands and the
company's productivity in consideration here, right?

With new machinery, the profits will increase,
and then the wages, bonus, and so on.

The increase in wage should be
proportional to profit increase.

If we do it in proportion,
how will the company grow?

And how much is the need of
the labourers anyway...

but still you will get higher wages,
more facilities...

but yeah, you shouldn't have any objection
to the firing of inefficient workers.

You will have to compensate them,
I can't let worker's rights be..

There's no need for
sloganeering here...

and if you talk about clauses,
then I will play such a move...

(TV/Radio) Because Patel was peaceful...

Step out for a bit.
I need to take this.

(TV/Radio) {Now he is lying paralysed,
but I can assure you of...}

...{what has happened with Patel,
won't let it happen to you...}

So on their instructions, Dinesh is
sending off the material here and there.

He can be jailed without a trial.

No, no, no, let's not involve police.
I will handle it myself, in my own way.

Anyway, he has left for
London today morning itself.

Let's see how that bastard comes back.

(TV/Radio) {Violence can only
be answered by violence.}

That is why I have always loved you...

and have treated you like equals.
And will always do.

Today the new machinery
being installed in the factory...

is with the same feeling.

You all should be able to earn the maximum,
that is why this step.

For those who will have
to leave their jobs...

and I am talking about the elders,
not the good-for-nothings...

they shall be compensated
properly for sure.

So come,

let's all together, swear
that each of us will work more...

Everyone will increase productivity,
everyone shall strive towards more bonus.

Every one will help us.
Everyone will work towards country's development.

Satyamev Jayte.
(victory of the truth)

I want to assure you Kalyan that
my conditions are for your benefit only...

I mean the worker's benefit.

I will convince the workers
about your conditions.

Who's that?

Don't be scared Janaki, it's me...

Come from the front door.

I heard that you are here,
I couldn't stop myself.

Wait, I will just come.

It's not possible to move out of
the village where we are working in.

A comrade had come in from the city,
he mentioned that you are here,

so I just came..

What should I get you?
- what?

Just a minute...

Why all this?
-I had just kept it for Munna...

What were you up to all these days?

Well, what should I tell you...

I can't even tell you.

Let it be, don't tell.

Don't cry, please forgive me Janaki..

No, nothing like that.
I couldn't help it seeing you after so long.

Take some.
- Everyone praises you...

Without you, getting rid of Patel
would have been tough.

Please let's talk about something else.

Sleep now. There's no problem
till the morning.

Have to sleep till the morning only,
if I can sleep that is.

One feels like being up
in such a nice breeze.

Sometimes I dream...

I have taken you with me to the village.

I can go along with you, but then
we won't be able to feed...

...either us, or our children.

but the work you are doing,
is something that you like to do...

will you be able to let go of that?

Then you will blame me only.

Maybe you are right.

I will work here, if nothing,
at least my Seth (master) pays well...

keeps me well..

Now Munna's mother has also died.

He cannot stay a moment without me.

All his responsibility is for me only.

Whenever you can,
please do come see me.

Now you should sleep,
it is quite late.

I will wake you up tomorrow morning.

When will all this get over?

Janaki Bai, I am taking
Munna to the station.

Come back soon, don't let him
wander too much in the sun.

Rahul Seth, I was just wondering as
to when you will come...

How is Munna?
-Gone to the station...

...to see the train.
You had come to see Munna?

See these flowers,
how they have blossomed.

I wish I could stay longer...

You have to leave today?

At least spend the night...

The police is investigating
about Patel's beating.

Dinesh had met the nurse,
he is suspicious of Seth ji's death.

The cops are also looking for you.

But I haven't done anything.

Seth ji was already unwell,

and I am the one who saved Patel.
I did just what you told me to.

I knew that you would say this only.

If the nurse slept off, what's my fault.
And you are the one...

This is not the truth.
You know that it isn't.

And even if it were,
you are the one who did.

Rahul Sir,

I will take you to the station,
Munna is there himself,

I will take him with me.

Munna must be just coming back...

Sir, please don't hand me over to the police.
They shall kill me, just like my father.

How can you even think of that Janaki?

That is the reason I have come here so that
you can run away before the cops come.

Where will I run to Sir,
please just hide me here somewhere.

I will do as you would please...
I will take care of Munna...

No need to pay me also.

Please just protect me here only sir.

You can't stay here.
If they see you here,

they will suspect me.
- So you just care about yourself,

doesn't matter what happens to me.
You have underestimated me...

...I shall tell everyone everything.

Who will believe a servant,
over their master... Law??

If you need some clothing or food,
go ahead take it...

Now you can't stay here.

If needed, I can drop you off somewhere.

I will figure out
my own way and destination.

then come on, you need to leave
before Munna comes back.

Yes Madame, what is your order now?

I am hungry...

I have resolved now... whoever
gives the order, I shall obey.

We have anyway taken birth
to follow orders only.

Your case is different.

Am really starving.

Namdeo, please give me something to eat.

Is there anything?

Hunger... yeah..
please sit down..


Now there's nothing more to eat...
these medicines are there...

Don't even know for which
disease these are for...

Removes all hunger...

Abdul got caught.

Abdul got caught??!!!??

You didn't protect him??!!??
Tell me..

What was he supposed to do..

I only should have agreed...

When he had come over to see me,
he proposed that we leave for somewhere...

It is my fault only.

No Janaki, not yours...

our fault...

Our leaders who care
only about the chair...

He only trapped Abdul.

He is instigating in fighting amongst us.

I have to get these medicines to them,
to save the lives of our comrades...

And he is playing
with their lives only...

I feel that before he
is able to do anything,

I only should beat him to death.

Don't even know if he
is there any more or not.

Now what will you do?

The water supply
is only there during the night,

only then you will be able to bathe.

I shall meanwhile,
arrange something to eat.

I have come from London with
an urgent message from Dinesh.

C'mon, show it to me.

Written would have been more dangerous
for you, it is better oral...

How do you know Dinesh?

We are partners
in this business organization.

That's great!

He observed a lot of things...

Your involvement in Patel's beating up.

Nurse - the alcohol,
Janaki Bai...

Even I have observed a lot of things.

Like the Patel-Dinesh involvement
in the communal riots.

The scandal that your International
Business organization does...

These things can be settled patiently...

It isn't very late even now.

We can make a deal about
the international organization,

but till these guys are watching us,
it's impossible to talk about anything.

We are because of them only.
If these guys want, we can be nobodies,

like they did with Dinesh.

Lights off.

Namdeo, Namdeo.
- Don't hit me...

There's nothing worse than fear.
Doesn't leave you alone even during sleep

I should go give him medicines.
Maybe someone needs it.

But what if I go with the medicines,

and they target me only?

You should tell Dinesh that if he
comes here, he will be straight into jail.

It will be better for him if he just
hands over his factory share to me.


otherwise, it wouldn't take time for your
smuggling and other activities to get revealed.

What activities?

Maybe you aren't aware, but we work for a
foreign govt with full transparency.

Full transparency?
About diamonds, money, weapons...

If the govt here tries to interfere,
there will be diplomatic ruckus.

You have broken the laws of this country,

and now your people aren't even in power.

If the papers publish anything about this,
then no one will be able to save you.


Dinesh can hand over his shares to you,

he is happy there.

Without a doubt.
Anyway, if he comes back...

you guys aren't going to let him be.
- What is the price of your silence?

Only that Dinesh stays out.
That's it.

Dinesh should sign this and send it to us.

A cab is waiting for you downstairs.
- Thank you.

What's your opinion in all of this?
- Which one- the crime, or the film?

Whichever one you want to assume,
anyway what is the distinction between...

the crime and the film.
- Yeah right,

You journalists say
whatever you feel like.

Don't be here anymore.
We don't know what will happen.

No, I ain't going anywhere.

See, you are going to get caught
in trouble without any reason.

Please listen to me,
leave from here.

I am not going anywhere,
You go and give these medicines.

- Nothing will happen.

Janaki, where had you vanished?

Wait Janaki, I have to tell you a lot...

All our problems have now gone away.

This time
do not leave things unsettled...

Why don't we say all that,
all that which remained unsaid.

Everything unsaid... how?

You kept looking for Hansa in me.

You were blind to everything...
neither Hansa,

nor me...
With your own lies,

you keep rejecting things.

Even we can see a bit of truth.
How can you keep me tied with...

a lie.

Why are you terming this as lying?
However you want it,

you will have it...
Money, respect, happiness...

And Munna is also desperate for you.
Can you come back from him?

He keeps talking of you.
Truly Janaki, just come back once.

Why are you laughing?
Don't you recognise me?

How will I not recognise you?
I have seen you inside out...

Your real self...

When you weren't able to play your role,
then I was able to see...

that white patch
which you were hiding behind yourself.

Without knowing you,
how can one see through you anyway.

Just a little fault of mine,
and I didn't do it intentionally.

Don't leave Janaki, now after having
you, I don't want to lose you.

You don't even understand
what you lost.

And what you understood and had,
you were ready to take it's life.

Our inner selves are very cruel,

let me be on my own.

I won't say anything to anyone.

You leave... I am not Janaki.
- Then who are you?

You tell me as to how can I know you?

You won't be able to...

You will be all alone in your path,
that's your fate.

We are the first rays of the dawn.

Getting us is like being able to
capture wind in your hand.

Kumar Shahni's 'Tarang'