Tarak (2017) - full transcript

A story about Tarak, an orphan, who falls in love with Meera, a woman who seeks the happiness of others before herself.


Dear, come on.
Let's go.

- Greetings.

May God bless you.

How long will you
continue this penance?

Until my heart is purified
and I reach my motive.

Sir, weren't you the one who
was collecting footwear outside?

Yes, it was him.

He is the chairman
of TR Food Company.

He is Mr. Tarak Ram.

Sir, we use the spices
sold by your company.

Thank you.

Being such an eminent personality,
you are..

Who is an eminent person?

We all stand at the same place

and pray to the same God.

Sir, what about the veneration?
- Go ahead.

You know the name, right?
It's Tarak.


"His strike is very powerful."

"This macho will excel.."

"His talk is so mesmerising."

"There's no gentleman like him."

"No one can stand against him."

"Come on, you stranger.
You set the trend."

"Come on, you stranger.
We follow you."







"He can stand calm against
the current of the waves."

"His kindness is mightier
than the Everest."

"We footsteps are indelible."

"He is furious and enthralling."

"There's no gentleman like him."

"No one can stand against him."

"Come on, you stranger.
You set the trend."

"Come on, you stranger.
We follow you."



"He is the Greek God
of every girl."

"He is an ideal man
from a reputed clan."

"His words are as powerful
as a tiger's roar."

"He can send shivers
down anyone's spine."

"There's no gentleman like him."

"No one can stand against him."

"Come on, you stranger.
You set the trend."

"Come on, you stranger.
We follow you."

"Come on, you stranger.
You set the trend."

"Come on, you stranger.
We follow you."


'Happy birthday, Tarak!'

'You disappear into thin air
on your birthday, every year.'

'Happy birthday, Tarak..'

'Happy birthday to you.'

Tell me, Grandpa.

Tarak, happy birthday.
- Thank you, Grandpa.

I wanted to talk to you
as it's your birthday.

I was busy.
- I know.

A lot of people maybe calling you.
May God bless you.

I will not take
too much of your time.

I have only one question.
- I know what it is.

You want to know if I'll come
to India at least this year, right?

My answer is the same.
I can't come.

Today is a special day.

So, I had hoped that you'd tell me
some good news.

Grandpa, I can send you
a photo of mine if you wish.

Only those who have departed
should be seen in photographs.

I want to see you in person.

It's difficult, Grandpa.
- Hey.. Don't come

if it's going to be difficult.

I'll wait for another year.

But I really wish to see you.

I had last seen you
when you were eight years old.

I wonder how you look now.

Then, why don't you come here?

I have fear of heights.
I feel so dizzy.

Do you really think
I can travel by flight?

No way. Even if I do travel

I am not sure if I'll be alive.

How do I
explain it to you, Grandpa?

Please try to understand.

Okay, dear.

But remember one thing.

I don't have anyone except you.

I have nothing except you.

Oh, God! Grandpa is so annoying.

- Tell me.

Everyone has grown up and evolved

but grandpa hasn't changed a bit.

Right. Feelings and relationships
never change, come what may.

Ms. Sarasamma,
you talk as if it's all my fault.

Many people like me consider
your grandpa to be their God.

Even though God has
thousands of visitors

He searches for the one He likes.

Similarly, your grandpa
longs to see you.

For me, he's just my grandpa.

And you're my God.

You always shut my mouth
by saying this.

Look, you've given me
so much of love

you've considered me your mother

and you've also taught me
how to survive abroad.

You've even taught me
a little bit of English.

But you've forgotten
that I am an Indian. - Me?

Since you consider me your God

this would be a temple, right?
- Yes!

Then, we need a girl
to light a lamp in this temple.

Is that all? - Yes!
- Okay, done.

Really? - Definitely,
Ms. Sarasamma! - So sweet!

I'll go and get ready.
- Where are you going?

Don't you know?

Oh, okay. Go ahead.

Who are you, ma'am? Why are
you standing here? Come in.

Come in. - I am..
- Come inside first.

Come in.

You went there to study.
I agreed to that.

You said you'll work there.
I agreed to that as well.

I had promised my sister that I'd
get her daughter married to you.

Even you knew about it.

But now..

You've bought home a girl
who doesn't know our language.

I know your language, feelings

and your lifestyle too.

Please give me one chance.
- No way!

He's my bloodline,
he belongs to my clan.

Leave him here with me.

You can keep him with you
if he wishes to stay.

- Mom!


Yes? - My birthday party
will be ruined if you're sad.

What happened?

My father will never accept us.

One must never get stuck

between love and family.

I'm the reason
for all of this, right?


No.. It's nothing like that.

Both love and family
are important but..

It's difficult
to handle them together.

I'll go for a drive.
It'll freshen up my mind. Okay?

Get ready.

I'll come, too.



"Oh, Mother!"

"Oh, Mother!"

"Oh, Mother.. I am a fish
trapped in this universe"

"created by you.."

"And I am suffering in it."
- What are they doing!

Are you mad?

Let us pray in peace.

Are you out of your mind?

Hey, shut up. - Are you mad?
- Shut your mouth!

This is how I pray.

I will sing. What is your problem?
Tell me!

You can't do this. - No, come on..
- Get lost if you have a problem.

She's not listening to us.
- Go.. - Sorry.. Excuse me. Sorry.

Can you leave her alone?
Please.. - All right.. Let's go.

Carry on. - Okay, let's go.
- Thank you.

Cool, dude!
You are the only gentleman here.

Can we speak as we walk?
- Oh, even you speak Kannada!

Cool, man.
- Well..

Is no one accompanying you?


Just like that.
Guys.. You shouldn't come

alone like this,
without anyone's help.

Why? We are not kids.

By the way, why are you here?
- My parents are buried here.

So I keep coming here every day
to see them.

Wow! That's cool!

But I have never seen you here.

I guess you're from Karnataka
as you're speaking in Kannada.

Which place are you from?
- Mysore. Heritage city.

What's your name?
- Tarak.

Are you married?
- No.. - Wait!

My mom would always tell me
to go to her if I wanted anything.

So I came here and found you.
Problem solved.

It seems, a man who loves
his mother a lot

will also love his wife equally.
- Did you mother tell you this?

Yes. Thank you so much, Mom!

Thank you.. I love you!

Yes.. Hey! What are you doing?
- Actually.. - Oh!

You want money, right?
I know it.

People like you will have clothes
to wear but no food to eat.

Am I right?
- Yes.. Right!

Hello? Is it mental care?
- Hey..

Whom are you calling?
- I think you need medical help.

Shut up!
What do you think of me?

Are you judging my character
based on my looks?

My mother likes singing.
That's why I was singing.

Today is Flower's Day.
Hence, I'm wearing flowers.

To hell with you and your attire.
There's something wrong.

I was born and brought up here,
but I'm a true Indian.

There will be something Indian
in my western get-up too.

I just love India!

Anyway, handsome..
Come, let's take a selfie.

What nonsense!
- I've met you in a cemetery.

So I will surely haunt you
like a ghost.

There's no way I can
let go of this hand.

This is too much!

Yes, coming.. Hold on!

Hey! Who are you?
Hey.. What do you want?

Hey.. Stop!

Hey, I'm asking you something.
Where are you going?

Tarak! Where are you?
- Stop there!

Where are you, Tarak?
- Where is Mr. Tarak?

Forget Tarak.
What do you want?

We're here to light the lamp.
- Where is Tarak?

Tarak, where are you?
Please come soon.

Come soon!

Hi, girls.

Hi, Tarak.
- Hi..

Tarak. - Yes?
- Who are these ghosts?

You wanted a girl
to light the lamp, right?

That's why I've called them here.
You can select anyone you want.

Where is the lamp?
- I'll show you where it is.

They haven't come to light the lamp

they have come
to burn this house down. - Oh, no!

Just have a look at their faces!
- Sarasu..

They look like beggars!
- What are you doing? No..

How dare you! - Has she gone mad?
- Go..

I'll break your legs if I find
you here again. - Sarasu.. Sarasu!

Didn't you find anything else
to beat them up with?

I would've used a broom if we were
in India, but this isn't India

so I used a vacuum cleaner.


Why are you so irresponsible?
I asked for a daughter-in-law.

Ms. Sarasamma.

I have you and you have me,
and our life is beautiful.

We don't need anybody else.

Will you be like this forever?
Won't you get married?

No. I don't want to get married

and deal with family tensions.
- What!

Please stop dreaming
about my marriage.

Go on. Only God knows
who can bring you into line.

Help me.

Help me..

It's you? - It's you?
- Yes. Please help me.

They won't spare me.
Take me somewhere far. Please!

Please.. - Who are they?
- I don't know.

Some guys are following me.
I think they will kill me. Please.

Come on, let's see who they are.
- What if something goes wrong?

I'm a motherless child.
Is it okay if I die?

- Okay..

What did you say your name is?

Tarak. - Tarak from Mysore.
The heritage city!

Hey, have you tasted Dosa
at Mylari Hotel

and Biryani in Hanumanthu Hotel
in Mysore?

Actually, we are from Mysore,
but it's been a few years

since my family moved to Bengaluru.

Oh, Bengaluru!

In Bengaluru, you get Masala Dosa
at CTR, 'Chaats' in VV Puram

Biryani in Banashankari,
and in Naidu's Hotel.. - Stop it!

It's been 22 years
since I went to India. - What!

It's mandatory for me
to go to India with my dad

once in six months
and eat all of this.

You've wasted your life, Tarak.

Anyway, where are those guys
who were following you?

Do we need to talk
about them now?

Only the two of us are here.

Let's happily go on a long drive.
Okay? - Oh!

Get down. - No way. I'll go only
if you take a selfie with me.

You won't trouble me again
if I take a selfie with you, right?

No. Never!
- Okay, come.


Hey, come..


Tarak.. Hey!

Hey, Tarak!

Someone from
Excel Sports Management company

is here to meet you.


you know that I don't meet anyone
from sports agencies, right?

Say sorry and send them back.

Say it yourself this time.
I don't want to disappoint

such a good-looking,
kannada-speaking girl.

Bobby, just a minute.
- Yes. What is it?

Is she dressed up weirdly
and acting a little crazy?

Not at all.
She looks very decent.

Moreover, she's wearing a sari
in this country.

Okay. Go and bring her here.
- Okay.


Please come.

Have a seat, please.


Do you have a twin sister?
- No. I'm the same girl.

Out. Please get out.

This is an office
and you're the boss.

I haven't come here
to sing or dance.

I have a proposal for you.
- No. I don't like you.

I didn't ask you to marry me.

You are a fantastic sportsman.

My intention
is to make you famous.

You are a successful
businessman too.

It's a very rare combination.

Sorry, I don't like to do ads
or endorsements.

This is Excel Sports Company.
I've joined this company recently.

And this is my first assignment.

We both hail from the same place.
So, won't you help me?

I'm sorry.

It's okay. I won't force you.
Thank you.

Bye, Bobby.

I wish you were a sports person.
- Same here.

So unbelievable.

She never agrees this easily.

Very bad, Tarak!
You hurt a pretty girl. - Just go.


Bobby, didn't I tell you?


How dare you?
Won't you listen to me?

I won't spare you!

Hey, ghost. Speak in Kannada.

I won't spare you!

I won't spare you!
I won't.


Okay, bye.



"I'll follow you wherever you go."

"I'll crave for you
wherever you go."

"I'll follow you everywhere
until you accept me."



"Hey, lady, I'm going to sing
what you say."

"My beats are going to take you
to another world."

"Tap your feet,
oh, dance like a bird."

"Swing and sway.
Do cha-cha-cha.."

"I'm here for your consent,
please reciprocate to it."

"Don't reject me
and hurt my feelings."

"You are very stubborn
and I am just like you."

"You are my Lord,
please grant me my wish."

"Isn't it wrong to not give me
what I wish for?"



it's time to party now."

"Move your body,
come on, show me how."

"Show me how.."

"A woman can mesmerise anyone."

"Don't forget how Sage Vishwamitra
lost his heart to Menaka."

"Please look at me once,
I need your love."

"Look at my youth,
it's craving for your love."

"Why are you so prim?"


"Swing and sway."

"I know everything about you.
- My beats.."

"I'll follow you wherever you go."

"I'll crave for you
wherever you go."

"I'll follow you everywhere
until you accept me."


I'm helping you only because both
of us hail from the same place.

Don't lie.

You did it
because I pestered you to help me.

Get out.

Thank you, Tarak!

And yes, I'm shooting
for a pilot ad tomorrow.

Why don't you come
instead of using a body double?

Smile. Say cheese!

Perfect! Capture it.

The actual shoot will be way better
than this one.

Whatever. - Superb!
- Was it troublesome? - A lot.

Okay, bye.

It was awesome.
- I'll send you the photo.

Hi, Tarak.
- Hi.

- Hi!

She has already sent the pictures
of the photo-shoot.

Let me see it.

This is your first photo-shoot,
so we need to watch it

on a big screen.
- Hey. Listen to me.

Let's play it.

What's all this?

'Hi, Tarak.'

'I just asked you for one selfie
and you didn't give it to me.'

'Now look at the number of pictures
I have with you.'

'Come on, guys.'

Disgusting! - Tarak.
- Very cheap mentality!

I made a huge mistake
by helping her out.

Whom did you help?

Some girl, Ms. Sarasamma.
She said she was from our native.

Don't scold her.
It's very rare to find people

from our native here.
Sometimes, mistakes do happen.

And, not everyone is bad.
There are nice people too.

I see! Where did you meet
such a nice person?

In the supermarket.
She's a girl who knows Kannada.

She was so beautiful
and well-behaved.

Didn't you feel like
inviting her home?

You guessed it right.
- The tea is ready!

I knew it! I knew that it'd be you.
Ms. Sarasamma, you don't know her.

She's here, right?
I'll get to know her.

Oh, God! - First have some tea.
It's Three Roses.

You fooled me first and now,
you fooled her too. - Tarak.

Keep it down.
I said, keep it down!

Get out. - Hey.. - Don't..
- You don't get it, Ms. Sarasamma.

Why hasn't the lamp been lit yet?

Just look, Tarak.

Is this fine, Mother-in-law?

She's calling me mother-in-law..
- I'm dead now! Hey!

What did you tell her when you
met her at the supermarket?

What did I tell her?

Won't your son get married
just because you aren't married?

That's what he says.
But even I am being adamant.

I've told him that I need
a beautiful daughter-in-law

to light the lamp of our house.

The idea you gave there
has followed us till here.

Leave. - Mother-in- law.
- Shut up, leave. - Mother-in law.

Leave. - Let go of my hand.
- Sorry. Leave.

Hey.. What are you doing?

I love you!

I love you so much!

Are you insane? It's not
even a week since you saw me.

What's with this new drama?
- No. I'm telling you the truth.

It requires only a fraction
of a second to fall in love.

And I have my own reasons too.

Just like you said, you go to visit
your parents every single day.

That shows love and respect.

And as a sportsperson

I've seen your spirit
of fighting till the end.

That shows commitment.

These qualities are sufficient
for me to fall in love with you.

Excuse me!

I have laid a few boundaries
in my life.

And I'm happy with it.

I have one last request.
- No.

Please, don't say no.

Just date me once, Mr. Tarak Ram.

How do you know this name?
- Both your grandpa's name

and your full name are the same.
It's Tarak Ram. It's really nice.

Won't your fiancee find out about
your family and social background?

Ms. Sarasamma!

Just one date.

It you don't feel anything for me
after that, I won't trouble you.

No. Impossible!
- Why?

Are you afraid that you'll be
enchanted by my beauty?

I'm a man.
- That's the reason I asked you.

Agree to it if you have the guts.

What's the guarantee that you won't
trouble me after the date?

I swear on my mother.


This car is very special to me.
This is my mom's car.

Nice car.

Anyway, what do you
want to do in life?

My dad's a rich doctor.
I'm spending all his money

and enjoying life to the fullest.

Where are we going on our date?
- It's my date and my day.

Also, the decision and the
destination are also of my choice.

Do you have any problem?
- No.

Why did you bring me here?
- This is an old age home.

I keep coming here.

One minute.
- Hey.. - Wait.

What is this for?

This is for the special couple
sitting there.

Come with me.

Tarak, come.

Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary, guys.
You've been together for 50 years.

We're not in the right state
of mind. - Why aren't you happy?

We can't celebrate.

Dominic is not here.
- Dominic? I'll bring Dominic.

Don't be sad. It's your 50th
wedding anniversary.

No. Don't force us.
- But, I.. - Don't force us.

Please go, Meera.

Today is their
50th wedding anniversary.

How many people
get this opportunity?

None of their children is alive.

They only have a grandson.

And he's into drugs
and drug peddling.

But these people have
nobody other than him.

This is where I saw him
the last time.

'Smoking kills.'

What are you doing here?

I'm looking for this boy.

Sorry, boss, you can't make it.

I'll make it possible.

Here, trespassers will be
punished or finished.



Where's that boy?


Your grandparents are waiting.
Come with me.


You better come with me.
- I'm not coming.

I'm telling you..
- Just leave me alone.

Don't stop me.
Hey, who are you? Go away.


Come.. Here's Dominic.

Oh, Dominic, you're here!

Come here.


Thank you so much.

Thank you, my boy.

- Yes.

How was the date?

You don't have to answer now.

You can think about it
and let me know tomorrow. - Okay.

And one more thing.
- What?

It's not necessary

that only childless couples
should adopt children

even children with no parents

can adopt old people
from such old age homes.


- Tell me, Darling Sarasu.

You went out on a date with Meera.
How was it?

I don't know much about her
but I'm already thinking about her.

I will see you later. Bye.
- Okay, bye.


Hi, Tarak.
Happy Independence Day.

Happy Independence Day.
- Thank you. I'm sorry.

The Indian association was
celebrating the Independence Day.

That's why I'm a bit late.
- Yes.

'Drinking alcohol
is injurious to health.'

This application is for government
school. It gives free education.

This is for one of the best
private schools.

It costs 7000 euros per year.

This one is for an even better
private school.

It costs 14,000 euros per year.

And, if we have a boy,
he will be interested in sports.

If it's a girl

then obviously, she will be
interested in music like me.

So, which school do you prefer?

Why are you worried
about all these things?

Well, you know that I love you.

Since we are on a second date,
it means that you love me too.

So now, all we need to do is,
get married

and plan
our future together, right?

I have told you this once before.

I don't believe in love. It's hard
to be even friends with you.

But still, I can manage.

But love and marriage..
I'm extremely sorry, Meera.

I've come here
to put an end to all of this.

If you still force me to love you

then it's going to be a waste
of your time and energy.

I am not

that person.

I got it.

There's no place for love
in your life.

Because you don't know its value.

And you don't have the mindset
to understand it either.

- Did I tick you off?

The people who hang around with you
won't tell you this.

Because they all have some
limitations or obligations.

This is too much..
- Don't raise your voice.

Your heart is as rough
as the sport that you like.

And your life is black and white
just like your company logo.

There is no room for other colours
in your life.

You know what?
Today is the Independence Day.

The day everyone got their freedom.

But you will never be free of your
self-imposed constraints.

According to me,
you are just an animal.

The only difference is
you wear clothes!

It wasn't me.

It's just that our clothes
are identical.

She was with me in the
Independence Day celebration.

I don't want to lose you, Meera.

Is that all?

I love you, Meera.
I love you.

"Talk to me."

"I want to know all about"

"how your heart feels for me."

"Talk to me."

"Just say something to me."

"It's by your skill that you
made me fall in love with you"

"while you stayed far away."

"I can't hide my love
for you anymore."

"How did this happen?"

"I can see all your dreams
in your sparkling eyes."

"Talk to me the way"

"flowers speak with gusts of wind."

"Talk to me."

"Talk to me, anyhow."

"Just staring won't help."

"Trick me into talking to you."

"Silence is endearing in love."

"Stop listening to your mind now."

"Every breath I take whispers
to me something about you."

"Talk to me the way"

"waves converse with
the river banks during sunset."

"Talk to me."

"Talk to me at least now."

"I want to know all about"

"how your heart feels for me."

"Talk to me."

"Just say something to me."

'The number you are trying
to reach is switched off.'

Sarasu, had Meera called up?
- No, she hadn't.

I have been trying to contact her
but her phone is switched off.

There was a man named Tarak
in our house.

He strongly opposed love
and marriage.

I haven't seen him for a while now.

Did you see him anywhere?

Come on, now..
- I was joking.

Did you have your breakfast?
- I'll have it outside. - Okay.

'Hi, I'm not here to take the call.
Please leave a message.'

Have you people seen Meera?

- Meera has not come today.

Hi, Tarak.

Tarak. Tarak, listen..

Tarak.. Tarak, listen to me, please.

Tarak, listen to me.

All these days,
he was struggling to meet you.

What's wrong with you?

She has no common sense at all!

Doesn't she know that she should
inform me where she is?

That's why I came here.
Here's the wedding card.

Hey, why did you hit her?

Why did you hit me?

After claiming to love me,
if you give me your wedding card

what else will I do?

Did you care to see the names
on the card?

Your name is not on it.

You are always in a hurry.
You are always angry.

Look, I'm in a very confused
state right now.

Please tell me what it's all about.

Okay. I am going to narrate
a short and sweet story.

My dad's name is Dr. Chandra Mohan.

You know my mother, Lakshmi.

They fell in love with each other.
But their castes were different.

They got married.

They lived an exemplary life.

Their love always reminded me
of the Taj Mahal.

My lost my mother to cancer
six months ago.

I was worried how my dad
would lead his life without her.

But my dad visited me
a fortnight ago.

He said he's feeling lonely

and that even I'll leave him
after marrying you.

Hence he mentioned about my mom's
close friend, Sharada.

He highlighted the fact
that she's a widow.

He said that
he has decided to marry her.

That's when I realised the saying,
'Out of sight is out of mind'.

It's easy to forget someone
whom you don't see for a while.

They were married for 25 years.

But he forgot all about her
in a matter of months and moved on.

Memories fade away, don't they?

Meera, not all men
are like your dad.

I don't know anything about that.

I believe in what I see
and what I experience.

Stop it, Meera.

What are you trying to tell me?

I will love you till my death.
I will love you forever.

It's a preposterous statement.

You talked about love, heart
and feelings back then.

You made tall claims.

Yes, I did. But I don't
believe in it anymore.

Love and trust are tricky feelings.

They are like a mirage,
you can't catch hold of them.

So go back to your good old self.
I won't disturb you.

I am getting late. Goodbye.

Do you think it's a game?

how do I prove my love to you?

Not necessary. You might forget me
just like my dad forgot my mom.

It's impossible, Meera.
- You can.

Ms. Sarasamma, please talk
some sense into her.

Please.. - I don't like anybody
influencing our decisions.

You very well know
how adamant I can be, don't you?

I don't change my decisions.

All right.

What is it that I can do
to win your trust?

Stay away from me for a few days.

For how many days? 10,
20 or 30 days?

60 days.

Stay away from me for 60 days.

Give me your mobile.

You should get rid of everything
that reminds you of me.

You should not discuss
about me with anybody.

Promise me.
- Why?

Because no sensible girl would
fall for you, in that case.

You deleted your memories
from my phone.

What about my heart?
- That's the challenge.

Even after 60 days, if you are
still in love with me

I will do as you say.

But I know, that will never happen.
- Why won't it?

You are capable of forgetting
anybody, Tarak.

Your grandpa loves you so much.

But you've severed all ties
with him for the last 22 years.

How can you not forget me, the one
whom you met only a month ago?

Very funny.

'You are capable of forgetting
anybody, Tarak.'

'Your grandpa loves you very much.'

'But you've severed all ties
with him for the last 22 years.'

'How can you not forget me, the one
whom you met only a month ago?'

'Very funny.'

- Grandpa, it's me.

I know it's you, Tarak.

I'm glad you called up.
I just can't believe it.

What's the matter?
Are you all right?

I'm fine, Grandpa. I-I..

I am coming to Bangalore.

What! You are coming home..

Tarak is coming home.

Thank you, God.

Can we wait for him
on the landing strip?

Very few people in this country
have such a privilege.

Sir, greetings to you.

Ms. Sarasamma, how have you been?

Where is Tarak?
- He's here.

Where is he? - You'll have
to identify your grandson.

He's my blood and I will
identify him for sure.

He's my blood.

- Yes, Grandpa.

How have you been?
- I am good.

Grandpa, wait.

Let's go.

He's my grandson, Tarak.

Just a minute.
Please wait right there.

One's behaviour should
reflect affection

and manners, not disregard.

Similarly, this holy flame reflects
sanctity and a customary welcome.

I don't know where to exchange it.

Well, you are coming home
after several years.

Please step inside
with your right foot.


Sir, look at that.

We clicked that photo
at the airport, a while ago.

How is it even possible?
- What say?

Sir, that's the power
of technology.

That photo was clicked
when you were eight years old.

Tarak, I was so delighted
upon seeing you

that I forgot to introduce him
to you.

His name is Ravindra.

He's like my son,
he takes care of all my businesses.

He takes care of this house, too.

Welcome, home.
- Hello, sir.

She's my niece.
Your dad was supposed to marry..

Her name is Lakshmi.
Now she's my daughter-in-law.

Greetings. Excuse me, please.

Continuing.. He's Mr. Nagendra.

Mr. Ravindra's brother.

She's Mr. Nagendra's wife.
The queen of the kitchen.

She cooks delicious food.
- Greetings.

With right ingredients even
a monkey can cook delicious meals.

Don't be modest.

It's really hard to cook like you.

His name is Sharath.
He's Mr. Ravindra's son.

She loves him.
She's his wife, Shruthi.

The next generation.
Prateek and Pratiksha.

The loving parents
and their lovely children.

Go greet him.

- Hi.

You are very tall.
And it's not easy to look at you.

How about now?

Are we done with the introduction?

An eye can see the whole world

except its own lids.

What does it mean?
- My introduction?

Oh, sorry, tell me.

My name is Sneha. My dad Ramanna
works at sir's farm.

I am not a blood relative..
- It doesn't matter.

You know, in an emergency, the ties
of blood may not of any help

and we need others' help
to survive.

Don't you think it's important?

Her entire family works for me.

In order to take care of me,
she discontinued her studies.


She has a nickname.

People call her the proverb lady.

She begins every conversation
with a proverb.

It is her nature.

Tarak, you know what?

This completes our family photo.

There's one person missing though.

Charming eyes.

A mesmerising face.

A huge midriff.

What does that mean?
- Waist. - You're a wasteful man.

Boss, it means waist.
A huge waist.

Will she fall for me?

Of course, she will.
After all it's my idea.

Didn't I pay you Rs. 5000
for the idea?

The plan won't work you if you
don't give your best.

Only hard work yields results.

What if your plan fails?

I'll refund the money.
- No.. - Go.

A huge waist.

"Dear, take your
hands off of my waist."

"What if it breaks?"

Hey, is it a pot to break?

No, that was a song.

Does that mean you like me?

Of course, I like you.
Otherwise I would have slapped you.

Give me your phone number,
I want to be in touch with you.

Eventually, we will end up
in the bedroom, right?

Let's go there right away.

Hey, are you a call girl?

I am your wife.
- Wife?

Who's he then?
- He's our son, Abhishek.

- Mom!

How many minutes of the video
did your father watch today?

Only till the scene he enters
your house as a suitor.

But he didn't see you, Mom.

'He's Tarak Ram's distant relative.
His name is Uttara.'

'But every morning he wakes up with
a million questions in his head.'

'He lost his family
in a car accident.'

'He doesn't remember anything
post that incident.'

'I hope I'm looking good.'

'Damn it. He needs a video
camera all the time.'

'Life isn't complete
without a marriage.'

'That's why he got married.'

'The event was shot
on a video camera.'

'Oh, God, bless me.'

'Who is this woman?'

'Hello, ma'am, who are you?'

'How dare you enter
a bachelor's room and sleep over?'

'I am your wife
and you are not a bachelor.'

'It was our consummation night.'

'And there will be a new member
in our family soon.'

'A new member?'

'Dear, whatever happened
between us can't be recorded.'

'And they have a son.
His name is Abhishek!'

'Where am I?'

'Hey! Who are you? - Dad..
- Why are you sleeping here?'

'Dad, please be quiet
for a minute.'

'Watch the TV.'

'How will that help?'

'Well, he has to be reminded
of his past every morning.'

'And this video reminds him
of everything.'

Oh, my dear son..

You're great to be still
married to him.

Well, let me be frank with you.

A husband with a sharp memory

would quarrel over trivial things
that happened in the past.

But my husband becomes
a clean slate every morning.

I'm the one who writes
on that clean slate.

My father believes whatever I say.

By the way, who's that man?

He's sir's grandson.
- Oh.

But I didn't see him in the video.

He's in it, I'll show it
to you tomorrow.

- Grandpa, I'm good.

Go ahead.

I am tired after such
a long journey. I need to rest.

I think you all will go back
to your respective homes.

Hello, we live here.
This is our home.

You are the guest, not us.
- Good.

This is how a happy family looks.

This is a joint family.
- Sorry, I'm not familiar with it.

How could've you been familiar?

You only said, 'Yes, Grandpa',
'No, Grandpa' over the phone

whenever I called you up.

Not a problem. You will learn
everything about it now.

Good night.
- Good night..

You have taken very good care
of my grandson.

I owe you for a lifetime.

Sir, you have been helping
so many people in your life.

You don't have to thank me.

I had a very different life
in the past.

Now it seems very strange to me.

You entered my life

and changed its course altogether.

I miss you, Meera.

Good morning, sir. Welcome.

Tarak. - Sir, please.
- Thank you.

Greetings, sir. These samples
are ready for production

will you please check them?

There is a shortage of curry leaves
powder in the chutney powder.

Fix it before sending it
to the production. - Okay, sir.

A snack should tantalize
your taste buds.

It should make you feel good.

It's a basic quality.
Sir is an expert at formulating it.

I can't take any credit for it.

I learnt it from my father.

He started this company
100 years ago with a sum of Rs. 180.

My son was not interested
in running the company.

But this team is working towards
growing the business.

We should do our job
with love and utter sincerity.

He taught us to uphold the
customers' trust in us, right, sir?

A teacher can't achieve anything
without good students.

Today is an important
day in my life.

My grandson has returned home.

My blood.

My heir.

Hereafter, he will shoulder
all my responsibilities.

The support which you people
gave me over all these years

I want you all to support him
in a similar manner.

I want to see this company
grow under his leadership.

And then I'll retire.

That means less work for us.

We can pass on our responsibilities
to the younger generation

and start spending more time
with our families.

Ravindra had replaced the void
left by my son.

My grandson will take care
of my business, hereafter.



Why, dear? What happened?

Grandpa, please.

Don't have any expectations from me.

What happened now?
- I'm your heir.

But, Grandpa, saying that I'll run
the company

because I am your heir,
would be a lie.

How can you assume things?

You should ask me about
my opinion, right?

The same mistake happened
when it came to my dad, too.

When we take care of our children
and bring them up, it's their duty

to listen to their parents.
- Parents may want their children

to become something, but their
children may have other dreams.


I've come here to spend time
with you for two months.

And then..

I'll be going back.

But, Tarak..
What do you have there?

I'm here.. My whole family
is here.. Ms. Sarasamma is here..

Our company is here.

Will you leave all of this
and go back?


What do you have there?
- Dad, Mom..

Everyone I want and everything
that is important to me, is there.

Are you missing him?

I'm missing him like crazy.

You were the one who fought
with him in the first place, right?

He wouldn't have gone to his grandpa
if I hadn't fought with him.

Crazy girl.

I was so happy that I got back
everything that I'd lost.

But.. - It's not even been
three days since he arrived.

He hasn't got adjusted to this
place, yet.

How will he be able to shoulder
responsibilities so soon?

- Yes?

Tarak is your heir.

You don't worry about anything.

It's our responsibility to make sure
he's happy with you hereafter.

One minute.

All of you are old, but you
have no brains at all.

You won't know who are you until
you watch the video in the morning.

Shut up.
- You shut up.

I'll talk to him..

Tell me what it is.

Tarak was born and brought
up in a foreign country.

So he's used to that lifestyle.

So why don't we create
that lifestyle here?

Of course. One bad apple can
spoil the whole bunch.

I'm referring to you.

Thank God, the witch left.

Even if the witch
leaves from the door

she'll come back through
the bathroom window.

- Yes.

Now tell me, what do I have to do?

Presenting to you Mr. Tarak Ram.

The new model.

Super, Grandpa!

How is it?

What's all this, Grandpa?

All this is just to look your age.

He means to say.. Like the youth!
This is my idea.

Sir, is this really you? - Why?
I'm still 28.

But with 50 years of experience.

Excuse me, sir. Your order, please?


You drink, right?
- Yes, Grandpa, but..

Then have some.. - Grandpa..
- In your presence?

If Ms. Sarasamma gets to know
about this..

She won't beat me up with
a vacuum cleaner, but a broom.

'Good, Ms. Sarasamma. You've
taken good care of him.'

Give all of them a fruit punch.
- F-Fruit punch? For you, ma'am?

Give her 'Ramanavami Panaka'.

I don't want anything.
- Okay.

Did she really order fruit punch?
Let me do something about this.

Just a minute.

- Sir..

What are doing, sir?
- You have to add some whiskey

to this fruit punch.
- Hello, do you know what's going

to happen if they find out?
- A person who is used to it

will never figure out.
- No. - Add it. - I can't do it.

Do it, sir. - I can't, sir.
- Really? - Yes.

Who said it can't be done?

Such a corrupt man.

It tastes different, right?
- It tastes good.

The fruits you get abroad
are different from the ones

you get here. That's why
it tastes a little weird. - Oh.

It's good. Sneha,
order another. - Sir..

Super, Grandpa. I'll order it.
- Okay. - Waiter, repeat!

"Come on, my friend."

"Tell me what your brand is."

"Let's drink together
with our gang."

"It relieves all the tension."

"Everyone's nice before
getting high."


"Take this shot."


"Take this shot."

"Come on, my friend."

"Tell me what your brand is."

"Let's drink together
with our gang."

"It relieves all the tension."

"Everyone's nice
before getting high."


"Take this shot."





"Everybody move it.. Shake it,
rock it and groove it."

"Everybody move it.. Shake it,
rock it and groove it."

"Whenever you're frustrated,
this rum helps you out."

"Nothing in life other than
friendship is fostering."

"We hesitate to drink
in the presence of elders."

"Grandpa, why did you give me
this freedom?"

"There's no age limit when it comes
to drinking, everyone is the same."

"The one who helps you when you're
in trouble is a true gentleman."

"Don't bother about the brand when
you're drinking at night."


"Doesn't matter if you spend
all your money."

"Take this shot."

"Why worry about your wife?"


"Doesn't matter if you spend
all your money."

"Take this shot."

"Why worry about your wife?"

"You never can mess with me, baby."

"We got to wait.."

"You got to play now."

"Everybody play it now."

"That's right!"

"Say what!"

"There's no tension of suffering
a heart attack if you drink beer."

"Brandy is the only medicine
when you catch a cold."

"Mind your age before drinking."

"Your life will end if you
drink without any limit."

"Why bother when even the Lord
has started drinking?"

"I believe that liquor
is the only truth."

"Grandpa's youth has returned
this night."


"Take this shot."


"Take this shot."

"Come on, my friend."

"Tell me what your brand is."

"Let's drink together
with our gang."

"It relieves all the tension."

"Everyone's nice before
getting high."


"Doesn't matter if you spend
all your money."

"Take this shot."

"Why worry about your wife?"


"Doesn't matter if you spend
all your money."

"Take this shot."

"Why worry about your wife?"

- Hey..

Talk softly.

Madam, the person who beats me
shouldn't find out about this.

What? - I mean, Ms. Sarasamma
shouldn't find out about this.

Okay. I'll go sleep now. Goodnight.
- Hey.. My pill?

Your friend will give you
your pill today. Goodnight.

I want to be just like you.

I want to be you friend.

I want to know everything
about you. - About me?

'People around you will be waiting
to know you and love you.'

'And you should be willing
to accept their love.'

Okay, Grandpa.

- Cheers!

Friends? - Yes, friends!

Dad. - Yes?
What's going on there, Dad?

That coloured water is strengthening
the relationship

between a man and his grandson.

Won't it strengthen a father-son

It strengthens all financial, social

and illicit relationships.

It's very painful, dear.

It's like I'm in the
middle of an ocean.

But there's not a single drop
to drink when I'm thirsty.

Your dad was the apple of my eyes.

But he never understood it.

Grandpa, do you want to know me
or curse my dad?

Okay, forget it.
- Hey..

What have you studied? - After
completing my engineering studies

I did a course
in business management.

Actually.. How do you speak such
fluent Kannada despite being

born and brought up abroad?

Grandpa, no matter where I reside

Kannada will dwell in my soul?
- Wow! Well said..

Son.. I want some more, dear.

Dad.. Wait for a while.

What's your company's name?
- A&A Gaming Solution.

What does A&A stand for?
- It denotes my parents' names.


Didn't you remember me?

Grandpa, dad named me Tarak Ram
which is your name as well.


He found a way to
correct his mistake.

Not again.
- Hey.. No..

How many employees do
you've in your company?

There are about 70-75 people.
- Oh, it's a huge one then.


What about girls?


Do you love anyone?

So this is the point.
- Hey..

We both are friends, aren't we?

'You shouldn't tell anyone
about our love. Promise me.'

No, Grandpa.

I don't love anyone.

Hey.. - You'll get married, right?
- Yes. Definitely, Grandpa.

What kind of a girl do you like?

She should be an Indian.
And especially, she should

be from Karnataka.

- Yes.

- Cheers!

You're telling the truth, right?
- Definitely, Grandpa!


Oh, God! All the rooms have
been locked.

Now where do I take a piss?

Let me do it here.

What a relief!

I'm so lucky today.

There was liquor in the pub.
There was liquor at home.

There's liquor everywhere.
It's raining liquor.

But it's a little salty.

Oh, it stopped raining.

He is the Lord we worship.

Lord Ranganathaswamy.

This temple was built
in the 12th century.

Your dad's naming ceremony
took place here.

My desire to bring you here
has been fulfilled today.

Hey. I found him..
- Who?

Do you remember grandpa's
brother who was lost in the fair

when he was a kid?
- Yes.

He's sitting and cleaning sandals.
- Oh, God!

Just a minute. Come with me..
- He's sitting right there.

Ms. Sarasamma. - Yes?
- What is grandpa doing?

He is fulfilling the vow
he had taken up for your sake.

After your parents passed away..

He used to call me several times
a day to enquire about your health.

He's a great man.

After my graduation,
grandpa called me over to talk

about my higher studies.

Back then, his health was
in a very bad condition.

When he was talking to me

he said, 'Please get me
a glass of water, dear'.

I'm like his granddaughter.

But still he spoke to me
with so much respect.

That very moment, I decided
to discontinue my studies.

Make way.. Move aside..
Make way..

Make way..
- Get aside.

Hey! Are you blind?

I am not. So what now?
- Hey, he's the MLA of this area.

He's just an MLA.
He isn't God, right?

I am God. I'm considered as God
by 2.5 lakh people.

That's why they call me
their leader.

So what?
- Hey! What did you say?

Hey.. It's okay..
You please go..

- Hey, Priest..

Attend to us first.
Serve them later.

I'm observing this every month.

Are you prioritizing them just
because they've come from the city?

You know who I am, don't you?

Priest. - Yes, sir?
- Please attend to them first.

This is what happens when goons
become MLAs. - Sneha..


Tarak, although there are five sense
organs, the one that signifies life

is breath.

You are your grandfather's life.

We'll take your leave.
- God bless you.

Sneha. - Yes?
- Where's Tarak?

I think he's immersed
in God's devotion.

That's why he hasn't come yet.

Oh, God!

I've never asked You for anything
until now.

But my grandpa is doing
so much for my sake.

Just keep him safe and happy.

This is all I ask for.

Hey, what did you say back then?

You said we are goons, right?

Seena, get her.

Let me see who stops us.

"Hit them.."

"Hit them hard.."

"Hit them.."

"Hit them hard.."

Don't go.

"Hit them.."

"Hit them hard.."

"Hit them.."

"Hit them hard.."

"Hit them.."

"Hit them hard.."

"Hit them.."

"Hit them hard.."


- Sir! - Hey..

Hey.. Hey..

Who tried to kill grandpa who is
already so old and about to die?


Why did you let them go without
interrogating them properly?

I'll talk to the DCP.
- Let go of it.

Why do you all worry so much?
Nothing has happened to me.

Sir, keep quiet.
You won't understand this.

Come on. Let him take rest. Come.

Greetings, sir..


Sir, I checked it. I feel that
the Rasam powder is a little salty.

Yes. You are right. Check it before
sending it for production.

Okay, sir.

Why do you fight so fiercely?

Sir.. - Yes? - This is the unknown
side of his character.

Hey, stop it now.


And, Tarak..

Did you see the way Ravindra
snubbed the cops?

He can't tolerate it if
any harm comes to me.

Even my own son wouldn't
have taken such good care of me.


Do you know? Sir,
let's tell him your secret.

Grandpa brings new clothes for you
on your birthday every year.

Have a look.

What's this, Grandpa?

I had expected a baby girl.

Look at this.

And this one's for this year.
Try it on.

What's this, Grandpa?
It's so huge.

I thought Ms. Sarasamma would've
fed you well, so I expected you

to be chubby as you're the only
person she needs to take care of.

In that case..

How did you recognize me
at the airport?

The outer appearance doesn't matter.
It's the bond that matters.

My son didn't fulfil my dreams..

At least you shoulder this
responsibility. - Stop it, Grandpa.

Sometimes you say, strangers who
donate you blood and save your life

are more important
than the ties of blood.

But when you need someone
to be your heir

you say you need somebody
who is family.

That's not the case, dear.
- Look, Grandpa.

Our country will also
be a better place if we

change this idea of inheritance.

As soon as she found the fault
in the Rasam powder

just like you do,
I took a decision.

Sneha is the right person to be
the next MD of your company.

Not me.

Congratulation, Ms. Sneha!

And all the best!

You take rest, Grandpa.
I'll see you later.

Sir, you don't worry.

I'll convince Tarak. Okay.

What do you think
about my grandson?

What will I think?

He is a daring fighter.

He's so smart and dynamic.

He respects elders.

Collectively, he's a complete man.

We should get him married
to a nice girl.

That's not a problem, sir.
Many girls

will line up to marry him.
Any girl will agree to marry him.

And what about you?
- What?

What about you?
- Stop it, sir.

I've been observing him
ever since he's here.

He opens up and talks candidly
only with you.

He mingles a lot only with you.

In order to avoid all that happened
during his father wedding

I asked him for his opinion.

He said he doesn't like any girl

and moreover, he expressed his
desire to marry a Kannadiga girl.

And there is no better
girl than you, right?

Stop it, sir.
- I'm asking you.

Won't you answer my question?


Why would I not be overwhelmed

when you are giving me
something more

than what I actually deserve?

One second.

You handle the situation really
well before it gets out of hand.

Every family will have its share of
problems and tension.

We need to manage everything
and move on.

By the way, all this
happens in our country.

My happiness lies in
everybody's happiness.

One second.

"I'll fall head over heels
in love with you"

"if I keep gazing at you."

"You mesmerise me"

"with your cool swag"

"and your disarming charm."

"I swear on everybody,
I love you!"

"I want no riches or jewels."

"I don't need anybody."

"I only want you."

"My beloved! My darling!"

"Oh, my sweetheart!"

"I'll wait for you"

"until you give me a kiss."

"I'm drawn towards you"

"all the time."

"I'll fall head over heels
in love with you"

"if I keep gazing at you."

"You're the one in my heart."

"You are the queen
who rules over me."

"From dawn till dusk"

"I only dream about you."

"You are my life."

"I like you!"

"I love you!"

"I will fulfil any vows
to gain your love."

"I'll fall head over heels
in love with you"

"if I keep gazing at you."

Who's this boy? Why is he sitting
in front of our house and crying?

Hey, who are you, dear?
Why are you crying?

What is all this?

I scored less marks in my
midterm exam. - Oh, sad.

My dad didn't sign this
report card.

That's so sad.
- That's why my teacher hit me.

- What!

Did they hit the students?
This is a hideous crime.

Come on, let's go to your school.
- Sir!

Come in.

It's good that you dropped in.
Please have a seat.

Am I your student
to sit in front of you

or am I your husband
to sit next to you? - What?

Or I am you child
to sit on your lap?

Talk with some respect, mister.

Whom should I respect?

It's a crime even if parents
themselves beat their children.

But you're harassing
and torturing them mentally.


Please get me one coffee, sir.
- Okay. - Get me one boost.

Okay.. - Hey, where are you going?
Just stand here quietly.

Look, I'm not taking any action
as you are my student's dad.

To whom am I a dad?
To you or to him? - What?

God knows to whom his
mom is married to.

You all are torturing
this innocent kid.

Now, face my wrath!
- Oh, God!

We didn't raise our hand
on the student.

You may ask him.

Till where did you show
the video to your dad?

To get the report card signed..
- Tell me.

I showed him the video
till the wedding.. - Yes.

And stopped the video.
Oh, God!

Please forgive us.

Thank God.
He didn't beat up the principal.

Don't judge by looking
at my front appearance, sir.

One minute.

What did I tell you to do
and what are you doing?

I don't feel this is right.

Brother, will you please be quiet?

We've been serving that old man
for the past 20 years.

And now that somebody else is here,
he wants him to be his successor.

What if Tarak changes his mind?

The candy crush game

is so addictive.

You were so boastful
of your experience.

You couldn't complete
the task given.

Bow your head down
and tone down your voice.

If not, you'll be taken to task.

He's the sharpshooter who
has come here from Mumbai.

Our plan got spoilt because
of the local MLA's nuisance.

I've accepted the deal
and I will complete the work.

But if you play around with me
like you do with that old man

then I'll kill you all. Be careful!
- I'll do that job.

He said he won't
let me in at all.

Hey, who are you?

Tarak Ram.

With love,
everyone address me as Tarak.

I suspected you when there was
a firing at the temple that day.

You pretend to be family
in front of grandpa.

Where did you get this idea from?

Did you get it by self

or did these shameless person
influence you? - What!

Our work will be done

if either the grandpa
or the grandson die, right?

Yes. We are shameless people.
So what?

Hey! What are you doing?

I'm still talking and you already
started beating him up.

No discussions. Only actions!





Hey, stop him.

My dad always told me..

A person's hunger
can be easily satisfied

but not his greed for money,
property and power.

I always believed that one can
survive without education and money

and not without trust.

And you broke my trust.

Today, the value of this company
and all the property

is Rs. 392 crores.

This house is worth Rs. 12 crores.

Office is worth Rs. 12 crores.

The approximate worth
of the factory is Rs. 126 crores.

The value of products
and the godown is Rs. 28 crore.

The money that is supposed to come
from the market is Rs. 45.5 crore.

The property I've made
in all of your names

is worth Rs. 153 crore.

The jewels are worth
Rs. 9.56 crore.

And the vehicles we have
are worth Rs. 6.82 crore.

All the details are in this file.

Take it.

Please forgive me, Mr. Tarak.

I got influenced by him

to do this job.

I'm so sorry.

You always told us

that we all worked together
and developed this company.

That's what we
believed in, Mr. Tarak.

But as soon as your
grandson came home

you said he would
be your successor.

That scared us a lot, Mr. Tarak.

We did this as we were scared

that we would be on the streets.
- Shut your mouth!

Please forgive us..
- That's not possible.

Now, I have realised that you
are staying with me for money.


Mr. Tarak, please let us..
- Please go away!

Mr. Tarak!

Please forgive them
for what they have done.

Mr. Tarak!

I will make sure they don't
repeat this again.


We really had no clue that they
had such bad intensions.

Why are you punishing us
for their mistakes, Uncle?

I know that it isn't your fault.

But what do I do?

Your husbands are bad, right?

You should go
wherever they go.

- Uncle..

Mr. Tarak..
- Please go.

There's no place for any of you
in this house. Please go..

- Mr. Tarak..

Mr. Tarak, where do we go now?

Mr. Tarak,
this is our house, right?

This is your house, dear..

You don't have to go anywhere.

Nobody needs to go anywhere.

All of you go to your
respective rooms.

Just go!

I would forget everything
and live in peace

if God had given me the memory
loss disease instead of you.


What I did was right, wasn't it?

I didn't know what to say
when the kids questioned me.

It hurt me a lot.

They are our family no matter
what mistake they make, right?

What you did was right, Grandpa!

Why didn't you have this
generosity with my parents?

That's because I had made
a promise to my sister.

That was your promise, Grandpa!

When dad fell in love with mom

the first person to whom
he told about that was her.

I don't know about that.

What he did was a wrong.

If he changed and forgot the rules,

and ideals of this house,
can I do the same?

I haven't even changed my
wrist watch in all these years.


That day you wore a suit
and took me to a pub

just to make me stay
and win my heart.

Do you know one thing, Grandpa?

You change only if you want to.

If you weren't adamant on that day

then I could've stood here
with my parents today.

So, do you mean that I'm the reason
for your parents death?

It's definitely you, Grandpa.

Tarak, what are you saying?

Don't stop me, Ms. Sarasamma.

Let me express my pain today.

That was an accident.
- Yes, it was.

But, Grandpa,
who was the reason

behind them leaving the house
in distress?

It's your words.

I don't receive your call
on my birthday every year.

Do you know why?

That day I'll be performing the
rituals of their death anniversary.

My parents died on the day
of my birthday.

You are so angry with my dad

that instead of hanging
his picture on the wall

you hid it in your wardrobe.
- What!

And coming to my mother.

You never accepted her at all.

Grandpa, you always showed me
this photo and told me

that this is your family.

This is your family.

There's no way that dad,
mom or I can stay here.


Mr. Tarak!

I need to talk to you.

Since childhood, everyone kept
telling me that he's my husband

and the same resided
in my mind, too.

I didn't tell your grandpa
about your dad's relationship.

I thought uncle would
anyhow get me married to him

and everything would be all right.

But things didn't go that way.
That's all happened.

Mr. Tarak!

Mr. Tarak isn't saying anything.



What happened?
- Grandpa!

Put him on aspirin for now.
- Okay, Doctor!

You've been giving him
all the medicines, right?

Yes, Doctor.
- Then..

Why did this happen?

Doctor, there was some
discussion at home.

Probably because of that..
- It's a massive heart attack.

We can't perform any
operation at this age.

He has a maximum
of 10 to 12 days left.

Take him home
and keep him happy.

So, can't we save Mr. Tarak?

As a doctor, I'm being very frank.

But as a well-wisher

even I feel very sad.

Take care of him.

You continuously blamed
your grandpa

for your parents death.?

What did you do now?


Your grandpa wants
to talk to you.


Forgive me, dear.

For your parents death..
- Sorry, Grandpa!

I said everything out of anger.

I don't know how to fulfil vows
like you do.

What do I have to do
to make you happy?

Did the doctor say that I won't
be alive for long?

Hey, nothing like that, Grandpa.

Shall I take care
of your business?

Sneha is there for that.

Now tell me what I have to do.

Will you take care of Sneha?

Sneha.. - I've already
spoken to her about it.

She has also agreed to it.

Even you told me that you
are not in love with anyone.

I couldn't see your dad's wedding.

At least, your wedding..

I won't force you.

Will you be happy
if I get married to Sneha?

Listen.. Don't get excited.

I'm happy, dear.
- Okay.

You relax now.

I love Meera.

- Yes.

She was the reason
I came here.

I revealed you the truth
in spite of promising her.

Just because grandpa told this

don't dream
about this relationship.

For grandpa's happiness and
satisfaction, I accepted to this.


We need to pretend.
That's it, right?

Mr. Tarak is as important to me
as he is to you.

I am with you in this.

Thank you, Meera..
Sorry! Sneha.

Thanks a lot!

We are selecting a wedding card
for your wedding.

You are perfectly all right
due to God's grace.

Your grandpa seems quite happy.
- Thank you, Doctor.

Didn't you tell me
his days were numbered?

Well, don't you want to see
your grandpa alive?

Doctor, what I meant was..

Listen, he is quite excited about
your engagement and wedding.

That is what is keeping
him alive.

He wants to live, he doesn't
want to die, you know.

I can tell you something
as a doctor though.

Medically, he's gone.

Looks like something's
on your mind.

You know what my dad
used to tell me.

It's hard to deal with love
and family.

Well, looks like you are
in trouble now, aren't you?

Not exactly.

Meera taught me all about love.

And after spending
time with you all

I learnt a great deal about family.

I'm still coming to terms with it.
But I'm happy.

Why do you look dull then?

I thought I could
postpone the wedding.

That's why I got engaged
to you in the first place.

But grandpa is already making
arrangements for the wedding.

My meeting with Meera
is due next week.

I must go.

No problem.

Your grandpa's days are numbered.

Now, one day at a time.

Grandpa, I need to go to Europe.


I need to take care
of my business, you know.

We have already locked
the wedding date.


Are you scared that he's going
to marry somebody else?

Mr. Tarak, he doesn't stand a
chance because I'll go with him.

Are you going with him?

Of course,
I should be with him, right?

Okay! You can go.
May God bless you.

Why did you tell him that you're
accompanying me?

Because I wish to meet the Meera
who mesmerised you.



- Very happy.

Tarak! - Where is Meera?
- She's upstairs.

It affects your legs first,
and then your hands.

My head is the only part
that isn't affected.

Like a doll,
I can just move my head.

And I don't know when my head
will get affected. - Don't worry.

You will be all right.

Why did you come here?

You shouldn't have come here.

I wanted you to stay happily
with your grandpa.

I planned it so meticulously.

But I had no idea

that God had even bigger
plans for me.

Meera, you should've told me
about your condition.

I would have stayed back with you.

If I ruined your mental
peace with love

and die later

then you would hate your life.

That's why I didn't let you
know about my health condition.

To hide

my ugly face

I can't move my hands as well.

Motor neuron disease.

It's a very dangerous disease.

It kills the nervous system
in stages.

Due to this one loses control
over their body parts.

Finally, it affects lungs,
brain, and heart.

If anyone of them is affected,
patient dies.

Why didn't you tell me
about it before?

You know how adamant
she is, don't you?

Doctor told us she might live
for 60 days at the max.

She insisted on me marrying Sharada
fearing I would become alone.

She tricked you into going
to your grandpa's place.

She wants to see everybody happy.

I had practically lost
everything in life.

But Meera gave me a status
of my best friend.

Is it possible to save her?

Her situation is very critical.

We can't save her.

She might die today
or tomorrow or the day after..

It could be anytime.

She's Sneha.
A good friend of mine.

Grandpa is very close to her.

She wanted to meet you.
That's why I brought her with me.

You figured out the question
I had in my mind.

That's love.

You taught me how to love,
didn't you?

"A lamp is saying something
to the windstorm."

"It is requesting the windstorm
to protect her."

"You lived your life
by spreading love everywhere."

"You are a magician.
Please talk to me."

"A lamp is saying something
to the windstorm."

"It is requesting the windstorm
to protect her."

Do you love Tarak?

No, we are just good friends.

Your eyes tells me
that you love him.

If I were to be healthy,
I would have blinded you.

You love singing, right?

Why don't you sing for your mom?

I can't.

I'm planning to perform live
when I meet her.

"Your face is photogenic.
Your smile is picturesque."

"Your heart is like a flower.
I know you inside out, my dear."

"Though I'm with you,
you don't seem to be here at all."

"Your sweet voice is echoing

"You made all this happen."

"Talk to me."

"I don't have to sleep
because you are my sweet dream."

"Keeping you alive is my
only goal and dream."

"Let me be a song on your lips."

"Give me all your sorrows."

"Please no more tears."

"You are source of my energy."

Meera, what happened?

Tarak. - Meera.
- Hug me.

Hug me tight.

Hug me tight..




Please stop worrying.

- Yes.

My son left home
in the same way

and he never returned.

I couldn't even see his face
for one last time.

What if something untoward
happens again?

That's why I'm nervous.


They are home.

Grandpa, pull yourself together.

Didn't you live without me
for so many years?

I am kind of used to living
with you now.

I just can't live without you.

Come on, Grandpa.


She was lying all along, Sarasamma.

She was a big liar.

She didn't give us any clue
about her health condition.

She deserted me, Sarasamma.

She abandoned me.

I held her in my arms.
She died in my arms.

I couldn't save her.

And grandpa's condition
is critical, too.

I can't tell him all these thing.

His situation doesn't look good.
He can't stomach it.


I can't afford to lose him.

The wedding day
is just 4 days away.

can the wedding be cancelled?

If the wedding is cancelled,
your grandpa will lose his hopes.

And he might even..
- We are not Gods to save him.

At least let's make him happy.

We are talking about the wedding
not the engagement.

I don't care about it.
Why are you worried about it?

- Yes.

Do you know that your life
is at stake here?

Didn't you tell him that you won't
mind dying for him?

I promised my life to him,
not yours.

- I know that we owe him a lot.

But it's not wise to sacrifice
your life for that.

Not everybody gets an opportunity
to payback their debts.

We are the lucky ones, Mom.

I don't approve it.

You don't have to tie
me a nuptial chain.

Just bring the nuptial chain
around my neck

my mom will do the rest.

And let's act like we are a couple
as long as he is alive.

I promise I won't trouble
you in any way.

Don't you trust me?
- Sneha, it's not about trust..

Please don't let him know
what happened here.

I beg you to not tell him.

They have taken a very
bold step.

We will definitely support them.

I am seeking redemption
for my sins.

I will definitely help you.

Don't worry about me.

Nothing happened here as far
as I am concerned.

'We should have memories
of our loved ones who are no more.'

'But it's our duty to make our
loved ones happy who are alive.'





Dad, what are you doing?

We are playing hide and seek,
aren't we?

Don't scream. It scares me.

And I can't hide anymore, you know.

This is cheating, right, Mom?
- Of course, it's cheating.

Come here.
- Come.

Dear, he doesn't just miss you.

Your name is something
which he misses a lot.

- Why?

You are a understanding wife
and a good friend.

Friend? That's my name.

Let's go.

It's a video call.
- Is it?

Say hi.

Look, everybody's over here.


- Hi.

Why didn't you call me?

It's hardly been two days
and you're already stressed out.

I can't help it.
I am senile old man.

I might die any moment.

By the way,
our family doctor

died yesterday.

Oh, so sad.

But he used to constantly
talk about others dying.

That's why I'm frightened.

I have one last wish.

I want to attend Meera's wedding.

Grandpa, you will for sure.

Take my word for it.


Say 'bye'.
- Bye, Grandpa.